T-Mobile Family Promo Plan…And It’s Awesome

What follows is unconfirmed rumor right now but we’ve heard from multiple sources so now we present it to you!

This one is sure to knock your socks off and them some. We’ve been hearing rumblings of this for a while but now having heard word from yet another source we’re ready to plant this one firmly in the possible and maybe rumor column. T-Mobile, obviously hoping to differentiate itself from the competition will be making a major effort to set itself up as THE family plan wireless carrier. How are they doing that? Well as it turns out there is a little back to school promotion coming up and it’s got some “wow” factor. Add a lines are usually $5 or $10 dollars right? Not anymore, for a limited time T-Mobile is going to give away family lines for nothing, zero, zilch, nada or better known as $0 dollars. Starting September 8th and according to one source, good for both Even More and Even More Plus customers on non-unlimited plans this offer will be good for the 3rd, 4th and 5th lines. The bottom line is I want to be careful calling this one fact because even having heard it from a few reputable sources something like this almost seems to be good to be true. So hope for it, look forward to it but don’t count on it. If it happens however, I’ll be thrilled and I’m sure so will alot of other people.

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  • sorandkairi

    ok….great… more lines?….? doesnt do a thing for most people…at all……..unless……. well….nope not at all…..

    • dethduck

      Remember when they used to actually care about and have promos for single line users? Yeah, me either.

      • Mockerfab4


      • sorandkairi


      • bleedingmagenta

        you gotta remember that Single line users don’t pay the bills. Growth is the biggest factor for a company like TMO. So in order to GROW, you need MORE subscribers.

      • sorandkairi


        this is true but u still have to have to keep the existing single line customers happy as well unless the will leave, which of course isnt going to help them either.

        now, i’ve been with tmobile sense before they were powertel and their service has been great but they have still been letting me down in terms of things like having top term phones….. they just got on the bogo bandwagon!

      • Vinyldestination


      • T LUV

        It’s called a Unlimited Loyalty plan for $49.99 per individual(Unlimited minutes.)

    • hi

      lol, my thoughts exactly….who cares

    • Single lines don’t make T-Mobile enough money to warrant insane promos.

      Get over yourself.

    • family of 6

      Unless you have 4 kids that are of the age where they want a phone. Then it sounds pretty good

    • Madison

      Your going to have to just face it. There are more family accounts and family time accounts make more money for the company. Bring in more money to invest in the company phones, network, etc.. Deal with it. Over 80% of mobile phone accounts have more then one line. Husbands, wives, kids and more kids… Grandparents and crazy friend who get a account together and cut costs by splitting the bill.

    • RockTripod

      This is really, really dumb. I understand their reasoning, which is that family plan customers stick around a lot longer, but not getting any money for these new customers doesn’t make any sense. How is this going to help the bottom line? Why would these customers care about these lines? They have no value attached to them, so all that would keep anyone on is the ETF. How the @#&^ are my reps going to get paid on lines that cost exactly nothing???

      • tmo rep

        Adding lines for zero gets the customers attention and brings more opportunity for data plans! That’s where the money is, not from a $5 add a line .

    • sorandkairi

      @ TLUV

      unl. loyalty is basically even more plus plan so….. whats ur point again…..

      • BarkPark

        Even more plus you don’t have the option for a discounted phone every 22 months. Same price for plan, mucho cheaper phone…see the point?

  • vinny

    Thank You T-Mobile, always getting better. What competition??????????????

    • cirrob

      you mean the competition that offers all the cool phones? that one?
      see every one else”

      everyone knows tmobile is the cheapest. that’s never been the dispute. the issue these days is no one cares. people want the phones now. and the closest thing tmobile has to a good phone is the vibrant. the sad thing is, is that so does everyone else! they do not need to lower their plans from cheaper to even cheaper. they need to land some cool phones that are only available on their network. not world release phones and not this continual line of “we can’t seem to get the other networks to carry our third tier piece os crap phone so lets give it to tmobile so they can hype it up like it matters to someone and sell it to their clients” phones. if they released a truely good and exclusive phone that the community was excited about, people would flock to their network like people did for sprint/evo. then they could experience their low rates and awesome customer service.

      • DCB

        Good thing you dont run the company…….sprint loses about 300.00 in subsidy on every EVO they send out and they are losing money as a company as well. The majority of the customers dont want an EVO like phone but las time I checked T-Mobile has plenty of viable options for people that do and we will have the only HSPA+ phone in September which will kill any other phone in speed and will be on par with specs to…..T-Mobile may have been a little late to the game with the data network but they soon will have the fastest network covering more pops than the others with low prices to go with it.

      • Shannon

        I don’t see everyone having a version of the Galaxy S a bad thing. If everyone has the same phone, then people are going to look for additional reasons to stay or go to another company. So if Verizon and T-mobile are selling the exact same phone, then service plans and coverage are a couple other things people will consider. They’ll get their Galaxy S and come to T-Mobile for the cost of the plans or they’ll get their Galaxy S and go to Verizon for coverage.

        BUT I would like to see MORE high end devices. But not for another year since I just got the Vibrant. Haha

  • lowlifefalcon

    i will add a 5th line for the hell of it if its free and pick up a nice discounted smart phone

    • Monkey

      Ya, but then you’d have to pay for a data plan on your “free” line. You could use it to flip non-data phones though.

  • tru dat

    That’s some sick s**t whether you need it or not. You’d have lines you could upgrade if you couldnlt upgrade yourmain lines.

  • Really?

    wouldn’t you want a back to school promotion before people go back to school? seems like people looking to get their kid a cell phone for school would have done so by now.

    • ThisGuy


      WTF? its like having a christmas sale in july….you make no sense tmobile.

  • sorandkairi
  • Emil Ghoting

    I was expecting something that actually would shock me with those first 3 sentences. Yet another weak come played up by the rumor mill, unfortunately.

    • hi


      I started to read this article and this was WAAAY overhyped. I got excited like MAYBE perhaps something cool, new, or exciting was coming….but no :(

  • i so fly

    I say it every day at work people will complain about anything even $0 lol i hope this is true and runs side by side with BOGO

    • mad dog

      Why would anyone be excited about this? It would only save you 5 or10$. Its not like it’s a family data plan or anything that would make people say “Wow that’s an awesome deal”.

      • JethroGibbs

        For families…..on a budget….with 5 lines….30 bucks savings is 30 bucks savings. Lets them buy another gallon of gas for the mini van. lol Really though, on a 5 line account that 360 buck a year a family is saving.

    • ob18

      I hate the BOGO, it’s only good if you have multiple lines if you don’t you can’t take advantage of the offer. I have only 1 line so anytime they offer BOGO I’m stuck with nothing but you know what in my hand. (had to keep it PG for the kids)

      • john

        Of course the bogo is for multi line accounts only. Do you expect t-mobile to give you a $500 phone with no line to house it?

      • nyuhsuk

        You can either convert somebody or do it together with someone else that can upgrade/renew their current contract.

  • daniel

    Remember to all those getting excited to use the free line for a data phone. You will still have to add the required $25/$30 data package.

  • RWWackoStu

    By the headline, I was hoping for a lower cost family priced plan that would blow me away and make me give up my grandfathered plan and switch….. this dosent do it.

    • p2

      I am on the same boat. My $49.99 for 1000 minutes didn’t qualify for BOGO and $20 family messaging. I assume it won’t qualify for $0 additional line either.

  • ob18

    so instead of having better products to offer then again choose to tweak the plans instead……….”wow, didn’t see this coming!”

    • TMO ROX

      You know what ob18????…. YOU are an idiot!

  • briaann

    They would make more money in new costumers then they would , not charging anything for a add a line. =] , if a person wants to add a line and raise their monthly bill, that’s a good thing for T-Mobile, so why charge for something like that, your making money anyway

  • Jed Clamped

    Bunch of whiners and crybabies.

    • sorandkairi

      what was the purpose of that post…… sounds trollish to me…

      damn… u win i fell for it! now go away!

      • ob18

        that’s all you got, you fold that fast in the same post? horrible.

      • sorandkairi

        @ ob18

        Wtf are you talk about?! It was a joke dumbass!

        “that’s all you got”
        What is this, a 1976 western featuring Billy the Dumbass(aka u) and myself! Go back to where you came from and leave grown folks to grown folk business…..

        “thats all you got” lol….stupid

      • ob18

        @ sorandkairi

        apparently you can’t see sarcasm when it’s blantantly thrown at you. maybe you should stop posting and even replying if you are unsure.

        I’d say you should leave it to the grownups (name calling is something a child does not an adult)

      • Jed Clamped

        Complaints about something free. I stand by my original post.

    • sorandkairi

      @ ob18….. the post didnt seem sarcastic at all… really it just seemed like someone that wanted to get his/her name on more posts for whatever reason…
      “that’s all you got, you fold that fast in the same post? horrible.”
      how would you take….does it truely seem sarcastic or just said by someone being a douche!……

      “I’d say you should leave it to the grownups (name calling is something a child does not an adult)”

      …….. by sayin this… u also called me a child… so wait what was ur point again?

      no one complained….. still… oh look at me you got me again…damn these trolls

      (insert ob18’s “sarcasm”)


      • ob18


        I’d continue this but based on the comments you’ve made to my 2 posts it’s just going over your head so I won’t even bother to explain it again.

      • sorandkairi


        and yet …. u persist

      • ob18

        “shakes head”

      • sorandkairi


        and still u persist….if i’m “so stupid” just what about this conversation commands you to keep returning to it?

        …”shakes my head”….

    • Rifleman

      T-Mobile customers see the phones other carriers offer and just aren’t satisfied with the garminfone. Forget the gimmicks and give us the Droid 2.

  • Kristin

    Well if you go to a 3000 minute with text on the even more plans that’s going to be 119.00 for 5 lines that’s 25 bucks a person for roughly 600 min a person free nights weekends and mobile to mobile….awesome deal in my opinion.


    I have to agree with JethroGibbs. I currently have the $50 unlimited Loyalty Plan, $10 Unlimited Text, and $5 Unlimited data. If I could somehow save an extra $5 dollars a month over what I am already paying (which in my opinion is an amazing value) I would be even happier with tmobile. So while this promotion dosent help me I’m sure there are plenty of family plan subscribers that will be thrilled to be saving 5$, 10$, 15$, 20$…….a month.

  • zapote21

    Quit whining people… If this doesnt apply to you, move on… Or better yet, move to another carrier… Oh wait, then you will complain about customer service and their high rates…

    • TMO ROX

      GOOD one zapote! But at least they’ll be complaining on the other carrier’s forum!

    • Rifleman

      Problem is too many T-Mobile customers are leaving for other carriers ……. and should be sending a signal to T-Mobile.

  • Holiday

    wouldn’t tmobile still charge you an activation fee??…….still pretty good news, nothing to do a backflip over but still good news.

  • davidohio

    Of course people will complain if whatever promo is maybe going to happen does not apply to them.

  • AnnaBanana

    I find it hilarious that people are complaining about something being free!! Really people?? Since when is free not completely awesome?!?! I think this will bring in new customers for tmo considering we are in a recession and people are looking for ways to save money darn near anywhere they can!!

  • who2host

    I would be happy if they would just expand 3G coverage to New Castle, PA (40 mins north of Pittsburgh and 45 mins east of Cleveland).

  • timmyjoe42

    I’m family….but…I’m unlimited. No help for me.

  • Mog

    If they would do this, I would get five lines, just to have five chances to upgrade. I would actually use the extra lines too, of course — personal, business, &c….

    This would get me to sign up with T-Mobile, like, now. Not when my AT&T contract ends. And it’d actually get me to sign up for Even More, not Even More Plus, which is saying something.

  • Mr. T

    Makes sense, the 5 AAL promo on the Even More was extended until September 7 a while ago… And they have had the 5 AAL promo for months now. I buy this rumor as true.

  • Joe Blow

    Give me a family DATA plan and I’ll be excited, even with tiered data volume. I’ve got four phones, but can’t justify $120 for data.

    • Miles Davis

      Agreed–Family Data plan is much-needed.

  • DDD

    Gee give something away free and you still have all the welfare crybabies saying it’s not good enough.

    It’s only fair that each user pays for their own unlimited data plan especially if they’re going to qualify for a free add a line.

    It’s not T-Mobile’s fault that you had 10 kids and / or that you don’t want to pay $30 for UL data.

    Family messaging is only $20 for the entire family.

    Get over it people. This is a great deal. Continue to support a company that offers you these sweet deals or pay more elsewhere.

  • I’m on the Family Faves 700, so if I’m understanding correctly, this promotion would not apply to me. Bummer. I can be disappointed if I want to be.

  • luvtheandroids

    It won’t stay free forever. Its probably an introductory offer that’s only good for a few months. Then it goes back up to 5 dollars for the add-a-line. If it remained free for the entire two year contract they’re would not be a revenue stream. Its probably gonna require existing customers to renew all lines for 2 years too.

  • lilmicky3

    this is great news.. but c’mon guys… tmobile needs to improve on COVERAGE !!!!!!! AND PHONE OPTIONS…..THIS IS AWESOME THAT WE ARE FOCUSING ON FAMILIES BUT c’mon most of cancellations are COVERAGE and IPHONES…. tmo needs to step up to the plate to be on top… RIGHT NOW e we are ranked # 4 and sprint is kickin our butts on their ANYTIME mobile plans AND THERE EVO4.. so tmo make drastic changes pls !!!! we beg you

  • Devin

    Thanks T-Mobile… for saving me.. $5… game.changer.

  • Rifleman

    T-Mobile needs to forget the gimmicks and provide their customers with top of the line phones. The Garminfone isn’t something I’d want to be wedded to for a 2-year contract.

  • B

    Socks not blown.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I have to agree with those who said the headline and story are a bit dramatic for what this is.

    And like others, I thought it was going to announce the low unlimited family data/talk that I have been waiting to see since last Sept. (That rumor being that T-Mobile was going to offer family unlimited talk and data for $50 per line.)

    That was supposed to debut last year but maybe we will see it this Holiday period.

    Like others, I thought the way this article was built up, that this was finally it, the $50 per line, unlimited data/talk/text had arrived. (By the way, that would be $20 less per line than I am paying on EM+ so the $50 price point is realistic).

  • Fred Coulter

    Is this rumor for NEW lines, or for existing family plans?

    I’m on a family plan. I have four lines. I have a wife and two kids. I don’t plan on getting the dog a phone. (The cats are too small to carry a phone.) So, unless this new rumored plan is available for current customers, how does it affect me?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL… Fred you get the funniest post award (I have a dog and two cats so I can relate to what you are saying).

      That said, the way my cats and dog are always messing with my phone, maybe they are hinting they want some family plan goodness too. (The dog likes to grab the Vibrant’s lanyard and play fetch. The cats like to walk up to the clean display and get snot on the glass.)

      Sigh… no rest for the weary.

      Clarification: On my post above, the rumored $50 unlimited everything was for current family plan customers too.

      Bonus Speculation: With T-Mobile moving to firmly establishing itself as the family friendly carrier (a good move IMHO, see my previous posts) the stars seem aligned that this year we will see that $50 plan.

  • Spineless

    I want T-Mobile to offer a Family Data Plan. They have a Family SMS/MMS plan for $19.99. I want the same for my families smartphones (including Blackberry and Android phones). Almost half of my monthly bill is for data plans alone, and it is completely stupid! And none of us use it enough to justify the overall cost. If they want to be “The Family Plan” carrier, then address this stupidity.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Spineless… when some T-Mobile reps and I were talking last year about all this, that’s what we were talking about, a “family data plan.” It was going to be combined with unlimited talk and text, but the main feature was unlimited data bundled in.

      And it was only going to be a family plan option.

      So let’s hope this holiday season is when we finally see it.

      I know that the carriers are really hurting, there’s a carrier war going on right now, and people (meaning dads) are looking for value in these hard economic times, so this is a good year for T-Mobile to bring it out.

      If done right, T-Mobile could corner the market on family plans (which means three to four lines per family. And there’s a lot of families out there, or people sharing accounts).

      • Spineless

        One more thing I forgot to add is that I call shenanigans on T-Mobiles Unlimited “Even More” and “Even More Plus” family plans. If I switched to either one of those for my family plan, my phone bill would practically double to over $325 a month. WTF!

        Since when is phone service worth as much as a monthly car payment?

  • thaghost

    AWESOME, AWESOMENESS? That’s false. we’re not here to save $5. We’re here cuz we want new and better phones. The droid came out after da g1 and the droid2 is already out. we gotta sit around like geeks scrammbling ova the blogs looking for a new phone or a leaked pic. STUPID, STUPIDNESS.

    • B

      Your post is dripping with awesome sauce

  • bob

    saving $5 is worth 2 year of embarrassment with the top of the line mediocre phone

  • Steven

    Hmm, was hoping for a family data package or a better family get more plan. Not gonna give up my myFaves plan for this.

  • TMOprophet

    This might have been cool if it applied to the unlimited plans too.


  • OLeG

    As a t-mobile employee all I can say is “huh?” I mean we already charge $5 for add a line plans WITH a free phone, but this?

  • MC

    I got an iPhone and unlocked it for T-Mobile back in 2007. Now here in 2010 i’ve done the same for the iPhone 4. I have tried to switch to a T-Mobile branded phone but they all have been awful. The myTouch was the worst thing I have ever used. Tmobile has always been good on the prices and they dont need to change anything in that regards. Just get some decent phones!! They always have just missed the bar with every phone. I don’t know why I stick with them but I keep my fingers crossed that one day they will release that amazing phone. Still waiting…
    G1- Amazing android OS/ Crappy hardware
    myTouch- Decent keyboardless Android phone/ Crappy hardware, NO 3mm jack for a long time
    HD2- Great hardware/ Old outdated Windows OS
    Nexus One- FANTASTIC Phone/ Tmobile failed to push it and subsidize it enough
    and the list goes on……

    • James

      your a moron if you think the g1 had crappy hardware, best keyboard out there for a long time, i held onto it for as long as i could till i upgraded to my vibrant, which, no other phone out right now can touch in my opinion, why don’t you stop regurgitating all the BS you hear on tech forums and go buy a phone and try it out and come up with your own thoughts

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Sorry MC, you don’t know what you are talking about. Fact is one can find flaws and fault with EVERY handset on the market. So big whoop, you are simply echoing what’s been said on the Net in one place or another.

      I have had the G1, Curve, Pearl (8100, 8120), Touch Pro2, BlackBerry 9700, HD2, Slide and Vibrant.

      All those phones have been fantastic. And my Vibrant is the most pleasing (technologically and “emotionally”) phone I have had.

      I deal with tech, write national reviews on tech, and have used cell phones since 1990. So when I say T-Mobile’s phones are great, my opinion does come with a foundation.

      My point is that just because you can find something to criticize about each handset you mention, that does not make the phone “awful” (your word).

      And your statement that T-Mobile should get some “decent” phones, well… stick to your iPhones and don’t post crap in here.

      Besides, I could do the same to you. Last night I feel asleep in bed watching cable TV on my Vibrant (good that I have an unlimited data plan). Anyway, by the morning the battery was dead. Guess what I did that you can’t do on your iPhone? I had a charger that had a spare battery. I simply swapped the batteries and was back in business immediately.

      IMHO Apple is being extremely negligent in selling phones without a removable battery. Many people now are totally wireless at home. The phone is now a lifeline to emergency services, etc. With the iPhone you have to had bought (at extra expense, mind you) an extended battery or charger). Many people don’t do that, so when the iPhone battery goes out they are left in a perilous situation.

      A non-removable battery is a big fail IMHO.

      And how about the iPhone (again because Apple wants to control its users and sell larger capacity iPhones every year) being the ONLY modern smartphone on the planet without a microSD slot.

      And no flash player?

      Sheesh…. the list goes on and on. You get my point, it’s easy to find fault with every phone, even an iPhone.

      I am sure you think your iPhone is a superior product, but to me it’s a POS. So does MY opinion of YOUR iPhone make it a POS? Of course not.

      • Rifleman

        There is a reason why customers are leaving T-Mobile and it’s not because of their service, prices or customer relations. Let’s be honest. Apply can’t keep up with the demand for the iPhone and as a T-Mobile customer with a jailbroken iPhone I understand why.

        Of course there’s always the Garminfone for those who want T-Mobile’s cutting edge.

      • Diz

        Good Lord, ItsMichaelNotMike deserves and award.

        Thank you for posting something grammatically correct and factual.

      • badaphooko01

        @ItsMichaelNotMike, I must say I always enjoy reading your posts, they are usually spot on and well written. Keep up the good work!

      • B

        It doesn’t matter how well versed you are in whatever field it is you have experience in. Awful may have been an exaggerated term to use, or it may not have been. It is his opinion, and frankly, it really isn’t just his opinion. There are people are these boards every single day with the same ‘concerns’ as MC, so I find it to be completely out of touch when people (not you specifically) are always trying to shut those people up, as if they are just talking to be talking. T-Mobile is ALWAYS behind the competition (if I can even put T-Mobile and competition in the same sentence) with the phone selection. I also feel that the iPhone is waaay more basic than it is touted to be, but that doesn’t change T-Mobile’s options, which are generally dull, to say the least.

        We all know that they have built their rep on the whole family and cheaper price thing, but is it not clear that people are willing to pay what they have to for what they want in this consumer industry? Is there a reason they can’t offer competitive phones while keeping their friendly image? I think it is a fact that more and more people are buying more advanced phones everyday, but T-Mobile is still happy selling rehashed Samsung flip phones. If Sprint of all carriers can actually add subscribers for a quarter off the strength of the EVO, what else does it take to wake up the suits?

      • B

        I too cannot really explain why I have stuck with T-Mobile this long. I was out of contract for nearly a near before I got the best phone T-Mobile [doesn’t] offer in the Nexus One. Yet any time that someone voices their disdain for T-Mobile’s offerings, most of the time they are just told to leave, we won’t miss you, don’t post here then, or otherwise. It’s like there is some blind faith and love that is supposed to be shared by all of us or else. I can only hope that the new CEO and network upgrades can make the carrier more aggressive in the near future.

      • MC

        If I may say I wasn’t saying the iPhone was some kind of superior device at all. As you well pointed it out its full of flaws too. I have high regard for many other devices. I am not saying go get an iPhone nor did I intend to argue about it. My point was T-Mobile has had a lackluster line of phones. Some phones are perfect for T-Mobile customers and thats just fine. Tmo just needs to expand the offerings a bit. It seems like they are out of touch with what consumers want. Well…. the consumers who are looking for the latest and greatest phone.

        I am NOT leaving T-Mobile nor do I have any intention to do so. I am a loyal customer who could have switched long ago. I enjoy their pricing and customer support. They are the champs in those categories. However can you honestly say that any of Tmobiles offerings have been competitive when considering AT&T has the iPhone, Sprint has the EVO 4G, and Verizon has the Droid line? The Vibrant is a leap in the right direction and it looks like Tmobile is starting to get the picture with the G2 and myTouchHD. I am hopeful and looking forward to these products.

        Also I own the myTouch 3G and used a G1 for several weeks. I am familiar with these devices. This is just my opinion on it.

  • Aquariustg

    Single line users need to make some friends and get a family plan. They gave you a great deal when you signed up and got your discount. And the people that are still complaining about the phone selections and T-mobiles network speeds should pick something new to bitch about, you obviously have not change that argument in the last year or two. I guess the problem is most of you don’t want to actually SPEND MONEY on a phone, everything should be given to you. I love my vibrant, but then again I have a job and was able to PURCHASE IT. NOT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE A GREAT DEAL FOR EVERYONE. I guarantee that there are several MILLION people that this is good for though. Family Data…Family Data BooFreakinHoo, Jimmy doesn’t need his porn between classes, he gets enough in that 45 minutes between the time he gets home from school and you get home from work. Ok, goodnight.

  • James

    you can go get your self a non unlimited family plan, and have a bunch of lines you can upgrade, so that your never missing out on the new phones. am i the only one who sees that? 139.99 a month for 750 minutes which is enough for me, and ill ALWAYS have a line eligible for upgrade…..thats f*****g great

    • ricr

      Sorry but I don’t see it. I’m not saying you’re wrong but I don’t see it. You’d be eligible for upgrades after 1 year I believe, but not immediately. And if you don’t really need a family plan (i.e. it’s just you), then you’re paying several hundred dollars for the ability to “upgrade” in a year. If I’m wrong then please walk me through the scenario you’re talking about.

      I’m thinking about a EM+ 750 minute $49 family plan, because there are times when I need a few extra lines for short periods of time. I’ve already got phones (or can pick up cheap ones easily), and not paying for the lines when they’re not being used is perfect for me.

      • James

        I’m talking more along the lines of wanting the latest and greatest handsets. usually you have a few big releases every year, this year the mytouch slide, the samsung vibrant, coming up the g2 and then the supposed dual core phone in November, so with this i can get a full discount using a different line each time. not because i need the lines but because i can always get full upgrade pricing rather than partial.

      • ricr

        Nope, still don’t see numbers adding up in your favor. Seems you’ll be paying for a lot of lines that have data plans, and you’re not using them (thus nullifying your full upgrade every year). Oh well, it’s been a 60+ hour work week and I’m exhausted, maybe I’ll get it after a good nights sleep.

  • Solrac924

    my socks haven’t been knocked off

  • Bill

    Dear Editors – How damn dumb are all of you; what is so damn great about this? Big whoopdee do and how again does this help existing customers or worse, customers with grandfathered plans? You want to impress me; bump the number of lines up to 8; not 5; then you might get me and my family to bite on the new plans; until then Family My Faves 1800, Family Unlimited Text and T-Mobile Web…Tell me what plan can T-Mobile beat what I currently have?

  • Bill

    One more thing…the day Skype and Verizon Wireless got married to one another is the day that Skyped stopped being the cool program it once was. Don’t get me wrong, it still works on WinMo smart phones but we feel our days are numbered and carriers are doing their level best to paint us into a corner by limiting what kinds of plans we really want. To this day we never got an explanation why our old plans was tossed in favor of these.

  • En2Mente

    They should do a special deal for unlimited plans too.

  • iFloss

    If this is true then I’m hoping on an unlimited discount that’s substantial because I don’t want to pay $30 to add a line for my mother when all she needs is unlim text.

  • johny boy

    for unlimited plans, it is only 10 a month to add a line with 200 minutes, why not just do that?

  • Stan Kehoe

    Gimme a 4-phone data plan. You can block streaming video for all I care, just gimme gimme gimme!

  • Esoom

    Meh, long time TMobile customer here, 10 years…

    The poor signal, poor phone selection, poor building penetration of the signal, and uncompetitive rates have finally done me in, the great customer service kept me with TMobile for a very long time, but no more.

    I can’t see renewing my family plan lines and tolerating the negatives for 2 more years.

    I’m going pre paid to Page Plus.

  • sLikk

    I would love to have that kind of deal. As a matter of fact, I am planning on getting two lines if this comes through :)

  • funshine

    If this does come true, I am sure they will offer you a great deal on smartphones as well. Which will require an additional $25-$30 dollars/month to operate. Be cautious as there is NO family data plan and it is sucking a lot of people dry. :(

  • T-mobile is greate with their sales. If this is true and it becomes popular then it will last longer than back to school time.