Motorola Jordan on its Way?

Motorola has really been making a splash in the Android world lately.  Unfortunately, all their phones seem to be going to Verizon.  Well, aside from the Charm, it looks like we may just see another Motorola phone soon.  With the code name of Motorola Jordan (that name sounds familiar), this phone is supposed to be a rugged smartphone coming in Late October.  This phone us supposed to be pretty waterproof (up to 10 meters or around 33 feet, including being IP67 certified.  Other than that, not much is known, but maybe this is that Motorola MB710 from earlier this year, maybe?  Check back for future updates and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks, ItsMichaelNotMike!



  • jonathan

    Sigh… Motorola. I’ll never buy any of their products in the foreseeable future.

  • rev2redlineguy

    Same here. And still with no word on that update to the Cliq (which I used to have and no longer do….thank you) with the crappy Motoblur I will never buy another Motorola product again. I’m sure there are people out there who are giving up on Motorola simply because they are utilizing their resources on other devices and totally not supporting the ones that need it badly (like getting rid of 1.5 and updating to at 2.1 which is still no where in sight or has been mentioned). I’m sticking with my Vibrant!

    • jonathan

      T-Mobile gave me a replacement for my Cliq AND also gave me the Vibrant for $225 w/ no extension plus a $100 credit to next month’s bill. They told me to just give the Cliq to someone on my other lines, lol. The Vibrant is supposed to be here tomorrow and I’ll admit that I am ecstatic.

      • Whoa – more info that, please! I am a dissatisfied Cliq owner, and I am coveting the Vibrant! Did you call and complain about the Cliq or something?

      • jonathan

        Yes, I called just to complain about the Cliq and how it was marketed to me for features which were “coming soon” and which features are still absent months later. I went on and on about how I was misled and would’ve never bought the phone had I known these things. More or less made a mountain out of a mole hill, lol.

      • matchesmalone

        I can understand not being happy with a phone. I had the behold 2 and hated the fact that I never had more than 1.5. But I never called in expecting a credit or for them to just give away phones. The vibrant is a 500.00 phone and to give that at discount, it takes almost 2 years for tmobile to recoop that cost. So to expect credits or upgrades with no contract is foolish. If everyone did this, how would tmobile stay in business?

  • JaylanPHNX

    I kinda hate to be that guy who swears off a brand from one bad experience, but I’m really getting there. Every day there are more great apps that come out that I can’t use on my Cliq XT. There are even some existing apps that are no longer supporting 1.5. As we get closer and closer to the end of Q3 and still no update, that Vibrant looks better and better. As soon as I finish paying for the XT (EM+), I’m getting that Hummingbird-powered beauty.

    • Jeremy

      Call T-Mobile. I had two friends that had a Cliq and Cliq XT that were able to get Vibrants at new customer pricing after calling to complain about the same thing. One was only 6 months into his 2 year contract.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      There’s options for you. Being an EM+ custo too, here is what you can try.

      1. You have a line of credit with T-Mobile as an EM+ customer. It ranges from a low of about $300 up to about $1200-$1400.

      Politely tell them that you are unhappy with the Cliq XT for the stated reasons. Ask to get a Vibrant under the EM+ and add it to your credit line. The payments will add, at most, about $25 monthly to your bill. That’s not bad for the Vibrant.

      If the CSR says your limit won’t cover it, then politely ask for a supervisor. Tell your story all over again and he or she will most likely get you the Vibrant.

      2. After getting the Vibrant, polish up the Cliq and put it for sale on ebay. Then use the proceeds to pay off the Cliq on T-Mobile.

      3. Push comes to shove, again politely, tell T-Mobile you are upset that they won’t do the right thing and firmly ask to cancel the T-Mobile account. They will put you through to retentions.

      Retentions will ask what’s the problem, tell your story all over again and they will work things out for you. And retentions will do this for you because they have the power to give you a free Vibrant if they have to (obviously that would only be if you had something like 100 lines with them. LOL).

      By the way, if you close an account and you have an EM+ phone balance, it is due on the closing bill. In other words, T-Mobile does not demand you whip out a credit card and pay off the balance on the spot, as soon as you say to cancel.

      4. Other than the above you could simply sell the Cliq and use the money to pay off the T-Mobile balance and then buy a Vibrant. But that’s nothing special, so I would not go this route.

      I have the Vibrant and I love the phone. So if I were you I’d do what’s necessary to get it. Just sayin.

      • Bobert

        How is TMO’s fault that the phone isn’t updated?
        So the carrier should give you a FULLY DISCOUNTED PHONE because you aren’t happy with Motorola?

      • dre

        It punks bi#c/es like its michael that make our job hard cuz you wanna bitch to get everything and still don’t pay your bill on time or you’ll call asking …why is my bill so high…with the bill in your hand….saying..OH…I didn’t remember the payments for my vibrant were for 20 months…

      • Bruce

        Bobert, I agree that the fault is Motorola and not T-Mobile but we have to direct our anger towards the company that has the exclusive contract. This is the downside of being the middleman between Motorola and the customer, you must accept the responsibility as well as the rewards. I’m not happy with the way cell phones are limited to carriers and how carriers insist that phones be modified to suit them. As long as the carriers insist on this business model, they must deal with the complaints.

  • mad dog

    This is off topic but the charm released today on Canadian carrier telus. My point is that it’s tmo holding up the release of this phone not motorola. I only mention this because people have been hammering motorola in the comments lately.

    • jonathan

      Have you not read that the phone was held up for testing due to battery issues and more? Motorola deserves all the hell they’re getting from current and ex-Cliq owners.

      • jazzmanmonty

        ya and don’t you know they care less about them canadian’s so they’ll release it there regardless if the battery blows up? lol j.k. idk whos at fault with delays here but its not a phone i’m looking at getting so no biggie for me. sorry for those of you that are waiting to get one though.

  • I had a cliq, but sold it and got a Nexus. I love Blur cause I am big on social networking, but hated that the OS never got updated. That said, I’ve had a Nexus one, Mytouch slide 3g and now a Vibrant since the Cliq and none of them satisfy me as far as integrating the social networking. The Slide was close but no cigar. If T-mo was really able to get top notch phones like Verizon gets we’d all prob be singing a different tune. The Moto devices we get are like red headed step kids to the ones Vz gets, which is sad. The good news for everyone if the rumors are right (the ones I’ve heard) is that from gingerbread forward everyone is gonna be headed back to vanilla android to keep everything consistent for developers. That should be a win for everyone but the handset makers who use their custom OS to differentiate their products.

    • Bargsbeer

      Agreed 100% T-Mobile get’s all the baby Android phones or as some like to call them the crippled Android phones.

      • anthony

        If you want a phone with s.networking get a phone with HTC sence, I was with Verison had the Droid. When my contract ended went with Sprint now I have the evo the sence UI does the something as motoblur, just less intrusive, and it does fall on the carrier to push updates Google sends the firmware updates to the carrier and the have to push it out to the customers, you could also root your phone and give it any rom you like

  • Cassie


    • jonathan

      You realize that the average consumer may not care right away about outdated and updated. Hell, they may not even understand it. But then… They learn the truth of what it is they’re missing out on and learn the path of deceit they were led down. I can guarantee with almost absolute certainty if this is the competitor of the i1 like it is believed to be, it will certainly be another flop on T-Mobile’s lineup of Motorola handsets.

      • Cassie

        Then people should do their research before investing in a device. Not get mad when they realize they made a foolish investment. That’s their own ignorance and not the manufacturers problem.

    • jonathan

      Research would easily pull up that Motorola PROMISED an update in Q2. What do you have to say about that? We have one more month left in Q3 with no ETA for said update. Foolish is the manufacturer who makes a promise they can’t keep. Angry is the consumer who was lied to. So… The ignorant one is Motorola for giving a timeline they couldn’t keep.

      • Cassie

        No ignorance is the “not knowing” hun. DId I ever say I didn’t think motorola was wrong for making false promises? No I didn’t. Consumers have every right to be upset about that. I myself bought a Motorola Cliq when they first released but I bought it for what it was, not for what I thought it was going to be. However, if someone told you to jump off a bridge because by the time you land there will be a nice cushion for you, would you still do it? Why WAIT for an update when by the time that update comes there will be better devices available anyway! Doesn’t make sense to me. Like I said, if you don’t want an outdated phone don’t buy one. Promises are not always kept.

    • Rilesman

      That is a not a good nor sound statement for Android phones right now due to the steep development curve (grateful of this progress). My wife bought the G1 when it was the only Android phone and still waiting for the contract to end to get the next phone. Should I yell at her for buying the only available phone at the time?

      • Cassie

        I’m not sure if I read what you said correctly or not but from what I got out of it…No you shouldn’t yell at her because when the G1 released it WAS the best Android device.

  • mingkee

    Why should we care about motosh*t as they only in relationship with Verizon Wireless?
    Droid xxx saved them, cliq/backflop didn’t

  • Barry

    I think mad dog is right cause I believe telus has the charm available now….idk what T-Mobile is doing, hopefully the phones coming will be worth the wait. Also I think they should focus on updating the cliq and MyTouch devices. But it would be nice if this is the MB710 that’s been chillin out for some time now.

  • ob18

    oh wonderful more of the “unknown”

  • woot

    FINALLY a waterproof phone! Shrewd move on Tmo’s part to be the first carrier to target the mermaid market

    • JoshL

      lmao!! leave it to t-mobile to target a minuscule audience.

      • john

        Well, this could also be for the “I’m retarded and took my phone to the pool, and layed it down 1foot from the edge” demographic.

    • Bruce

      As a motorcyclist, I would greatly appreciate a waterproof phone. So would anybody who works outside like construction, police, ranger, etc. It may be a small audience but it can be a hot-button. If the features compare favorably to other phones, I would choose the waterproof version.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    My understanding is that the Jordan will be an industrial grade phone that fills a niche, for people who are hard on phones. Where, for example, my “dainty” Vibrant would last about three minutes on the job or out in the field.

    Law enforcement, military, construction, the trades, seafarers, etc.

    • Rilesman
    • dwillistyle

      I agree with Michael, there are a substantial amount of people that want a “heavy duty/rugged” phone. Also, most of these people don’t need or even want the latests technology, they want something that will hold up. So if they could get a highly rugged “smartphone” they would be extremely pleased, even if it doesn’t have a 1ghz processor, ffc, or a 4 inch screen.

      I say bring it on, though there is no way in hell you would catch me owning anything of the sort.

  • WXman

    File this under the “who cares?” category.

    Now, when will TMO make them release 2.1 for their existing phones? I’m trying to get my family to switch carriers with me already because of this debacle with the CliqXT. Even Sprint, pathetic as they may be, is keeping it’s phones updated with 2.1 releases.

  • Barry

    If that’s the case Michael, doesn’t this sound like a throw away phone? Its oblivious they didnt do well going after a target audience with the garminfone so why do this?

  • woot

    Inside sources tell me that this is Project Emerald!

    • alex32

      oh man would that be funny,id get a good laugh out of that

    • jmts80

      LMAO that is funny in a really sad way… Damn my CLIQ XT!

    • baker271974

      Your inside sources are mistaken. Project Emerald is coming from HTC, not motorola.

      • jaythe01

        Nope project emerald is coming from both htc and moto

  • yo yo

    All tmobile markets have a meeting on Sunday, and Htc reps will be there. They will be letting us know about the new products the “G2”. And the mytouch will get to 2.2 before the slide really soon

    • alex32

      made my day. hopefully its true and hopefully someone sneeks a screen shot and sends it to the best website in the world, tmonews (:

  • MJ

    I don’t believe its only T-Mobile holding up the updates….look at the other old Motoblur products, have they been updated?

    Take a look:
    Backflip (ATT): Android 1.5
    Moto i1 (Sprint/Boost Mobile): Android 1.5
    Devour (VZW): Android 1.5

    They are all stuck at 1.5 just like T-Mobile’s products. Moto and Verizon only seem concerned about keeping “Droid” branded phones up to date, they don’t seem to care about Devour/i1/Backflip.

  • Reliable sources are telling me to expect a 2.1 update sometime this week

    • jonathan

      Call me a skeptic…

      Especially since the Charm is the “first” Android 2.1 phone with Blur. The Cliq being upgraded to 2.1 would completely debunk that marketing claim.

      • The charm is the first Android 2.1 phone with blur “out of the box”…. get it right buttweasel

    • joel

      “Reliable sources” my ass. If it was sometime this week, T-Mobile employees would have been notified by Monday at the latest.

  • Barry

    I thought all updates were going to be 2.2

  • That would be nice if they surprised us with 2.2

  • derrickps3

    i never owned a motorola phone ever in my life, and i don’t think i ever will. lol

  • NiiDiddy

    I’d like to see what the phone looks like. I hope our Motorola phone start looking a bit more like, or close to the Droids. We get stuck with crap from this MotoPeople!!!

  • wp7

    I am so glad that motorola is not making a windows phone 7 device. I would litterly ditch wp7 the min it is announced! and i loove wp7, but i litterly hate moto. i was a avid android user untill i got the stupid cliq. Now i just hope wp7 comes out sooner.

  • wp7

    oh have you guys checked out all the games announced for windows phone 7 today?

  • mtnman

    As for me, I have two lines. One is the Cliq and the main line is the Vibrant. I just have a feeling that Moto isn’t going to update my Cliq to 2.1, so thier it will sit, on my computer desk, just charged up, used for a backup in case I need it. Although all my family and friends have my 2nd line number, they always call my main number (The Vibrant) so I don’t worry if Moto is going up update it or not. I got sick and tired of waiting and waiting for Moto to updating my Cliq.

    As it happens also the Cliq that I own is my 3rd one due to software issue that would make it so that when the batter was charging, it would drain instead. Then CC sent me a replacement battery thinking that was the issue, and same thing happened. 2nd phone as soon as it was booted up, vertical lines a thought the screen, it would then shut off and do a re-boot. 3rd phone, haven’t had any problems with it soooo far, but that’s okay if it does, because my 2nd line (cliq) is due for and upgrad first week September, and the POS Cliq will find it heading to the recycle packaging center.

    • anthony

      Windows bs7 by HTC common in November

  • Come on T-mobile, why do you guys get all the low end android phones??? Motorola giving Verizon all their high end ones. Wasn’t you guys the first carrier here in the states to have Android and now all the good phones are going to other carriers and we get ok ones and some crappy ones. I have the Cliq but that is in a COMA lol for now until I get the upgrade. So for now I’m using the MyTouch Slide until my Cliq wakes up lol I don’t think I will be getting this one, maybe the Charm though cos its shaped like a blackberry but it’s my Cliq that’s my fave once it comes alive again.

    • joel

      Please trust me when I say you don’t want a Charm. Got a chance to play with it. It’s not so much a smartphone as much as it is a proof of concept that any low-end piece of crap can be “turned into” a smartphone by putting Android on it. Yes, it’s that bad. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the back-to-school promo where you can get any “messaging” phone for free. The Charm is there, right next to the Samsung Gravity lineup.

      • Well maybe I’ll get it anyways then give it to my niece, it’d be a nice starter android for her. I’ll play with it before I give it to her though. She keeps asking for my Cliq since I’m not using it right now, she’s got the gravity3. I only wanted to add it to my android line up for the blackberry resemblance and it’s kinda cute lol I’ll have her look at it and if she wants one I’ll get her one. If not then she’s gonna have to find someone else to buy her a higher cost android cos I heard this one won’t cost much and she’s not getting my Cliq or Slide either.

  • Deathsector

    Sorry guys but im happy with my cliq and regarding android 2.1 i dont see where the problem is ,thats why rooting method exist ,im running android 2.1on ma cliq and the version of blur and its nice my phone dont lag at all and i hav wireless tether , regarding the market im running all new apps available for 2.1 especially launcher pro plus it looks almost like htc sense i dont see the problems with the cliq other thAn the processor just root your cliq and install a rooted android 2.1 with the last version of blur …

    • Yeah but I didn’t wanna try to root my cliq, I’d prob mess it up. So I just got a Slide. I love my cliq and my slide, I’m gonna love my future android phones too. I’m not the kind of person to just have one phone, I had 5 phones when I was with Helio. So I have 2 android phones now and will most likely buy 2 more by end of the year. Whenever I wanna use a different phone, I just move my sim over.

  • wam

    I wish the $10 web2go plan would work on this!

  • Cellrus

    From what I hear its going to be an android operating phone with a 3.7 inch screen, wi-fi calling running 2.2 android. No front facing camera.

  • RoscoeP

    Looks like this will be called the “Defy”, at least in Europe. See specs at