Stop The Presses, iPhone Coming To T-Mobile In Q3?

Cult of Mac, certainly a trusty and prominent Mac related website is reporting that T-Mobile is in the “advanced stage” of talks with Apple to bring the iPhone to T-Mobile. This “highly placed source” pegs the chances of a T-Mobile iPhone at “80 percent likely that the iPhone will be coming to T-Mobile in Q3.” Those are some damn nice odds in the favor of T-Mobile. Of course this, like any iPhone rumor is to be taken only with the strictest grains of salt.

It’s likely that many of you may scoff at the idea of an iPhone T-Mobile iPhone, being a happy Android house right now. There is little doubt however, as to what it would do to for T-Mobile itself. AT&T has seen such success with the iPhone from a subscriber standpoint that T-Mobile would be foolish to pass up such a premiere device and a golden opportunity. The iPhone, love it or hate it is a golden goose right now and would be an immediate boost to T-Mobile and an opportunity to “steal” away unhappy AT&T customers by the truckload with lower prices and a solid network.

Obviously, technology favors T-Mobile as we’ve seen with the recent Wired report claiming that Apple gave up on a Verizon iPhone idea because they would have to rebuild the entire device. With T-Mobile and AT&T running the exact same technology (did anyone really need me to write that?) it would be a much smoother experience for Apple to put the iPhone in the hands of Magenta.

It’s impossible to say whether rumors like this have any actual truth behind them as iPhone rumors are a dime a dozen. Not to mention that anything regarding this matter is one of the most easy to claim and hardest to prove in the wireless game. Getting the scoop on Apple’s next move is like the golden ticket in the tech blog world and while we have complete faith in Cult of Mac and their confidence in their source, we can’t discount disinformation or simply bad information from playing a role here. That being said, we’re definitely all for this coming to fruition, if for no other reason than because of what it could do for T-Mobile and their future prospects.

Cult of Mac

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  • bfhmd68

    As much as I love Android. I have to say this would bring T-Mobile great Success.

    • HowdyDoody

      No thank you. Apple you may keep your iPhone. I rather have a dual core Android over and iPhone, why, cause they are more productive. You want to play games own an iPhone (movies, pictures and songs are better of on a Vibrant), for everything else just use an Android device. Its more effective nicer and easier.

      T Mobile would loose a lot of support from its Android base.

      • vincent

        What kind of stupid comment is that? Tmo would lose (btw) support from the android community? Are you joking? Or do you just pull facts out of your ass? Tmobile, until this quarter, has been lacking in the android department completely. But those who love android will stick to it. And if it was true to come, you can be sure that they would be ready and willing to stick more infrastructure around the country to back up the influx of new customers as well as re-up’s. Apple, I welcome you if you choose to come to tmo. As will millions of other subscribers, Android or not.

      • b

        Disagree, I am not a iphone lover by any means, android through and through, but an iphone would definitely give t-mobile another device that w ould bring in more customers we already have a tin of iphone on the network why not show some 3g love… my girls both use jail broke iphones I have no desires too but not gonna be a hater it could bolster t-mobiles financial position with more customers and send some churn to AT&T muhaha

      • 2FR35H

        No it wouldn’t impact the android fan base in any way by adding a non android device.

      • HowdyDoody

        @vincent… takes one to know one I guess. ROFL.

        With your narrow mind, you don’t what I’m stating. But oh well, wait and see. I will be among the first to go if it happen and many will probably follow, why? Cause T Mobile’s network will become useless with traffic from iPhone users.

        And if T Mobile gets a wrap for having a bad network (which iPhone users will state if they flood the network or if their devices don’t work, they will never blame Apple!) T Mobile will end up loosing more customer’s than it may gain, something like what ATT is about to go through in a few more months. ROFL, what do I know geez!

    • umaluver

      Dont hold your breath. Clicks are down and the proprietors of this site need some money.

      Its no coincidence that every time news is slow, there is a post about iphone gossip.

      • David

        That’s a totally baseless and idiotic statement, I don’t post for profit. Aside from that every respectable tech blog is running this story, guess clicks are down across the board huh? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

      • rickb928

        The past 24 hours has been pretty busy with announcements and news. Maybe if this was posted last Thursday, I might buy it, but the site is very active right now. Nice try, though.

        • David

          It wouldn’t have mattered what day, no post goes up for profit…I would have posted this at the same time as everyone else on every other day of the week and if you read our twitter, I was hesitant in the first place.

  • justin

    of course t-mobile will get the iphone once AT&T exclusivity ends. everyone like to talk about “oooo, it’s going to be verizon” or “ooo, it’s going to be t-mo” but really, why would Apple come out of this burdensome carrier exclusivity deal, only to lock themselves in again with only 2 carriers? when AT&T’s time is up, the iPhone will be on all networks, and since the T-Mo move seems to be easiest hardware wise, my money is on our favorite carrier getting it first! (er… um… 2nd)

  • jose

    o if this was this true id be soo happy. especially since they have to tweak it a lil for the new radio maybe theyd fix the current issues for the tmobile release. and maybe even make it an HSPA+ iphone. come on tmobile step up your game!

  • Josh

    Well there goes the neighborhood. Seriously, let AT&T keep the iphone and all its network hassles/customers. We’ll keep a clear network for less money and stick to android, yes? Please?

  • M. Grant

    Who really cares, iphoneys are crap. Android is the future of magenta.

  • jmts80

    There goes the network…

  • The only advantage would be customer gain. I know there are some att customer that want to keep the stupid iphone that would move to T-Mobile if we had it.

    • Customer gain would definitely be the primary motivation (read: more profit), but it would also help make a few other annoying inquiries go away.

  • Eastex

    Great Success! (Borat Voice)

  • Mark

    Hmmm, T-Mobile is testing a new HSPA+ phone right now right? Could they prove all the guesses wrong and have the first HSPA+ phone be the new iPhone? God I hope not, but it would definitely give them a huge edge on the competition if there are only 2 carriers to get the iPhone from, and one has a reputation for poor network, and has slower speeds.

    • En2Mente

      I think its the HTC Vanguard that’s rumored to be coming out in sept.

      • David

        I concur.

      • Hmmmm?

        I agree as well, from almost all sources I have seen it is most likely the HTC Vanguard. I kind of hope the iPhone doesn’t come to T-Mobile for a while, this would most likely be a serious strain on the T-Mobile network as it is on AT&T’s. I don’t even want to think of the possibility of the same issues on T-Mobile.

  • mikeeeee

    it’s business.

    as long as a UMA ANDROID surfaces, i could care less.

    apple is just trying to get ahead of the ANDROID onslaught.

    it’s going to be 2 years b/4 the upgrade cycles att’s way again and they have to keep on selling product.

    there are only a few iphones and hundreds of ANDROIDS.

    don’t forget blackberry is rolling out BB6 real soon too in a 9800 touchscreen model.

  • MyDixieWrecked

    Now if this were true I think it would be great for T-Mobile! Don’t get me wrong… I love Android, and don’t see myself leaving it for an iPhone, but for the rest of the world this would be a HUGE hit for T-Mobile. As it stand I think TMO has the best plans, and custumer service above the rest.

    I can see the craze now! People lining up at the doors just to get the iPhone on our beloved carrier. If all goes well, maybe we”ll no longer see the rumor of TMO going bye-bye in 2011. I say bring it Apple, and TMO. We’ll welcome the phone with open arms!

  • alex32

    the iphone 4 with its infamous antenna problems can stay on att for all i are.
    iphone= internet/data hog and tmobile to start having capping data plans because of this.
    i love apple products, but i seriously dont want this thing on tmobile. tmobile should concentrate on bringing high end android phones.

    • alex32

      oh, and i would die if this was project emerald………

    • dave

      You Know Not Everybody Likes Android! I Switched From Android to Blackberry! I personally would LOVE the iPhone on Tmobile! And Would Switch From My Bold to the iPhone4

      • alex32

        i switched from my G1 to a curve 8900. the curve 8900 is an amazing phone and very reliable..but doesnt match to android. I regret getting the switch(as i still have it) because android leaves blackberrys OS to the dust. i love the iphone 4, but after much thinking..itll hog up tmobiles data and the next thing you know we are on limited data capping because of this.

  • J

    Uhm new Iphone doesn’t support TMO 4G bandwidth (I checked wanting to buy unlocked and use on TMO) So needs to be a different phone (unlikely so close to recent phone launch)

    Steve Jobs gave a big hint when he said they have both AT+T and Verizon Towers on Apple Campus

    Wired article was factually correct but based on past. Now that a new chip has been designed for new phone no need to redesign phone as article stated. So a Verizon phone can be done easily if not already.

    • 2FR35H

      Verizon isn’t going to get the iPhone its just a dream of theirs.

  • Blake

    i wouldn’t get it if they were giving it away.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Oh if they were giving them away I’d get one. Then I’d sell it for $700 & my Vibrant & I would live happily ever after :).

  • En2Mente

    The iphone coming to t-mobile would be a good move for the company. I personally don’t care for the phone, but a good number of iphone users would switch to t-mobile to get away from at&t. Which might help t-mobile move up in the rankings.

  • JV

    I’m not even going to lie. If it comes on T-Mo, I’ll definitely get one. Just upgraded to the Vibrant and over-all pretty happy with it. But there is no denying ease of use with iOS and the apps are much better written, AT THIS POINT. I’m sure Android will get better, but right now, the apps could be better.

    I was using an iphone unlocked on T-Mo for a long time before finally going android. Mainly it was for the 3G speed. I switched to ATT and it lasted all but 4 days before I switched back.

    I wonder if it happened, how T-MO will handle the very unhappy people that just upgraded? Let’s not kid ourselves, the iphone will be huge and beneficial to T-MO.

    • Enectic

      Hmmmmmm, I don’t think they’d do anything. New and better phones are always coming out, things become “yesterday’s news” pretty quick now days. Besides, no one is FORCING anyone to buy a new phone.

    • ctk

      i also had been using an iphone on t-mobile for the last year and i also upgraded to a vibrant for the 3g speeds. and i still have my iphone. two actually, a 3g which i’ll use as a cheap gps and a 3gs that had the 4.0 firmware on it unjailbroken, so i have to wait a while before i use it on t-mo. i’m using the 3g for my prepaid t-mo account for now. i cannot see any reason how the iphone 4 hurts t-mobile in any way. they already have a dedicated iphone support section. its already in the lineup on its corporate siblings systems. it would only take one inexpensive change to get the iphone 4 compatible with t-mo’s 3g frequency. with verizon, there would need to be some sort of design change. and word has already gotten out about apple’s relationship with at&t. the iphone on t-mo would be a good thing. i may get one should it come out.

      for all teh naysayers and detractors and haters who think that the iphone 4 would destroy t-mo’s network, especially with its unlimited plan, consider the near million iphones on t-mo’s edge network and the network’s handling of two high data usage 3g phones. it hasn’t come down due to the vibrant and the hd2. i think it can handle the iphone.

  • awesome…there goes the unlimited data.

    • JV

      I think this would only be an issue for new customers as we would have grandfathered unlimited data. That’s what ATT did so I would expect the same from T-Mo.

      But, I do have concerns with the network getting bogged down because make no mistake, the iphone will be the biggest selling phone on Megenta period

    • The days of “unlimited data” are already numbered on all carriers, iPhone or no iPhone.

      • Macknifetx

        Yes, the unlimited data plans will soon go away. Luckily we would be grandfathered because if Tmo were to change our T&C, we have the option to terminate our contracts without ETF.

        Now, with that said, I love the Android OS and would not switch to an Iphone. I looked at it, and have played with them, but am not impressed. I just got the vibrant and would not give it up for an Apple product. It would be a big coup for Tmo if they were able to swing something like this, and would definitely bring in the customers. The biggest sticking point that could stop this is the deal they have with ATT.

        There is of course the data issue as well. We might use a lot of data with the Android devices, but the Iphone users could clog the network.

  • booyaka

    Be careful what you wish for. Right now we don’t have capped internet and we’re free to tether it if we want to. AT&T has had to cap their internet usage from users because of the iphone. There might be experiences of more dropped calls and different unsatisfying things if T-mobile builds a very large customer base. T-mobile is not too known for having the greatest and latest when it comes to their telecommunications, they’re always behind. If the rumors are true, I just hope they can handle the customer base that the iphone can bring.

  • ManoloDF

    My Dream Phone is the iPhone with UMA on T-Mo HSPA+ Bands. Oh man that would be very sweet, otherwise when the UMA Android phone comes out its going to be a very difficult choice.

  • tokinotabumblb

    I hate iphone, but it is nice to have a variety of phones. What I’m afraid of, is that T-Mobile may have the AT&T mentality of it being all about the iphone, and them neglecting Android phones. God, I hope not! Stay humble, Magenta! Remember you guys helped the Android revolution!

  • Josh E

    Ugh, here we go again…T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Cellular South, Cincinnati Bell, etc. etc. etc. geez let’s go ahead and just wait and report on it when and if it ever happens.

  • chris

    Finally!mailman can get a nice phone :P

    • Macknifetx

      Let’s find a way to hide this thread from him. That way he can leave Tmo for his EVO and we will not have to listen to him anymore.

  • Cybersedan

    This move makes sense for Apple, they are getting the short end of the stick of the AT&T exclusivity deal. I’m surprised they are not pushing the iPhone to anyone who will take it.

    I’d never buy it, but I’d be stupid to think it wouldn’t help T-Mobile as a company.

  • J1

    Wtf.. I think I might be on mac forums or something smh.. just when I changed my religion from unlocked iphonism to Androidism lol

    Albeit the locked down nature of ios stands in stark contrast compared to the openess of android.. I think this would be a good business move for magenta.. ilife is a cult like following.. people just love it for whatever reason..why shouldn’t magenta try to cash in on that cow?!..

    The down side ofcourse would be network congestion smh.. but with all the revunue generated from new cust’s as well as defectors from the dark side bka at&terrible.. magenta would have extra capitol to invest in hspa+ as well as lte..

    A tmo iphone at the least would be a double edged sword with both advantages and dis-advantages.. but I’m just happy to see good ol Magenta playing offense for a change.. with the prospects of a iphone” the leaked road map” hspa+ expansion, affordable plans and top notch cust service.. this is truly the best time ever to be a Tmobile customer.. so I say to mailgirl good riddance sucker!!!.. lol

    Bonus sidenote lol: maybe it was a pre-emptive move by magenta to leave the flash and ffc off the vibrant because they were betting on landing the ip4.. just mho is all.. hate it or appreciate it!!!.. ltr ppl

  • pimpstrong

    We’re gonna get the Current Gen of iPhone 4’s sold right now while AT&T and VZW gets the soon to be produced slightly redesigned without the flaws iPhone 4.1

    • MK

      Ummm….HUH? AT&T will have nothing different from the hardware that’s out there now for atleast a year. Have you been living in a cave for the last few summers?

  • zippy

    As a longtime jailbroken iphone 2g user on Magenta I can safely say that my new Vibrant kicks that phone around like 2 dollar whore.
    And it’s actually sexy enough that I don’t think I will switch for a long while. the Vibrant is cool.

  • Whether you like the iPhone or hate it (I’m not its biggest fan) one thing is for damn sure, if T-Mobile gets the iPhone that would launch us to 2nd place amongst the carriers (in my opinion).

    Everyone I talk to that has other carriers say that they want to come to T-Mobile because they love the customer service, but that the phones are not that great. With the Vibrant, MyTouch Slide, Project Emerald and supposed iPhone being offered on T-Mobile (along with the HSPA+ network coming out in more and more cities) I think T-Mobile is ready to really cause havoc on the other carriers in 2010 and in 2011.

    I am happy to hear this news because it will benefit T-Mobile and I’ve been a loyal customer (and hope to stay loyal even if reception sucks up here in Michigan where I got o school) since they were Voicestream.

  • gnd

    Look for a confirmation from T-Mobile tomorrow morning. That is when my Samsung Vibrant will be arriving via UPS. After looking around at AT&T for an Apple, looking other phones on T_Mobile,and waiting based on other false reports, I took the plunge and ordered an Android phone yesterday. Oh well. I have a feeling that I won’t even be thinking about getting an Apple 5 minutes after the box is open!

    • The Vibrant is an awesome phone. The display is is the best in the market. I even convinced a friend of mine who was getting the IPhone4 to get the Captivate. He loves andriod and the screen. FYI though AT&T is aweful when it comes to any accessories… or hell even a sign might be nice to see.. but they are all IPhone phanics there…They are like children who never grew up and wanted to be told what to do…

  • TonyJohns

    You naysayers are sick if you think this is not a good thing for T-Mobile. Like it or not the iphone WILL come to T-Mobile. Sooner or later. It may be in Q3 or after the AT&T exclusivity ends, but in the end it WILL come to T-Mobile.

    It’s funny how people say the iphone will be a data hog on T-Mobile’s network, yet want these high end super android phones on T-Mobile. Hello!! The super android phones are going to be data hogs too.

    No matter how you cut and slice it, any high spec’d data phone will be a data hog. No doubt there will be growing pains in the beginning, but I trust that T-Mobile will roll with the punches and upgrade their network to accommodate these upcoming beasts.

  • corematter

    iWhat? iDiots can you please stay away from our network?

  • John G.

    Lets not forget we have a new CEO people. Chief Regional Officer Europe, Philipp Humm, will take over in Feb 2011. He’s a pretty big Deutsche Telekom executive and former CEO of T-Mobile Deutschland. He turned the struggling T-Mobile Deutschland into Germany’s leading mobile operator in both subscribers as well as service revenues from 2005 to 2008.One of his most notable accomplishments was successfully launching the iPhone in Germany in 2007. If he did it once, I’m sure he could do it again. I am not an iPhone fan, but it would help catapult T-mobile USA ahead of the competition. I personally would keep my Vibrant vs getting an iPhone, but that’s just me. Maybe he’ll bring a some “real” device marketing to the table.

    • pantlesspenguin

      “Maybe he’ll bring a some “real” device marketing to the table.”

      THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS!!! I’ve ALWAYS said this is why the iPhone is so successful: Their marketing is brilliant. You can’t deny that. They make everyday people believe that no other phone can do what theirs does. Those few that pay attention know this is false, of course. But, back when it first came out it was truly innovational & really raised the bar for smartphones today. It’s amazing marketing is really why it’s so successful, though. T-Mo needs to realize that. I think w/ a decent marketing plan the Vibrant could’ve really done so much better when it launched.

  • Rayen321

    Again? Really? Do we even care anymore?

  • Dont believe it, Tmonews would have told us a long time ago, not 2 months before.

  • just some dude

    Goods and bad. good for tmo’s market share, bad for the fastest network.

  • Jay

    I don’t know how to feel about this. I wouldn’t buy one if it came to Magenta, but if it could help them increase their footprint, I am all for it. On the other hand, I’m afraid this could turn Magenta into a company that caps its data, raises its plan prices, puts Android in the back seat, and forgets about its loyal customers. I hope that if the iPhone does come our way, that our beloved Magenta stays true to its roots.

  • Jimx2

    Aren’t we already in Q3? so it’s coming soon if this is real? o.o

  • Huh?

    looking at the comments, I can only assume the negative comments are from wildly unreasonable iPhone haters, unless someone can concisely explain the logical connection for why:
    – the iPhone hogs more bandwidth than an Android based phone running an equivalent set of apps
    – in what way are the iPhone and Android (and BB, WebOS, etc.) mutually exclusive to each other on a single carrier?
    – how does having an iPhone cause a loss of support to the Android base?

  • Wow!

    You guys act like android is pro t-mobile, android loves verizon. T-mobile just has simple phones, we should embrace anything we get! Android is fine iphone is fine stop being a cheerleader for neither who could careless about our network

  • badaphooko01

    I don’t know how to feel about this.

    I love android especially with the my new vibrant, the phone is amazing I think its the sexiest of all the galaxy phones. I can’t see myself switching to an iphone due to the lack of screen size. The one thing the iphone has over Android is the app market and thats all. Maybe if iphone had a 4″ screen or larger I might consider. For now though I am very happy with the vibrant except for the fact i can’t find a silicone case for it anywhere.

    • jvu

      Just keep checking with the tmo stores. I got one and its actually. Really nice.

      • badaphooko01

        I live around 4 stores and they have all been out of stock for the last 3 days.

  • andrew

    i think it coming to tmobile because to has 4g speeeds and uses sim cards and apple doesn’t want to make cdma/sim version and it apple time is money to them

  • John

    Guess I could go either way on this one. I’ve used both operating systems and they both have their + & -. I think the biggest thing to watch for is what the Dev Team shows us in the coming weeks. The part of the article that leads me to think this is that 1700 has completely fallen off in all of the spec sheets for FCC, etc approval. I wonder if this was in the works because Apple knew that it would only be a matter of time before someone unlocked it and the flood of phones went straight for Tmo.

    Either way I say good for Tmo. The more subscribers they have the more money the earn and the more phones they can offer us. It’s all about bargaining power.

    Now who else is pissed they didn’t get their N1 in time!! Ebay here I come! Unless someone has one cheap????


  • rickb928

    Believe it when you see it.

    Worse, the new subs will hit the network, and you’ll be crying for bandwidth in a year. Ok, maybe 18 months. With success comes demand, and iPhone users will swarm our service reps. The complainers will be first, then the upgraders.

    This is, however, the ONLY thing that would get me to buy an iPhone. My lunch buddy will cry like a baby. He left TMO to get an iPhone.. . Waaaa!

  • remister

    Go away iPHONE, we don’t need you to be clogging down the GREAT TMOBILE network. SHOO SHOO!

    • Charles Xavier

      since Android phones handle data so much differenty… idiot

  • jdog

    People stop trying to give other people heart attacks with your Project Emerald is the new iPhone crap, if you could read or at least see you would know that Emerald is a HTC phone this website even provided the proof its on the top:

  • threetee14

    hmm… this got me thinking. Remember how Apple said that they will only provide free bumpers (to fix the reception issues) until September? Well, i’m guessing its because they’re refreshing the iPhone 4 with better antenna (possibly relocating the damn thing) and while they’re at “refreshing” it… add AWS 3G!

    Hence the rumored Fall release date for t-mo’s iPhone that falls in line with that refresh! Genius!

  • karlc

    the reason its not on the roadmap is because it is being negotiated, IF true!! and yes it would make me scratch my head as to what phone to buy. i am currrently in a holding pattern deciding on whether or not to purchase vibrant now or later. the price seems to be on the verge of dropping, especially if iphone comes plus the recent anouncement of an hspa+ phone in the coming weeks ( as posted on this site) should make the vibrant cost drop.
    aside from that, this is all great news for us. the second half of 2010 is looking to be a great time to be a TMO customer!!

  • Martin

    I have been using the iPhone on T-Mobile since the first generation came out in 07. I currently have a iPhone3G (lacking the 3G) on Tmobile and would love to upgrade to iPhone 4 and get some 3G love! I had upgraded some time back to a myTouch 3G and while Android and 3G was amazing, the phone was a piece of crap. I was very disappointed in Tmobile’s selection of phones. There has always been a catch or downer to every one of them. It seems things have been turning around with the latest slew of phones at least. I am not a fan of Apple at all and if the right Android phone on Tmo came out I would jump in a heartbeat. More power to Tmobile and the iPhone 4!

  • karlc

    david, no need to justify your article. i read it first at that “mac site” also. as this site states, its “unoffical” TMO news. you are just reporting what you heard to your loyal readers. its all good my friend!!

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    Well…from a reliable source….iPhone is going Verizon; done deal. Odd thing, it probably will be sim card based. T mobile has the cash, the pull, the money, WAY more than Sprint, and just as much cash (quite possibly with all of their entities) as verizon /vodofone combined….

  • Bigmanolo

    This would definily help t-mobile alot n probably wouldnt even have to merge with sprint. This would bring them more money n a whole bunch of new customers that r unhappy with at&t. And for those that arent iphone fans nobody is telling ya to buy it. Nobody is holding a gun to ur head saying buy the iphone smh. Ya need to stop hatin

  • Cassie

    Simply put, for a cell phone company it is best to have variety. GO T-MOBILE. DON’T LET IT BE A RUMOR BABY!!!

  • Homer

    You guys need to lay off David! He has created this site that all of us love to chat on! I have followed on here a while, and it seems that this place is the most real site out there. A lot of people post stupid rumors, but I know David looks into stuff and does research before posting! If y’all dont like it leave.

    Now for the iphone rumors! I have a nexus one, and i love it I have been with T-mobile since voicestream. My work has been with AT&T, verizon and sprint and I can honestly say that TMO has been the best to Me! The prices and customer service have been great. I had a major problem with my cliq, they went out of there way to help Me. Multiple follow ups and eventually getting me a new phone. The iphone coming to TMO is great news. We need a way to kick sprint and AT&T out of the way! We would gain so many more customers, and that’s what we need. More customers, more profit more expansion……… one more great phone in the lineup would be great. Who cares if you hate apple, androids better blah blah blah, diversity is a good thing!!!! Verizon is kicking our ass in the android game why arent you bitching about that? Would you all be freaking out like this if we got a webOS super phone? What about a windows 7 tablet? It aint android we dont want it…………y’all are idiots!!!! This all goes back to chevy vs ford days! Could you imagine if ford never made the mustang and stuck to F-series and the focus? How well would they do? They would of been bankrupt and out of business! You must have diversity and a good lineup and hopefully t-mobile is going that way. You gotta back your company if you want it to grow!!!!!!!!!!!

    • David

      Thanks Homer!!

    • NiiDiddy


    • phonegeek

      i agree 100% that would make the odds in favor for magenta i say get the iphone i been here since voicestream too gotta have variety

      • Bob

        And may I say that that T-Mobile already knows how the iphone will be on their network. They already have it running over in Europe in the various T-Mobile companies there. I also have been with them since the voicestream days and I know I will never buy an iphone but it sure won’t hurt to have it available.

  • Onemangang

    Could This Be the upcoming HSPA+ device???

  • abcd

    if the iphone comes to tmobile it will probably bog up the network and maybe tmobile might go away with unlimited data. it would bring tmobile more customers and money which they can use to expand the 3g and rollout lte and move tmobile up in the ranks. in the beginning it would slow down the network but expanding with the money they get, tmobile can turn into a very good carrier and possibly #2 just behind verizon. tmobile also has to get a better selection of phones and get an amazing android phone like the evo or droid x. come on tmobile and get better android phones

  • Pufferfish

    I want the Iphone but holding out as long as I can before I have to switch to AT&T, the antenna issue has also prevented me from making the switch. I was waiting for a possible fix for the September time frame before switching over to At&T, but I will wait and hope the rumor is true. I get great reception in my medical building in Boston while my co-workers get little or no reception with AT&T. So here’s to the Iphone and T-Mobile partnering up!!!

    • john

      What draws you to the iphone instead of the vibrant? I’m not trying to incite a riot or personal attacks, but side from a flash and ffc, what does it offer?

  • TMoLover

    It says “81 responses” but I only see maybe 10. Moderating comments?

    • David

      Not at all…I see more than that.

    • J-Hop2o6

      your on Page 2 of the comments

    • timmyjoe42

      Below the bottom comment, click “Previous”

  • 007

    This is a joke right?

    • Hopefully, if not, here I come Sprint

      • john

        Where they don’t have the iphone either, get a vibrant.

  • I can see this doing wonders for Tmo-USA. We definitly need more variety. I think it would for HTC to Give us better hardware for those of us who love Android. Anything that spurs innovation is good for me.

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    No mention of AT&T wireless <– note wireless….

    America, we still are small players in this game….

  • Dale Murphy

    I am not liking the sound of this. i see TMO raising plan rates and having tiered data if this happens.

    • phonegeek

      why would that even happen?

      • Dale Murphy

        more data and bandwith would be used which could cause a strain on Tmobile’s resources so there would need to be some way to restrict usage (tiering by price is a great way to do it?).

        also, with a bigger customer base, the opportunity for profit is greater…thus, for example, even a $5 rate increase across the board would be huge for their profit margin.

      • the truth

        Sorry to break it to you, but tiered data is probably going to happen no matter what, and probably before the end of the year. Wireless companys aim to get customers to buy data phones, one major thing holding people back from buying a smartphone is the price of data. Expect to see cheaper, capped data plans as well as more expensive unlimited plans to take advantage of the customer base that is willing to pay for full data. Also, look over the past year and a half and see what data prices have done, they have sky-rocketed. Don’t expect all this investment in HSPA+ and LTE to not come with more expensive prices.

  • tmoled

    How would this fit in with the proposed roadmap? It would demolish htc sales of the big three htc phones planned for q3 and q4. Apple can’t even fill their atts orders. I don’t think this is pissible until q1 of 2011.

  • socalfrank

    Wouldn’t it be nice if this was the HSPA+ phone and T-Mobile didn’t charge for the wireless tether? There would be so many defections from AT&T, the network could be strained.

  • APlayerfromtheHimalya

    Now I’m looking at this going…hmmm…let’s do a real reality check:

    for AT&T (the death star) was the market leader in america for a VERY long time, forming from a whole bunch of small companies to one big one. through major spends and acquisition, Verizon is now the largest customer. Apple has spurred an 15 million folks to iphone…that’s 15 million people, with a very small acquisition of 1 or 2 companies. Now If I look at this properly, Apple really has spurred a lot of growth in AT&T. If the track record is there, and you have a lot of people wanting some technology that is most user friendly. IF 1/3 of the business comes via a device being available on your friendly neighborhood network, and the network is positioning itself to be one of he fastest in the country, well why not. Source tells me apple’s antennae issues are not apple’s fault. In fact, I don’t think steve ever said “it’s our fault or anything to that affect”….

    bottom liine. if iPhone on tmobile, don’t tier our data plans T mobile. kill the competition will value…

    • HowdyDoody

      iPhone on T Mob is BAAADDD NEWWSS for current users.

      T Mob should use that to their advantage, specially when they have the fastest network in town.

      I know how bad saturation can be, work near a College that apparently has A LOT of T Mobile customers, cause during class hours 8am-4pm, network speed goes down to 500mbps. Any other time, I can sustain speeds of 4.4Mbps on a Vibrant. and 2.5mbps on a G1. and that’s with Android users who don’t hog the network like iPhone users with useless traffic.

      If that happened all over the place, Verizon or Sprint would actually become tempting.

      Oh well, live and learn!

      • WHAT!

        You have got to be kidding me that youre sitting there checking network speeds, GTFO of here.

        Tmobile needs to build a bigger customer base, it can only HELP the company.

        If tmobile gets the Iphone…i will buy it THE MINUTE it becomes available

      • HowdyDoody


        Rofl.. if you buy and iPhone, proves the kind of person you are.. and iDont care.

  • mockerfab4

    If this is true, this was would be the best news for me. I was ready to jump to AT&T at the end of this month for the white iPhone, BUT I’ll wait a little bit longer to see if these rumours come to fruition. Tmo, please don’t let me down. I’ve been a happy customer for over 5 years, and I want to be for many more, but you need to do better then alot of the phones you’re offering. I did Android and hated it. Garminfone? really! And I can’t wait on WP7 any longer. I need a replacement for my 1G soon and would really love to keep my business with you.

  • Jeff

    Tiered plan- what about an extra 10 bucks for HSPA+ like Sprint. Get the Vibrant and get grandfathered in with a decent phone for 2 years?

    • Wilma Flintstone

      You are awesome just because you put Mux Mool as your avatar.

  • RockTripod

    I will believe it when I see it. I hate Apple, but I’ll sell the shikaka outta that thing.

  • cornelius


  • NolaDude

    I bet we would only get the 3GS and not the iPhone4….but in reality, I say let AT&T keep the iPhone and let all the Apple iSheep clog up their network and leave ours alone :)

    • APlayerfromtheHimalya

      Iphone 4 is actually a good phone. built on the same principles as 3, but a better feeling phone. It feels like the first iPhone, just bigger. That 3g and 3gs just were too plasticky!

  • telcoman

    The upcoming HSPA+ phone is the HTC Vision. Yes, we are testing it as you read this.

  • My guess would be IF and thats a BIG BIG BIG IF, if the iPhone comes to T-Mobile it will be sold unlocked only like how the Nexus One was sold for AT&T’s network.

  • Bryce

    Maybe itll work on the HSPA+ network?

  • sikkboy

    We need more of the obligatory “iSheep” comments. There is not enough of them here on this page yet.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    God help us all… It’s a good move for business but it’s a piece of crap device. I’m definitely going to pass on that even if it had a ffc, Flash, ran android or symbian. I need something that is compatible with my PC and iPhone just causes too many complications in that area so it’s a no from me. You can have it guys. I’ll wait on Emerald.

    • NiiDiddy

      I see you like your jewelry and bling bling, Wilman :)…waiting for your Emerald! ;)

      • Wilma Flintstone

        HAAAA!!! Bring me dem Chaos Emeralds!!!

  • The Apple iPhone 4 has some great new features like facetime and a 720p HD video camera and the amazing retina display. Is it time for you to upgraded to an iPhone 4? See how the iPhone 4 compares to the iPhone 3GS…

    • APlayerfromtheHimalya

      LOL..and who do you work for…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      yeah The iPhone 3GS actually works… Sad really that you think those are new features.

    • 2FR35H

      If i am not mistaken blogswei is being sarcastic.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        yeah I realized that after I posted. I need a stupid slap. haaa!!!

  • SamsungGalaxyS

    TMobile doesn’t own bandwidth that is compatible with the iPhone’s 3G capability in the USA. In order for the iPhone to work properly on TMobiles network they would have to buy bandwidth on the supported frequencies from the FCC. I thought for some reason AT&T owned all the bandwidth on the iPhone 3G spectrum but I could be wrong. If tmobile does get to purchase this bandwidth from the FCC and get the iPhone that would mean that the iPhones and Android phone will be transmitting 3G data on separate frequencies. I think that would alleviate some of the problems with the network being bogged down.

    • David

      Are you really insinuating that the company has to buy spectrum?? Its switching the chipset, not buying frequency…

      • SamsungGalaxyS

        If you were referring to the other handset manufacturers I would agree with you. However, this is Apple. They only have one version of the iPhone. The iPhone that is used in the US, is the same one that is used in Europe and worldwide. If you goto the international Apple sites, you will see that the frequency specs are the same worldwide. The only deviation of the iPhone Apple has made, was for the China which didn’t include wifi. I think they made a special case for China since they have a population of a billion to tap into. You could be right about the chipset. These are all unknowns at the moment and I am not saying you are right or wrong. Just a thought.

      • tehandroid


        What the hell are you talking about? Basically you are saying that the iPhone won’t come to T-mobile because they can’t change the 3G bands? The whole point is that it would be easiest for Apple to switch out the gsm radio with the compatible one for T-mobile.

      • Ortiz

        This was from the cult of mac article.

        “One important point, to which I don’t have the answer, is whether the iPhone 4 is compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G network. Customers with unlocked iPhone 3GS are able to use T-Mobile’s Edge data network, but not the faster 3G, which operates on the 1700/2100 MHz bands. According to Apple’s specs, the iPhone 4 adds the 2100 band, but not the 1700 band, which has led some to conclude that it is incompatible with T-Mobile’s 3G network.”

        A hardware change is more of an expensive solution in terms of chip design and getting the product into high volume manufacturing. It wouldn’t make sense for Apple to manufacture one iPhone for the world and another just for T-Mobile USA customers. Most cell phone manufacturers will just make one chip that supports all these frequency bands.

        Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple did design the iphone 4 with the 1700/2100 MHz bands support but just did not announce it because of the exclusivity deal it has with AT&T. It might require a firmware upgrade to enable. AT&T was rushing to upgrade everyone this year. Maybe part of the deal with AT&T was not to announce this other frequency because that would hint that the iPhone could come to T-Mobile and AT&T would lose market share. Apple can be secretive like that.

  • mingkee

    Is today 1st of April?
    In short, no way, no how, no iphone for me after all.

  • derrickps3

    if that happens, then we should get the iphone 4 as well *evil smirk*

    and they might as well prepare for the funeral of at&t as well if this happens, LMFAO!

  • If it is coming to Tmo, it better the iPhone4 not the 3GS. I think I read somewhere that they ceased production on the 3GS. It would make more sense, since they can’t even keep up with iPhone4 demand. Still no white one either. And think about it, why would they come out with the last generation phone. That’s like coming out with the baddest LED LCD 480p HDTV, oh wait, Tmo already did that with the Vibrant. [No FFC, No flash, No HSPA+]. Just do it right this time, T-Mobile.

  • nerd lust

    I personally wouldn’t buy it, but this would be great for tmobile.

  • Jimbo

    Rumor is new ceo is pushing hard for better coverage and the iphone is high priority for him

    • Cybersedan

      This would be better news than any single phone… if Tmobile had better coverage the’d compete much better even without the iPhone.

  • NiiDiddy

    boys and girls…if this rumor becomes a true fact, it is good for t-mobile. we want to grow; we want to diversify. not all the phones t-mobile currently offers floats everyone’s boat; same goes with the iphone will not float everyone’s boat; it will not float by boat— HOWEVER it is great business!!! it’s a smart move on their part. and i am behind them 100%, just like y’all need to be. dammit, some people just cannot be satisfied, cant they?! you whine because we’re #4 in the USA; you whine because there’s no fcc; you whine just because…

    let’s all rally behind t-mobile, pray this rumor becomes a true fact and let’s rack in some customers, grow our network and speed, and hopefully see a #2 or even #1 sometime in the near future if this business proves successfuly. let’s do this darn thing, t-mobile!!!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I’m Popeye the Sailor MAAANNN!!!

  • cnote

    This is great news for T-mo giving us more and more variety but I like my vibrant and it’s better than the iphone, so I wouldn’t get one but maybe an iphone 5 in the future..

  • mikeeeee,18389,22260-_,00.html

    t-mo germany has it already.

    why not here?

    just let it have UMA.

  • mtnman

    I personally think that having the iPhone4 would be a good thing. It would definatlly increase the traffic to Tmo, and take some of the customers away from all the other major carriers. Plus it gives a lot of options as far as phones goes. You’ll have a lot more choice with either Android apps or Apple Store. Now as far as the roll out (if it were to happen) I don’t see it happening anytime this year. Perhaps some time in Q1/Q2 of next year due to the big push of the HTC line up of phones. I mean you don’t want to take away any potential sales of the big HSPA+ phones before announcing an iPhone relese.

  • 007

    I think we just got punk’d….

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I hope we just got punk’d. Haaa!!!

  • dwillistyle

    I really cannot believe this is going to happen, at least not in 2010. As a T-Mobile employee and customer I would love to see us grow (and this would certainly expand our customer base) but after reader the article on I’m just not convinced.

    Please, prove me wrong T-Mobile/Philipp Humm

    For my own personal phone I am more excited for the still rumored Project Emerald/Vanguard or whatever the hell you want to call it. Just please not something terrible like “Vibrant”…really Samsung…really?


    • 2FR35H

      Something terrible like the vibrant? how is the vibrant terrible?

  • dethduck

    Again? doesn’t this rumor pop up about every four months now?

  • Tj

    Yeah everybody thinks this is going to be a good thing… just wait til all the iphone lovers switch over and crowd our network. Drop in you internet speeds and everything else. I say don’t do it.

  • icwater

    would explain why the hd2 is free now, hehe

  • Joseph Singer

    Unless it supports HSPA+ I think it’s a no go.

  • mtnman

    Well Tmo’s network can either be bogged down with a lot of customers, or we can remain in 4th place and have all the bandwith you want. Your choice.

  • Presto117

    I really think all T-Mobile needs is a good marketing department. I just got my Vibrant today and I’ve been waiting and waiting to finally pick up a high end Android device, and man, this thing is nice! It could easily sell a couple hundred thousand or more in a week if T-Mobile could market something like Verizon or even Sprint. With the Vibrant, and the even higher end Android phones coming out, they could really boost themselves up if they marketed things correctly. Sure, the iPhone could market itself, but I’m just saying: Why not try making a few extra bucks on Android? ;)

  • Bill

    If this bears fruition, this is good news and I agree, T-Mobile needs to “grow up.”

  • Ecks

    Maybe apple told tmobile that if they can increase coverage they’d deal, that’d why the push for the increase of cities supporting hspa….

  • cosmo10292

    if this is true t-mobile MUST start working on there networks right now! they have a solid network right now but so did at&t b4 the iphone came out. if tmo doesnt start doing some huge upgrading right now its gonna b the at&t network problem all over again… but with better customer service lmao!

  • TMOprophet

    no iphones here

  • Anthony in Utah

    Aren’t we already in Q3? HAHA or when is the Quarter 3 start and end? Do they mean maybe this year or Q3 of NEXT year? I’d love to get my hands on an actual T-Mobile iPhone 4 ! ! ! ! ! ! Whether you love or hate the iPhone, this would do so much for T-Mobile…. many customers would jump to our network…. cheaper prices and better customer service. That is why I stay with T-Mobile…. I’ve never had better service elsewhere.

  • If you have not pulled the trigger on a smart phone and you are a former voice stream customer like myself. This is the best time to wait on your first major upgrade. If the ip4 does come it will force T-mobile to push the improvements to the network.
    I saw an article somewhere for a next gen network to use satellite/LTE. I’m waiting on the reveal of project emerald to come out. I feel then the best options for TMO will be ready for comparison and the effective choice can be made.

  • TMOprophet

    hey guys just want to introduce my self. I am TMOprophet and i come to you with a prophecy….. iphone is old newssss yoooooo….Windows phone 7 is the new king in town……… Windows phone 7 for the win….also david Awsome job bro… just remember Windows phone 7 ftw bro.

  • TMOprophet

    say yoooo who into some swipe to the left…swipe to the right…now tap to select…..its all about the start screen yo….get windows phone 7 guys and quence your thirst. get you phone on….TMOprophet ps3/ i mean windows phone 7

  • TMOprophet

    wp7=your new phone
    TMOprophet=real TMOprophet not fake one………..hi guys…..
    I LOVE YOU DAVID….get a wp7 review going here bro.

  • tmoled

    q3 is over in a little over 2 months. If we the deal is 80% sure to happen at all at this point, how do they expect to release the phone in 2 months? I love the look of the new iphone, played with it over the weekend alongside a vibrant, and although the vibrant wins over iphone is some departments, the iphone looked way more expensive, they did a fantastic job with the case this time around, it looks great, very elegant and expensive looking. I would love for this rumor to be true, but I’m only 20% convinced.

    • davidohio

      yes it looks elegant and expensive but this is all just looks. In my opinion android hp yay better. It is what is on the inside that counts.

      • Mockerfab4

        Played with several of my friends iPhone 4’s. The color, the weight, the battery life. Want this even more now!!! Hope the rumours are true for Tmo. Otherwise, I’m heading to ATT. Don’t like Android. Blackberry doesn’t quite do it anymore. WP7 won’t be released until christmas. And I seriously need to upgrade this 1G iphone QUICK!

  • ennTOXX

    This sounds more like a marketing ploy to keep people from jumping to Verizon’s new Android handsets since the myTouch Slide’s launch wasn’t everything Tmo had anticipated.
    So rather than have people leave and go with the gold that is on the other carriers, this might help buy time until Tmo releases future handsets later this year.
    Many Tmo users are eager for the froyo updates and seeing as other carriers heavier tech devices seem to be getting the updates first, Tmo should be worried about losing they’re rep as the Android carrier of choice.
    IMO, 2 months of a secret release of an iPhone makes no sense from a business stand point, cause how else would you keep people from jumping ship while a secret launch is in the works?

  • Maybe Apple can’t make enough iPhones is because now they have to make them for TMo too for a Sept 2010 launch. BTW this is when they usually release their new iPod line-up. Maybe Jobs will say at the end of his speech, “Wait, there’s one more thing……” Just hoping. Also, Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros made this same prediction, along with a million others, back in June. He said his supply sources were saying fall of 2010.

  • Peter

    And the world is going to end world is going to end tomorrow.
    Folks, I like the iphone but I love android. If this happens this year,
    I will buy one and give away. I doubt that will happen.

  • mailman13877

    Smfh..I asked before if you had to choose between the Evo,Droid iphone n vibrant on TMO you’d most likely skip the vibrator an people said those phones are not like the vibrator..Now some news bout getting an iphone an all of a sudden a bunch of iphone fans come out??sounds fishy an SETTLING as far as chossing that vibrator lol..didn’t they say that TMOs 3G network couldn’t handle the iphone 4 as of now?guess it would be hspa+ but wait…TMO is guaranteed to NOT get the iphone in Q3 no matter what that source says.Q3 is almost over even if they acquired it.I guarantee it wouldn’t come to TMO atleast until next summer when they assume they’ll be done setting up hspa+..smh..hurry up already Sprint I want my Evooooo.ftw

    • pantlesspenguin

      Reading comprehension, you’re doing it very wrong. iPhone fans? Where? Concentrate & read the comments again. Most are talking about what having the iPhone on T-Mo’s network would mean for the company & its current customers. I’ve hardly seen ANY comments from people saying they’d actually get the iPhone on T-Mo if this comes to fruition.


      • Osama Bin iPHone

        I’d def get the iphone 4. Matter of fact i already have the 3GS that i use with the network. Tmo has tons of iphone users. this would be major to those who want it[iPhone4] but don’t want the hassle of jail breaking and unlocking the device, and don’t have the resources to buy a factory unlocked version, which can run up to $1,300.00.

    • john

      Go to radio shack, the one here has 10 white evo’s. Then don’t come back to tmonews again.

    • john

      Also let us know how that whole screen leakage thing treats you

    • christc

      Uhh…you’re not very good at math are you??? If a quarter is 3 months and we’re almost finished with the FIRST month, how do you figure that Q3 is almost over??? It’s not even 1/3 over yet since July isn’t even over. Q3 runs July 1 through September 30th.

  • remixfa

    lol. id take the vibrant over the iphone4 any day. infact i did. its not even a contest. apple sux.

    the only thing about having the iphone on tmobile is the surge in sales related to it. a year or 2 of it could be enough to pull tmobile to 3rd place behind ATT.. IF the iphone on tmobile is HSPA+ enabled, so that people on ATT rebuy the thing on tmobile.

    • Ricknexus

      Come on man, you can’t be serious. That was a joke right? The Vibrant over the iphone 4? I just returned my vibrant and am sticking with the nexus. The Vibrant is nothing special at all.

      • YJ

        Finally someone else who returned the vibrant and kept their nexus. The store Rep looked at me crazy

  • SEFan

    Are we doing this again?? This must be the longest courtship ever.

    I do have to admit that a T-Mo iPhone would make my life easier. I have an iPod Touch already, so am familiar with the OS. I use a Mac, have all my music in iTunes, so an iPhone would make it a lot easier to move stuff between devices. Not to say I couldn’t do it on an Android phone, but I’d have to figure out HOW. With an iPhone I already know how. ‘Course with an iPhone I’ll have to relearn how to hold a phone… Sorry, couldn’t resist…

    • j

      you do realize itunes play on the vibrant, blackberries and other phones now. Apple is way over priced and not worth the money

      • Osama Bin iPHone

        actually itunes only plays songs you had mp3 files of on your puter, on your forementioned compatible devices. iTunes won’t sync songs you purchased on the said devices, Blackberry..etc. I believe it has something to do with the file encoding or DRM[f*#k DRM]. and yeah, apple devices are way overpriced; yet here i am holding an iphnone 3GS it’s all a matter of preference. if the device suits your lifestyle then clearly you’ll choose the device that does so.

  • ctk

    i really don’t know if i would get an ip4. i already have an itouch 2g, an ip3g and an ip3gs (ironically bought the same day i bought the vibrant). my reason for owning an iphone is now out the window- it was so i could listen to streaming audio in my car. the vibrant can handle that now. i’m planning on using the 3g as a cheap gps, the 3gs (as soon as a jailbreak for phones on the 4.0 firmware that weren’t jailbroken previously) for voice calls on my prepaid account. the itouch i may sell.

    the only thing that would draw me back is the apps i’ve invested in already.

  • rooster

    No thanks! I love the Android and the VIBRANT!

  • Hmm

    Haha, if Tmo gets the iphone then it would no longer be in 4th place. We all are saying how great android is yet why do people still buy the iphone? Folks on this site are the minority at this time in terms of android. Yes android is gaining, yet think about how that is being done. Multiple phones with android on multiple carriers and the iphone got to it’s position with one carrier and one phone with its os. Now if it goes to 2 carriers, and especially Tmo, you may see a jump to possible lower price plans thus an increase for Tmo. Whether android is better than apple os is not relevant, it’s been the marketing.

  • Terrell

    I’ll stick to my perfectly fine Vibrant. Yes that would drive sales up for T-Mobile and I like the carrier so I wouldn’t shrug my shoulders at that. There is still no way I would ever purchase an iPhone. Been with Android since the beginning and plan to stay there.

  • rstar

    i will believe it when i see it.

    • analog spirit

      I’m with you on this one; I’ll believe it when I hear El Jobso announce it himself, and/or I see it finally show up in T-Mobile stores, whichever happens first.

  • Barry

    IPhone good for business, not for me though. Also don’t want a bogged down network. But we shall see what happens. I was thinking this can’t happen because it would screw up with the launches in the next couple months but there is definitely room for both especially if marketed right. Cause there are die hard android fans (like myself) that don’t even consider iPhone worthy of being a paperweight then there are die hard iPhone users that consider it a godsend (blah) Verizon has proved this with their last two high-end launches. Most would probably be at&t escapees anyway.

  • kast107

    While I despise what Apple stands for, I can definitely see this happening. From a business perspective, many families and/or non-computer saavy people will definitely switch to a Tmo iPhone. It’s interface is, after all, user friendly. The customer base on Tmo has been predominantly the non-geeks, no offense to anyone, which would make the iphone perfect for those who choose to follow the Apple pack.

    This news also explains why ATT let users upgrade if they were within 6 months of their Contracts ending. This will force people to stay with a sub-par (IMO) network, rather than switching to the much more reliable Tmo network. Few people will still jump ship and come to Tmo, but now Apple can collect those ETFs.

    Notice how this news also came out just after the 30 day cancellation/return time period was up for those early adopters?

    Maybe I’m just a conspiracy theorist, but it makes sense to me.

  • TroyAG1

    If the iPhone came to T-Mobile it would be the downfall of the iPhone People on T-mo expect great customer service, Apple is the King of DouchBag service and just being on T-Mobile would give the iPhone less ‘cred’. That being said there are still people on T-Mo who wanted the iPhone 4-5 years ago when it was better than everything else who will still buy one, heck you may not even need a Band-aid for it on T-Mo bands.

  • SwizzleStix

    a> Rumor, always rumors
    b> If not a rumor (doubt it), then GREAT for T-mobile! Great for Apple! yay!
    c> How many of you a-hole haters will end up owning one????? (Yeah, say NO now, we got our eye on you dicks)
    d> I don’t want one. Ever. Because when I hate on the iPhone, its NOT out of jealousy (see item C) But really, do bring it to Tmobile please. They need the boost.

    • c> How many of you a-hole haters will end up owning one????? (Yeah, say NO now, we got our eye on you dicks)

      lmfao… Exactly what my thoughts were.

      I will admit, I am as big of an android fan since its arrival.. I even came up with a slogan for the G1.. “If you aint got a G1 you need one” lol which after that all my friends got one. But we all arent stupid and would def give iphone a try on our beloved tmobile.. Be serious ya’ll.

  • J

    My first Android experience has been with the GarminFone and it has been really good. In fact I am super impressed. It does many things really well and between the Garmin UI and Google’s OS it is really cool. The iPhone is neat buuutttt….Will I move over, not sure… JMO..!

  • Mike Lowery

    I’ve seen many reports that Dell’s new phone: The Dell Streak will be released on AT&T and unlocked on their website for T-Mobile customers. Any info on that? Tweet me if you any one does @Jaehood2010

  • swehes

    It would be nice for T-mobile. And for some iPhone loving people. Me Myself and I will however never own a product Apple releases. Android is the future. It would just be a step better if it would actually come unlocked and rooted for the user.

    • Osama Bin iPHone

      the fututre? i wouldn’t go that far. It’s OK. My other line holders both use android OS phones, and i have the iPhone 3GS unlocked. It’s a simpler interface, and more reliable.

  • cybah

    ehhh I don’t think I’ll be jumping on the iPhone bandwagon if it were to come to T-Mobile. At least right now. I like my TP2 and really liking the looks of the Vibrant. And I’m excited to see what Windows Mobile 7 has to offer over the iPhone. Upgrades from 5 to 6, and then 6 to 6.5 were great and vastly improved the experience. 7 should be a winner. Too had Microsoft Desktop OS’s couldn’t be this show stopping. (*laugh*)

    I’m just not a fan of Apple or the iPhone. It appears that it restricts people too much in what they can do. I like freedom of choice of what I can do, not what Apple says I can do with their phone. With Windows mobile I can put any application I want on it via ActiveSync. (or any ROM for that matter) The iPhone, Apple needs to “approve” the app before it gets listed in the store. (many developers have had their apps rejected based on adult content, bad programming, etc etc). I also feel like if I went with the iPhone, I’m locked to Apple forever. I don’t like chains thankyouverymuch. I may be in a small percentage of users who are “power users” like this, but I like options, not to be limited.

    I also think making the hardware leap from AT&T to T-Mobile will not be a hard one. Both run on GSM networks. People have already ‘jail broken’ their 3Gx models to work on T-Mobile, so we know the hardware can support the frequency spectrum. So in a straight point of view, it seems like the leap is not a far jump and may just be a software upgrade for present devices.

    However, I will say that my roommate works at Apple (in a store) and he says Apple does releases once a year, so a Q3 release is unlikely other than an official announcement for a release in June 2011. (June is when Apple releases products). That would give Apple almost an entire year to re-engineer the iPhone to fully take advantage of T-Mobile’s network.

    But I’ll believe all this hype when I see the words come out of Mr Jobs’ mouth.

  • chicago081

    Hello, hello, hello, trying to get a call out on this iphone 4. Maybe if I hold it upside down….

  • chicago081

    By the way, I heard on the Kim Kommando computer show that T Mobile will be getting the iphone.

  • Still a rumor?
    Can T-mo get it before Verizon?

  • remixfa


    sooo wait.. u look at me crosseyed because id choose the vibrant over the iphone4? yet you went back to a nexus? U do realize thats basically the same thing right? LOL

    What is it you didnt like about the vibrant? The samsung overlays? Quick and easy root and flash and they dissapear.
    Its got a bigger screen, better screen, better battery life by far, a dedicated GPU, more powerful CPU, way more storage space built in (16 gig built in), 32g mem card support on top of that, wireless N out of the box, beats every android phone in any test its given, so on and so forth.

    Yea, the nexus 1 is an exellent phone… the vibrant/galaxyS is better though. last years best vs this years best.

    • Homer

      I got the vibrant, did not like it at all…….yes the screen was bigger. (side by side of the nexus one it doesn’t look that much bigger!) It’s snappy I’ll give it that, it has more built in memory I’ll give it another, But it feels cheap! It feels really plasticy like the mytouch slide. And YES the touchwiz is horrible, I traded it for a nexus one. Don’t get me wrong, I am a phone whore I always get the next best thing I bought the vibrant to be honest the vibrant is not…….it’s great that t-mobile put out something, they needed to. It is great to see magenta put out more powerful stuff. I did not like the hd2 I took it back, bought the mytouch slide decent phone great keyboard feels cheap and plasticy, Bought the vibrant, cool screen not my cup of tea. Nexus is everything I had hoped it to be and then some! You guys can have fun with your vibrant, while I have fun with my nexus enjoying free EA games, froyo with flash 10.1 all the goodies that come along with it and will be playing with gingerbread before anyone else. Hummingbird chip is better, has more memory, has better screen, doesn’t matter if you can’t put it into a great package and back it up. I trust samsung as much as I trust Michael Jackson watching my kids! (too soon?) samsung is gonna have to prove themselves to a lot of people. Everyone should not have to rely on xda developers to get a good phone……..

      • Homer

        And I know this is on the iPhone section but just had to throw my two scents in!

      • joel

        Two … scents? *sniffs* Ewwwwwwww ….

      • tortionist

        My touch slide plasticy? What are you smoking? crack? The my Touch Slide does not feel plasticy. It feels solid and metallic, not plasticy. I wanted the HTC Desire, but that one really feels too light and plasticy. Get your crap straight. The my Touch Slide feels less plasticy than pretty much everything out there and i’ve messed with pretty much all of them.

    • adam

      REMIXFA it can be powerful device but with t-mobile the update take longer then apple updating there phones.Good choice at nexus because by time t-mobile update there phone verizon and google own nexus one will be at 3.0 os. Meanwhile t-mobile try to update there current phone with 2.2 os and try to get a new phone for ppl to buy to have 3.0 pre installed . I Call that a scam if u going to get new phone for new os if u cant update them like verizon and sprint can and did with there lineup last year..

      • adam

        I want to say is t-mobile can keep up with the update they shouldnt buy so many phone. Just buy 2 or 3 per year. Like they wont exclude phone like samsung behold 2 only got one update it took them 7 month from nov09 to june 2010. Same with cliq and cliq qt hasnt yet got an update. They only got mytouch slide was to get rid of customer who had those phone. Like are u serious t-mobile google phone were ment to get update not do an iphone on us tell us to get a new phone for an updates, that probably main reason ppl got this phone. Even then the iphone got the update. And, verizon has update all there 2 phone that came out in nov 6 droid and droid eris to 2.1 os. Before getting the new phone again like there htc incredible (apr 25,2010),droid x(july 15).

      • john

        @ adam…

        Did notice whining about the cliq, it will get 2.1 once moto fixes the battery bugs, don’t whine about 2.2 either, the nexus is the only phone with it.

    • Swyper Always Swyping

      Could not have said it any better myself. I still wouldn’t get a IP4 though, I love my Vibrant too much.

  • adam

    well said homer i gave my cliq and g1 to my sis and brother. To get htc incredible i dont regret moving from t-mobile. They have horrible google phone is just not enough for me love my droid incredible verizon getting android 2.2 os on there phone like htc incredible and droid x in at end of july or early august. Cant wait for froyo. T-mobile good phone bad promotion and delay the update to long sowwy no love for t-mobile

  • adam

    I wanted to say is t-mobile cant keep up with its update they shouldnt buy so many phone. Just buy 2 or 3 per year. Like they wont exclude phone like samsung behold 2 only got one update it took them 7 month from nov09 to june 2010. Same with cliq and cliq qt hasnt yet got an update. They only got mytouch slide was to get rid of customer who had those phone. Like are u serious t-mobile google phone were ment to get update not do an iphone on us tell us to get a new phone for an updates, that probably main reason ppl got this phone. Even then the iphone got the update. And, verizon has update all there 2 phone that came out in nov 6 droid and droid eris to 2.1 os. Before getting the new phone again like there htc incredible (apr 25,2010),droid x(july 15).

    • homer

      That’s why I am hoping that Google’s predictions come true. There hoping with gingerbread fragmentation will be history. They hoping to be like IOS where there’s an update once a year. That would eliminate so many different new phones running different OS’s. I hope there right cause that’s one of the benefits of apple software its there’s and they handle all the updates. I say let Google build it and let Google update it. If you want to put something on it. Put it in the marketplace. I got my FRF85B build today that’s two updates in in three days.

  • I suggest that nobody read this comment. It may be wrong, and it may kill your dog.

    T-mobile and AT&T have the same cellular technology, at the heart of it, it’s called a WCDMA(UMTS) network. WCDMA is the air interface, the protocol the phone uses to talk with a tower, and UMTS is the internal network structure. They both have HSDPA/HSUPA, and in my experience they’re both generally reliable and fast.

    A phenomenon called the breathing/shrinking cell phenomenon happens on all cdma-based networks (This include Sprint and Verizon’s CDMA2000 networks, and all the WCDMA-based UMTS networks in the world).

    The essence of the issue is the more mobile phones on a single tower, the more they interfere with each other (interference is one of the critical factors in determining coverage in a cdma-based system).

    The reason they interfere is because they all use the same radio frequency simultaneously using something called a code (This is the “C” in CDMA) to differentiate between them, but the more phones, the harder it is to differentiate. To compensate for the interference, the tower tells each phone to transmit with more power. If your phone is already at max power, once the other phones closer to the tower turn up their power, your call will drop.

    Likewise, if too many towers are too close to each other, there will be too much interference and even though your signal is very strong, you will not be able to sign onto the network or make a call. This is called Pilot Pollution. The pilot is one of the channels on a WCDMA air interface which a mobile phone uses to determine the scrambling code used on other channels. What matters more than what it actually does is that it’s required for a phone to sign onto the network.

    Anyway, because of this shrinking cell phenomenon, and because of the thing called Pilot Pollution one of the critical factors in setting up a WCDMA-based UMTS network is how many simultaneous subscribers you will have in a cell. If you expect 20 customers maximum and plan for your cell to have a certain radius and deploy your network like that, and it turns out that you have 50 people on, the shrinking cell phenomenon is going to cause holes in your 3G coverage, depending on the load of the cell.

    If you compensate by deploying many more cells in congested areas, you run the risk of servicing no customers at all because the towers will all interfere with each other. Therefore it’s a delicate balance to set up a WCDMA network. When ATT had a large influx of new customers that likely went beyond expected+pad capacity, it would definitely cause frustrations among customers who experience coverage holes depending on the time of day.

    ATT has the luxury of being able to deploy additional WCDMA towers on a frequency different than their strained network to add additional coverage in high traffic areas without causing additional interference by putting more towers on the same frequency.

    T-mobile does not have that luxury, so instead they are upgrading their technology from HSPA to HSPA+ which in of itself will allow more simultaneous customers to be served on a single cell.

    LTE, which was once called HSOPA (sound familiar?) totally gets rid of cdma. HSOPA is a new air interface for UMTS that is incompatible with WCDMA.

    The O in HSOPA stands for OFDMA. OFDMA splits up a certain frequency range into many small blocks called subcarriers. A mobile phone may be a number of these subcarriers at once. Because a band can be split up into small subcarriers, you can have many subcarriers, or just a few and this is what makes LTE more flexible with spectrum that WCDMA, which commonly is only used in 5MHz blocks. A fixed 5MHz block is used in WCDMA to make things cheaper and more portable – uses less battery.

    So LTE is flexible towards smaller and larger frequency allocations. Also, LTE does not experience the shrinking cell phenomenon because each user has a frequency that is not being used by anyone else. It is designed quite a bit more like wifi than any other 3G technology. LTE also improves the number of customers you can have on a single cell, and has significantly less latency than HSPA+.

    If you read it all, I hope you learned something, and I hope I am not too wrong with any particular part. Don’t take my word for it, but you’ll find a lot of wrong things out there. Anyone can say “ATT sucks”. Few want to know how exactly a WCDMA(UMTS) network becomes overloaded, how it’s planned, and why these things happen.

  • tmoled

    Samsung galaxy s spanks iphone(minus the case, iphone’s is years ahead of plastic Samsung case. Both their screens are super impressive, so they tie. The camera on Samsung is amazing! Keep your 8mp on droid x and evo, camera on Samsung blows everyone out of the water! Galaxy s better overall than anything out right now in U.S. Samsung Vibrant…is not galaxy s and it falls short. All the nexus one nutthuggers, give me a break! Your love for n1 is subjective, vibrant walks all over n1. N1 is no longer relevant, definitely not bthe king of the road, there is nothing special about n1. If anything it stinks of apple the way they went about selling n1. Couldn’t even play with one in person, before you buy it, talk about blind devotion. I know this is gonna offend n1 owners, but u guys trash everything else for no reason so don’t get mad.

    • jack

      Got a samsung dildo up your ass much?

      • tmoled


  • going_home

    What worries me about this rumor is this.
    If this is true, is TMO going to turn its back on Android and the real superphones ? :(
    AT&T is at the bottom when it comes to Android superphones.
    I hope that doesnt happen because I am not an Apple fan at all.
    I mean if you gave me an Iphone 4 I wouldnt refuse it,
    but I wouldnt use it either, I’d just sell it.
    Android is by far the best OS and I’m sticking with it.
    I really like my Nexus and I would buy one if HTC would come out with an N2 !


  • remixfa

    1) i wouldnt worry about Tmobile “turning its back” on android superphones. Android started on Tmobile and Tmobile has the largest Android selection.

    2) to “adam”. Tmobile doesnt make updates for phones. The manufacturers do. Tmobile might make sure that the update is solid before it allows a deploy but it doesnt code them. SAMSUNG killed the updates on the behold2 and MOTOROLA is taking it sweet time with the Cliq updates. NOT Tmobile. I dont know what language ur speaking but its not completely english. OI. High profile devices like the Droid and Nexus get updates fast because they are VANILLA android phones. Untouched google software. The more customized it is, the longer it takes to update. Companies always do their biggest sellers first then roll down the line. Thats why the Droid, Nexus, Incredible, ect will always get updates first before other phones like the Cliq. The GalaxyS series is extremely high profile and will be upgraded quickly or samsung will face a very large backlash from consumers… who are already weary of samsung’s history.

    3) I thought about the little GalaxyS – Nexus debate we all seem to be having. Were basically arguing between a ferrari and a lamborghini. One is slightly faster one is slightly more “luxorious”. But does anyone really lose?

    I am all for the “vanilla” phones from now on, with manufacturers putting their skins on the market for sale. MotoBlur could never do that because its not just a skin like Sence or Touchwiz, but it would free up more phones than not to a stock skin so they update faster. Then you’d just have to chose between stock and fast updates or the greatly increased functionality of MotoBlur and slow updates.
    Concidering there are already skin apps on the market its not even a far stretch.

  • remixfa

    oh, sorry, but forgot something.

    its not “depending” on the mod community, its loving the mod community. Stock android is great. Many of the enhancements are great. But none of those compare to what a ROM modder does to the phone. Much of what google is enhancing Android with in 2.2 and 3.0 was developed through the mod community and is already in place. Apps2SD? Its new to android 2.2, but its been a mainstay of the bulk of the mod communities ROMS since the original G1.

    If your not modding thats fine.. but you are also missing a wealth of new programs and abilities.

  • going_home

    I was told by a TMO rep on tuesday in a company store that its not Samsung’s fault.
    That its TMO that not pushing the updates thru.
    Loud and clear TMO, stop the holding up of Android updates !


    • David

      There is almost zero chance that rep actually knows this in any possible way.

  • Tophat

    I hope this pans out… All the products Apple manufactures are made to be user friendly they do what they say they will do and you don’t have to tweek the hell out of then They just work smooth and flawlessly…. Been with T-mobil 10 years and will be first in line to get one……………………….

    • Mockerfab4

      5+ year customer and was planning to get the ip4 end of this month and switch over to ATT, but then this rumor put that off. I will be first in line as well. I will actually CAMP out for this phone. I would never freakin’ do that, but I really want this phone. I’ve been waiting patiently for Apple to release this phone elsewhere and stood by Tmo hoping they’d release something better, but they keep releasing Android phones and I already made that mistake once. So please let this rumour be true!!

  • remixfa


    as a rep at tmobile and working for other companies, it was SAMSUNG that killed the update. THEY decide how far to update. All the carrier does is verify that the update is safe. They cant force samsung to update to 2.1 or anyone else for that matter.

  • Bobert

    Happy Nexus user on TMO.
    If the IPhone were available on all carriers it would be an android bloodbath of epic proportions.
    GOOGLE should be thankful IPhone isn’t carrier wide.

  • Stormy

    They cam keep it.. If T-Mobile would actually advertise something worth advertising they wouldn’t have to stoop to that level. Take for instance the Vibrant. Hands down has beat the iPhone in all performance areas. but none of us will ever see a Vibrant commercial. Samsung released a Galaxy S commercial with AT&T’s logo on it. Who had it first? T-Mobile. how many people went in to buy the phone launch day? Not enough.. at my store there was no merchandise out, the demo phone was in the back room, the displays were still in box’s. T-mobile needs to get off its HIGH HORSE when it comes to their FLAGSHIP My Touch Devices and start taking some initiative and promoting what will sell, Not what they hope will sell. Why Did the Motorola DROID do so well. It was on TV like every commercial break!! I have seen ZERO ads for the Slide in the last 2 weeks. And ZERO ads for the Vibrant. It isn’t even first on the website. The My Touch Slide is. Old news. and was build behind what was already out. my opinion on the whole slide project #FAIL! With the first HSPA+ plus phone coming soon I sure hope T-Mobile thinks about putting some advertising bucks behind it. I have sold them 3 Vibrant’s with minimal effort in 1 week. make some effort. the customers will come but the majority of them are brainwashed by the media. And we aren’t in the media to contribute

    • dr.alliw

      agreed! even in HTC HD2, they didn’t make good promotion . i think tmo needs to realize about good promotion. how to sell their products. but i think, selling your products on tv(advertise) cost a lot of money, so i think that what’s tmo is thinking! why they spends a million dollar for 30sec. or less commercial, if they don’t even sure that people will buy them. so that means, even tmo itself, don’t believe in their own product! ’nuff said

  • dr.alliw

    i hear rumors everywhere that by the end of the year, TMO is going to release its first HSPA+ device, so im thinking this could an iphone? since i’ve been hearing that iphone is going to tmo, there a chance that iphone is really going to tmo by the year ends. and if so, what iphone version is going to tmo? the fact that iphone 4 is just came out recently with ATT, and im suree tmo dont want to go back to 3gs, as they plan to make an iphone as their first HSPA+ device( if this true). if iphone4 is really going to tmo, they need to straighten out the signal issue, cos i dont think its the carrier, its something to do with the design. but oh well, i would def love to hold an iphone with the big T on it. so TMO, make it happen pls! and to current tmo users that don’t like iphone going to tmo, stop crying children,y’all dont have to get an iphone if you dont want to, but im pretty sure, most tmo customers, are thrilled to see iphone to tmo. the only reason of me getting an iphone is that because, att sux! that is all. ’nuff said.. and oh one more thing, if ever iphone is going to tmo, they need stick to their data plan pricing, dont be like stupid att data plan. you know what im talking about.


  • droid king

    Check it out people this is all i have to say. my neighbor works at tmobile in belvue wa, and she said right after the uk gets it we will have it. but do i want it no. ill keep my galaxy

  • Rifleman

    Is there actually any living soul on the fact of the earth that honestly thinks T-Mobile is going to be seeing the iPhone anytime soon?

    Verizon will be the next provider to see this phone. Right now the question is how much longer will T-Mobile still be in business?

  • Irmaluna90

    when it will come out?

  • Daf