All Square with the Charm

T-Mobile had a big day on Twitter, teasing and announcing two new Android phones.  While most of us will enjoy the first tease, the second announcement should please some.  The elusive Motorola Charm has been officially tweeted, which I guess is as good as an announcement, with a launch date and a coming soon page.  You can pick this little guy up on August 25th for $75, which seems reasonable.  Now that we have that all squared away, you can spend the next week looking over the specs, features and even watch a hands on video.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Henry


    • Andrew

      It’s better than what AT&T have

      • Sapphire

        Another carrier in Canada has it too. For the price, it’s not that bad of a phone. Resizing the widgets is kind of cool and the physical keyboard is decent on it. If I was a tween I would ask my parents to buy it because it does most of what I would want as a tween and it’s cheap.

      • Jay

        I beg to differ At&t is starting to pack some serious Android devices They have the Aria,Sony Xperia and Dell Streak, Verizon just got the Droid X and Droid 2, While Tmobile will get the Charm WOW! Another crippled under powered Tmobile toy.

      • J-Hop2o6


        -AT&T- (plus the cripple their Android phones)
        HTC Aria = weak
        SE X10 = 1.6 and outdated SE skin
        Dell Streak = great for a PMP/tablet (plus 2.2 coming soon), but too big for a phone
        Backflip = wtf!??

        -Verizon- (I applaud them for their strong anDROID push)

        Droid 2, X = not the best lookers, odd Moto UI (aka Ninjablur)
        Droid 1 = not good lookin, horible keyboard
        HTC Droid Incredible = i like it
        LG Ally & SS Devour = nope

      • Otto

        This is so far from being a bad phone. Look at some of the early offerings on other networks that have simply disappeared. Devour, Behold, Ally. This phone comes with a modern Cortex A8 processor, a lot of ram, interesting form factor and ships with 2.1. There are much worse things for the price out there.

      • mpv

        I agree w/J-hop… despite the “embarrassment of riches” that Verizon has in the way of Android phones – when you really get down to it, the Incredible is the only one that I would REALLY like to own (…but not enough to switch to Verizon, of course).

      • TMOprophet

        Hey they have the Captivate SGS, despite being held back, its a good phone

      • Patrick

        like someone said earlier…it doesn’t make sense to buy mom, dad, and 2 kids 4 devices @ $200 each. Thats $800 just in PHONES. Moto confirmed(according to another blog site) this phone will be $75. Let’s say this phone is $100(which isnt bad price for this phone) Quite honestly…if you were a kid and had a choice between a phone w/o a touch screen, and one with a touch screen…..for the same price…which would you choose? Not to mention it has android on it….perfect for a 14 year old in high school. Heck…if I was 18 and had to buy my OWN phone with my 7.25/hr pay(minimum wage here in indiana), this might be the phone for me…lets check the specs….
        Android 2.1
        touch screen
        gorilla glass
        KODAK 3mp camera(which means it’ll be a dang good 3mp camera)
        track pad for navigation
        resizeable widgets
        3G and wifi
        voice navigation
        Full QWERTY
        600mhz processor

        Need I keep going on? So…..lets think……$75 for this? or $80 for a Samsung Highlight? If it’s $100…..$100 for this? Or $100 for a Gravity T?(granted the BB 9700 is also $100 so that might make it a tough decision…but you get what I’m sayin here). This phone WILL sell.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      All caps Henry, get a grip man.

      There’s 5 billion cell phone subscribers worldwide. Out of those about 85% are content to use feature phones.

      This phone appeals to the user moving from an el cheapo feature phone to a budget smartphone.

      Not everyone wants or needs a superphone and in fact they think people are nuts to pay $200 for one.

      And if you stood on a soapbox inside a T-Mobile store shouting to customers (in all caps style, of course) why the Charm is the worst Android phone ever, they would pass you by because they don’t know what the hell you are talking about. They would write you off as a kook who fried his brain with drugs.

      I suspect that this phone appeals to those on the family plan. What, you think dad orders up four lines and gives each family member a $200 superphone? HA… dad gets the Vibrant, mom the Slide, and the kids, well they get a Charm. Unless, of course, you think dads across the nation fork over $1200 to equip the entire family with phones. (4 superphones, activation fees, taxes included).

      • Jay

        I understand your point, where I’m coming from is Tmobile already has several Budget Smartphones, But still no workhorse.

      • Rilesman

        Dead on assessment…thanks for educating the masses.

      • Rifleman

        Translation: The Charm is for kids and not for mom or dad.

    • J. Edgar Hoover


    • mj

      tmonews has some of the absolute worst posters anywhere. you for example.

      • J. Edgar Hoover

        Or your face for example.

  • bob


  • shockaholick

    I think this phone is an awesome phone for a low end android device. It has a 600mhz processor and the back pad is really cool. Perfect for someone who wants an affordable, small android device. It’s going to have 2.1, so google maps will work with the navigation which is a huge plus. I def knock motorolla for their lack of updates, but I think this device will sell well.

    • Jay

      I agree with you that it’s a nice low end Android phone, But Tmobile isn’t lacking in the low end Android phone department, They already have a couple low Android phones, They need a workhorse like every other carrier has.
      Even At&t is getting in on the Android action.

      • pjs

        Has no one seen the Vibrant? Why does everyone say that T-Mobile doesn’t have a high end Smartphone??????

      • Vibrant is nice for T-mobile’s level of phones, but doesn’t compare with the Evo, Droid2, DroidX, etc. It’s a second tier device to me. Froyo might fix it though. Let’s all just face it tho. T-mobile can’t really afford to be cutting edge so all we can do is stay just behind the curve. The one time we did get the best of the best was the Nexus and we all saw how many complaints people had about having to pay full price for it or be limited to certain plans. We need to just get used to what we have and not look at what the other carriers have because we’re getting close to the point where there won’t be much they can add to phones anymore. Just speed bumps and and case designs. At that point we’ll be caught up.

      • swehes

        My Vibrant outperforms Nexus One that has a Froyo Build. I admit that I have tweaked it a little bit with the help of the XDA team, but to say it is not a powerhouse is a miss notion.

      • Patrick

        Vibrant compares to the EVO, Droid 2, AND Droid X? What do those phones have that the Vibrant doesnt again? Lets list them

        Froyo(which we all know is coming to the Vibrant anyway but as of now it doesn’t have it)
        FFC(Evo only)
        Camera Flash
        HDMI Out
        Keyboard on the Droid 2(but then again the EVO and Droid X dont have 1 either)

        That’s really IT…everything else is up to personal preference. Because lets list some comparisons of what they do BOTH have

        1ghz Processors – BUT…all blog sites agree that the Vibrant’s speed because of the Hummingbird processor demolishes any other Android device out right now

        Evo/Droid X 4.3″ screen – Again…everyone agrees even tho their BIGGER, they’ve got nothing on the Super AMOLED screen that the Vibrant has

        8mp camera on the Evo/Droid X – Yes…but compare pic quality on the Droid X/Evo and the SGS and I guarantee that the Vibrant’s pics will look better. MP’s don’t always equate to pic quality

        So….why is the Vibrant such a bad phone

    • Rifleman

      It’s T-Mobile’s low end android devices, among other things, that is causing customers to abandon a sinking ship.

      How about T-Mobile getting a real android phone with something more than a 3-megapixel camera from the dark ages?

  • WinkyDinkyDogg

    This would be nice for my mother

  • What I’m interested in seeing is how Windows Phone 7 does. If Microsoft can pull off copying the iphone well enough to become a player again then once again we at T-mobile get to say “We had the first devices.”

    • DjECast

      That seems to be part of the problem though… We get the first devices then everyone else gets the best devices. How is it that TMo drops the ball like they did with android. As the original providers of android phones one would think that they’d be able to be leader in cutting edge android devices.

      Also, about the Vibrant. While I do think that it is an impressive device, it is NOT an exclusive T-mobile phone. It is a Galaxy S phone just like the Captivate for AT&T. There are differences but they are subtle and they are definitely not features that set our phone apart from any of the other Galaxy S Phones. The Vibrant is not a phone that is going to drive customers to T-Mobile. Again, this is not a knock on the phone itself.

      All I’m saying is that T-mobile shouldn’t be just the inovator or introducer of a product. It needs to continue where it leaves off…

  • Jamm

    Tell me this phone doesn’t come with Android 1.5 like the rest of the TMO/MOTO phones LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    • J-Hop2o6

      2.1 w/ Motoblur (v2)

  • Yawn! This phone is not on my radar. I understand not everyone wants a smartphone and think that $200.00 is a lot to pay. I see your point Micheal not mike. The point you miss is balance. Magenta’s rep is cute phones for the tweens. Verizon the largest carrier does not have that rep. Why because they have the buy one get one free for the budget customer. Magenta has a sea of budget and cheap phones. They are lacking in the premium phone line. That is the point people who say there is whining on here miss. I know there are those who will never buy high end phones. There are plenty for you to chose from. When Magenta drops both of its flagship phones and the replacement is only one Galaxy S. to replace it. How should those that are patiently waiting feel? Just sayin…

  • Edward Mullens

    This has really become the wireless provider for low class people hasn’t it. All-caps emotional responses, etc. Did you ever stop and think that the phone selection is directly attributable to YOU. Your demographic is the reason why you get the phones you do.

  • tortionist

    AT&T is worse off than T-mobile. I went into their store and found nothing desirable. The Aria feels like a cheap plastic toy cellphone you give to toddlers. The i-Phone 4 doesn’t really seem any different than the 3GS. Their version of the Samsung Galaxy sucks compared to the Vibrant. Their 3G speeds are slower on some of their smartphones than edge on the MT Slide I had. My LG Sentio is better than most of what AT&T has. The MyTouch HD and the G2 will be better than anything AT&T has, as well as Sprint. Those 2 phones should even take care of what Verizon has. People just need to learn to be patient and wait for another month. I saw Verizon’s prices. I would go with a crappy phone any day than pay 70$ more a month for the same service.

  • mtnman

    I don’t know why people are knocking the phone selection Tmo has? After all Tmo came out with the Vibrant, will be coming out with the G2, and the MyTouchHD in a couple of months. They also have to appel to the Family as well. I know a lot of people want a phone that will do “Everything”, but you have to relalize that in this tight ecomomy, when familys are unemployed and the kids are screaming for a phone, and Mom and Dad have to buget, then this is a way to get them a cool phone and put food on the table, pay for the back to school cloths and more importantly, pay the morgage.

    How many here are on Family plans? How much do you pay for Rent, Food, Gas, Car pymt, Utilities? Are you the main bread winner in your family, does everyone have a job in your family, if they do, what kinda job is it, and does it pay a lot?

    For a lot of families today are on un-employment, or getting food stamps, welfare. There’s 14 million people out of work in America. Tmo knows this, and is doing the Family Plans marketing. Smart move on thier part. Better to keep the customers you have then to try to pick up a customer here and there. That’s money in Tmo’s pocket and not the compitition’s.

  • Eros

    If T-Mo thinks this phone is targeting the budget crowd, they should fire their entire marketing department. The total extra cost of a smartphone over 2 years is 30 x 24 = $720, meaning the difference between a high-end Android (200 + 720) and the Charm (75 + 720) is $125 over two years. Charm, meet the Kin. What a waste of effort.

    • pantlesspenguin

      I understand your comparison between the Charm & Kin being that they are (or, were) marketed toward the same group of people. However, I really think the Kin failed because it didn’t have an identifiable operating system. It was a mix of WinMo & Danger, & it just didn’t jive. Plus, they were released right after the whole Sidekick disaster & I think anything Danger-related left a sour taste in consumers’ mouths.

      The one big thing that reeks of fail about this phone…and correct me if I’m just not seeing it…no native calendar??? Come on, even kids need a calendar on their phone!!!

    • George

      That $75 price with contract means the parent can buy TWO of these for two children and still have money left over from the $200 price of one smartphone, much less paying $400 for two premium smartphones. It probably hasn’t occurred to many of you that some new family plan customers need to outfit the whole family with new hardware (those Verizon phones they now have just won’t do). The head of the family has to make some hard choices on how much money is going to be allocated to such a move. The $75 price point is an attractive “reach” for the parent whose head says to get the free phone for their kid, but whose heart wants to get them something a little more hip and full-featured. It isn’t a phone which appeals to me, but I can see some 15 year old who digs the ability to be tethered to her Facebook page 24/7 who would love to have this over some dumbphone with T9 texting, and a net price of $75 is something many parents could justify. Just gotta add the data plan to the family plan, though…

      For all of those here who are whining about the Charm–guess what? It wasn’t designed for you! Not everything in life is about you! There are people with needs different from yours! Stop viewing everything to do with phone selection through the prism of your own limited needs and acknowledge a company like Tmo needs to serve the general population, not just a bunch of superphone fanboys who have nothing but time to nitpick the hardware on the market.

      • Eros

        Yet again, the phone requires a full Android data package. Anyone who can afford that per line for a family in not someone who has to make hard choices with small money. However, remove data requirements on the phone and your point is completely valid. In fact, I would buy 3 for my family plan.

  • Steven

    All you idiots complaining about this phone need to chill out. Its called a choice. You have the choice to not buy this phone if you don’t like it. Others might think this phone is perfect for them and they will choose accordingly. Its not a big deal.

    • Scott

      No, it isn’t. T-Mobile doesn’t offer the choice of a good, future-friendly, leading-edge phone. Until they do, every phone they ship, no matter how lame, will be met with complaints.

      It’s just human nature.

      • Smylax

        G2? myTouch HD? Vibrant?

      • George

        No, it’s the nature of smug, self-satisfied nimrods who think their narrow world view is shared by all.

        This isn’t a phone which interests you. We get it. It is a damn shame the Chevy dealer can’t stock nothing but Corvetes, but he has to serve more than the limited needs of a small percentage of the customer base.

        In 30 days the company will be announcing the G2 (with 14.4 mbps capability on HSPA+) and its first (perhaps THE first) dual-core phone. Maybe you need to take a vacation until then. We certainly could use the break.

      • Patrick

        The only Android device with a keyboard that’s gotten reviews better than the Slide is the Droid 2. It’s funny that the only people who say the vibrant is a low-end device are current T-Mobile users. Do people forget that the 9700 is a high end device? no matter how old it is. Oh yea…the HD2(and don’t even mention the “no 6.5 support cause microsoft said they’ll support it for a few years at least). Tho they’re not “officialy” sold…they’ve been announced….the G2 and TouchHD. It doesn’t matter though….T-Mobile doesn’t have any high end devices lol….even though I just listed 4 with 2 more coming up….we don’t have any.

  • MichMan

    Can I haz Cliq upgrade?

  • rocketc

    You know, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Quit whining.

  • LSxChevelle

    Anyone notice that it comes with an extended battery and back door? So it did have battery issues…

  • tmonewsreader

    Jeez people it is just one of many phones coming out…..quit whining. If the selection is so bad then pay the ETF (if you have one) and switch to verizon or ATT. The bitching is getting so f*(&# old…..

  • WXman

    I TOLD YOU ALL THIS PHONE WOULD BE AWESOME! SO GET UP OFF IT’S NUTS! If I wasn’t switching carriers so I can actually have 3G, I’d buy 7 of these.

  • Mike

    Does this mean cliq and cliq xt owners can finally get that infamous 2.1 update we’ve been promised

  • Rifleman

    The Charm comes equipped with a 3-megapixel camera that’s to die for. That alone makes the Charm the phone to possess.

  • twbradio

    OK, I have owned a square screen WinMo phone and it was three shades of terrible. Many applications are expecting a rectangular screen, and the square screen will do nothing but cause a ton of scrolling. In addition to the odd form factor of the screen, there is also the small size of the screen which actually makes the Telus video hard to watch as the demonstrator screens so crammed that you can’t even tell if he has a wallpaper or not. There just isn’t room for anything on the screen. If the screen was not too much of an issue, the touchpad on the back looks large enough in comparison to the phone to get in the way an awful lot.

    I agree with the price point and that this phone will appeal to a younger set / feature phone users, but I really don’t want this device to set their opinion of Android. At the end of the day, the question for T-Mobile is Why? Why introduce another mid-range android device just because it stands out from the crowd. A blue marble stands out in a bowl of white marbles, but that isn’t innovation, it is just tacky. And just to prove that T-Mobile loves them some gimmick, they are now reportedly going to have the first submersible Android phone.

    The people want:
    Power – Ghz or better
    Memory – enough to install the entire market
    Screen that has an accurate touch surface
    Screen that has an amazing number of pixels (real, not interpreted)
    Screen that works indoors and outside with good color and clarity
    Camera that would make you feel like you could leave your DSLR at home
    No goofy interface between the user and the OS
    As few pre-installed programs as possible
    GPS that works
    Battery that lasts more than 10 seconds
    All in a package that doesn’t look like my HTC Blue Angel

    If you build it, they will come

  • twbradio

    Oh, and I shouldn’t have to say it … BUT WITH A CURRENT VERSION OF THE OS. Just saying (Cliq XT owner)

  • monicooo

    Wait, this is a touchscreen. Wow. I honestley think andriod phones are ugly. With the exception of the vibrant.