Oh Hai Motorola, Wherefore Art My Updates?

I think the question I get asked the most lately is when is “insert Android device name here” getting updated to “insert latest Android software here”. When I say I get asked this the most, I mean it’s usually a more common question than when the next best phone is coming out for T-Mobile.  I really want to make this a scolding Motorola post because I think it’s incredibly disheartening and bad form that they have been so silent on updates for the Cliq and Cliq XT.  Personally, I think it just sucks all around that all the manufacturers and the carriers have been so quiet regarding future updates.  I understand the need to not make promises that they can’t necessarily keep but the typical short paragraph press garbage just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Back when the Samsung Behold II debacle first started unfolding, I made it a point that I think it’s wrong to purchase a phone based on uncertain future capabilities. You don’t buy a car that way, so why buy a phone.  Perhaps those are two totally unrelated examples but I can only say the way Samsung handed the situation was poor at best, downright sad at worst.  I love Samsung products and when my Vibrant review FINALLY gets posted, it’s going to be glowing.  That being said, I still don’t trust Samsung or Motorola or, most importantly, T-Mobile to be straight about when Android updates are coming.

Motorola, you need to man up and talk about when and where updates are coming, even if it’s a totally wide berth.  Just talk about it. I’d rather see you give a wrong date than be completely silent about it and just let the anger build.  I understand this is a difficult game we are playing and that tailoring an operating system with updates likely takes a lot of time, testing and that all factors in to how long it takes before the public sees anything.  That doesn’t excuse or in any way shape or form give a pass to your silence.

Bug fix updates are great and they are always welcome but they are nothing more than a band aid to a broken arm.  Take a look at the Motorola Cliq official forum and see the anger continues to grow and grow and grow.  The word of the moderating staff is no longer trusted and yet Motorola remains silent.  I don’t even know what to call it, but it’s just wrong.  Neither the carriers nor the manufacturers are sworn by law to provide Android users with updates but they are bound to follow through on promises.  If for some reason they have to push back such a promise, something more than a standard four-line press release might do some good.

Ball is in your court Motorola.  What say you?

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  • ob18

    Looks like you stopped sleeping Dave to crank out some blogs. See how over rated sleep is, haha

  • JoshL

    I completely agree, David. In my opinion, the best way to ensure updates is to have widespread public disgust for a company’s behavior. Hopefully Motorola will get the picture before it is too late.

    • ob18

      wouldn’t it already be too late once a large amount of complaints are made public?

      • JoshL

        Well, it would definitely appease a lot of those angry people to get that update. But until a lot of the Motorola owners put a fire under Motorola’s bottom, the chance for an update anytime soon seems slim. But I agree, Motorola has already put itself in a bad situation.

  • manus

    I will never buy a motorola ever.

    • ob18

      Used to only buy motorola till the smartphone age came……..1st it was the dash then the G1 and now who knows.

  • jonathan

    Well I’m using the “leaked” 2.1 update and the differences are night and day. I have a few bugs here and there but overall it’s definitely something that every current Cliq owner should look into. Btw, I’m using the un-rooted version.

  • Vision77

    Well with motorola saying they are abandoning “blur” soon….I don’t see any “official” updates coming to the cliq or cliq xt anytime soon.

    • jdla

      not abandoning it but its no longer going to be an emphasis in respect to marketing ie PHONE w/ MOTOBLUR. its just going to be standard UI.

  • JadedNYer

    Thank you for the post. I am annoyed by this. I went through the whole Sidekick debacle with my kids’ phones and the main problem with that was that I was unable to replace a damaged phone. The phones had the 20 dollar unlimited messaging/data plans and Tmoblle would only offer me lesser phones. I ended up replacing both phones and switching to the EMP plan and the Cliq was purchased outright. At least with the whole Sidekick thing the Tmobile forum mods via Danger kept their customers updated. Save for one post which came via a Motorola mod I have seen no update and that was 7/1. When I purchaed the phone in November I was under the impression that it would be udated to 1.6 shortly. HA. At the very least Tmobile should put pressure on Motorola to provide more regular updates as to the status of 2.1. I am certainly not expecting my 9700 to be updated to OS6.

    • RWWackoStu

      Umm… RIM already announced the 9700 WILL be getting OS 6

      • JadedNYer

        Yes, but the update is contingent on the carrier’s agreement.

    • zee

      i feel the same way about os 6 for 9700 but it is really easy to install other companies os 6 software for blackberry on your tmobile one notihng will screw up and will perfectly fine

  • Barry

    This is why android needs to ship with vanilla android. I just thought why don’t manufactures ship phones with the vanilla android then do their own OTA’s of whatever custom UI they want on the phone. It would make more sense and customers would have the new updates as soon as they came out and would have the choice of whether they want to flash the manufactures custom UI’s or not. And manufactures wouldn’t be under the gun so much to put out the updates.

    • J-Hop2o6

      then get the G2.. its rumored to have VANILLA 2.2 FroYo.. plus u don’t gotta wait for the manufacturers to update THEIR UI WITH the Android update.

    • Red

      Dude my original mytouch 3G is running vanilla android and we still haven’t received any update past 1.6

  • mikeeeee

    with all the goodness that 2.2 has, 2.1 aint enough now.

    when the ‘fabled’ UMA/ANDROID drops i’m buying 2.

    i got no brand loyalty.

    i only care about features.

    gimme what i want i’ll buy it, don’t and the money stays put.

    let’s see if the new marketing genius ceo from germany is going to deliver the right stuff, if not, get someone that can, too much competition to stay loyal after numerous disappointments.

    • L

      I’ll double that order.

      UMA + Android = Serious body blow to all other carriers.

      (if Tmo would advertise UMA better than they have. I’ve found that many tmo employees don’t really understand what it is)

      • CO_Yeti

        They are working on wifi calling for Android, but it won’t be UMA. UMA is hardware based (that is why not all wifi phones can use it) while the new system will be software based and all Android phones will be able to use it.

        P.S. Tmo never advertises any of their good stuff, doubt that will change anytime soon.

      • j

        TMO dropped UMA months ago, you can no longer get it but any phone that does wifi calling will still do it. If you don’t have unlimited wifi calling feature now, you cannot get it anymore

    • jdla

      coming soon…..its awesome!

  • Eric

    This is the main reason I’m upset there isn’t going to be a Nexus Two. I’ll keep my Nexus One as long as I can. To me, it was worth the $529 to get updates first, and to have vanilla android. Had a Nexus Two came out it would have been my next phone. Now that one doesn’t exist, I don’t see myself upgrading anytime soon. HTC and Motorola can keep their stupid skins.

  • RWWackoStu

    Hey Motorola. You used to make great stuff before Chris Galvin ran the company in the ground. My wife has a cliq. She is not happy with her phone. She dosent need a Berry, dosent want something else. She likes her Cliq, but I know it need a big OS update and I keep telling her it’s coming. When she’s not happy, IM not happy. Fix this crap soon!

  • NokiaN900User

    Color me crazy. I don’t think motorola phones are getting the updates until November probably right around the release of the next Android phones. I have seen this happen on Verizon. This makes me think the motorola Cliq 2 which will be very close to Droid specs is coming out with 2.2. Naturally cliq and cliq XT will get the updates then.

  • Matt Hatter

    To my knowledge and understanding, we Cliq / XT owners will be seeing 2.1 (or even 2.2) shortly after the release of the Charm, as the Charm is going to be selling w/ Blur and 2.1.

    • J-Hop2o6

      EXACTLY! they wanna get NEW PHONE sales, THEN update the previous a few weeks later.. if u was a company, which would u choose? less $$$ or more $$$? this is about the $$$

      • Matt Hatter

        hmm that wasn’t exactly a statement to be derogatory towards Motorola, T-Mobile or capitalism but a glimmer of hope for those of us Cliq users. But oh well, the evils of a business looking to stay in business can be seen everywhere I suppose.

  • Phishwich

    Motorola? Hey, how about mytouch? Soon? How soon? Oh, just soon.

  • Mike Funk

    Totally agree. I will never buy another Motorola phone after this experience with the Cliq XT. I will definitely be sharing my experience with any friends who plan on buying phones too, along with the stupid self destruct lockout of Droid X. Don’t buy Motorola phones!

  • CO_Yeti

    Sorry, but the blame for lack of Android updates on T-Mobile falls squarely on T-Mobile itself. They either won’t pay the manufactures for the updates or they signed bad contracts and have no pull to force the issue. Motorola has updated and supported their Droid line perfectly well since it launched and HTC has updated their older and new phones on other carriers. Yet the mytouch and cliq lines are stuck at 1.6…

    • jason

      I 100% agree with CO_Yeti. It’s pretty clear that the lack of updates is a T-Mobile problem and not the fault of the phone manufactures. Sprint and Verizon Android phones have been getting what seems like a steady stream of updates.

      When was the last time any T-Mobile Android phone received a major OS update?

      If it weren’t for root/custom ROMs, I would have thrown my mt3g out the window and paid the ETF to dump T-Mo.

    • It’s worse than you think, Cliq and Cliq XT aren’t running 1.6, they’re running 1.5. Even the official Facebook app in the Android Marketplace won’t run on 1.5 anymore, if I wipe my device I have to sideload an old Facebook .APK if I want something more than Motoblur’s lousy interface to it.

    • j

      wrong, T-mobile has no control of update what so ever. Thus they do not have ability to push updates etc. Motorola is the only issue here

    • j

      Maybe tmo has higher standards and motorola cant meet the requirements, I dunno,traded cliq for bold 9700. So happy now

  • keefbeatz

    I have a really good idea. How about I sell my cliq on ebay and go back to using an iphone. I can’t believe I gave up my unlimited data for this sorry a#$ phone lmao! I guess I will just wait for the nexus 12 to come out lol. But seriously. Cliq users bought a phone in 2010 for an os made in 1996! Motorola shame on you I will never recommend any of your products to anY one.

  • I totally agree with the spirit of this post; but I think the problem here also generally lies with the consumer. While consumers purchase devices hoping that they’ll be updated to the latest and greatest version of Android. But, at the same time, consumers also generally start looking to upgrade/replace their phone after about a year. And, for most of us, having a phone that isn’t being updated only encourages the desire to replace it. Why put out the effort to update a phone when not updating it will only encourage consumers to (potentially) give you more money?

    We, as consumers, need to demand a phone(s) with vanilla Android, and updates as soon as they’re available. Just like the Nexus One. The only other solution is to demand that phone manufacturers honor their warranties, even when consumers decide to root their devices just to get updates sooner.

    • Jahntassa

      “And, for most of us, having a phone that isn’t being updated only encourages the desire to replace it. Why put out the effort to update a phone when not updating it will only encourage consumers to (potentially) give you more money?”

      Because many (not most or all, but many) of us would be so put-off by being promised an update, only to find no update ever materializes, that we would be highly unlikely to go out and buy a new phone from that manufacturer (Moto) or carrier (T-Mo). In all honesty, on my next contract renewal I may be moving back to Verizon or even over to Sprint.

      I know all carriers have their ups and downs, but being lied to for a sale and then getting no reasonable response to those questions stings.

      • Voldy

        You have to remember that it’s likely that the majority of Cliq owners don’t come to TMoNews (or sites like it) and may have no clue about any further OS update to their phone, so the idea that most people who own a Cliq might be put off by the lack of updates to their Cliq. We have to remember we’re a minority of Cliq owners/T-Mobile users/Etc., and A LOT of people simply use whatever OS came on their phone or was pushed to it and don’t know much beyond that.

  • Jmts80

    I have all but given up hope that my Cliq XT will ever get an update

  • Michael

    “Wherefore” means “why”, not “where”.

    So the title says, “Why are you my updates?”

    • RolloC84

      I believe he’s making a play on “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” I may be wrong. Blame Shakespeare for Juliet asking “Why are you Romeo?”

      • Shelton

        She meant “Why do you have to be Romeo (a Montague, the only family I can’t marry into) out of all people I could have fallen in love with?”

        She wasn’t asking where he was, Michael was right.

  • Nmansell

    Not trying to be offensive, but I always have the future in mind with a vehicle purchase as well as a phone. With cars you always want the best longest warranty you can, without getting screwed in price of course. It applied to most purchases outside of perishable foods :) Why not plan ahead and attempt to keep right on the curve.

  • grothenberger

    I’ve stayed out of this whole sorry mess for a long time, primarily because I’m pretty well satisfied with my Cliq. Sure, there are things I’d like that an update would supply, but to me they’re not critical.

    Today I came to the decision that the whole thing has been very poorly handled by Motorola, and I see that it’s starting to reflect badly on T-Mobile. I’m not at all happy about that. It seems that Motorola either truly has no clue what a PR problem this is for them, or they just don’t care. Either way, Motorola is no longer a company I care to do business with. I’m starting to look at other phones and, unfortunately, other carriers. I’ve been very happy with T-Mobile, but I’m not particularly thrilled with any of their current phones.

    And anything from Motorola is definitely on my list of products I will never purchase.

  • stanly

    The problem is tmo, not moto or htc. Moto and HTC have
    both regularly updated their android phones on verizon and sprint. Yet we have the cliq and cliq xt on 1.5 and the mytouch on 1.6. That should tell you right there that the issue is tmobile. Its pathetic. I love tmo, but come on!

    Moto is not getting rid of blur, btw. They just won’t be emphasizing it or advertising it as a super unique feature anymore.

    • The Backflip, Devour, and i1, which are on AT&T and in the latter case Sprint/Nextel, are all sporting 1.5. They also are Motoblur phones, the problem is updating Motoblur, not T-Mobile in particular.

      • Dewman

        Thats exactly right. Its blur the holding things back a bit. I love blur and thats the main reason I bought my xt. Also I believe moto is waiting for the charm to be released then you will see these updates come out.

    • j

      BLUR SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! It is probably the biggest reason tmo customers cant get the updates, therefore it is a motorola issue!

  • Good post. We’re eagerly waiting for the Cliq update, unless T-mo comes out with an Android slider with an 800×480 resolution screen first.

    I agree with your comment about “you don’t buy a car that way.” I don’t buy a car expecting a free engine upgrade over the lifespan of owning the vehicle, but I *do* buy a smartphone with the expectation that it will stay current with OS updates for the life of the phone (at least 18 months). It’s disappointing to realize that Motorola is likely trying to push users to entirely new devices instead of updating the OS on older phones.

    And then there are companies like Dell, selling the Streak with 1.6, and only now releasing 2.1. Seriously? 2.1 was open-sourced back in … December 2009? Why not shift from releasing a 2.1 upgrade for the Streak as soon as Froyo was announced? This boggles the mind.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well my response to this is never popular and usually generates more than a few flames. But here it goes.

    — The fact is that a huge majority of subcribers don’t know about updates and therefore could care less about them. So there’s no reason for carriers to provide updates, especially to placate what I estimate to be about 5% of the user base, the geeks and power users, if you will.

    — Moreover, as others have said in the past, people use these phones for about a year to 18 months then they upgrade to a new phone. Carriers know that even YOU will buy a newer phone if it means getting a few more features and new OS.

    — Carriers also know that those who feel strongly about all this can simply get the OS from somewhere other than the carrier (XDA, HTCPedia, etc.) Because you can get your OS “fix” elsewhere, so to speak, there’s no incentive or motivation to satisfy the few squeaky wheels on these boards.

    — The fact is for 95% of cell phone users out there (who because they don’t use a smartphone to its full potential, they more use their smartphones as feature phones) Smartphones operate just fine without OS upgrades.

    In other words, to those 95% of users the phones work as advertised. End result, there’s no consumer pressure for carriers to come out with operating system upgrades, at least not for the masses.

    — Other than critical patches (such as the Vibrant’s GPS patch that is supposed to be coming out), the only time carriers will quickly act is if a new OS will provide some noteworthy new functionality. If word gets out about a feature a new OS will have, then maybe more than the “usual suspects” (geeks and power users) may call custo service to inquire about what they “heard on the Net.”

    For example, when the Pearl debuted in 2006 it had a camera but NOT a camcorder. In 2007 it spread like wildfire that an update would give the Pearl camcorder functionality. Back then the online debate centered on whether the rumor was true, could software actually make the Pearl camera turn into a camcorder. (We all said “yes” because camcorder functionality is software-based, not a matter of hardware. A camera is a camera, so the argument went.)

    — What happened back then, that’s different than today’s 2.1 to 2.2 discussion, is that thousands of people were calling T-Mobile asking about “getting a camcorder on my Pearl.” Eventually, due to heavy customer demand, T-Mobile provided the OTA (over the air) update.

    IMHO the masses are not calling T-Mobile asking about FroYo updates. So there’s no pressure on T-Mobile to act.

    — It’s also a money thing. Picture a carrier providing FroYo for 100 million Android handsets (Cliq, myTouch, Slide, Vibrant, Behold II). Assume each update license costs T-Mobile $2.

    If I was T-Mobile I would not be in a hurry to plunk down $200 million to update every handset out there to 2.2. Even if it was only $10 million, that’s still some serious coin to part with (Especilly when added to other “incidental” costs, such as paying license fees to include Avatar with the Vibrant, a nice headset, etc.)

    — Lastly, and this one always bugs people when I say it, where is it written that cell phones are supposed to come with OS updates? It’s not. How did wireless handset updates and version upgrades become a “constitutional right?”

    As I always argue, when you buy a PC you purchase it with the understanding that the Windows version on the PC at the time of purchase is the one you get.

    You don’t buy a PC with the expectation that when “Windows 8” comes out in five months, for example, that you will be getting a free upgrade to it.

    At best, if everyone knows that Windows 8 will be coming out in a couple months, you buy the PC from a seller who prvides a written guarantee that you will be getting a free upgrade to it when the new OS debuts. When this happens it’s because the new OS will be out “just around the corner,” usually about 90 days, at most.

    If Windows 8 will be debuting in four to six months, you are typically SOL. And everyone knows that.

    Your options are that you can wait to buy, buy the system with the current OS, or perhaps hope that Microsoft gives a significant discount to Windows 7 users, who bought within the past few months.

    — So what makes cell phones any different? When did it become a “right” to get new operating systems (whether updates or upgrades), even if simply a few months into a device purchase the new ROM/OS debuts?

    — I think part of the problem is people (the geeks) consider cell phone OS’s simpler than PC OS’s. For sure, users openly discuss rooting and installing ROMS. And the companies rubber stamp the practice or simply choose not to do much about it. (Yes, there’s a recent exception where a cease and decist letter was sent to an online ROM “cracker and hacker.”)

    — Simply put, I suspect that because ROMS are so freely cracked, hacked and distributed, and carrier/manufactuers have a casual “so what” attitude about the practive, what’s happened is that geeks and power users have now come to expect manufacturers and carriers to provide updates and upgrades.

    — That brings to mind what I think is part of the reason companies are tight lipped about updates and upgrades. They simply do not want to set the precedent that they are legally required to provide updates and upgrades (remember, I am not talking about critical patches here).

    — I also suspect carriers don’t want to deal with the added expense that would be incurred to keep people updated and to actually provide upgrades, especially when 95% of subscribers don’t know about them and could give a rip. In other words, carriers don’t want to incur the expense in running an “Update Department.”

    Bottom Line: Since the majority of subscribers are happy with their phones as currently configured, for all of the above reasons there’s no incentive or motivation (nor legal requirement / business reason) for carriers to deal with all this.

    Just sayin…

    • CO_yeti

      Good thoughts, only two problems.
      1. The new versions give improved performance and many new features. So even if the average customer doesn’t think they need it, pushing it out would show people an improvement and improve customer’s view of Tmo’s products.
      2. Other carriers are updating, so once again in the customers eyes Tmo is behind the 8 ball… even if they didn’t want the update, their phone is now inferior to their friends Verizon phone.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Those blaming T-Mobile are probably correct. I say “probably” because none of us really know about all this, do we. We can only speculate.

    I firmly believe the lack of updates and upgrades is on T-Mobile’s back because AFAIK T-Mobile would have to pay a license fee for each update. Assuming millions in updates, that’s a lot of coin.

    Fact is, T-Mobile offers some of the lowest rates out there. Guess what, those rates are like Washington govt. programs, they have to be paid for somehow and the money has to come from somewhere.

    I suspect that to keep rates down (IMHO unlimited data plans for $20 to $25 is unsustainable in the long term) T-Mobile pays to keep rates low by trimming here, chopping there.

    One way to pay for our low plan rates is to limit advertising and marketing.

    Another way, don’t be handing out free OS / ROM upgrades, at least not too often.

    And yet another example, cut back on the hours customer service is open. Stop 24/7 service and close at 11:00 p.m. ADT and reopen at 6:00 am. Close on Sundays.

    There’s other ways that T-Mobile controls costs, but you can see what I mean.

    Since there’s no large scale expectation or clamoring for 2.2, why incur the cost to do so. There’s no business logic to that.

    Just speculatin…

    • NiiDiddy

      Good Job ***applause***! Makes sense. But I guess one can only hope when it comes to updates. I’d be happy with a 2.2 on my Vibrant (if any at all) and I’d content even if I get no future updates [I’m currently content actually]…because eventually I’ll get a new phone with whatever the OS will be at the time.

    • Bruce Banner

      Your reasoning is flawed. There are no licensing fees for android, Google doesn’t charge for their os like Microsoft does.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well like I said Bruce, I don’t know if Google charges a license fee or not. And I do say that I am just speculating. So reasoning can’t be flawed on that basis.

        I am surprised that Google gives away billions of the OS at no charge or fees of any kind.

        Can you point to some source that says how the relationship is handled between them? I am curious about your reasoning, extremely limited as it is. :)

        In any event, there’s still the expense and precedent in providing even free updates, so that aspect of my reasoning may still be valid. Or it can remain flawed, as you say.

      • Bruce Banner

        Android is free just like all other Google offerings such as gmail, youtube, and maps. Google makes their money from ads. They offer their products free in the hope that people will click the ads thus earning them revenue.

    • tortionist

      Good job It’smichaelnotmike. I can’t find anything to disagree with in either of your posts. not that i’m looking for it, but I do read your posts carefully, since you seem to have a head on your shoulder. You should start a blog.

  • barman

    Moto is in bed with verizon now, that is the reason
    I dont think they care about tmobile anymore.They don’t care if tmobile consumers get pissed they are not on verizon, T mobile was a one night stand verizon is that bitch

  • barman

    ” – Lastly, and this one always bugs people when I say it, where is it written that cell phones are supposed to come with OS updates? It’s not. How did wireless handset updates and version upgrades become a “constitutional right?” ”

    How else can people get updates these companys lock down there phones and put there own custom skin UI on them.I dont see PCs doing that.So its only right they provide the updates on there own dime if they want the luxury of doing that if not stop making these phones without Custium UIs and locking everything down…..

    • NiiDiddy

      ….still—it’s never been an issue…ever! suddenly it becomes an issue. why is that? even Apple doesn’t do OS updates like that. You want something, you wait for the next iiPhone. Unless it’s something very critical. 2nd, no one is asking you to buy with custom UIs on them—if you don’t want it, get a phone with a bare-bone Android OS. Besides, who said the bare-bone Android OSes get the updates because they are bare-bone OSes? Ask those who have been using the original myTouch 3G and ask them the last time they got an OS update.

      bottom line, it’s not a right and it’s not mandatory to get these OS updates. my only issue is that when they promise on updates, they should deliver. Outside of that it shouldn’t happen like that. You want it, pay for it—like we all do when we upgrade our workstations and laptops to a newer OS!!!

      • KRCA21

        Barman, you have a point that people are expecting updates and there never were any before, but you have to look at the fact that the companies and google have created these expectations. They are releasing phones not just once a year, but bi and tri yearly that have a better os and more features than people with a phone that is just a year old. It has never been this way up until now. Android is in turbo mode to outsell apple iphone and everyone else and have suceeded. The companies are the ones promising the updates. It’s like mob mantality, they are saying we will get something better and shiny and then taking it away so I don’t fault the users. They are setting it up so that there is no longer such a thing as a two year phone. I am only 8 months into my cliq and it is already ancient…even with the rooted 2.1 installed. I’ll probably ditch it around new years for something better.

  • duhh

    Tormenting Matt and Mark is a hobby. Its amazing one how fun it can be to take some unassuming person that’s actually trying to be helpful and make thier job a living hell.

  • mingkee

    Let’s boycott motorola and don’t buy charm.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL… OK… I won’t buy the Charm and we can call it doing my part for the boycott.

      Hush hush and confidential: I was not going to buy that phone anyway. But yeah… power to the T-Mobs, have to log off and go find my pitchfork!

      See you at the San Francisco T-Mobile corporate store.

      Power to the people, down with the Charm.

      Fix the roads, get more bike lanes… oops… wrong cause and protest.

  • Tehpriest

    If you think the USA Cliq/Dext anger is at boiling point you want to look at the Motorola Europe Facebook page and see the anger there relating to Milestone which, while the USA are about to get their second helping of 2.2 are still left with no decision having been made whether to upgrade it or not :-(

  • wam

    Everybody is yelling at Moto about update. We need to yell at Samsung about the Behold 2 update ya know!

    • mingkee

      I need a lot of support to open up a kitchen to do “BHII 2.2 Project”.
      If samsung doesn’t care, we’ll take care of it.

  • mtnman

    Why did the manufactures even promis an update in the first place if they wasn’t going to deliver on it anyway?

  • JackRussell

    Some people argue that the phone is just as capable as it was when it first shipped, but that’s not really true. What is happening is that there are many app developers who still claim support for version 1.5 of Android but they don’t bother to test it any more. As a result, there are lots of broken apps out there, and you have no choice but to bug the authors and hope that they respond. There isn’t any history there, so you can’t pull an older version.

    I am more and more tempted to install the leaked rom on my phone. One thing that would be really nice is if they would release the sources to the various drivers and let the ModMyMoto people deal with it. Those folks might not be perfect, but they seem to be able to deliver.

  • Brodie

    TMO is really shooting bad! I hate to say it, but if they don’t do some magic to keep their loyal customers, then I’ll be leaving.

  • Barry

    I blame t-mobile for not updating my…mytouch to 2.2 yet because it is vanilla but I think that’s more to do with pushing newer phones rather than upgrading old phones firmware. Plus I think the phone itself is the reason for delays if you compare the nexus to the mytouch it’s night and day the nexus is far superior hardware wise. So I’m sure there are much more tweeks that have to be made to upgrade a mytouch rather than a N1. personally I like sense and vanilla android but google is cathing up in the appeal department compared with other manufactures skins. Also my phones rooted so I’ve had 2.1 on the mytouch since earlier this year so I’m not as pressed about it as most are.

    • j

      Barry, T-Mobile doesn’t do updates for any devices, manufacturers do, they test them and release when are worth releasing. Obviously they are not worth releasing.would you like to have a behold 2 situation on your hands

  • SySfS

    I think one major point that seems to be most overlooked on this site is that bar none the phones that have the most problems with timely updates is those that have hybrid oses. Android 2.2 has been out for a while and while senseui may have been updated already the interaction between the 2 oses causes more problems that need to be worked out before an update can be released. I was one of the first g1 users and tmo came out with an update like the ota for the slide just prior to the cupcake update. At that time this forum was abuzz with the same tmo hates us and were never getting cupcake. Just calm down and wait for the bugs to be ironed out. I perosnally would rather have a good update to froyo than some half assed version that caused more problems that it fixes. But then again my phone is rooted =)

  • brayo

    I hate motorola. My G1 broke and I got downgrade to this piece of crap motorola cliq. I was much happier and satisfied with my htc g1. Motorola sucks. They ignore customers and act like all their customers are saying is not worthy. Next phone is going to be a HTC in. About three weeks. And I bet motorola owners will still have not been heard even then.

  • George

    Motorola sux….i will never buy anything from Motorola again and I really want to throw my Cliq to one of their android development member’s face and tell them …..”stick your life with 1.5 forever”

  • AZN

    i think motorola should refund us phones and offer us another phone

  • Bruce

    “I think it’s wrong to purchase a phone based on uncertain future capabilities. You don’t buy a car that way, so why buy a phone.”

    Because you buy computers that way. When you buy a new computer it should run all of the new software – not just on the day you buy it but for a couple of years after you buy it. T-Mo selling phones that are running Android 1.5 is almost like Best Buy selling computers that sare running Windows 2000.

  • Ryan

    Its sad when you have to have a droid to get attention from motorola. I was so hoping they would go under.

  • Spencer

    Motorla isn’t bad on updates at all. T-mobile just gets the $h*ty phones from them. All the droids from motorola are on 2.1 or 2.2 with the ones on 2.1 about to receive an update to 2.2. Samsung Behold II is a $h*ty phone too. Sorry T-mo, you just don’t have any good phones. The only good one isn’t even on the carrier exactly, my last phone the Nexus One (which I did love). But, as for me, I just upgraded to Verizon and the Droid X and have been way to happy to look back

  • I think all this will be a moot point from gingerbread on with yearly updates. If you’re like me and you stay on the cutting edge with phones you’ll be buying a new phone before the next OS update comes out.

  • That being said, can’t wait for my GPS fix and then Froyo to make this Vibrant finally feel better than my Nexus did. I used to be a fan of vanilla android so you could get updates, but now that I’ve played with the mytouch slide and the Vibrant that has changed. The custom UI does add some nice touches and polish to vanilla android. Some things that are convenient like the built in power controls for the the notification pane. Downside is slow updates.

  • Just now entering into the “smartphone world” with the G1 about a year ago, but did Windows Mobile ever have the same fragmentation problem that Android has?

  • drmosh

    I thought Motorola said they are committed to Android… so far… pretty poor commitment… hahah

    I doubt I will buy another Motorola product, although the last Motorola product I bought was my Q which was quite a while ago.

  • jdla

    Wow a serious mob gathering here….the cliq debate is being handled with the best of intentions i assure you. u may ask how i know. let me just reassure you both from sources within MOTO and phones ive been privied to play with that the future updates for Android will definately will be worth the wait. The reason for the delay is about making UI be as refined as OS. Plus will people really be happy with just 2.2?

    @ItMichaelNotMike….completely feel you. But understand that in the end the manufacture is who invests in development for updates based on feedback and demand. while the Behold 2 was a pretty decent handset it was just really a stepping stone for Samsung to get to Bada. But it was theyre first time with Android albeit a very bad one. It helped them understand what folks want. Customers should be upset when something is promised and then reneged altogether. In the case of moto/expresso/vanilla android updates its not the case.

  • superg05

    It sucks that part time Devs can get android Froyo to run on my HD2 a device not meant to run it, but a multi-million dollar companies can’t get it on their devices made to run it.

  • I didn’t leave my cliq all together. More like, its put up like its in a coma lol So for now I am using MyTouch Slide, I love it but I do want my cliq back. So until it gets the upgrade I will be using my slide.

  • mindo

    This is why the only phone any android person should buy is the nexus one. It gets all updates waaaaaaay before anything else. Huge factor to consider when going android… the dev phone supports all bands too, so you’re not limited by carrier. And it comes unlocked, the way every phone should, but doesn’t

  • dajuan

    ok so i just recently bought a mytouch 3g and after doing some research found out that i should indeed be getting android 2.2 but …..WHERE IS IT! before this i had the g1 and it seems like im running the exact same os just on a g1 without a keyboard. im still on android 1.6 just like my cousins g1 what the hell

    • same here,but i never owned a g1 just messed with one…..
      i hate being so far back in the new cool lookin android 2.2 Cmon ..

  • adam

    Motorola isnt as bad as all of you think . Their droid is better then cliq fag phone lol! You guys were all dumb to believe t-mobile and motorola. Verizon is so much better. Samsung still suck they only update the behold 2 1.5 to 1.6 in 8 month later took them to 3rd of june to update there phone. I feel bad for all you sammy vibrant when u get the same treatment again. If you not verizon or sprint u wont get passed beyond 2.2 os lol Look at t-mobile,verizon,sprint phone from last year and this year comparison.

    Motorola Droid NOV 6 2009 preloaded with 2.0 os,upgraded 2.0.1 in dec,2.1 in march 28 and august 3rd for 2.2 os
    Htc Droid eris NOV 6 2009 preloaded with 1.5 os and upgraded 2.1 os.
    Htc incredible Apr 28, 2010 preloaded with 8gh internal memory and 2.1 os and as htc said 2.2 os coming out in aug 18th. Plus htc mention they will get 3.0 os in q1 2010.
    Droid x July 15,2010 preloaded with 2.1 os and upgrading 2.2 os in sept.
    Droid 2 Aug 12,2010 preloaded with 2.2 os with upgrade option on 3.0 os.

    Htc hero October 19,2009 preloaded with 1.5 and manual update on sprint.com in may 19th 2010 for 2.1 os.
    Samsung moment Oct 25,2009 preloaded with 1.5 os with manual update on sprint.com in may 12,2010 for 2.1 os.

    Google g1 october 22,2008 preloaded with 1.0 os,receive 1.1 os in march,1.5 in late may, 1.6 in october 2nd 2009.
    Mytouch3g Aug 2009. Preloaded with 1.5 got with 1.6 in october 2nd,2010

    Now since then t-mobile only updated once there android phones.
    Samsung behold 2 Nov 21,2009 preloaded with 1.5 and received 1.6 in June 25,2010.
    Motorola cliq nov 3rd,2009 preloaded with 1.5 os never got an update yet!
    Motorola cliq qt March 2010 preloaded with 1.5 os never got an update yet!
    Mytouch 1.2 or Mytouch fender remember the promotion was saying it was suppose to get updated to 2.1 os in febuary 2010.
    Garment phone in june 2010 preloaded with 1.6 os yet to get an update. In my option it should of coming with 2.1 os already.

    This problem the cliq has is not a motorola thing is t-Mobile being lazy thing. So David stop flaming motorola. If t-mobile is too lay back is there problem not manufacture.

    Mytouch slide June 13,2010 preloaded with 2.1 os so far.
    Samsung vibrant July 16,2010 preloaded with 2.1 os so far.

    I laugh at t-mobile if my Original Droid get 3.0 os before t-mobile upgraded their phone. Which i wouldnt hold my breath or buys another phone with 3.0 os instead of taking responsibility and upgrading there phone like sprint and verizon does. Anyone here should take note that t-mobile dont care about customer when it comes to update since the g1 days and mytouch some what. 1 phone got an update since november that was behold 2. 1 out of 6 phones that a shame t-mobile !

    • meeee

      Why are you even here? The droid 1 has the worst keyboard on a phone I’ve ever seen, and at least the cliqs keyboard works. And did you even consider that you were getting faster updates because its not skinned at all?

    • hd2 moses

      WRONG i got 2.2 on my hd2

    • j

      Desperate for attention are you? Vibrant rocks droid X to sleep, please verizon only has one thing over tmo, higher prices!! JD POWER winner for customer service going away, gotta love getting great help with a problem!

      • Charles Xavier

        Keep telling yourself that… the Droid X is ridiculously better than the Vibrasuck. Also on Verizon you get 3G everywhere, not just a mile of a major city.

    • 67_390_coupe

      You no speakee de engrish so gud, eh?

    • Bobert

      Please lean to type proper English.

    • Chris

      For your information, T-mobile isn’t doing the updates, the manufacturer does… T-mobile is still a phone carrier not a software/hardware company that has programmers to create an update for their phones. It is and always is the manufacturers fault why these phones never got any updates. HECK if your still stuck up to now, why WAIT? ROOT the freaking phone! All t-mobile does is provide the updates via OTA.

  • adam

    FYI i forget to mention that htc evo that came out in june3rd 2010 with sense ui. preloaded with 2.1 os and got the update 2.2 os at same time as the droid in aug 3rd, 2010. T-mobile has mytouch slide since about june 13,2010 and yet update beyond 2.1 os. I say is t-mobile fault not motorola.

    • j

      yeah and how do you know when not even a tmo customer, BYE BYE. Motorol could not be more to blame, BLUR=GARBAGE

    • Bobert

      Please learn to type in proper English.

      • Scott

        Engrish Adam…Engrish prease!!!

  • A car is a strange analogy, seeing as how a smartphone is computer, plain and simple. And when was the last time you couldn’t upgrade your desktop or notebook at least one version of the OS. Certainly some people would encounter problems but there was also far more hardware configurations, not to mention old or shoddy software to contend with.

    But (un-rooted/un-jailbroken) smartphones have a finite and controlled environment based on a well-defined set of specs. There’s little excuse for indefinite delays, other than some combination of ignorance and indifference.

    Or perhaps an internal conflict is to blame, which certainly seems likely given the clusterfrak that is Motoblur, while the Droid family seems unstoppable. Just look at the CLIQ quality control issues: at best, it was a crapshoot *which* problems each one might have.

    As has happened in the not to distant past, a significant number of Motorola customers are left holding a decent piece of hardware that is handicapped by out of date software, an easy fix to be sure (as proven by the dev community.)

    Denying there is an issue with Android OS updates, as you and even Google have, is to dismiss those who spent hard earned money on a device they expected to work as promised (which it hasn’t), and that is an insult.

  • D

    Here we go again with the car analogy. Since everyone loves using it so much I’ll give it a try. what if you had the choice of 2 cars the first was decent nothing special but you knew what you were getting. The second car was a little better but not by much it cost a little more but the dealership promised you free gas for a year if you bought it. Now it’s been 3 months since you purchased the 2nd car and you still haven’t received your free gas by some people on this site’s logic this would be ok because you were going to buy a car anyway so they don’t have to keep their promise of the free gas…

    what a lot people don’t understand is people feel like they were lied to. Personally if I had known it would take this long to get an update on my XT (if we even get one) I would have held on to my crappy razor until a better phone came along

  • hd2 moses

    LOL i even have froyo running on my hd2 HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

    • j

      HD2=EPIC FAIL, now with android, just dunno. That is nice but hope you don’t need an exchange

      • 67_390_coupe

        You don’t void warranty at all running Android on the HD2.

      • hd2 moses

        moto cliq = epic fail, 2.2 is running faster on my hd2 then the nexus, even if the cliq was able to run 2.2 it wouldnt run good anyways, look at live wallpapers HA! quadrant score of 1900 i have pics to prove it

  • Devan

    I used to have the behold 2 but got tired of it and switched to the cliq. I have had the cliq since March and I love the phone. I am just sick of not getting any updates. I updated my cliq to 2.1 by downloading the leak software and using Rsd lite. Since I updated it to 2.1 myself, I love my cliq even more now. But next week I am going to buy the Vibrant and say goodbye to Motorola for good unless they come out with a phone just as better with promised updates.

  • Dee

    T-Mobile is really starting to irritate me…
    they launched android and somehow let VZW and Sprint steal the spotlight. from the 1.6 debacle to only releasing mid range devices – minus the vibrant – T-mobile is being really lax about it all. I actually want the Iphone to launch on TMO now that i think about it. If it did it would put so much pressure on the vendors to defend their spots at TMO, which in turn would have the vendors put pressure on TMO. Competition is good.

    • j

      Sorry Dee, I for one hope the iphone does not come to TMO. It is that great and android is better. Vibrant to me is better then any iphone

      • Kyle

        The iPhone may suck even compared to the G1. But the iPhone on T-mo will be the one thing that sends them straight up to 2nd place. Android is the king. But people still want that shiny apple logo.

  • Exec4Future

    I dont care what anyone says. Motorola makes junk. Droid is junk. Cliq is junk. Worst hardware. Terrible Software. Blur is awful. there really is nothing good about Motorola. Wish they wouldve died with the RAZR

  • adam

    Droid keyboard can be wack but it better to get update then to be all u fool with same os for 1 year or so . Lol cliq sucks! Motorola care about u if ur verizon customer so keep defending t-mobile. That why u need to buy vibrant to upgraded os because t-mobile cant update your device like sprint and verizon. In world of does t-mobile doesnt at least for upgrades os/updating there phone lmfao!

  • adam

    T-mobile is layback u will watch them this winter not updating your mytouch slide and samsung vibrant pass beyond 2.2 os. Moto droid can be garbage but at least we sold 1.5 million in 73 days. No phone in t-mobile can say that. Not in 2 month and 2 weeks . FYI google g1 took 4 to 5 month to get to 1 millions users. T-mobile is epic with there updates very slow and doesnt meet demand, that why they make u guys buy new phone for the update. WOW! Even att doesnt do that with there iphone or blackberry user. No verizon with there android phones and the same for sprint.

  • adam

    @me im here because im tired of t-mobile as there owner and lying to there customer. Obviously u guys like getting lied to and waste more money on those loser. I cant wait until Cellular south take t-mobile for four place in carriers in usa. I bought a g1 even that was better then cliq i had. Since i had my droid i have all my expection meet. I even have flash player 2.2 os in moto droid. As mark said in motorola forum it t-mobile fault for not getting u guys 2.1 os not moto. David should stfu when he doesnt know what he is saying. Motorola only send the update on carrier approval not on there demands. That why verizon is the best at doing is listening to customer and responding as quick as they can. Cant wait for gingerbread on my droid without rooting throw it in ppl face. As t-mobile will struggle to get froyo update to there current phone. Just like the mytouch original was suppose to get 2.2 os hasnt yet!

    • TMOprophet

      Hey I understand exactly what you’re saying and I have to agree with much of it. Problem is you are trying to tell a bunch of TMO fanboys that will defend TMO no matter how crappy they perform business.

      And while I like being with TMO, I do feel like they exist merely because they offer lower prices on plans, cause its not because of the phone lineup…

      If they charged as much as everyone else, they would go out of business, which may happen eventually in the form of a merger with another carrier, but I won’t speculate too much on that right now.

      And I don’t care if everyone gets mad at me for saying this, I try to be objective about this, I do in fact like TMO, just sorely dissapointed in the phone lineup and support, they started an Android revolution and now wimper in the corner like a scared puppy while Verizon pummels them relentlessly.

      They shouldnt have started it all without supporting it and marketing it aggressively.

      And the mytouch, I know, my wife was all excited when they announced it would get , and here we are still waiting. I know it takes time, but come on.

    • Bobert

      Please stop typing in horrible English

  • dave

    I tried updating my cliq with the leaked 2.1 update but can’t for the life of me find a copy of RSD lite lol, anyone know where I can get a copy so I can get off this silly 1.5?

  • atlantian

    if you all have complaints organize a large group of people online use face book or something to call t-mobile at the same time to bitch about updates but you would have to spread the word and get at least 1,000 people and for them to call more than once and have them spread the word like a virus to more android users too call customer care on a certain day

  • dubya504

    Tmobile is NOT Listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adam

    Good point tmoprophet. I Unlock a Droid device without being in Verizon and did the manual update on 2.2 os of Verizon from android forum when they started the roll-out on fro-yo! Verizon said their thinking of upgrading Original Droid user with droid 2 to gingerbread for Christmas. At least Verizon care about there customer. I still pay t-mobile for my g1 plan and i’m happy with droid . Embarrassing that t-mobile still want to be cheap and not upgrade that why ppl buy google phones.

    • Bobert

      Your use of the English language Is embarrassing!

  • adam

    Atlatian I did that when t-mobile didn’t want to upgrade the cliq so t-mobile doesn’t care. Neither do I cant wait for them to sink and go bankrupt for there dumb decision.

  • adam

    dave go to http://modmymobile.com/forums/f399/ to at least 2.1 os hack on your cliq

  • Nev

    Yeah the eclair2cliq rom is in beta now, and is actually really pretty good. Camera, headphone wifi and 3g all work. However I have trouble sending media through sms (a pic message to a friend) and haven’t gotten bluetooth working yet.

  • Charles

    There a saying, you pay for what you get. T-mobile cost less because you get lest, and Verizon cause more because you get more. It’s all about what you want to pay for. But then on the other hand that’s not always true, because a friend of mine got Straight-Talk, and he got unlimited everything for about $50.00 buck – talk, text , and web with excellent coverage. I think the world is changing and people is still looking for a good deal. Who knows as things start to get tighter for people they might just leave them all and go to Straight-Talk at least they got me listening and i’am with T-Mobile.

  • adam

    Well charles your friends cant get android or any update for that matter in his phone. Verizon do care about update/upgrading there phones to latest os. T-mobile doesnt anymore so there a waste of money with there lack of promises and commitment to upgrading there os….

  • Fish

    What’s the name of the facebook page with people that hate motorola that has like 700 people?

    • jonathan

      Screwed by Motorola. I’m on there, lol.

  • gozer

    The hd2 wasn’t expected to run android and now it is running 2.2 I am glad it started out as windows if not it would probably have 1.5 android. Don’t hate appreciate!!!!

  • Patric

    Some people on here just make a fool of themselves with what they say and how they type. Anyways, I’m waiting g on 2.2 for my mytouch and recently I rooted and loaded cyanogen mod 2.2 on it and although it does have bugs it will hold me over until i finally get the real froyo

    • adam

      Who that your talking about me? Im not the only one who feel this way toward t-mobile look at mytouch original forums and cliq/cliq qt forum. Dont worry we will see the samsung vibrant getting the same customer and treatment from t-mobile and samsung again.

      • adam

        NO update now a days equal no money.. Look at how successful Verizon and sprint getting for their android phones.. T-mobile soon we be in bankrupt or trying to partner with one of the top 3 companies in usa.

      • Bobert

        I think they are making fun of your retarded use of English.

    • adam

      Rooting because t-mobile doesnt want customer to have the least os. Without buying another device.

  • dubya504

    Like Michael Jackson’s song. All I want to is that TMOBILE Don’t Care About Us!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dubya504

    Sorry I forgot word “Say”

  • None

    and saying around here is t-mobile’s new name is t-maybe. maybe you got signal or maybe you might get updated are maybe your phone works its T-mobiles new name T-Maybe.

    • adam

      It is t-maybe lol maybe they wont update lmfao maybe they will tell you the truth.

    • JoshL

      sadly this new name (T-Maybe) is spreading across the web. kind of embarrassing.. if I did not have a family plan, I would have switched already.

  • pug_ster

    I was out of a contract of my phone plan and I got my cliq xt when I can get this phone for $27 upgrade fees for upgrade, shipping and taxes. The best thing is that I got the el cheapo $30 voice only plan but I have to pay about $39 with taxes and fees. I am using wifi for data as I used APNDroid to disable 3g. Too bad the deal is not there anymore and I probably would not get this phone if I was not under the circumstances if I was in.

    • adam

      Good dont get any android phones from t-mobile until they know how to approve update from manufacture like they lack since last year. 1 update for about 6 android phones they got this year that pathetic from t-mobile. Is Motorola fault it t-mobile and there lazy cheap a33 self

      • adam

        Is not motorola fault i meant to say

  • None

    In my house we have always called it T-Maybe, because are signal is always going up and down. so i made the name up as T-maybe. maybe i’ll have signal today or maybe i won’t. and there phones always so behind in everything seems like they always got the leftovers. i do got the samsung vibrant on its way to me any day now coming. t-mobile is sending me it…because of the cliq problems. so i am hoping that this phone doesn’t end up being like a leftover again. But its sad to say lately T-mobile has been more maybe’s, they need to be more aggressive to these companys that are not putting there customers first. But when it comes to T-mobile’s customers service it is the best thats why i stay. there customer service has always been awesome toward us. calling about the cliq and they are sending a samsung vibrant to replace my cliq. they were awesome to me. i know some people were not so successfull in getting a replacement. sorry’s go out to them. i know how they feel. hope t-mobile stands up to motorola and tells them they aren’t taken there crap.

    • adam

      Trust me none t-mobile gave me four cliqs and all of them was defected.This Gave me headache. since the sidekick era. This another reason why i don’t trust t-maybe with there false promotions and promises. T-maybe cant even upgrade there phone either ugh!

  • Barry

    Yo y’all dudes better stop worrying about T-Mobile and learn how to type, spell and use proper English lmao

    • adam

      Dude stfu your probably white. Im not !

      • Bobert

        What does skin color have to do with your horrible use of English?

      • jonathan

        Racial much? Ban ban ban!!!

  • None

    Sorry I did miss spell some things. kind of busy. I don’t get much time on the computer as I would like… and when I do have time. Its very little tim… these days. I got 18 month old running around. so excuse me.

  • droidfish2

    Just give my DX 2.2….. :)

  • Barry

    Ugh far from white, and for you to say that on a site for thousands of ppl to see just knocked us down a few pegs c’mon man? Yea I know its hard watching other carriers launch better phones, update their old phones with the latest android firmware. I get that my thing is if you gone come, come correct. Otherwise you look foolish. Also I guess I’m not as much of a cell phone geek as I thought compared to some of the people who come on here. I’m not knocking it I’m just saying, I don’t take it as serious as some of my other Tmonews brothers/sisters do.

  • twbradio

    OK, I am a Cliq XT owner, so I have some skin in this game. The issue is T-Mobile’s in many ways, but not because they are making decisions about when the updates are released on their network. Yes, a carrier may delay an update for a week or two to spread the bandwidth hit and to allow time to train their support personnel, but when you have been waiting for months on end for the update, it isn’t the carrier’s fault. In the early G1 days, which I was a part of, there were some issues in getting Android stable enough to release on the device and this did cause some issues as well. That wasn’t HTC, that was Google. The Google issue has fairly well gone away as the Android team has a better OS to work with than they did back then and they have a lot more experience rolling it out. The reason that T-Mobile shares the blame in this is because of their selection of phones. Name the big Android phones and, until the Vibrant, you will not be naming a T-Mobile device. In March when I bought my XT, I had a choice of the G1 (yes they were still selling it then), Samsung Behold II, Cliq and the MyTouch 3g. The G1 was ancient, the Behold II was a dead device because of the update problem, the Cliq didn’t compare well to the MyTouch in several ways (smaller screen being just one) and the MyTouch was looked and felt like a toy. The Nexus one doesn’t count, as a current T-Mobile customer I was so penalized when considering a Nexus one that it didn’t make sense. None of the T-Mobile released units were devices that the manufacturers would consider on their A list. I bought the Cliq XT thinking that it might be Motorola’s next big hit and I was just waiting for the press and the commercials to come … they didn’t. The phone was released to an awe-inspiring silence from both the carrier and the manufacturer. The Charm will probably get more press and it is a ludicrous device.

    Think about it, in March of 2010, T-Mobile had no Android devices with Ghz processors or 4 inch screens. When you don’t have a flagship device, the updates come around when the manufacturers get to them – which isn’t very often.

    Think … manufacturer flagship devices by carrier:
    ATT – iPhone
    Verizon – Droid, Droid Incredible
    Sprint – HTC Hero, Evo 4G
    T-Mobile – G1

    Yes, I left the Samsung Galaxy S line off of the list. In a way they don’t count, because they will be available on every carrier. That said, ATT has a custom shell (carbon fiber looking evidently), Verizon has a flash for the camera and Sprint has a keyboard and a flash for the camera … T-Mobile has a copy of Avatar include with hardware that doesn’t feel solid according to the reviewers and the blogs (and yes, I have held it in the store – but with that glued-on zip line it is hard to tell how a phone feels). It may be a great phone, but the Verizon and Sprint versions will be considered better and if you haven’t noticed, ATT doesn’t really care much about Android.

    So, if you want updates, only buy groundbreaking phones that a manufacturer really puts their reputation on. If you want groundbreaking phones, don’t look at T-Mobile.

    BTW, this can be fixed … in 2009, Verizon was considered to have the worst fleet of phones out there … see article: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2009/09/verizon-smartphones/ entitled “Why You Can’t Get a Good Phone With Verizon.” I would contend that the situation has changed dramatically with Verizon at the top of the smartphone hill, standing there with the iPhone and ATT. Sprint is close behind, and T-Mobile, the carrier that introduced Android to the world on a unbelievable phone that had compass, accelerometer, touch screen and a keyboard in a day when no-one else did is in a dismal last place.

  • Charles

    Everybody hate Chris(T-mobile) i mean, I like T-mobile because of their ability to use a sim card in which i can use it to change the different phone i have. The old beat up one for work, and my Samsung Vibrant for pleasure without any problem you can’t do that on Verizon. ( you can’t touch this)……

  • Charles

    And the Samsung Vibrant is the best phone on the planet, which by the way came from planet x ( Android ). And I know because i had many phone from T-mobile to Verizon, but i stay with T-mobile while i tried Verizon but then i came to my senses and drop Verizon like a hot pototoes.

  • MulderFox


  • Scott

    As a fellow frustrated Cliq XT owner I too am anxiously awaiting any update news. So I figured I’d go straight to the source first– T-Mobile, who told me they had no updates or timelines available, but that I should check with Motorola. I went to this website:


    and read that for the Cliq and the XT that “2.1 Testing in progress.” That’s just great. Before it was going to be released in Q2, now it’s not even approved for distribution. T-Mobile/Motorola, you are wearing down my patience!!

  • Mark

    The problem with the TMO phones is Moto-Blur with 2.1. The Droids don’t have Blur. Motorola claims to be testing 2.1 for Cliq, but who knows? I switched to Vibrant 2 days ago and love the phone.

    • Andrew

      All the Motorola Droids, except the original, do have Blur, but it is a different blur. Their blue is mostly skin deep with Blur widgets while the Blur on ALL the other Motorola Android phones in the US integrates with Android and the social media sites. This provides a better experience but makes updating with each new Android edition very very difficult. Sense UI, on the other hand, is just skin deep with some great widgets that function as apps rather than a widget. Moto is better off just trying to get their new skin on Eclair and giving that to the other Moto Android’s

  • adam

    Andrew moto copys htc first htc did touchflo in 2008 with window mobile then rename it to htc sense ui in 2009. First android phone to get htc sense was htc hero gsm version in june 2009. Motorola goes and copy their ui and still didnt do it better then htc.

  • adam

    Charles u made a bad decision dropping verizon for t-mobile lies alot. False promises to all their devices.

  • Dubya504

    It’s now October, Do you know where your updates are? DAMN!

  • Michael

    All of this is starting to make me realize that Android is doomed to failure. And that makes me :( .

    I mean.. you’ve got to be kidding me that it takes nearly 100+ android phones to try and rival the paltry number of iOS devices that exist. Those numbers alone should be enough for Google to say ‘wtf guys?’ to these phone manufacturers. It makes absolutely no sense (aside from a sales perspective) to be producing several different phones that compete WITH YOUR OWN PHONE. Why is the iPhone so popular? Because there’s only 1 of the friggin things that’s relevant at any given time. Not 20.

    Grr. :P