T-Mobile Phones, Hacking Edition

DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!  Everything listed in this post can pose a threat.  Now, you shouldn’t be too scared about that.  There are people out there that do this every day.  That being said, I will warn you again, proceed with caution.  Many thanks to all the contributing developers at XDA Developers, you guys are great!

Let’s start off with something easy.  Rooting seems to be all the rage now (hey, it’s legal so why not?), so let’s start that.  Rooting was once a long ordeal, not to be attempted by anyone that didn’t understand the language.  Since then, some amazing people at XDA-Developers have made rooting a simple one click app.  Now, rooting does put you at risk of voiding your warranty, so be careful (but you can unroot with a simple click as well).  I guess it should be said that these one click methods keep the bootloader in tact, so no voiding of warranties, maybe.

One Click Root for Vibrant can be found here

One Click Root for Nexus One (maybe the MyTouch 3G and g1) can be found here

Now it gets a bit more complicated.  Maybe you aren’t on the Android band wagon yet, but you really want to be.  Let’s say you are also using the HTC HD2, and have some spare time on your hands.  Well, there may just be a solution out there for you.  This takes some work, but there are a whole bunch of ways to get Android on the HD2 (just look here for everything).  From the look of things, everything is progressing smoothly, and looking mighty stable.  We will turn our attention, though, to one particularly stable build, FroyoSense by DarkStone.  Most of the bugs seemed to be worked out, including that nasty robot voice bug.  Aside from that, everything is working and looking great on that 4.3 inch screen.  Look towards the video (by our trusty Forum Moderator T1Connect) for a sample.

The method for downloading this particular FroyoSense build can be found here

Happy hacking, but make sure to be careful and proceed with caution.  We are not responsible for any misfortunes or ramifications if you choose to proceed with any steps listed above, in the comments, or at any other site, ever, on the whole internet. Feel free to leave your thoughts, and any other hacks, in the comments!

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  • Wilma Flintstone

    That does look good. I may do that to my hd2 because winmo has been a serious corruption-fest for me.

    • RockTripod

      My peer installed it today. Everything works very well, but the robot sound is still there. I had him put me on speakerphone. I sounded like a Dalek. EXTERMINATE!!!

  • alex

    Where is the mytouch 3g slide love?

    • Apparently the slide is very hacker-unfriendly.

      I think there is a root for it but it’s pretty difficult compared to the others.

      • Kurtis

        You are correct but they are working on making the one click app compatible with the slide. Just trying to work out the issues.

      • Devin

        I’ve rooted my slide and its difinitely a challenge. It took me a couple days and once you do it you need to flash the engineering build or else you always have to go through the root process to change roms. Once its done its worth it though. Running froyo on mine right now.

      • xDeToXx

        I rooted my slide in maybe 30 mins. That loop exploit was the worst part of it (i used Eugene’s method cuz I couldn’t get WesGarner’s to work.) I’m now running CyanogenMod nightly builds and it’s working wonderfully. I think there are some things that don’t work, but they are minor. I can’t get my browser to stay open but I have opera anyway, flash doesn’t work, bu t I don’t use it anyway, and I think they were saying bluetooth works for everything but in call audio.

      • 2Noob4U

        It did take some work to figure it out, but eventually you can get it if you have patience. There is a root procedure at theunlockr.com that is really easy to follow.

      • RockTripod

        I am simply going to wait for HTC to update that one. Not worth the hassle to root. My Vibrant, on the other hand, is extremely hack-friendly. I never thought I’d say thanks to Samsung, but… thanks, Samsung.

  • Khurt

    i have been keeping up with xda and the different builds for the HD2, i think i may pick one up on craigslist and try it.

  • WinkyDinkyDogg

    We need some new phone news from tmobile. This is getting ridiculous. Not blaming you guys at tmonews. Love the blog.

    • alex32

      agreed. i love the blog as well. Its geting ridiculous we are almost half way in august and no product picture of an hspa + phone that releasing in september. Its really aggravating. Verizon’s droid 2 doesnt release in a week and they have a 360 degree view of the phone on their website. Thats what tmobile needs to do, to not keep everything so secretive. I know they will be releasing monster phones by the end of the year but damn, tmobile needs to give us more info..something to look forward to.
      Theres my mini blow off of steem. Its been a slow news week (not tmonews fault, you guys do an amazing job) but i thought this was the week where tmobile would release more info on their hspa+ devices.

      • hi

        just like winkydogdoggietydog said, even if I leave tmobile…which is looking more and more likely every day…I’ll still visit tmonews. David and the guys do a great job and though I’m often critical of tmobile (how can you not be nowadays??), they do a great job with the site.

        I’m just literally in a state of shock with how far we’ve been left behind. I mean the EVO was announced in what, january? march? You have more than enough time to compete and it just seems like they didn’t want to

    • David

      I’m trying guys, I really am…unfortunately its just slow as you guys know…August is a slow news month with no real phone launches…at least majorly exciting “wow” phone launches…as soon as something exciting comes into my inbox, I know exactly what to do!

      • alex32

        yeah its alright, no biggie. Again not tmonews fault, you guys do an awesome job with news. This is old and I am sure you already know about this, but heres that GPU test on the htc glacier. the link:

      • WinkyDinkyDogg

        I will continue to visit the blog whether or not I decide to stay with tmobile. You guys do a great job. My frustration is with tmobile and tmobile only. They have a soft spot with me seeing how I jumped on the voicestream train, but the past year or so, I’ve been disgusted with how far behind they been with the handsets. I really, really don’t want to leave, but I can’t take this iphone 3g anymore. I’m over the windows based HD2, and the vibrant, while I could overlook what’s missing, at least get the gps right….

        I just don’t believe tmobile tries hard enough to satisfy its handset savy customers and that’s a HUGE negative imo.

      • tortionist

        David, you guys do a great job with the news and such thank you and keep up the great work. If it weren’t for you guys, I would be continually in the dark.

  • booyaka

    the vibrant root didn’t work. i extracted the zip files into a folder and had the phone and debug, then executed the .exe file and clicked on root and my phone never rebooted or anything, i even tried to manually turn off and on the phone. what a waste of time

    • Cyberpyr8

      I don’t think you extract the files. On my MT3G I had to leave the files zipped to get it to read the files.

    • Broke

      That’s correct. You do not extract the files. It really is better to research this stuff. One click or not. You need to know the why what’s and where’s.

      • Relikk2

        Do you have windows? Did you install the phone drivers so that you computer can even talk to your phone?

  • Deke218

    Really? What is TmoNews going to do about getting T-Mobile new phones? Take a vacation and come back in the fall. All the new phones you want should be out.

    Also, it might have been a mistake putting rooting information here. From a lot of the comments made on you site by some of your posters, there are gonna be a lot of bricked phones as XDA requires that you read and follow instructions.

    • Inuyasha

      “What is TmoNews going to do about getting T-Mobile new phones?”

      What? TmoNews has nothing to do with getting T-Mobile any phones. Where you got that idea is beyond me.

      “Also, it might have been a mistake putting rooting information here. From a lot of the comments made on you site by some of your posters, there are gonna be a lot of bricked phones as XDA requires that you read and follow instructions.”

      If YOU had actually taken the time to look at the links, you would see that the links(aside from the ones about T1 Connect) point to XDA and the download page for FroyoStone(which has very easy to follow instructions that are also the instructions posted on the FroyoStone post on XDA).

      Maybe you should read a little more next time…

      • alex32

        I have no idea where you got the idea that tmonews releasedes the phones for tmobile haha. So do some researching before you post something silly. I WISH tmonews releases the phones for tmobile, they would do so much better than tmobiles marketing dpt.

    • WinkyDinkyDogg

      Tmonews does its job WELL. They can only report whats given to them from tmobile.

      Problem is, we STILL don’t know what’s releasing! I can’t be optimistic when we STILL don’t have concrete info or confirmed photos and specs about a phone scheduled to release in about a month.

    • pimpstrong

      Panties bunched?

    • DICKnotDEKE

      Hey DEKE218, just in case nobody told you…the correct spelling for your name is “DICK” ….and stop acting like one!

      • deke218

        your mother what?

  • Tig

    I have been running the darkstone froyo on my HD2 for a few days now and it’s pretty damn good. That said I really think I like my energy ROM winmo better.

    • nyuhsuk

      Nice. I was looking on doing this tonight to get at some Android game apps. Has you seen any bugs at all?

      You just can’t beat Energy’s CHT builds if you’re into WinMo. So nice.

  • Leachpunk

    FroYo on the HD2 is sweet. I’m using the MattC 1.5 build with zImage modifications from Cotulla, and it flies. Using Quadrant Standard for benchmarking I have benchmarked it 4 times.

    1st Using a Desire 2.1 build, I scored around 860.

    2nd Using a Desire 2.2 build (one of the firsts), I scored 1020

    3rd Using MattC 1.4 Froyo2.2 build, I scored 1120

    4th Using the MattC 1.5 Froyo 2.2 build with the latest zImage kernel, I now score 1350.

    It is blazing fast, pitted it against a NexusOne with the latest 2.2 build, and it still fairs better than that. It truly is a great handset with Android on it, and I can’t wait for WMP7, because that will be pretty sweet to play with also!

  • NiiDiddy

    Nice nice nice…!!!

  • Yeah, rooting the G1 is a complicated process (or ised to be, I haven’t looked at the new instructions), but it’s totally worth it. I’ve been running Eclair since March and just jumped to Froyo this past weekend. Loving it so far, lots of cool new stuff. I’d definitely love a new, superfast phone, but for now, XDA and root are keeping my G1 running well. :-)

  • mingkee

    Hacking can be a good thing.
    With Galaxy i7500 ROM, Behold 2 is actually GREAT (sans vibrate).

  • Nads

    Just curious, if I have an old BB data plan will it work with a Vibrant, if not, will it work after rooting the Vibrant? I want the Vibrant but do not want to give up my BB Unlimited data as it is a Grandfathered plan now. Thanks!

    • nyuhsuk

      I just upgraded my second line to the Vibrant and they had to explicitly change it from a grandfathered $20 Total Internet plan to an Android data plan for $30 before the phone could access data.


      • Vicosphi

        They should be able to convert your 20 internet plan to preferred android data plan so you can keep it…

  • swehes

    I used the xda lag fix on my Vibrant and gets scores 2000+ with the benchmark. Can’t wait for froyo to come out. :)

  • derrickps3

    i am awaiting and praying for the wp7

  • Why is the Android peeing oil?

  • Deke218

    @Inuyasha: UM try again. IF the instructions were really that easy {and they are} would the post above mine be complaining about not being able to get his vibrant rooted? Maybe you should shut your mouth if you can’t understand what grown ups are talking about.

    @alex32: Really? Try reading my post again. This time sound out the words like they taught you in 1st grade a couple of years ago.

    Are both of you from the same school of idiots?
    [Yes David I know that was harsh but these children just don’t shut up!]

    • Idiots huh, pretty big words. Maybe you shouldnt call ppl names…especially if you dont know who they are….inyuasha is a very respectable member of tmonews’s forums, and a very smart an knowledgable person. As are most of the forums members, and i gaurantee they can root a phone if need be. so just go ahead and watch your mouth and maybe you should apologize…

      • Inuyasha

        Thank you, T1.

        Deke, maybe you should have a look around the TmoNews Forums. I am on here, and have been for a while. I have helped plenty of people on here. The instructions are easy to follow as long as the people read the posts and information provided. I have used WinMo for a few years already, and am running FroyoStone with Sense on my HD2(again, not hard if you follow the directions). I’ve also been dealing with cell phones for a little over 11 years now, and am always tinkering with the latest technology. You want to call yourself a grown up, yet you resort to calling people names when they call you out on something you failed to read? That’s pretty childish to me.

      • alex32


    • pimpstrong

      The post above you about the Android peeing? I mean thats the one above yours…

  • Slick Vic

    Darkstone’s Android Froyo with Sense breathed life into my HD2! :)

  • Deke218

    @t1 connect: Um, good advise but I think I’ll pass.

    @Inuyasha: I’m oh so very happy for you and all you achievements. Maybe you should try reading my post once again. Maybe you’ll get it this time. No one mentioned you couldn’t root a phone. I guess you didn’t bother reading the entire thread up to the time I posted fore if you had, you would know what my post referred to. But you in your intellectual kingdom decide to come out with “Maybe you should read a little more next time…” You’re not that smart kid.

    I guess Inuyasha is the forum GOD. I see all the little minions came out the woodwork when someone questioned HIS AUTHORITY!

    Oh and buy the way – you’d have to be a true idiot to mess up the instructions on rooting an android phone.

    • Inuyasha


      Yes, I did see the post you were referring to. I know you never said I couldn’t root a phone. You know what…I’m going to do the adult thing and walk away here. I have better things to do than try to get a point across to someone who just doesn’t get it, like sleep. You obviously are the kind of person that thinks he is better than everyone else, and that what you say is right, not matter how wrong you are. Maybe one day you will snap out of that mindset, but I don’t really see that happening since you still continue to act childish.

      Anyways, I’m going to bed now since I have to work tonight. I hope the rest of you readers have a great day!

  • Deke218

    Before any more of youse get your little pink panties in a bunch, I didn’t mean any of the stuff I wrote above [apologies if you need it] but TmoNews has gotten rather BORING the last week or so and I just wanted to livin things up around here. I come on this site 4-5 times and day and seeing that the last true news here was “myTouch 3G HD Coming To T-Mobile?” It a wonder no one else here thought of this.

    Hey moderator: We need a wipping post.

    • Relikk2

      He’s not completely wrong. Some of the people on here are not the “brightest in the bunch”. Most of the morons are one time visits or “Flamers” who probably don’t even have a T-Mobile service, nor a T-Mobile phone.

  • Relikk2

    Rooted Vibrant and loaded new Rom which contains no bloat-ware (good bye Amazon MP3). Got WIFI tethering working last night (it’s awesome), loaded the Captivate camera APP (far superior IMO), and loaded SetCPU. I hope set CPU will help with the battery (even though I got about 1.5 days before I installed APP). Waiting to install the lag fix; it seems to get buggy over long term use. Supposedly there is a working over-clock for the Captivate to 1.2GHTZ and they think they can get to 1.6. THANK YOU XDA!!!

    • Bradly

      Relikk, what rom are you using? Where did you get it from?

      • Relikk2

        I got it off of xda, in the developers section, can’t remember exactly what’s its called.ill post later. When I get home. Did have to tweak a few things to.

      • Relikk2

        eugene373, Vibrant4 rom.

        It has some fixes applied to that rom already as listed on the forum. I still had to renter the GPS fix by going into the phones GPS mode editor (found on this site someware), and I restored the factory settings for the battery message as people were complaining about that fix having issue in XDA thread. Just browse around that XDA forum, all types of stuff.

        I’ve uninstalled SETcpu; it’s seemed to have the opposite effect on my battery life.

      • Relikk2

        I just loaded the lag fix. Wow, got 2145 in quadrant. My phone if flying.

  • Barry

    I’m jealous of the late “rooters” I remember the labor rooting my G1 last summer and I thought I bricked it at one point and was on the verge of tears and in my silent mode cause I had just bought it off eBay lmao. And I’m not going to attempt to talk about the old process of flashing hero roms when they first came out smh. XDA is amazing that’s probably the main reason my last 3 phones have been HTC manufactured. *Off topic* This slow news stuff is brutal I’m thinking of grabbing a vibrant in the meantime just seems like things keep taking priority over it which is cool I’d rather drive a smooth car rather than a clunky car and have a $400-500 phone in my pocket. Tmo needs to give another whiff of the new phones coming. If I see another Droid 2 article I’m gonna puke. (ugly ass phone)

  • derrickps3

    will there be anymore news on the wp7?

    • Andrew

      when it comes, yes

  • vinny

    If August is so slow of a month then why is Verizon and AT&T snagging some very good Android devices? If I didn’t have a Nexus One I would be so pissed off. T-Mo is allowing all the other carriers to grab all the good devices. I used to be a blackberry nut, AT&T has the new slide. T-Mo is dropping the ball, they grab the Samsung and IMO is a good device but the Nexus One is far superior. The build quality of the Samsung is crap. I sent mine back. We need top quality devices. The buying public wants the best, I know I do.

    • Relikk2

      Hate to argue with you but the devices that the other carriers got are not much different than the Nexus-One that you already have. You can argue FFC, screen size and Megapixals all you want but hardware wise (CPU/ GPU/RAM) they are about the same. Droid X is the only one that is better and it is only mild to medium improvement. The phone that really steps it up is the Galaxy S. Yeah the one you returned.
      IMO the build quality is great on the Samsung. It is far superior hardware to anything out there (even compared to future phones such as emerald). Best CPU, and best GPU and arguably the best screen. I agree the software build could be better, but that’s what we have XDA for. With some of these XDA fixes the Samsungs are getting like 2500 plus in quadrant. That just destroys anything out there and its getting these numbers in Éclair 2.1 (no JIT)! Also, there is an overclock in the works so who knows how fast this phone can get.

  • Luv

    Darkstone’s Android Froyo with Sense breathed life into my HD2! You got that right, now I have the best of both worlds, Windows mobile and Android via dual boot, works like a charm too. I’m having so much fun now with my TMOUSA HD2, it’s got the HTC Desire on it, truly beautiful….

  • Shad

    Has anyone tried the above XDA link for MT3G 3.5MM? I’m really wanting to know if it works. I downloaded it but couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

  • Vicosphi

    Good article, thanks. I’ve rooted my vibrant and got rid of some of the bloat.
    BTW, an off topic question, did you guys read that T-mobile is against net neutrality? Here’s the link:
    I was happy to switch from Symbian to Android and renew my contract with Tmobile but now I have a phone that has an OS AND NETWORK from companies against net neutrality!! :(

  • Luv

    I really like the Android HTC Desire being on my TMOUSA HD2 along with the Windows mobile 6.5 OS, but I don’t believe I will ever purchase a all Andriod mobile phone now. The reason being, I cannot find any decent Android video players or music players for the HTC Desire side of my HD2…. I have searched and searched..! The Slingbox works ok on the HTC Desire side, but it works better on the HD2 Windows mobile side.

    I can go over here at http://www.mobileunderground.info/showthread.php?t=704&page=1 and find all the high quality multimedia apps for the TMOUSA HD2, this is still probably one the best HD2 secrets on the web for HD2 multimedia apps… If I could get these same kind of multimedia apps for the Android side of my HD2, then I would be the happiest lady in the world.

  • timdawg919

    Looks like I might actually have to pick up a hd2 just so I can have that huge screen. And I’ve just recently rooted my n1 using universal androot and since I’ve added rom manager I think I’ll add cyanogen mod too