Samsung T569 Passes FCC, Next Stop T-Mobile

Smartphones this, smartphones that, someone needs to cool it on the smartphone front.  Let’s just sit back, relax, and enjoy a good ol’ normal Samsung featurephone, the T569 to be specific.  Not much is known about this device, but it certainly looks like your standard Samsung resistive touchscreen featurephone.  With possible 3G, a camera and bluetooth, I’m sure some people will jump on this deal, right?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

FCC via Phonescoop

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  • CD

    1st comment. Woot.

    Just give us native android handset w keyboard.

    That is all.


    • David

      Oh no, someone tried to get a “second” comment in here…not gonna happen!

      • john

        10 points to david, keep that crap out of an otherwise absolutely amazing site.

  • T-MoMike

    ha, jk.

    • 138

      give up on the ffc. useless teeny bopper toy.

  • syks

    this should have come out before the galaxy S lol

  • NiiDiddy

    Oh, Samsung…! I already have my goodness; hopefully this bring other t-mobile customers (niche) some goodness…!

  • john

    I’ll buy this for my mom, says her slider makes her look old, but not ready for a smartphone.

  • derrickps3

    w……..t………..f is this?

  • vinny

    CRAP, just a piece of CRAP. Give the buying public some quality phones. TMO is going to get crap now that they have their big power house phone the Samsung. I sent the Samsung back. If T-Mobile thinks that the Samsung is going to keep the buying public happy they are crazy. The other two carriers have their better version of the Samsung phone but have both picked up several much better devices. Come on T-Mobile let’s get our shi- together. We want top quality phones, not CRAP.

    • Davidohio

      It is called VARIETY. Look, I don’t care for this phone nor would I buy it, however having worked for t-mobile for 5 years I can tell you that the majority of customers buy low end and mid range devices. They really do. Ask any sales rep and they will tell you. T-mobile can not just carry all high end expensive devices or nobody would get their service. I know what I am talking about.

  • Jared

    You know the last time I checked, this does not appear to be the greatest spec smartphone in the world by a longshot. However, take a look at the vibrant. It is pretty much a top of the line smartphone. In fact the hummingbird 1ghz proccessor is one of the faster smartphone processors out on the mnarket today, and 16gb of internal storage, and avatar included amongst other things is really not shabby. give credit where credit is due.

  • Exec4Future

    snorefest. follow us on twitter @mrkind420budz

  • wp7

    serioouuusssllly???????????? i mean this ruined my day!

    slow news day eh?

  • fort

    Good job T-mobile oooop cricket. Junk

  • Jabombardier

    If cell phone choices were based on most people in here, they would all go out of business.