HTC Mozart Spotted In The Wild

Well, would you look at that. Just days after we got a look at the Windows Phone 7 powered HTC Schubert, new images have surfaced of the HTC Mozart (name sound familiar?). You might have noticed the image above looks almost identical to the HTC Schubert images, with both devices having a Nexus One like look to them. So I believe its safe to assume that both are in fact the same device, and as I originally speculated, “Schubert” could be a codename for the HTC Mozart. A few more snapshots of the HTC Mozart after the jump!

WMPoweruser Via Twitter

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  • B

    That top left corner still blurred huh. It has to be a front cam right? What’s the screen size on that thing. I like the phone design, kinda Nexus One meets Transformers, but the UI is still the ugliest thing this side of lady gaga.

  • zmoboss

    Doubt front cam …. top left masked probably because of traceable ID .. the owner wants to publish the pix without getting into trouble!

  • mjcl987

    Any specs for this beauty?

  • JoshL

    wish this was an android phone. :(

  • shawn

    who the heck wants a windows phone, next news please.

  • MIsta Riddlah

    To many retarded wish for android phone and why do every phones have to be android what about other people who like wp7

    • Bobomo

      How can you “like wp7” when it doesn’t even exist?

    • B

      Might want to go over your grammar next time before using the word retarded.

  • truth

    What’s up with all the wp7 haters? if you don’t like the wp7, stick with your crapple or your crapdroid. wp7 is years ahead of the mobile os game. I bet you will be switching to wp7 by end of next year.

    • Bobomo

      LOL, it’s not even out yet, which already makes it years behind.

      Years ahead… you must be high.

    • B

      Which wp7 phone do you have? Does it have the bigger gbs?

      • kache

        lmaoOOOO!!!!!! lol…customers that always come into the store always ask for the phone with bigger “gbs”..haha

  • Spencer

    Why bother with a windows failure HTC? Bring on the android love!!!!!

  • Spencer

    Why bother with a windows failure? Bring on the android love!!!!!

  • ckjordan

    oops this phone looks like Iphone, i like HTC but sorry i am not bying this crab, i trashed my Iphone 3GS back in Feb, am not going back to use something Similar to the Iphone, i am way too smarter to copycat. i can see HTC going to scrw things up eather by pushig their UI or making WP7 that looks like the Iphone

    • B

      So you’re pretty much saying HTC is screwing up because you trashed your iPhone. what

    • 2FR35H

      Lol so any phone the has round edges looks like an iphone now? LOL.

    • robnoxious

      If ANY phone looks like an iPhone, it’d be the Vibrant. This looks like a Nexus One and as such doesn’t look too bad. The problem lies in the fact that it’s running WP7. It’s taking entirely too long to get one of these phones out on the market and at this rate they’ll be obsolete before launch. You sir, need to go back to school to learn proper use of grammar and also how to spell. And maybe to learn how not to make comparisons of things that are dissimilar.

  • J-Hop2o6

    So the back IS DETACHABLE!

    • jmcl987

      for one moment I thought the phone was broken, lol.

  • not4sakn

    You windows guys have to be kidding. How can you seriously like software with so many issues? I work in retail and see so many windows phones being returned and issues more than anything else, even the HD2. I personally would never own anything with windows, its just too many problems.

    • TheDude

      *sigh* Never a dull Windows Phone/Windows Mobile post around these parts

  • alex32

    okay, now we need leaked pictures of our android super phones..i hate winmo

  • dwillistyle

    I have never ever like and/or wanted a phone with WinMo on it. Here’s to hoping that WP7 is all it’s cracked up to be, though I cant imagine it will be…maybe it will at least be a decent/not terribly glitchy OS. That being said I really like the look of this phone.

    • jmcl987

      Just root the damned phone and that’s it(same thing I did with my HD2)
      P.S I believe this phone will sport a dual core processor.

  • funny, i could have sworn that the label on the phone said windows phone 7 and not windows mobile…but plus one for the haters. I hope you realize android will end up like winmo one day and just get old and outdated.

    • robnoxious

      And when might that be? Or are you just talking out of your ass?

  • efjay

    I think it goes to show people are just blindly bashing when they dont even know that this is NOT Windows Mobile, comparing anything that is running WM today to this or any other WP7 device shows you dont have a clue what you are talking about because 1)WP7 is not out yet so how can you be commenting on how bad it is, how it crashes, etc and 2)tech sites, developers and people who have seen live demos of the phone say it is fast, responsive, DOES NOT CRASH, and seem to like it.

    Not everyone will like the interface but to bash it blindly because it carries the name “Windows” shows a level of intolerance and ignorance that is frankly sad.

  • tacky

    I’ve been having lots of issues with the hardware of my winmo TP2. One of the reasons I choose not to buy ever again a WMP

  • Miguel

    I’ll have to see the new windows OS in person for a final judgement. But based on the hundreds of screenshots and videos I have seen, the OS looks like a dumb OS. The square blocks themes and cutoff text. It just seems soo… 1990s.

  • Justhonest

    The reason that some return WinMo phones is because they are novices, have no computer experience, so they fiddle with the customization and screw it up and then can’t figure out what they did, so they return it. The iPhone is like the books. Smartphone for dummies.

  • llini

    This is nothing more than a nexus one running windows phone seven instead of android. This would make a nice follow up to a nexus one. Just needs to have a front facing camera and at least a 4″ screen. Nice copy though smh…

  • Michael Lococo

    No way… those pictures look like crap… after the HD2??? No way!