(Updated With More Pics) And Just Like That, The G2 In The Wild

Updated: New pics have  been added!!

Update 2: According to Engadget’s tipster, despite what is shown in the very last pic below, the T-Mobile G2 sadly, will not have a tilting screen.

The last piece of the puzzle has come together to get a clear “image” of what the T-Mobile G2 is all about, pun intended. Just like that Engadget has scored what look like the first live images of the G2 in all its HSPA+ glory. Perhaps this will put to rest the argument that the G2 was really the MyTouch HD that some of you loved to speculate in the comments. As we stated, the MyTouch HD should be dropping sometime in November; so for now, its all G2, all the time. One more pic follows below! Start marking the days off your calendar to our alleged release date! Now about that pre-sale?!



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