(Updated With More Pics) And Just Like That, The G2 In The Wild

Updated: New pics have  been added!!

Update 2: According to Engadget’s tipster, despite what is shown in the very last pic below, the T-Mobile G2 sadly, will not have a tilting screen.

The last piece of the puzzle has come together to get a clear “image” of what the T-Mobile G2 is all about, pun intended. Just like that Engadget has scored what look like the first live images of the G2 in all its HSPA+ glory. Perhaps this will put to rest the argument that the G2 was really the MyTouch HD that some of you loved to speculate in the comments. As we stated, the MyTouch HD should be dropping sometime in November; so for now, its all G2, all the time. One more pic follows below! Start marking the days off your calendar to our alleged release date! Now about that pre-sale?!



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  • trickystyle


  • Johan

    wow, it looks just like a Mytouch Slide, that’s one thing i don’t like about magenta, they keep throwing the same phone at us….and nothing really “new” comes out.

    • franktronic

      So because it “looks” like the MyTouch Slide, it must be the same. Brilliant deduction, Johan! You should be a tech blogger. Your insight is truly remarkable!

    • This looks nothing like the MyTouch Slide. It looks just like a Nexus One with a keyboard. (Trust me, had the N1 and loved it!)

      This will be big if….

      1. T-Mobile does an advertising Blitz.
      2. T-Mobile doesn’t over price it.
      3. T-Mobile actually gets HSPA+ rolling faster
      4. T-Mobile doesn’t screw another phone launch up with no inventory.

      • timmyjoe42

        T-Mobile’s advertising is terrible. I see Verizon and AT+T commercials on a 10:1 ratio to ours. The last time they got behind a phone was the MyTouch, and more recently the Garmin. They haven’t done any marketing of recent in my area.

      • 30014

        I was thinking the same thing, it definitely looks like a n1.

      • sorandkairi


        behold 2 and galaxy S(Vibrant)….

      • Brandon

        #1 reason T-Mobile doesn’t advertise as much as VZ and ATT… to keep the costs low for consumers… simple business structure here people…

    • Vinhchenzo

      It definitely has hints of MTS3G but, don’t all landscape sliders have that in common? To say that this looks like a MTS3G is to say that this also looks like a Droid, Epic, Tilt, etc. This phone looks like it has design queues from all sorts of phones designed by HTC.

      • Cybersedan

        @Vinhcenzo: Well said, I’m not sure how people expected a slider to look and still get the key spacing everyone wants. If they went closer to the original G1 people would say it looks just like a G1 so they don’t want it.

    • Seamus

      No, it looks just like the Nexus 1 with the addition of a keyboard; plus it looks pretty thin.

  • Collin

    GIMMEEEEEE! Can’t wait! T-mobile’s first powerhouse android.

  • Mo

    Needs a five row keyboard to be considered a successor to the G1.

    • pjs

      5 row are dead (I don’t know why) but most manufacturers are not putting out 5 key anymore.

      • Aiden

        The Epic 4g has 5 rows, so I don’t think 5 rows “are dead”

  • DavidinJax

    oh wow. . . it is .. so … uuugly

    • Vinhchenzo

      You thought the G1 was a beauty queen?

      • franktronic


      • DavidinJax

        No, but I thought they would have made a huge improvement. The G1 is by far the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen, this includes Zack Morris’s time capsule phone

  • Aja

    So is there any indication, spec-wise, which will be the superior phone… G2 v MTHD? Details, T-Mobile, Details!

  • Mr MN

    I’m glad to finally know what my next phone looks like. Thanks for the great work, guys, we really appreciate it.

    • Anthony

      I hope you are thanking Engadget, since Tmonews had nothing to do with it…..

  • Dr.Kickologist

    You guys don’t really like the phone for replacing the G1????

    • Marc

      I think this is a nice replacement. It looks much better in those pics, although, I don’t like the fact that the screen is smaller than 4″, depend on the specs, I might take a look this. Unless the phone coming out in November blows this one out of the water.

  • Joe S

    Not impressed. What i dont get is that fact we have millions of high end phone and crappy pics of them.

  • derrickps3

    no thanks, the slide out keyboard is a turn off for me at least, i am use to on screen keyboards

    • DavidinJax

      I’m sure you have the option of an onscreen keyboard. This phone looks ridick thin.
      I cannot get over how ugly it looks though, and get rid of the trackpad, who honestly uses it on a touchscreen?
      I don’t know… I’m not impressed.

      • franktronic

        Funny, a lot of people say they don’t use the trackpad but I actually use it quite a bit. If you’re using the browser and trying to click on a link that’s sandwiched between six other links that are all effectively 1/16″ wide, the trackball on the G1 is the only way to effectively navigate it. I watch people browsing on an iPhone and they zoom in, click, zoom out… So inefficient.

      • chotpy

        there are times where there’s ONE link you want and it’s magically behind some other giant link because web designers want mobile users to be angry.

        there are other times when there are tiny links and you don’t want to press them all at once.

        so, yes. trackpad/ball is useful.

      • RolloC84

        I agree that it is useful. If you fat-finger the keyboard and don’t notice until three words later, the trackpad/ball can make it easier to back up and edit text you’ve already typed. Love it.

      • wiseone

        and also playing some games.

      • When it’s too cold outside and you need to wear gloves like during winter time, you cant use the touch screen. So a physical keypad and trackball or trackpad is really useful. If at any point you have a full touch screen with gloves on, your phone is then useless.

  • gMoney

    So where are those people who said it had a 5 row keyboard when they “held it in their hand” and “played with it in the store” ????

  • Dan

    Its a G2 it has to be a slider…………..

  • jeremy

    this phone looks sick! you guys are haters.

  • TheDuce

    Plenty of people still want and use the trackpad. Until android has an easier way to move around a text message like the iphone zoom feature, I will continue to use a trackpad when I need to edit messages and hyperlinks. I tried the glorious samsung vibrant after using my nexus since release date, and the first thing I missed heavily was the track ball.

  • This is the best from the N1 & the G1 combined. It will be used to demo all the new android features as they develop. It is not designed to compete with the EVO4G/Epic4G. It will be faster than its predecessors. Those who have had the previous phones will have faster versions of the old phones nothing more nothing less. I have spoken Selah!

  • MyNamesNotRick

    This is a relatively good looking phone.

    I like graphite color to it.
    It also looks pretty thin also.

    I don’t know how I feel about the 4 row keyboard though but it is probably one of those things that will grow on me.

    No physical buttons on the front is a good look.
    Hated the G1 for that as that it always turned on in my pocket when it rubbed against something.

    Screen looks it finally has some size to it.

    Overall, from these pics this looks pretty good.

    Just some decent specs and it should seal the deal for me.

    Does anyone if this will be made by HTC?

    • wiseone

      yes very much so… the design is a dead give away

  • MrMeNaCe

    laze is rumored to have the following additional specs:

    Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
    Color TFT capacitive Multi-Touch Screen
    Bluetooth 2.1
    Wi-Fi connectivity
    Mobile Hotspot
    Android OS which is speculated to be the Android 2.2 Froyo
    Internal memory of 1.2GB
    External memory of 32GB
    Standard Battery Li-Ion 1200mAH
    Built-in camera with digital zoom and autofocus
    Other features include 3.5 mm audio jack, A-GPS and dedicated search key

    im not impressed either

    • badbob001

      So it’s less impressive than the current Vibrant? I think TMO needs to surprise us somehow… perhaps by pulling out Android 3.0, especially with Windows 7 Mobile shipping in Q4.

    • LSxChevelle

      I hope this is wrong… 1200mah battery? Glad to see a trackpad as I do miss it a couple times a day on my Vibrant. At this point it better do 720p with a tv out operon. Come on T-Mobile, don’t disappoint….

    • sorandkairi

      I seriously doubt that those are the correct spec! I wouldnt worry about it yet….

  • franktronic

    Love. It.

    My only complaint is with what appear to be touch sensitive buttons on the front. I will never, ever understand the point of a touch button. If a button has a dedicated function that doesn’t change, why not just put a hardware button there so I get some tactile feedback?

    To those that say it’s ugly, it definitely has a bland “business” look to it. Hopefully the slate gray/blue color scheme is the result of a bad cameraphone picture and not indicative of the real thing. At a quick glance, it could be a BlackBerry.

    Oh, and why only a 4-row keyboard? The whole point of a slide out QWERTY is so to make typing easier.

    • Hardware buttons can wear out and accidentally get pressed in the pocket. softtouch is way better overall

  • abq

    Looks just like the nexus one but with a keyboard and trackpad. Good Job T-Mobile. The nexus one is a very nice stylish phone. I have one.

  • Dell Can Still Suck it!

    All of this other babble is useless. I want a streak like device and I am telling you google and facebook. Bring a Streak like device to Magenta and I and many others will buy it. Answer my prayers o’ google, facebook and magenta. Get me a steak like device with HSPA and do it soon. Or I’ll, I’ll , I’ll be forced into the arms of SPRINT!

  • bigc17

    FINALLY…..it took allvthis time for tmo to leak the real images of the consumer version and it doesn’t look bad at all now just give me the specs, price and release date and i’ll be straight and ready to purchase this “revoloutionary phone” next month. oh yeah…doesn’t this phone look slim for a qwerty phone.

  • The rumored specs of this phone certainly don’t sound like anything special. Just another midrange mainstream phone. I was hoping this would be a HUGE super android phone upgrade to my G1.

    I can barely stand my G1 any longer. I already didn’t grab the Vibrant and now I’m not so sure about this G2. But I don’t know if I can wait until November for the myTouch HD, if that turns out to be a disappointment as well.

    I do like the looks of the G2 though. Looks like a nexus one with a keyboard.

  • phonegeek

    Wanted a g1 successor, wanted a phone that didnt look kiddish well here it is get over it. I like it

  • RiPG1

    This phone looks alot better than my g1. After many drops, baby chewing it, who knows how many different roms, the tank will finally be retired real soon. G2 get ready for some sausages killing your keys.

  • trickystyle

    i am so used to my spacious 4.3 inch screen of my hd2 that anything smaller would be difficult to go back to.

    i love my g1 and it died on me a few months back. god bless you g1 in all of your ugliness.

    • Andrew

      As long as the pixel density is the same, which it is, you shouldn’t notice that much of a difference

  • Mahmoud

    Is the screen AMOLED or LCD?

  • badbob001

    I can’t wait for someone to mysteriously post on the boards that this is not the TRUE G2… Remember that fiasco?

  • eYe

    I am so torn. I, like many of you guys (and gals) have G1 and was waiting to upgrade it (eventhough I had 3 upgrades available to me). I passed on MT3G 1.2, MT3G Slide, Vibrant for various reasons and I really thought that this phone will be the one, yet I’m not so sure.
    While this is a nice phone, it lacks that WOW! factor. It’s not any different from 10 other phones on the market unless it packs some serious heat under the hood that we don’t know about. 1Ghz processor? So what, it was cool when N1 came out, now every other phone has one. TFT screen? WTF… where’s amoled or s-amoled???? 3.7″ screen is OK but a phone with 4″ screen and physical KBT would be a winner in my book.

    All in all, I’m not pre-ordering but I will sure go in the store and check it out as soon as it comes out.
    I do have to say that I kind of like the looks of this phone though, not too glossy, pretty professional but not too boring. I ablsolutely HAVE to see it in person.

  • alex32

    Finally! This made my day after having a horrible week in terms of family matters.
    I have decided to get this phone, its beautiful in my opinion. To all of the people who say its ugly..all that really matters are the specs.. the INSIDE not the OUTSIDE. But whatever i think this phone is awesome in both ways, the color loos cool as well. This has android stock so its already good enough for me with an awesome keyboard as well. All I need is the release date and I will be first in line to get this phone with cash.
    Good luck to the people waiting for the mytouch HD to have to deal with that horrendous espresso skin.
    See the bottom right on the second picture? it says my name on it (;

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Um, what makes this different than this:

    Not being rude or anything, I just want to know what the difference is other than a color scheme?

  • LinaBeana

    Ugh… Can I wait till september 29 or do I just get the mytouch slide? This phone isn’t sexy at all! But I have to disagree with some of yu who said it looks like the mytouch slide, this looks more like a nexus 1. Dam, I really don’t know how I feel about this phone.. I think they had us on our toes and has us amped up for maybe tooo long so I’m not as excited at I woulda been if it was coming out the first week of september. I would like to know the specs b4 I decide to wait for it to come out. Gimme a 5mp camera with flash autofocus zoom and videorecord. Bluetooth that actually allows data transfer, android 2.1 or higher, the virtual keypad has to b really nice, the speaker phone has to be loud n clear, nice battery life, a decent UI, wifi,great music application, unlimited phone book, then I’m sold. Looks matter, but not that much because I would have bought the g1 two years ago if I didn’t have the sidekick. I have the moto cliq xt and I can’t stand it!

  • Moose

    Would have liked a 5-row keyboard and 4-inch screen. I guess we’ll see.

  • Hmm

    Hahaha…….they won’t market it. It will be advertised for 2-3 weeks and thats it. Droid 2 commercials still out there….iPhones almost don’t have to do any advertising at all anymore, hmm.

  • HD2/Vibrant USER

    I can’t seen to call it now. Android 2. 2 is running so smoothly on my hd2 I really can’t find a reason to pick this up. If you have a hd2 and haven’t installed cyanogen’s rooted Rom yet do so and let me know how you feel about it. And for some reason data is blazing today.

    • Randizzel

      Does cyanogen’s rooted Rom do phone calls? Anything not working?

      • HD2/Vibrant USER

        Everything is buttery smooth its like this is the main OS and wm is the ported OS

  • Manny


    • Manny

      oh yea…hope it ships with 2.2

  • Michael

    So this looks to be T-Mobiles version of Sprint’s EVO 4G (flagship device).

    Hope this sucker has UMA!

  • bigc17

    I think that those tmo reps were just screwinwith us yesterday saying it had a 5 row keyboard and stuff. These workers know what they r doin…..saying stufvto keep us held over until the real photos and specs come out. Here is a message to u t-mobile reps out there, if you are going to lie to us, don’t sqy crap about the phone.

    • Manny


  • mailman13877

    LMFAO..TMO never suprises me with their crappy phones..I was getting excited for this so called MTHD cuzz of the rumored features and specs but haven’t heard much since.Evo is said to be restocking the end of the month according to the HTC CS.Now there’s also the EPIC and Evo to go against the MTHD so TMO better get me fast cuzz time’s running out..For now i will say with my G1..Evoooo FTW

  • Keyboard: :)
    4 row keyboard :(
    Optical Trackpad :)
    looks like no physical buttons for home/back/menu/sarch :(
    No buttons (not even soft keys) for dial and hang up :(

    All it all it could be worse but it certainly could be better.

    I HATE the soft-keys on my mom’s droid, soo awkward to press the button on the top of the phone to wake up the phone.

    Again a 5 row keyboard is MUCH preferable to a 4 row but at this point I feel like I have to take 4 row dogfood because physical keyboard are so hard to come by.

    I guess the big questions right now:
    1. Specs (needs to AT LEAST be as powerful as the Nexus One (I’m looking at you MyTouch 3G Slide)
    2. Is is devoid of Sense (I’m still looking at you MyTouch 3G Slide)
    3. Is it hacker friendly so I easily root it and load Cyanogen or another ROM on it (yep you guessed it I’m looking at you MyTouch 3G Slide)
    4. Is it priced reasonably for it’s specs (should I even bother pointing out that I’m referencing the MyTouch 3G Slide here)

    • tbn27

      specs don’t matter. i have a MYTOUCH 3G SLIDE and it runs laps with my friends EVO 4G in terms of speed. and the SENSE UI doesn’t interfere with the great experience of using the phone. yes your opinion about specs but the fact is that SNAPDRAGON or HUMMINGBIRD processor only gets you extra megapixels for the camera and live wallpaper. nothing else. its a farce. my phone and its 600 mhz processer keeps pace. and as an example, my phone operates faster than the recent droid 2 with its 1ghz snapdragon.

  • tato22

    how big is that screen

    • 3.7 WVGA i think. NO AMOLED, which is a bigger killer for me

  • we need specccccs lol

  • alex32

    looks like a 3.7
    i hope this releases september 15 tops, the 29th is just too long for me. i seriosuly cant wait.

  • GreenTea

    I still have my G1, so i’m not picky on looks. This is beautiful compared to the G1 lol. My G1 is fine, and never gve me problems. Just ready for some new technology.
    Let hope the specs are at least as good as the looks.

  • rickb928

    I want the 5-row keyboard also. Most very password I use online wants a numeric character to go with the alpha and symbols. I’ll ALT-key the symbols, but the numbers? Potentially a pain. The rest of the picture looks fine.

    And for you crybabies that expect hardware keys where the dedicated touch keys are, um, guess what. The hardware is A TOUCH SURFACE. Darn. You GOT your hardware keys. You just want chiclets. Cost, my friend, cost is the issue.

  • Randy

    That Evo4g is looking better and better by the day… *yawn* Tmobile let me down yet again…

  • zerito

    I think I can hear blah crying in a corner. I bet he still thinks the G2 is the Hero he saw on the Euro page….

  • Stop the keyboards for the love of anything holy. your tuning what could have been a good phone into a piece of crap. thanks.

  • bigc17

    I think that those tmo reps were just screwin with us yesterday saying it had a 5 row keyboard and stuff. These workers know what they r doin…..saying stuff to keep us held over until the real photos and specs come out. Here is a message to u t-mobile reps out there, if you are going to lie to us, don’t sqy crap about the phone.

  • cellswag5

    Have my touch slide now. Had g1 and my touch( only because the g1 broke). But I will be waiting for the my touch hd. Hopefully it has a ffc and its thin not fat like my my touch slide.

  • bigc17

    new pics on engadget show the g2 has keyboard tilt

  • jazzmanmonty

    mixed feelings after these pics. specs may change my mind, but it does look like the n1 with a keyboard. i’ve been hoping for a phone w a keyboard with good hardware specs to replace the g1. but if i wanted something like an n1 i woulda got it when it was released. regardless, i’m hoping that it won’t be a disappointed when it comes to features, which from initial speculation (usually about 80% correct) it will be. at this point i can care less how it looks and i want the damn features other providers phones have been offering for months. i really hope tmobile doesn’t screw this one up esp since initial specs make the vibrant superior to this. and if they do screw it up, they best not screw up the mytouch hd. let see what happens kids.

  • jazzmanmonty
    • ob18

      I still don’t think it’s too bad based on the pics (still doesn’t look to modern), nothing wrong with having a keyboard especially if you have big fingers that just don’t always fly with a full touch screen phone.

      Now some specs wouldn’t hurt now.

    • Technogen

      Flash on the camera.
      It looks a little thicker than the Iphone 3gs
      Screen Raises UP not slides out, IDK how that will work.
      Those 3 bottom row keys look like they maybe “home screen” keys idk exactly but they have 3 squares in them the left one has a Larger left, middle larger middle and right larger right so it looks like they are option keys for something.

      From the looks of it I would say no FFC, there looks like a light sensor hole next to the T-mo logo but I dont see an LE up there but it could be there and just not showing in the pictures.

  • This is not a bad phone at all and to be honest if your still complaining about T-Mo’s “lack of powerphones” at this point, it’s noted your just a hater that will never be pleased. Why does Verizon get a pass with Droid? Why? Because their Verizon?! This phone looks definitely better than Droid one and actually looks similar to Droid 2 (but thinner). The point is, if Verizon were to release this phone you guys would be slobbering all over it but sense it’s T-Mo it’s inadequate? I’m beginning to wonder if the complaining is justifiable or just complaining because it’s a hobby. But on a personal note, I don’t see any reason for me to jump out of my N1 for this no disrespect.

    • jazzmanmonty

      exactly because its about hardware. people want the good hardware regardless if its tmobile or verizon (i hate the droids) like u said you’d rather stick with ur n1. ya this phone is newer but not much better than the n1 from all the initial info. its like a sharp looking car with a 4 banger or a sleeper with a hemi. so instead of tmobile releasing 16 android phones, release 5 but make them all awesome instead of half ass (hardware wise)

  • phonegeek

    i still feel that something BIG is underway this isnt even the top of the iceberg i think im going to wait this out…plus gives me time to pay off the credit card

  • Mmmm look at that sweet piece of hardware..just make you wanna go bananas

  • Joe S

    Much better

  • A.Minor

    Honestly… I like the design of this phone. To me it really looks like a squared off N1… I liked the design of the N1 and probably would’ve gotten it if it was sold directly through Tmo and partial upgrades applied… The only thing that resembles the MT3G Slide is the trackpad… I’ve had the first MT3G since it came out and I’m not fond of the line… the low-end, plastic look never suited me and espresso(SP?) doesn’t make sense to me because regular sense is the best Android skin in my opinion. I doubt the Mytouch HD will be the Desire HD based on the previous pics of the keyboard-less device w/ a genius button. If Tmo USA does get the Desire HD(Hopefully sans Espresso) I’d be temped to get it… but 4.3″ is nice but I wouldn’t want to carry that around all day… But I still think it and the MyTouch HD are two different devices. But I’m really looking forward to some official specs of the G2 and some hands on vids… if I can hold out that is… I think they’ve been pulling our legs about that MT3G 2.2 update.

  • Mingilicious

    This isn’t bad… but I just want something with the form factor and the power of the HD2, but with Android on it instead. I bought the HD2 and the WinMo experience was horrid – I shipped that sucker right back to TMo at the end of my 30 days. I’m back on my G1, and desperately waiting for TMobile to give us an EVO equivalent.

    • Technogen

      The HD2 has a very nice build of 2.2.

      • Mingilicious

        I’ve been reading about it, but is it entirely stable?

        Then again, is any build of Android entirely stable? Hahaha…

    • DylonCorp

      Took you 30 days to figure that out, huh? Yeah, I like free phone rentals too.

  • phonegeek

    i wonder after seeing those pics should i wait for the dual processor sidekick coming out in jan….hmmm an if it has the ffc like they said thats a double hmmmmmm to me .. as my momma says patience is key..when everyone wants to rush to the light all your gonna do is crash

    • phonegeek

      correction dual core processor but you kno what i meant

  • Well now that i have seen the updated pics i have to say BLAHHHHH. what a piece of crap. get rid of the bloody keyboard. here is hoping the mytouch hd will put my faith back in tmobile. We need a good phone please……………..

    • Rosario

      Just because you dont like it doesnt make it a bad phone. I personally have been waiting for a high end keyboard slider and it seems like were finally getting one. Everyone wanted a high end touch screen only phone and we got the Vibrant and the soon to be Mytouch HD, can us keyboard lovers get a phone we can enjoy too? This just shows you cant please everyone because the G2 has out faith back in Tmobile for me, as long as the specs dont horribly disappoint.

      • whaaaa, you just got the my touch 3g slide you baby, and the vibrant is going to every carrier so it’s not that great. although a good phone still but the my touch hd better the hell not be windows mobile.

      • Rosario

        The my touch 3g slide is far from a high end phone, its nice and ok for some people but dont let that kid you. I dont know why just because the vibrant is on every carrier thats a bad thing. I guess because we dont have an exclusive high end phone thats bad, which I agree, but still has nothing to do with the phone. Now if you dont like it for other reasons thats on you, I dont like it because i want a kb, plain and simple. Just like you dont like the G2 because it has one, which is fine. The whole point of my reply was just saying that everything you say can be said back at you in reverse. But whatever, Im gonna drop this for now.

        I will agree that my touch hd better not be a windows mobile phone or there will be a lot of pissed of people.

  • It looks nice. I wonder how that hinge will work out for the screen.

    I like the option of hiding the keyboard, for when you don’t need it.

  • gMoney

    With a sliding mechanism like that, they def. could have made it a 5 row keyboard

    • RolloC84


  • wunako

    phone doesnt look bad at all.. im hoping it has atleast 2.1 but rly want 2.2 or w/e is out by its launch… well like every one else.. i rly wanna kno the specs b4 i decide to get this.

    • Marc

      It’s coming out in september, there’s no reason for it to not have 2.2, especially since it’s suppose to be vanilla android.

  • pavvy

    That screen-raising mechanism looks likely to break sooner or later.

    • Chris

      That’s what they said about the G1…..

  • A.Minor

    Is anyone able to make out what the silver keys on the bottom row of the keyboard are?

    • Technogen

      Those 3 bottom row keys look like they maybe “home screen” keys idk exactly but they have 3 squares in them the left one has a Larger left, middle larger middle and right larger right so it looks like they are option keys for something.

  • Technogen

    BTW I’m slightly not getting the want for a Duel core phone by a lot of people. It’ll just drain the battery twice as fast. Well not twice but much faster, and with out much gain as Android isn’t currently a Multi-thread powerhouse and devs are not programing for duel core systems so it wont be that much better.

    • Omeer

      It’s not “duel” core buddy it’s “dual” core. Duel means to fight/quarrel and dual means two. OK?

      • Technogen


        Yeah I know I quickly typed that up with out checking it over and there’s no edit button.

      • Omeer

        Lol well played ;)

  • Hmmmm?

    I hate to say this, but I’m beginning to think that the whole Project Emerald thing is being over hyped. I know that the G2 is now not part of the Project Emerald, but if this experience with the G2 is any indication of what we can expect with the Emerald than I’m a little bummed. By this I mean that the rumors are just kind of ridiculous, some saying the G2 would have a 12 mega pixel camera, ffc, 1280×800 screen, dual 1ghz processors and so on. I’m not saying this is a bad phone, I’m just saying that it was so overplayed that it is hard not to be a little disappointed. So, now everyone’s on to the MyTouch HD (Emerald, I believe it to be), I remember reading about how it’s going to have a 2ghz processor or dual 1ghz processors and some incredible screen technology no one has seen before. But I’m thinking the final specs will be something closer to the Droid Incredible (w/bigger screen) or Evo. I will for sure be buying either the G2 or Emerald, MyTouch whatever because I have been with T-Mobile for over 6 years, and my phone (original BB Curve) is ancient, so I need an upgrade, I just think alll of these rumors has put T-Mobile in this impossible position to live up to. Time will tell though I guess.

    • Omeer

      Well it’s your own fault for believing in idiocy. People like to “pretend” to know everything on the internet. So, if you’re going to listen to an idiot saying that he played with the G2 before the product hasn’t even been announced, it’s your own fault for believing him. I can say the sidekick will be a quad core phone with 32 GB of RAM but that won’t make it true now, will it? You should use your common sense for what seems viable and only trust trustworthy sources. Also if you’re expecting a dual core phone this early on in the year, you’re fooling yourself. You can’t expect them in phones when manufacturers like Qualcomm has just gotten around to producing them. Expect an onslaught of dual core phones later on in the year and early next year. As for now, the standard is 1Ghz so learn to live with it and stop complaining. This is the first of many phones to come from T-mobile that are at least on par with the competition so please stop it, just stop it.

      • Hmmmm?

        Stop what? I believe you are missing the point of my post. That’s why I said that it was being over hyped. I agree that it is naive to believe all of the rumors. That is also why I said I would buying one of these phones, if I didn’t think it was a good phone or that T-Mobile never releases any good phones (or had bad service) I would have switched carriers a long time ago. I don’t need the best phone in the world across all carriers, just maybe the best one available on my carrier. My point was that a majority of people take these to seriously and actually the only one that probably actually gets hurt is T-Mobile. I like to read them because they are entertaining, but then you get people saying “Oh, it doesn’t have dual cores” or as you put it “32 GB of RAM” and then for some reason people decide they are going to go to Sprint or Verizon because they have mythical super phones in the works. I’m fine with whatever T-Mobile releases because they are my carrier, and I’m staying with them.


      IDK what blogs u follow but I never heard of those rumors! Those are some outrageous claims, lmao! IDK know what’s more dumb, the blog or you for believing it

      • Hmmmm?

        Uh, I didn’t say I believed it, but others do. If you paid attention to my post where I said “But I’m thinking the final specs will be something closer to the Droid Incredible (w/bigger screen) or Evo.” Than, you would have realized that I believe that the phones will be closer to newer phones that are on the other carriers. Please learn to read.

        Also, for fun, here are some of those blogs (notice one of them is this one), I read all kinds of them, again, not saying that I, personally believe them.


      • Omeer

        I actually sifted through your initial post and “assumed” it was yet another one of those “what it’s not a quad core phone that talks to me and walks my dog?” Blah T-mobile sucks. I’ve become allergic to those complaints so whatever I said was pretty autonomous. My apologies, but you’re absolutely right. It’s our own fault to have unrealistic expectations about the features of a phone. Granted that T-mobile didn’t have anything to set itself apart from the pact till n ow, so people had a right to complain. However, with the announcement of the new sidekick for sidekick fans, a dual core phone that the CEO himself said would come later this year (it might be the sidekick but IDK) for the tech heads, the G2 that G1 owners have been nagging for, MyTouch HD for MyTouch fans plus the possibilities of W7 dual core phones, phones from Dell and LG, what the hell are you guys still complaining about? Jeebus help these people.

    • B

      You have to use a little common sense with rumors. That resolution you mentioned for the screen and camera is so overblown that you shouldn’t even give it the time of day. In that sense, it can only be blown out of proportion if you allow it to be. Rumors are rumors. You have to be very discriminatory when youre reading them.

      • Hmmmm?

        Yes, exactly, I mean I really don’t care that much because any phone I buy is going to blow my existing one away. I think it’s funny that even in some of the comments below, (some) people are still making comments like if they say it enough that T-Mobile will change it now at the last minute, one that comes to mind from below is “I’M MAD BECAUSE THIS PHONE DON’T COME WITH A FRONT FACING CAMERA & 4.0 OR HIGHER SCREEN LIKE AN EVO”. What the he!! is a higher screen, I’m assuming he means higher resolution, which the EVO has 800×480, which is the same as the Nexus One I think, so most likely this phone’s screen resolution will quite possibly be very similar or the same as the EVO (taking into consideration screen size). But the actual G2 specs haven’t been released yet, so how can you be mad with what it doesn’t when you don’t know.

  • ShadyGambino

    I was really liking the stealth black look from the earlier leaked renders. The Nexus One look is fine, but I hope they have the black one too. Either way, this is finally going to replace my G1, that old champion.

    • wiseone

      if it is gonna follow in the footsteps of g1 i its hard to believe that it would only be offered in one color…so let me get two in black please

  • vinny

    I like it. This looks like a great phone. I always said put a key board on the Nexus One and you had a great phone. I am the owner of the Nexus One and love the phone.Hope the specs hold up and throw in the FFC and you have a power house of a device. You can not keep all the whiners happy, I say great job T-Mobile.
    PS, the HSPA+ feature of this phone should work out great. Living in a soon to be HSPA+ area I am very happy T-Mobile grabbed this device.

  • Manny

    updated on engadget: no tilting screen

  • Shawn

    Yawn, boring. Should have just released a sprint epic type varient of the galaxy s for t-mobile. FFC, LED indicator, flash on camera, keyboard, and last but not least, HSPA+ on the vibrant.

    Boring, someone at t-mobile is making unwise choices.

  • The hinge is a bit odd, but the G1 had a weird hinge, too. And when the G1 launched, everyone was saying how the hinge would be the first thing to go. I know several friends with G1s and nobody ever had a problem with the hinge. I’d say HTC knows what they’re doing when it comes to unique hinge design.

  • Jake

    “Those 3 bottom row keys look like they maybe “home screen” keys idk exactly but they have 3 squares in them the left one has a Larger left, middle larger middle and right larger right so it looks like they are option keys for something.”

    Those are for the center main screen, left main screen & right main screen instead of using a finger swipe between screens while you’re typing.

    I hope the specs for the G2 are better than what some have described. It looks good but I want to see the top of the phone. Better have a 1/8″ jack!

    • Marc

      3 home keys, two right next to each other. That’s overkill. Those are some weird keys those.

  • J

    The bottom 3 silver keys are programmable. You can make them bring up any program you want.

    If you want more than 8MP camera on a phone, then you don’t know what the number means anyway.

  • wiseone

    that sprin machanism looks very familiar

  • Barry

    I’m diggin it except the color, paint it a glossy black or white we got a winner. The more options the better whether you buy this or not its another option and I know once this is rooted it just maybe the best phone out. Can’t wait to play with it.

  • Jeff

    i don’t know. hopefully the finished version will look nicer on the design end. or is this it? as it stands it almost looks as hideous as the nokia N8. i also assume that when fully flipped the pieces lay flat against one another?

  • jay

    wait till december to get the best one

    • dirty_birdz

      or just wait till december 2011 for an even better phone. I’m sure a better phone will be coming out the next december too if you want to just wait for that.

  • Andrew

    Still crappy pictures. So sad no one can take a clear picture these days.

    • Andrew

      I hear engadget has taken courses in blurry cam photography, or use really old/bad camera phones

      • Marc

        They probably are not the people who took the pictures.

    • A.Minor

      What more do you want… it could have been no pictures at all

  • Nick

    So glad I got the vibrant instead of waiting for this…. Not only is this thing not very pretty, it looks flimsy.

  • Barry

    Wow the new pics make it go from interesting to a little sexy. Can’t believe how thin it is.

  • Homer

    Well this was it I was waiting for this phone to be a stunner, but it’s a let down…. Not only has there phone selection gotten worse, there customer service sucks, and there coverage still sucks! Sure prices are cheap but the old saying “you get what you pay for” is right! 12:00 hits I’m going to verizon to get a droid x……….

    • Andrew

      Customer service is far greater then most places through Tmobile. Sure their phones aren’t as good but their plans are and their reps for the most part are pretty easy to work with.

    • Hmmmm?

      I used to be on Sprint, and my parent’s are have Verizon. I think that T-Mobile’s customer service is so far ahead of them, they actually try to fix your problems and not just blame them on you.

      • Homer

        I just bought my droid x for $199 and droid 2 for $199 and my family plan is $160 for two phones unlimited everything. I went from a vibrant and bought a Droid x and it’s freaking sweet internet is fast and loving the huge screen with NFL package and i finally have full service at my place not bouncing between 3g and edge and my fiancé sold her mytouch slide and got the droid 2, it’s 100% better especially with froyo and flash installed……. Goodbye T-mobile it’s not you, it’s me! Ok it’s you! Hope we can still be friends. Already have my eye on the droid tablet with gingerbread that my works corporate sales rep was telling me about.

  • Barry

    Foh. Jay troll yesterday it was wait until you see what it really is. Now its wait til December stfu

  • Jazz

    Why is it that people always take pics of a new phone along side the iPhone. Who cares about the iPhone.

    • Andrew

      size comparison, everyone knows the size of the iPhone

  • jazzmanmonty


    so according to this website, this and the mytouch hd are gonna have the same old 1 ghz snapdragon. blah. who are we kidding? we’re never gonna see this amazing device we all dream of, even though the mytouch hd is gonna have some nice specs like the 720p recording, its nothing new because by the time its released, other phones like the iphone will have had it for about 6 months. also, qualcomm already announced its releasing its dual core processor and should be in phones as soon as december. so who really wants old technology amidst the soon to be released awesome technology? Nick above was right, maybe the vibrant was the way to go because it seems to have better specs than what these two upcoming releases plan to give us. sigh, disappointment sets in.

  • alex32

    the sliding mechanism phone after seeing more pictures sort of concerns me with those hinges. To me it looks like when you slide the phone up itll perform normally like all slider phones, but when you slide it down itll have that unique feeling of popping open and then closes shut (i dont know how to explain it but hopefully you get the picture).
    I was hoping it would do a reguular slide like the mytouch slide when you want to open up the keyboard but it doesnt. This kind of mechanism doesnt look sturdy by the looks but we’ll see,,,im still getting this thing no matter what.

  • kurtis

    Omg! am I seeing that picture correctly? That phone tilts??? Sweeet

    • David

      The phone does not tilt, sadly!

      • WHAT

        Despite engadget, I’ve heard it tilts.

  • Mr MN

    After reading most (I couldn’t gather enough patience to read all of them) of the comments here, I must say I am disappointed by the amount to people complaining about this phone. A lot of people are complaining because it doesn’t have ALL of the features they can imagine (32GB internal memory, 20 MP camera with infrared, night vision and thermol imaging, FFC with facial recognition, track pad with finger print scanner, 60 inch LED screen, LED notification light that acts like a Christmas light, high speed sensors that can detect the least movement, and a laundry list of features that don’t even exist in Star Treck or Star Wars). Holy crap, people, are we really with T-Mobile for their affordable service or we just want Phones even if they don’t make calls (cough iPhone 4). Not every phone is made to compete with the iPhone 4 or the EVO WiMax but it seems a lot of people don’t understand that. I understand that my comment may not sit well with some of you, but like most people, I carefully do research and know exactly what I use my phone for. Most people don’t need a ffc but only crave it because they saw it on the iPhone. I also use my phone for more than making calls, but I don’t expect my phone to be able to do my assignment for me. Please tell me how this phone is not an upgrade to the G1? Is it because it doesn’t have the ugly chin? Is it because it has more than a 3.2 inch display? Someone please tell me.

    • jazzmanmonty

      i love the ugly chin on the g1. its very comfy when texting.

      • funky

        I do too. I don’t know why so many people hate the chin. Clamshell phones are angled when they are open – I think it makes it easier to hold up to your head. I’ll miss the chin on my G1, chin haters!

        Regarding the 3.7″ screen. I am with Steve Jobs here – I don’t want a HUGE screen. I’ll just go buy an iPad or an Android tablet (when they come out). As long as the display is nice, somewhat viewable in sunlight and has a good resolution, that is fine by me.

        4 rows of keys instead of 5??? WTF – I love my 5th row of keys. I will greatly miss that. I wonder if it is possible to write an app that would put only the numeric row on the screen for a soft keyboard. That would be a good compromise.

        I hope HTC did something about their lousy cameras. Simply adding a flash doesn’t make up for lousy hardware. Also, just about every other phone out there now records 720p video.

        I seriously hope this has a 1ghz processor. I will be heartbroken if it does not.

        Will they make this a developer phone like the G1 & N1? I hope so – there is always so much support for these phones. You can always find another rom..

        That hinge design looks awfully complex. I hope they are wrong about it not tilting.

        The dimensions look nice. Not too big. I think it is a nice looking phone. Keeping my fingers crossed hoping that the specs are good.

    • A.Minor

      Well said.

    • Mr MN

      I’m just tired of people complaining about every phone T-Mobile puts out. They complained about the myTouch Slide, (though they tried to be different by loading it with their own Espresso UI), they even complained about the Samsung Vibrant. What else do they want? I don’t work for T-Mobile, but I mean come on, these guys are trying very hard to keep us satisfied. Look at how fast their HSPA+ network is. It’s even faster than everything the other guys have to offer.
      I guess some customers will never be satisfied and stop complaining. I think if this phone launched on VZW or another carrier, the same people who are complaining now would be drooling over it and saying why T-Mobile didn’t pick it up. Instead of being happy with our affordable services, we’re spending our time complining about what phones don’t have. How many people really need a camera with 720p recording to capture random moments/events? Very few. How many people will actually use a ffc? Not many because video conferencing requires the other person to have a phone with the same capabilities. I don’t want to go on and on about this, but all this complaining about what phones don’t have is starting to get very frustrating. If phones came with everything the whinners are complaining about, phones would cost at least $5,000 and we couldn’t afford that. Refer to the specs I listed above if you want to keep yourselves happy.

  • jazzmanmonty

    a little off topic but i just had an enjoyable experience that may lighten some of your moods who are disappointed with the g2 so far.

    i was just going thru a container in my basement where i found my sega genesis, atari, and nintendo with gun..a treasure i forgot about..but the biggest find was my startac phone with glowing antenna lol..i wonder if i can get this to work on tmobile! i’d pimp that thing like a pair of reebok pumps haha

  • Lamar

    Would have been great if it was 4″ screen. 3.7″ just seems dated. Waiting to see some specs, but if they are good, this is my next phone, if i dont see a good WP7 device that catches my eyes.

  • JP

    The hinges look weak. I could see this being a big design flaw issue.

    • gMoney

      That’s what people said about the G1

  • shawn1224

    People keep throwing around dual processor like it’s a done deal. From everything I’ve heard, there won’t be a dual processor phone until 2011.

    This looks like it’ll be housing Qualcomm’s snapdragon crap



    • Jrsykind

      Exactly! Those two things and 1 GHz Snapdragon would have made this a definite upgrade choice for my two lines w/ G1’s. Now I have to think about it.

  • TonyJohns

    My only concern is the hinge mechanism. It seems like a lot of work to get access to the keyboard. I don’t know, I’m just not feeling yet. But I can’t wait to play with it in the store and draw my conclusion then. But as always I’m glad T-Mobile is releasing some powerhorses. So you “power phone” whiners can finally sit down and lock your lips.

  • Yyevo

    The hinge is unique. They got rid of the large, bulky slider mechinism in favor of this swing up design. Very clever.
    It’s essentially the next evolution of the hinge design they used for the G1. But it loses the bulky chin which many people hated.

    Nice design.

  • mailman13877

    Let’s be real..Evo vs Vibrator= Evooo FTW
    Epic 4G vs G2= Epic 4G FTW
    Then there’s the droid X,Dell Streak,Iphone 4 an Droid 2..The only phone TMO has to make me wanna stay if the Evo doesn’t restock in time is the MTHD rumors and then the Glacier coming in the winter..Oh an btw I read on Engadget I think that Verizon is bidding for the Glacier vs TMO so I wouldn’t count on TMO winning that battle if I were you guys cuzz I’m sure the HTC will go with the better money maker lol..Evooo FTW

    • wildblueyonder

      I can assure you that no one here is worried about whether or not you stick with T-Mobile.

  • wildblueyonder

    Let’s be realistic here. The phone looks good, and the keyboard looks fantastic. While a 5 row would have been nice, it does look similar to the Touch Pro 2 and that’s only a good thing. This is a major step up from anything else T-Mobile is offering in the QWERTY department too. The hinge mechanism will be fine. There’s no way HTC (who has great hardware) is going to turn out devices with faulty mechanisms. I’ve never had a problem with them, and I’m not expecting any. Too many lofty expectations in here.

    • Hmmmm?

      This was exactly the point I was trying to make earlier. That these crazy expectations have been floating around for so long that people forget what’s actually feasible at the current moment.

  • jazzmanmonty

    here are the official specs from the walmart wireless website

    Android OS w/ HTC Sense
    3.7? Active Matrix OLED display
    1 GHz Snapdragon Processor
    Landscape slide-out QWERTY keyboard
    5MP camera with autofocus.
    3G HSPA+
    WiFi + Hotspot capabilities
    Bluetooth 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate
    Stay tuned for more information about this phone

  • drmosh

    does this thing come with a 1ghz slowdragon? if so no thanks…

    • jazzmanmonty

      yup and just found on another mobilestore website with the same specs posted but also says its coming with 2.1 not 2.2. grrr

  • DJK53


  • karlc

    interesting, because i just read on yahoo (tech) news, that the G2 will not have a keyboard and comes with a 3.2″screen and also will be re-branded the HTC Magic??? just writing what im reading people, check it out for yourselves

    • David

      Put bluntly, yahoo news is wrong, this is right.

    • RobH

      first problem there is you are reading it on yahoo news :)

      • 2FR35H


    • kb23

      I hope they take they keyboard out instead.

    • RamboJenkins

      That post you read on yahoo is old, the magic turned out to be the my touch 3g…

    • thaghost

      not only are u wrong but ur extremely off wit ur specs and a prototype of this device was leaked months ago so ur kinda late.

    • acuratlguy03

      that would be what people call the mytouch 3g gosh people get ur facts straight….

    • Austin

      That happened…. a year ago… the european HTC Magic was rebranded in America as the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, with a 3.2″ screen and no keyboard. xD

  • Jimbo831


    Was that a joke or sarcasm? In case not, the HTC Magic is the international name for the myTouch. I’m assuming though it’s just a joke that went over my head.

  • Chris

    I’m in LOVE!!!!!! So thin….and a new way to bring out a keyboard, just like the original! =D

    • tacky

      You call that thin? I call that brick…

      • juan

        it is thin for a keyboard phone

  • Rob

    I’d take a 4 row keyboard over a 5 any day, bigger buttons easier typing. The extra row saves maybe a 1 second while typing. Personally I got the cliq way back in december (with the understanding of being able to upgrade andriod, but knew it was going to be a problem) for the keyboard. After the whole motoblur crap I’m really hoping this is stock andriod, because upgrading the OS when newer versions come out is the most important thing to me. I personally dont want an all touchscreen phone and have to have keys pop up on screen when I want to type, my hands are too big, and it’s just annoys me. As long as it has a 1gz processor, 512mb ram (which is more than the vibrant)and 2gb or more on board memory I’ll be happy and most likely get this phone. 5mp camera w/ flash and decent on board software and 720hd video would be nice, but not essiential.

    Oh and people stop complaining. The week after T-Mobile puts out the mother of all super phones a new one would come out and you would be complaining, give it a break.

    • Luis

      Have you played with the keyboard of a Touch Pro 2? ….Now that’s a 5 row keyboard and still comfortable and enough space in between the keys. That’s the main reason why I still have the phone.

      • Eddie Android

        And that’s why its so HUGE and THICK too.

  • CD

    Jesus, if it has that stupid a55 sense, no thank you….everything else is pretty S3x tho.

  • molten

    I am so disappointed,was hoping it will look like the desire hd with a keyboard,this will not get me to jump on the andriod bandwagon,they could have done better with the next generation of the phone that started it all,look at the droid x,just sexy.its just a shame that the HD2 is still the best hardware tmo ever released,imo.will surely take more than this for me to consider.

  • Barry

    The 2.1 thing is a kick in the nuts if it’s true. Can’t see why it would come with 2.1 when it’s running stock android and the nexus has it.

    • just some dude

      no froyo because Tmo needs time to remove/cripple the native tethering that froyo has built in.

  • Abi

    Iam sad why doesn’t the g2 have a front facing cam also? I mean dam it should have one and it better have 1.5 snap dragon

    • Mr MN

      How about 5.99 GHZ Shooting Star processor, a front facing camera with facial recognition, 50 MP camera with night vision, infrared, and thermo camera with 500X digital zoom, 100000X9999 pixels screen with so many pixels per square inch that are just too many for the human eye to process (the why the heck would you want it on a phone), 60 inch Super LCD which also happens to be the grand father of a 10000X super, super, super AMOLED, and all of this comes in a box worth $9999999999. How about that? Will that make you happy then? The reality is most of you want everything the phone manufacturers can’t afford to put in a phone without selling it for $10,000.

      • manus

        i have a great idea everyone who wants the perfect phone should go and be a phone designer problem solved.

      • LuckyStar

        Well said my friend, I still don’t understand why the heck people are requesting features that they will rarely use on a smartphone.

      • autoadhd

        lmfao. well said i agree while we are at it with ridiculous demands, i want it to have battery that is self charging and can jump start my car.

      • just some dude

        500x digital zoom is worthless ill take 100x optical zoom any day. LOL

    • jonstonson

      can the light from the screen also tan my skin? i’m tired of going outside to get a tan..

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Hmm… interesting, that appears a hinged display. That means a tilting screen. Sure looks like one.

    That would be a great response to the Evo kickstand that Sprint keeps advertising.

    Loved the tilt on my Touch Pro2 and this would be one more reason to get this phone.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I see Engadget crossed out where they said the screen tilts, but I don’t see why it would have what look like swivel hinges other than for it to tilt.

    Also, in the face down pic that looks like a mini HDMI port on the side. That would be as predicted back in February.

    • Manny

      you sure thats not a usb slot for charging

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I wondered that Manny, but it looks too big to be a microUSB slot. And if it was USB, this would be a first, to put it on the side.

        It has a slight angle on the edge as a correct mini HDMI is supposed to have.

        Oh, and the phones coming out are supposed to have HDMI, which is part of the new standard configuration.

        So that’s my guess. (could not see the microUSB on the top since there’s no pic of the top of the phone (for a reason).

  • Alan

    1.2 Ghz, or a dual core
    No SENSE, im 99.9% it wont
    8 MP Camera/ HD recording (At least 5)
    Standard with 2.2

    If it has all the above, i got it for sure. :D

    • drmosh

      too bad yer daydreaming…

      • 2FR35H

        Not entirely the 1.2ghz(not dual core though) may be true as well as a 8mp camera.

        Its not too far fetched. those are possible specs.

  • I guess I have mixed emotions about this phone. I don’t know how I feel about the keyboard being on a hinge and not sliding up (unless the hinge is very stable it could snap and there goes your keyboard/phone). Also, below the home buttons it seems like there is way too much room for the chin of the phone with nothing really on it. Maybe it’s just the angle of the pictures but that’s how it seems to me.

    I think the keyboard is nice (big and spacious) although I would have hoped for a dedicated numbers row like the TP2. I’m going to wait this one out too and see what kind of specs this phone comes out with to see if I’m going to upgrade from the MTS to the G2. I really hope it comes with at least 2.2 and not 2.1 (that would be pretty disappointing).

    All in all I’m glad to see T-Mobile atleast taking the proper steps in trying to please their customers by bringing out some higher end phones. I think the future looks very good for T-Mo.

  • JDean86

    I happen to be a hardcore fan of WinMo especially the version on my TP2. If this had WM6.5 or w/e I’d be so damn happy. I wish so much HTC will do one last quality harrah for a Touch Pro 3… :(

    but damn this is a purdy phone.

    • kai

      even if there was a tpro3 it would run wm7.

  • watbetch

    GOD none of you will ever be happy. Whiny betches

    • Kresk

      To me it looks like the keys are blocked with the screen that way. Maybe it some kind of duel hinge. Half way up to tilt and watch videos. Fully slides up and flush when your texting. This may have been suggested already. Either way.. Who knows?..

    • Manny

      im happy…you cant please them all

    • ellothere

      damn you uglay! But the new snapdragons don’t look like they will be shipped till the end of 2010, I think this will be like an evo but with a keyboard. It should hardly be thicker than the hd2. I really miss htcs amazing build quality. I’ve already scratched up my vibrant and even dented the edge. I don’t know about you but mine feels like plastic compared to say… the hd2.

      • watbetch

        You’re day dreaming if you think this thing won’t scratch up like crazy. Did you miss the brushed metal on the back and the shiny rim around the screen? If you’re careless with your phone you should’ve bought a case for it.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Ellothere… what Watbetch says. ALL PHONES get scratched or marked up easy nowadays. Even if metal is used, that too can get damaged real fast.

        I have the Slide, HD2 and Vibrant. I always take care of my phones, but I dropped my Vibrant while loading my dog in the car. Got a barely perceptible mark on the edge. (Since I paid $500 for the phone, I also have Asurion insurance that covers just such tragedies, aka accidental damage).

        My GF, don’t know how, put a mark on her Slide, by the earset on the front.

        In both situations we had yet to put protective cases on them.

        Get a case you like, in fact get a few different ones so you can change it out.

        E.g. on my HD2 one I got is a Body Glove that has a built in kickstand so I can watch movies in landscape mode, ala Evo.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        P.s If you don’t think she’s a hottie, you need to see her beauty.

  • the hinge looks like it would pinch the s#!+ out of you

    • thaghost

      lol good point

  • Ivan

    If this thing will get Gingerbread for SURE, than im getting this device for SURE.

  • jmcl987

    Whoah! finally its here, but still need some action.
    I wonder if you could bend the screen like the touch pro2, that will be awesome!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Technically it’s called “tilting.”

      “Bending” displays (or technically “flexible”), while showing up in Samsung concept devices, are still about three years away on consumer handsets. ;)


  • MikeD

    Im disappointed that the phone does not have a front facing camera. This was the make or break for me. Most likely going to wait it out until the iPhone hits Verizon in Jan 2011 unless the My-touch HD is a force to be reckoned with.

  • briaann

    when it is closed it looks a little like the sexy nexy N1

  • mailman13877

    Let’s be real once more people.
    Evo vs Vibrator and its GPS issues = Evoooo FTW (GPS is a must for me since I use it. So often)
    Epic 4G vs the G2 = Epic 4G FTW
    Then there’s the Droid X,Droid 2,Dell Streak and Iphone 4
    TMO has nothing to make me wanna stay other than the MTHD rumored specs and features and the Glacier.BTW Verizon is in a bidding war vs TMO for the Glacier an I think if HTC is smart they’ll go with the better Company so I’m thinking TMO may not get the Glacier.I’m not gonna rely on TMO to outbid Verizon.IF the Evo doesn’t restock before the MTHD specs is confirmed then I’m gone like I’ve said before.Evoooo FTW

    • cscorbin

      jeeezzz you again.. don’t you have some crap to deliver

    • Bimmerz

      Mailman; Do you by chance have the link/article about Verizon being in a bidding war with Tmo for the Glacier? I did a search on Google, and found nothing. I would be interested in reading about this. Thx

      • zazou

        He read it in an undelivered National Enquirer..

      • TMOprophet

        I hate to say it, but Mailman is full of crap this time, there has been no story about a bidding war over the Glacier, I would know, I have been following every bread crumb of evidence on this device.

      • joel

        Mailman is full of crap EVERY POST HE MAKES.

        “lol EVOOOoooooooo ftw derp”

      • Bimmerz

        @ TMOprophet: I figured as much. But just in case there was something I missed, I thought I’d ask.

        However, I did come across an article to which it said that Tmo lost the bidding war for the iPhone to VRZ, and that VRZ is getting it instead. So maybe, that is the article he read too, and got it confused?

        Who knows, just glad that the Glacier is still within our reach, and that it pans out – as that will be one bad-a$$ phone, if true! :)

    • Tokinotabumblb

      OMG you are so damn annoying. Don’t you have anything else better to do than to come here and whine all the time? You’re such a hater, but the only thing you are doing is giving this site more hits. Get your damn EVO and GTFO out of here. “FTW”

      • Sharma

        hahaa that was good

      • ihatefanboys

        FTW is as bad as FTJ from transformers 2

    • j

      Mailman13877, we dont listen to whiny little people, go ahead and waste more money on soring you idiot. GPS is a major issue? What do you not have a memory as to where your going? Please Vibrant GPS is a non-issue, mine is flawless

    • chris

      I’ve thought that you were gone already!What is your problem man!?

  • ihatefanboys

    @MikeD…. BYEEEE !!! SO LONG !!!! ….HAVE A NICE TRIP……. we wont miss u

  • keele8

    I am on the fence like many of you about this phone but for everyone that keeps talking about the hinge, do you really think HTC would put out a phone with a weak hinge design? I bet you that hinge design has been tested again and again with very little issues. I am sure there will be a lemon or two that might have issues just like any mass produced product, but I am 100% sure that when this phone is released we won’t see any post on tmonews about all the G2 phones that have faulty hinges. HTC cares way too much about their reputation to put out a phone with a bogus hinge. Just my opinion. Can’t wait for the hate reply’s!

    • jazzmanmonty

      i hate you! lol i know people get over the hinge thing, it doesn’t tilt, its gonna be metal like the g1..htc’s not that stupid. its prolly gonna snap up and down just like the g1 makes a snap when it slides. no its not gonna have 2.2..coming with 2.1 no its not gonna have dual core processor..typical 1 ghz snapdragon..but u know what its gonna have, its gonna have hinges..strong ass hinges that i hope can help me slide down a vine if i’m ever in the jungle stuck in a tree.

  • ihatefanboys

    @mailman….wow the leaving tmo bus is filling up fast….dont let the door hit u on the way out… hate u whiney twats that compare phones and threaten to leave…its like the honeymooners….even tho ralph threatens to punch his wife to the moon…we all know he wont….so leave…we dont care and neither does tmo..if one row of keys makes the epic better then u are a sad sack of turds, and u and sprint deserve each other……see ya !!

    • Tokinotabumblb

      He’s been threatening to leave for months, but still…he is here.

  • Yawn

    Ironic that someone going by the name “ihatefanboys” is such an ardent defender of all things Tmobile ;)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      nice observation. Haaa!!!

    • SEFan

      Ya beat me to it!! But inside that rant IHFB has a point. Why walk away now? Yes, Sprint has a couple cool phones now, but T-Mobile is finally bringing some decent high-end devices of its own. I was among the first to bitch about the lack of FFC on the Vibrant, but let’s be honest – the Vibrant and the next 2 HTC devices look pretty hot. That’s assuming the Vibrant GPS probs really are a software issue, but let’s be optimistic. The rest of the device is pretty good. Besides, if you get a Sprint device you have to actually use Sprint. Where I live that means some pretty spotty coverage. Plus, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is still kicking WIMAX’s ass everywhere they’ve crossed swords. So hey, hang around at least until you’ve had a chance to tap out a couple messages on that 4 row keyboard, and take the G2 up to full HSPA+ speeds a couple times. The EVO and Epic will still be there if you decide to leave.

      Personally I’m curious what T-Mo will come up with next…

      • j

        SEFan, Vibrant has GPS issue has to user error as mine is fine, I set it to use wireless networks right away and have never had an issue with it

    • ihatefanboys

      lol, im a master of irony, personally its a name i use everywhere, it just fits in most situations……anyhoo, i do love t-mobile….just hate when people complain over .3 inches of a phone screen as a reason to leave…. the difference btween a 4inch screen and a 3.7 screen is .3 inches. are they serious ? lol…and a 1ghz processor is suddenly like having a dial-up modem or dsl…1ghz processors are super fast and under a yr old in most phones…i dont know what these “fanboys” wanna use their phones for, they act like they think these phones are laptops….if i need a laptop, guess what ? ill buy a laptop…lol

      • funky

        but can it run crysis? There – someone said it. I think it is a really nice looking phone – cant wait to see the specs. Honestly though, my G1 runs so well on Cyanogen 5.0.8, I dont really need a new phone. Like I said in another post, I hope they make it a dev phone – they always seem to get all the love.. Tmo will have a nice offering by the end of the year.

        Lets hope this emits less radiation than the myTouch Slide..

        FTW? WTF!

  • jmts80

    G2, Vibrant, Mytouch HD, and maybe Dell Thunder. Guess we can’t complain about T-mobile’s smart phone line up anymore!

  • Barry

    That’s just the thing they secretly don’t want to leave which is why we keep getting all these I if the next rumored phone doesn’t have a quadcore processor 8mp ffc w/ night vision so I can J@ckoff to my gf on the other end and a 8″ screen that arouses me when I touch it and gets 40 mpg on the street and cooks my meals I’m leaving. smh The bitching is really overwhelming at times. Idk how you authors do it. It’s like nothing will ever be good enough and when something comes that they want they’ll complain about the price. It’s really this simple, if you like it get it, if you don’t don’t. If you’re leaving leave and if your staying stay nobody needs to know that you’re leaving just roll. But you won’t cause you secretly love T-Mobile dontcha…dontcha??? lmao I’m done

    • ihatefanboys

      i laughed so hard when i read “8 inch screen that arouses me when i touch it” that was hillarious

  • Jay

    The hinge doesn’t bother me,It’s the small screen size and lack of front facing camera that bother me. This is the point I try to make all the time Tmobile always gets the baby Android phones, How are they going to compete with VZW,ATT & Sprint if they keep coming out with Android devices that are already behind the curb.

    • phonegeek

      01/2011… i repeat 01/2011

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I hear ya. I want a phone with the internal storage space of the N97 (32gb) but with the specs of the Evo but on Tmobile. I know I most likely won’t get the 32gb internal storage space and I’m fine with that so a Tmo Evo would suit me just fine. Come on Maggy, bring me that elusive beast.

    • pjs

      3.7 – 4.0 inch screen is the sweet spot. These 4.3 inch behemoths are way to big for everyday use. FFC has been beaten to death, it doesn’t drive customers to one carrier vs another so its not a “killer feature”. Besides iPhone 4, which AT&T phones offer FFC????? Which Sprint phones offer FFC besides the Epic and EVO??? Do you see their customer’s crying?

      • pjs

        sorry I left this out

        If you must have a FFC on T-Mobile, buy the Nokia E73 Mode. VGA FFC FTW :)

  • Hmmmm?

    I’m wondering, I keep switching between these pictures above and the T-Mobile “tease” site. Is it just me, or does the outline of this phone not really line up with the outline of the one on that site? Notice the back of the phone on the pictures above, near the bottom half of the phone, it is smooth. The outline on the T-Mobile site, has a small bump, or ridge on it near the bottom. Unless it is that mini-usb slot, but I wouldn’t think it would stick out that much. I don’t think it is the camera, unless they have it upside down, does anyone else see this?


    • Technogen

      Correct, for some reason they are showing the DesireHD not this one.

    • Sharma

      That bump you see is the dedicated camera button. Look at the very first picture after the jump.
      The phone is just at a different angle.
      The outline is NOT of the Desire HD. Come on T-Mo wouldnt be that stupid

      • Hmmmm?

        If it’s the pic I think you area talking about it is on the other side of the phone, but your probably right, just a different angle. I didn’t think it was the Desire HD, that doesn’t really make any sense. I think I was just looking at the outline to long, and started to see things, LOL.

  • phonegeek

    next leaked pictures goes to duh duh duh duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mytouch HD lets give a round of applause oh yes oh yes turn around for us show us what your workin with MTHD

  • PottyMouth

    Wow, they already have a fan page for this: http://www.facebook.com/pages/T-Mobile-G2/108120399245708?v=wall

  • Steve

    I am very impressed with the design! Compared to the plasticky toy look of the Vibrant, this looks like something for the grown ups. I’m loving the brushed aluminum on the back! And they managed to make it so thin! I always wanted something like the Droid to come to T-Mobile, and this looks like it exceeds that expectation! I am glad that T-Mobile is finally stepping their game up.

  • dpaul

    well i am leaving tmo, and im pissed at this super nice htc android.. office of the president investigated my account and alleges that i, one person called customer care 400x times sicne 11/09 and as a result my calls are flagged and are being re routed to foreign call centers. So i am never able to contact their US call centers. This will make me lose Tmo.. ive never heard of something so stupid.. being called “you people” and that calling for service issues or upgrades are not legitamate..im lost for words… love the phone tho., been waiting to ditch bberry for htc android with keyboard, but this crap is crazy.. paying post paid customer of 5 years and this how im being treated by a company who prides in customer care.

  • usefulidiot37

    @dpaul I used to work for tmobile and I can tell you that there are no call centers outside the us even all the outsourced call centers are us based. Before I left what tmo was doing is making excessive callers hold longer sorry you had the bad experiance with the call but please educate yourself before spreading mistruth.

  • ObsceneJesster

    If you want to upgrade, you have got to be a complete idiot to buy this or the MyTouch HD when the dual core HSPA+ powerhouse running Gingerbread is due in December. It’s already been leaked by the guy’s over at Android Central. One of them spoke to a HTC rep face to face at a convention in Seattle. The only information the rep would give up was:

    1) First phone to release with Android 3.0
    2) HSPA+
    3) 4.3 in. display
    4) first dual core
    5) T-Mobile exclusive

    If your interested or don’t believe me go email one of the guys on Android Central.

    • iFail…

      Pics or it didnt happen

  • dpaul

    @usefulidiot37 why are u bashing me? educate myself? who in their right mind would call anywhere 400x in one year? thats so stupid! i write a formal letter to customer relations only to be told, sorry thats it.. your calls will be re routed?? but if i call front a sprint phone, i get right thru without holding.. how can a company do that to their paying customers.. i cant even debate their allegation.. theres no way in hell i would call anyone 400x.. and if i did, i wouldnt expect to be black balled as a result.. like im some seconded rate customer or damn flex pay! whatever, guess its time to change carries and try something new.. since tmo doesnt respect my loyal business..im mad that i want this phone, but hate to stay around and deal with this nonsense. Any other ideas tmo fam.. i still love tmo but this is totally bogus!

    • Look@meh

      Lol I called atleast 100 times I got the same rep couple of times contact the FCC. I filled a complaint and t-mobiles been kissing my ass since the FCC will make sure they’ll fix your account goodluck

  • yor_papi

    WTH. Damm jus barely starting to like my touch slide now tmo comes out withthis device man I think I should hav waited this realy suks .but need to more info on this G2 supply the specs ppl

    • Tokinotabumblb

      If we were to wait until a better phone comes out, we will never have a cellphone. A new phone comes out pretty much every month. I just bought the myTouch Slide, and while I love it very much, now I’m interested in the myTouch HD. The only thing holding me back is the lack of a keyboard. Watch, if I were to sell my Slide and get the HD, come January or February, there will be an even better phone. I guess we just have to either have that much of a disposable income, or just be a little more patient and get a phone we truly want and have the will power not to get a new one every couple months.

  • jazzmanmonty

    after reading comments and positives and negatives all day on various sites, looking at pics and specs, and commenting myself on it, i’ve come to a final conclusion about this phone.

    This should really be referred to is a Nexus 2 not a G2. Its pretty much what the nexus 1 was but upgraded and even looks like it with the addition of a keyboard. it has no resemblence nor similarities to the g1 aside from a keyboard that is more like a keyboard on a 4 row keyboard on the cliq. IMO its like taking a mytouch, changing it up a little and calling it a Nexus 2. Frankly thats all this phone is, is a N1, little better processor, upgraded memory, and a keyboard added. NOT a G1 version 2.0.

    For months we’ve anticipated an awesome groundbreaking phone as the G1 was when it was released. A true G2 should be groundbreaking as well and not mimic so closely an entirely different phone. Yes, the hspa+ is groundbreaking though limited to 14.4 mps. (lets say a miracle happens and 21mps connection is possible in a year) But thats the only real sell on it. Everything else is mediocre. Sprint did it right, though i hate them. They wanted to unveil their 4g network, they did it with bringing out the most sophisticated phone out there. thats revolutionary. Tmobile didn’t learn from sprint at all. a true G2 would be not only revolutionary with its connection speeds, but at least push the envelope as far as features. Enough about android 2.2. its not going to come with it but the OS is just an OS. pretty much the same down the board with all android phones coming out now. android isn’t the selling feature like it was on the g1. its the hardware features that make or break the deal. yes, the vibrant proved that 5 megapixels is enough, so did the iphone. but throw in 8 megapixels and now there is an aww factor. hummingbird processor wastes snapdragon. throw in a new form of cpu technology not the same old 1ghz in all the other phones. it should have hd capabilities in its second coming. we shouldn’t have to wait for the mytouch hd to offer that. when g1 came out it was the competition for iphone. it should still be and it should meet/exceed the iphones offerings.

    So in conclusion, a name is just a name, but this phone has been assigned the wrong one. Tmobile had the right intentions, knowing us g1 owners are available for upgrade now and what better than a g2. but they dropped the ball on the g2 by not making it have the aww factor that the g1 did. nothing revolutionary, just another average android smartphone. shame on tmobile for taking the cheap route. lets see what the specs will be for the mytouch HD or whatever else may come out this holiday season. And as patiently we all wait, i don’t think tmobile is going to deliver what we want til possibly Q1 or Q2 2011 sad to say. Thanks for reading.

    • JoshL

      I somewhat agree. I think it was wrong for them to try to produce a G2 and not have it be the best phone on the market. You cannot say it is the successor to the phone that started the revolution, and then produce a mediocre Android device. I guess we don’t know all of the specs yet, so we’ll have to wait and see. I’m just a bit disappointed that T-Mobile would hype this phone up (“the revolution continues…”) and not have the specs to back it up (assuming this phone does in fact have a ‘budget snapdragon’). Pleasee prove me wrong T-Mobile!

      • JoshL

        Oh yeah, I am considering still buying it (pending specs- i.e. no froyo on launch day is a no-go for me)

    • keele8

      I can’t really say I agree or disagree. I think it is too soon to make this kind of conclusion since we only have pictures and rumors of what the specs are. If you base this conclusion on just the pictures, then I agree that it is basically the Nexus One with a keyboard. But, we don’t know the official specs. I don’t know if anyone else got the text from Tmobile but it stated “You heard it first; G2 is coming, and it’s fast. Finally the best of Google at speeds you crave. Get exclusive access at G2.t-mobile.com” Now I find it hard to believe that they would send a text like that talking about the speed of this phone twice if it just had a plain old 1ghz processor. I bet it is 1.2 or if it is a 1ghz it will be some type of new technology (or hummingbird possibly). I know time will only tell, and if it is the same specs as everything else out there then I will jump on the band wagon of this being a fail, but I am not willing to make that conclusion just yet. Maybe, just maybe Magenta will surprise us all on what is under the hood of that G2.

    • ihatefanboys

      @jazz….sorry can u repeat what u said ? all i read was “blah blah blah, whine, whine whine, cry cry cry, compare comapare, complain, complain, preach, preach” the G2 may not awe u, and thats sad…..the only AWE factor is the length of your post, u really think we care what YOU think dont u ?? thats even sadder. we dont even have the full specs…and as for something to remind us of the G1…did u happen to miss the pic with the hinged lift-over the keyboard pic….the hinge is nearly identical to the G1, but instead of sliding sideways, its sliding over..thats unique to the G1 and now the G2 shares a similar feature…if it comes running 2.2 on stock android, with a 1ghz processor i expect u to eat that whole paragraph…

      • jazzmanmonty

        i’m stating fact, ur the one thats wasting space here posting bs comments. 50 phones have a slider big deal. enough specs are out to know that is pretty much the same thing as a N1. even the 1 ghz processor..lame for a “revolutionary phone”..its coming with 2.1 w sense. so quit wasting my time because ur not smart enough to make the connections and are the exact type of customer that tmobile likes..the blind one like the rest that think because its new, its awesome..right..go buy new phones every 2 months. when tmo publicly announces the specs and you see that they’re pretty much the same as the N1, i expect you to silence yourself on this board forever because people read to get educated, not ur b.s. no go in the corner and cry child.

      • ihatefanboys

        @jazz….no where is it confirmed its gonna hav sense….so the BS comments are yours so far. i follow every bit of technology over multiple blogs, im am very educated, in fact , im so educated that i can put 2 and 2 together and realize the official specs arent even released yet….nothing is confirmed, as the guy that quoted yahoo at the top of this page found out….the slider is just a slider? are u dense ? find another slider from any US carriers that lifts up and over the keyboard, reducing the thickness of the phone by almost 50%…i have the original G1 for almost 2yrs so im not the kind of customer “tmobile likes”…like i said in another post…1ghz processors are less than a year old, they are not old or slow by any means, u sound like what ur calling me, the type of dude that needs to buy the next big thing..its a phone, not a laptop, if u need a 8 megapixel cam on a telephone, u got issues…if u need more than a 1 gig processor on a phone, u hav issues…if u feel the need to call people children because they disagree with u, and hav a better grasp of the entire situation and am perfectly calm, not going off on a silly rant because tmobile didnt satify YOU, then u hav issues…..do what i tell all u whiners to do, leave tmo and goto sprint so u can rub yourself with an evo or an epic and be happy..

  • gmoney313

    HTC G2 for T-Mobile Seen on Walmart’s Site http://bit.ly/dyoobn

    • Dustin

      Odd that it says w/ HTC Sense with it being a google experience phone.

  • alex32

    this phone should be android stock, i hope it is. if its sense then itll be disappointing but I dont mind it at all. Im done waiting for an android phone, this is it, and this is the one im going to get with no regrets. I have a curve 8900 so any android phone is a monster upgrade haha. anyway, android is a fast paced platform, if i keep waiting for the next big thing im never going to get a new phone because android tops their phones each month. Im using my upgrade on this..so ill be under a year contract which i dont mind..once the year is over ill upgrade to the next big thing. Hopefully the hspa+ internet package is not expensive, thats what worries me. but being a loyal customer for 8 years im sure ill get 25 a month unlimited everything

  • julian.d

    I’m so sick of people and this desire for a front facing camera…… its a feature I’m sure u wont use often

    • ihatefanboys

      thank u, ive been sayin that for like forever…its a gimmick feature…how many people actually video chat with …..anyone…i call it iphone envy…whenever the iphone gets a new feature if its not included instantly on an android phone its a fail….lol…its just the lust for NEW….if the iphone came out with “detachable anal probe”…everyone would suddenly want it ….lol

      • tokinotabumblb

        I use Fring on my Slide for video calls, but I hardly use it, so a FFC won’t be such a big deal for me. Didn’t Evo come out with it before the iPhone 4? Anyway, I agree with everything you said. People are so insatiable.

    • thaghost

      dnt get sick. i want a front facing camera. video conferencing/face time is gonna be standard soon. its also good for takinn pics. you know what makes me sick? that some galaxy s phones has one but the 1 for sucky tmobile doesnt. smh.

      • ihatefanboys

        who honestly video confrences ? who has enuf people they kno that well that instead of just calling them, theyll video ?? u kno whats good for taking pics ??? a camera. just say u like it and u dont know why….and NO face time or video chat will not be “standard”….if tmo is so sucky….leave ! ive been saying it all day

      • alex32

        i dont see myself using ffc. Especially when the US has recently released these kind of phones like the evo and iphone. the ffc is just for pride, Not many people have phones with an ffc in the US now, therefor it isnt really needed. In a year or 2 it may be needed but as of now its not a big deal.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I’ll be using the crap out of my ffc when I get one. It’ll basically get rid of the need for MMS for me. Also when I go on vacation and want to show someone whats going on, I’ll be able to right then. Also, when I’m shopping for someone, I can show them what I’m looking at so they can make the decision themselves, also yes video conferencing will be something I do often when dealing with business. And lots of other uses I have for it but don’t feel like posting right now.

      I for one will love using my ffc. If you don’t like it, simple solution is to just not use it.

  • tacos rule

    I’m down as long as it can make calls and send e-mails…it could be a deal breaker if it doesn’t have holographic technology where I can pull off an Arnold-esque move like in Total Recall

  • amnic

    Wow I have been holding out for over a year for a great android phone from tmobile. and still we get the keyboard? why can’t we get an HTC phone of comfortable proportions w/o a keyboard!? Desire? Nexus One? Hero? these were all great phones for smaller hands w/o a keyboard and tmo gets NO comparable HTC phones still? UGH!

    • i agree, the hell with the kb, it would be nice if the my touch HD(android please) came out before this. i need a new phone but this one sucks BAD.

    • chotpy


  • tcky

    I bet you this phone can’t record 720p HD, its 5 MP camera and its 800 mhz processor? hell no! I’m goin for the Touch HD.

  • bigc17

    The G2 looks like a good phone to hold everyone over until november or December when the htc glacier( project emerald ) comes out. I hope that the G2 has these specs or at least somethings close:

    * 3.7″- 4.0″ Oled,Super amoled or Slcd display 480×800

    * 800mhz dual core or 1ghz processor

    * Android 2.2 stock without sense

    * 5 – 8mp camera w/HD video recorder and playback

    * 8GB – 16GB+ built in memory

    * Wi-Fi w/ a Wi-Fi router (don’t take out the hotspot t-mobile)

    * UMA support

    * Good battery life 7 hours+

    * Flash 10.1

    * tilting screen (optional)

    * 3.5mm headphone jack

    * 8 – 16GB sd card included

    * “easy to type on” raised keyboard

    This will hold me over till then

  • dgrave

    mine as well get the samsung vibrant with their Hummingbird 1ghz processor and a SUPER OLED Display…duhhhh…16GB INTERNAL….and it only cost $100. So far I’m not impressed with the GSUCKIT!! I have a nexus, how is this better than the nexus?? bullshhhhh…..I need double of what the nexus has…might even go back to the vibrant….damn you TMO….

  • NiiDiddy

    This is not bad for a G1 follow-up phone. That’s all I have to say on this. :)

  • Wow sexy and hella thin to have a full pull out qwerty key board. I hope the specs are up to par with the heavy weights of smartphones.

  • Marc

    Why are they hiding the front right corner of the device?

  • cellswag5

    Tired of waiting. Wait til jan just to be let down. I say just get the phone u like. I really like this phone don’t really care about it not having ffc. Does it matter when something better comes out you people just going to get that too.

    • JoshL

      lol! You’re right. Well, I’m actually a one-phone-every-upgrade-cycle kind of guy, but most of these people on here just buy every phone anyway. But I am definitely not going to wait until November or December or January to be let down… that’s just too much time to let my expectations build.

  • TMOprophet

    I have to say this, but It’s funny that everyone was screaming for pics of this phone and wanted to know what it looked like..lol

    Its nearly identical to the pics that leaked like a month ago, you all have seen this for the last month. SO I wouldn’t go begging for pics of the myTouch as it seems we already have some pics of that.

    Extra pics never hurts though.

    And personally I think this G2 is pretty decent, it has a nice clean look to it.

    I want to see the Glacier over anything else.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      same here. Wherez Mah Glazier?

  • G2YaY

    Hey does anyone think there be Moore Colors Available? Like the G1?

    • ghost99k

      hope not.unless full black would b cool.
      looks sweet though even though i dont like physical keyboards but i will buy this when it comes out.

      • Coxatron

        Then buy the Samsung Vibrant. It’s almost the same phone, without the physical keyboard :P

      • Deke218

        …almost the same phone without a keyboard…

        So the deer in the backyard are just like unicorns without the horns.

    • Matt

      I hope so. I really liked the color of the first leaked pictures of the device. http://androidandme.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/htc-vision-g1-blaze.jpg

      I hope that color scheme is an option.

      • chotpy

        yeah, I liked the blue a lot too.

      • JoshL

        same here. I’m still hoping for a blue/black option.

      • Steve

        Yup Blue/Black would be awesome.

  • Stream

    This is…gorgeous or will be, just in another color. My vibrant is stunning. I miss my g1s keyboard so much but it broke so I went ahead with the Vibrant. I am NOT a master of Swype so you probably know how irritating using this phone could be for me. Even just writing things like these take a lot of effort and is a hasell. I prefer faster download speeds than faster processor and with hspa+ and this phone hardware, I’m pretty sure the download speeds will be faster than the processor. And that’s okay with me. I’m most likely going to return my Vibrant and get this. Anyone care to make me feel better by telling me I’m doing the right thing? Or should I stick with my Vibrant?

    • T-Mo Fan

      just keep your vibrant and then get a g2 also….whats the harm in sim swapping whenever you feel in the mood for full touch or keyboard.

    • immadroid

      i returned my vibrant after 2 weeks, it is a beautiful device but my loyalty lies with HTC they don’t disappoint and you are doing yourself a favor if you decide to return it as well, the g2 sounds more like a device for you

  • blablabla

    seriously why the HELL are some you crying about a front facing camera? are you sad that you won’t be able to brag to your friends about it? You’re not even gonna use the damn thing. You weren’t crying about ffc’s 5 years ago so why is it so important to you now? People hardly even call each other nowadays. It’s mostly text so why would people go from not calling anyone to doing video calls?

    • Shon

      But front facing cameras make it much easier to do the Facebook Fishy face picture.

      • Bigs12

        this phone does have a front facing camera, you may not see it on this one but it will….TRUST ME!!!

      • dwillistyle

        Im pretty sure Biggs12 is mistaken. I dont think the G2 has a FFC. Really, I would love to be proven wrong but thats not going to happen I’m afraid.

      • JoshL

        I seriously doubt this phone will have a FFC… It’s not in any of those pics and it’s just not going to happen.

      • chotpy

        lol, if you look at the original version in the first blurrycam pix, it did have a ffc or a proximity sensor.

      • trogdor

        @Bigs12 Are you all knowing allah or something? It sure would be sweet as hell to have a FFC camera on this beast. This is what the slide was supposed to be.

      • Josh

        Actually I agree, it’s going to have a ffc. It’d be dumb not too. You’ve got a device that receives some of the fastest internet available and then your not going to put a ffc on your debut phone…

      • Bigs12

        say what you want you will see, when Cole Brodman, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer tells you, you tend to trust what they say …. I’ll be telling I told you so when the phone is released

      • Deke218

        Cole who?

    • George


    • rod parish

      preach! that is what i’ve been saying.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      actually I was wanting a ffc over 5 years ago.

    • jonstonson

      Because everyone has to compare everything to the iphone. Ridiculous.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        just to let everybody that thinks the iphone is the reason Everybody wants a ffc, the Nokia N95 was the reason that I first started wanting a ffc and it came out WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY before iPhone was even thought of so here is what made me want a front facing camera.

        NOKIA N95:

        That phone came out over 5 years ago and seeing people on youtube use the ffc over any signal on this device made me start wanting a ffc.

      • immadroid

        i know MOST people compare everything to an iphone but i want an fcc since the EVO has one and had it before the iphone 4 =p

      • Deke218

        So Wilma Flintstone was the first person in the world who wanted a FFC not because of the iCrap but because of the N95!

    • Joshuakprice1

      But with a ffc I could use my phone as a mirror! How can you not see the sense in spending 600 in a phone so I can look at myself while I drive? And just think of all the cybersex possibilities!

    • Marc

      How do you know people are not going to use it? People were not crying about 1ghz on phones 5 years ago either, or capacitive touch screens, or SAMOLED, but they are now.

    • Andy G

      Cause maybe that was 5 years ago… Facebook was still swimming aroun in its daddy n#t sack!

  • Yawn

    *rewind several years*

    seriously why the HELL are some you crying about a cellphone? are you sad that you won’t be able to brag to your friends about it? You’re not even gonna use the damn thing. You weren’t crying about cellphones 5 years ago so why is it so important to you now? Use an at&t landline like everyone else!

    • Wilma Flintstone


  • csgmusic

    Isn’t this the same pics of of Nexus 1 with a kybrd from several yrs ago? The iphone wud b an iphone 4 if the perspn really had a g2. Idk. I’m just saying. Ffc and 5 row kybrd wud really be cool. Hope this isn’t the g2 nore the sidekick twist

  • Jake

    I don’t know if there will be MORE colors but T-mobile tends to bring a lot of colors to their phones. Some awfull like the Samsung GRavity’s, some nice like the BlackBERRY’s.

    • chotpy

      I like the blue gravity, it’s cute.

      the green can jump off a bridge and soak until it malfunctions.

      • Rob

        Had two different green gravity phones doesnt need to jump off a bridge to malfunction.

  • ZMeister

    I hope this is not the real phone….. looks like a cheap knock off of nexus with a key board

  • justmee

    I’d get G2 only if T-Mobile makes it deaf-friendly. Most deaf people don’t need voice plans at all. Is T-Mobile gonna ever realize about that?

    • Technogen

      You should call customer service, I have data only on my plan.

      • Steve

        How is he going to call them when he is deaf?!

      • chotpy

        LAWL i see what he did there

    • Alessandra

      Steve: Deaf people have ways of calling customer service, they can use the relay or their video phones that are connected to their TV’s or use the Videophone on their laptop to call Customer Service, either that or they can probably do the Live Chat with T-Mobile if they have one.

    • Rosario

      Im sure they have something they can offer you. Remember Tmobile had the sidekicks which were geared towards the deaf community. There were several apps for people who were deaf. Now, the sidekick line is sorta dead, but they still support the features on the phone so you might just have to talk to the right person to get what you want.

    • Deke218

      What? Can’t hear you.

  • J1

    wtf.. I can’t believe this phone doesn’t have android 4.0(honeycomb).. what a p.o.s.

    It better atleast come with android 3.0(gingerbread), have the ability to bake gingerbread cookies, while humming jingle bells.. if not its a total dealbreaker for me.. smh

    You see how much easier it is to monday morning quarterback(especially pre-specs), as opposed to getting an engineering degree, designing and manufacturing the next “killer phone”..

    though very little is actually confirmed at this point.. I find myself very interested in the g2 as well as the prospect of the fabled “glacier”.. just waiting for some “confirmed specs” from tmo because last time I checked there was just a silhouette of a phone there.. just saying.. anyway it’ll be one or the other for me.. maybe even both.. smh .. Magenta baby.. ftw

    • Ivan

      @ Alien, well you cant really compare the two because no specs are know for the G2, but even with the keyboard its pretty thin, from the looks of the pics.

    • Deke218

      Android 4 isn’t honeycomb. Its CrackHouse.

  • BrianH

    About the desire to for a front facing camera….. There are many people who travel for work and want to stay in touch with their families. If I am in Brisbane Australia at 4 pm waiting for a meeting I can see my kids before they get ready to go to school in the morning at 7am. I can snap pictures of myself while I am traveling so I can show my family where I am and what I am doing without having to wonder if I am in the picture because I can’t see the LCD. If you don’t want an FFC then don’t worry about why other people want one. I get tired of getting out my laptop to see my family while I am on the road. Having a phone with an FFC would make my life better and make business travel a little easier. My wife has an iphone 4 with a FFC but I would prefer not getting an Iphone 4.

    • Rilesman

      It truly amazes me how people will so excited to blast/flame/reply to those who desire a certain feature in a phone like FFC. So what if they don’t want one… should not dictate to others what they want or desire. No replies required. Same thing for those that still prefer a keyboard (I am not one of them).

    • Deke218

      Don’t you need a iCrap 4 to Icrap 4 in order for the FFC to work.

  • Willie

    good looking phone….but pictures arent confirmed yet, but if tmobile does read viewers comments, id love to see front facing video camera, 8mp rear camera with flash, this phone to have htc sense with andorid 2.2, a 4” screen would be nice…but to me tmobile should have features better than the evo if they really want to sell this device and call it a revolution continue…hope they set standards with this, otherwise this going to be a fail

    • immadroid

      if this is the device, it looks like a 5mp camera with flash (the 8mp sticks out a bit like the evo and incredible)

    • Stream

      Those features would be nice but you shouldn’t take sides against the g2 if,Tmo doesn’t deliver your requests. They’re doing enough “revolutionizing” by making it an hspa+ phone. I’d be lucky to have the original g1 completely taking advantage of hspa+!!!

  • mikeeeee


  • Slick Vic

    Wow! Nice phone. Although, I won’t be getting it. I’m not a fan of physical QWERTY keyboards, anymore.

  • rpinazo

    Whats up with the keys still having european symbols on them????? Are we sure this is the one coming to the U.S.? The covered phone has a slight bulge at the bottom back and I dont see one here.

    • zapote21

      Yes its coming to the US…

  • CarlosG2ftw

    I doubt tmobile wants a evo like phone…I read that sprint looses around $300 for every evo they sale…i know that I wull be getting this sexy classy looking phone…I just love the way it looks…I might keep my vibrant or I might sell it to get the g2 faster…OMG I love the G2…cant wait for it too be released…

    • 2FR35H

      Lol this is more pictures of the gawd damn prototype. Note how engadget blurred the serial number.

      Are you sure this is the finished product pictures for G2?

      • alex32

        this is the finished product. I dont see the blurred serial# from these pictures. Where do you see them?

        This is one hell of a phone, and the thought of it coming in september 29 kills me. I seriously want this to come out september 15 like it was rumored before. I cant wait.

  • taaars

    Hope the g1 users get what they want from this phone. I would be hard pressed to get a phone that did not have a super amoled screen (or better). Plus to me
    a slide out keyboard always scares me, just one more thing that can break :)

  • droidfan

    Im at the verizon store, currently typing this with a droidx. I saw how the droid 2has a3.7inch screen and man is there’s huge difference. The 3.7 looks so small to the obvious 4.3. 3.7 looks small competition wise. The g2 should have been 4 inches…

  • coolMANDINGO

    3.7 inch screen !!! FAIL
    @droidfan…. i was thinking the same thing

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    See my pic, this is obviously a screen that tilts, like the Touch Pro2.


    • alex32

      i agree with you, thing phone obviously tilts, if you look at the picture (where its open) the top row of the keyboard is covered. For it not to be covered, you have to tilt that screen

    • williamkray

      i don’t think it’s a tiltscreen. i think the pictures are demonstrating that the screen doesn’t just simply slide up, it lifts up, and slides down in an elliptical motion. kindof like how the g1 didn’t slide up, it swung out to the left and up.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Sidenote, I agree that the screen can lay flat like in the pic, but IMHO that hinge mechanism looks as though it also tilts. The Touch Pro2 also functioned the same, laying flat or tilting.

    If it’s not a tilt screen, then T-Mobile is dropping the ball on phone design because the tilt screen is a hot feature. It’s far better than a kickstand.

    • joel

      It’s be great if it tilted, but I don’t think it would be “dropping the ball” if it didn’t. And IMO, it won’t tilt. Hinge mechanism looks to small for HTC to rely on it for tilting.

  • tacos rule

    any confirmed specs or price yet? I also hope it comes with a decent speaker. Still using my G1 but hate how low the speaker can be at times when using gps or speakerphone

  • Alien_VS_Creditors

    I was planning on getting the Vibrant next month. Without knowing the full specs of this phone, do you guys/girls think i should wait for this? I really dont care about the keyboard. Usually phones with keyboards are pretty thick like the Cliq. But if you guys had to pick one, which would you pick? And i’m not including other phones that might come out. I’m just comparing these two phones!

    • joel

      If the keyboard doesn’t matter, then get the Vibrant IMO. This phone will probably be on approx. the same level.

  • mahogany1

    As you know when it comes to phone selection TMobile ain’t the brightest so you know it will not have 4.0 TMobile keeps disappointing in the Android race. How can you allow your competition to get ahead of you when you introduced Android?

  • Barry

    How can you even mention 4.0 when 2.2 isn’t even the norm yet smh. Besides 4.0 probably wont come out until 2012 there will be hundreds of phones launched between then and now.

  • jazzmanmonty


    a post today that seems pretty revealing.. we can see that the mytouch hd has all the specs we like to see on the g2, but will the hd also be hspa+ compatible? i just find it weird that g2 will come with 2.1 and hd with 2.2..and sense on both..hmm..idk

  • Barry

    So are you sure that the DHD and the MTHD are one and the same? Not sure if the G2 will have sense because on the teaser website it says a Google experience. And the 2..1 thing doesntt make any sense the rumored version was stock 2.2 Guess we’ll have to wait and see on that.. The mthd would have to be hspa+ right? To set it apart from the evo. Also if those specs are true that pic we saw a couple weeks ago supposedly being the mthd would have to be fake because there’s too much bezel around the earpiece to be 4.3″ as others have stated the same observation.

  • Barry

    Correction “G2 with google”* pretty sure if it had sense there wouldn’t have been emphasis on the with google more than likely it would’ve said with HTC sense but again it’s a wait and see.

    • LuckyStar

      I agree regarding the phone having HTC sense skin, I came across those rumored specs and hoping they will be the real deal at launch:

      Android OS w/ HTC Sense
      3.7? Active Matrix OLED display
      1 GHz Snapdragon Processor
      Landscape slide-out QWERTY keyboard
      5MP camera with autofocus.
      3G HSPA+
      WiFi + Hotspot capabilities
      Bluetooth 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate

      As you can see there is a possibility of having sense over the stock android and no FFC. I am wondering if the “wifi + Hotspot capabilities” will translate into UMA.

  • Ivan

    Has anyone else noticed that the ‘ALT’ options are different? I think this is some europeon version but i also think were getting this in BLACK and possibly Graphite like this too i guess, and with the basic ‘ALT’ key options and since this is Tmobiles first HSPA+ phone maybe the US version will have a FFC. From what I see theres a volume rocker, a micro usb charger port, one microphone and one ( maybe two ) voice / noise cancellation microphones. and if you look carefully, you can see below the volume rocker a little slot, perhaps a HDMI out? or maybe thats the charger and on the other side is the HDMI out, cause most of the time ( i think maybe al the time ) the charger and the volume rocker are on the same side. i also see a camera probably 5.0 MP -.- w/ Flash and a cheap speaker. The screen also looks like it can tilt lke the Touch Pro 2 wich pretty much replaces a kickstand. A Touch Pad that HOPEFULLY LIGHTS UP FOR NOTIFICATIONS! HOPEFULLY IT ALSO HAS A PROCESSOR HIGHER THAN 1 Ghz and a screen larger than 3.5 and 512 mb of RAM or else it cant get Gingerbread. Or beter yet make it ship with Gingerbread! ;D

    • Marc

      Well it has the TMobile US dots on it.

  • Jesus

    so since theyre saying “Google Expierence Phone” its Vanilla Android ? If it is im Drueling for this bad boy.

  • ZMeister

    these pictures cant be true looks like a 2 year old htc model nothing like a breakthrough technology here

  • Ivan

    @ Jesus, Yes that does mean Vanilla Android, Probably all G’ Phones will have Vanilla Android just to keep up the tradition

  • Barry

    That’s what I’ve read but Walmart of all places (don’t get me wrong I love “the Walmart” lol) posted the specs of the G2 and listed was amoled *hard to believe * HTC sense *IMO hard to believe* and android 2.1 again *hard to believe*

  • ghost99k

    dammmmm it tmobile put their signature crappy silver metal bezel around the trackpad.i hate when they do that,it makes the phone look like a cheap or a samsung quality phone.the first original g2 or the g1 blaze(pic) looked a bit better.but im still getting this to put on my HTC collection.

  • Big Jake

    Okay.. first off, if this thinga ma jig is “spose’ to be a new pace for tmo & a pic is worth a 1000 words, why in the phuck is it sitting next two an outdated iphone “3g” at that & not next to say a moto droid 2?, true or not?, and even tmo said they wernt gonna “market” this or the mthd by saying its a secret launch, I bbelive this phone is not ment to compete with the evo nor droid x, but instead ment to tide over g1 users while at the same time showing what hspa+ can do, these two phones are small arms warnning shots “nothing special”, 4.3 munnitions chips later… final thought “phone does look as dated as the phone next to it”

  • wp7

    oh my god not only is this phone ugly but they crippled it with android… why tmobile. why?

    put windows phone 7 and i might consider this one….

    • alex32

      windows mobile in general is a fail, and so will windows mobile 7.

      • Carlos?

        How is windows mobile a fail?? It has had a long successful life of 10 years Compared to a mear 3yrs for android…people dont understand that android is nothing but a Rip off of windows mobile and the iphone combined…windowz mobile has ran its place in the mobile world Nd wp7 is here to continue that legacy…smh you forget that windows was the modern day Android a few years ago…most all technology eventually gets replaced by something newer and better…just like models get replaced by younger better looking models…. I REALLY WANT THIS PHONe! I DONT Care about specs anymore…I would much rather have it than my vibrant…

  • Manny

    My hopes for this phone…

    hoping these pics are some kind of prototype

    -I was reading an article on a different website (cant remember which one, if this sounds familiar to anyone, please let me know what website it was) and they said there source saw the G2 and he said it definitely has a FFC. and this was before these pics came out.
    -hopefully it tilts
    -im fine with it shipping with 2.1 but hopefully it comes with 2.2. as long as it doesn’t come with espresso, im good
    -Hd video recording (crosses fingers)
    …. it’ll be pretty messed up if this was a Tmobile usa version and the one thats supposed to have a FFC is going to come out in Eur…and that it will be announced Sept 15 at the HTC conference in London…that would suck

    • J1


      I think you may be refering to this article https://www.tmonews.com/2010/08/so-what-do-i-think-project-e… but if you still say yu read it somewhere else idk..

      in this article David’s source said that the mytouch hd would possibly have a ffc.. in the same article another source mentioned tmo would go with the name T-mobile G2 with google..

      Just keep in mind that the only things that are confirmed( by big M themselves) are that it will be the first hspa+ device, and its name will be the T-mobile G2 with google.. so take everything else with a grain of salt.. maybe even a soup spoon of salt at this point lol

  • Brad-fing-woods

    First i want to say get these M$ fanboys off this forum. Also to all you tards out there that probably dont even get enough from your 99 weeks of unemployment to buy this great phone. Shut your mouth grown people are trying to speak. Your free to say what you want but say it with logic in mind. FFC would be cool but not a requirement. I’m thrilled there is a flash. pretty sure there is 3.5 mm jack. honestly buy the phone return it if its not worthy. very simple.


    I hope it comes with a 4in screen or better.

    • legendary1022

      Its 3.7 more likely. Look at it compared to the 3.5in iphone. Slightly bigger. It agree, i think 4in is the sweet spot. Darn you Sprint and your Epic 4g

  • ihatefanboys

    the pic of the g2 with the back of phone showing…that port sure does look like an HDMI out port dont it ? along the side towards the bottom in case ur blind, lol

    • joel

      No, that looks like the charger port to me. It’d be great if this phone were capable of TV-out though <3

  • houston texas soho

    the evo is still the best ! 2.2 froyo

  • danny

    If T-Mobile keeps true to the G1 and myTouch launches shouldn’t we expect to see this thing in at least 3 colors?

  • I don’t see it on the phone, but it’s going to have a 3.5mm headphone jack, right? We’re done with that USB converter required-crap, right?

    • Marc

      The top of the phone is not shown. And I don’t see how HTC could at this point in time, make a phone that would require an adapter for a headset. I don’t think they’ve done that in the past year at all. So I think it’s safe to say this will have 3.5mm jack.

  • abi

    somethings not right here ok fine this is the g2 but the outline on tmobiles g2 site doesnt line up….. well it does but the port….. that port on the side looks too out and it looks more like hdmi then a charger or is it both? is that even possieble? idk and the whole thing about it lunchig with 2.1 stock android ( does say with google so its going to be stock) is just kinda dumb if its stock android then it should luonch with 2.2 froyo. and all you people asking for 4.0 or even 3.0 first 3.0 isnt even out yet so they arnt going to jump to 4.0 and the first device going to have 3.0 is on verizon leaked roadmap for a taplet.

    o yea the desire z an desire hd is the g2 and mytouch hd and one last thing the specs that are out are for the uk version not usa for the desire z in uk it doesnt even have hspa+ has HSDPA so specs do and can change

  • J1


    Nice dig dude.. I stand corrected, I actually remember reading that previously..

    I wouldnt mind seeing a ffc on the g2 or mytouch hd.. I can think of some uses for it, but I won’t elaborate, because ffc is a sensitive topic and I don’t want to start a civil war, nor encite the anti-ffc folks who post on this board..

    Even if neither of these devices have ffc, its not a deal-breaker for me.. I’m more interested in seeing what type of screen tech and processor these devices will have respectively.. overall I’m just happy tmo is moving in the right direction, albeit a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short.. tmo.. ftw

  • YoursTruly

    If they would make a dollar a day prepaid data plan for all their phones, i would totally stumble out of my bed, run out and pay full price for this phone september 9th xD
    seriously, how long are all of us prepaid data lovers gonna be stuck with the sidekick???

  • Barry

    @@Abi good observation I was thinking the same thing about that bump and its nowhere to be found in those spy pics but just kinda rolled with it but its possible that this is the desire z rather than the G2. Also that old prototype pic is definitely running froyo so many things are just not adding up at this point and contradict from one story to the other… @ J1 cdhu at the civil war reference.

  • Big Jake

    Big slow moving glacier… ahhhh sounds refreshing eh?, what does a glacier do?? tears straight through big beastly vessles with violence, evo, droid x, x10, now therees our secret weapon superphone battleship destroyer with all the nuts you can muster… hope its waaaaaay better than my hd2, shouldnt be to hard right??, & its not the hardware.. its the software stupid!!!

  • butterflykiss

    Need feedback!!! I have a BB 8900 and I LOVE IT!!!! (Note: Its only for personal use) I will be getting a new phone by October or Sooner. Sould I leave my beloved Blackberry and RIM, and go for this G2 or should I get the newer version of BB 9700. I am a girly girl so i want something cute and stylish. I use my phone for Internet, and Texting… What should I do????

    • legendary1022

      Had a Blackberry 8900 last year before moving on to the Nexus One and haven’t looked back. Sister had the same phone and got her to the MyTouch Slide. You won’t regret it. Android is a modern OS, it’s time to get out of the dark ages. You like the EDGE on the 8900? And that browser? Yeah, its time to graduate into the big leagues.

      • butterflykiss

        TO LEGENDARY1022:

        Its sad to know that RIM can not inprove thier Internet Browsing they already know what thier CONS are so why not fix them. A well, EDGE yes it sucks everyone tells me you need to get a new phone thats so old school so I am really looking forward to this G2 it is the next generation of the first ever Android OS. It will be sad but, I hope not to be disapoiinted. Thanks for your Advice NOW i hope thier will be more accesories to this one then the MyTouch. Because they “Talked” about having a lot. And honestly i didnt think then did.

  • Barry

    Nvm you can see the same mark in the second pic. idk if it’s a usb port or hdmi port.

  • Barry

    3rd pic*

  • Alien_VS_Creditors

    I was talking to someone who actually told me that the Mytouch Slide runs smoother than the Vibrant. Not sure how since everyone knows the Vibrant has a faster processor. But does anyone actually prefer the Slide over the Vibrant?

    • *Raising hand* Returned the Vibrant after 2 days for the Slide and never looked back.

      Vibrant = Bad reception, useless GPS, laggy UI
      Slide = Smooth sailing

      The Slide isn’t sexy but it’s better than paying $500 to watch Avatar and play the Sims.

      • Trill

        GPS issue will be fixed in September and is the only problem while the minor case of lag is only while swiping the homescreens with certain widgets and will also be fixed but September is also the date for Froyo but nothing in stone yet. Vibrant is great but all the extra junk they add to it pissed me off and I almost regret buying it only because the wifi hotspot feature in 2.2 is possibly going to be removed in every carriers phone or a fee will be attached.

      • Brandon

        what the hell does this have to do with the G2 post???

      • Damian


      • JC

        LOL. I have perfect reception as well as my wife. The GPS is awesome down to 10 feet most of the time. Best of all, the phone is friggin fast. Have you ever used a phone that does 2250 Quadrant? didn’t think so. You can keep your slide :) It’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Metro… fine not a metro, a mustang. Why don’t you fanboys take your 2 cents elsewhere :)

  • BillNye

    So from what I can tell is the the port on the left of the phone is either HDMI or Micro USB (probably USB) and what looks to be a port on the right side is actually a dedicated camera button. If you don’t think so look at the 2nd picture and look at the shadow it casts. A port wouldn’t cast a shadow that extends beyond the outline of the phone. As for the rest of the phone I see a volume rocker, camera, flash, speaker port, microphone for calling and possibly a second microphone for noise cancellation or video. The phone may still tilt put the pictures definitely only show it flat so who knows at this point.

    After saying all of this the silhouette of the G2 is much more curved along the edge then this phone is. These pictures show a more boxy phone comparatively.

    The bump is the only thing at this point visually similar to pictures that have been leaked. I wish the spec’s would be released already. I can’t imagine a phone being released this late in the year with 2.1 especially from HTC. They are so good about getting updates out 2.2 would only make sense for them to start with.

  • Exec4Future

    Samsung is awful. I dont care how fast the processor is in the Vibrant, its still a samsung piece of junk. touchwiz is horrible with aNDROID. Need proof? Remember the Behold II? Worst pile of poo to ever be sold as technology. same goes for the Vibrant. I have Avatar on my sdcard and it plays fine on my Slide3G. And the UI is snappy and never lags. Unlike Vibrant. My general rule of thumb: if it says Samsung on it, it sh*t

  • Los22

    I have the MTS. I had the Galaxy for about a week. I went back to the MTS. For me, email is a big part of my day and HTC’s UI for handling emails (especially if you have numerous accounts) was much better than Samsung’s. I did not like the way you switch between accounts. The slide works great for me.

    Despite the faster processor, it seemed about on par with the MTS. Go figure.

  • MC_droid

    I looked closely on the images, as someone who has mentioned, something got either Photochopped or MS painted with a “GRAY” color to closely match but you can see it. Which can fully back that this may not the actual “US” version? OR could be a proto-type US version?

  • MC_droid

    Here are the shots circled. You can really notice that something got “digitally altered” here.


    • alex32

      holy hell..youre right. i didnt noticed that. Still this will most likely be in some way the G2. It has me starting to think that this may still be a prototype. But I have a feeling this is pretty much what the G2 will look like

    • Steve

      The are covering up the identification numbers so they can’t trace the leak. That is all.

      • billnye

        I understand the covering up of id numbers but why do only a couple of pictures have the “digitally altered” areas? The other close-up photos don’t show any signs of being altered. If the ID was there wouldn’t ALL front shots show some sign of altering???? Not that it matters but just a weird inconsistency.

    • atlantian

      hiding the device id id all

    • Heezy

      It might be a prototype but it is definitely a US version, T-Mobile US and T-Mobile Europe has different logos, there are more dots in the overseas T-Mobile logo.

    • teport

      also is you look at the picture of the back of the phone, just to the left of the volume buttons you can see a – button but the + button it also grayed out……. what is the point to that? and also same pic but the bottom left of the phone is grayed out…

  • aaronkt

    Yeah im dying for some new info on this phone. I have noticed the grayed out spot on the phone since the pics came out. Lets just hope we get more news today!

  • aaronkt

    oh yeah can anyone explain the white buttons to me? Also why does the silver around the trackpad look weird, or is that just me?

    • joe

      im guessing that those three white buttons are home screen buttons. so you wouldnt have to swipe to what home screen you wanted you could just hit one of those buttons. just my guess.

  • Matt

    To MC_driod:

    I think if you look close enough the “altered” grey area you are talking about is the “tab” to peel off the initial clear screen protector.

  • Jerry

    Looks like it was photoshopped to remove a prototype number that would identify the person who owns the prototype. See the photo in this article:


  • mwl1119

    Watch it end up being the touchpro 3 with Windows Mobile 7 on it.

  • badbob001

    Seeing some of the Windows 7 qwerty phones coming out, I now see a big omission from the keyboard that bothered me on the G1: the lack of cursor keys. Editing text with a trackball is annoying. Even swype has a cursor-key mode.

  • SprinT-mobile Fan

    I personally like it I think I’ll stay with the “MyTouch” brand but I like how it looks.

  • Eric

    I am very confused. First of all, it seems that there is a lot of anger out there. Are you people out there that angry, for example, and it may include others, At Samsung. Cant you be proactive…sell it, return it in the first 2 weeks, get it fixed under warranty??? Just a suggestion. I am not being a thorn in ur side. I just want to understand

    Might you help me understand.

    I have the Vibrant. But if this G2 comes out. Look at it this way, My friend had the MTouch Slide. It was thick, bulky, the mechanism got loose in a week. To me, that kills me and is worth a few jigs and jags and vibrations (which Is what I get and assume you all call the flutters). I hate the looseness in the slide. Also it is so thick

    And with regards to the other phone. The G1. Wasn’t that phone so tacky, turned up at the bottom. I know nothing about that. With it being so far away from Tmo’s first android phone, was that actually one that was adored?

    So to summarize, I love my Samsung, short of…you guessed it FIRST, GPS cuts out, and SECOND, the jigs and jags, vibrations and flutters LOL

    Would you uwait around for the next great Tmo andorid phone ? …and will it be this G2?
    -is it going to be as good as the Nexus. It has the resemblance of it doesn’t it?
    If anyone can give me personal advice about the G2, what you know, comparing it to the Vibrant and also will it be better than the G1

    It has to be better than the G1.
    The two newer phones in debate, the MTSlide and Vibrant are both better

    I just read a threat about upcoming phones. No one trusts Moto because of something about putting out the Cliq and XT and now the update to Froyo, is that correct?? (the phone is right tho correct?)

    And no one trusts Samsung? cause of the phone ?….not usuually the phone either right? Usually the updates In this case it is the Vibrant they are unhappy with the GPS and jitters

    if anyone can help I’d appreciate it. you can email me at my name with 0668 on the end at yahoo…if u are willing to help, talk about phones. Thx

  • Andy G

    For me the make or break is honestly gonna be memory… The Vibrant had me sold because of the fact that it was basically the HD2 with android and it had 16gb of memory INCLUDED!!! I know alot will say just buy a micro sd card but screw that… I dont wanna spend alot of money on a phone just to have to turn and buy 30-50 worth of additional memory… Included memory is the trump card.

    • James L

      wrong, an hd2 with android is the evo.

      • Coxatron

        An HD2 with android is hacked

      • Andy G

        Your right… fml

  • francisco

    I have a question someone reply ok so I have my Iphone with t-mobile on flexpay if i get the g2 without contract or anything and insert my flexpay sim card wich i pay for 500 minutes unlimited text messaging and unlimeted internet will i get its HSPA+ network ? or do i have to have a regular t-mobile plan to be able to get this speed ? please help me out im looking to stay with t-mobile flexpay to get the G2 and no i dont want no 2 year contract

    • tmorob

      it amkes no difference. if you have hspa+ in your area, and you have a 3g handset, you can use it immediatly with out upgrading, changing rate plan or paying more.
      Simply you will wake up one morning and start using it.

  • Rell

    Alot of you damn people never know what you want I mean seriously We finally had a super phone and all you do is complain it doesn’t have, a front facing camera and five row keyboard, snapdragon 1.5 chip. I mean seriously. You people act like children I know more than half are but come on. The amazing thing is when the Vibrant was coming out you people still complained. Look not every damn phone will have what you want they do that for a reason to get you to by the next model.
    Also with G2 this phone will be just like the Nexus the phone all phone geeks love. The first Snapdragon Android phone that t-mobile didn’t own but did somewhat support. I mean this phone will be fast. T-mobile realizes they can’t compete the same way Verizon and AT&T are. So right now they are just trying to go after first time smart phone users and also trying to keep their teenage market. Remember this people T-mobile is in the big 4 companies it’s number 4. To get to number 1 they would need a bigger budeget, more coverage and more phones.

  • yankee26

    Hey why dose everybody complain about this that and the third….I think this phone will be great come on its hspa+ and that’s a positive and that’s all we really know for now until the real specs come out.

  • LaNsLyDe

    this phone is looking nice…i think i want one, also the vibrant is pretty nice my friend bought one and I actually like it. I was one of those who bashed the phone for having touch wiz and being samsung, but i installed launcher pro on it and all was nice. Its a great phone

  • teport

    why was there no picture of the top of the phone. it leaves out so much info. did they do it on purpose? is the micro usb on the top? people are saying it has HDMI out and that it is below the volume buttons. so the headphone jack, micro usb and unlock button are all on top? does that leave room for a second microphone to cancel out noise? also that better be a flash on the camera and not one of those stupid mirror thing that you see on some phones. there is still a lot we don’t know about this phone.

  • Sketch

    This is in fact the G2. Seen it with my own eyes, held it in my own hands. I’ll let you know that it’s still a prototype, but it is pretty much going to look exactly like the pics. It has a Z-hinge instead of a standard slide out screen, and the back is metal, making the phone a little on the heavy side. Still Micro USB, but there are cables out there that allow for an HDMI out via Micro USB. It’s definitely android OS, no Windows (thank GOD)

  • Bean

    no conference cam no want. glad to see tmobile rolling out devices though.
    too bad the vibrant insists on that stupid laggy touch wiz interface by samsung. that amoled is a beaut

  • cheehuu

    I owned the mytouch 3g(pre headphone Jack) and it was a steaming pile of crap, laggy, super tiny screen ,not fast enough for an on screen keyboard, and no multi touch. That phone was so bad it made me hate android and want a physical QWERTY keyboard back ( coming from a sidekick and a BB curve) Two of my buddy’s have the HTC hd2, another pile of crap, windows mobile is terrible, its also super laggy and its supposed to have a 1ghz processer. Even after the recent update their still unhappy with it. I like my vibrant, I used my 2week return policy from T-Mobile to try and find everything wrong with it and I’m still happy, snappy switching between apps, changes quickly between portrait and landscape and browser is very fast. I was stoked to see HTC was coming out with a physical QWERTY w/ touchscreen, but i don’t think I’ll be purchasing a HTC anytime soon

  • r

    please tell me there is a headphone jack……

  • BrianH

    Another reason for the USB connection on the side may be for some type of dock that allows you to set it horizontally to use for your bedside. I wish it had the connectors like the N1 though.

  • it appears that the three grey buttons on the bottom row of keyboard are “quick keys” and you can customize them to “hopefully” do anything(been testing bits of the g2 build)


    I was so excited about this phone and its ugly as all hell…. i really was hoping for a nice looking device… uuugghhhhhhh