Two More Names Approved For T-Mobile Through Trademark Office

Right after the announcement this morning of the T-Mobile G2 with Google, Scott of Androidguys and I discussed this announcement for a few minutes. In passing though he mentioned to me that he had done a little extra legwork after his recent findings hidden away in the US Trademark office. T-Mobile has apparently gone and grabbed two more trademarks in the form of…drum roll…the “MyTouch HD” and “The Family Network.” Now the MyTouch HD should come as no surprise since we expect that device to come our way sometime between now and the end of the year. The Family Network however is another story and has my mind racing with hope that T-Mobile is going to drop some news in the coming months. Perhaps a revamp of the Family Plans in an effort to grab some customers away from their larger competition, possibly in the form of reduced pricing or the ability to add more than 5 lines. It’s all speculation at this point but we’ll be hoping for more details and certainly keep digging!

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  • sorandkairi

    it getting interesting at tmobile……

    • sorandkairi

      I think its “The Family Network” will probably be a new slogan for magenta in the months to come. I mean it makes sense to me. They have always been more about the family side of mobile devices and the interaction there of with one another rather than a mobile company for business exes.

      • J-Hop2o6

        but “The Family Network” is sooo laaaaamee.. and thank God they took out “3G” from the myTouch HD.

      • sorandkairi


        I agree the 3g thing was verrrry lame and “The Family Network” does sound lifetimeish…. which means i’ll probably hate it if it I’m indeed correct.

      • Do either of you that think it’s “lame” and “sucks” pay the phone bill for your family, plus data plans and new phones every year?

      • J-Hop2o6

        @telos – huh? i was talkin about that slogan sucks.. plus im on an individual account.

      • sorandkairi


        you are rather presumptuous arent you. just because i thought that the name of a slogan was lame… i dont pay for my family’s phone bill. how did you come up with that correlation? and even if i dont and or my wife payed the bill… what difference what that make…. you sir are ignorant

        and oh for the record yes, yes i do….

  • Air One

    Nice, cant wait for the specs on the Mytouch HD! at least 4″ screen (please)

    • sorandkairi

      I 2nd that! Hopefully its a hspa+ device.

      • Bigs12

        this will be the first HSPA+ handset for tmobile

    • NiiDiddy

      I think it’s going to be a 3.8 inch screen from what i’ve seen in past couple of weeks. That’s speculation though…

  • jdog

    I want to know when they are getting their next stock Android super phone so I can upgrade from my Nexus. The new Mytouch looks ok but its probably already been surpassed by the Vibrant’s processor.

    • Air One

      the mytouch hd is said to have the 1.2 snap…front facing cam too.

      • theitguy

        Could you elaborate about what value there is in a front camera?

        I really see no use for it.

      • ob18

        there is none it’s just some useless gadget some want that really doesn’t serve a purpose not even for buisness especially if you have a netbook with a built in webcam.

      • Air One

        As the iphone has video calling, that would be a good feature for adroid phones. its coming but When? thats all i want the cam for.

      • ob18

        You have to assume the person you are calling even wants to do video calling and nobody you know does is it not a wasted feature ?

      • ob18

        *if nobody


      • sorandkairi

        @ theitguy and @ob18

        Video chatting in the US hasnt caught ahold to the masses yet but elsewhere in the world “cough cough Japan” it is prevalent. I would love to use it for Skype myself and i could see them sooner rather than later using the image that it captures to use it as a face recon. software to unlock the phone….

        wait let me email that idea to google….. “switches taps to gmail…………………………………………………………………………………………….sent”

      • Wilma Flintstone

        @Air One
        The Evo is a android smartphone with a ffc.

        I won’t go into the huge value of a ffc because it should be obvious enough to people already. I’ll just say, it’s not because the iphone has it because I wanted a ffc years ago with the Nokia N95.

      • 2FR35H

        Hmm not much really better especially seeing as the Vibrant was able to get a safe 1.2 ghz overclock and then there is also 1.6ghz overclocked on the vibrant but I doubt that is really safe to do or in the least it will kill your battery in a matter of 2 hours.

        FFC is useless right now but with due time FFC will be a usa standard in every device. Probably in 5 years.

    • sorandkairi

      doubt it…

      • The Hammer

        They have been doing video calls for a few years now…im talking on like nokia flip phones and stuff…It was wild when i was stationed over there.

  • lalo

    hoping that is a family data plan!

  • jazzmanmonty

    idk who it was, but someone left a comment a few weeks back on one of these threads saying they cant say much, but mytouchhd and the family network…guess our insider guy was right.

    • cp

      I saw that same post..

  • Galen20K

    All I can say is I know what your sources said that they didn’t think it WAS but I’m really hoping they were wrong and that it IS a 4.3 inch display for the MyTouch HD.

  • Frigadroid

    I have an idea how about the T in tmobile stands for truth or trust ? Be the network who sells it to you straight no more misleading adds. Call the others networks out when they spout out lame BS. People appreciate honesty no gimmick is needed when you have the best price and service!

    • ob18

      I have to agreed why the need to beat around the bush when coming out with products. If you truely believe you have the best products, prices, & services why the need for “secret cryptic messagaes”

  • Insider

    I believe is the mi-fi tmobile might come out with.

  • rahul

    i wish we could just get some specs or some kind of confirmation because im about to go to sprint for the evo but am still holding a shimmer of hope that we get a 4.3 inch device with at least a 1ghz processor…HOPING! and vanilla android would be great but htc sense isn’t toooo bad lol. also a kickstand….well again *Crossing fingers*. man i really need some details because school is starting on the 23rd and i really wanna get a phone before then (my g1 is dying) and the evo looks like the best option. come on tmonews!

    • rocketc

      These are the same goons that say everything t-mobile has is mid-tier. I’m guessing in a month or two somebody will be saying “when is tmo going to come out with a premium phone when they launch the HD and G2.”

      4.3″ with 1 ghz… get an HD2. I hear XDA has it running android pretty well. It’s been out since april.

      A kickstand in a phone? Do you own a TV or laptop or PC? Yeah, i watched avatar on a vibrant and it looked nice.. But it doesn’t compare to the 50″ i own, or the 32″, or the 22″ monitor for this PC i’m writing to you on. A kickstand built into the phone? Get real.

  • ob18

    forgive me if I stay seated and not jump for joy until I see actual products & specs not “potential names”

    but as they say “any news is good news” I guess that applies here.

    • sorandkairi

      u may be seated!

      • ob18

        I never got up.

      • sorandkairi

        ok than great… what was the point of your post because it wasnt meant to be satrical was it?!…. if so, now you just sound slightly…stupid

  • Air One

    I’ve been looking into the WinMo 7 phones and they are saying its the hd3 and it sounds killer. Now that is speculation but im considering it. My touch hd is going to be hot! the G2 and touch hd is supposed to be dual core from what i have read. now that may be someones wet dream but im all for it if its true.

    • Galen20K

      Especially if they come out with a White Windows 7 Phone like they’ve shown on Prototypes, I love Android so much but I have to sayy their OS is looking kind of sweet and the WHite devices look KILLER!

  • cellswag5

    I really hope this G2 is something big. Leaps ahead of anything tmo has and atleast on par with what’s else is out there. Because tmo really played us with the G1 leaving us behind the rest for almost 2 years. Also I really hope this G2 doesn’t have a four row key board. Need a row for numbers.

  • keele8

    Maybe I missed it but a while back when there was all this talk of a leaked screen that showed release dates of certain things wasn’t there a 3000 minute plan on that schedule? Did that already come out and I missed it? If not, that plan could have something to do with the family network. Not sure, just thought I would throw it out there.

    • dwillistyle

      3000 minute family plan is available now.

  • tmojoe

    Heres the deal. They dropped the ‘3g’ from the mytouch hd because…its not a 3g device. it’s hspa+. It is also the Nexus 1/Desire with a hard keyboard and hspa+ speeds. They will be announcing some new rate plans (family oriented) to go along with the release of both this phone, as well as the G2 ‘The Family Network’ slogan. Before all of you naysayers jump in, I have seen the screenshots, I have seen the device. Bye.

    • sorandkairi

      hspa+ is 3g….

      • john

        True, but they are touting hspa+ as 4g speeds, so it’s all about marketing it to lemmings.

      • sorandkairi

        @ John

        OK point taken but i wasnt referring to nor was did i ever state that the term 3g being throne around via the mytouch was a good thing. I simply corrected his error in information.

        “They dropped the ‘3g’ from the mytouch hd because…its not a 3g device. it’s hspa+.”

        And yes their, Tmobile, marketing sucks period

      • sorandkairi

        edit thrown not throne…. too much Gundam

      • 2FR35H

        Actually HSPA+ is 3.5G respectively.

      • sorandkairi


        We were comparing the service between “3g” and “4g”.

        Nonetheless the 3.5g is 3g… just at higher speeds then that of “normal” 3g speeds. It’s all about theoritical limits…. 3.5g doesnt exist in reality…its just a consept not in actually unit of measure in terms of speed. But thank you for your input anyway.

        read away…..
        just look at mobile telephony standards..

        got a total view now ….. good!!

    • phonegeek

      Hard keyboard my eyes like the sound of that

    • James

      Can I see the screenshots???

    • Trevor Spriggs

      This sounds like cold hard fact my friend. One question, though. Will we FINALLY get a family data plan?

  • Joe

    (Didn’t read through all the comments) Doesn’t Gatorade already own the rights to G2?

    • J-Hop2o6

      different types of products.. ones a sports drink (GATORADE G2).. the other is an electronic device (T-MOBILE G2).

      • Joe

        I know they’re two different products. So Chevy won’t get mad if I created a baseball bat and called it, “The Corvette?”

      • Yyevo

        Nope, Corvette was originally the name of a type of ship. If you called it Joe’s Corvette, you’re good. If you call it a Vette, Chevy has that TM as well as Chevrolet Corvette.

        If you built a car, you could not call it a Corvette.

  • Rolo

    Don’t we already have the best pricing?

    • ob18

      Now they just need the best phones to go with it.

  • Manny

    i dont know what to do… get the G2 when it comes out or wait for the mytouch HD.

    • sorandkairi

      Imma wait for that nice and clean MTHD!

  • mikeeeee

    new bosses have to make numbers to prevent newer bosses.

    this is good for us.

    let’s see what they roll out in the future.

    t-mo is still miles ahead of the rest.

    ever try to explain ‘ice storm’ to a customer service rep in india?

  • lalo

    family network is going to be a new family plan. this plan, will let us have a family data plan! lol or I can just keep dreaming -_-

  • bubbles

    I heard the g2 will come with stock android, as for the mytouch hd, that will probably end up with sense ui of some sort,ugh

  • *hopes “The Family Network” reduces family plan prices & adds more minutes to them for those who don’t have Unlimited family plans*

    • 2FR35H

      Its most likely just a new slogan and entails nothing more.

  • just some dude

    I have learned not to hold my breath or get excited when it comes to “big news” and rumors from Tmo. Waiting it out to see what comes.

  • michael

    Ready for this……the family network my theories a web plan for families so everyone can have internet without allto pay 30 bucks each line. Gonna be a set family web price

  • tmoguy89


  • Luke

    Maybe the family network = HSPA+ portable hotspot.

    • 2FR35H

      Or it could just be a new slogan for their network. Why does everyone think a new slogan means new plans, services or products?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Last year I mentioned that T-Mobile emphasizing family plans is a sound business strategy. So “The Family Network” sounds great to me, especially if it means lower prices. Why is it a good way to go?

    — With each family plan that means at least two lines and more likely three to four. For your marketing dollars and sales efforts which would you rather have on each new account activation, one subscriber or four?

    Signing a family assures at least two subscribers. That’s far better than fighting with the competition to obtain subscribers one line at a time.

    — Start the teen (and even pre-teen nowadays) on T-Mobile, they will most likely stay on T-Mobile. (And I suspect that many college students continue with T-Mobile with dad or mom continuing to pay the bill.) So getting the 12-13-year-old ideally assures about 12 to 15 years revenue from each family member.

    With those kinds of numbers I’d rather focus my efforts on getting and keeping families rather than sign up people who will bolt from carrier to carrier because of the phone offered. (Witness all the “I’m switching” comments in here.)

    — In these hard economic times T-Mobile appears to offer the only ADVERTISED solution for the father who has to figure out how to give all his family phones, while keeping the total cost within the budget.

    And dad also has to worry about perceptions of his kids at school. Junior does know squat about the family’s finances, all he knows is that his friends have phones and he does not. And nowadays junior has to have a cool looking phone, not some Boost Mobile clamshell POS, albeit I have a TracFone prepaid as an emergency phone and I give phone number to people I don’t want having my T-Mobile number.

    — Also, “getting them while they are young,” so to speak, is a recognized business strategy. Ask the tobacco companies (recall Joe Camel). :)

    And why do you think McDonald’s and Burger King have kids giveaway toys with every kid menu purchase? To be nice? To give the kids a thrill? HELL NO! It’s to bring in the kids when dad is barreling down the Interstate in the mini van on the way to Disneyland.

    Moreover, McDonald’s knows that its food is about the same as eating hammered dog sheet. And assuming the obvious, that McDonald’s food is not the best stuff to be eating, why do you think we as adults still go in to slop it down (just had two burgers and a large fry last week, yum)? It’s because McDonald’s got us used to the food at an early age. Brought up on it we think it tastes good. (Studies have shown that adults who try McDonald’s food for the first time can’t stand it because to them it taste horrible).

    — Emphasis on families is also why, IMHO, T-Mobile financially does so well.

    — Making money in wireless is now all about the number of lines/subscribers who have data. Having the coolest and hottest phones has its benefits, but a family of four, all with data plans, that’s where the big bucks are at, IMHO for the next five years, at least.

    Bottom Line: IMHO T-Mobile emphasizing families and being known as the family plan carrier is a sound business strategy.

    Yeah, I know you don’t like the family oriented commercials, especially comparing them to the Verizon’s cool Droid ad campaign. But while the Droid commercial gets one subscriber to visit a Verizon store, the T-Mobile ad attracts the dad who will be paying for four lines.

    While the entire family watches TV, dad discreetly pencils out what four lines at T-Mobile will cost. He expresses an audible sigh when he realizes that four lines with T-Mobile, while giving his kids the cool phones they want, will be doable.

    Sidenote: I’d be curious how many T-Mobile subscribers are on family plans. It must be huge since T-Mobile keeps targeting that demographic.

    • Steve

      Very insightful post. I would certainly have to agree with many of your points. especially relating to bringing in customers when they are young and as they grow older, they should hopefully demand more products and services generating revenue for tmobile.

      Personally, I would love to see Tmobile add a shared family data plan into their product line. Smartphone data plans are very expensive! While there are many on this board who would disagree with that. But I have to look at it from my own perspective: 3 lines at $25 each would be an extra $75 a month ($900 a year) to have internet and email on my phones? No way! It’s just not worth it. Perhaps, a shared data plan would be Tmobile’s version of tiered data?

    • NiiDiddy


  • Jesus

    To those of you that say “front facing camera? What For?” i say to show off ! But seriously i want it for that , and Key Board (mtHD) vs. Keyboard (G2) Hmmm :O Well I Have Intil december to decide. A rep told me for latest news and info about T-mobile upcomming phones i should visit Tmonews REGULARLY! I Told her ive been doing that for a while now. :) Tmonews is the BEST, Even Tmo Employees Agree. Keep it up David and Other Admin.

  • Exec4Future

    the T in TMobile stands for Telekom

    • 2FR35H

      Wow thats a fun fact like how the end tip of a shoe lace is called an aglet.

      • sorandkairi

        disney channel…. phineas and ferb…… my son watches that show…. its very educational….

  • Steve

    the family network will be 8 line family plans…however the $5 add-a-line will no longer be available by then… still a deal with the addition of the 3000 minute plan….

  • Steve

    t-mobile will never set an unlimited web feature for families…it sucks but the web is so expensive it will never be realistic to say they’d have an unlimited family web feature for one set price…they will probably go to the tiered data features

  • mtnman

    The Upcoming MyTouchHD seems to be (from the sound of it) a dual-core processor phone with at least 1080p resolution capability. I also belive that it will be an Android device being that all MyTouch phones have been. I will have HTC’s OS overlaid on it as well.

    The G2 will be an Stock Vanilla Android HSPA phone and the MyTouchHD will be an HSPA+ phone. I also belive that the MTHD will have a 1.5Ghz dual-core Snapdragon processor, while the G2 will have a 1.2 dual-core. Both will have Froyo 2.2 on them. The G2 will be upgraded to Gingerbread (of course) since will have Vanilla Android on it.

    Now of course I could just be blowing smoke here, but it just seems logical to me. I also think that the MTHD will have a 4.3 inch screen, FFC, and Slide out keyboard. Tmo will have the FFC on the MTHD and spout how you can use it with out haveing to use it over wi-fi. That will pull a lot of customers away from the legandary iPhone.

    In unrelated news, the Cliq will get an Eclair update the same day Satan says “Boy is it getting cold down here, or is it just me”? lol

    • alex32

      its already confirmed that the g2 will be the first hspa+ phone, not hspa.
      Here what i think:

      g2: android 2.2 vanilla stock froyo, 800 mhz processor (either dual core or just a 800mhz..but im almost sure its just a 800mhz), 3.7 inch screen, 5 row keyboard, no ffc.

      mytouch hd: android expresso OS like the mytouch slide, 4 inch screen, no slideout keyboard, 1 ghz processor, ffc

      the only thing in common..that they are both htc and hspa+

  • beenattheTMOcompanymeeting

    the announcement is gonna be about both more than 5 members in a family AND lower cost data options for family networks

  • Ivan

    @ mtnman

    I woudlnt be so sure about that, because android phones have to have certain specs in order to get gingerbread. at least 1 Ghz Processor ( G2: 800 Mhz ) and other specs. that alone cancels out the G2 getting Gingerbread 3.0 but thats just what the internet says phones have to have for Gingerbread to be able to run on them. The MyToiuch HD on the other hand, just might be able to get Gingerbread if what the internet says is true hopefully bthe G2 WILL get Gingerbread or else the G’ phones will once again be left behind

  • darthbud

    Its going to be $0 to add a line,
    Family network indeed

  • whyhellomichael

    look for more family oriented features, including a “family insurance” plan that will be a big cost saver.

  • Randizzel