Motorola Charm Dummy Shows Up In The Wild, Still Delayed

There really isn’t a whole lot to see here, but some of us (myself) really just want to see what a phone looks like in hand. Thanks to one lucky twitter follower whose T-Mobile store received Motorola Charm dummies gifted it to the boys at AndroidCentral. Also with this came continued confirmation regarding the Charm being delayed by Motorola due to battery related issues. No date was given so we’re sticking with August 25th given recent information.



  • Scott

    It actually looks very good in the hand. Nice phone.

    • I’ll take your word for it, because an almost square device… :-)
      I don’t know, I didn’t find it appealing at all. I like the thin, long Nokia smartphone designs.

  • NiiDiddy

    not a bad piece of gadget. i’d like to play with it at the stores as soon as they get a live demo in. i dont want it…just want to play with it since its a different kind of android put together phone…

  • Scott

    reminds me of my BB CURVE but “chunkier” :) Finally getting my Vibrant next week in the mail so I can toss my CURVE to the curb.

    Again, nice phone from MOTO.

  • Barry

    This really intrigues me. I like it but not as my primary phone. If I had money like that it would be a nice spare.

  • MyNamesNotRick

    This actually looks like a great phone.

    I’m not much for all the bells and whistles.
    What is important to me is that I have a clean interface and aesthetically pleasing phone.

    Oddly enough, the more I look at this phone the more I feel that it fits the bill.
    I’ve always like the the BB phones but hated that it wasn’t touch and the interface itself.

    This phone looks to be the best of two worlds for me.

    • eYe

      You can forget about aesthetics with that thing. MotoBlur is the ugliest interface on earth. Otherwise… it’s different, that’s all I can say.

  • bustafone

    Love the form factor but the low resolution screen= show stopper.

    • Daniel

      its only because the screen is small, so on a 3.7″ screen, 480 by 800 is high, but on a smaller screen, 480 by 360 is high.

  • WXman

    Hmm.. the most powerful phone on TMO’s shelf, with the best specs of any phone they’ve got (except the Vibrant)… and priced at literally half what Vibrant costs. Sign me up. Heck, this is even cheaper than the Cliq XT and should blow it away.

    That is, if I don’t cancel and leave for another carrier because of this pathetic treatment we Cliq XT users have been getting. Being on Android 1.5 and the circa 1995 GPRS slow as hell network 90% of the places I go is getting old….very old.

    • FUXman

      BUH…BYE! Actually, your posts are getting old….very old, so just hurry up and leave already!

      • WXman

        Don’t worry..I’m working on it. Dumb@$$.

  • shawn1224

    That thing is fukin hideous. Motorola is slowly sliding back into the cesspool they just recently crawled out of.

  • Red_slide

    Wow such an ugly phone to me.. looks like a phone a little kid would want to buy on his first prepaid phone. . if the phone is more then 200 it definetly not worth it.. stickin to my slide! ha best phone ever.. besides the vibrant [in my opinion]

  • Kevin

    I’ve seen a Motorola Charm dummy at my Radio Shack in Dallas last week. I think they all got them around the same time.

  • BritBerry

    I think I am going to be getting this. I’m holding the dummy in my hand right now.. and I think its the perfect phone for my data line. My blackberry still being my main line.

  • justme

    Looks like a lil baby blackberry, just flatter. While I’m not jumping up and down over it, I can see the appeal.

  • pdxgarcon

    I hope TMO would look at the demise of Kin when it comes to pricing the data plan for this phone.

    • pjs

      Why price it differently? It is a full Android device with a 2.8 inch screen (only 0.3 smaller than the CLIQ XT). Hardware and OS are better than the XT. What would be the reason to price the monthly lower?

      • eYe

        And Cliq XT ‘s screen is already small, sooo……

  • going_home

    Screens too small.
    Needs a 4.3 screen !


  • derrickps3

    oh no sir, that is to bulk of a phone for me, wow……are they serious????

    looks like a cheap rip off of the blackberry models

  • Jason Bonham

    You know what I realized. Society has been dumbed down to the point that people are like stupid sheep. Whatever the prevailing trend is currently, everyone jumps on that definition of what “cool” is. A couple years ago, nobody could live without a form factor just like this, because our predominant usage as far as communication these days is messaging. And who wants to message on a full touch screen phone? Now that the current trend is full panel touch screens, the stupid sheep will tell you that a phone that is running Android 2.1 and can actually MESSAGE with a qwerty is somehow inferior to the average user to an Evo style phone that no normal person can even hold properly in one hand let alone use to message effectively. People are morons, the longer you’re alive and the more trends you see come and pass, the more you realize that simple fact.

    • john

      10 points to you sir

    • Shane

      10 points?
      He just maxed out his points.
      This thread was doing so well in the first part, and then the haters came out of nowhere.
      Damn it.

  • MichMan

    Do they all come with the rubber band?

  • Brodie

    This phone is kind of ugly. I wouldn’t get this as a gift for anyone, let alone pay alot of money for it. I guess I can stick with my slide until something good comes out…like maybe a new sidekick!…Project Emerald please reveal yourself!

  • Exec4Future

    i like the one-handed form factor but I despise everything made by Motorola. I will be passing on the Charm. and I think RIM might have something to say about the form factor

  • Exec4Future

    p.s. i am going to give u a little secret info: the Sidekicks are gone forever. T-mobile abandoned the sidekick in favor of the “mytouch” brand. I’m not saying u wont be seeing an android powered Sidekick-like device, but u wont be seeing anymore Sidekicks as we have come to know them.

    • David

      That’s not secret info…thats like, common knowledge.

  • Logan

    Not TOO bad… :)

  • david

    I saw the Charm at a Dallas Tx store off Webchapel. Next to Festa foods. It looks like a really solid phone. I think it will be a great phone for the yonger peps.

  • eric

    I held this today, its got an odd shape for me. It was hard to type on when i kinda mocked it up because it felt like i had to “reach” for the buttons all the way on the corners. The buttons are small and you gotta get all the way over there, and i don’t have big hands, i think that it will be odd for some people to hold and from when i had it in my hands and hearing what the other people in the store was saying the phone doesn’t sale people the first time they see it..

  • pdxgarcon

    This can be had for free, whereas the Vibrant would fetch $100 on Amazon. Both require the Android data plan. If it were me, I know which one to get.

  • Batman

    I have the charm, its a pretty awesome phone. there are only a few things that suck about it. the reception keeps cutting off. i try to send a message and it keeps telling me that it didnt send. i had the HTC HD2 before this on. I thought that one was the best phone i ever had! The charm is an ok phone. The screen doesnt have a very good look to it… U guys probably know all this already knowing that the phone came out 2 months ago!