T-Mobile Phones, Hacking Edition

DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!  Everything listed in this post can pose a threat.  Now, you shouldn’t be too scared about that.  There are people out there that do this every day.  That being said, I will warn you again, proceed with caution.  Many thanks to all the contributing developers at XDA Developers, you guys are great!

Let’s start off with something easy.  Rooting seems to be all the rage now (hey, it’s legal so why not?), so let’s start that.  Rooting was once a long ordeal, not to be attempted by anyone that didn’t understand the language.  Since then, some amazing people at XDA-Developers have made rooting a simple one click app.  Now, rooting does put you at risk of voiding your warranty, so be careful (but you can unroot with a simple click as well).  I guess it should be said that these one click methods keep the bootloader in tact, so no voiding of warranties, maybe.

One Click Root for Vibrant can be found here

One Click Root for Nexus One (maybe the MyTouch 3G and g1) can be found here

Now it gets a bit more complicated.  Maybe you aren’t on the Android band wagon yet, but you really want to be.  Let’s say you are also using the HTC HD2, and have some spare time on your hands.  Well, there may just be a solution out there for you.  This takes some work, but there are a whole bunch of ways to get Android on the HD2 (just look here for everything).  From the look of things, everything is progressing smoothly, and looking mighty stable.  We will turn our attention, though, to one particularly stable build, FroyoSense by DarkStone.  Most of the bugs seemed to be worked out, including that nasty robot voice bug.  Aside from that, everything is working and looking great on that 4.3 inch screen.  Look towards the video (by our trusty Forum Moderator T1Connect) for a sample.

The method for downloading this particular FroyoSense build can be found here

Happy hacking, but make sure to be careful and proceed with caution.  We are not responsible for any misfortunes or ramifications if you choose to proceed with any steps listed above, in the comments, or at any other site, ever, on the whole internet. Feel free to leave your thoughts, and any other hacks, in the comments!

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