Motorola Charm Spotted On Display, Still Delayed

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Motorola Charm show up in a T-Mobile store in bringing all the glory a “dummy” phone can muster. This time however, we’re graced with a dummy phone AND a full on store display complete with pricing goodness. This also isn’t the first time we’ve been gifted with Motorola Charm pricing, but we definitely like further confirming the $269.99 no contract pricing. Unfortunately, there has been no update or official word on the reason for the August 25th release date delay, but since Motorola only said to expect the phone “this summer” August still counts right? Definitely can’t wait to see some live video action of MotoBlur going on…

Thanks Earl!


  • Patrick

    269 is for outright too…so that means that even for a PARTIAL upgrade you’re probably looking at like 199. which isn’t bad if you’re not due for a full upgrade. I wonder the EXACT specs of the device.

    • chaoscentral

      If I remember correctly it has an OMAP 3410 which by all accounts and purposes makes this the most powerful low-mid range android phone on the market. It’s a Cortex A8 core CPU which means it can officially run Flash 10.1 It doesn’t have the dedicated GPU like it’s older OMAP siblings like the Droid and Droid X, but it is leagues beyond those crappy Qualcomm MSM7xxx CPUs used in every low end device.

      This thing is gonna scream

  • john

    I think this will make a very solid, low cost android for someone not quite ready to take the high priced option. I personally love my vibrant, and will be getting another phone come november time, but variety in the stable is a great thing.

    • David

      The Vibrant SUCKS. The Media Hub is not working or accessible to TMobile customers at least. The Layar will NOT LOAD. We still don’t have a way to download the Road SMS App. In Landscape mode keyboard with the browser open, the letters would not even come out when I typed them. When I turned the phone right side up then they would appear. Turn them back to landscape and they disappear. A common Android problem maybe as I saw the same issue on an old MyTouch I tried to give a chance. Not to mention, the bezel on the front screen will begin to, if it already hasn’t loosened a tad bit. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE! Return your Vibrant as I returned mine. New handsets coming soon with MORE features, including the iPhone 4.

      • chaoscentral

        Sorry buddy but the Vibrant does NOT SUCK. The Media Hub doesn’t work, because Samsung hasn’t launched it yet, but of course you’d know that if you knew how to read. Secondly, I’ve used Road SMS, and you can easily download it from xda, it is nothing special. Layar works perfectly fine for me, so I don’t see where you are having an issue, is it updated to the latest version? And my bezel has not loosened a tad bit, maybe be a bit more careful with your phone, dropping it would be the only thing I could think of to cause that, and you know what I have dropped mine once so far, and I don’t use a case, still perfect.

        So stop bitching because you got a defective unit.

      • Patrick

        I don’t have ANY of those problems you’re mentioning. Maybe it was your device?

      • john

        Or, since he had the same issues with the mt3g, operator error.

      • Presto117

        my god… really? people like you make me sad to on the internet. Ever notice that when you load media hub it says “coming soon”? Well, obviously not. There’s obviously something wrong with your Vibrant because mine works like a dream. Seriously, it scares me that people like you might be giving “advice” to others.

  • Kevin

    That’s really sweet. My GF is getting completely sick of her curve 8520, this might just be the thing to get her into Android land.

  • NiiDiddy

    i’d love to play with this at the store…just to see its capabilities…thats all.

  • Rev. Otto

    The OMAP 3410 does have dedicated video acceleration.

    This phone if supported will have some real hidden value for the price. 802.11n, a nice chunk of ram and rom, and Gorilla Glass. Not bad for an entry level phone.

    • J. Edgar Hoover

      Exactly! Everyone is trying to compare it to other high end smart phones. This is an entry level phone. I’m glad someone else has common sense :)

  • WXman

    Motorola says we’ll see the phone in the Summer… means we’ll see it in the Fall. Maybe.

  • Patrick

    Here’s the thing. This sucker will appeal like CRAZY to the BB/WM NON-Touch Screen AND Palm users. One of the reasons I didn’t want the TP2 at first was because of the sheer size of the device(thickness) to achieve a physical keyboard. If a device like this would have been out when the TP2 came out…I probably would have went with this device. BB users get to keep their form factor in a thinner device, in ADDITION to a touch screen. Palm users get all the great benefits of the Treo Pro or Palm Pixi(for example) but with a capacitive screen that has Gorilla Glass(which is WAY more scratch resistant that standard glass). WM users get a keep the form factor, get a touch screen in addition, plus get to keep the “OS Customization” ability that WM gives users(no matter what ppl say…u can’t customize ANY OS like you can WM lol).

    The Android market is better than the RIM, Palm, or WM market, it’s a very sinple to use OS that has a browser faster than any of the three, it has the same seamless integration with FB/Twitter/Etc that BB’s have. It has the same seamless exchange integration that WM has(in general), and it has the multi-tasking abilities that Palm OS offers. You’re really getting a nice mix of everything in a device like this. And if I didn’t have my Vibrant….I would PROBABLY get this sucker. Heck….I might get it anyway just for S&G’s

  • I have to say that this phone isn’t half bad. I think I may need to hold one in my hands and play around with it and then make a decision on whether I should buy it or not (even if I did just buy a My Touch Slide).

    This phone would hold me down until Project Emerald is announced and then released.

  • Yup saw this @ T-Mo store when I was in Chicago. Would’ve taken a pic if I knew it was newsworthy :p

    And I had gone in the store specifically because I wanted to play around with the Vibrant, but no dice. They had a fake one that was playing a video, but not actually a phone. Frankly I’m not a Samsung fan so I wanted to get a feel for it. No intention of buying it though.

    Those pics of the “G1 Blaze” though… I can tell that’s what I’m gonna upgrade to if it comes to the states :D

    • Presto117

      Seeing as “G1” was the name used for the US version of the HTC Dream and the new one is called the “G1 Blaze” with T-Mobile branding, you can probably bet it’s coming to the states lol.

  • nain77

    since were all tech geeks, this might make a great device for an early smartphone adaptor, or something we can all walk into tmobile just to play with lol, actually kinna excited to see this when released, im interested in da form factor =]

  • Spinner

    I’m glad to see what it looks like, but it seems like every image of it is warped or not in hand. Its hard to get a grasp on its size. That would certainly be a factor to me if I were to buy it.

    • Tmo4theWin

      I played with a dummy phone today in the store. It was much smaller than i thought it was going to be. It felt great in my hand. I need to have the OS running to see how texting will be. I liked the texture on the back of the phone.

      • Spinner

        Thanks for the tips, photos make it look wide as heck!

  • Charles Xavier

    What will be first, an update for the Cliq or the release of this phone? What week of the NFL season will this phone come out in? Out by Thanksgiving? Likely not.

  • JFisch

    That’s not the pricing that I just saw in my NJ local TMO store. They have it for 309.98 and 114.98 wih 2 year. It’s listed as “Out of Stock’ Snapped a pic!

    • pjs

      Check the fine print, some retail store list the price (including accessories). My guess would be $269.99 for the phone, $39.99 for the car charger + home charger combo. And the same goes for the 2 year price at $114.98 ($69.99 phone + 29.99 for car charger + 14.99 screen protectors). Most retail stores are doing this accessory pricing now.

  • Red_slide

    DENIED !!

    • going_home

      APPROVED !


  • reptar978

    omg cant they just put this up for sale already!! lol i dont care about the battery issue cause im used to it(use to have a g1)

  • Funnyman

    they did a horrid job at printing that slider out. i’d knock some pts off during a walkthrough.

  • Patrick

    does that say a 2 megapixel camera? lol

  • Breal

    They had one up in my store in Enfield, CT…didn’t know it was anything special or I would have taken a picture, lol, just another crappy phone if you ask me