T-Mobile G2 to Release On September 29th?

As it stands at the time of this writing, we have absolutely no idea what the T-Mobile G2 actually looks like. We have no idea what the phone really contains on the inside, spec wise. We really don’t know anything except that its T-Mobile first HSPA+ phone. We know a pre-sale of some kind is going to take place and its looking like part of it is geared to current customers. That being said, we have been running under the assumption that based on the leaked roadmap that the phone would release sometime in early September, more specifically the 9th. As it stands now, as we just got hit up by one of our trusty ninjas the phone will actually be ready for release close to the end of September, more specifically the 29th with a pre-sale happening before that. We can’t confirm this date as of yet so we urge you to take it with a definite grain of salt as it’s certainly possibly and we are hopeful it could release sooner. However, the 29th sounds about right because I’m betting if the phone were to release on the 9th details regarding the pre-sale would have been not just leaked by now, but publicized by T-Mobile themselves. So for now, we’re penciling in the 29th of September as a maybe, but it certainly sounds about right.


  • Ben Tolmachoff

    Hoping that an upgrade from the Nexus One won’t be too much. I really want a QWERTY keyboard.

    • going_home

      What makes you think this phone will be an upgrade over the Nexus ?


      • 2FR35H

        Any new highend phone coming out is an upgrade over the Nexus One lol Samsung Vibrant, Droid X and 2 all are upgrades compared to Nexus One.

      • Tmo Manager

        Dude you dont know what your talking about… The N1 is still the best android phone on the market… and probably will be until the end of the year phones roll out. My N1 is amazing. 4 of my reps sport the vibrant and its great dont get me wrong but i wouldnt trade my phone for it. Trust me. i live and breathe phones.

      • mjN1

        some people dont understand what a nexus one really is lol… oh well.

    • G1 Fan

      Oh No! Are the number keys combined with letter keys?
      If so, NO SALE for me…

  • Jonathan

    Well one thing for sure is that it will have a processor higher than 1 ghz. 1 ghz does not support HSPA+, so i think it should have the 1.2 ghz processor.

    If this phone comes out in late Sept, than expect the myTouch HD around Black Friday

    • Hmmm?

      While I hope that it does have greater than a 1ghz processor. Most sites that I’ve seen are reporting it at 800mhz or with possibly dual 800mhz.

    • Rilesman

      Where do you get that information. As far as I have gathered it would either be an MSM7230 which is single core 800MHz to 1GHz….or….QSD8672 Dual Core also 800MHz to 1GHz.

      Do you have other information? Don’t think anyone has mentioned release of MSM8260, MSM8660, or MSM8270.

    • Solrac924

      “1 ghz does not support HSPA+” ???

      ok, that’s misinformation. a radio is a radio.

  • bigc17

    Ok, thats great people are speculating this phones release date but where are the three most important things….the pictures, the specs and the price.

  • GrapeVine

    You guys can take this for what its worth since more than likely most wont believe. I work really close with the folks at HTC. I speak with their reps often. every few months really. Their last visit was about last week Thursday…. so far the info he has given me hasn’t proven wrong. He said g2 was hspa+ he said it is basically a desire with a slide out keyboard, and he said that it will be coming in September! Big C, we didn’t get into any of that other than the fact that picture/spec wise… like i said.. he said Desire with keyboard. Like i said, take this for what it is worth. Believe or not. Just thought I’d pass this on.

    • ceas

      I believe your right if you check out http://www.mobiles.co.uk/htc-desire-z.html they have released spec on the desire z, which sounds a lot like what the G2 has been rumored about. So if the G2 s the same as the desire z them it looks like its a 1ghz processor with only a 3.7 inch screen (personally i was hoping for 4 inches or larger)… they also released the specs for the desire hd, which sounds like what the mytouch hd is going to be.. go check it out.

      • shawn1224

        So if your analysis is correct, then the Mytouch HD aka HTC Desire HD will have a 4.3 inch screen with 720p video recording.

        I hope this is true

  • Jonathan

    WAIT!!!!!!!! Phandroid reported a fews ago about Project Emerald being a dual launch of G2 and mytouch HD in the month of Sept. the launch dates are the 22nd and 29th. your source said the 29th and if that is true then there’s no way that this report and the other report is mere coincidence. So hopefully the myTouch HD comes out too!

    • David

      I don’t know about that other report, I don’t see anything about the MyTouch HD being launched in September.

    • joel

      Yeah, I don’t think T-Mobile would release two flagship devices within a week of each other. Both the G2 and the MyTouch HD are T-Mobile brands(as in they’re not just T-Mobile branded, they are the phones T-Mobile uses to promote the T-Mobile name).

      It WOULD be a rather bold move and interesting to see, but I’m gonna go with the leaked roadmap and believe that the G2 is the Vanguard and the MyTouch HD is the Emerald, which means we’ll see the MyTouch HD in November.

      Don’t forget that the roadmap also shows a few more Android devices from Motorola and LG coming towards the end of the year. Hopefully we’ll have at least one more high-end device to choose from :)

    • TMOprophet

      I also noticed this, funny though, the phandroid article said that the G2 would launch on the 22nd and the myTouch HD on the 29th,

      So coicidence.. I Dunno, Time will tell.

      • Mahmoud

        HTC will be revealing these phones on September 15th in London so maybe the maytouch HD will launch on the 29th but not here maybe in UK or they will Launch both phones here one with a keyboard and one with out.

  • Jmess

    Heres hoping the iPhone gets to tmobile by the end of q3 like was said smewhere before.

    • 2FR35H

      Supposedly the iPhone is to be at tmo in october in past rumours certainly earlier than Verizon if its true that Verizon gets it in January

      But who cares iPhone is old news.

  • cholo

    been told today @ the sr meeting with the new CEO Philip Humm, lots of specs for the phone just remenber a 3.8 screen

  • just some dude

    I wonder if Tmobile will cripple the tethering that is built into froyo on the new G2 and myTouch HD.

    • Goodsirchurchill

      Of course they will. You can’t expect them to swallow ALL of the extra bandwidth used by tethering for free. No one offers free tethering, and no one is going to start soon.

  • alex32

    i was really hoping for the 9th, but it does make sense. If this thing released around the 9th we’d be seeing so much more info now and we arent.I still hope it releases during the 9th so i can finally get rid of my blackberry. the thought of having to wait 2 extra weeks is a pain.

    • Hmmmm?

      I agree, I’m still using my Curve 8320, no 3G, my bluetooth quit working and so did my camera (dropped it once or twice). I’ve had it for over two years, this is getting very hard to take, I almost bought a Vibrant but with only a month or two to go, I’m going to try to wait.

      • alex32

        i feel your pain, my micro sd card is corrupted herefor i cants take pics or vids, and everything there is deleted. Also i cant add contacts..no memory. im getting the g2..cant wait..blackberry is not for me

  • jay

    All of you all wrong. You will be shocked to see what this phone really is.

    • mad dog

      Either offer what you know or don’t offer anything. I hate when people drop comments with no substance.

      • HD2/Vibrant USER


      • 2FR35H

        +infinity HAH!

    • TMOprophet

      All of you are right. Because we have all seen the damn thing already.

      Oh and you guys will be shocked when you see what this phone can really do.. it transforms into Megatron and then starts creating a transformers army out of all your old phones. Like I said you will all be shocked.

      See how easy it is to sound stupid

  • Abi

    So looks like some are right about the desire z and hd being the G2 and Mytouch HD but the desire z is hsdp or something like that. Not hspa+ and the HTC vision which is the desire z aka G2 is only going to run 2.1 not froyo that doesn’t sound right something had to be upgraded on the tmobile usa version. The htc code names match the phone perfectly they are the desire z and hd. Iam praying the vision/desire z/G2 is better then the specs iam reading cuz it just doesn’t sound right. Means the mytouch hd is going to be better but yet stand last against the sprint epic 4g and evo and the droids from verizon and last to the galaxy s phone for tmobile sux. http://www.mobilecrunch.com/2010/08/19/specs-confirmed-for-the-htc-desire-z-the-android-powered-qwerty-slider-of-your-dreams/

    • Rilesman

      I wouldn’t bet that the Desire Z would have the same specs as a release in the states. Two different markets, two different development paths. Look at the Galaxy S and the different versions for the different carriers.

  • Slick Vic

    I just wanna see pics of this thing.

  • funky

    Okay – if you all look at the leaked road map, you will see diamonds next to some products. All of the products that have been released with a diamond next to them are android devices. The only two HTC devices that have diamonds next to them are scheduled to be released on 9/9 and 11/9. The other HTC being released on November 17 must be WinMo. If the G2 is being released on 9/9, that leaves one device for the year which is the HD – slated for November.

    It also looks like we can expect two more Motorola and one LG android device(s) this year.

    • funky

      after blowing the image up, those are not diamonds, but little android guys.. lol!

      • TMOprophet

        Just seeing that now huh, lol indeed.

        Oh well, I guess they are a little blurry.

    • Hmmmm?

      I agree, there are all of these speculations and rumors, but so far the roadmap that was leaked a while back has been pretty accurate, first the Vibrant, then the Charm, and we are getting close to the Vanguard (I think the G2) and then the Emerald (probably the Desire HD) in November. Unless T-Mobile reacted to the leaking of the road map and is pushing up the release, I would say that it is the best indicator, 09/09 and 11/05 or is it 11/09 (can’t tell it’s kinda blurry).

  • joe cool

    if its the htc desire hd ill switch from the iphone4. if it has a genius button w a pull out keyboard…no deal i mean it does kinda look like it. you can see what looks to be a kickstand on the back?!?!

  • Jim

    Until I find out more about the Project Emerald phone I won’t be buying anything!! I want power and some fun factor in my next phone!

  • Exec4Future

    I could take a dump in a box and it would be an upgrade to the nexus one. certainly would receive better 3G reception, I am sure. Oh, and HSPA+.

  • badbob001

    With Qualcomm’s dualcore 1.5GHz snapdragon and Android 3.0 expected to come out late 2010/early 2011, a September release may mean that this phone will be easily forgotten come early 2011 by another carrier… ala the G1 when the Hero was released soon afterwards. Hope I’m wrong and tmo gets the goods early. Has Google attended any TMO press conferences since the G1? How soon are we forgotten.

  • joe

    So I got clarification on the prosessor its not dual core its actually 2 processor 1 for Google core apparently 800mhz and another for all other phone functions and market place. Apps

    • TMOprophet

      So are you one of the idiots that was on here a few days ago bragging that you all knew for fact that this thing was a dual core phone?

      Geez, like others have said, know your crap before getting everyones hopes up. Unless you weren’t one of those people spreading crap..in that case nevermind :)

  • nain77

    im actually scared, i dont want everyone to be dissapointed =[ including myself, im a proud HD2 owner, no matter what the scree size of this phone wins my heart =], but skipped over the vibrant, maybe this “G2” will be an addition to my electronic collection =]

  • GrapeVine

    I forgot to mention that, i did ask about the MyTouch HD…. what he told me is there was no duel launch. the HD according to him would be coming out around November, b4 black Friday. unfortunately he couldn’t give me any more details about the phone.

    • TMOprophet

      Under 4.3in = Megafail

      Especially considering the Desire HD will have one, and this myTouch is supposed to be a slight variation of that device. So if the Mytouch don’t have a 4.3in display then I see no point in making everyone wait until Nov. for another lame myTouch device.

      And the leaked pics definitely don’t make it seem to have a 4.3in screen.. I would guess 3.9- or 4in, similar to the Vibrant.

  • MrMeNaCe


    Finally A CONFIRMED FOTO of the g2 now for the specs…………….

    • chotpy

      haha you beat me by 10 minutes! so…its the photos we’ve always seen xD

      • MrMeNaCe

        lol to much red dead redemption quick draw mcgraw

    • Hmmmm?

      I’m kind of disappointed that it doesn’t have a five-row keyboard, did the original?

      • Tim Ardan

        The original has a 5-row, yes.

  • David,

    Have you checked what day the 29th is?
    You sure that info might be to vague…

    • David

      Yeah its a Wednesday, why is that vague?

  • nono

    Aw man, no 5 row keyboard? =(

  • MrMeNaCe

    laze is rumored to have the following additional specs:

    Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
    Color TFT capacitive Multi-Touch Screen
    Bluetooth 2.1
    Wi-Fi connectivity
    Mobile Hotspot
    Android OS which is speculated to be the Android 2.2 Froyo
    Internal memory of 1.2GB
    External memory of 32GB
    Standard Battery Li-Ion 1200mAH
    Built-in camera with digital zoom and autofocus
    Other features include 3.5 mm audio jack, A-GPS and dedicated search key

    Specs so ffar for g2

  • MrMeNaCe

    honestly its not really impressive i might just end up jus giving steve jobs my money

  • mingkee

    I don’t know what to do when these new phones are out…
    Dell Thunder AWS
    MyTouch HD
    Samsung Vibrant 2.2 with mobile hotspot
    X10i 2.2 (it may not be possible)

    I may get one of these and I deploy nexus one on webconnect line.

  • ZMeister

    You will be shocked to hear few features this phone will have. You will be able to beam yourself to different planets just by a simple click… there is a app for that also there is a feature in this phone which will let you time travel …. mind blowing isn’t it :)

  • ZMeister

    Oh i forgot to mention the invisible shield app which comes with this phone…you go invisible by a simple click :))))

  • rod parish

    i went into t-mo yesterday to get the vibrant and i asked the rep have they heard any thing and she said she just got an email about the phone. and it might be coming out 1 1/2 to 2 months because a month b4 it is release they know everything(date, spec, ect..) and have gone through all the training for it.

    • thisguy

      not necessarily true.

      we do the trainings when they send it to us, and the information we get about specs/launch arent available until they feel like updating us, usually a few weeks later than tmonews has them, and not always a month before the phone releases.

      I know with the charm weve been trained on it for a while, but that phone never seems to come out. but the vibrant and hd2…i had the phone in my hand while doing the trainings.

  • Nick

    Can’t wait for this…this will be my 4th phone in a year! G1, N900, and now HD2 until the G2 is released!

  • TMOprophet

    Its funny when I go to chat with my local reps about phones and stuff, there is always one rep in paticular that is always there, and always fricking lying to me about what he knows, I ask about the G2, and I get the runaround that they only know what has been made public…BS, I have L.E. training and I can tell when someone is BS’ing.

    This one rep also goes to the extent to tell me that even if they did know something they cant tell me…what a douche, seriously this is partially why customers leave TMO, they get nothing to be hyped about when they ask,

    And its only this one rep, the other ones, they are cool as hell, if I ask they tell me what they know or have heard straight up. But that one rep, man would be too much to simply wink for yes when I ask a question of they are so scared of getting busted, I would love to punch the one rep right in the face, always a douche bag.

    I am not asking for the most cutting edge phone from TMO, but I would like to hear that they will roll out something that is on par with what Verizon is offering. This one rep seriously makes me want to leave TMO, but then when I finally chat with the cool reps, I feel better about waiting for a good phone cause they have a great attitude.

  • somebody

    Would anyone even consider buying this if it had a sub 1Ghz processor i mean lets face it vibrant just seems like a more logical choice if the processor is a weak one, and knowing Tmobil it just might be…..

    my 2 cents


  • Jonathan:Brazil!

    I hope it does, that’s my birthday lol.

  • FrightenlyInteresting

    HTC Rep confirmed this to me today, it will have a duel core 800 mhz processor!

    • Rectal Bleeding

      The G2?

  • Tim Ardan

    Anything less than a 1ghz single-core will be a disappointment, or rather, a failure. Personally, I believe since the G1 began the whole Android thing, this time, it should set the standard in hardware. I really love everything about this phone. I really like what looks like a tackle-box-opening-style slide and am very anxious to see how well it flip/slides open. As long as the stats are appropriate, it will be in my pocket as soon as available.

  • Fish

    It will print money and grant me 3 wishes.

    What about the bigger GBs and the wifis?

    • teport

      haha funniest thing on youtube right now. be warned if you don’t like swearing ask a friend to watch it for you and tell you some funny clean lines from it.


  • T-mobile is very good.