T-Mobile Announces Partnership With Target Stores

T-Mobile has formally announced a partnership with Target via its Facebook and Twitter page this morning. Details are a little thin but T-Mobile products will be available at the “Target Mobile Centers” in approximately 850 stores nationwide. Throughout 2011 the rollout will continue to the majority of Target stores countrywide. We’ll update this post with details as they arrive!

T-Mobile Facebook

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  • Great… another authorized reseller we have to worry about jacking up customers accounts.

    My store has enough problems with Wal-Mart, Radioshack, & Best Buy not following protocol and really screwing people over and/or being just plain fraudulent.

    it’s good to see tmo branching out and offering their services in more places.

  • TheF3Z

    This must be the deal Radioshack was working on with Target

  • Kana11

    I have to deal with the Target store Kiosk reps. I would NEVER buy a phone from those morons!!!!

  • yo yo


  • Eric

    I would rather get my phone by mail, than deal with them.

  • Nvus01

    Kinda sounds like a death nail… isn’t this the strategy of most of the low end carriers. A merger would be a better valuable option at this point – improved headend equipment/handsets and faster/stronger network…

  • mike

    i feel the same as the first post

  • derrickps3

    yet another 3dt party reseller added

  • Has anybody ever seen the way they treat that cellular department. It’s usually two or three sales people to man the TVs, Video Games, Digital Cameras and Video Cameras, Books, Dvds, and Cell Phones. It’s worse than Best Buy (where I once had to wait 40 minutes for somebody to unlock the glass case containing the $60 mp3 player). Good luck getting any kind of sales help!

  • fantastic!

    i mean seriously FANTASTIC!!, i cant wait to have customers come in pissed off at me because of something a rep at target did….

    this gives corporate kiosks a bad name….we have enough trouble shedding the “mobile solution” brand off and explaining to customers that we are corporate.

  • Zack

    Now i will never get helped at Target, Target should take some cues from T
    Mobile about customer care…. Oh wait, F*** You Target you damn bigots!
    Equality for all!!!

    • Steve

      I agree.. BOYCOTT TARGET!



  • Jed Clamped

    I love Target and the one I frequent has great customer service and plenty of salesfloor people. I love this move. Now they just need to get G2 and Glacier in stock so I can buy.

    • Josue

      Well said! To many haters out there.

      • ob18

        Some like myself are just annoyed they are slow at getting better products and the lack of ability to market themselves at a level to go up against others.

      • sorandkairi

        who are these “others”…walmart? no can compete with them….. if you dont like the product selection there, then dont shop there. how is that at all any sort of annoyance to you, i dont know!

  • exemp

    i been selling for 10 years and its the employees and mgmt not the retailer. interested to see what model they will use. especially since they abandoned the indirect channel basically for national retail. are these stores exclusive tmo.

    • Vinchenzo

      T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon

  • ace

    Stop your crying just dont go and buy anything at target. And those of you who work for tmobile like myself dont complain about cust its your job if you dont like it quit. Just to let you know if cust come in upset help them out and you might just get another sell in your pocket dont be dumb.

  • J-man

    OH wow. I am surprised that they are doing this. I mean they are trying to get more customers, but I doubt that this will be any help. I am not against Target, I actually love that store, but I think that it was a wrong move. I get their point, but like someone else already said, they should be improving somewhere else, like phones, etc.

  • DC

    No one even shops at Target

  • ob18

    well until they roll out better phones this is just another retailer rolling out the same crap the t-mobile stores do on a daily basis.

  • Noah

    I work at target as a electronics/hardlines team member and I have never messed up a customers account when we used to carry tmobile/verizon post paid phones thank you very much. Our store ranks high among our guests as far as fast and well trained customer service because we pride ourselves about that more so then many reps who actually work for cell companies themselves. I know because I have worked in call centers for sprint, apple and at&t!!!! Stop hating so much people. Life is too short smh.

  • Relikk2

    I probably won’t buy the phones their but maybe this move will help with accessories. I can’t find anything for the Vibrant localy. Have to order everything from the web, and Tmobile stores are pretty limited.

  • sorandkairi

    man, there are alot oh hating ass people on her today……

    haters wanna hate……

    • ob18

      it should show you nobody will ever be 100% happy/satisfied. if they don’t have something to hate on or complain about they probably don’t know how to function.

      • sorandkairi

        this is true tho….. lol! (that actually made laugh)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Bottom line first: This is a great move by T-Mobile. Lots of people buy cell phones where they do all their retail shopping, such as at Target, Wal-Mart, and CostCo.

    To stay competitive T-Mobile needs to cover as many bases as possible with its being available no matter where someone looks or shops. And the best way to achieve that if for T-Mobile to get shelf space, so to speak, in as many retail stores as possible, especially these big box retailers who daily service millions of customers.

    As to Target, many of those millions consider Target a natural and trusted source for all their electronics purchases, including cell phones, so they will naturally first look to Target for a phone purchase.

    In regards to competent customer service, the reality is that stores cannot train the clerks to know how each carrier works, what the plans are and everything about each phone. That’s too much info for these clerks to be expected to digest.

    Think about it, what is the total number of phones and plans an employee would be expected to know, about 100? Besides, even T-Mobile employees mess up orders, so add to that handling three other carriers and prepaid phones. That’s simply too much information for any one person to master, much less part time clerks.

    So what’s the solution, for T-Mobile not to have a partnership with Target? That’s ridiculous. To get and keep the account T-Mobile should simply accept that it will need to have T-Mobile specialists fix things. That’s simply a cost of doing business, as the saying goes.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Pardon the grammar errors. One should not talk on the Vibrant and type at the same time, at least not people like me who apparently are lousy at this kind of multi-tasking. :(

      • Jesus… u typed all that on your Vibrant?

      • ellothere

        It’s all about swype!!!

  • Joe

    As a former employee of Target and now an employee of T-mobile, I think this is a terrible idea. Authorize retailers lack experience and cannot answer 99% of customer’s questions.If Target sells the phones the same way RadioShack or Wal-Mart does we’re gonna have problems. I always have customers coming in with messed up accounts because of the stupidity of authorized retailers.

    • Susan

      i agree

    • sorandkairi

      really….. yall cant even answer the majority of the basic questions and as a former tmobile employee i’m sure you know that….. hell my account is messed up now…. still after about year i just call cc ever so often to get the credit applied.

      why are they billing my account for mobile to mobile when we have unl. min. i dont know!

    • John

      You say that retailers can not answer 99 percent of questions. Have you dealt with the current out sourced customer care with T-Mobile lately? I know more than many of them. The out sourcing really has disappointed me as I really liked the customer service better before that move.

  • JP

    Great. Someone that makes little to nothing selling mobile phones and contracts. Don’t we have enough idiots and stupidity running around?

    • Vinchenzo

      I would personally like to only see national retail, limited and exclusives selling T-Mobile. Honestly, to hell with the indirect channel. I know many of them are good doors but more of them suck. Sometimes, you have to cut out some good tissue to get rid of all of the cancer.

  • ExJxS

    Perfect timing again, T-Mobile. Right as there is a political boycott of Target, you choose to partner with them. Genius.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Yours is a silly statement and has nothing to do with anything.

      I was in Target last Sunday, at about 7:00 pm. The store was filled with customers, to where carts were bumping into each other. So I can ask… what boycott?

      And I follow the news closely. So I ask again… What boycott?

      In any event, T-Mobile is a business and should not be in the business of taking sides, taking a political stand, or making political statements and judgments.

      Be real, think T-Mobile should join in this boycott, whatever it is? That’s a laugh.

      Does not matter anyway “genius,” since no one knows what “cause du jour” you are talking about. Boycott indeed.

      • ExJxS

        You are a hostile douche. And you are clearly mistaken if you think you follow the news closely. You also seem to have read a lot of intent into my statement. Aggressive and ignorant go together, I guess.

  • tortionist

    Interesting it won’t publish my statement about target.

    • Andrew

      Opening up our comments to political debate is not our priority.

  • tortionist

    Gotcha….that’s too bad, but I understand.

  • tortionist

    Anyways….Keep up the great work tmonews.

  • funky

    I would never buy a phone or sign up for a plan through someone other than a T-Mobile employee – So it makes no difference to me.

  • Russ

    Yeah, it really depends on the location.

    We deal with bad reps from Radioshack, Costco, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy.

    But on the other hand I also know that some of the reps that work those places do things legit and promote the value of their pricing, without doing the shady kinds of things most third party stores do.

    Although, in the end, we get all their customer service because most of their reps don’t know much about their phones, they just say “Call customer care”.

  • RJ

    I’m with funky. I like Target, but would never buy phone plan there. Especially considering the T-mo store is a quarter mile away. Paygo phones? Sure I’d buy that at Target; best buy; walmart; whatever. Actual contract situation? No thanks, I’ll stick to the pros.

  • Rob

    Good move for tmobile. Anyone who thinks this is a bad move dont go there go to a t mobile store.

    This gives tmobile the chance to add a lot of customers. I bought my cliq 3 weeks after it came out at a best buy mobile store for $100 half the price tmobile was selling it for. If i woulda spent 200 on my phone that will most likely never be upraded I would be pissed.

    Oh and they didnt screw up my account at all I got android data plan for 25 and used my brothers upgrade to get it for my line. Great customer service at the best buy mobile by me.

    I expect target to have similiar cheaper prices on phones which makes it more profitable for t-mobile because you can get a good phone for much cheaper and still get the plan they want.

    • DarthEnol

      “Anyone who thinks this is a bad move dont go there go to a t mobile store.”

      100% agree Rob! I wanted to buy a Samsung t369 at a TMO store. I went to my local TMO store, grabbed a t369 package and waited for 10 minutes, credit card in hand. After the wait, the sales rep refused to sell me the phone because I did not want to activate it.

      I went half a mile down the road to Best Buy, walked in and bought the phone in less than 2 minutes with no activation. Same price and no problems.

      FWIW, I called TMO Customer Retentions and let them know said TMO store completely wasted my time and lost me as a customer.

      • DarthEnol

        My bad – I should have wrote 100% DIS-agree!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        LOL… I hate when I do that.

        When I mean to say something like “I have no reason to be dishonest” and instead say “I have no reason to be honest.”

  • dvd05

    I believe radioshack is gonna run these stores anyway, that’s enough to stay away right there

  • J1

    My feelings on this are ambivalent at best.. my faith in 3rd party retailers was shaken by a nightmarish experience at radioshack..

    Long story short, I went in to simply add a line and take advantage of a promotion they were offering.. but left with a “new account” smh and my old account cancelled.. I didn’t even realize this until the bill was due(I blame myself as well for not noticing it sooner).. thankfully t-mo c/s sorted things out so no permanent damage was done..

    Off topic here’s to hoping Tmo’s “Vision” for the “G2” is atleast “Epic” but hopefully as “revolutionary” as I “dreamtUp”

    End rant.. lol

  • Jay

    Wow so much negativity about this post. If anything this is a win win for T-Mobile customers. Once again you have more choices of where to purchase your next cell phone. If they are going to be anything like WalMart or RadioShack they’ll sell these phones at a discount. Target reps won’t be experts on Tmo phones, but just do some research at home. Heck even go to a T-Mobile store and play around with the phone for a little bit. I’ve gotten my last three T-Mobile phones for free from an “authorized dealer” including my current MyTouch and never had a problem with any of them. I’ll never go to a T-Mobile store and pay full price again!

  • I think everyone is missing the point. I think this means with a new retail partner Magenta is gearing up for putting out more phones. Does anybody remember the days when you could only find help at those mini stores in the parking lot at the strip shopping center? Keep your eyes on all tech blogs the first week in September. HTC is announcing something in London. Let’s hope it is good news for Magenta subscribers….

  • tecjunkie

    I think it’s great news. Target has a lot of foot traffic. TMO is making some good moves. Now just broaden that 3G coverage and keep the HSPA coming.

  • Mobile Solutions

    Ya really, I used to work there and they opened in October. They tested in about 250 mostly in California and Arizona stores – before they went Nationwide. Verizon paid for the first slot + end caps in each store, T-Mobile was 2nd and AT&T was third.

  • Jason

    This is awesome for people in the central Texas area, actual Tmobile stores are very few and far in between, but we have targets everywhere. Now I won’t have to do drive 2 hours to get a new phone!

  • Aaron

    I thought they already are partnered, I see t-mobile phones at the target stores around town here.

  • You need better devices T-Mo.
    And better looking ones.
    Hire people with better taste and give them a bigger budget.
    WP7 is coming with a gigantic marketing budget behind it, make sure you get some of the best devices.

  • I believe that the partnership also include Radioshack. If thats true then the employees will be paid commission which I fully support. This means that you will have knoledgeable employees that can answer questions and provide a higher level of customer support because their pay depends on it.

    • To clear up my post what I meant was that RadioShack will be operating the cell Phone center in Target.

      This is a statement that I read on a web site so I’m not sure of the validity of the source