T-Mobile G2 ROM Leaked, What Awaits Inside?

Well specs, release date and price its not, but a leaked T-Mobile G2 ROM has confirmed that the FCC device (HTC PC10100) that leaked yesterday is indeed the G2. Can’t say we’re surprised by this development as I think we all were pretty positive on that front, but we love confirmation around these parts.  The file, aptly named “Test rom for HTC Vision / T-Mobile G2 (Android-Froyo 2.2)” will make for some interesting work to the hackers extraordinaire out there who enjoy tearing these things apart and finding what goodies are in store. I really want to see some real deal specs but I’ll take a leaked ROM over no news any day hoping that there are some goodies to be found.


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  • Laser123454321

    Crap man. I was itching for more T-Mobile G2 news but this has been a busy week so far.

  • Jed Clamped

    Yes, More info!!

  • immadroid

    i was trying to tip you about this post and i couldn’t figure it out, glad you posted though! =)

  • Nads

    Nice.. cant wait for some high end phones to come to Magenta. Still hoping for a 4.3 inch Android phone with HSPA+ and FFC.

    • Jed Clamped

      Why do people want such big phones? 3.7 – 4 inch is just fine.

      • Dalton

        To make up for YOU KNOW WHAT…

        having big fingers…obviously.

      • 2FR35H

        I would say 4.1inch screen should be the limit. who cares about ffc? I dare you to show me someone who actually uses it.

    • immadroid

      i finally got to play with an EVO yesterday and i’m hoping to get a similar device as well, if not the G2 will be mine

      • robnoxious

        wait for the MyTouch HD then.

  • Jshin

    4 inch or over for me please!



      • frankkkkkkkkk

        thats what she said!!!….

    • uMmmhmm

      thats what she said!

      • Will


    • Holiday


    • 2FR35H


  • big Jake

    yea Tmo we want a”4.3 incher like the HD2 but put some droid 2.2 hspa+ ffc 1.2 dule processors 8mp cam with sleek sexy design & oh yea must be HTC hardware & bang… a t mobile best seller,

    • keele8

      Would you like fries with that?

      • robnoxious

        Oh man, I like me some fries… with gobs of ketchup on ’em.

      • HD2/Vibrant USER

        HD2 works just fine with 2.2 on it. Flash is sicK!!!

    • Mr MN

      I would go for an 8.6 in xhd screen with 20mp camera that features night vision, x-ray, and thermal imaging capabilities, ffc that features facial recognition, a track pad that is also a fingerprint reader, a battery life of one year, and finally a screen that allows me to tan my face all while on the phone.

      • Hmmmm?

        LOL, Don’t forget Android 10.0 “Nutella Crepe”

      • TheLight

        Dont you have to pay a tax for tans now..lol

  • HTC has become the OEM that you can’t turn your back on….

  • Rob

    Well this confirms 2.2 thanks god. It also proves the wal-mart leak was incorrect because that had the G2 running 2.1. The more I hear about this phone the harder it is to wait and deal with my cliq. To be honest hard ware isn’t that big of a deal i have no interest in a screen bigger than 4″, I have no intrest in a FFC(maybe when you can video chat any where I would). As long as it has the ability to upgrade when new android software comes out I’m happy, but a 1gz processor; 512 ram; 1gb rom and 2gb or more of on board storage would have me sold on this phone. I have a feeling that’s about where its going to be.

    • davidohio

      Lol you said thanks god lol

      • Rob

        Haha after I posted it I was thinking the same thing. For whatever reason I can’t proof read on my phone. Probably because I can’t on a full computer screen.

    • robnoxious

      We are in agreement my fellow namesake. However I am still stuck with a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic. I believe my hardship is worse than yours. lol

      • Rob

        Yeaa at least you should have an upgrade soon..Right?..Hopefully.

    • ihatefanboys

      ive only been sayin it since the first day the talk about the walmart page popped up….FAKE FAKE FAKE……..lol yea well there was lots wrong with the walmart page. most importantly it couldnt be found. i searched for it , nothing. plus why would it list 3G and HSPA+ on the same line as if its the same thing, or just a different form of 3G. android 2.1 again, wrong….and sense. which im sure will also be proved wrong…it was just some fanboys self-disapointment that he had to manufacture into a webpage that he thought would be authentic enuf for every android site to jump on…if the webmasters would actually check on stuff before posting stuff….no one woulda been hyped up about nothing.

  • Charles Xavier

    Until T-mobile comes up with something comparable to the DROID X or Evo they just aren’t doing it right in my opinion. People hesitant on the bigger size are the same people who refuse to try an on screen keyboard.

    • robnoxious

      No, people hesitant about the bigger size are people who like to actually be able to put their phone in their pockets. And in the future, hows about you explain why this or other phones don’t stack up to the greatness of the Droid or Evo instead of making blanket statements based on your sole opinion. Thanks.

    • Hmmmm?

      I disagree (although it’s just a personal preference for everyone), I tried the Droid X, EVO and then the Incredible. I think the Incredible was much more usable, it was more comfortable and they have the same resolution, the bigger screens just stretch it out. And I like both physical and on-screen keyboards. But since this phone has a 3.7in screen and a physical keyboard, you may be right, maybe they made this phone for those people.

    • ihatefanboys

      lol how would u like if your girlfriend told u this one day “Until you come up with a penis comparable to a horse, you just arent going to ever have sex with me” your comment makes about as much sense as that… and wouldnt make u feel too good either, now would it ?

    • funkmasterC

      You make it sound like people who don’t want a big phone are hard headed and don’t like change. I used an iPod touch next to my G1 for 1.5 years now. I like the fact that my G1 is slightly smaller – it fits in my pocket better. For those of us who don’t wear our pants around our knees (aka Generation Butt Crack), that makes a difference.

      As far as the keyboard – I can’t stand touch screen keyboards – Apple’s is one of the best and I don’t care for it. I can type faster and more accurately with a real keyboard. Half my screen isn’t taken up by the keyboard, so a smaller screen isn’t an issue. If I want something small to watch movies or play games on, I will buy an iPad or Android tablet (when the dust settles).

      It really depends what you use your phone for. Mine is for business. If you like on-screen keyboards, the Vibrant is a nice phone (minus the GPS issues) and it appears that another HTC Android device will be available in early November.

    • 2FR35H

      @Charles Xavier

      to prove you are full of crap I am hesitant on screens larger than 4inches and 4.2 seems too big and I hate physical keyboards of which means I prefer an on screen keyboard. Also Samsung Vibrant did better than droid x and evo as a matter of fact the vibrant overclocked processor to 1.6ghz did droid x or evo do that? HA! not a chance as well as they don’t get the fast speeds we do. even with the 5mp camera the firmware is still better than htc’s everyone knows that. so in reality what are droid x and evo more than vibrant? a few inches and a ffc? both of which practically nobody uses.

  • JP Money

    4″ is a big screen. I’d rather seen iPhone 4-like resolution on a 3.7-4″ screen before it goes larger. 800×480 is good, but when you compare it to the iPhone 4’s 960×640, it seems lackluster. Like said before, at least it comes with 2.2. That is a huge plus.

    • 2FR35H

      oh please iPhone 4 display doesn’t look any better than the vibrant even with the higher resolution.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    This will be one sweet offering. Just hope it has Sense. T-mo is the only carrier without a sense UI phone. The MT3GS doesn’t cut it. ATT was hella late to the party and already topped T-Mo with Sense UI phones

    • Keine

      Its not going to have sense on top of it. And the HD2 would like to say hello for it has sense.

    • robnoxious

      Sorry to dash your hopes but it probably won’t have senseUI. All signs thus far have pointed to this phone being a Google experience phone. Consider this a blessing as when updates are rolled out, this phone will likely get them right away.

      • TheLight

        Preach 6rotha! +1 :)

  • sino8r

    just extracted it and the official name is T-Mobile G2 (HTC Vision). and it isn’t sense ui. A customized one but not sense.

  • i no first

    g2=4.0 inch screen, android 2.2 1gig processor 5 mp camera and there is no expresso overlay on the device… thats all i know right now and all i can say…

    • Manny


  • sino8r

    I’m tired of people saying they “know” when they have no proof. I’m gonna finish extracting everything and I’ll prove every claim I make…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I know thats right

  • Hmmmm?

    Can’t you turn off Sense UI normally?

    • sino8r

      sort of… you can install launcher pro or flash a vanilla build. but this wont have sense ui. no traces of htc sense apps in the system files

  • CD


  • yor_papi

    Yes all of y’all sound officially stupid does it have this that ,hey be happy u got a stupid phone everyone sounds like crying as girls WTF

    • lol

      You’re calling other people’s posts stupid, yet your own is poorly written and… stupid. I don’t disagree with you, but I couldn’t resist pointing out the hypocrisy of your statement. And also because the internet dictates that if you ever have the chance to make fun of someone else’s post, you do it.

      • Thomas

        lol, very well done (lol)…… I find the humor in everyones guessing (should we start placing bets????), I am eager to see what all the true details are in this phone, as I may get it for my wife. I am enjoying the Galaxy Vibrant (and really dont care what the nay sayers think of it). Compared to my G1, its a Lightsaber. We dont live in a hspa+ area, so its no biggy as a must have. But Froyo is a nice start.

  • julian.d

    Hurry up and extract it.. please sinor

    • sino8r

      I extracted the rom myself and rook a look at the system folder. So far I can tell it will be named tmobile G2 and it is the htc vision and its 2.2 from the build.prop… it also has launcher2 and few htc apps which would indicate it is not sense ui. it also has a msm7x30 cpu which is supposedly a bit better the one on the nexus one. i can’t tell what kind of screen but lcd density is 240 and the images are listed as hdpi 960×800 which would indicate a nice large, high quality screen. There are also live wallpapers including nexus lwp(weird huh?) still looking for something that will indicate ram/ internal storage size…

      • J-Hop2o6

        LCD density = 240? my TP2 is 240 which is WVGA (800×480) packed in a 3.7″ screen.. so the G2 will be a 3.7″ screen.

  • uknowme…

    My question to some are…

    Why are some of you so obsessed with a 4.3″ screen?!?

    3.7″ to 4.0″ is perfect!!!!

    My HD2 was way too big to put in my pocket, despite the HD2 being amazingly slim.

    My perfect G2:
    – Froyo 2.2 (stock aka Vanilla)
    – 5MP Camera w/Flash
    – 3.7″ Capacitive TouchScreen
    – 16 GB Internal Storage
    – 1.5 GHz Processor or Dual Core processor
    – 13mm thick
    – HSPA+ capable

    • robnoxious

      I’ll take one too please

    • 2FR35H

      3.7 is too small nowadays 4inches is perfect. everything else I agree with

  • tmonewslover

    has anyone mention that this phone has uma

  • big Jake


    • robnoxious

      Your post gives me a headache. I suspect i’m not the only one either. In the future: 1. Take the keyboard off of Caps Lock, and 2. brush up on your grammar so your writing is at the very least legible and not discombobulated rambling.

  • julian.d

    all I need is atleast 1ghz 3.7 to 4 inch screen. 2.2 and I’m fine.. I hope this has live wallpapers.. mytouch slide makes me mad. How can I truely make it mine with out live wall papers

  • i work for tmobile and have seen both the G2 and Mytouch HD in action very impressed with both. its a hard decision to make but I prefer the mytouch HD.

    • dwillistyle

      I work for T-Mobile and am about 90-95% sure that beedo is full of $h!+. Its a hard decision to make but I’m thinking 95%.


      • john


      • j

        Just for everyone to know, anyone on here claiming to be an employee of t-mobile is an idiot! Cause they should realize that doing so is grounds for getting fired! No I am not but know someone who is.

      • Marc

        I don’t work for tmobile, and I think it’s closer to 98%

  • threetee14

    So is it confirmed that the G2 will have that awkward slide mechanism or will it have the traditional slide up (like cliq, droid, epic etc…)??
    Cause this is a deal breaker for me.

    • ihatefanboys

      im confused, u want a traditional slide like the cheap-o cliq and droid ? id rather have a well made hinged slide that looks awesome when sliding open or closed and just like the G1 only inverted…wait till u see or hold the phone in your hand before making a silly comment like its a “dealbreaker”

      • A.Minor

        Though you can never fully judge based on photos… it does look like it could get annoying regardless of how well engineered it may be

      • ihatefanboys

        its only annoying for the impatient. but im sure itll SNAP open like the G1 with little problem, just a lil push.

  • julian.d

    Lmao @ dwill

  • threetee14

    From the leaked pictures it looks like instead of sliding up, you will have to raise it up and the screen will go back down to access the keyboard……

  • notxel21

    G2 will have this chipset in it and it looks REALLY impressive!! MSM7x30
    Link: http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/01/qualcomms-7×30-offers-stellar-3d-and-multimedia-performance-co/

    • Manny

      how do you know?

      • ihatefanboys

        cyanogen reported it. its not tmobile or htc saying it but its like reading it in the bible if it comes from cyanogen.

      • notxel21

        I downloaded the G2 system dump and the build.prop notes the chipset: ro.board.platform=msm7x30

    • J-Hop2o6

      thx for the link notxel21.. i knew the MSM 7X30 will be better than the QSD 8250 which is in the Nexus One and other current High End HTC phones,, but i always wanted to see it perform.. thx again!

    • SurgioArmani

      Link for the cyanogen post?

      • just me

        its on twitter @cyanogen

  • jlatnyc

    LOL @ big Jake. Epic<Evo, NO WAY.

  • shawn

    Boring, I’ll pass and take a Vibrant over this.

    • robnoxious

      Your loss then. Such is life.

  • tcky

    Can someone explain the ROM thing, please?

    • J-Hop2o6

      the ROM is the Software on the phone.. so from what ppl are sayin is:

      Phone: T-Mobile G2 (aka HTC Vision)
      OS: Android 2.2 (Stock w/ some HTC stuff) = +1
      Processor: MSM 7230 (better than the current QSD 8X50 Snapdragons [Nexus One]) +1
      Data Speeds: HSPA+ (14.4mbps/5.72mbps max) +1
      Screen Density: 240 (which should equal 3.7″ @ WVGA [800×480] — think HTC TP2)

      • just me

        no sense i saw this on other sites

      • J-Hop2o6

        thats why i said STOCK.. read again.. there will be some HTC stuff as in APPS.

  • just me

    no sense :)

  • red_slide

    shouldnt it have a

    5 super gz processor
    50 mp camera with night vision x ray heat vision super bright flash with strobe light
    super man amoled screen 5 inch
    android 22.06
    64gb storage
    the last air bender movie 3d
    gta 4
    cd drive
    super mic

    • SurgioArmani

      Seriously? Aren’t people tired of making up ludicrous specs for this phone yet? We get it. People are expecting a lot. You know how to exaggerate.



  • just me
  • Ktwist

    This has nothing to do with the G2 but start looking out for an Android tablet coming to Tmobile around the holiday season! Managers talking about a few they were shown that are up and coming, one of them a Samsung tablet. Makes me think it may be the Galaxy Tablet but they said two tablets running android this year.

  • mtnman

    Well I know this is off topic, but today I got my Micro USB to HDMI cable for my Vibrant. And the darn thing don’t work. I hooked it up to my TV straight in. Connected it to my PS3 and also my other tv as well as my Surround sound system. Still nothing. Checked the settings to make sure it was on TV out and that it was NTSB. Still nothing. If anyone else has a USB to HDMI cable does your’s work? Do I need to send this one back?

    • mario

      Try the 3.5 mm jack to rca out, I heard it portrays your screen on phone to the tv through the 3.5 mm headphone jack

      • mtnman

        Mario: I was going to get one of those cables, but I wanted HD. And the only way to do it was the Micro USB/HDMI. The 3.5 to RCA is low-res standard def. This is brand new and I’ve done Google search on it to see any info I can on it. I know It’sMichaelnotmike said he was getting one as well. Wonder if he’s got his and if he’s had any problems with his?

    • JaylanPHNX

      Is NTSB the right setting for HDMI or am I remembering that backwards. Guess it couldn’t hurt to try the other settings.

    • Ktwist

      @mtnman Im pretty sure the PS3 has DLNA technology, so you could also try streaming you galaxy wirelessly with the Allshare menu.

  • racerx

    all i wanna know is will there be a ffc. ive got a sprint phone on standby, im so sick of Tstumble dropping the ball on these phones. cant we have at least one damn phone with all the latest options. you dont keep up with releases like vorizon or sprint, you could at least have the best that htc has to offer to date. Ughh!