Two More Names Approved For T-Mobile Through Trademark Office

Right after the announcement this morning of the T-Mobile G2 with Google, Scott of Androidguys and I discussed this announcement for a few minutes. In passing though he mentioned to me that he had done a little extra legwork after his recent findings hidden away in the US Trademark office. T-Mobile has apparently gone and grabbed two more trademarks in the form of…drum roll…the “MyTouch HD” and “The Family Network.” Now the MyTouch HD should come as no surprise since we expect that device to come our way sometime between now and the end of the year. The Family Network however is another story and has my mind racing with hope that T-Mobile is going to drop some news in the coming months. Perhaps a revamp of the Family Plans in an effort to grab some customers away from their larger competition, possibly in the form of reduced pricing or the ability to add more than 5 lines. It’s all speculation at this point but we’ll be hoping for more details and certainly keep digging!

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