T-Mobile Makes It Official, The G2 Will Be The First HSPA+ Phone

Did we call it or did we call it? The T-Mobile G2 with Google will officially be the first HSPA+ phone for the T-Mobile network!

The T-Mobile G2 will deliver tight integration with Google services and break new ground as the first smartphone designed to run at 4G speeds on our new HSPA+ network. In the coming weeks, we’ll share more details about the G2 and offer exclusive first access to current T-Mobile customers.

The landing page for the HSPA+ device has changed as well to a URL that is more fitting “g2.t-mobile.com.” Perfect, HSPA+ here we come!

Our sources have told us a pre-order is to be expected for this device so stay tuned to TmoNews for more details!

T-Mobile Twitter

Official T-Mobile Word:

T-Mobile is proud to have launched the world’s first Android-powered phone, the T-Mobile G1, which captured the imagination of developers and consumers alike nearly two years ago.  Now, we are readying its successor – the T-Mobile G2 with Google.  Delivering tight integration with Google services, the G2 will break new ground as the first smartphone specifically designed for our advanced HSPA+ network, which delivers today’s available 4G speeds.  In the coming weeks we’ll share more details about the G2, including information on how current T-Mobile customers can get exclusive first access. Visit http://g2.t-mobile.com to register for updates.

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  • ob18

    Good news, but now the question is when. I won’t pre-order though I’ll want to see the phone at a store 1st.

    • ThatBrainiac

      The sad part about viewing any phone at a tmobile store is that they are dummy’s and you cant get the feel of a phone until you purchase it. My advice is purchase it. You have 14 days to return it without any issues.

      • Hmmmm?

        Not necessarily, they almost always have a live one behind the counter, just ask and they will let you use it. It is lame that they don’t put them out on the floor more often, but trust me if they want to sell a phone bad enough (which they do) they will let you try a real one.

      • DD_838

        The T-Mobile stores around me (Boston) all use live phones.

      • ThisGuy

        Its not our fault, the sad part is when the scum of the earth come in and snatch all the live demos.

        And it really depends on when you come in to check out a phone, live demos usually come in about a week or THE week a new phone comes out, so just ask

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Here in San Francisco there’s plenty of homeless and low life who D&D (dine and dash) and on their way to the liquor store will stop in their local T-Mobile store to rip off a working phone to sell to the naive on a street corner.

        So despite heavy duty cables tethering phones, staff still have to keep an eye on the phones at all times.

        To help, by the doors they have the popular phones on display (that’s needed for walk-ins to see) but many are dummy phones. But like others say, they always have staff with live, working models or they have em in the back. For example, no way they would have a live, working Vibrant on display. (Plus, I doubt a buyer is serious if upset over a live phone not being on display.)

        While you may not be able to walk in and pick up certain models without assistance from the salesperson, I’ve never heard of a store not having live working phones of every model.

      • Smylax

        Umm all corporate stores have live phones for every handset. They only have dummies if there are mulitiple colors or if the live one was stolen and they haven’t received a replacement demo yet.

    • cp

      The t-mobile stores here in Auburn(alabama) use live phones

    • mingkee

      Thanks for the thieves.
      There was an incident happened on corp store at Madison/42th.
      I used to play with Dash 3G live unit when I stopped by there, but one day, cops were over there and the phone was gone!

  • Deke218

    cool. another reason to try Android again.

  • Jason

    Yay. Now they just need to launch 3G everywhere else.

  • Cranky Bear

    See, why would they announce a one-day $99 Vibrant deal, then IMMEDIATELY follow it up with this announcement? I was seriously considering taking the plunge on the Vibrant — no longer. If they were smart, they would have waited until tomorrow with this announcement.

    • ob18

      oh come on that’s not how they work.

    • Rilesman

      Too bad that doesn’t also apply for those that want to upgrade. One year down, one year left to go.

    • ThisGuy

      Its funny because if you had purchased the vibrant, and then they announced tomorrow information about this phone, you wouldve been pissed and blamed tmobile for tricking you….

  • ob18

    My question is would they be willing to put a device in the store for us to play with so if we want to for sure we can then pre-order it.

  • bubbles

    GreaT news, I am happy with mt vibrant but my friend will be getting this, he still had the old g1

  • NiiDiddy

    Nice, nice, nice…good for TMOBILE. Bring on more smartphones. First HSPA+ device..how exciting!!! I’m waiting for the HSPA+ network service to grow bigger in coverage before I get a HSPA+ device; I’ll pass on this but heck, bring it on TMOBILE. I’d like to see full specs though soon…might change my mind ;)

  • vinny

    Using a Nexus One and very happy with it. IMO it still is the best device made. Seeing Google is involved big time in this new device I will say sign me up. I will snag one for sure. Love anything Google. Stick that in your pipe Stevey Jobs and smoke it. Christ knows you must be smoking something.

    • j

      Google had an EPIC fail with the pattern lock and forcing people to activate with gmail to use devices. They fixed the activation issue, now how about the pattern lock issue

      • Marco

        With Froyo the pattern lock is only one of several methods to unlock your phone. I use a much safer pin now.

    • Shane

      Money. Stevey is smoking money. Pure washington green.
      I’m pretty excited for this phone as well. Half an hour in any direction of me is HSPA+, so hopefully coverage and the phone will come together.

  • TJ

    What they don’t mention is that since T-Mobile in the UK were purchased by Orange, both companies will be running off each others broadcasting cells. Therefore Orange UK will also be getting this tech soon!

  • Interesting. Too bad I still have no 3G at home. lol. I live in a metro area of 1.5 million and my city is 100,000+ but 3G only exists in one small corner of the city, not even where all the people live but just next to the interstate. Sucks being on the fringe.

  • @Rpinazo


    • ob18

      caps button stuck much?

  • Very excited for this. As long as it has a keyboard, snapdragon, and HSPA+, I’ll be happy as a clam. Still using and loving my rooted Froyo-ified G1, but I’ll be all over the G2. Super exciting.

  • tokinotabumblb

    Awesome. I would like to know the specs, but I have to stop getting a new phone every couple of months.

    • ob18

      good you’ve located the issue now next step is to act on it. :-P

  • Keith

    Not exactly the first HSPA+ device for T-Mobile…thought that slot went to the Nokia N900???

    • j

      N900? never heard of it. This is 1st device launched with HSDPA+ compatibility

    • Sapphire

      T-Mobile does not sell the Nokia N900. It has the AWS bands(T-Mobile USA 3g frequencies 1700/2100), but it is not a T-Mobile supported device. So, yes, this IS the first HSPA+ device for T-Mobile.

    • Yep

      N900 is not a tmobile phone

      • J-Hop2o6

        its not even HSPA+ its 10.2 HSPA

  • wondercoolguy

    As an original G1 owner Im very happy to see this but with the dual core phones right on the horizon. I will wait it out and see what comes out for Christmas.

    • ob18

      you don’t know the specs yet so you may buy this before you know it.

  • jmstro04

    Boring!! “with google” phones interfaces look so boring. Hopefully has sense on it. think nexus one, g1, droid…they are just bland to look at as far as the software goes. I wonder how much more the internet plan will be for this thing.

    • Marc

      A lot of people prefer vanilla android. Myself included.

      • Sapphire

        Agreed! Next would be HTC Sense, but definitely vanilla Android is preferred.

    • ob18

      As long as you already have an internet plan they can’t change the price on you, that’s be for new contract or those who add it to their plan to get the phone.

      Also if it’s boring to you don’t look to buy it or see what the phone has when the specs come out.

    • ThatBrainiac

      Bland…hmmm… like the iphone? I doubt they will raise the internet pricing.

    • fullmetal 211

      Boring? You boring. Sense is a piece of @#$%, that’s why android is customizable

    • kevin

      i like stock android alot better than skinned android. plus android 3.0 is supposed to come out around the end of the year.

    • immadroid

      it’s called root! software is no issue with any htc phones, run whatever you want. it’s all about the hardware!

  • JoshL

    pretty excited that T-mobile is NOT doing a secret launch. Thank God! I hope the specs are released soon.

  • gMoney

    Haha, I said T-Mobile had 18 days or I was jumping ship to the Epic…maybe they heard me? Meh, ok…specs please! The outline on the site doesn’t make me think the G2 has a keyboard, but I don’t see how a true successor to the G1 can be made without one.

    • ob18

      yes, that’s it they heard you.

      • Jrsykind


      • gMoney

        Sarcasm fail?

  • Shelly

    Phone is not the greatest out of the line up coming up…
    dont jump ship on this one..
    there is another great one in the next month or 2 :)

    • Marc

      How so?

      • Hmmmm?

        There is supposed to be another phone maybe the end of September or even November. Most likely related to the HTC Desire HD that has been floating around.

  • Ronald

    im curious, how is HSPA+ wannabe-4G, but wimax isnt, even though its been tested to be around 2.5 mbps averaged in most places.

    • j

      It says 4G speeds, not that it is 4G. HSDPA+ beats Sprints so-called 4G(WiMax)

    • Sapphire

      There is no technology deployed on any wireless carrier in this country that meets 4G standards. T-Mobile USA comes the closest to reach those speeds. LTE and WiMax are just standards of wireless being developed to meet the standards to be considered 4G. Search “4G’ on wikipedia and you will see that the speeds definitely have not been met yet.

  • DavidinJax

    I wonder if this phone will have UMA..

  • blah

    This thing is garbage, complete and total garbage!!!!

    Dutch site has the complete specs, 500mhz processor, no keyboard!!??

    Im an orignal G1 owner which recently died still under warranty, but was forced to replace with a motorola cliq…. was holding out for this but this is outrageous.

    Garbage, Trash, Rubbish…


    • Kickstar13

      Are you serious? That’s not the G2…..

      That’s T-Mobile UK’s version of the HTC Hero…..

      • Relikk2

        There is no differnce with any carrier on the Galaxy S hardware (other then stipid stuff like, FFC,flash, ect). There’s even speculation that the Vibrant has the FM radio and its firmware is just lacking the drivers. XDA dev teams are trying to get that worked out as we speak.

        This europe phone is not the G2 that we are talking about, this is thier version of the my touch. I don’t even think the MFG produces that CPU anymore.

    • ob18

      hey the european version may not be what the version is here in the states so back away from the edge of the cliff boss and see what the specs are when they are announced.

      lay off the red bull.

      • blah

        Please give one example of any carrier which released a phone with the same name in various countries with a significant difference in hardware specs. Your comment is a pipe dream to the point where its irrational…

      • john

        The hd2 had different memory specs when dropped stateside.

      • Smylax

        Umm, blah, I can give you one right off the bat: Samsung Galaxy S. Its different on each carrier in the US and they’re all different from the European version. If I’m not mistaken there was a G2 released in Spain as well that was basically the HTC Hero. So yeah, blah, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Mockerfab4

      yuck. I don’t think that will be the same phone tmo will release as their version of the 1st HSPA phone, but if they do…gawd help us all.

    • ob18

      no a pipe dream would be hoping to hit the lottery, ranting over a phones specs based on EUROPEAN site and not the states is irrational learn the difference.

    • The HTC Hero was released in Europe last year under the name G2 Touch. That’s what you’re linking to. Totally, completely different devices. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTC_Hero

    • Hmmmm?

      I seriously doubt T-Mobile would make such a big deal and release a successor to the G1 with a 500mhz processor, that’s slower than the MyTouch3G Slide I believe. Whether it has a keyboard or no, my guess is that it will, but even if it doesn’t I could see why not. I think the original had a physical keyboard most likely because touch screens had some growing to do, now, I’m not sure if it’s really as viable.

    • Hmmmm?

      Yes, lets be logical for a moment, why would it have a 500mhz processor, when the G1 has a faster processor, below are the specs from T-Mobile for the original G1. It has a 528mhz processor, that just doesn’t make any sense.

      Processor Qualcomm® MSM7201A™, 528 MHz
      Operating System Android™
      ROM: 256 MB
      RAM: 192 MB
      Dimensions (LxWxT) 117.7 mm x 55.7 mm x 17.1 mm
      (4.60 in x 2.16 in x 0.62 in)
      Weight 158 grams (5.60 ounces) with battery
      Display 3.2-inch TFT-LCD flat touch-sensitive screen with 320 x 480 (HVGA) resolution
      Network1 HSPA/WCDMA:

      Europe: 2100 MHz
      US:1700/2100 MHz
      Up to 7.2 Mbps down-link (HSDPA) and 2 Mbps up-link (HSUPA) speeds

      Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE:

      850/900/1800/1900 MHz

      (Band frequency, HSUPA availability, and data speed are operator dependent.)

    • 30014

      Wow blah, you are literally a dumb ass.

    • phonegeek

      thats the UK version of the hero chap….our handsets are totally different not counting the nokia n8 an thats not sold by tmo in the states…but let me not be redundant an say what everyone else just said

    • Rilesman

      You have to look at the chipsets for HSPA+ so that means you are looking at the wrong phone. I assume this will have the MSM7230 which is an 800MHz to 1GHz (is this the right one, backup or corrections?) instead of the QSD8672.

  • Ronald

    HSPA is getting pretty widespread the last few months, but LTE is still going to be the future.

  • blah

    FYI its already up on the Dutch site, hence my irate comments

    • ob18

      again that doesn’t mean it’s the specs at all for the states it’s on the dutch site which is located where—————– answer EUROPE.

      get the panties out of the twist and relax.

      • blah

        Be logical for one second, now ONE instance where a carrier releases a phone with the EXACT same name across multiple markets and SIGNIFICANTLY alters the hardware. Just ONE, not three, not even two, just ONE example…

      • Sapphire

        This is in response to blah:

        The HD2 version in Europe had less RAM then the version then T-Mobile USA has. So, um, there’s your example.

    • joel

      You moron. That phone has BEEN up on that site for over a year. Try following mobile phone news and knowing what you’re talking about before some of your crack investigative reporting. >:|

  • Fred Coulter

    I’ll hold off on HSPA+ for one more contract cycle. I’ll just take advantage of today’s special price. It’s still a vast improvement over what I’m currently using.

  • Ronald

    There is another phone coming out in the following month after this..Wait for that one.

  • blah

    I dont understand, ive been waiting forever to upgrade to the next killer phone with hardware keyboard. This should have been it. This is why I have clung to the g1 until a worthy successor was launch. Waiting til the next phone will only yield a high spec phone which is NOT what i want otherwise I would have ALREADY upgraded. I have a right to ticked off, Ive been with t-mobile for 4 years now.

    • blah

      That should read “high spec phone WITHOUT a hardware keyboard.”

      • j

        Blah, Vibrant is that phone. 16GB internal memory, HD screen, NO keyboard and dual core 1GHZ processor. Why so crabby?

      • chotpy

        j, he doesnt want a high spec phone without a kb:

        “…high spec phone *WITHOUT a hardware keyboard* which is NOT what i want otherwise…”

      • john

        Double negatives to a negative, I’m confused. Also the hummingbird is single core.

  • sam

    Dutch site shows the GSM HTC Hero..which has been out for well over a year..I assure you this ain’t that lol

  • Exec4Future

    I read this post and suddenly my wee wee was stricken with rigormortis. LOL. Needless to say, I am very excited for the G2. I will definitely be one of the first to pre-order. follow on twitter @mrkind420budz

  • Exec4Future

    Hey @blah ; when you graduated from special ed, did they feed you cake and pat your tummy? cuz thats not the G2 u effin re re, its the Hero. wow. next time, dont bother speaking at all. just sit on the sidelines and smile accordingly.

    • ob18

      I tried but he is stubborn, I had to give up before running head first into a wall became a better option.

  • Exec4Future

    oops, i forgot i had changed my twitter name to @android_fanboi ….. follow

    • ob18

      great, when I sign up for twitter I know who to avoid. haha

  • wow blah, that’s the GSM hero..
    alot of people called the hero G2, but i can tell you it is not the same phone as what is on this page.

    • j

      correct, the Hero is same as the Mytouch

  • Nate

    So what good was the “sign up to stay in the loop” landing site. Anybody get an email when it was made “official?”

    • phonegeek

      i didnt at all lol

  • Whatever this phone actually is or looks like, the features it brings are most welcome. So let’s see what comes AFTER it.

  • badbob001

    Anyone think T-mobile will once again disguise a data-plan price increase as a new required data-plan for these ‘new’ class of phones? When I upgraded to the G1, they made me drop my $20 Total Internet plan to get the $25 G1 plan. Will I have to upgrade to a $40+ G2 plan if I upgrade again?

    • cp

      you got had.. I had a blackberry pearl before I got my G1 and they didnt make me upgrade a thing.

      • badbob001

        Maybe the Blackberry plan slipped through, but I had used by Total Internet plan on my G1 for about 6 months before I got the dreaded message on the browser than I need to change my plan. Luckily, I just recently got retention to add the $20 loyalty android plan so I’m back to the same price point. I just want to be forced to lose it when upgrading.

  • chotpy

    keyboard or bust. SERIOUSLY.

    t-mobile, do not fail us G1 owners. it’s like adding a candybar phone to the sidekick line or a flip to the iphone. don’t pull that bull!

  • DD_838

    I just got a text message form T-Mobile announcing the G2! I was kinda hoping I was the first to know so I could tip you guys off. haha

  • Jason Bonham

    You absolute morons (Blah primarily). The G2 in the US isn’t the G2 that was released in England over a year ago. That G2 was the HTC hero equivalent follow up for the British market. The fact that we have dumb little trolls googling international sites and just finding out about the British G2 NOW speaks to the stupidity of the people who post here.

  • jdog

    If it is called the G2 and isn’t a Mytouch phone does it have stock Android like the G1?

  • Barry

    This is refreshing, was getting annoyed hearing about other company’s phones being launched and future road maps etc. I said the G2 was already on T-Mobile UK and it probably wouldn’t be an issue calling it that with sports drink having the same name. Also I said this render on the website looked more like the leaked pic we saw of the vision we saw about a month ago. So I guess the Guy ranting about the G2 Hero doesn’t get this is a completely different phone with the same name. But you can clearly see the shape is different, the hero has the Jay Leno chin lol. With that being said if this does have a keyboard it’s super slim. And running vanilla android this will get a lot of dev support. *early thumbs up for this*

  • jdog

    When the original HTC Hero came out on T-mobile in Europe it was called the G2 and that was over a year ago, I’m surprised they used that name here in the U.S. many people said at the time that Tmo would not use the name “G2” because Gatorade was and is still using it.

  • clietz

    badbob001 – you will not have to change your plan, i am on the same $25 unlimited and looked at the vibrant and they will only extend the contract, the terms remain the same.

    • ob18

      makes me glad mine is $20 unlimited when I got the G1, in 2 years i guess for those now getting it that’s not bad still for $25

  • Castor Troy

    For the guy who posted that it is only a 500mhz cpu. That seems very silly. The only way it is true is that it is a 500mhz DUAL CORE. Every think of that

  • txdot

    Anybody else experience weirdness on the g2.t-mobile.com sign up page? I had other people’s information entered in the fields twice AFTER I had entered my info. The first time it was after I clicked the button indicating I’m an existing customer and the second time after I clicked the submit button. Very strange indeed!

  • rickb928

    Oh yeah, got a txt telling me about G2. I’ll be up for renewal in a month, so this is going to be interesting.

    An have fun with the G2 website. Misspell your email address and see how many different ones it comes back with. At least one is an obvious placeholder, but some look legitimate. Tell me they aren’t munging session cookies and giving out the last email from whoever out there …:)

    • ob18

      This phone has to worth it for many, I like many are tired of being strung along with “rumors” or better “phones” and when they come they aren’t much to brag about and still lesser quality then other providers.

      I am holding out hope this is a device I want and would purchase. It’s time for me to put the G1 on the shelf it’s did me well for 2 years and that’s long enough.

    • txdot

      That’s what it looked like to me. I took a couple of screen shots of it as I’ve never seen a web site to that.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    interesting, Igor go and retrieve my cape. I need to make a withdrawal from “ze bank”. (Dracula’s voice) 1, 2, 3 ah ah aaah (Sesame Street Count voice)

  • DannOfThurs

    I want to see in-store & i hope they made the screen bigger ;) 4 inch screen would be nice :D

    Probably no sign of a FFC though so I might still wait for the MyTouch HD / Q4 phones.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      same here. if it’s 4.3, I’m getting off this hd2 in a heartbeat.

  • JP

    Show us the damn phone

  • Bradly

    About damn time

  • preeeesale.

  • jayy336

    Specs specs WE WANT SPECS!!!!!!

  • alex32

    Had the G1 when it launched and left it after 6 months because of the battery life. Since then I regretted it because i switched it for a curve 8900. My curve 8900 has a corrupted micro sd which i cant access it, and it wont let me add anymore contacts.
    Seeing this is amazing news. Im getting the G2 no matter what. It was well worth the wait. It looks like this phone will have a 3.7 inch display which sucks but I dont mind..I am desperate to get rid of my blackberry to go back to android. And even if it has a 800mhz processor I will still get it..the hspa+ will make up for it. I will be the first in line to get this phone, and hopefully it launches september 9 like it was rumored before.
    Now with the right advertising tmobile can really sell this device. I wished they already showed us how it looked like already, but I am almost sure we will all find that out next week with a leaked picture or something.
    Waiting for the Mytouch HD for me is so not worth it…its awesome itll have a ffc and 4 inch screen but the mytouch slide expresso skin looks horrible (in my opinion). I want a google experienced phone and this is it (:

  • Fish


  • frank

    Maybe more news later today?? The site is down now

    • alex32

      i just noticed that, hopefully they can either tell us specs or what it looks like. It said it will be back with “something better”…so hopefully

      • Red

        I think it is the htc vision that was leaked a while back.

  • LSxChevelle

    So I have heard some employees with hands on experience say it is a dual core but I’m still a little unsure of that. Curious to see if thee mytouch hd will be an hspa+ device with a 4″ or 4.3″. After having the Virant I just don’t want a keyboard again.

    • tooltnt

      Yes it will have a dual core… very nice phone.

      • youareatool

        Rumors are rumors. Theres no telling what this phone is until it drops from tmobile spec sheets. If you are sitting there saying that its going to be Dual core and its not, you, and the rest of the assholes that ome around here, will be saying that tmobile let you down blah blah blah.

      • tooltnt

        well, i do work for the company so i wont be complaining… a lot of you guys think every phone coming out should be better that superman power… get to work. go ahead and put it in your “rumor folder”

    • Geo

      I agree who wants a keyboard now. So far what I have found out about this phone. There is nothing that makes me want to get one. I don’t think this phone has a 1ghz processor. The only advantage I see is the HSPA+. Granted, that is a big deal. But I am sure something better will be just around the corner with better specs overall.

      • o_o do a search for “keyboard” on the page.

      • J-Hop2o6

        but it has Vanilla Android (2.2 FroYo).. so no added skins/UI!

  • danny

    i cant believe you guys would a accept a phone that is not on par with whats on the market. this phone BETTER be the motherload of all phones or tmobile this is an EPIC fail

  • franktronic

    Oh god, that looks frighteningly keyboardless. If it doesn’t have a slideout, I’m going to burn my G1 and then blow my brains out in front of a T-Mobile store.

    • tmorep

      this phone does have the keyboard similar to the G1 but better. the dual core processor is the windows 7 phone. i saw the G2 yesterday and its pretty damn awesome.

      • monicooo

        How did you see it?

    • funkadesi

      i Cant believe you didnt realize what you just said.

      Is there a 3.8″ Android 2.2 QWERTY phone available on the “market” – “NO”

      • franktronic

        I can’t believe your user name is funkadesi.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well long ago, at least in Net years, we discussed the names of phones. (I think last November).

    It was pointed out that T-Mobile (not Google or HTC) owns the “G” in phone designations. So G2 seemed the most logical choice for this phone since T-Mobile had yet to officially use it.

    (Some people privately called the Magic the G2 and in Europe T-Mobile has been using the G2 name for the HTC Hero or Touch).

  • ObsceneJesster

    This device will not have the duel core processor. If you want duel core you are going to have to wait until December. Word is the first duel core device will ship in December with Gingerbread. It is also rumored to have a 4.3in display. Personally, I wouldn’t jump on this device. The specs will be weaker than the Vibrant and the HSPA+ will not benefit you yet since Tmobiles HSPA+ speeds aren’t going over 7.2 Mb/s. I live in a HSPA+ area and the best I get is 5.5 Mb/s with the USB Rocket.

    • Broham

      I want a phone with cores that duel! Excitement at every turn! Who will shoot first? Dueling cores!!!

      • Reece

        *makes laser sounds*
        peow! peow! peow! poom poom PEOW!!!

  • tmorep

    this phone is fast and has the 2.2 foyo android on the device. i played with it yesterday and man is this phone nice!

    • vanilla or espresso?

      • frank

        how about some gingerbread instead??

    • gMoney

      …and we should believe you…why?

    • Ahh hahahahahaha the peow peow PEOW just made my day…laughed so hard I started coughing

  • tmorep

    because i played with it yesterday like i said dont believe me i dont care lol

    • gMoney

      ok…so can you give anymore information about it? screen size? 5 row keyboard? 3.5mm headphone jack? 4″ screen? weight? feel? finish?

  • Okay, first: awesome! Really looking forward to it, and I know it’ll deliver. I can’t wait! :D

    Secondly, is anyone wondering about a trademark conflict with G2 Gatorade? <.< I can just imagine Twidiots calling this the "Gatorade phone"…O.O Actually, if it has HSPA+ AND restores electrolytes, that would be pretty epic.

    • Thom ass

      That’s why it’s officially called “G2 with Google” and not “G2.” That avoids trademark infringement.

      • TmoBully

        Hmmmm, the image above has G2 with the trademark sign right after it.

  • vibrant/hd2 user

    If the screen size is not 4in or better pass for me.

    • Omeer

      How about a 50 inch screen? Would you like that you 4 inches or better idiot? You want to carry around a plasma screen TV for a phone? Yeah you’d like that, douche bag.

      • vibrant/hd2 user

        If you pay attention to my user name you would know why. No go back to you jr high school class and leave the grown up stuff to us. Thanks

      • Bobert

        Skipped your meds today?

  • tmorep

    the feel is pretty slick..what the htc rep said it will be available in 3 colors. 5 row keyboard similar to the G1 keyboard. i guess you can say its similar to the nexus1 and it does have a 5 megapixel camera. the screen looks like a 4 inch but i believe its a 3.7

    • bigc17

      Hey tmorep, you say this phone is so great, so can you post some pictures of it

  • bigc17

    It’s about time tmo says something else new about this new phone, it has been abou 2 weeks since anything really useful info actually came out. Im excited but, im still not fully there yet. I need five things to get as excited as i could be 1.) More actual photos 2.) full specs 3.) Release date 4.) FCC and 5.) A price…. Oh Yeah, this is to tmorep, say some more helpful and useful things about this phone.

  • Heaven help us if this has a physical keyboard, and for all you people out there that still want it then please put down your lego’s and get with the times. with sype we don’t need a physical keyboard. I’m sure someone under the age of ten is going to argue with me so bring it on babies, i got a pacifier for ya.

  • jazzmanmonty

    bishop, keyboard is a must! i don’t care how ez swype is. when i cant text without looking, then its an inconvenience. i can write a damn book on my g1 without looking if i wanted cuz of the physical keyboard. as for all the talks of the dual processor phone, someone mentioned its supposed to be for the win7 phone. leave it to tmobile to go f things up again like they did by putting win7 on hd2. win7 is nothing impressive, and only real appeal will be towards them xbox lovers. total waste of a good phone if it indeed has win7 on it.

  • Looks promising but need specs to be sure

    • Robert

      Does anyone have a link to the FCC filing for the specs?

  • 007

    What is a big deal? Htc makes worst phones…..

  • franktronic

    The real question is, how much will T-Mo pervert the software? The G1 is really the only phone other than the Nexus One that runs stock Android. When the N1 came out, I figured that I’d just patiently wait for HTC to release a proper, keyboard-equipped version, for which I’d pay almost any ridiculous amount of money if I knew it would always get the latest Android updates without any carrier intervention. If this is a true “G2”, hopefully they won’t dick it up with bubbly icons, bloatware, and bad lock screens.

    • alex32

      it was already said itll be a google experience phone like the g1, so i imagine itll run android stock (i hope)…but most likely it will.
      the mytouchHD with ffc and 4 inch screen will have all that bubbly icons/mytouch slide skin. That was the dealbreaker for me in getting the g2.
      android is a platform that releases better phones by 2 to 3 months, so theres no point in wating for the nex big thing to come out. Its inevitable.
      Im buying the g2..i could care less about screen size and processor. as long as its stock android and has a slide out keyboard im sold..im done waiting. i hate my blackberry

  • Secret Squirrel

    Site is down ATM… =(

  • Bimmerz

    This should be interesting. But here’s hoping that the rumored specs and photos of this phone are false. If it is only 3.7″ screen, and looks like the images floating around of this device – I’ll pass and see what Nov/Dec brings. :)

  • Omeer

    Lawl @ Broham I was going to go on a typing rampage @ the duel core idiot but your witty sarcasm has lightened my mood. Dueling cores Buahahahaha. What a pretentious fart. Hey duel core guy you speak as if you were on the assembly line putting this phone together, were you? If not then how are you so sure that it won’t have a dual core processor? That it’s specs will be inferior to that of the vibrant’s?

  • Notag1

    I’m still holding out for an offering that has UMA built in. I’m getting really tired of holding my phone near a window when I’m at home, just to get one bar.

  • badbob001

    Fail if it includes a Genius Button. I hope it can keep the number row on the qwerty like on the G1.

  • cellswag5

    I really hope this G2 is something big. Leaps ahead of anything tmo has and atleast on par with what’s else is out there. Because tmo really played us with the G1 leaving us behind the rest for almost 2 years. Also I really hope this G2 doesn’t have a four row key board. Need a row for numbers. I’m ready to sell my my touch slide for a good price and use my my touch 3g jack until the G2 comes. Don’t burn me tmo.

  • bigc17

    Why is it all of a sudden the g2.t-mobile.com website is “temporarily unavailable” hummm….go figure.

    • Robert

      I signed up for updates this morning and already received a text from T-Mo.

    • briaann

      I got the text and never signed up . FREE T-MOBILE MSG: You heard it first: G2 is coming, and its fast. Finally, the best of Google at the speeds you crave. Get exclusive access at G2.t-mobile.com

      • immadroid

        i got the same text! funny i saw it on engadget right before or it would’ve been an awesome surprise

  • derrickps3

    need pics 1st…..also specs please

  • TMOprophet

    3.7in screen
    800Mhz processor
    2.2 Froyo


    • Manny

      you’re probably right

      • zazou

        How can the release something this lame at the same time that the Droid 2 and Epic are released? T-mobile will always be in third place because of their phones.

  • jazzmanmonty

    anyone know how to search the FCC website for new products such as this? i’m trying to seek some specs, but their search is funky and i’m not getting anywhere.

  • CD

    5 row effing keyboard PUHLEASE!

    I run a business that uses part numbers all the time, jesus…please a 5 row keybopard

    Hey TMO…..did I mention a FIVE ROW KEYBOARD PLEASE!

    Personally, anything will be faster than my ancient G1..i just cant let it go, its till serves its purpose for emails and such for me, albeit a tad slow lol…



  • Michael Lococo

    But that’s running Android! :-(

    I hope there’s an HD3 in the works as well… I live on Windows mobile…

    • Sgt. Cell

      I love my HD2, and would purchase a HD3 if on T Mobile, but windows mobile is dead. They need to have Android on the next device, just my 2 cents.

  • jazzmanmonty

    hopefully it has this chip :)


  • Manny

    why did they take off the silhouette on the website?

    • David

      Still there for me?!

      • Manny

        yea…maybe its just my computer

      • Rage

        Not there for me either

      • Technogen

        Hit refresh David, your browser showing the old page. The current images are linked to a missing file. I’m not sure if they are new ones or old ones.

        • David

          Hmmm, ok…let me try on a different browser…maybe I need to clear cache or something?! Is it just a blank page?

        • Manny

          no, it still has all the sign up info. but the image is gone

        • Rage

          Maybe they took down the image to replace it with an actual photo of the phone, which will hopefully happen soon

        • Manny

          hope so

      • Technogen

        IDK if they fixed it or not, they keep showing up when I click the link from Tmonews, but when I hit refresh the pictures are gone and the page is a slightly dif layout. *shrug*

  • ObsceneJesster

    This phone is not the dual core device. The dual core device is projected to release in December being the first device shipping with Gingerbread. This information is from the Android Central Podcast. The guy said he spoke with a HTC rep at a Seattle event and all this info came directly from his mouth. The only things the rep could tell him was it will be the first phone with a dual core processor, it will be the first to ship with Gingerbread and it will have a 4.3in. screen. The rep wouldn’t say whether or not it was a slate or slide out QWERTY.

  • mingkee

    It’s better to have better spec than nexus one or I won’t even consider it.

  • shawn1224

    Specs or STFU

  • G1 from day 1

    This may have been mentioned numerous times but I’ll say it again….Hope it’s something of a monster like the HTC EVO. I think 4 inch screens should be somewhat of a standard nowadays with super phones like the EVO, Vibrant, Droid X etc….
    Just my opinion

  • luis03

    Since this is the first official t-mobile Phone that will run at “4g” (more like 3.5G) like speeds will they also raise the price for these new spends like sprint did?

  • Steven

    I want specs!

  • Manny

    i’d tried both Firefox and IE… still does the same thing

  • Mahmoud

    I am using my G1 in NYC Queens(next to LaGuardia Airport) and i don’t get 4G speeds. the speeds that i got are as follows:

    Highest: 1690kbps UP and 378kbps DOWN with Ping:144ms
    Network: Utms Nearest Server: Secaucus, NJ
    T-mobile said that they rolled out HSPA+ in NYC and the it would work on the G1 but i don’t see these speeds. T-mobile needs to fix this fast because NYC is the most populated city in the US and if they Launch the G2 with these speeds that would be a shame.

  • robotate

    open the images in new tab, remove the “.staging” part.

    seems they pushed this from the dev environment and forgot to fix the image links. On the upside, we all know where their dev environment is now.

    • funkadesi

      LMAO thats what i saw too, SMH

      they need to get better QAs, Lazy ass T-MO

  • Bimmerz

    Images are broken on my end, and this was the 1st time I’ve clicked the link. Hope broken images are replaced with the actual image of the phone, when they get it fixed.

  • bigc17

    on my phone, it just says that the web page is temporarily unavailable and tmo is fixing the problem and to check again later and the website will be up later.

  • I will be getting this phone and I will be getting the MyTouch HD as well.

  • Charles Xavier

    I got to play with this phone today. I’m going to be brutally honest here. It’s not up to par with the HTC Evo. It’s just not. I’m sorry.

    • shawn1224

      Pictures, Specs or just STFU

      • TMOprophet


  • Bemused

    A week ago, a T-Mobile management type told me there was a phone coming soon that was like a “Nexus One with a keyboard”. This must be it.

  • AkoIto

    hey, all I am asking is a 3.5 mm jack!…hahaha!!!

    • funkadesi

      ^^ I “LIKE” your humor sir lol

  • yoddle

    since emerald is green and windows mobile is green i am almost sure project emerald is a wm7 device..and thats the dual core phone.
    anyway the g2will blow the mytouchhd out of the water..why?because g2 has android stock while mytochhd has expresso which is whack

    • B

      Sense is really just a preference. It won’t blow it out the water just because it runs stock. You can even turn Sense off if you want to or just root it. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the mytouch has better specs.

  • tmoexec

    I currently have the G2, its awesome. Its 3.7 inches and it has a 5 row keyboard. Android 2.2 stock by the way. Also 800mhz is the chipset. The dual core comes out in 2011 of january for some other android handset that i dont know of. The mytouch hd will have a 1ghz chipset.

    Sent from via T-mobile G2

    • tmoexec

      they gave tis phone to try it for a day. I return it tomorrow.

    • zazou

      Well if that is the case then that really sux..

      • alex32

        yeah right..ill just wait for the specs and all.
        im still getting this thing no matter what though

    • TMOprophet

      I seriously have to wait till fricking January..TMO fails again

      • Taay49

        Cant you just wait? lmao.

    • funkadesi

      I dont understand you people, crying over 200 MHz, wow really? Ask anyone, ANYONE who owns a 1 Ghz phone wheter it be a droid, evo, or even nexus one…. Just ask them about the battery life.


      and im sure most of us would like to get atleast 16 hours from a phone…. which most of these phones can barely make it.

  • Mahmoud

    I am using my G1 in NYC Queens(next to LaGuardia Airport) and i don’t get 4G speeds. the speeds that i got are as follows:

    Highest: 1690kbps UP and 378kbps DOWN with Ping:144ms
    Network: Utms Nearest Server: Secaucus, NJ
    Please help T-mobile said that they rolled out HSPA+ in NYC and the it would work on the G1 but i don’t see these speeds. T-mobile needs to fix this fast because NYC is the most populated city in the US and if they Launch the G2 with these speeds that would be a shame.

    • Mahmoud

      sorry i meant: 1690kbps DOWN and 378kbps UP with Ping:144ms

    • joel

      T-Mobile wasn’t clear enough on this, but what they meant is that most of their current devices, including the G1, will benefit from the added network capacity, not that the G1 was capable of HSPA+ speeds. G1 is capable of HSPA 7.2mbps speeds in theory … of course it will never reach that speed, just like no HSPA+ phone will ever reach 21mbps. Most people with HSPA+ devices seem to be getting between 3-6mbps from the comments I’m seeing on it. Which is plenty for me.

      • Zo

        My vibrant has reached speeds of 6mbps down here in NYC. I would imagine an HSPA+ device would be much faster than that over here.

      • hecg55

        i was getting speeds of 4 mbps on my vibrant on 3g network so im sure id be hitting 6 mbps with HSPA+ so im sure an HSPA+ will get much higher speeds

  • Mahmoud


    • Sapphire

      What’s that’s supposed to be?

    • Flyby

      Um, we can’t browse to YOUR hard disk. Web links work better.
      BTW, the G1 is not an HSPA+ phone.

    • pierdidor

      ^ ha FAIL

  • Yoddle

    I am your biggest fan, baby cakesss (:

  • robbie landman

    is making up a fake email account to comment on this blog/website bad/illegal?

  • antonio76

    hello, bloggers.. i woould like to know if by now, the G2 is touch screen? Anyways, hows everyone?

    Love, Antonio… :DD

    • tmOS94

      Sorry mate, but isn’t your question kind of stupid? ,love….. what the heck?!

      • antonio76

        “MATE” no it’s not… I’m foreign and I do not know this cellular things. And where I am from, we DO NOT say “what the heck?” we say , “Hensa Bisha!?” But anyways, tmOS94, i appologize if I asked something “stupid”…

        Antonioooo <3

    • Dalton

      Well if it’s running Android…that kinda answers your question, does it not?

  • Mahmoud

    but i am nowhere near those speeds and other people with G1’S HAVE FASTER speeds in other places.

  • Mahmoud

    but i am nowhere near those speeds and other people with G1’S HAVE FASTER speeds in other places.

    • john

      Try to powercycle the phone, helps me usually.

      • Mahmoud

        thanks anyways i am going to buy the G2 and if i get the same speeds there will be a problem.

      • B

        It seems there already is a problem, and that problem is you’re not understanding the difference between what devices are capable of reaching what speeds, as well as not understanding that different areas will offer different speeds. If you buy this phone and your area isn’t even blanketed in HSPA+ don’t blame T-Mobile when you don’t see enhanced speeds.

  • I’ve yet to access this site for updates. Has anyone here signed up yet?

  • bob

    the g2 says 800mhz but its a dual core 800mhz each core.

    • TMOprophet

      Prove it pretzel boy, what kind of screen tech they using smart guy?

  • Rilesman

    My G2 Promotion Recommendation

    G1 Appreciation – For T-Mobile customers that showed faith in the G1, Google, and helped T-Mobile bring Android to the world we offer the following special.

    All G1 owners on the Even More plans (no matter how long on the 2 year contract) can receive the “Upgrade Full” price plus a $50 dollar mail-in rebate.
    G1 owners on the Even More Plus plans will receive a $150 dollar mail-in rebate.

    ….of course personally I would also like a….

    3.5mm MyTouch 3G special – for all those T-Mobile customers that have that HORRIBLE USB audio connection, a free refurbished MyTouch 3G with 3.5mm connector or an upgrade at the “Upgrade Full” price.

    Really tired of not being able to do any audible apps. Not going to look for the converter cable again…and again…etc.

    • Magenta Magic

      Not bloodly likely. NO REBATES on Even More Plus plans. It’s no contract, you get your “rebate” monthly by paying less.

      And just because you bought a G1 and 2 days later you realized your rep failed to inform you that the phone was retired (not you, specifically, but about 20 customers I’ve talked to in the past few months) does not mean you get a Full Upgrade.


      However, Care does seem to be getting very generous on what accounts can get upgrades. If your in-store rep says “no” double check with Care. I’ve seen this happen numerous times lately!

      • Rilesman

        Oh…I know nothing like this would happen.

        Just seems right though for G1 owners to get a decent deal….at least the “Upgrade Full” but maybe not a rebate….got that…and maybe only for those who have had the G1 for 6 months or longer…perhaps a year.

  • jmcl987

    Sooooo thats means dual core is faster/better than a single core with 800mhz? (sorry for the odd question)

    • bryan

      Yes a dual core 800 mhz processor is faster than a 1Gig single core processor, especially while multitasking.

  • Justin

    So much for the G1 Blaze name, lol.

  • ASV

    Did your source say anything about whether or not you can use the G2 with wi-fi calling? I thought I read it somewhere but can’t find it again.

    • L

      I’d like to know as well.

      Any tmo insiders know if the G2 will have UMA?

      • bryan

        Sort of, It will have WiFi calling but it will not transfer a call between WiFi and cellular.
        The Mytouch Slide 2.2 update will include this also.

  • trollface.jpg

    Hey, after I signed up at T-Mobile’s page, there is a little bit of small print at the bottom. It stated that the devices max theoretical speed is 14.4mb. I thought TMo’s HSPA+ was 21mb. Any thoughts?

  • bob

    the beta tested unit in our store had the dual core 800mhz and used wifi calling or UMA as its better know. UMA actually worked really well.

    • L

      Bob ~ you’re keeping the dream alive.

      If this phone comes out with UMA I am sending you a virtual hug.

    • TMOprophet

      I hope your right about the dual core..it might not be the 1.5 we wanted, but this should hold some of us over for a bit

      • alex32

        i hope its a dual core, but it doesnt change my mind from buying it if it doesnt have it. Some people who have seen the phone like you say something different. You say it has dual core when tmoexec says it doesnt.
        So Im just going to have to wait till specs come out and consider these sitings as rumors. I dont want to get my hopes up for nothing. I believe you more than tmoexec though…

  • bob

    yeah thats one of the reasons i was excited about the phone. UMA is needed with the lack of our coverage on tmobile.

  • I was finally able to register. Thanks for the info to the TMO Exec. G2 sounds promising. What I want to know is, Is Magenta listening to those of us patiently waiting for replacement to G1, N1? Verizion is getting the Ipone. Clear is getting the EVO4G. What is Magenta doing to stay competitive?

    • B

      The same thing they always do. Nothing.

      • TMOprophet

        lol..nothing, but yeah pretty much

  • aaronkt

    well i am really concerned about something here. I remember google saying that a phone had to meet certain specs to be able to run gingerbread. From the rumored specs flying around here i dont believe the g2 would meet those. That is a huge problem. Just wish they would release some specs so we can stop this crazy stuff. we dont know the specs of the phone and are already talking about how its going to fail. I have had my G1 since pre order. I’m ready for a new phone but I can’t just deal with something that is par. I passed on the vibrant for this. I really hope this works out.

    • bryan

      Google’s recommended specs for gingerbread (Android 2.5 / 3) is a 1Gig processor and 512 RAM. If the processor in the G2 is dual core and clocked at 800mhz it exceeds those specs, if it is single core clocked at 800mhz then it would not. All of the other specs are good to go for the next Android version.

  • mingkee

    If you look carefully at the bottom of the page, the phone only supports 14.4Mbps 3.75G.
    A bit disappointed…

    • jonstonson

      you can stream 1080p at full resolution with 14.4bps. what else do you want to do with your phone? Download thousands and thousands of songs/files?

      • jonstonson


  • tmo

    well as the rumor goes from the HTC rep there will be 2 high end devices comming out this quarter and one average HTC phone. The dual core processor will be comming out somtime twards the end of october with Windows 7..The word on the G2 release date has not yet been announced but i know its next month and does have the 2.2 foyo on it. At the same time there was a Motorola rep and a HTC rep in the same meeting. They compared the G2 speed wtih the Droid X speeds. The G2 surfed the web faster than the Droid X. I had the G2 in my hands and kid you not its a damn good phone. Blows the vibrant out of the water. The My touch HD i heard launches in December but exact date is unknown.

    • Android_Enthu

      Hi Tmo
      Can you be specific in what ways does it blow away Vibrant ? In web-surfing speeds ?
      I don’t think there is any phone that can match Vibrant’s Super-amoled screen

  • Ansel

    So is there any word on the rumor that the G2 is gonna have a FFC??

  • bob

    No FCC on the G2 and btw the HTC reps that visit the store are stupid and know nothing unless they are really good actors. the hing on the g2 is such that its not really a pop or spring. so if your laying down it will collapse. They did this to prevent people from getting there fingers caught in the phone. when we originally downloaded a program to tell us what specs were on the phone it popped up 800mhz but was told on the conference call that its because its a dual core.

  • tmo

    the G2 does not have an AMOLED screen. the Vibrant does have that against the G2. Honestly the G2 is a great phone but my opinion i will stick with the vibrant. The G2 is more focused on the G1 users. I personally never liked the G1..Who knows. you really cant say much about these new devices unless you get your hands on it. When i played wiht the G2 i want that impressed as i was with the vibrant.

    • Mike

      You JUST said it blows the vibrant out of the water. But in your opinion you’ll sitck with the vibrant and you weren’t that impressed with the G2. So basically it’s worse than the vibrant?

  • bob

    i was only able to play with it while in the store but i would put it on par with the vibrant except for the Amoled screen.

  • bigboy75

    Tmo is playing games. First, he’s saying that the g2 blew the vibrant out of the water. Now, he’s saying that it isn’t? Come clean.

  • bigboy75

    Tmo is playing games. First, he’s saying that the g2 blew the vibrant out of the water. Now, he’s saying that it wast impressed ? Come clean.

  • going_home

    Wonder what the off contract price is going to be…


    • Steve

      This is probably one of the biggest factors for me since I’m on the Even More Plus plan. I hope it is $499.

  • TamiaGonzalez

    Somewheeeeereee, oveeer the raaainbooow (:
    lmfao (: Hey, I wanted to knoooow, since the G2 is kinna like the next version of the G1, is there like, 100% SUUURE that the G2 is better than the G1 even thoough it is the newer generation? Im kind of confused, cause I know that this happens sometimes, where JUST cause the newer phone is new and stuff, that doesnt mean its better. Yeap, it may have something different than the G1, but, is it fosho? Also, cause like, since this phone hasnt come out yet, and it looks like a pretty awesome phone, lol, umm, I was plannin on gettin’ ittttttt, soo I wanted to know if this phone is worth it and all lol (: Thaanks… <33

  • Brian38

    How will the battery life be on this thing??????? o.O