T-Mobile G2 to Release On September 29th?

As it stands at the time of this writing, we have absolutely no idea what the T-Mobile G2 actually looks like. We have no idea what the phone really contains on the inside, spec wise. We really don’t know anything except that its T-Mobile first HSPA+ phone. We know a pre-sale of some kind is going to take place and its looking like part of it is geared to current customers. That being said, we have been running under the assumption that based on the leaked roadmap that the phone would release sometime in early September, more specifically the 9th. As it stands now, as we just got hit up by one of our trusty ninjas the phone will actually be ready for release close to the end of September, more specifically the 29th with a pre-sale happening before that. We can’t confirm this date as of yet so we urge you to take it with a definite grain of salt as it’s certainly possibly and we are hopeful it could release sooner. However, the 29th sounds about right because I’m betting if the phone were to release on the 9th details regarding the pre-sale would have been not just leaked by now, but publicized by T-Mobile themselves. So for now, we’re penciling in the 29th of September as a maybe, but it certainly sounds about right.