T-Mobile Family Promo Plan…And It’s Awesome

What follows is unconfirmed rumor right now but we’ve heard from multiple sources so now we present it to you!

This one is sure to knock your socks off and them some. We’ve been hearing rumblings of this for a while but now having heard word from yet another source we’re ready to plant this one firmly in the possible and maybe rumor column. T-Mobile, obviously hoping to differentiate itself from the competition will be making a major effort to set itself up as THE family plan wireless carrier. How are they doing that? Well as it turns out there is a little back to school promotion coming up and it’s got some “wow” factor. Add a lines are usually $5 or $10 dollars right? Not anymore, for a limited time T-Mobile is going to give away family lines for nothing, zero, zilch, nada or better known as $0 dollars. Starting September 8th and according to one source, good for both Even More and Even More Plus customers on non-unlimited plans this offer will be good for the 3rd, 4th and 5th lines. The bottom line is I want to be careful calling this one fact because even having heard it from a few reputable sources something like this almost seems to be good to be true. So hope for it, look forward to it but don’t count on it. If it happens however, I’ll be thrilled and I’m sure so will alot of other people.

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