Oh Hai Motorola, Wherefore Art My Updates?

I think the question I get asked the most lately is when is “insert Android device name here” getting updated to “insert latest Android software here”. When I say I get asked this the most, I mean it’s usually a more common question than when the next best phone is coming out for T-Mobile.  I really want to make this a scolding Motorola post because I think it’s incredibly disheartening and bad form that they have been so silent on updates for the Cliq and Cliq XT.  Personally, I think it just sucks all around that all the manufacturers and the carriers have been so quiet regarding future updates.  I understand the need to not make promises that they can’t necessarily keep but the typical short paragraph press garbage just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Back when the Samsung Behold II debacle first started unfolding, I made it a point that I think it’s wrong to purchase a phone based on uncertain future capabilities. You don’t buy a car that way, so why buy a phone.  Perhaps those are two totally unrelated examples but I can only say the way Samsung handed the situation was poor at best, downright sad at worst.  I love Samsung products and when my Vibrant review FINALLY gets posted, it’s going to be glowing.  That being said, I still don’t trust Samsung or Motorola or, most importantly, T-Mobile to be straight about when Android updates are coming.

Motorola, you need to man up and talk about when and where updates are coming, even if it’s a totally wide berth.  Just talk about it. I’d rather see you give a wrong date than be completely silent about it and just let the anger build.  I understand this is a difficult game we are playing and that tailoring an operating system with updates likely takes a lot of time, testing and that all factors in to how long it takes before the public sees anything.  That doesn’t excuse or in any way shape or form give a pass to your silence.

Bug fix updates are great and they are always welcome but they are nothing more than a band aid to a broken arm.  Take a look at the Motorola Cliq official forum and see the anger continues to grow and grow and grow.  The word of the moderating staff is no longer trusted and yet Motorola remains silent.  I don’t even know what to call it, but it’s just wrong.  Neither the carriers nor the manufacturers are sworn by law to provide Android users with updates but they are bound to follow through on promises.  If for some reason they have to push back such a promise, something more than a standard four-line press release might do some good.

Ball is in your court Motorola.  What say you?

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