Motorola Charm Hands-On

After making a recent appearance on, the folks over at IntoMobile go hands-on with the Motorola Charm. As you might have already noticed, the handset shown in the video above is for the Canadian based carrier, Telus, although we don’t expect any difference between the two. Look for the Charm in a T-Mobile store near you August 25th. Check out the video above, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!



  • chaoscentral

    should hopefully convert some blackberry users over to the wonderful world of Android

    • Mohammad

      I wish this would only require the $10 data.

      • RandomT-MobileUser

        You don’t have to get the android plan. I mean if you go into the store you will be forced to get the like special internet plans for the certains phones but if you order online it will just tell you to add the plan when you get the phone. You can use the $1.99 per MB plan as an alternative. I use it with my Behold 2 and i can use the web and market and YouTube. Also heard it works for others too.

      • davidohio

        ummm…yeah. I am sure everyone would like a ten dollar android data plan but it is not going to happen cheapskate.

  • vibrant/hd2 user

    Looks like a good back up phone.

  • @rpinazo

    wow looks and operates alot better than I thought! Should sell well.

  • Fish

    Some blackberry users might swap over but 6 months later they’ll be wishing they didn’t.

    It’s a motorolla afterall…

  • ob18

    looks like a good thing to use as a door stop.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    This makes me wonder if my local tmo store was supposed to have those demo units out because I played with the charm about a month ago when I demoed the Vibrant. I think I could’ve bought one as well on the same day in both colors.

    • Kilari

      As far as I know they halted the launch after learning of battery issues. So you probably did see a display set up. Some stores are faster at setting up than others.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        ah, that makes sense.

  • That looks pretty cool. I’d pick that up. I wish my sister was on our plan, i’d get her one.


    I saw this in TMO store a couple of weeks ago. It is stupendous. I would definitely get it if I did not just upgrade recently. It is truly amazing. Has a nice sized qwerty keyboard. Screen is big too.

  • skye

    be so much better running stock android!!

  • blablabla

    that guy seemed to be stumbled when he was asked to go over the hardware specs. He ended up pointing out that it was the motorola charm all over again lol

    • funkmasterc

      Yeah – the guy doing the demo kind of sucked – he was shaking and moving his fingers and the phone all over the place – gave me a headache. I like the phone though. Personally, my fingers are too fat to use that, but I can see it having a following, but the pricing is attractive.

  • THAT DUDE!!!!

    not a fan. I’ll stick with my 9700 over this. May switch when the G2 drops.

  • Craig

    I am sold. I am sick of BB and my e73 is also lame!

  • jonathan

    Have you all felt the keyboard? DISLIKE!!! And I don’t have big hands or fat fingers.

    • RONNU

      The keyboard on the Charm is much bigger than the normal blackberry keyboard It is a good size

  • CC

    WANT… That android 2.1 on my Cliq! The Charm is a little lacking on certain things (like the camera is only 3.2 MP whereas the Cliq and XT are both 5.0 MP) but it’s overall pretty cool. A lot of people seem to hate it, but I honestly LOVE the Motoblur and I can’t wait to have that version running on my phone. Under the hood, it’s almost exactly the same as the Cliq with the same CPU, same amount of RAM and ROM, all the same other capabilities.

    Hello, Motorola? This is your customers. You have no excuses to not have that update out for 2.1 with the Charm or shortly after!

  • Jazmac

    I actually think this is pretty cool device for T-Mobile. I could see the back track pad show up on an Android tablet at some point. Sure would help to keep the fingerprints down.

    Not to mention eliminate the “worry” of having your fingerprints remain on the screen when you use the swipe unlock feature. (whatever it’s called) Maybe the engineers could configure to use the swipe track pad on the back to unlock.

    You hear me Android? If you go there, that was my idea. :)