HTC Holding Sekret Event September 15th

So what do you know?  This morning I wake up and gleefully see that HTC has formally invited members of the media world to an event to be held September 15th. There is no indication that is related to a T-Mobile device launch but given the proximity to our supposed T-Mobile G2/HTC Vision/Vanguard launch date, we can’t help but get some hopes up!  We know what we want this to be but we can’t get past the thought that it might be related to something non-Android related, perhaps Windows Phone 7 and possibly for another carrier. Still, we can dream, can’t we?


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  • tru dat

    If it doesn’t have the dual core processor…I just don’t care.

    • David Thomas

      Agreed. That’s the only phone I’m truly looking forward to this year.

  • Josh

    Check out the background… the image behind the smoke. My bet is the Desire HD. Looks like the identical camera ring to the photos that leaked recently. Also, not sure, but looks like it has the “HTC” logo below the camera ring, again, consistent w/ the leaked pics.

    David — Blow it up and let us see what’s back there behind that smoke!!!

    • David

      I agree, if you check out Gizmodo they updated the image thanks to someone who did a little photoshop magic and it does look like its the Desire HD, at least by the lens.

    • Rob

      It’s going to be called the Emerald not the Desire HD

      • 2FR35H

        Not a chance in hell would they call it emerald. If its HTC Android then its official mytouch business this is common knowledge.

  • ob18

    Well I’d say I’ll lose sleep over this news but that would be a lie. I’ll stay tuned to see what it ends up being and if more details leak as it approaches.

  • alex32

    Yes! this is what I want, more details. None of this secretive stuff (:

    • ob18

      It’s a move into a good direction with some details.

  • alex32

    Heres th elink where gizmodo helped traced out the picture to have a visual look of the phone.

    to me it looks like our own evo. It literally looks like the HD2 but itll obviously be with android on it

    • alex32

      engadget mobile enhanced the photo even better, this is prety much the phone

    • ob18

      as long as it has android I’m good, I don’t care if it’s an exact EVO model as long as I can have it with my far better priced t-mobile plan and can replace my G1 i’m good to go, of course after checking it out in a store.

      • alex32

        Same here, it can be the exact same thing like the EVO and the specs, Ill still get it but it has to be android. But the G2 is looking even more nice by the weeks. Heres more info on the g2 that got released now

        See these kind of information is what keeps tmobile customers to look forward. They cant keep this a secret or secret launch. I wouldnt be surprised if the phone above is called the “blaze” considering the smoke of the picture. just a mini analysis (:

      • ob18

        OHHHHHH, i was kind of hoping to ditch the qwerty aspect but if it’s part of it I’d still consider it.

  • Mr. V

    I was just wondering why a phone launch for a US carrier would be in London? Isn’t HTC based in China, and T-Mobile’s parent based in Germany? Or is that normal for cell phone manufacturers, to launch a produce in a different country than the release country? thanks for any relevant/constructive input!

    • ob18

      Based just off of how T-mobile seems to operate never go with conventional wisdom; just think that and go the opposite direction and then you’ll be onto their line of thinking.

    • Tmo Guy

      Agreed, a UK media event for a T-Mo US based launched seems unlikely….

      • David

        Unlikely yes, but not impractical…there are often a large number of events where phones have been announced for US availability but at an international gathering.

      • 2FR35H

        I’m putting my foot down and saying its the Desire HD for the UK. Its illogical to launch products in an opposite country than the hosting country.

    • pcjnyc

      HTC is a Taiwan-based company, not China.

      • sorandkairi

        Just because you want to correct someone… the word you were looking for was Chinese!

  • jay

    you guys post stuff slow as crap!
    other websites had it hours before you all!

    • David

      Sorry, I was sleeping…my apologies, I’ll stop sleeping.

      • ob18

        Sleep is over rated.

      • jmcl987

        LMAO! (funniest thing i ever heard)

    • davidohio

      Big deal JAY..shut the F@#K UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO WHAT. geez!

  • gMoney

    T-Mo is taking too long to make this official, and I’m tired of waiting. I’ve been a loyal customer for 10 years, but I reserved an Epic 4G yesterday…T-Mo has exactly 18 days to announce something.

  • Obviously, David, you were sleeping.
    Is that “Secret” or is the typo not a typo? :)

    We’ll cross our fingers for a T-Mo device in the bunch!

    • David

      Not a typo!

      • gMoney

        ok, since it’s been a few days and nobody has asked yet…if it’s not a typo, what’s the “k” for???

  • dethduck

    And the day after I upgrade to this, they’ll release the 2.2 update for my MyTouch 3G.

    • dethduck

      Bah, posted to the wrong article, IGNORE ME!!!

  • Johnny
  • MB

    Give me Android UMA or give me death.

    • ob18


  • AndroidRRR

    Hmm… if this was for the new G1 wouldn’t G1Blaze make since as the name” the all new G1 born of smoke and fire G2 Blaze them All, the newest generation of android smart phones starts Now!


    • 2FR35H

      Nope not a chance in hell

  • Rick

    I’m holding out to replace my G1 with the Dual Core phone and android. If it doesn’t come along I jumping ship.

  • Adrian

    this phone its the htc desire hd look here: and i hope it comes to tmobile with front facing camera.

  • alex32

    either im going crazy imagining things or not..if you guys closely see next to the htc logo is that another mini picture of the phone? looks like a keyboard to me, just stare at it, Ill most likely be wrong but just saying

  • ulysses salcido

    its called the g1 blaze, hence the blaze in the middle of the picture.. FFC dual processor keyboard, 2.2…

  • ZMeister

    I am pretty sure it has something to do with the windows 7 launch