So What Do I Think Project Emerald Is?

In the recent days, weeks and months, I have seen the name “Project Emerald” tossed around to almost every single smartphone that T-Mobile might get.  At this point, I have to say I’m a little frustrated with how frequently and how loosely it’s being used.  To that end, the name itself has almost lost its luster in my eyes because of the guessing game being played hoping to nail the story.  When we first got word of a “Project Emerald”, we were almost positive, or at least our source was positive, it was a Sidekick-like replacement, possibly with Android.  In recent days, we’ve seen it addressed as any number of upcoming T-Mobile phones and watched our comment section fill up with other, often far-reaching theories.  So what do we think Project Emerald is now?  Is it a device or a rocketship?

You’ll have to bear with us as it’s likely some of you will think our connection here is rather thin.  Rest assured I wouldn’t run this without doing at least a little fact checking of my own. We’re going with the idea that Project Emerald is simply the HTC Emerald aka the myTouch HD.  Why are we saying this?  Simple, the use of codenames.  The original myTouch3G was codenamed Sapphire, a precious gem.  The codename for the myTouch HD is “Emerald”.  While to some of you it’s thin, very thin, and you’ll doubt it right from the get go, according to our source the use of precious gems is no coincidence.  The Shubert, as far as Windows 7 Phones go, will be the HTC Mozart, classical composers.  Like I said, reaching.  So I know we’re stretching here and it’s always-possible information is delivered wrong, sources give bad information or things change internally but I tend to think we’re right.

So what do we know?

HTC Emerald = myTouch HD.

The HTC Vanguard/Vision will be named the T-Mobile G2 with Google according to one of our sources.  Another stated it would simply be called the T-Mobile G2. Apparently G1 Blaze is out and was just an internal codename.  It is our belief that judging by the roadmap that thus far has looked very accurate, the T-Mobile G2 will deliver itself sometime in the middle of September.  Of course, it’s odd that as of now we haven’t received much in the way of tips regarding it save for the few shaky images that have made their way to the interwebs.  Still, we’re still looking for a September 9th launch.

But, hey, we wouldn’t leave you without some information on the myTouch HD now, would we?  One of our sources apparently had some hands on time today and came back with one very important piece of information.  According to him, as the phone stands right now, there will be a Front Facing Camera.  The screen itself is bigger than the N1 and noticeably so but definitely not 4.3 inches.  The phone itself runs the same espresso sense as the myTouch Slide though we didn’t get word on what version of Android.

P.S.  That Sidekick theory that started all this Project Emerald mess?  Pushed back to 2011.

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  • I must say im over the hype.. My vibrant does its justice, and any new editions to the tmobile line up that are interesting i will be sure to read about once more factual info arises.

    ” I’m a little frustrated with how frequently and how loosely it’s being used..”

    That said it best.

    • Cybersedan

      Vibrant all the way, for those waiting for the G2, I hope the phone is as amazing as ever and I hope it sells well, personally I’d be hard pressed to look at another phone without an SAMOLED screen, it’s really that simple.

      • christian

        No joke man…I’ve been using HTC phones for android and as a sales Rep I hated the behold 2 but Samsung is keeping me as a loyal customer cause amoled is the only way to go from here on out

      • robnoxious

        Yeah, but it’s Samsung… ’nuff said.

  • JoshL

    I am definitely disappointed.. :( I definitely got my hopes up too high for T-Mobile to produce an amazing phone (definitely better than a mytouch). Hopefully they still have a surprise up their sleeve.

  • LP

    just returned my vibrant, waiting for the G2.

    • mtnman

      And then you’ll return the G2 for the “Next” superphone.

      • TheDude

        I’m hitting the invisible *Uprank* button on your reply

      • robnoxious

        I’ll never understand these idiots who keep upgrading to the next phone that comes out. It seems like they’re never happy with their purchasing decisions longer than a couple minutes and then buyer’s remorse sets in. I feel sorry for the significant others in their lives because you just know they’re always gonna want to next girl/guy that comes walking down the street.

      • Dick Richards

        @rob-How does a phone purchase equate to relationship choices? that sir was completely retarded.

  • NiiDiddy

    Hmmm…things that make you go hmmmm….! I can see a correlation, and it’s definitely not far fetched. I LOVE my Vibrant, but I hope that if we are someday graced by a myTouch HD, I’d love to get my hands on it. Again, it all comes down to specs and what might be important to me at the time.

    Either way…I am loving your breakdown analogy. Watch it be right on spot. Nevertheless, nice job, David! :)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      No I ain’t responding this time!!! You won’t trick me twice. Wait a second, NOOOO!!! I just did reply! DARN YOU MS. BUTTERWORTH’S!!!

      I agree though, if the specs are right, it’s bye bye HD2.

  • AndroidRRR

    Well as long as the MYTouchHD has a nice 1.3-1.5 dual-core i’m all for it and hopefully the T-mobileG2 will have a 1.3 at least… anything less won’t cut it. Especially when moto is still on track to release its 2ghz powered phone, which undoubtedly won’t be landing on T-mobile. Also i don’t know about you guys but i thought G1 Blaze would be an awesome name for a G1 follow up.. even G2 Blaze would be ok.

  • alex

    Mytouch hd for me and thanks for everything david. I hope the myrouch hd has a screen size ranging from 3.7-4.0. With SLCD

  • clint

    damn! i was hoping for a 4.3 inch screen!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I feel your pain. I wanted 4.3 inch too. I compared it side by side with the Vibrant 4.0 and those extra 0.3 inches makes a huge difference. I guess I’ve been spoiled by the HD2 screen size.

  • jdla01

    Its is very frustrating to try to play the guessing game but let me reaffirm the following……it will be worth the wait. Emerald is not a phone, but a group of phones. TMo will help reinvent Android…almost everything we want on phones will be granted. Hence emerald, the color green, which WILL leave people green with envy.

    Submitted from Project Dark Handset

    • AndroidRRR

      I so want to believe you but i’ve heard this type of stuff before… show us some proof…

    • AndroidRRR

      Oh wait lmao I get it you were joking… LMAO @”submitted from PROJECT DARK HANDSET” AHAHAH i totally missed that!

      • jdla01

        I honestly dont care if u believe me or not……the phone i have in my hands and phones i have had in my hands speaks volumes to what i speak. You want proof…..wait for sept and november.

    • AndroidRRR

      wait i thought you were kidding because you said project dark… this is Project Emerald here man…

    • 30014

      You are a ass clown. Listen to yourself, talking about project emerald phones while commenting from your project dark handset. Project dark was about em+ plans not handsets. Do your homework before you come with that weak garbage.

      • jdla

        Silly rabbit project dark was not the price plans. it was part of it but its the internal code for phones. everyone just jumped on it because when phones were referenced thats how it was cyphered in conjunction with the phones that were in development. Your Welcome.

    • TMOprophet

      People might believe you if you offered more info..just saying, but I guess you said you dont care, well thats a crappy attitude, I hate how people on the inside act all high and mighty and think its funny to tease everyone else, you guys are cocky and act stupid by saying “i have one such device” but I am not telling you anything about it..what crap, you mine as well go to work and tell your boss that you dont care if TMO keeps losing customers to Verizon and Sprint for lack of highend phones.

      Dont you think that if people had something to be excited about that it would create some hype and get many people interested in getting the damn device.

      Thats what happened with the Evo, and look the damn thing is still out of stock, ironically they fired the guy who leaked info on the Evo, when instead they should have been thanking him and give him a promotion or something for building lots of hype.

      So if you still dont care, and wont say anything to benefit TMO, then as one already said you sir are indeed an ass clown.

  • Marc

    Hope you are somewhat wrong, but I pretty sure you are closer to what it will be than my vision of grandeur for tmo phones.

    • jdla

      i dont think you will be disappointed. these phones give my nexus one envy. class ALL the way.

      • JoshL

        jdla, just like 30014 said: you sir, are an ass clown. it’s people like you that start these rumors about TMO that get everyone’s hopes up to the point where anything less is just a disappointment. so just stop.

      • TMOprophet

        No crap, if you know something then tell us, we dont want another sub 1Ghz powered myTouch, If you’re gonna start getting people’s hopes up then at least give them something to go on or look forward to.

        Dont just say good things are coming, tell em what they are.

        People are gonna be leaving TMO again if they dont have something to look forward to, you think 93000 was bad, it will be worse, if a 800mhz powered myTouch with a 3.9 or so inch screen is what TMO thinks will bring customers back, then thats the biggest epic failure in TMO’s history.

  • AndroidRRR
    • J-Hop2o6

      if this phone is HSPA+, then it can’t be that 800MHz 8230 “budget” Snapdragon that that post is talking about.. the only HSPA+ Qualcomm’s are 8260 & 8672 3rd Gen Snapdragons (1.2GHz max [single core] & 1.5GHz max [dual core]).. plus i never heard of anything called Snapgragon below 8250.

      • J-Hop2o6

        oops.. nvm.. that post said 7230 [MSM].. not 8230 which is Snapdragons line [8000’s]

      • J-Hop2o6

        this is what i dug up on the new MSM 7230 chip:

        Qualcomm also announced the MSM7x30 (MSM7230 for GSM and MSM7630 for CDMA). These chips are based on the same Scorpion processor as the Snapdragon, but with 5.1 channel sound and more powerful graphics[15], like 720p high-definition video encode/decode at 30 frames per second and 12-megapixel camera support. This is possibly related to Qualcomm buying the handheld graphics department of AMD[16]. It is currently unknown if these processors will be branded as Snapdragon.

        MSM 7X30 release date? End of 2010.

        sounds decent enough.. haven’t found out GPU info yet.

      • jdla

        the MTS actually has a throttled down CPU due to growing concern within manufactures of overheating and more importantly crashing. it can in theoretically be clocked at 1ghz but it was scratched due to battery life and life time performance.

  • mjc987

    Tmobile fails again =.(

  • hi a nutshell….keep our fingers crossed for 2011?? If Sprint hadn’t tacked on that extra 10 bucks a month simply because the EVO is so incredible I’d be outta here

  • wunako

    the G2 is looking real nice and so is the mytouch HD but im leaning towards a keyboard for my next phone… idk im jus glad tmo is getting quality phones now

  • franko

    woah. like 10 comments were deleted thats what you get for trollin’ ;)

    • Mohammad

      How can you tell posts were deleted?

      • David

        Nothing was deleted, I assure you!

  • codizzle

    did you all notice its got a front facing camera?

    Obviously T mobile and HTC listen to what people want. I work in a retail store and cannot begin to list how many people come in ranting and raving about iPhone 4 this and that BS because its got video chat!!

    give me a good processor and more internal memory than my Myslide and im happy. Plus this is gonna Be HSPA+ compatible… were talking 21 MBPS!!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I hope you realize that there won’t be a single person with an HSPA+ device that will run speed tests of 21mbps. Don’t overhype yourself.

  • 007

    So basically this is another hype by tmobile….
    What is so big deal…..
    Htc suck always ….

  • Nokia N900USER

    T-mobile is not failing. Im sure there are legitimate reasons why the sidekick project was pushed back. I could clearly understand why people would think the mytouch HD is not emerald just because they expect something juiced up with high specs.
    First lets talk about Gingerbread; Even if it comes out this year, it might not appear on new cell phones clearly until next year.
    As for me, Im still waiting on a non T-mobile supported phone Nokia N9. Everything on the roadmap looks to be on point unless some handsets are pushed back due to unknown internal reasons.

  • All these new android phones need to have froyo to be any good.

  • Midori

    I think the vibrant is one of those tide-me-over phones that come out before best ones. Im waiting for mytouch hd, not making the same mistake of buying the samsung behold right before the G1 came out, im still suffering the consequences,but not this time.

  • jmc987

    Wait a second. Does this means the my touch HD will have a Dual core? because early rumors said project emerald would have a dual core.

    • Davidohio

      Key word here. “RUMORS”

  • alex32

    so the mytouch hd is going to have that mytouch slide expresso skin? what a waste, thats horrible. Would have been better with stock android.
    Looks like I am sticking with the G2, I am hoping that its a 4 inch screen with stock android or htc sense ui.
    I am definitely not going to wait until 2011 for that dual core phone, im so done with my blackberry.
    Anyway, cant wait for september and the G2 (:

    • Davidohio

      Call me stupid but what is the point of a dual core processor? Seems like over kill to me. I hope the batteries for these devices are good.

      • jmcl987

        Faster speeds & higher performance? …And the Battery uses up to 30% less power,so it will not go through battery life that quickly.

  • Rick

    So what is the November Android Launch? My G1 contract ends in October/November and if the best Android phone (screen size, processor speed [1 or 2 processors], memory, camera, etc.) isn’t at T-Mobile, I’ll go where the best phone is.

  • JoshL

    Well, after thinking about it for a little while, I’m just going to have to settle on the G2. My G1 NEEDS to be put to rest and I cannot continue to wait for a superphone that’s just not going to happen anytime soon. (I assure you a month after I purchase it, T-Mobile will release news of a super-galactic phone…. but such is life)

  • currator

    Look its simple they are giving us what we asked for. ffc android 2.2 fingers crossed. dual core. idc either way as long as it has hspa+ im good im moving to Orland in a few months anyways so its all good for me they have hapa+ there. stop trolling. if its not what you like jump ship nobody is holding a gun to your head to stay. so i dont want to hear your crying. be happy we are getting anything remotely cool of 4th in line and we get cool stuff be happy stop trolling

  • Awatt

    HTC Vision, HD3 (With Windows 7), and Mytouch HD (With forward facing camera)

  • Ugh

    Espresso UI = no sale.

  • Usman

    If the Mytouch HD is indeed running Espresso.. well that’s just sad.

    • Davidohio

      Well at least it won’t have android 1.6 like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 that at&t is releasing lmao!

  • AndroidRRR

    IDC if the HD is running Espresso i think its nice… plus i’m gonna root it anyway so it doesn’t make much difference at all to me… hmmm maybe it will be a different type of espresso wasn’t this rumored to come with 3.0?

  • WinkyDinkyDogg

    I just knew it was no way for the hype to match the actual phone(s). The monster (hype, rumors) grew to be too big. I think I’ve made a decision…

  • jays0n1

    If cyanogenmod ends up being ported to mytouch HD I’ll be all over it!

  • Steven

    I want to get the G2 but damn it looks like it will have a 3.7 inch screen (instead of 4), no FFC, and the aging 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor. =/

  • Heath

    I’m actually kind of happy to hear that the Sidekick has been pushed back to 2011. I’d just bought a Blackberry Bold 9700 from T-Mobile not too long ago, and although I’d like to switch to an Android device, I’d like to get my money out of the Blackberry and at least be a year in on a contract before I fork over any doe on a new phone. Considering every phone I had owned before this Blackberry WAS a Sidekick (and I was getting kind of agitated at their refusal to update the tech of the thing), I’m really eager to see what HTC will do with the device, and if the rumored specs of a super phone will be true.

  • jazzmanmonty

    oh how all of us g1 owners are craving a new awesome phone as our upgrades are kicking in lol! my g1 is on its last leg. two large cracks running across the screen when it dropped 2 feet on tile (though it survived multiple drops onto concrete from my lap when exiting the car). the back plate falls off all the time, the camera cover plastic doesn’t exist, battery life is depleting. but it does the job to hold me over for at least a couple more months. and if this september release is awesome i’ll take the plunge. if not, i think i can survive to check out novembers edition. like another commenter above said about plunging into the behold right before g1. patience is virtue (i hope). only time will tell…lets hope for some more info leaks soon!

  • djdarkknight96

    Hint..t-mobile released the G1 22 months ago giving full discounts this year! T-mobile only really releases good phones fourth quarter! Most loyal customers wait till december to upgrade. Just saying!

    • AndroidRRR

      This site needs 1up points for the blog comments +1 Djdark lol

      • djdarkknight96

        Been loyal since 1999, I know what’s coming too! Be patient loyal customers..hint family & android two words……android coming our your ears….I better shut up!

      • JoshL

        lol. these people are so full of it. this is what makes sense: TMO is going to release 2 android phones this year and a windows phone too. I’m not going to wait until Nov and get my hopes up again for a let down. I’m settling with the G2 and that’s the end of it.

    • TMOprophet

      Dude that last hint sucks ass, I have like a huge list of synonyms and I am getting nothing with this one, how about a different hint.

      • cp

        Based on some reports today about tmobile trademarking a couple of names. Turrns out djdarkknight96 was right..

  • tmobilerep

    First of all, there will NOT be a phone called the “G2”. Gatorade already has the copyright on that name for the drink. Second, my team manager in the call center I work at told me that Project Emerald is a group of phones. He did not go into a lot of detail about all of them, but one is going to be a Windows 7 phone with a dual core processor. Supposedly this will be one of the best, and fastest smartphone on the market.

  • Bimmerz

    Not the best news there David, but I thank you all the same for sharing it with us, and as usual, keeping us in the loop. :)

    Can you at least say if the Sidekick in 2011 will be in Q1? Or do you know anything about the Glacier (or is that another Unicorn like “Project Emerald”)? ;)

    • djdarkknight96

      No more sidekicks…….period! Already announced by t-mobile! Htc will take a twist into it young hiptop….again tmi

      • Bimmerz

        Yep, I had heard that too djdark – I was going by David’s “P.S.” comment, and inquiring about (the Sidekick Twist/aka also once known as “Project Emerald”). :)

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I just hope Emerald is something good enough for me to replace my HD2 with. Come on Tmobile, bring that jaw dropping device.

    • Bimmerz

      Agree with you there Wilma – we need a “jaw dropping” device!

      I’ve been drooling a little bit over the video reviews and specs of the upcoming Epic that Sprint is getting (aka Galaxy S Pro)… why oh WHY couldn’t Tmo have gotten this version! Ugh!

      Oh well, it is what it is – and I am not willing to jump ship to Sprint for a phone. So here’s hoping Tmo comes through with something just as good at the holidays. :)

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Loving the White Tiger Bimmerz.

        I agree. I’m not going to jump providers because of one device but seeing as to how Verizon released the Droid X and just recently released the keyboard version the Droid 2, I really wish Tmo would do something similar and who knows, they just might but I’m not getting my hopes up.

        I’m waiting on a dual core, 4.3 inch TMO chart topper. I believe Tmo is going to shock us all but the wait is killing me while the “treat this as confidential/TOP SECRET” treatment is making me less interested.

  • DanielS

    I kinda agree. Emerald = Mytouch HD, Sapphire = Mytouch 3g, Vision = Blaze/G2, Dream = G1. Makes alot of sense .

  • Nick

    What a terrible title for an article…

  • Know It All

    I am happy to say that 2 things are true. 1) someone in the comments is 100% right and tried to educate you people. 2) do yourselves a favor and DON’T mock someone who broke SERIOUS rules by bringing you the truth…it may not be the whole story but time will show you.

  • Fish

    why why why does it have to have espresso

    • jmcl987

      FISH. Nothing is confirmed now, so calm yourself man

  • InfamousBird

    Ok so I thought the mytouch HD was going to be tmos desire HD but if the screen isnt 4.3″ then it cant be. So my only question is what the freak is it? And what about that screen technology we have never seen before? SO here is my theory and correct me if im mistaken but arent these dual core processors capabble of 1080×800 resolution so could we possibly see the a phone with 1080p capabilities? If so this is all I want for christmas!!

  • mjN1

    Please tmo, Bring me the Desire HD with a FFC and dual core with 4.3″ screen and call it whate ever name you want and I will be sooo happy!

  • Skittles

    The sidekick theory pushed to 2011? :(
    I still want them to change their prepaid data plan $1.00 an hour is ridiculous.

    • 2FR35H


  • now_onTMO

    i highly doubt it will have a dual core processor… maybe the one that will come out next year will be a dual core but not this one.. what do you expect? it’s HTC after all.. or maybe it will have a better snapdragon version. just not the lame one from evo or their other phones.

  • Eddie Android

    What if the PSP phone is also part of Project Emerald?

    • 2FR35H

      Just drop that idea now. Every Sony phone in the past few years has gone to Cingular/AT&T.

      • Eddie Android

        true but think about it one of the major selling points of the iPhone is games right? I seriously don’t think Apple will allow a true gaming phone on Att that will pose a threat to the precious iPhone.

  • TMOprophet

    Firstly, I ask you David, What do you think is gonna happen with the Glacier?

    Secondly, While I see some logic in your breakdown, I have been obsessing over all the Project Emerald rumors since they started and I believe things will play out differently than how you say they might.

    Thirdly, If this breakdown is accurate, then I am severely dissapointed :(

    While the other carriers are going crazy with hot android launches, TMO has yet to provide a 4.3in android. So I say big FAIL on this one.

    I was thinking the Dual-Cored Glacier would launch in Nov. and be the big success TMO needed, however according to your sources, aside from HSPA+, the Vibrant will still be the best phone in TMO’s lineup. I don’t think these two phones will have nearly as much appeal as the Vibrant, and lets face it..The Vibrant will flat out be better and more powerful.

    In the end I will still wait and see how this plays out, but your story here makes me feel empty inside :(

    But thanks for reporting anyway

  • TMOprophet

    I also tend to see more sense in the Phandroid sourced story from the other day.

    Lets face facts, TMO needs a superphone that will get people psyched, I dont think the myTouch HD is gonna do it. If it is the myTOuch HD, then for many people this will be Game Over.

  • cellswag05

    .I really hope the G2 or blaze w.e you want to call it, doesn’t have a four row keyboard like the my touch slide. I hope e htc vision isn’t the G2. Hope it has a ffc and the guts to hanlde games ala ipod touch.
    It felt great to have the G1 on day one, it was something never seen before for tmo, but still had that bad feeling when it fail to really stand up to the iphone on the gaming side. Just hoping the. G2 won’t leave us steps behind for so long like the G1 did.

  • jay
  • Davidohio

    Why are you on prepaid paying $1 per hour for data? Just get a no contract even more plus plan with unlimited data. If I ever did prepaid i would do simple mobile. They use t-mobile’s network and have unlimited talk text and data for $60 per month. If you are curious go to It is a better deal than the $80 unlimited everything even more plus plan.

  • bob

    at first we thought the g1 blaze or g2 was a single core 800mhz processor but after further review its actually 2 dual core processors. Very very speedy phone in and out applications and running programs. Its a great phone.

    • Steven

      This would be amazing if true. But where did you hear this?

    • That Guy

      Nope, only has one processor. 800 MHz.

      • J-Hop2o6

        u mean single(1)-core

      • Reece

        never seen anything that confirms this.. 800mhz single-core would be a step back, not a HTC tradition,

        most importantly anything that’s HSPA+ is almost a dead giveaway for dual core since support for that is built RIGHT INTO THESE DUAL CORE SNAPDRAGONS! Something that everybody is missing

      • Steven

        Well I don’t know, but a dual core 800mhz processor would be great.

  • NokiaN900User

    Lets forget the word Emerald for a second and look at some facts:
    1.) AT&T will be the first to launch WinMo 7 device in USA after it’s out already in Europe. AT&T came out and said that and I believe them. They are also getting a Samsung WinMo 7 device with SAMOLED. This makes me think AT&T will release their WinMo 7 device in October. This fits right for T-mobile to release only 2 WinMo 7 phones (1 HTC and 1 LG) in November. Got this from roadmap and different rumor sites.

    2.) HTC has an unveiling event on September 15 which seems to be a phone. Could it be an Android one or WinMo 7 device? My BET is on a WinMo 7 device.

    3.) Motorola has not released any android smartphones on T-mobile since the MotoBlur P.O.S slider and cliq XT. This makes me to believe the rumor that has 2 motorola phones with android (one slider and one touchscreen only) coming to T-Mobile in November.

    So I believe most folks on this comments section about phones coming out which are

    1 Android 2.2 HTC Slider (successor to G1)
    1 Android 2.2 HTC touchscreen only (My touch HD)
    1 Android 2.2 Motorola slider with ninja blur
    1 Android 2.2 Motorola touchscreen only
    1 Android 2.2 LG with still unknown form factor

    Notice there are FIVE android phones with only 2.2 that I think will be upgradeable to 3.0.

    1 LG WinMo 7 Slider phone
    1 HTC winMo 7 touchscreen only phone

    Note: Since all or most of these phones will be HSPA+, My conclusion is PROJECT EMERALD is about LAUNCHING HSPA+ phones. There you have it folks.

    • phonegeek

      That alongside with davids post actually made sense

    • jaythe01

      Thats what it is….trust me i know im playing with one such phone right now. it will be worth it. VZ isnt the only one getting some serious toys….

      • TMOprophet

        Well I hope the myTouch is not your idea of a serious toy, The Dual Core Glacier would be more like it.

        Cause if so, I think Verizon will be getting tons of seriously pissed customers switching to them from TMO.

        And if you have one such to elaborate? The info going around is intentionally being twisted around to make it harder to discern. I am trying to keep my perspective on things so if you have insight on this, please share.

  • WXman
    • ob18

      don’t they all at somepoint or another.

  • Barry

    I’m soooooooo tired of speculating and guessing. So the Desire HD/Ace is not the MyTouch HD? Eh that’s kinda disappointing so where does the glacier fit in? Or is that a witch hunt? Just thought it would materialize into something since it was rumored a T-Mobile employee was supposedly testing it.

  • Sikety

    My theory is that it will consist of many things that will help T-Mobile gain more family plan customers.

    -Launch of new HSPA+ Devices
    -Ability to add up to 10 lines on a family plan instead of 5.
    -Flat rate family data plans (like family unlimited messaging)
    -New installment plans (10 months instead of 4?)

  • alex

    Hopefully htc glacier=mytouch hd with 3.7-4.0

  • Barry

    yea but the specs don’t match up as to what was reported with the glacier and what their source is reporting that it’s bigger than a nexus but not 4.3″ and the glacier was said to be 4.3″ which is the form factor I was looking for…oh well just wait and see what happens.

  • Connor

    Don’t really like the Espresso UI, but it sounds like a good phone.

  • Homer

    Very happy I am leaving t-mobile, my contract is up at the end of this month. Kinda getting tired of this phone bull. Company gets a discount through verizon and sprint so either evo, droid 2 or droid x.

  • ZSearce

    I pray this is inaccurate. I want Project Emerald to be another Vanilla Android device. If they give me Espresso crap, Sense crap, Motoblur crap, or even NinjaBlur/New Motorola skin, I will swap. T-mobile is less convincing everyday. I just want a high-end vanilla android phone. With a FFC. Please.

    • TMOprophet

      I think the story is..and don’t count on a vanilla phone anytime soon from HTC and TMO, I just dont think it will happen.

  • Barry

    The G2 is supposed to ship with vanilla android idk about a ffc

    • jaythe01

      expresso….it was developed by htc and tmo specifically.

  • LPF

    I hate to be the one to break this to you, but project emerald has already been launched. It’s called the samsung vibrant. Also, tmobile intentionally releases false information to this site, and others like it. Just thought you all should know.

    • Steven

      OK and you know this how?

      • LPF

        Several members of my family are project managers for tmobile, one of whom works in new phone release.

    • TMOprophet

      That makes sense, as this story sounds like its intentionally been designed to throw people off the right track.

      I think the Blaze and myTouch will launch in Sept,

      And in Nov. THe Glacier

    • TMOprophet

      since u have inside info, whats the plan for the Glacier?

      • LPF

        Ok, this is what I know for sure; Project Emerald has already been launched. It’s called the samsung vibrant. So please let us all move on from this issue. What we have all heard about the G2, and the Mytouch HD is true. Tmobile had planned to release a version of the iphone when exclusivity ran out, but were turned off by the “death grip” problem. So unless that issues is fixed, don’t expect to see that anytime soon, if ever. Tmobile believes the phones they have planned for the near future will render the point mute. They also believe that HSPA+ will carry them for awhile until they can upgrade to HSPA++ 42mbps. After which point they will deploy LTE. Which as it turns out will be in about two years. Maybe sooner, but who knows.

        • David

          As far as everyone knows, the exclusivity has not ran out.

        • TMoA

          it has been no secret that att has filed several SEC docs stating their future plans. also received word on good authority from both tmo and apple that its over, iPad was final straw. TMo engineers are testing with network. however its not FINAL. Android, Windows and BBY are getting much needed attention first.

  • Adrian

    you guys think that “desire hd” would be the mytouch hd? i hope so. and i hope it bring front facing camera and 4.3 inch large screen

    • TMOprophet

      That’s what has been implied by a source for Phandroid, although my problem with that is that the Desire HD has a 4.3in Screen, now if the myTouch HD is the same device with mytouch branding come its screen is smaller?

      Other than that I think the Blaze and myTouch will both launch in Sept. While the Codenamed Glacier will be the Dual Cored beast in Nov.

      I’m sticking to my guns on this one. :)

  • Nokia N900USER

    I was just told about something that is in line with T-mobile’s HSPA+ plans. WOW!!! I cant believe I did not piece things together long ago on what project emerald is about. This so much confirms my comment earlier.
    Everyone remembers PROJECT DARK right? That was the “PLANS YOU CRAVE” Campaign.
    Project Emerald is “THE PHONES YOU CRAVE” in which case HSPA+ phones

  • Reece

    So would it be safe to assume that any of the HSPA+ phone(s) in here would also be the dual core stuff? Because the new dual core snapdragon chips pretty much supports just this right in the chipset. Thus if it’s the Mytouch HD and/or G1 Blaze that’ll be HSPA+ friendly, then it’s reason enough to believe that it’ll be the dual core dragons blazing it up for us (and if I see 800Mhz it’d be all the more confirmation for this since HTC would try to dial down the CPU to even out the battery usage)

    Looking forward to this!

  • TMOprophet

    I think TMo is so out of touch with what “we crave”

    Their answer = myTouch with 800mhz processor :(

    My answer = Glacer with 1.5Ghz Dual Core processor :)

    • Nokia N900USER

      Fact: A 800 mhz dual core processor is better than a 1 ghz single core one.
      Also, dont expect a 1.5 dual core phone yet when they’re not even on the 1.2 ghz single core level yet. Technically, the next gen single core chips will be rated 1.5 ghz but will be under-clocked to 1.2 ghz.

      • TMOprophet

        The Glacier’s Glbenchmark scores plus the math they did trying to figure out the processor seems to indicate a 1.5Ghz Dual Core. Especially considering the estimated 80 million triangles per second estimate, this only possible with Qualcomm’s QSD series 1.5Ghz dual cpu chipset.

        and there are no dual core 800mhz chipsets, not from qualcomm anyway. Its likely a 800mhz single core and both the Blaze and mytouch will have them, yipee right…yeah didn’t think so.

        The Vibrant will still be better than both these mediocre devices.

        We want and need the Glacier.

      • jmcl987

        Its still ironic to think that the first hspa+ device will come with an 800mhz proc.

  • TMOprophet

    I am also calling out @that guy, @jaythe01…

    you guys talk like you have inside info and talk as if you know the facts..

    Enlighten us all, give us the goods, specs, Glacier? Etc…

    Or maybe you’re full of it and trying to spread misinformation.

    • jaythe01

      There is a reason some feel that TMo throws out bs due to ALOT of leakage to future products and services. It has hurt us in the competitive landscape.

      Btw with respect to iphone rumor, 80% probable TMo gets it but it would be 3GS first then iphone4. There is already leaked doc showing another 2 iphones on the horizon.

      WIFI calling will come exclusive to TMo for Android with the Emerald phones. Also the cpu(s) will be from 800-1.2 ghz underclocked. …..your welcome fanboys!

      • TMOprophet

        Ok, are we getting a 4.3in screened dual core android anytime soon??

        If not I’m out.

  • WC

    The waiting is killing me!

  • Yea Right

    Another futile attempt to gain back the 93000 subscribers TMO lost!

    • Galen20K

      oh shut up troll! you think you’re slick, but you’re NOT.

  • TMOprophet

    Upon more thinking I realized that tmonews was right about the Vibrant way back when, so its possible they are right this time too, but I dont want them to be right this time. Cause it will mean epic fail for TMO..again

    I am starting to understand why people joke around about TMO calling them T-Maybe.

    TMO also needs besides the Glacier, a good Android campaign, something like the Droid does stuff. Something badass, in your face, and wicked cool. Not as one of you mentioned an Ice cream commercial….lol

    And someone will surely say that TMO doesn’t have the money to campaign like that, but I say BS, it would take like a few thousand dollars to shoot a cool commercial, and how much did they make last year. Enough said. TMO should never have started the Android revolution if they weren’t willing to market and support it aggressively..end of story.

  • miles

    what happened to the sidekick theory was that just a rumour or is it being developed ?
    casn someone email me and tell me thanks

  • miles

    what happened to the sidekick theory was that just a rumour or is it being developed ?
    casn someone email me and tell me thanks

    • Kickstar13

      Did you not read the last sentence in the article? “P.S. That Sidekick theory that started all this Project Emerald mess? Pushed back to 2011.”

      • TMOprophet

        You guys know anything about the Glacier yet??????

        Come on, you got to know something.

  • jmcl987

    @ prophet
    I don’t think there’s gonna be a Glacier phone this year, if you take a look a tmobile’s roadmap you can judge there’s only 3 HTC devices:
    Sep= HTC Vanguard( G1 blaze)
    Nov= HTC Emerald(My touch HD) , HTC Shubert
    I can’t tell you if this is right though.

    • TMOprophet

      That would be a huge fail for TMO then, because those two androids wont even compare to the Vibrant, or any of Verizon’s or Sprint’s highend lineup.

      The Glacier is one such device that could propel TMO back to being a major contender. If they wait until next year, then here’s what happens, every other carrier beats them to the punch and once again TMO will be the last carrier to offer a highend device with a large screen.

      Launching the Glacier in Nov. would be the smartest thing they could do. By waiting it will only become a “who cares” scenario..”Verizon has better”.

      As to the roadmap, I understand that, I am believing what they said on Phandroid, about the Blaze and myTouch both coming in Sept. and being secret launches, while something big would still be coming in Nov.

  • Steven

    BTW, I just thought of something. If the G1 Blaze or whatever its called had a single 800mhz or 1ghz processor, but ALSO came with a dedicated graphics chip kinda like the Droid, couldn’t it be as powerful or more powerful than the Vibrant or the “Glacier”?

    • TMOprophet

      It might compare to the Vibrant, but I dont think it will be better, as even the dual core snapdragon QSD chipset pushes 80 Million triangles and the Chip in the Vibrant pushes 90 Mil.

      Unless they change their game plan or something.

  • now_onTMO

    umm just wanted to say this..

    metro pcs will soon be launching LTE.. it speculated or maybe “true” that their first LTE handset will only boast a 700-800 mhz processor..

    just saying.. lol

  • benjamin

    did any one notice the dream and vision are like the same concepts? just like sapphire and emerald but i was just thinking

  • Steven
  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Per Boy Genius Report 8/17/10:

    Boost Mobile might have the Motorola i1 as a ruggedized Android handset, but we’ve just been informed that T-Mobile will be upping the stakes. A new Motorola Android phone, codenamed Jordan, is set for a November launch on T-Mo. The interesting thing about the Motorola Jordan is not that it is just a ruggedized handset, bur rather that we’ve heard the phone will actually be completely waterproof down to 10 meters (that’s just shy of 33-feet for those of you who are metrically challenged). Even IP67 certified. So, the phone will be swimming with the fishes at launch then?

    • TMOprophet

      That has nothing to do with this topic…at all…not even remotely related.

  • laura

    Is there still any possibility the HTC Glacier dual core phone will be released this year? Tmo needs to step up its game and be the first carrier to release a dual core phone.