Wait…Project Emerald Is BOTH The G1 Blaze And myTouch HD?

Here we go again. According to a new report from the guys over at Phandroid, a reliable source tells them the fabled Project Emerald is apparently a “dual-launch of the HTC Vision as the G1 Blaze, and the HTC Desire HD as the myTouch 3G HD”. Their source also tells them that the both handsets will release in the month of September as a “secret launch”, with one of the handsets launching on September 22nd, and the other on September 29th. I don’t know about you, but this “Project Emerald” codename seems to be getting tossed around a lot lately, often being associated with almost every rumored T-Mobile Android handset that surfaces. We’re working on confirming this with our own sources, but until then take this with a grain a salt.


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