T-Mobile Releasing HTC “Vanguard,” Better Known As T-Mobile G2 On September 29th

This isn’t the first time we’ve called for a September 29th release date for the T-Mobile G2 but this is the first time we’ve done it with pics. Above and below you will find two images that show the “Vanguard” launching September 29th. Let’s step back for a moment to the leaked roadmap, which stated the HTC “Vanguard” was releasing 9/9. Also, in yesterdays leaked G2 ROM the included wallpaper images were all titled “Vanguard” as well as the title “Vision” popping up. This wouldn’t be the first time we know the Vision and the Vanguard as the same device. Look, bottom line is we have every reason in the world to think that the G2/Vision and Vanguard are the same device. Therefore, according to these images the G2 releases on September 29th.

On a side note and totally unconfirmed, we’ve heard that a pre-order might happen as soon as August 31st/September 1st but that’s total rumor and we can’t fully support it. So if it happens we’ll be the first to let you know but I wouldn’t hold your breath underwater waiting.

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  • dano

    Sooo exciting it is just like 2 years ago waiting on my faithfully G 1

    • roebling

      Good timing, eh?
      Our G1s’ 2-year contracts are running out the same week that the G2 goes on sale. Does T-Mo love us, or what?!

      • Air One

        can we get an update on the My touch hd or even the Htc hd3?

  • xyz

    Do we any idea on the pricing???

    • pimpstrong

      probly gonna be $199/$449. it will undoubtedly be higher than the Slide

      • Steve

        I hope you’re right but the Vibrant was $499 :(

      • Serotheo

        It’ll most likely be 449$-549$. Of course 549-599$ is the Verizon pricing for their unsubsidized smartphones.. which is way over priced. I believe it won’t be anymore than 549$ probably like 524.99 or so.

      • pimpstrong

        There’s absolutely no way TMO will charge over $499 for any of their phones right now at this point in time. The only reason it may be $499 vs. $449 is because of the new high speed tech.

  • Eddie Android

    Seems too long of a wait!….better be better than my N1.

    • vinny

      Using the best made phone available the Nexus One. This device better put out of I will be very happy with the Nexus.

    • briaann

      if its not just carrie them both and just move the sim card over , thats what im going to do =]

  • Khan

    I can’t wait for this phone to come out

  • eYe

    Good to confirm.
    Still waiting for complete specs, especially the screen. Is it going to be amoled? T-mobile spoiled us with Vibrant’s screen, anything less would be… well… disappointing. I’m OK with 3.7″ screen, just need that high-tech
    Thanks for the update guys.

    • Perry

      AMOLED screens are in short supply, I do not think they will make another phone with them anytime soon. No, super amoled, if you were wondering because samsung is keeping that all to themselves.

  • J-Hop2o6


    Vanguard = Tmo internal name
    Vision = HTC internal name
    G2 = consumer name

    • J-Hop2o6

      also in the picture (wish it was better quality–can any other Tmo rep here get a clearer picture?) i see:

      Fall Window (9/08 – 11/??)

      Meetings & Key dates: –> …… HTC …… (some kinda HTC meeting.. hmmm.. wonder what thats about.)

      ?????????????: –>9/08 RIM… (im sure this is the release date of the BB 9300 Curve)
      –>9/22 Samsung t369 (basic flip phone)
      –>9/29 Vanguard (which is the G2 aka HTC Vision)

      ???? & Promotions?: –> Unlimited ???? 3G/30? Days? Free ??/?? – ??/??
      –> ????? BOGO 9/?? – 11/??
      –> Prepaid? Monthly Unlimited Talk/Txt Q1? – 9/15?
      –> ?????? ?????? ????? ??/?? – 11/22?

      • Mog

        It’s a Vibrant BOGO (looks like 9/08 to 11/22), the Prepaid Month Unlimited Talk/Text runs from 7/21-9/28, and the last line is “$0 Add a Line ‘Kids are Free’ 9/08-11/22,” aka the “awesome” family plan promo mentioned on this blog before.

      • Hmmmm?

        To add to J-Hop, this is what I see:

        Meetings & Key dates: Showtime?/HTC …… (Em something, probably Emerald related)

        9/08 RIM Ka(e)ppler (I agree, most likely the BB 9300 Curve 3G, it’s on the roadmap)

        9/22 Samsung t369 (Samsung phone also on roadmap)
        9/29 Vanguard (which is the G2 aka HTC Vision)

        Offers & Promotions: –>

        Unlimited Web 30 days free ??/??/????

        Vibrant BOGO 9/08 – 11/05 (this is interesting because 11/05 is the day on the roadmap that the Emerald is available)

        Prepaid Monthly Unlimited Talk/Txt 07/21 – 09-2?

        $0 add a line “Kids are Free” 09/08 – 11/22

  • McParty

    I want “PROJECT EMERALD” information!!

    • john

      Project Emerald is dead.

      • Jack

        Well if it isn’t mr “cliq owners will get their update 2 weeks after the charm releases” with additional credible insights.

  • qman4

    Hey is that the “Awesome” Family Promo in the promos section?

  • jose

    ahh idk do i get this or wait for the mytouch HD decisions decisions!

    • Galen20K

      get BOTH like me! having both of those will make me not miss my Lovely Nexus One as much. ; D

    • donnythebowler

      Get the one that doesn’t have Sense on it.

    • Ivan

      I made the error of not waiting, and ended up with an out dated phone. Unless your contract is up then upgrade (:


        Or, like me, you can upgrade once a year, for nearly the same cost. T-mobile ROCKS!

  • threetee14

    Mytouch hd for me… although this sounds exciting too

    • immadroid

      is there any info about the mytouch HD anywhere? i mean the rumored specs make me want to choose it over the g2 but until i see anything idk

      • J-Hop2o6

        myTouch HD = only a couple of pics.. specs unknown
        HTC Glacier = no pics, but rumored specs and a benchmark test
        HTC Emerald = no pics, but rumored high end specs (they’re tryna link this phone to the myTouch HD–but time will tell.)

  • jmg

    Is it just me.. or does under Tuesday say… prepaid unlimited talk text plan to end….interesting?!

  • jmg


    No I’m joking lol.. even as a employee I can’t wait for this phone!!! Ah! G2!


      Yeah this phone is quite good. I only wish it were better than the Epic 4G.

  • Titty!

    Did anybody realize it also says Vibrant BOGO? For all you Vibrant fans. Lol

    • spitz

      Yea I was wondering why no one else caught that earlier! Looks like BOGO for 2 months and also 2 months of adding a line for free.

  • heydrew

    Hopefully that 8/31 or 9/1 pre order date is true for existing customers at the least. I am signing up as soon as they let me!

  • ob

    okay but when does the Dell “thunder” come out?

    • cp

      one day :-)



  • Going_home

    I may get one and try it. ;)

  • abi

    What’s that’s on the top right hand corner??? Its blurry but I can tell it sez showtime/HTC. I know someone out there has a clear pix of that.

    • La El

      Just guessing here but I think it’s the location of the meeting. Blurred for obvious reasons. :)

  • cellswag5

    really hope this is something good. I’m waiting. just traded my my touch slide for htc hd 2 put froyo on it . this is going to hold me down til. tmobile kicks out the powerhouse phones.

  • automattic

    *********G2 and My Touch HD Specs*******************

    G2 screen is supposed to be a 3.7″ amoled 480 x 800.
    Specs are here: http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=2476&c=t-mobile_g1_blaze__desire_z_htc_vision

    My Touch HD is supposed to have a Super amoled 4.3″ screen 480 x 800.
    Specs are here: http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=2514&c=t-mobile_mytouch_hd__desire_hd_htc_ace

    • eYe

      These links have both phone listed with Snapdragon CPUs which has been proven to be wrong

      • Steve

        Has it? If it’s the rumored chip that broke yesterday it has the same Scorpion core of the Snapdragon with updated graphics and HSPA+.

      • The Hammer

        NO other phone besides a Samsung will have a Super AMOLED they cant make enough for their products. They already said they wont be selling the displays to outsiders for a long while.

    • John

      Sounds like the MyTouch HD is far the better phone but is delayed due to the S AMOLED issue. Too bad. I thought there would be a better selection 2 years after the first Android phones came out.

  • JoshL

    If there is really a pre-order on August 31st/September 1st, then we can look to see official specs (in their entirety) released very soon!!

  • Midori

    Now that the G2 folks are getting closer to what they want,what about project emerald people? I hope we get some type of info around the time the Desire HD shows up next month because I want the MyTouch HD sooo much!

  • what about the mytouch hd? not all of us are retarded enough to want a keyboard.

    • eYe

      That’s a stupid thing to say. Everyone has different needs. If you don’t like physical keyboards – more power to you, you have more options then those who does want one.

      • John

        Except I’d prefer a bigger screen, ffc, and faster chip and sacrifice the keyboard, but sadly T-Mobile has no other stock-Android options.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      What’s with the use by some people in here of the word “retarded.” When did it become acceptable to toss that word around.

      What are you in high school? How else to explain your not having a clue.

      • Bobert

        Ya good point!!!

        I bet alot of these posters are too retarded to even qualify for special olympics

    • JoshL

      want keyboard = retarded? could you have broken the news to me a little bit easier than that?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Save up your coins folks, this is going to be a great holiday season.

    Guess I might sell my HD2, keep the Vibrant and Slide (that my GF is using) and get one of these because… well… just because.

    On Even More + this is sure getting expensive. And I just bought an $800 HP notebook on sale ($450) that was LESS than I paid for the Vibrant ($500). That’s bordering on being nuts.

    Guess I better see a therapist to treat my cell phone addiction.

    • grazapin

      Damn, these cellular companies gotta love customers like you. I used to be like that too, wanting to get the new thing just because it’s new, until I thought about it as a rational adult for two seconds and realized it’s a waste of my time and money to obsess like that. But I guess this is the wrong kind of website for views like that…

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well your deluded insults aside, I don’t obsess, albeit cell phones are the one electronic that I do enjoy the most. Some people like TVs or video, others audio systems, I guess cell phones are my thing. (I used to pay $500 for a phone where the only feature was that it was small.)

        Additionally, I write tech articles for two magazines. They publish my smartphone review every year. Matter of fact, I have been writing an article over the past two months, that will be published this holiday season BEFORE the phones come out.

        And unlike many in here or on the Net, I don’t write or comment about phones in my articles without first having hands on experience and conducted research. (For example, I was in Best Buy for about 90 minutes last night looking over how they run the cell phone department. Sidenote: The place was horrible. The phones were filthy, no one asked if I wanted assistance, and many of the phones, albeit dummy phones, were broken, some the keyboards were broken off the phone, which is not the best way to sell a phone based on durability.)

        Lastly, if anyone is in business or has to do a Schedule C, they understand where these phones fit in. ;)

        So now you have the rest of the story, it has nothing to do with obsession or being a “rational adult for two seconds” (whatever THAT means in your small world.)

    • chris

      Mike,why do you need so many cellphones?just curious.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Chris… see my comment just posted. Actually, it’s not that I “need” so many phones. It’s more that I enjoy them and I am in a situation where I can justify having the latest phones.

        But even I can’t “work the numbers” to where having more than three phones at any one time is a sound financial decision.

        (Although I could get evaluation phones from manufacturers and carriers, I don’t get free phones because that may imply a bias. For sure, it would be difficult to give an honest opinion if I got free products from manufacturers. So I don’t do it. My wallet gets hit just as hard as others in here.)

    • jas

      Mike, your nick and the release of pent up pretension in your replies reveal you as a tad obsessive. Not that you obsess over the phones…just seems to be who you are. I’m pretty sure your article is gonna suck.

      • grazapin

        ItsMichaelNotMike, you seem to take offense at me talking about myself for some reason. Notice I said “customers like you” meaning people who keep buying expensive phones regularly, whatever their reasons are. If you get them free for review purposes then I guess that doesn’t apply to you, but I was just using your comment as an example of a multitude of people who post here and on other websites about using a $500 smartphone for a few months before they buy the new hotness when it comes out. Undeniably, the phone and cellular companies love this purchasing pattern.

        Then I went on to talk about myself, saying I used to obsess over technology when I was younger but now that I’m older and have other priorities that have become much more important (i.e. I’ve become a “rational adult” and not the former version of myself that irrationally spent too much time and money on certain technology), I don’t let it get to me anymore.

        I’m so sorry that my “small world” intruded on your overdeveloped sense of self-importance. Have a wonderful day, Mike.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Rather than saying people who want a physical keyboard are retards, why don’t you try to have an intelligent conversation. For example:

    On the superphones having keyboards, or not, I have to say I am totally get used to and loving Swype. This is the same as has happened to others, becoming Swype converts.

    After using Swype for about a month now I have come to rely on it, so much so that when I used my GF’s Slide to search for a program in Market, I did not slide open her keyboard, I instinctively used Swype.

    It will be interesting to see how Swype affects development of devices with physical keyboards.

    I know manufacturers and carriers would love to see Swype take over handsets because handsets sans physical keyboards are far less costly to manufacture and carriers pay less for the devices. Moreover, there’s fewer warranty claims because there’s not the addition of a physical keyboard that can fail.

    Carriers especially like touch-screen-only handsets because they can charge us the same amount for the phones as those with physical keyboards, and most enjoyable to them, pocket the extra as profit.

    The math is simple. Assume a superphone without a keyboard (Vibrant) cost the carrier $20 less than one with (Epic), and a carrier sells 5 million units, that’s $100 million in extra profit.

    Sidenote: I will be taking a look at the Epic simply to compare its feel and weight with my Vibrant. Keyboards add a few extra ounces and heft to a handset, so I am curious. To be sure, I am appreciating just how light my Vibrant is compared to other phones I have owned. (The Vibrant is also light because the SAMOLED display leaves out a few layers of glass in the display “sandwich.”)

  • jeff

    so is the mytouch HD also a silde- i thought i read it it w thin slider? and is it windows or android?

    • Andrew

      All touch Android

    • J-Hop2o6

      what the hell? have u been reading the blog posts?

      G2 = keyboard, Stock 2.2 FroYo Android
      myTouch HD = non-keyboard, 2.2 FroYo with Sense “Espresso”

      • jeff

        just making sure i was clear man. for some reason i thought it was also a slide, but all this stuff came out at once and i was a bit confused. i have a job man and it’s not in phones.

      • J-Hop2o6

        thats understandable, but have u ever heard of the old Android phones G1 and myTouch 3G? so they wouldn’t turn into WM/WP phones, lol.. the slide your thinking of is the myTouch Slide that came out a few months ago.

  • If you have been saving your coins it will be some tough choices for the holiday season. We know some about the G2. The Galaxy Tab looks sexy. The only question is what will the project emerald be? Stay thirsty my friends…..

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      K. Ray… exactly right. That’s why I suggested months ago that people buy a phone, take good care of it, then sell it on eBay four to six months later. This process allows people to enjoy all the latest phones.

      And deducting price paid and the lower selling price on eBay, that works out to you paying $10 to $20 monthly to “rent” or lease a phone.

      To always have the latest phones and partake in all the excitement (for at most $20 a month), that’s pretty cool in my book.

      Bonus Tip: As I said before, if you want to do the above, save all the packaging that the phone came in and take super good care of the handset. Especially make sure the display area does not suffer any scratches or marks.

      From experience I can say that phones with original packaging and in good condition, and not a mark on the display area command the highest prices on eBay. E.g., I sold my Touch Pro2 six months after using it, for a paltry $100 less than I paid for it and what T-Mobile was then selling it for. $100 to “rent” a Touch Pro2 for six months is dang good in my book.

      Sidenote: Obviously to some all of the above is silly to go through “just for a stupid phone.”

      This post is for “phone tech lovers” who are looking for a way to always use the latest and greatest technology (e.g., Vibrant, G2, and other upcoming superphones) and don’t want to be “stuck” using the same handset for two years.

  • Jim Leary

    I remember when some AndroidGuys.com got their hands on a magic document that showed a Wal*Mart listing that said the G2 was called “Blaze,” that is had the Sense UI, and that it had a snapdragon processor (none of which seems to be the case… and that was just one week ago.) Whose calendar are we looking at, anyway? Is that a screen shot from a T-Mobile employee computer? I find it interesting that the calendar shows several things happening the last week of September including a Vangaurd release date and a few meetings…. but there is nothing scheduled at “T-Mobile” for the rest of the month. Do they take vacation as soon as they launch a phone as highly anticipated as this one? This calendar could very well be bogus and merely an attempt to keep the excitement rolling. Until it’s on T-Mobile’s site, nothing is confirmed.

    • Ella K.

      That’s the calendar for the month of September, notice that the October days are blank. They only show the next month’s events in advanced. The calendar looks legit from what I’ve seen from past T-mobile employee calendars.

  • Moe

    It says that on every schle… ive been working for t-mobile for 2 years and phones always launch on a wen

  • tato22

    good stuff cant wait

  • Oscar

    This better be good, something like HTC Incredible. I have waited too long not to switch to Verizon hoping TMo would come with a high end product. I didn’t like Vibrant being too much iPhone-looking, but my alternative to G2 will be Samsung, I guess.

  • twoscoops2002

    does anybody know if it has a front facing camera?

    • Ella K.

      according to the pictures, no

  • TMOprophet

    The Showtime HTC something on that bottom pic I think says HTC Emerald, and given the location of it being in Oct., I suspect it is training for whatever is codenamed as Emerald for the Nov. 5th launch date. Maybe the myTouch HD.

    Personally I’d rather see the Glacier, but it likely the myTouch HD

    If you look really close the first letter appears to be a “E” with the rest blurred out, so htc Emerald is a good place to start as it is right on the old leaked roadmap.

    So there you have it, Training for the Nov. HTC device happening in Oct.

    • Bimmerz

      I am with you TMO, I would rather see the Glacier too. But I fear we won’t see that bad-boy until sometime in 2011 – hopefully Q1, but I am not holding my breath. So I guess we’ll see… :)

      • TMOprophet

        Yeah I think I might be waiting till next year for my next phone, which sucks cause I was really hoping the Glacier was coming in Nov. Being the dual cored 4.3in beast that many have been wanting. I really hate to wait till next year, I am stuck with this aging and abandoned Behold 2

  • jazzmanmonty

    I’m really glad to see that the updated specs are much more desirable than the inital ones released. ya, the screen isn’t a 4 incher or bigger, but the 720p video recording and possible hdmi out are great news! there’s too much bitching as to why people would like to see (demand) this or this feature. REMEMBER that technically this is approx a $500 device, and yet though we only pay a couple hundred initially the rest of the cost is incorporated as part of our plan. thats the price of a brand new laptop. also, most of us don’t buy new phones every 4 months. we stick it out for as long as we can- the two years in our contract. so i guess we have room do request (demand) what we want in a phone compared to whats out there.

    so far, its nothing but good news about this G2, which really worried me when i first read prior specs. i was planning on just holding out for the HD because hey, if specs come out, and its not what i want, G2 is still there for purchase. now that these leaked specs are similar to the earlier leaked specs of the hd, it seems there may not be a reason to wait til nov. ? for the hd…ya i know if you keep waiting, then you’ll always be waiting for the next best thing. my G1 is on its last leg and upgrade soon is inevitable. obviously we won’t here much about the hd til post g1 release because of marketing and the reason why the releases are so spaced out. obviously pt 2, the g2 and hd are gonna be some of the coolest android phones we will see for a while..all i really hope for (as many of us do) is that as we get close to the launch date of G2 and have the full specs for it, the full 99% accurate specs for the hd2 come out around the same time or shortly after. Because my gut feeling says jump for the G2, i’ve waited long enough. But the gut also says i’m gonna get the G2, and 17 days after i’m in and can no longer return the device the hd specs will come out and it will be the awesomest (is that a word?) of awesome! only time will tell. thanks to all that have contributed on accurate stats, and i try to help by posting anything i can find, but lets keep at it and get all the info out so we can compare/contrast the two devices asap and all us G1 owners can all make the right decision without bitching!!!!! time for another beer. cheers!

    • jazzmanmonty

      ^sorry for some typos..any reference to hd2 really means mytouch hd, and a g1 in there was supposed to be g2.

      • jazzmanmonty

        also one last thing before someone jumps in and starts screaming GLACIER! yes if this exists and its not a Winmo7 phone, thats awesome, but we wont see it anytime soon! (maybe 4-6 months?) thats not considered soon!

    • Hmmmm?

      I agree, that’s why I’m going to wait until both are out. Because I really don’t see why T-Mobile would tell us much of anything about the Emerald aka, MyTouch HD, aka Desire HD, aka Glacier or whatever. Until after the G2 is out for a bit, why would they want to cannibalize their sales of the G2 by announcing a new phone (that is comparable) at around the same time. I’m not waiting forever, two or three months isn’t that bad. But I’m pretty sure by the end of November I will have a new phone.

  • Midori

    I’ve read,cant remember where,but the glacier could be apart of the mytouch hd like the vision,vanguard,and the g2 were actually all thae same. The mytouch hd,emerald,and glacier could be the same. I hope not though that could make some people very very angry.

    • David

      The myTouch HD and the Emerald are the same…as best as I can tell they aren’t two devices, but one.

  • MarkV10

    Even with all this G2 and Mythouch HD goodness coming all I have to say is “Vibrant BOGO woohoo!”

  • Barry

    T-Mobile G2 Will Make an Appearance at the Big Android BBQ http://androidspin.com/2010/08/26/t-mobile-g2-will-make-an-appearance-at-the-big-android-bbq/

    So if this is true, is it safe to say that on September 15 @ the HTC unveiling that it wont be the G2 but possibly the MTHD?

    • David

      Its going to be the Desire HD.

  • UX-Guy

    Reading the specs listed on the PDADB (which I take with a grain of salt) I’m VERY disappointed to see that the myTouch HD is intended to be a SenseUI device. This was the phone I had been waiting for until I read that. I’m hoping that there is another device coming out a bit closer to Christmas that will have higher end specs and NOT Sense. Google is said to be releasing Gingerbread before year end and I had been hoping that one of these (Emerald, Glacier, etc…) would be a dual core Gingerbread. :D

    • The Sleeve

      I’m right there with you haha

  • What was that thing with the smoke/HTC photo a while back then?

    I am patiently putting up with my unlocked iphone that requires earphones/mic to talk on it among other things. I’m on the fence between this G2 and jumping ship (after 11 years) to the Droid X.

    I really, really don’t want to jump ship. :(

    • Hmmmm?

      I believe that was the HTC Desire HD. Probably for the UK since they are holding the event in London.

  • kevin

    I love my G1, its nice that theres going to be a replacement.

  • The Sleeve

    After running different roms etc on my G1 I got used to not using the keyboard, but I’m still a fan of plain old Vanilla Android. I don’t have the money to fork out for the N1 without them letting me use my EIP. I keep hoping the MTHD will be Vanilla, but I’m sure the rumors of it having the T-Mobile/HTC “Espresso” version of Sense are correct since the MTSlide has it as well. From the leaked pictures the G2 does look fairly thin still so I will probably end up with that. I just want a nice Android phone without a third party tweak to it.

  • alex

    ill wait for the mytouch hd,for the fact that it dosent have a keyboard,and because it looks like a good phone,plus it looks sexy :D.I currently want android 2.2 on my mytouch slide,but seems like it wont happen for a while.I just hope the mytouch hds screen is ranging from 3.7 to 4.0,with Super LCD since i know Super AMOLED wont happen since samsun will have it exclusively for 18 months,well some time has passed though. Anyone think they have a clue on when we will get froyo?Tmobile dosent really have good updating history i mean, motorola cliq, cliq xt, mytouch, samsung behold 2,seems like we will have to wait a while for froyo.

  • Barry

    So David the desire HD is not the same as the mthd/emerald? Also I read where the glacier will have the same chipset as the g2

  • UX-Guy

    @Alex – Per the PDADB site, the MyTouch HD is 4.3″ 480×800 screen. Those specs I believe to be accurate.

  • pimpstrong

    September needs to hurry up so we can start the countdown for the Vibrant 2.2 update. WHO ELSE IS READY FOR IT??

  • Hmmmm?

    I think that if there is a pre-sale (which everything is indicating that there will be) that it will be on Sept. 9th. That would correspond with the leaked road map earlier which has been pretty accurate. I think that 08/31 or 09/01 is too close to be the pre-sale date. That’s like three days away. Then the 29th would be the date that everyone can buy one. That’s just my opinion, I don’t have any secret inside sources or anything. Don’t listen to me.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Jazz… great post. I would recommend you wait until November-December to get a phone. By that time all the handsets that T-Mobile intends to offer this holiday season will be out. That’s what I’m doing, mainly because there’s going to be some great phones debuting in Oct-Nov.

    But more important on waiting, the carrier price war means that there will be SHOCKINGLY good deals offered on the handsets.

    Just be like the bird sitting on the fence, watching all the action. Then order up your phone in Nov-Dec. so you can make an informed decision and get a great price, especially since you are one to keep a phone for a long time.

    • Hmmmm?

      That’s what I will be doing as well. I figure, by then all of the ones coming this year for T-Mobile will be out, I can then actually compare and “touch” them and make an informed decision. And like you said, with all of the handsets out between all carriers and manufacturers even if I wanted a Vibrant or G2, the price will most likely be knocked off by $50-$100 by then.

  • SurgioArmani

    Does anyone else feel like we knew more about the G1 this far before the release? We’re nearly a month away from the launch and T-Mo still hasn’t said much of anything. Not to mention the idea of a pre-sale is to anticipate the amount of units needed to ship on launch. What good does it do if you don’t have enough time to manufacture?

    Maybe there are some last minute (positive) changes?

  • racerx

    no ffc Ughh! im so sick of this crap, tmobile is cheap wen it comes to its handsets they always get the weakest version htc has available. have you seen the leak on the htc window 7 phone headed for Vorizon. Makes me sick.

    • Em2drvr03

      y is ffc so important??

      • Zee

        Just the newest fad. One of those things where if apple has it, it must be THE MOST IMPORTANT NEW FEATURE EVER. Totally overrated.

  • gMoney

    so a T-Mo rep calls me randomly today to ask me to rate them as a company. I gave them an 8 out of 10 because IMO they haven’t been releasing top notch devices at the rate of other carriers…(do with that what you will). I told him I’m waiting for the G2 to come out, and he ASKED ME when it’s coming out. I laughed and said it’s rumored for the 29th, but shouldn’t I be asking you that? LOL! He put me on hold and talked to Customer Care…who said the release date hasn’t been determined yet…..riiiight. Hey, I got $10/month off my bill from it.

    • Zee

      For rating them as a company, or talking to cc about stuff??

  • Zee

    When I talked to someone about the G2 last night while changing up my T-mo plan I mentioned the rumored release date and it took him by surprise. He was like- REALLY? Wait, is that the date? They didn’t tell me! (Sounded hurt)