T-Mobile G2 Pre-sale Chatter

Remember how we told you there might be a pre-sale for the T-Mobile G2? Thanks to one of our trusty ninjas, we’ve got additional details on Early Availability for T-Mobile Customers and Employees. Magenta will be giving T-Mobile customers and employees first dibs on the T-Mobile G2 with Google. Although the majority of the G2 handsets will be reserved for customers, T-Mobile employees will be given an opportunity to pre-order in advance of the G2’s public availability. So at this point, all signs point to a potential preorder for the handset. As always, we’re working on diggin’ up more information, so stay tuned! Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • david

    whos going to preorder a phone they know nothing aboout?

    • Did you know about it in 2008, um no but i bet you still bought it didnt you. or maybe you didnt…no no no you bought it.

    • Rolo

      I would like 2 @ least c some stats 1st b4 reading about a presale. Tmo hasn’t put anything out that really grabbed me in well over a year so a presale might not even be necessary.

      • cantgetright

        I agree t-mobile phone suck


      Ofcourse the Specs would be released before hand. Just order and play with it, if u don’t like then return it. Its not like this is the hassle that the Nexus one had. Glad T-Mobile has decided to go with pre-order for their fanbase!

    • clint
  • Ian

    Presumably they would release the specs first, but thats just the logic in me talking

  • hd2 moses


  • Yea baby im with a presale, 2008 all over again.

  • J1

    Wow.. can’t wait for the specs.. but this just may be my next phone.. since pretty much everyone else is just speculating at this point.. here’s some more fuel for the fire.. http://www.talkandroid.com/android-forums/android-hardware/3

    • J1

      Meh.. * http://www.product-reviews.net/2010/08/19/t-mobile-g2-release… mercy street guys for my last post smh lol

      • Don’t put any stock in those pictures. They’re CRAZY OLD. They made the rounds on the tech blogs well over a year ago as just some guy’s idea of what he hoped the G2 would be. They’re not real, never were, and are so old that looking at them feels like nostalgia for me. :-)

      • jonathan

        Ugh, I can’t imagine buying anything with a trackball these days. Trackpad FTW!

  • loot

    well we already knows its the first hspa+ phone and that its exclusively to t mobile, and most likely it will be a slider, just like the g1 , and i think the g2 is the htc vision that we saw a few weeks back

  • Tokinotabumblb

    I wonder if this one has a front-facing camera, and I wonder about the display size. The pictures of the phone with the blue buttons is said to probably be the G2. From those pics, it doesn’t look like it has a ffc….

    • most likely the eu version has a ff cam, and the one with the blue buttons have euro dollar symbols on it so im thinking ours might have a more magenta look to it.

      • Tokinotabumblb

        Hmmmm….I’ll probably wait to check out the myTouch HD then or maybe wait until next year. I love my myTouch Slide but I’m such an Android addict, lol.

  • MW

    Count me in

  • DannOfThurs

    I’m going to wait on a month or so to give time for the bugs to clear out. I’m glad it has a KB but swype is making me reconsider my stance on that…

  • pimpstrong

    So is it suposed to be stock android like the G1 is?

    • Tokinotabumblb

      Yes. It says “with Google” so they said it would most likely be stock Android.

    • pimpstrong

      That’s awsome. But I wish I wanted a KB more than I want a big @$$ screen, otherwise I would be all over it

      • Tokinotabumblb

        We don’t know big the screen will be yet. Hopefully it’s at least 4″.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        seconded. 4.3inch all the way.

  • MJ

    I would like to know specs as well. FFC? > 1ghz processor? Real QWERTY? Come on T-Mobile…..

  • Maritza

    any hope it will have UMA????? i cant wait to get rid of my BB, but i need UMA!

  • Shane

    Makes me wish I stayed with corporate retail instead of going to partner sales.


    If no ffc on this phone and 2.2 already pre loaded then I see no need for me to get this as I have the Vibrant already. I’ll have to wait for Mytouch HD to see if rumors are true of a ffc. That’s the future so might as well have everything on one phone!


    Although it does sound like a true G1 successor!

  • 007


  • alex32

    I am not pre ordering. I have a friend who works at tmobile so im first going to tell him to reserve it for me so I can first mess with it and see how it is and pay it full cash on the spot if I like it which 99% I will since this is the kind of phone I have been waiting since the G1.
    I am dying to see how this phone looks like, I am sure it wont disappoint. I could care less anyway how it looks..all that really matters are the specs. I am already sold on this phone.

  • ihatefanboys

    anyone else sick of all these losers saying TMO hasnt done this or that for me lately…or if it doesnt hav this or doesnt hav that its a “dealbreaker”,…i am… im running 2.2 from cyanogenmod on my 2yr old G1 and if the new G2 runs just like this without the bugs ill be happy as pig in feces..iits fast enuf with an old processor..then again im not a loser that plays games on my phone or this or that….if u wanna leave tmo just go away, we dont need to hear about it on a daily fracking basis.. ok?

    • Justin

      You’ll be happy with anything then, CM6 on a G1 is slow as balls.

      • ihatefanboys

        how is it slow? apps open instantly, there is almost no lag… its fast for my liking…maybe ur slow

      • Justin

        RC1 & 2 were unuseable to me, CM5 was faster in nearly everything. I thought the G1 was ok till I received my vibrant. Now its painful to use the G1.

    • funkadesi

      yes, ME!

      they keep complaining about how it doesnt have a 1 Ghz, SO what if it doesnt?

      a difference of 200 Mhz will load a webpas liek what half a second slower?

      and you call that a deal breaker, SMH

      • immadroid

        yea if it’s missing the snapdragon processor it’s fine since it’ll save battery life and within a month or two of its release it will most likely be overclocked to 1Ghz

  • McParty

    I still want to know more about Project Emerald before I buy something else! I can hold onto my G1 until November.

  • Julez456

    I will most likely wait til the My Touch HD comes out as well. I still have my G1, a Nexus One, a My Touch Slide and currently using my Vibrant. I will most likely buy either the G2 or the HD when they come out but I will have to wait and see them both.

    • timdawg919

      Like julez456 I too have a G1 N1 Cliq and just ordered a HD2 to dual boot. I will therefore wait and see what the mytouch hd is about. From the specs this one sounds like my N1 with keyboard

  • I really hope that when this phone is released it:

    1) Does not have the little lip/chin that the G1 had when the keyboard slid out

    2) Has a dedicated number row a la the Touch Pro 2

    3) Comes with Android 2.2 (maybe even 3.0 but that’s wishful thinking).

    From what I heard, here are the specs of the phone (take this with a grain of salt).

    * 3.7? 480 x 800 Touchscreen
    * 1Ghz CPU
    * Android 2.1
    * Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
    * HSDPA
    * Wi-Fi
    * Built in GPS
    * A-GPS
    * Accelerometer

    • bigc17

      I pretty much agree with you alt-mobile….but here are the specs i heard…..

      * 3.7 or 4.0 inch 480×800 display

      * 800mhz (may be dual core) or 1ghz processor

      * Android 2.2 w/o sense

      * 5 row slide out full qwerty keyboard

      * Wi-Fi

      * Built in GPS

      * A-GPS

      * Accelerometer

      * HSPA+ Capability

      * 5mp camera w/flash and HD video

      * Possible front facing camera

      * Tons of Google services

      • If true that’s mighty compelling, TMO will probably charge $700 for the thing with the way they have been pricing phones lately.

      • alex32

        agreed with bigc17 from what i have been hearing. Pretty much the exact same thing. Im happy with either a 3.7inch or 4 inch and Im happy with either a 800mhz processor or dual core. the hspa+ will make up for it. Cant wait for that G2 to come in 3 weeks.

      • alex32

        nahh Im sure itll be priced $250 tops. im hoping for 200 though. im surious to see how much tmobile will charge their internet package on the phone because of faster speeds. hopefully it stays at 25 for unlimitted

      • @bigc17

        Nice! If it has a 800 MHz dual core processor, full qwerty keyboard (5 rows), 5 MP camera with flash and HD, 2.2 without sense then I think I’ll sell my MTS (which I just bought not even a month ago) and get this phone (although buying it out of contract will probably cost me an arm and a leg!).

        Should be interesting to see the design and what the specs at launch are!

      • @alex32 I’d be paying the artificially inflated “MSRP” price as will be switching to Even More Plus when our contract runs out in October (which will allow us to add a 2nd smartphone for $5/mo more than we are paying now), in any case our current plan (had for ~10 years) is not discount eligible.

        I know the redonkulous 100%+ markups that carriers have on phones (especially smartphones) is (obviously) very profitable for them, they get to make an assload of cash on every phone they sell at “MSRP” and they make their customers think they are getting some kind of deal when they “discount” the phones then ream them over 2 years so they even up paying “even more” (pun intended) but it’s still frustrating. I just wish that one carrier (I keep hoping it’s T-Mobile) would buck the trend and sell the phones for what they pay for them (plus a reasonable <10% markup).

  • bigc17

    Hey all you tmo reps and employees out there, give us waiting customers some exact specs anf features of this bad boy…..i know you can. Keeping people in suspence is what draws people away from things. Oh yeah p.s: If you really really want to help us, give us a picture or two….

    • David

      I really hope you guys believe me when I say this, that if someone had a full list of confirmed specs and a picture, it would surface. Stop asking for it because if someone had it, they wouldn’t be holding back!

      • pierdidor

        i wish we did they dont tell us crap i get all my info from here lol

  • Marcelo L

    @Rolo: You want some stats…here you go….as if we couldn’t already have guessed.

    One word…..Yawn. These are the absolute ( other than HSPA+, meh ) worst possible decisions TMo could be making. At a time when other carriers have things like the EVO, and Droid X, THIS is what they’re hitting us up with ? The Vibrant was a no-go from the get-go, for a couple of reasons( actually three, but the first two are the most significant )

    A) Botch up with the Behold II…way to go Samsung…pulling out before Eclair-coitus.

    B) Coming out with the “me-too” form factor of the Galaxy S. Instead of forging ahead and including the FFC, and a Flash.

    And I said there was a third reason….not releasing the phone during the Father’s Day free sign-up, and instead relegating the MT Slide to try to pull in customers.

    Yet again, we see TMo putting out “me-too” handsets. Hello, the Desire’s been out for months….where’s ours ( and don’t say the Nexus 1, because we know how well THAT went over ) ? And still with 1Ghz processors ? By year end there will be 1+ Ghz QComm processors along with iMX51 Freescales, and Dual-Core OMaps to deal with. For once…for once. Is it TOO MUCH to ask TMobile to really push out the undisputably BEST phone. The best ( We can’t count the G1, because we all knew it was “Beta” hardware when it was released…let’s be honest with ourselves. ) handset available on any carrier in North America. Where’s OUR iPhone ? Where’s our Droid ? Where’s OUR EVO ?

    Until TMo gets over this insane inferiority ( or really I think it’s a pander-to-the-cheaper mentality ) complex. This is what we’re stuck with. If I’m wrong about the specs ? GREAT ! I hope I am. But who’s gonna take me up on the bet that the specs that have been brandished about already aren’t already set in stone. No one.

    Sorry for the rant, but after TMo for 11 years, I AM waiting to see if Verizon comes up with an all inclusive plan south of $100/mo. They day they do, “TMo ! What have you done for me lately ?”.

    Link to specs: http://bit.ly/agVASi

    • ihatefanboys

      as i posted earlier….GOODBYE..save your long rant about t-mo and just goto verizon or sprint….no one cares what u think is wrong with tmo. and do some research before u go typing away like a moron….the vibrant doesnt need a flash, the low light mode has been tested, and those visual tests are online….the low light mode performed better than phones with LED flash with better pictures, especially in situations with NO light at all…and FFC if u really need to hav that or its a dealbreaker then just leave….no one wants to video chat with u, u prob the kinda dude that shows off his lil wang, hoping some chicks will dig it….FFC is for losers, usually iphone losers

    • WinkyDinkyDogg

      I agree with Marcelo 200%

      • Steve

        I agree with ihatefanboys 200%

    • Uncle Bob

      @ Marcelo L: I’ve been with Verizon for 12 years and I’m leaving them for T-mobile. Why? because the only thing I’ve experienced with them for 12 years was price increases, so good luck with your wishes for any plan south of $100. But wait, according to you, I’m going to T-mobile because I have a “cheaper mentality complex,” as you must think ALL T-mobile customers have. Well son, when you (or rather if you) mature you will discover that it’s not a “cheaper mentality complex” all us remaining T-mobile customers suffer from, but rather a “smarter than you mentality complex” we suffer from. BTW, here’s a trivia question for you. Where do most millionaires buy their jeans from? Answer: not from the same store you buy yours from at $150/pair, but rather from Costco or Sam’s at $12.95/pair. Hey they fit my butt just fine thank you.

  • tato22

    ones we get some specs people people would pre order with no problem

  • TheLight

    My Rendition of The G2:

    Very sleek, glossy, stirdy, and wide casing. 4-4.5 inch unique “sidekick like flip style” screen ,I dou6t Super Amoled so WVGA,to reveal a 5 row qwerty key6oard (swype pre-loaded . 8-10 Megapixel camera, dual flash,FFC, 1080p recording capa6lities. Dedicated power 6utton, 3.5mm head jack, The 4 Android Home Keys via 6ottom of screen. Hopefully some tiny remnant of the chin that holds the kickstand (lol)running stock android froyo with htc sense optional. 1.5ghz dual processor snapdragon ….the rest I’ll let you guys decide Im happy with this.

    • Cj

      Yeah right!!!

    • Steve


      So are you finally gonna buy this since its the “true G1 successor”?

      • TheLight


        i have to see if its the “true G1 successor” first..lol, its funny you remem6ered me repeatedly commenting that! You think Magenta and DT seen it too??? ..

        6ut as far as am I going to purchase it everything is speculation as of now as which phone it is and specs so only time will tell 6uddy. If it turns out to 6e anything like these specs then I’ll 6e the 1st on the pre-order list. I really need to retire my G1 and use my upgrade for 6etter hardware. It is my favorite phone of all time and its still kicking rooted and modded so nothing less could replace it,not a that Moto crap, not a MTS, not even a Vi6rant. So Im actually excited a6out seeing how these next few phones turn out and Im not accepting nothing 6ut the best to 6e called the G2 including 5-row qwerty key6oard. I have a feeling I’ll 6e getting two phones within the next 4 months for some strange reason..HaHa

      • Steve


        Haha is there something wrong with your “B” key? Anyway, I think we all wish that this phone blows everything else out of the water, but I think we may have to realize that with T-Mobile being the smallest of the major carriers, and with their lower prices, they may not have the influence that the bigger companies have. I have no doubt that this phone will impress and will stand up with the best phones out today, but I don’t think it will surpass the others either.

  • andrew

    show me pictures of the phone tmobile so i pick between the g2 and samsung vibrant

  • Barry

    I’m reserving my judgment on this phone until I see a solid spec sheet and pic of the phone. Because I remember rumors about the SGS having it’s hummingbird processor removed in US versions. The DX and D2 were supposed to have 800 mhz processors but as we say none of that was the case. But I will say a ffc camera would not sway me one way or the other, don’t get me wrong it seems like a nice feature but it isn’t a deal breaker as many ppl say. Like lets be real how many other ppl do you know with a ffc me I know no 1 and I wouldn’t video chat with her anyway. And I’m pretty sure that if the DX or D2 were on t-mobile’s network everyone would buy it w/o hesitation and I’m pretty sure most ppl on here consider that a great device but neither has a ffc and I’m pretty sure no one is trashing either of those devices outside of motoblur so I think we sometimes get carried away with spec sheets.

  • Javi

    I don’t think we will get any more official news any time soon. The page says they will reveal more info in the coming weeks, so we might have to wait a couple of weeks before any more official news come out.

  • al

    NO way will I preorder again. I preordered the G1 and got screwed by tmobile. HELL NO !!!

    • pavvy

      what happened?

  • MKD718

    I’m going to wait until december before I make a choice. I do like the vibrant and the MTHD and g2 sound promising but I want to see what other android phones tmo is going to have. I just hope we get something big

  • cellswag5

    I was all in before, but if this G2 is the vision then i may have to hold out to see what this is really about before i post my my touch slide on ebay. if tmo doesnt come out with a phone that can stand up to the evo or epic when it comes to power and specs then i may have to jump ship. tired of being left behind.

  • MW

    Cellswag5, I hear ya, but the Evo and DroidX are now old news, time to start looking at the more powerful phones, 1.5ghz or above, dual core and 4 to 4.3 in screen with outstanding clarity and most definitely HSPA+.
    T-Mobile, you need not listen to IHATEFANBOYS who is telling everybody, you don’t like it leave. You need to listen to your customers who have been faithful, but are getting tired. The need for low and mid range phones are a definite on every network, but the need for some high range and super phones is a definite…less get wit it.

  • Jshin

    Physical KB’s are becoming obsolete no thanks! not to mention you put a large enough screen and it will feel like a brick in your pocket. I pre-ordered the first G1 and it was fine, then I got the TP2 which kicked the g1 arse in speed and keyboard quality although wm 6.5 can be cumbersome if you do not know what you are doing with it. Now I have the HD2, Running NRG’s latest Energy ROM and of course Android 2.2 which scores better benchmarks then the beloved Nexis one. IMHO The HD2 is the best device in T-mo’s line up currently and this new G2 wont be able to touch it either.

  • Jshin

    BTW – the HD2 has been out for nearly 2 years and it is still arguably the best or top 2 phones in T-Mo’s line up – which is ridiculous and btw Ihatefanboys is probably like 12 and thinks it’s cool to flame people but he doesn’t really know crap about phones or upcoming teck. (if you do really good in school little Billy *ihatefanboys* mommy might upgrade your G1 which has been uber lame for a looooong time now.

  • rubi76

    guys – this is not tmobile telling us that there will be a pre-sale without giving us info about the phone. It’s the ninjas work who found out details about a pre-sale. So stop with the comments ‘who would buy a phone without knowing the specs’
    It’s in the best interest of T-mo to give us specs before the pre-order – don’t you worry!

  • ihatefanboys

    its not flaming, its being tired of reading the same “waaaa waaaa waaaa, im not satisfied” or “im giving tmo till this date of this month to get something or im leaving” its repeated across every single thread, over and over and over….dont threaten, just GO. if the G2 has what u insist upon, fine, get it, if it doesnt and all youre gonna do is wine on the internet about it, u got problems. its TECH by the way not TECK, ‘tard. the rooted G1 with 2.2 runs fast and smooth, it is not by any means LAME….call it flaming “people i dont know” ..i call it calling out the whining little bitches that sit behind a keyboard all day and think they should be satisfied by tmo but will not go anywhere because no other carrier can beat the deals u get for being with tmo…. g1 still rocks….g2 will pulverize

  • bigc17

    I really hope this phone is priced at $200.00 because that is how much all other flagship phones cost but, it could get up to $250.00 because if u guys didnt know, sprint priced the Epic 4G @ $250.00 but, they do charge more for wimax use. I definitely hope that tmo doesn’t follow in metro pcs footsteps and price it @ a hefty $300.00 like metro did with thwir 4G LTE phone coming out later this year. I think a $300.00 pricetag os ridiculous even if the phone is full 4G and faster than sprints wimax system.

    • seriously?

      You do realize that metro pcs sells UNSUBSIDIZED phones and thats why you get to pay 40/month for unlimited everything. 300 is not bad for an unsubsidized 4g phone.

  • going_home

    I dont know.
    I’m pretty happy with my Nexus. :)
    I’m gun shy of re-upping my contract now that it will be up Oct.1st.
    Every time I think I might re-up for a phone, the next week a better
    one is just over the horizon.
    I’m thinking I’ll buy my next phone off contract.


  • yyzzz

    Hd2 has been out 6 months unless im missing something

  • mtnman

    I’m sure here by at least Monday they will have specs out on it. After all they’re just now telling you that it’s coming up for pre-order soon. And I don’t belive that Tmo will have you buy a phone without having the specs on it. After all, you know the huge liability Tmo would have on it’s hands if it did that. Tell you buy the phone with out knowing what it is or does? It would be like Ford saying they have the new Mustang out for pre-order and now knowing anything about it.

    I know a lot of people are hoping that it has a FFC on it, but to me personally, I don’t see a need for it yet. After all if my Vibrant had a FFC on it, then it wouldn’t do me any good since no one else in my family or friends has a phone that has FFC either. It’s like a time when phones just came out and writing my friend telling them I have a phone. Won’t do any good if they didn’t have one yet?

    They may be popular in Asia and Europe, but American’s have different taste. And besides I bet you dollars to donuts the people will use it while driving and then there’re be another law saying you can’t do that either. The Texting craze will be replaced by the FFC craze, because all the teenie boppers will now use it, and it will be banned in schools. Perverts will use it just because they’ll be able to “show” themselves without having a pic stored on the phone, and as soon as Mom and Dad walk into the bedroom the teen will just hang up and say she was talking to a friend. I can see so many downsides to it.

    The accidents caused by people using it while driveing, the above mentioned perves, the security issues when in Government buildings. And so on and so on. I know the iphone has a FFC, but at the moment you can only use it over wi-fi which limits it. If you can use it on the HSPA+ net then it opens up a whole can of worms. I’d really like to know why some people really want a phone with a FFC? What is the main reason you want it? I know it’s not a need, so it has to be a want, so what’s the want factor? Just because Asia, and the iPhone has it?

  • MT3GS

    Loving my slide; will rock it for awhile, not in a hurry to get another device. T-Mo has been treating me quite well for the past 3 years and I really don’t need a FFC… This seems pretty cool, but not warranted me getting rid of my slider for it

    • tokinotabumblb

      I think I might do the same. I love my slide.

  • tmOS94

    I’m just pressuming this is going to be T-mobile’s next future fail? im defintly passing this one =P

  • vinny

    Thank You T-Mobile. Give us some real specs. If it’s anything like my Nexus One it will be a killer. HTC and Google = winner.

  • pierdidor

    sometimes gary busey eats lucky charms how arrogant

  • ZMeister

    ok here are the specs 4 inch super amoled screen 1.5 mhz dual core processor, 5 mpx front facing cam 8 mpx rear cam with os android 2.2 pre installed. Now are you ready to place your order

    • Original G1er

      Umm, yeah.. That would blow everyones minds coupled with Hspa+

      However, I’d be happy with a 3.7″ amoled at this point. Just please no regular LCD!

      Needs at least 3.7 -4″… Amoled or super LCD. Either one would be a relief.
      (I doubt super amoled cause samsung might use their stock exclusively in their phones)

      Needs hi resolution. Minimum 800 x 480. (More would be amazing. Just beautiful to look at)

      Needs processor minimum equivalent to hummingbird 1ghz processor.( Higher would be awesome.)

      Needs at least 512 ram. (More would be awesome.)

      Needs at least 5Mp cam with 720 p video capture. (Led flash and FFC would be great, but no deal breaker.)

      Video out. (If at 720p.. That would be magical.)

      Needs to be Thin. Hope it doesn’t feel thick.

      Love the design the more I look at it! but it seems it will get a lot of scratches. But no big deal.

      If this G2, meets those minimum specs, no regrets!

      (I’m a original G1 owner day 1. Looking forward to G2! Typing this on my iPad…. Like iPhone 4, Android and technology in general no matter who. Had samsung vibrant which was returned last week, in anticipation for G2. Vibrant is a great phone but build quality and touch wiz 3.0 skin are my only gripes. Good but wouldn’t look back returning it. It was a deal breaker. Solid rubberized/brushed aluminum case and stock android 2.2 plus HSPA+ FTW!! )

  • Don’t expect FFC or LED Flash. The N1, and G1 are gone and will be replaced by G2. I fully expect stock android. I expect fast processor but no FFC. I don’t believe in pre sales. I like to have the phone in my hands first. I’ve learned the hard way. This will probably be made by HTC so it should work fine….

  • ZMeister

    More details will be released on monday

  • g2_kid

    the specs were released already at walmart heres the link http://technorati.com/technology/android/article/t-mobile-g2-aka-htc-g2/

  • g2_kid
  • elizmike

    I’m going to wait on a month or so to give time for the bugs to clear out. I’m glad it has a KB but swype is making me reconsider my stance on that…


  • Edward

    I just read that the G2 will not have a snapdragon processor but a new qualcom chip that has 4 times the video processing capabilities, vanilla 2.2 froyo, and all the other obvious stuff. So no, you are not getting a snapdragon. Your getting something better. Cheers!

  • Daniel Sullivan

    I only wish T-Mobile would have informed me of the release of the g2 prior to my purchase of the Samsung galaxy. I think it’s a shame the way T-Mobile conducts business. I had the HTC g1 since it’s release and never had a problem. Wish I could say the same about the Ssmsung