T-Mobile Looking For Early Testers For Cliq XT Update, Sadly Not Android 2.1

Let’s just get this right out of the way and say that this update is a bug fix, improved stability update and NOT the much-anticipated Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Cliq XT. T-Mobile is looking for just 1000 people to beta test this update and you just might get selected if you subscribe to this thread from the Official T-Mobile forums. We don’t know if anything else will get snuck into this update, but for now you’re looking at mostly bug fixes, improvements and other various enhancements.  Stay tuned to the T-Mobile Official Forum thread for more details and we’ll post here as we get more info!

Good news for our loyal CLIQ XT™ Community!

We are recruiting 1,000 customers to test and provide feedback on the next software update for the Motorola CLIQ XT™, before it is officially released to all customers. If you are interested, please Subscribe to this thread, as we will be posting updates throughout the day. The first update we make will be how and when you can take part in this exclusive trial!

For information on enhancements included in the update, please visit: http://cot.ag/9SNT73.

Note: This is not the Android 2.1 upgrade

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  • wack mode


  • google101

    When will the 2.2 mytouch slide update come its taking forever

    • dans

      I don’t get everybody who’s impatient for 2.2. The sdk for 2.2 is what 2-3 weeks old? Nexus owners just got the 1st stable version of the OS this past weekend, have some patience. You’ll get it, and I’m sure you’ll get it before Cliq/XT/Backflip gets anything higher than 2.1.

    • john

      Forever??? The phone is only a month and a half old.

      • Dashi

        I LOLZ

  • JaylanPHNX

    I got a bug they can fix!
    But seriously, I guess something is better than nothing. I’ve been having data connection issues since the first bug-fix update and I hope this fixes the fix.

  • Mike Funk

    Thanks for the tip. Signed up.

  • jmts80

    My Cliq XT needs the 2.1 update NOW! :(

  • mikeeeee

    signed up for it.

    keeping a hot battery.

  • Mooch

    I tried to subscribe. I got:

    “An Unexpected Error has occurred.
    Sorry, your request failed. A notification has been sent to the development team for investigation.

    Exception ID: 5C67A5A7

    Please click the Back button on your browser.”

    Way to go, TMO. You can’t even get this right.

    • john

      I think it’s only you that can’t get it right, others seem to be signing up easily.

  • Mr.Crabz


  • JP

    Makes me wonder. All the other carriers are still considered slow to roll out version updates, but still much faster than TMO. Is it the manufacturers fault or TMO. I’m kinda leaning towards magenta.

  • Frosty

    Just got the update, installing it now… maybe it’ll help the random lag issue I’ve been having with it ever since I got it, too bad this isn’t 2.1 though. :(

  • eric

    The update will download but not install on 2 separate cliq xt’s.. unexpected error.

  • Dewey

    I was picked for testing, installing now.

    • Dewey

      Have it installed and tested. I must say so far its a great update. The new Swype is with the update and seems smoother, as everything else does. No more mini lags. Another thing I noticed was the memory usage is much less with the update. Will post more after more testing.

  • PJ

    I just hit my update button on a daily basis, and this came up. I’m at 65% downloaded…wonder if it’ll be a problem that I use aHome. I’ll let y’all know.

  • PJ

    Just finished loading it all up, I never used swype but now I’m in love with it. Not one word has been wrong thus far and it vibrates so I can type without swyping it. I’m also multi tasking with a few windows open and my music going. Before by this point in a message it would get choppy, but still smooth sailing. It may be my imagination but my speaker sounds louder with smoother sound. Hmm…loading (i had to manually type “loading”) menus from the home screen is really fast now, even with aHome installed which previously used to make it run slow. Love it so far, hope this helps guys.

  • Mike

    Downloaded it and hit install and got the triangle and exclamation point. Restarted, wiped the phone, downloaded the install again and installed. Same error. It won’t even work on a factory CLIQ XT!

  • John

    On friday i lost my Cliq. My disgust for Motorola at this point is so bad that i spent a ton of extra money and bought a Nexus One.

    I’ve sworn off Motorola, and i’ve started a personal campaign to inform everone i know not to but motorola any more.

  • It’s me…Turd Ferguson! Well, I’ve been messing with this new update for a while and I can’t really tell the difference. It maybe a little better with the touch responsiveness and speed going to selected apps, but definitely no 2.1.
    The Samsung Vibant will soon replace this GOD-AWFUL Motorola piece of junk…This decision was made solely on the fact that Motorola didn’t make good on their 2nd quarter 2.1 update. How can you trust or respect a company that not only lies, but waits until the last hour of the second quarter to explain themselves. And the sorry excuse that they “need more time to make our experience with the 2.1 update more enjoyable”!!!! PLEASE- Who’s the Motorola PR guy…he sounds like the same guy that steals your wallet and then helps you look for it.


    SAMSUNG & HTC rule the Android world

  • mikeeeee

    tried to download the update 3 times.

    got halfway through the installation and it stopped went into safe mode and the last time it wiped all my settings and market installed apps and ringtones.

    goin’ to leave it alone.

    if it aint broke don’t fix it.

  • PJ

    I feel a little bad that I’m the only successful one with this. Honestly 2.1 holds zero interest for me, this update fixed up any issues I had with the phone and I even paid full out of pocket with no plan. I love my Cliq XT because it does everything I want it to, so sucks that y’all have issues but this is exactly the phone I want.

  • Theta

    Well, I downloaded it THIS morning, so either that 1k tester number isn’t all that accurate or Motorola should really pay attention to how many people actually bothered with this.

    That having been said, this is actually looking like a good update for me. I’m not running into any of the technical broadsides that others are running to, and the interface really does seem more smooth and responsive.

    The telltale sign is the fact that the force close errors/delays that I’m used to getting with my Zeam launcher home app is almost non-existent now. As much as I’ve been ragging on Motorola recently, this is at least a nice, if not small, gesture.

  • Ms. Matrix

    I’m sick of the keyboard on my cliq xt, I truly wish they would stop bs-ing us with bug fixes. Every phone coming out has a newer android…I want to get a new phone so bad and I got a chance to play with the new Samsung phone and it is fire! I want it!