T-Mobile to Hear (Dell) Thunder?

In an interesting turn of events, it appears that T-Mobile may be getting the Dell Thunder as well as the Dell Lightning. Both have similar specs, but the Thunder is an Android based phone while the Lightning is a Windows 7 Phone.  Engadget, though, was able to get their hands on two early prototype Thunder units.  Apparently the hardware they have doesn’t quite match the test apps that can be found on the device.  It appears that the Thunder, and possibly the lightning, will run a 1 ghz Snapdragon processor (QSM8250), with Qualcomm Adreno graphics, and light up a 4.1 inch (possibly) AMOLED screen.  It also appears like there will be 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM, a VGA front facing camera (we will see) and an 8 megapixel camera around back.  You may also see FM radio support, dual microphones, HDMI output and a hardware dock connector.  Which Android will this run?  Hard to say since both units were using different versions, but I would expect at least Eclair.  Sounds pretty fancy, especially since it has AWS test apps, which suggests that it could land on our beloved T-Mobile.  Make sure to watch the video below, head on over to Engadget for some very very very early thoughts and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Engadget (preview), Engadget (original leak)

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  • LP

    1st . . . . . to not buy this phone.

    • LP

      Actually they do look pretty nice, didn’t know dell came out with stuff like this, its just im waiting on G2 specs.

      • GregP

        Nexus one specs with HSPA+ radio

  • vinny

    Dynamite looking phone. Love the design. T-Mobile snag this baby. This will sell big time volumes. I want this phone. Sign me up now. Almost as nice looking as my Nexus, almost.

  • HD2/Vibrant USER

    This is gong to be an expensive fourth quarter for me. I guess its the gift and the curse of being an early adopter!!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    the first time Engadget received the Dell leaks, the only Dell phone that had AWS was the WP7 Dell Lightning.. now they say the Andorid Dell Thunder has AWS.. thats good, even tho it has dated HW (atleast these early (since April) prototype phones — old 8250 Snapdragon, AMOLED, small 512MB ROM), this phone (Thunder) is still welcomed.. hopefully they bump up the specs to something more current (8260 Snapdragon, SAMOLED or SLCD, 2GB ROM minimum).

  • Luis

    How come these two devices weren’t on that leaked roadmap? …………..I’m wondering if T-mobile will ever get them.

  • knowing t-mobile they most likely will not be getting this phone .i always get my hopes up with t-mobile because i think they are gunna get a good looking phone but they dont all the other companies end up getting them and t-mobile always gets the crappy looking phones….

    • i agree with u t-mobile may have the fastest network rite now in the US hspa+ but it doesnt have any good looking phones.. like with those 2 LG phones it took out they are freakin ugly !! the other companys have ugly phones but not as ugly as some of the phones t-mobile takes out …

      • Andrew

        those were both one phone. Also, those wouldn’t be what we would get.

      • GregP

        The HD2 was widely considered to be a very attractive phone. Vibrant is getting great reviews as an attractive phone. The Garminfone is very classy looking. Blackberries in the recent years haven’t been considered bad looking phones. The myTouch 3G Slide looks good. The Sony Ericsson Equinox is a beautiful phone first device. The Samsung Gravity T looks far better than any Gravity yet. The E73 Mode looks nice as well. Saying T-Mobile doesn’t ave any good looking phones ruins your credibility and brings into question why you speak. Thanks.

  • An

    Dell should stick to computers

    • Yyevo

      What do you think a smartphone is? It’s a computer.

  • Fred Coulter

    I’m so confused.

    OK, it’s not that bad.

    This phone (probably) has 512K RAM and 512K ROM. The Samsung Vibrant has 8 Gig, and it’s not split between RAM and ROM.

    What’s the story? Are these memory comparisons even real?

    • gary


      • pimpstrong

        Yeah lmao

    • Chris

      computer facts: RAM is Random Access Memory… NO Phones to date has a 8 GB RAM, don’t compare it to a laptop computer where you have multiple RAM slots, these are embedded devices… so don’t get your hopes up that anytime soon, there’ll be a 1 GB RAM device, why? it’s just physically hard to compress that much memory (RAM that is) into a tiny device. so, no, they would not be able to split those 8 GB between ROM AND RAM as they serve two different purposes.

      and second fact, Vibrant doesn’t have a 8 GB ROM, it has a 16 ROM, 2 GB application storage and 14 GB filesystem

  • Charles Xavier

    Running 1.6? Yeah, definitely a T-mobile device.

    • NiiDiddy

      LOL…but not funny ;)

    • yea lol i agree its funny cuz t-mobile was the first to take out android devices and know its behind all the other companys in android device kinda sad if u ask me.. all of t-mobiles android devices have 1.6 and at&t ,sprint,verizon all of there android phones have 2.1 atleast none of their devices are running 1.6 like t-mobiles phones.

      • Andrew

        that’s not entirely true about the Android versions. Only Verizon has been reliable in upgrading their handsets past eclair, and that is only the DROID class of Android phones

      • Yawn


      • Patrick

        And….both the Vibrant AND the myTouch Slide run 2.1….and i believe(could be wrong) 1 android device got upgraded to 2.0 didn’t it?

      • pjs

        wrong Madonna. AT&T has 2 device running below 2.0 (Motorola Backflip which runs v1.5 and the Sony Experia X10 which runs v1.6) Only Verizon and Sprint have updated all of their line up to v2.1 and v2.2. So maybe this is more of a CDMA vs GSM argument

      • adc123

        wrong verizons motorola devour is runnin android1.6

  • kevin

    im just wondering if the phones will be obsolete out the box like the computers (i was waiting for someone to say it but i guess i will be the first lol)

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Nice, now if it only had… I can’t think of anything. GRRR!!! :) HAAA!!!

  • dethduck

    Hmm, yet another custom UI baked into an android ROM? No thanks, outside of potentially the screen tech, not much else really compelling about this phone. I’ll keep waiting for the Mytouch HD.

  • will

    anything is better than a cliq

    • Serotheo

      Well said.. I’m upgrading to a Desire Z/G1 Blaze/Vision/G2 whatever the name is lol.

  • Nick

    I it just me or does that look like an absolutely massive resolution.

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    This is one boss ass phone. Being that its on T-mobile it makes the deal so much sweeter.

  • Khan

    It will be awesome it T-Mobile also got this phone. I think it really cool


  • Tito!

    Lol, David you also said Streak was coming to Magenta & Look what happened?
    I’m really disappointed. I was really looking forward to the streak arriving to the Big pink T . But I guess not.
    Only phonw I care and interest in now: Sidekick. & possibly, mthd & G2 .

  • Phobia

    What I don’t get is that people don’t realize that when the cpu is clocked at a higher speed it makes the phone run hotter and it also make the battery die quicker that’s all I wanted to say about that. Dell is looking

  • wildblueyonder

    Looks nice, but I want to see some Lightning!

    • SirMac

      Yeah me too, give it up for sight not sound!

  • Addison18

    well according to Dell the new phones the thunder and lightening will both be able to run on At&t and tmobile 3G so if true thats good new, now the thunder is suppose to be android and the lightening is running window 7 which looks to be a promising OS I am hoping both of these beauty make it to tmobile by christmas this year but definitely looking forward to the dell lightening for the reason I am falling in love with the way window 7 looks

  • Yyevo

    Just noticed that Dell is now listed as a brand on the Upgrade My Phone page. Nothing shows when you select it, however.

  • remixfa

    i like the way the phone looks, but that hardware is dated. my Vibrant/GalaxyS gets 57fps in neocore and stomps everyone in quadrant with 2250 while running only 2.1 android.

    that said, the resolution on that phone was extremely high. I thought i was just immagining it until the reviewer said the same thing.

    Other than that, it looked pretty stock. Was the Dell UI on there and i just didnt notice? Hopefully it will launch as a android vanilla phone and be easily rooted. That will help a bit… and not be running 1.6

    Both the mytouch3g and vibrant come with 2.1 the mytouch 3g, cliq and cliqXT (someday) should have 2.1 by the holidays. in fact the mytouch3g is supposed to go right to 2.2.

    Only the developer phone (nexus1) and carrier flagship phones (droid1,2, evo) have adroid 2.2 out of all the android phones out there. quit bitching, its comming. flagship phones get preferential treatment since they have special deals. The galaxyS phones will prob be next to get it.

  • jlo

    i really hope that tmobile will get the dell thunder because its a beautiful phone n i know it will sell big time…please snag this phone tmobile

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