T-Mobile G2 ROM, What IS Actually Inside Edition

You have probably noticed that the latest news in the G2 saga is this whole leaked ROM deal.  Well, some time has passed and some secrets are being divulged by people that know their way around ROMs (namely, not me).  Well, you smart people have certainly found some interesting tidbits hidden inside which definitely make the G2 stand out.  First, the pixel density is 240 PPI, which shapes up to a screen resolution of 800×480 in a 3.7 in screen (think Nexus One).  Second, though we knew this, is that this phone will support HSPA+ (14.4mbps/5.72mbps max). Some other interesting tidbits include 720p video recording and decoding at 30FPS, 5.1 surround sound support, integrated GPS (it is Android after all), and Integrated 2D/3D GPU’s with OpenGL ES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1 API support (sounds fancy).  On top of that, it looks like we are dealing with Stock Android 2.2 (yummy) with some special Sense Apps/Widgets, which sounds a lot better than Sense UI over Android (seriously, custom widgets are the way to go people).  Oh, and I guess you probably want to know something about the processor.  Well, it is a Qualcomm MSM 7230 (Scorpion) with supported speeds of 800MHz and 1GHz (let’s lean towards 800MHz for this particular phone).  Don’t cry though, because this is one snappy chip that can compete with the 1GHz Snapdragon processors around today (MHz isn’t everything people).  You can see this chip in action down below.  That’s about all that has been gleamed so far, but don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks to all of the contributors in the comments!


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  • Mohammad

    I don’t know what to say…

    • Andrew

      As long as it isn’t “first,” you’re okay.

    • Bart The Truth

      It’s lame that most people who post are too ignorant to understand how phenomenal this CPU is. I would take this over the snapdragon or hummingbird any day of the week. I am no slouch, BS in EE from University of Colorado at Boulder, currently in the Masters Program for Physics there as well. I work for TMO’s financial care in Colorado. I feel my background can more than speak for itself. This mobile processor can out perform anything on the market today for cell phones. If the G2 has this, It will be, in my opinion, the best device released for android to date. People, quit downing TMO and have faith please. The cellular industry is still very young, and we have the foundation to surpass the competition, it takes time.

      • Marc

        Well is it possible that you can be biased, since you work for tmobile? You’re the first person, I’ve read that says it outperforms the hummingbird chips.

      • Reece

        Outperforming the current snapdragon chips out now I can believe, but hummingbird? ehhhhh, you’re a little off there imo

      • Anthony

        Hey Kids!

        Try this career path out:

        BS in EE
        Masters in Physics
        Financial Care for Tmo


      • Bart the Truth

        I work for TMO because I can work 28 hrs a week and still make 30-35 grand per year, TMO pays for my school, with a bachelors you only make like 50 grand, plus i would have to get up early, give up my medical mary jane license as engineering firms randomly make you pee, plus i would rather get the 2 masters degrees on TMO’s dime and work for the firm i do research for during my part time summer internship and make close to 90 with the qualifications as I have been told I would receive as my Grandfather is on the board of the company. Please do not be an idiot and make assumptions

  • jonathan

    Now, my question is how does processor and GPU compare to my Hummingbird. I am nearly a week into my Vibrant…

    • J-Hop2o6

      should be close.. but im sure the Hummingbird is better than the 7X30.. now the 8X60 & 8672 is another story.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Jonathan… I have been following this stuff since last year, especially the developments over at Qualcomm. (And not to toot my own horn, but last November I said this phone would be coming out in the 4th quarter, with these specs.

      Bottom line: Our Vibrants will compete with or surpass anything debuting this holiday season.

      Now next March, however, all these phones will be outdated.

      You hear that people who never buy because there’s always something better on the horizon. Don’t buy a superphone this holiday season, wait until March 2011. The two phones debuting then will have USB 3.0, a special lithium ion battery that will alone make the news and a (the balance of this post has been redacted by the TMoNews Police because this clown is always peeing on our parade.)

      • J-Hop2o6

        source to that “special” lithium ion battery for cellphones?

      • jonathan

        I was wondering if my wife would appreciate this phone more than her Slide but it’s not looking like enough to pry her away. She likes my Vibrant but can’t appreciate my tech obsession, lol. (I know this next sentence might incur some flaming…) I am actually looking forward to seeing the myTouch HD and whether it will in fact have a ffc or not. It is a big deal for me considering my travels with the military and I don’t support Apple by any means. I’d like to keep my relationship with T-Mobile so I genuinely hope they get this right. ‘Til then, my Vibrant will be a wonderful piece of hardware even despite it’s shortcomings.

  • Jake

    With T-mobile it’ll probably be an 800mhz, with the rumors of 3.0 Gingerbread needing minimum specs, you will buy an instantly outdated phone (i.e. CLiq, samsung etc..). Gotta love t-mobile though, if they don’t have low end android phones who will, Cricket??? I had a friend who always used to say, “FAT CHICKS need loving too bro!!!

    • ihatefanboys

      i cant stand u glass half empty people. the chip is top of the line in its class…..beyond anything out there…its a brand new chip. the specs of the phone(hardware)havent even been released besides the chip, so far its so high end, the specs can only make our heads explode….stop being a negative baby, wait till its released before u start BSn

      • Josef

        THANK YOU.

      • Marc

        Can you blame them?

      • davidohio

        The truth is they just can’t help themselves. T-mobile could put the best device on the market out and they would complain. These are obviously people who do not like t-mobile, which begs the question ..why are they still with them??? I just don’t get it. I guess some people just are not happy unless they are complaining about something.

      • bryan

        I work for T-Mobile and the chipset in the G2 has been my main concern since I first talked to our HTC rep a few weeks ago and he said it was not a 1Gig processor. My concern has been with the 1Gig spec from Google for Gingerbread, but now knowing what chipset it is I will definitely preorder as soon as they become available.

        1. Google’s RECOMMENDED specs are 1Gig processor and 512Mb RAM. These are not the required specs, but Google’s recommendation.

        2. The Scorpion CPU and GPU are more powerful than any of the chipsets that were available when Google announced the recommended specs.

        3. The chipset requirement is supposedly based on Google using more graphics intensive UI elements, like that in the gallery of 2.1 on the Vibrant. I don’t think that that the Scorpion chipsets will have any issues with this.

  • Jake

    T-mobile is the fat chick of cell phone providers, kind of a pretty face, cheap, a decent lay but nothing in the brains department.

    • B

      Fat chick = pretty face and decent lay? Standards, homeboy, standards.

      • sorandkairi


      • Kurt

        Standards are variable, depending on blood alcohol level…

    • Yyevo

      Being fat doesn’t make someone stupid.

      • cp

        you must be fat AND stupid

  • bob

    its because there are two processors 1 for google core apps and another for everything else. so when added its two 800mhz processors.

    • cscorbin

      Source on that info?

    • Reece

      the MSM7230 is a single core chip. It seems to have a zippy GPU that’s possibly better then what’s in the current snapdragon phones but otherwise no – this isn’t dual core. at all.

      • badbob001

        If you watch the videos, the Qualcomm rep repeatedly says that the cpu is essentially the same as snapdragon but just bundled with smartphone-oriented components like the modem, 3d, gps, etc. So I don’t expect this to be faster, processing wise (excluding the 3d portion, which is likely much better than snapdragon).

  • Jake

    I can respect two 800mhz processor’s because hey that’s two, but if it’s one that’s like having a kind of small dik. But with two hey at least you can be seen at the circus with your two very fast (alleged) diks!!

    • atlantian

      +100 for best comment

    • Reece

      Sadly MSM7230 is a single core chip. damn good GPU but still, it’s a single core chip.

    • juan

      lolololol, this is the best comment ever.

    • joel

      Jake is a damn moron, and I call samegaf on the two people saying this is the “best comment ever.”

      Looking like the G2 will have the specs to compete. Looking forward to taking this baby for a test drive.

  • bob

    Its being being tested in our store again through a internal program. This is the second time around. The boot up screen this time actually has tmobile splash screen We did a start up test between the G2 and vibrant and the G2 came on and was functional about a full 20 seconds faster.

    • chotpy

      pics or didnt happen

      • john

        Not saying that I don’t partially agree, but don’t you think that would look a little suspect?

      • Fanboyssuck

        Chotpy your an idiot! Take pictures so you can get fired or it didn’t happen!!!! There is a rep running around auburn washington with one, I looked at it. Don’t like it. It’s unbelievably fast but I can see that hinge causing a lot of problems. My G1’s creaking bugged me, I could see this happening to this phone over time. Stock android was a huge bonus though!!! Big props to tmobile for not installing there crappy skin on this and bringing back the roots!

      • ihatefanboys

        my G1 hinge never ever ever ever made any sound but the sound of it snapping open.. “creaking” ?? u make it sound like it needs WD-40. everyone is now gonna claim they kno someone that has it so , nothing personal but i dont believe u. waiting on specs…im getting it anyways, but i just want to read the collective jaw drop in this thread

  • aaronkt

    im getting really excited now. I was def gonna get this but this latest news is great. I’m trying not to get too excited until the official specs are released but its getting tough lol. Anyways my only other concern is that it can at least update to gingerbread. I know we are not there yet but id like to think i can get at least one update out of the life of a phone (with out rooting of course).

  • Jake

    So you think it will compare with say the Droid X or the Evo in wow factor and speed?

    • J-Hop2o6

      it’ll be faster than those two.

  • bob

    I think its a top notch phone, The internals will rival or beat the Droid X and EVO. The build quality is superb but i just dont think tmobile will really market it the way its suppose to be.

    • ihatefanboys

      i think so too, it will beat both DROID X and the EVO….and if its faster than the vibrant then its faster than the EPIC 3G….i dont see why it would not be able to upgrade to gingerbread….this is being touted as a next-gen chip not a rehash of old snapdragons…the specs will make our jaws hit the keyboard. im sure

    • shawn

      BOB you clearly know nothing about phones, and you clearly are not a t-mobile employee. The Evo is a slow 1ghz phone, and you are placing it up on a pedastool. The Vibrant already beats the DroidX, and the DroidX already beats the the Evo. Galaxy S phones are the fastest android phones out right now. Evo sucks, snapdragon is slugish and the GPU is horrid. Stop trying to compare any phone to the Evo, the Evo is junk.

  • bob

    its faster then the vibrant for sure. I can vouch for that first hand.

    • AndroidRRR

      hmmmmm WHY don’t you run some Quadrant scores and post them… I think that would prove what you are saying and back your story up… Plus we can all rejoice! Even though for sure it will best the EVO.

    • chris

      Wait till the Vibrant will run on 2.2 :P

      • JoshL

        you may be waiting for a quite a while… you are dealing with scamsung, you know?

  • Moi

    Unless you spend all day rebooting your phone, I don’t see what you can tell from startup time-let’s see some benchmarks instead to see how it compares against the rest of the crop. Unfortunately it still only has a 3.7 inch screen so that’s a fail for me-I have an N1 at the moment.

    • B

      contradiction fail

  • Jake

    Is it cripple like other T-mobile phones, for instance lack of Flash for the camera?

  • bob

    its got a LED flash

    • ihatefanboys

      this dude is just tryin to cause chaos, hes prob an iphone nerd

    • rory bellows

      Does it have a 3.5mm jack?

      • Andy G

        Im sure it does… They wouldn’t be stupid and not give it one like they did on the original behold

  • steve

    This rom also includes a new version of google voice…with widgets!!!

  • elf

    Really? Well I work for Santa clause and I can tell you that none of you are getting presents this year

    • RolloC84

      Santa Clause isn’t real. (Ha ha ha! Crushed your dreams!)

  • going_home

    I may have to get one just to see if its any better than my Nexus.
    Although with Swype there is no need for a hard keyboard.


  • Galen20K

    This new chip looks VERY powerful and is said to be Qualcomm’s currently most powerful SOC, I really look forward to seeing it in action in my hand. Performance looks amazing and its said to have very efficient power management which will be Fantastic for our battery.

  • bob

    when the specs release you will see.

  • come on guys, with the system leak we should have no problems getting this puppy rooted(which i know many of you care about) and since it supports 1Ghz and 800Mhz we can prolly set it back to the 1Ghz right away and then OC it to 1.2(or more). and just think, without the sense UI it will be snappier as well as getting updates sooner when gingerbread source is released.

  • eYe

    How about screen? Now, that we’ve been spoiled by Vibrant’s S-Amoled, is it going to be comparable tech?

  • FILA

    14.4, seriously, what happened to our 21Mbps phone, god man, I guess we gotta wait for the MTHD

  • Ivan

    If the Gingerbread minimum requirments of a 1 Ghz processor rumors are true than this phone wont be seing Android 3.0 >:O

    • Andrew

      those rumors aren’t true, so leave it at that

      • Ivan

        Lets hope your more than true.

        & what makes you so sure those rumors arent true?

      • Josef

        How about because Google said themselves that they weren’t true…

    • Omeer

      People misread too often and it was a “rumor”. The rumor was that the minimum requirement would be for any current generation phone to have a snapdragon processor clocked at 1Ghz, which till now was the best and latest processor around so any processor that came before it probably won’t be supported. Even so, given that the rumors are true (they’re not I assure you), this phone has a scorpion processor, the successor to the snapdragon so why in the world wouldn’t gingerbread be supported for this device?

      P.S. Don’t tell me because it’s not clocked at 1Ghz, I can get into details about why that’s a very stupid reason and stupider rumor but I won’t unless I need to.


      • Ivan

        Okay, I know what I read, how are you going to tell me ” people misread too often ” I clearly read from this link techcores.com/2010/06/30/android-3-0-gingerbread-minimum-spec-requirements/

        more specifically this line ” Anyways, there were
        some leaked minimum requirements for an android device to run the new 3.0 firmware. These are,
        1 GHz Processor (stock, not over clocked to 1GHz)
        512 MB RAM or higher
        3.5” screen or larger ” So dont get all smart. Because ME AND YOU CLEARLY read different rumors. And im putting up a comment on this page according to what IIIIII read. You obviously read some different rumor and thats fine, but dont get all hard on me b/c I could have heard something else and therefor comment diferently. but hopefully your right! and not these ridiculous rumors of minimum specs. you get my point.

    • cp

      they’re called rumors for a reason guys. seems like some people take rumors as the truth. when i read a rumor, i take it as just that, a rumor. wait til the facts about gingerbread come out and THEN make your assessment. we don’t know anything so theres no need to always talk about “if”… “if ‘IF’ was a fifth we’d all be drunk!!!”

      To be quiet honest that gingerbread rumor was just someones opinion of what THEY think the minimum specs for gingerbread should be. Have a great day!.

    • bryan

      Google already stated that the Gingerbread specs of 1 Ghz processor and 512 RAM were recommended not minimum specs.

  • LSxChevelle

    14.4mbps cap is fine with me…real testing results are coming in around 9mbps in hspa areas. That’s what, 3 times better than the evo on 4g?

  • somebody

    1ghz or dual core or both comon tmobil for once in the last 10 years come thru for me.


    3.7in screen is so second quarter of 2010!!!!

  • Omeer

    OK before the fat chick jokes gets out of hand and the whiners gets their panties twisted in a knot: The Qualcomm MSM7230 scorpion process is “better” than a snapdragon processor. It uses the same chipset as the snapdragon but improves upon it in many ways. Just because it’s clocked at 800Mhz doesn’t mean it’s inferior to the snapdragon clocked at 1Ghz. It’s recommended minimum clock frequency is 800Mhz and the maximum is 1Ghz so it has the speed but it’s just a matter of choosing. T-mobile probably chose the minimum to conserve battery life, which makes perfect sense to me. I’m tired of my phone running out of battery in 10 hours. Look at the sources below, read and STOP whining because like it or not this is a leap forward in the mobile CPU dept.



    • Andrew

      Well said. Like I said up there, MHz isn’t everything

  • John

    Damn people wheres all the love for tmo?

    Yeah they might not have the top of the line phones that everyone would die for. The G1 was a first and once it got adopted by the devs on xda it got so much better. I now have the slide which the dev community is not there so much but groundwork is lain. The slide has a 600 processor and i have it overclocked at 806 right now and all scores are up there with the x and nexus one 2.2..

    Bottom line being you got those that b*tch about specs which mean nothing to them as they just want some bad*ss bling and something to brag about.

    Then you have those who realize the specs are lacking on tmo phones but realize the full capability of an android phone and all the possibilities it has.

    Who ever thought that the G1 would ever 2.2… I know who Google and well TMO i guess..

    Hack it or STFU and move on….

    • soklean

      agreed, if the screen is an issue wait for the mytouch HD 4.3.. wats wrong with these peeps these day there all going blind…

      • TMOprophet

        you actually think the mytouch will have a 4.3in screen, sorry but the leaked pics definitely show smaller than that…somewhere around 3.9 or 4 at best

        Unless they change the hardware to make room for a larger screen, which I doubt they will.

    • Marc

      So unless someone hacks their phones,they should stfu? Maybe you should STFU.

  • soklean

    The Qualcomm MSM7230 uses the same Scorpion processor found in Qualcomm’s QSD8250 SoC (what most call “Snapdragon”), but it improves audio support to 5.1 channels and significantly improves the GPU. In many ways, an 800MHz MSM7230 is superior to a 1GHz QSD8250.

  • mikeybot

    Well, seeing as Tmo wants, and more importantly *needs* a Droid like device, unless they have something better up their sleeve, they better market the hell out of this one.

    • John

      there marketing does seem to suck. How do you expect to market and sign a product without well plastering it everywhere.. Hell for the slide the only ad i seen was maybe once or twice on TV. That by far is not up to par…
      They need to be hyping these phones eventhough they might not be state of the art technology but get them out there,,
      TV Ads, newspapers, online, billboards, toilet paper, whatever they need to do as long as its more then there doing now..

    • Scott

      How do you expect T-Mobile to market their current lineup? “Try the MyTouch 3G! It’s new and probably not as slow as you think!” “The Charm, it’s cheap!!” “Um… we need someone to buy the Garminfone. Please?”

      I pity T-Mobile’s marketing department.

  • Teport

    Would we be able to get all those apps that come stock on the g2 into our ROMs now? If it has hdmi output (other sites say they have confirmed it, not saying I believe it), where is the output on the phone? Seen all sides except the top.

    • Ivan

      If you look carefully at the leaked pics, below the volume controls is where the HDMI out seems to be located, it records 720p video so i dont see why it isnt a possibility.

  • Looks like a great phone, only significant shortcomings for me:

    1. 4 row keyboard (typing numbers on a 4 row is a major PITA)

    2. Lack of physical buttons for home, menu, back, send & end (Love that I can press any of the buttons on the phone to wake it up, you can’t do that with soft keys so I’ll have to rotate my hand to the top or side to find a physical button to wake it up ala Droid, also physical buttons are easily found without looking with soft keys the buttons don’t feel like anything because they are part of the screen.

    3. Lack of ANY (even soft) send & end keys, I use these buttons all the time especially when I want to end a call I just reach down (without looking of course) and press end, with this I’ll have to reach for wherever the physical button is to wake the phone up, then swipe to unlock, then (probably) open the phone app then press whatever button on the screen to end the call, that will be 4 (3 if I’m lucky) steps (which require me to look at my phone) to replace one step that can be done without looking.

    Still, with all these shortcomings my G1 is in dire need of an upgrade, and I’m beginning to doubt there will ever be a phone that has all the things I love about the G1 as well as updated specs and capabilities. This may be as close as I’m going to get.

    Of course, based on the redonkulous price that T-Mobile set for the MyTouch 3G Slide they will probably charge $650-$700 for the G2 when they release it. (of course talking about the artificially inflated “MSRP” I’d rather get raped a little all at once than get raped a lot over 2 years)

    • LSxChevelle

      In reference to price their most expensive phone is the Vibrant at $499.99 so with this being aT-Mobile line phone I would say same price or less. The stores actually pay somewhat close to the full retail $ amount.

  • Orison

    That guy moved the camera around so much without fixing it on one subject. I actually yelled while watching the video. My neighbors already think I’m nuts..

  • shawn

    I still think the Vibrant is T-mobiles flagship, this phone is boring.

    • Andrew

      Flagships are usually associated with exclusivity.

      • J-Hop2o6

        Exactly.. and that will be the G2.. the better promo the HELL up outta of it like Verizon does, and promote it right.

  • Barry

    Look at the pics again you’ll see home menu back etc seriously how often do we type numbers? I think that’d why manufactuers aren’t making them thus making bigger keys. I think a dedicated punctuation row makes more sense than not that that’s necessary. But people we know 800mhz is smaller than 1ghz but in this case the numbers don’t matter knock down the mental block.

    • Those aren’t buttons those are soft keys (part of the screen with the button labels printed on) because it’s a soft key those can’t be used to “wake” the phone only a physical button can do that or your phone would never stay asleep (“asleep” referring to the screen locked and turned off) when it was in your pocket (even if it was in a case)

      I type numbers whenever I add a contact, which is a fairly regular occurrence.

      Or if I’m filling out a web phone that wants a phone number (or any number).

  • ObsceneJesster

    This chip is slightly better than the Snapdragon and slightly less powerful than the Hummingbird. Bottom line. The Power VR 540 is still the king of mobile GPUs.

    • shawn

      Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S phones are going to hold the crown as the most power android phones for a while. However, if you run quadrunt standard free edition, you may see the new G2 performing well, especially in graphics because it has a smaller screen than the Vibrant. Anytime your screen is smaller, you do better in graphics benchmarks.

      • J-Hop2o6

        its not screen size.. its resolution.. think myTouch Slide with its smaller resolution.

  • tmofan12

    I’ve had the pleasure of playing with this phone. Its pretty dam fast. I can see why Tmobile is gonna try nd blow this one up. But quite honestly its nothing flashy. I’ve worked with the evo and Droid x nd vibrant nd those phones all yell consumer wants not needs which sales.we’ll wait and see how it does and I hope for tmos sake it does well cuz they need it. To someone else’s point marketing has a lot to do with how its gonna

  • tmofan12

    Sorry hit the submit too quick. Marketing will determine how it will sell. For example look t the nexusone. Great phone but no one knew that
    Developers are on a waiting list to get the phone because of the potential. I’m a huge tmo supporte so aging lets hope this puts. Dent on the big 3

  • TMOprophet

    Just found something interesting, consider this my exclusive heads up, the Vision/G2 scores 1370 frames on the Glbenchmark site, slightly less than the Vibrant, but not by much. Its higher than the iPhone 4 and many others. Here you go, although there isn’t much to look at yet.


  • champ layne

    Will it support live wallpapers tho?

  • sino8r

    I wouldn’t trust those benchmarks scores until I test them myself. Hell they aren’t even complete which makes me wonder why and whos doing them. I want linpack and quadrant benchmarks not this crap that no one is familiar with. And yes it will have live wallpapers. I found quite a few in the leaked rom’s system folder.

  • watbetch

    I know some people prefer hardware qwerty devices but I’m happy to say that I’m over them and I don’t like their bulkiness.

    The stock Android ui is not for me either. I love Touchwiz

  • Yawn

    3.7? Oh well

  • Johnny

    Whats wrong with 3.7″ or a 4″ screen? Anything bigger and u look retarded hold a laptop up to ur ear. Come on ppl what r u thinking?

    • Reece

      some of us have big enough hands to not care about a Dell Streak-sized phone

      • My hands are huge and I’d never use something as big as a Streak.

  • Alex

    Stock android is the only way to go..the phone is looking real good. let’s hope the specs get leaked or the phone is shown running 2.2….

  • vinny

    Still have not seen anything that IMO competes with my Nexus One rooted RC3. If this new device is what TMO claims it is then I will be an owner. I have supported TMO for a very long time, their service in my area is better then any other carrierm the seeds are great and the prices are the best. Bring it on T-Mobile. PLEASE.

  • Manny

    Thanks for doing this article and breaking things down…i looked at that chart and i didn’t know what any of that stuff meant

  • mailman13877

    LMAO i will forever laugh at TMO and their SETTLERS cuzz they keep up the disappointments.Wheres the news on the MTHD already..FFC or not?Evo is still the best hardware phone for power users like me.Evoooo FTW..Hurry up and restock already Sprint

    • Reece


      have fun with your last generation GPU. Snapdragons like in the Evo is old news already & the bottom hoe of 1Ghz cpus! have fun!

    • Frigadroid

      If you want to waste your money with sprint you should get the best they have to offer the Epic. Get over the Evo the fact that you continue to rant Evo this and that shows your understanding and lack of technical knowledge. Why do I bother you obviously like to stir the pot and logic is out of your realm of understanding.

      • Reece

        “If you want to waste your money with sprint you should get the best they have to offer the Epic”

        ooooooooooo SNAP!!

    • Chris

      The Galaxy S phones are superior to the EVO.

      • Cybersedan

        Agreed, EVO = Yesterday’s news… goodbye!!

  • Exec4Future

    sorry mailman, evo is junk and sprint is the worst carrier in the world. nice try though. Now kindly return to the Special Ed room…… as for everyone else: G2 is launching with a 1ghz chip. the whole 800 mhz claim is a little off. you’ll see.

  • Exec4Future

    if u are a fan of any other carrier besides T-Mobile, you are on the wrong site. Go to sprintnews.com or …. o, wait. NO ONE likes sprint enough to start a blog about them. NOW I see why you trolls have nowhere else to go. U choose a crappy carrier and u have nothing better to do. Understandable

  • Exec4Future

    “if it has a Sprint logo, it is automatically a piece of sh*t. ” – Confucius

    • mailman13877


      lol your funny..Even phone dog posted a video of the Evo vs Droid X vs Iphone vs Vibrator an he said they where all good phones but the #1 phone for power users is still the Evo..Actually he seemed to barely have much to say in the hyping of the Vibrator other than the obvious about the graphics (he still literally said the iphone has better graphics and retina display than the vibrant so thats not even #1)..think he put it as “best value” for price out of pitty..Seemed to me from his video he preferred the iphone then Evo then Droid X and last Vibrant..smh and phone dog is a good dog fighter for phones aint he?Oh and he still says the vibrator is cheap plasticy and he like the exterior of the AT&T version..hahaha

      • mailman13877

        oh and if the service is so much better than Sprint then why are they still losing customers?Either their lack of competitive phones or service but either way TMO is in 4th place.You can say TMO phones suck as a reason or the service does.I say it’s both their network service and phones that’s keeping em in 4th place.

      • davidohio

        Mailbox are you with sprint yet? What are you doing on this site AGAIN? You know, just because someone says it does not mean it is true. You are in love with sprint, we get it..so why are you here? Go to a sprint blog and. Talk to what customers they have left about how much you love sprint and the evo! Loser.

      • booyaka

        sprint only has 15 million more subscribers than t-mobile . to put that in to perspective verizon has 92 million and sprint has 48 million , tmobile has 33 million … you might say “sprint still has more than t-mobile” … but the number of subscribers sprint has includes Nextel, Boost Mobile , Virgin Mobile , Assurance Wireless and Common Cents Mobile … sprint only beats tmobile because they keep buying out smaller cell phone companies that already HAS subscribers , not because they’re better than t-mobile . YOU FAIL

      • pimpstrong

        Nice, booyaka.

      • chris

        So suck his pp why don’t you. He’s an apple fan boy. What do you want him to say, android phones are better? Because he won’t. He sucks apple pp.

      • j

        mailman, your an idiot if you think the iphone has better graphics then the vibrant. i have compared to an iphone and the iphone user wanted my vibrant!

    • My2Cents

      Please remind me what the G2 has to do with Sprint???

  • bubbles

    The g2 is looking like a nice device. The processor is fast. Can’t wait to try out the g2. I am happy with my vibrant. I just glad they finally made ag2, plus it runs stock android, sweet.

  • tmoforsho

    Sprint CDMA sucks balls. The EVO screen looks like the Moto Cliq XT lmao are u serious u Sprint fanboy? Keep your sorry CDMA battery life and u can’t even make a call and surf the web or text all at the same time u fool. What’s the point of having a multitasking software like Android (which TMOBILE launched suckaaa!) When your company’s CDMA technology can’t even do it!!! Lol how fast is your “4G” 3-6 mbps???? HSPA+ is up tp 21mbps on GSM!!!!!

    • @ tmoforsho hun i guess u dont have an evo huh? over here i can make calls and surf the web at the same freaking time on 4G on my evo i bet u didnt know that becuz u dnt have one also i get 9-12 mbps yes it may not be as fast aS t-mobiles hspa+ but at least i get signal inside many buildings yes my boyfriend has t-mobile he has the vibrant and yes it WORKS awesome outside but t-mobile signal doesnt penetrate buildings very well inside places like walmart,kmart, the hospital, the dentist, o also the subway station underground he doesnt have service so guess what he has to borrow my evo to make calls because sprint does get signal in all those places i mentioned above … and no i do not live in the middle of nowere i live right in the city … also those 9 mbps i get on 4G are good enough to watch hd movies so im not complaining.. yes 21 mbps may be better but i dnt see a reason to switch to t-mobile because t-mobile doesnt get good signal inside buildings so im stickin wit sprint …

      • Cassie

        ^^Not even going to finish reading your post. Learn how to spell. Please and thank you.

      • drivethruboy168

        Go to a sprint blog and talk on there…. get out of here. First off, T-Mobile was the first carrier in the U.S to offer talking on the phone and web browsing at the same time. So you can’t rub that in anyone’s face. Have fun… making calls in hospitals when your not supposed to. And I get perfect signal in my wal mart and subway stations. Where my best friend has sprint and always has to call me back because his wack ass evo keeps dropping calls and super lags! Have fun with your Evo! FAIL!!!

      • @ drivethruboy168 u are seriosly stupid everyone knows at&t was the first to offer web browsing and talking on the phone at the same time . because it was the first on the usa to take out its 3G network on gsm . verizon took out its 3G newtwork first but it was on the evdo standard so it didnt allow web n broswin at the same time on phones, att was second to take out 3G on the gsm standard so it allowed web browsing and talking at the same time on phones then sprint and T-MOBILE WAS LAST I DONT KNOW IF U REMEMBER ?? do u?? im pretty sure u do… t-mobile was the last carrier on the USA TO TAKE OUT 3G yes t-mobile 3G lets u browse the net and talk on the phone just like att but it was the last carrier to do this.. i dnt kno were u got it was the first carrier in the USA TO allow this .. yes i have t-mobile and i luv t-mobile n everything but first do your research before u talk ok. .. because u just sounded like a retard..

      • i

        @ drivethruboy168 u got burned by britney J lol were did u get t-mobile was the first company on the the usa to allow talking and web browsing on the net at the same time on a phone?? like seriously were have u been??? everyone knows at&t was the first company to allow that on a phone… as much as i hate at&t u gotta handed it to them for being the first one to allow that on a phone..

      • j

        DUH, gina we can do that on 3G and faster to boot. By the way sprint’s 4G is owned by clearwire who is owned by t-nobile

      • P-mob

        J, Clear is not owned by T-Mob.
        Clearwire Corporation (stylized as “clearw?re” in the logo) is a wireless internet service provider (WISP) serving markets in the United States, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Denmark (with Danske Telecom), and Mexico (via MVSNet). Clearwire was founded by cellular phone pioneer Craig McCaw in October 2003[2][3] and headquartered in Kirkland, Washington. Clearwire uses wireless technology, dubbed pre-WiMax, transmitted from cell sites over licensed spectrum of 2.5–2.6 GHz in the U.S. and 3.5 GHz in Europe.[4]

        On May 7, 2008, Clearwire and Sprint Nextel’s wireless broadband unit Xohm announced their intent to merge, combining Sprint’s 4G WiMax network (Xohm) with Clearwire’s existing pre-Wimax broadband network. Sprint will own 51% of the firm, with ex-Clearwire shareholders owning 27% — a consortium of Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Intel, Google, and Bright House Networks will invest $3.2 billion and own the balance.[5] Clearwire and the cable companies will buy 3G mobile broadband from Sprint as MVNOs[citation needed]. Clearwire/Sprint Nextel officially launched Portland, Oregon as the first market using the new service. Now the company is being marketed under the name CLEAR,[6] except in those markets where the Clearwire name has already been established.[7] (However, it remains uncertain whether this new incarnation of Clearwire, controlled by Sprint, will still continue to offer the contractual conditions which have sparked class action lawsuits in the past.) Clearwire/CLEAR is now implementing WiMAX 802.16e networks in many markets, with the largest to date being the greater metropolitan Chicago market.[8]

        On March 9, 2009 Clearwire named Bill Morrow as CEO, succeeding Benjamin Wolff, who became co-Chairman with Craig McCaw. Morrow, 49, stepped down as CEO of Pacific Gas & Electric Company. Morrow had previously held a number of senior positions at Vodafone.[9]

  • Barry

    Why don’t you just admit you have no intentions on leaving and you’re waiting for a phone you want. You wouldn’t look so bad and ppl would understand that. To say this isn’t a power phone is stupid all you’re looking for is a big screen and ffc that doesn’t define a “superphone”. And I’m pretty sure if you wanted that evo as bad as you claim you woulda had it last month.

  • marcus

    I’m aLil disappointed in what the g2 is gonna be. Tmobile coulda stepped it up and failed. I’ve had a Evo wfor Sprint n kept my tmo service. Hoping they come out with something Jus as good. But in honesty the Evo is the best phone I ever owned. So I think if tmobile is comin out with this junk I’m done

  • Wilma Flintstone

    TMobile needs to secure a deal with Nokia. The N9 is looking sweet.

    • I don’t think that Nokia is or has any plans to get into Android devices.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Who said anything about Tmobile having ONLY Android Devices?

      • Nobody, but aside from Apple iOS/iPhoneOS Android is pretty much the only game around when it comes to smartphones for the consumer space.

        Palm is bought by HP not sure what they are going to do with WebOS but my money is on more tablets and less phones.

        BB will continue to do well in the corporate space because nobody can touch them when it comes to E-Mail but they are “too little too late” in the consumer realm.

        Symbian is technically a Smartphone OS and they still have a decent market share worldwide but that’s going down to the ground quickly and there are no signs of that improving over the short or long term. Nokia is attaching itself to a fairly quickly sinking ship, they will be forced to switch to Android but by then they will decidedly be playing catch up. Motorola bailed on Symbian in 2008 (which has worked out pretty well for them) Symbian will be reduced to a feature phone OS in a few years.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Um Robert, if Nobody said it, Then wouldn’t that make your original post unnecessary to post?

  • shawn1224

    Finally HTC has a SOC that can compare to the TI OMAP & hummingbird chipsets. This is all most people have been asking for in a high end TMO device. This will be on par with the Vibrant regardless of not being a dual core processor.

    I can only imagine what will be housed in the Mytouch HD (rubs hands together gleefully)

    • scotty

      The funniest thing about people saying the vibrant is the fastest phone out is that from all the reviews and my own personal experience it still does not feel a snappy a droid incredible. I wish they would spend more tine implementing the processors better because the vibrant should have been much faster than it actually is, I’m not saying it is slow but expected more. I keep hearing that the droid incredible is the smoothest actual use phone with 2.1 out now (not gaming wise but actual use)

      • bryan

        The vibrant feels slower than it should because of Touch Wiz. Comparing the Vibrant and the Mytouch Slide side by side the Vibrant is often slower while doing simple things like opening the application launcher. Try running a replacement launcher like ADW, the speed difference is immediately noticeable.

        The main advantage the Vibrant has is the GPU, which is not really utilized until you start pushing the handset. The biggest thing that I notice in daily use is that with the Vibrant you can leave all of the animations and live wallpapers on without slowing down the processor, on just about all the other handsets turning off the animations and live wallpapers speeds up the handset’s responsiveness.

        I would not be surprised if the Droid Incredible is one of the fastest/ smoothest handsets out since it has a good processor, with decent graphics capability, and HTC has optimized the Sense UI better than any of the other non vanilla android UI’s (Touch Wiz, Blur).

      • Rob

        The main issue with the vibrant being slower than other phones is this.. 256mb RAM..It has to constantly wipe and then reload apps onto the ram and with only 256mb (my cliq has that) running android, touch wiz and a few apps this would more than fill up the ram causeing lag. The MTS has 512mb ram why it is faster.

        Processing power isnt everything. If you have a great processor with a low amount of RAM it wont matter.

      • scotty

        That’s what I mean I have used adw on my moms vibrant and it defiantly helps but still not as fast as my brothers stock incredible with sense. Its just that I hear people saying it is the fastest phone around and that is simply not true it just has the fastest processor but that means nothing if it is not as smooth and as for ram the vibrant has 512mb of ram as do all the galaxy s phones



      • J-Hop2o6

        yea it has 512MB of RAM.. i heard it doesn’t show more than the high 200’s amount because of Android.. search it on Google since im lazy to find the exact info.

      • Rob


        According to T-Mobile it has only 256mb RAM I would go with that over anything else. And Samsung doesn’t have anything listed on their own website about the Vibrant’s RAM.

  • NiiDiddy

    Good stuff!!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      AAARRRGGGHH!!! Hey NiiDiddy.

  • ManSquito

    This processor looks epic! This is what I have been waiting for. Seems this processor is going to be good for us G1 (soon to be G2) users. I don’t know about anyone else but i multitask a lot on my G1. Finally I will get something that i can rely on. I will be pre-ordering.

    • Scott

      The astroturfing is getting shameless guys. Please be more subtle.

  • MJ

    This phone better have a 1GHz chip or T-Mobile will be, once again, behind the times.

    Hope these guys are correct:


    • Andrew

      It is a 1 GHz chip, but the suggested speed is 800MHz due to battery drain issues, Over all, it is still faster than the 1 GHz snapdragon processors that you see around today.

    • As has already been pointed out Ghz. isn’t everything a Core i7-930 runs at 2.8Ghz while a Pentium 4 HT 661 runs as 3.6Ghz what would you rather have?

  • just some dude

    I have heard that reviewer on videos before, he comes of as rude, arrogant and condescending. He could possibly be French. I dont care for that guy too much, just wanted to put that out there.

  • justin

    WANT! want want want want want! I’ve been so disappointed by the MyTouch Slide that I’ve several times stopped myself in the middle of walking to the AT&T or Verizon store for a replacement iPhone or Droid. If this little bugger is really due soon, I’ll hold out and stay with my beloved Magenta.

  • Rob

    I am sold on this phone now. Will be complaing to tmobile as soon as it comes out about my cliq. My contract ends in novemeber I believe so I’ll have great bargaining tool. I don’t believe they are going to upgrade the cliq especially after not upgrading the Dext in europe.

  • SMB

    ***OFF TOPIC

    Vibrant getting update OTA next week. Tue and Wed. Not FroYo, just a Samsung update.

    • now_onTMO


      nice , thanks for sharing

  • Barry

    Nokia would definitely be something the other three carriers don’t offer.

  • Steve

    This phone is looking better and better each day. I think I know what my next phone will be. :)

  • Jake

    So say the 1ghz benchmark is a guy with a 6 incher and the 800mhz is a faster guy with a 4 incher, well I dunno about this N2 phone I really want a 1ghz, sorry I prefer having a bigger one than a faster one.

    • jamaicanidler

      You could have an 8 incher and a guy with a 4 incher could outperform you. What say you bigger equipment then? We’ll have to wait and see what this can do on the G2 first before we jump to conclusions.

  • Barry


  • teport

    Is there a way we can tell if there is a FFC from the rom? i know in those leaked pics you cant really see one but also have been edited quite a bit. not only has the unit numbers been erased but also the + mark for volume on the back of the phone (don’t know why they would put those there but you can see the – sign) on the older leaked pictures with the unit number still on it ( the one that is actually turned on and has vanilla android) it looks like a camera in the top left corner or could be a smudge. also anyone wanna tell me (or show me) what is on the top of the phone? headphone jack? unlock button? HDMI out? micro usb? second micro phone?

    P.S. to people who think i am a complainer or a FFC lover, i am already getting this phone. just looking at the different development units and how they have changed.

  • branon

    Is this going to be the next developer phone?

    • Scott

      Not a chance. Think of the G2 as another mytouch-type phone.

      • TadpoleBuckshot

        g2 is as far from mytouch is as you are from actually grasping the concepts detailed in the videos.

  • chicomendez

    i will admit that this g2 looks like a nexus with keyboard…and i wanted the nexus one and never got one…so i am excited to pick this one up…

  • Moses

    Adreno 205 is the chip that the g2 will use and adreno 200 is the one that the evo, incredible and so on use….. the adreno 205 chipset at 800 mhz is comparble to the hummingbird processor at 1ghz.

  • TadpoleBuckshot

    Preordered my G2 today. RIP G1.

  • TadpoleBuckshot

    Is this the 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM 7230?

  • android fan1

    im gettin this as soon as it comes out ill even wake up at 5 to get ready to pick it up at tmo stores, they open at 8am right?

  • android fan1

    lol some ppl are still dilusional about sprint being better than tmo, get over it sprintfan and iphone fans, tmo is the best phone company it is the most recent big phone company in the US thats why it doesnt have as many customers as verizon but give at least 3 more years

    to the iphone fans let me tell yu that the nexus one killed the iphone bak on january the 3GS didnt stand a chance i saw the comparison video it won agaisnt iphone. the iphone 4 vs the nexus one video i saw it still didnt stand a chance on speed, web browser and many other things lol iphone was history the day the nexus one came out and will b once again with the G2, the truth is things have change, remember bak wen the iphone came out phones had to keep up with it and did they have a hard time at keepin up hell yea but that was until the nexus one! now the iphone is the one that has to keep up with its competition ANDROID! android app market is now 80,000 + iphone 100,000 + and it may not have as much apps but relax its only been 2 years and went from just 50 apps to 80,000+ thats some huge improvement soon and we’ll have more than the iphone, in fact it is estimated in 3 years ANDROID will b the most popular phones.

    sorry for iphone fans but iphone being the best is only a thing of the past sorry but move on and dont hate on others just cuz they beat yu every good thing comes to an end….

  • android fan1

    android is growin at an unimaginable speed i love it