Do Trademark Filings Give Away Some T-Mobile Secrets?

We’re just going to piggyback off the most recent posts here and go for a trifecta on guessing just what T-Mobile has in store for us. Those fine folks at Androidguys did a little digging through recent US Trademark filings and came up with some interesting results:

Now, like them, we’re betting that the Blaze and G1 Blaze are one and the same.  The G1 Rocket and the Rocket could be a part of the aforementioned Blaze or the former could be and Rocket could be a grab at the webConnect Rocket.  Then we can come back to the G2 and, with our recent guesswork/source-based information, we’re now leaning, along with Androidandme, toward the notion that the HTC Vision will in fact be the T-Mobile G2 with Google.

As for the Jet, a T-Mobile webConnect card named the Jet shipped around September of last year so it’s possible a follow up is forthcoming, as the name remains poignant for HSPA+ services.  Let’s talk about the Cliq 2 for a moment and consider that Motorola and T-Mobile have two devices slated for the end of the year according to the leaked roadmap.  They have the codenames “Jordan” and “Begonia” and it’s very possible that one of these two devices is the Cliq 2.  That being said, I’d much rather hear news about an Android update to the current Cliq than a follow-up.  Just saying.

While most of the recent rumors are unconfirmed and without any sort of documented support, the combination of both TmoNews and Androidandme verifying the same rumor from separate sources along with the US Trademark news shows that things are definitely lining up nicely.


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