T-Mobile Officially Begins Teasing HSPA+ Phone

T-Mobile has begun its “official” if we can use that term loosely promotion of an upcoming mystery device that will run on its HSPA+ service. Now a bevy of devices are already available that can access this network, but none of which take full advantage of the promoted speeds. Going back to the first week of July, an unnamed T-Mobile spokesperson speaking to LightReading discussed that an HSPA+ handset would be forthcoming in September. Inside yesterdays T-Mobile press release regarding a number of HSPA+ city launches, was a single line regarding this future handset and was the first “official” word we’ve heard of its existence. And later this summer, T-Mobile will unveil its first HSPA+-capable smartphone. More details will be available in the coming weeks.”

Come this afternoon, @TMobile_USA via Twitter states the above seen image, also alluding to a forthcoming device. So what do we think it is? The previously leaked roadmap highlights a September T-Mobile launch of the HTC Vanguard, aka the HTC Vision which we believe is a semi-follow up to the G1. Our sources peg this upcoming device as codename “Blaze” and we suspect thats an internal codename for the upcoming September launch.Would we go so far as to call this a G1 successor? Not so much, but its worth nothing that sources have pegged it as such. Of course all this is speculation and while we’re confident we’ll know in the coming weeks just what exactly is coming, in the meantime, its fun to guess!

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  • cant wait until they start showing another puzzle!!!!! fasten up, here come the rumors and leaked information..:)

  • T-mobile’s doing some steamrollin’. Don’t stop at HSPA+. Or else. Also, don’t foul up your data plans like ATT/Sprint/Verizon are. That’s the most important.

    • Sam121

      i hope they still do the HSPA+ 41, before they decide to go over to LTE

    • Bigs12

      I think they should have 2 tiers of data, some ppl dont use the unlim data but have to pay for it… phone first $10 Smartphone start at $15 for 1g and 30 for unlim

      • mark

        I prefer unlimited data for 5.99 on my grandfathered tzones plan and getting HSDPA+ plus speeds on my n900

  • looks like i might have to wait until later this year for one of the other suprises. i not that high on qwerty boards, however excited none the less.
    Admit it people, this is our version of the national enquirer!!!! and we dig it!

  • Paul

    So the new Samsung Vibrant is not HSPA+ capable?

    • jmts80


      • fhantom

        I would have took the phone back if I were you.

    • Josef

      No, the vibrant can definitely run HSPA+, as can most T-Mobile smartphones. It’s just not specifically “made for it.” In other words, this new phone would be optimized to use HSPA+ to its max capacity…

      • Serotheo

        Josef no it can not run HSPA+, it merely benefits from HSPA+ giving it improved 3G speeds, but not 4G speeds. HSPA+ is up to21mbps, 3G Benefiting from HSPA+ is up to 7.2mbps.

      • Meamo

        Josef, the speedtest results from a HSPA+ device and a HSPA one side-by-side is staggering. The other day I noticed a 1-4Mbps difference. That’s pretty large.

        If no one can wait, just pick up the Nokia N900 … it’s sick.

      • Hawarr

        I think 4G has not been fully defined yet. Serotheo you are saying the same think as Josef in different words. Benefits from HSPA+ = HSPA+ Enabled but is less than HSPA+ capable. At least in my book.

    • J-Hop2o6

      its maxes out @ 7.2/HSPA.. not 21/HSPA+

      • jdog

        It’s not 4G in the first place, Sprint 4G is only capable of 3 to 5mbps. Its better.

    • Reece

      It will benefit from the added speeds of HSPA+ as any 3G phone, but it won’t reach the full potential of HSPA+

  • jose

    hmmm this lines up with the supposed release of the tmobile iphone. could you imagine if we had an iphone better then the iphone at&t has. o wait never mind i just woke up.

    • Vinny

      That wouldn’t be very hard to accomplish. Stevie Jobs knows that AT&T’s network is so bogged down, customer’s are just about disgusted and had enough with it. If T-Mobile was an option, especially with their new HSPA+ network. the I-Phone would be a big seller. Maybe that is the new HSPA+ phone coming to T-Mobile. I hope not, I am no I-Phone fan, would much rather see the Nexus two role out. I am a very big Nexus One fan.

      • WHAT!

        Jose i can only dream, I would crap my pants if steve jobs made that announcement…..and i HATE apple…but i have to admit the Iphone is something else

  • jmts80

    I am saving my pennies fro the HTC Vision/Vanguard hopefully my Cliq XT and patience last until September!

  • This could very well be the Nokia N8 which works on AT&T and TMO. I believe it supports HSPA+ as well…

  • jc

    That would be funny if this article and the one after it are related. HSPA+ iPhone at the end of the year? Snap!

    Cue Tmobile killing unlimited 3G and going to tiered service in 3… 2…

    • WHAT!

      what makes you say that? Tmobile is going the exact OPPOSITE way that ATT is going…we are NOT ATT.

      We actually care about our customers.

      • timmyjoe42

        If the iPhone brings the same network usage that AT+T is seeing to T-Mobile…oh my. All T-Mobile would have to do is be a couple bucks cheaper on their tiered plans and they still look like the good guys.

  • rwc

    I’ll skip following these type of annoucements from the “official” t-mobile twitter page, because I think we all know that you will likely read about it here, before it shows up there, and even then, we’ll have more details here.

  • Really?

    My bet is that it’s a new winmo 6.5 phone

    • Shawn

      ya I have a feeling the hspa+ phone will be a windows phone, not android.

      • pimpstrong

        Trust it will not be a WP7 phone. They know Android would be the smartest way to push “4G”

      • BronxBebe

        HTC Vanguard is suppose to be the Windows Mobile 7 Phone

      • BronxBebe

        No wait read here all these damn names but these phones Vanguard, Emerald, Mondrian aka HTC Windows Mobile 7 are coming to Tmobile in the fall. We know the Vision is coming too.

    • NiiDiddy

      i am thinking the same thing..

    • Ninja

      Nope. It is definitely an android phone.

    • Reece

      chance are it’ll be android,
      Even if it’s a MS fone, NOBODY is plotting on making anymore WinMo 6.x anymore, all manufactures who did Windows before is getting on WinPhone7

  • Luis

    i think it will be the iphone 4 ?

  • Blah

    I have family in the t-mobile business, and they are high up in the t-mobile business, they own 180 + stores in the United States, and my uncle had told me that a ‘g2’ will be coming soon, and that I shouldn’t update my phone any time soon.
    Could this be the ‘g2’ ?

    • Blah

      Oops, I didn’t mean update, I meant ‘upgrade’.

  • pimpstrong

    HEADS UP PEOPLE IN Kansas City! TMO has NOT turned on HSPA+ as they claimed! The HSPA+ Live map shows KC LIVE but the regular ugly A33 purple map doesn’t show it. Called TMO up and asked why my tests show no change and come to find out that their system is Just showing Q3 and they told me that it will be active before September.

    Hopefully it’ll just sneak up on us this week and not “in the coming months”


      Then why is my VIB showing hspa in the status screen ???

      • pimpstrong


      • darocker22

        it may show hspa, but it won’t show hspa+. HSPA has be here in kc for awhile now. HSPA+ is active in kc, although not every single 3g tower in the kc metro has been converted over HSPA+

      • pimpstrong

        So where the hell is it active so i can try it out??

    • Ninja

      “Launching” a city doesn’t mean every 3G site has HSPA+. You only need a certain percentage activated. They continue to activate more sites after the official launch.

    • HD2/Vibrant USER

      Ok I fired up the hd2 and there is a H in the status bar. I was saying that on the vib when you go into settings and then status my phone had the hspa under the network tab.

      • pimpstrong

        Gotcha thx. Mine still shows UTMS in east kc MO

  • Hmmmm?

    I don’t think it is either a Nokia, iPhone or a WinMo phone. The leaked road map, if correct already states it is an HTC phone, and it is most likely an Android phone since one of the HTC phones coming out in Nov. indicated on the same road map is supposed to be a WinMo 7 phone.

  • StuckInTexas

    I am about 15mi NE of Austin and the last 2 days I got 3.5/0.6 and 4.2/0.5 Mbps. This is on a Vibrant and when I was only showing 0-1 bars.

    • sasolin

      I’m getting the same speeds on my Vibrant. But the tests vary greatly, from really slow (~400/70kbps) to speeds upwards of 4.5/0.9Mbps. All this while I am showing 0-1 bars. Consequently, my web performance varies greatly, sometimes speedy, sometimes unbearably slow. It’s driving me nuts.

  • Alex

    Interesting…if its stock android, then it will be a purchase for me…

  • Jay

    Thinking about returning my Vibrant in favor of this….


    Hopefully being on the full speed of the HSPA+ network won’t kill the phone’s battery life like in 30 mins lol.

  • sucks for the people samsung vibrant

    • J1


      1) because of your grammatical error

      2) the purported specs and release date of the vanguard/vision have been floating around for how long now?!

      3) idk if you live under a rock but the vibrant is a big hit with many satisfied customers

      I don’t think you were trying to bash nor am I bashing you.. its just people buy phones that meet their respective needs.. I personally am holding out for the “emerald”, as tempting as the vibrant and vision are…lol

  • jdog

    @David Androidguys.com said in their last Thursday podcast that their source called it the G1 Blaze this sounds like what you have been hearing. Also can you please point out for these people in the T-mobile leaked roadmap where it say HTC then the name Emerald underneath.

  • Marc

    So now, I have to wait again. WTH, I’ve been waiting for a new pone for three years now. Just when I was about to make the switch to sprint for the EVO, I have to wait again. WTH

    • Testament

      I know you’re pain. September (November for emerald) is a long way when you have phone you wanna upgrade.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Guys, this will be an ongoing “problem.” By the time the Emerald or whatever else comes out, there will already be rumors of new & better phones coming down the pike! That’s just like what we’re seeing w/ the Vibrant & all the phones in T-Mo’s future. I went ahead & picked up the Vibrant because it sounds like exactly what I needed & so far it hasn’t disappointed @ all. If this phone can be updated to run flash & full java chat rooms (my friends from around the world have a room we congregate in & I’d love to access this from my phone) then I’d be a happy camper & wouldn’t need to upgrade in some time.


    What size screen will it have? anything less than 4in its a no go. if bigger then this vibrant will sold. this might be a record for me and phones this year!!!! and we still have more phones to go!!!! Craiglist will be my home away from home.

    • Ninja

      3.7 on this one. If you want a 4.3, wait til Nov.

      • Cybersedan

        I so agree, 3.7 is now getting in the too small category. Also, keyboards are so outdated, just ads unnecessary bulk.

  • bigc17

    I’m glad tmo is finally starting to step up….good work. Now to the phone, i think it will be the phone that nobody expects (whatever that is) or, i think it’ll be a phone that hasn’t even been fully announced yet…..maybe even bigger than some of the specs we’ve already heard of for he so called “super android ” by HTC….huhh,we’ll see in a few weeks.

  • Tmo-fan

    It could be that motorola milestone XT720, who knows. It did show up in the FCC just a few weeks ago

  • Ninja

    The phone is the T-Mobile version of the HTC Vision. Its going to be the first HSPA+ phone release on T-Mobile and the first dual core processor.

  • David

    Maybe they should consider making 3G reliable before touting HSPA and HSPA devices. I live 30 miles west of Chicago and get Edge 90% of the time. I am by no means in a rural area….Tmobile claims I should be gettig 3G and cannot explain why I am not. Service ticket went in but no response from their tech dept. Cart before the horse maybe?

    • Ninja

      You don’t really expect T-Mobile to stop HSPA+ deployment to wait on the Chicago market to fix your coverage problem…..

  • NolaDude

    I hope whatever it is doesn’t have a damn qwerty keyboard…I had to buy a Slide to hold me over when my old phone broke and I can’t wait to get rid of it! The wifes phone finally took a crap too, after waiting for the Vibrant only to find no flash installed, I bought her a Nexus One, which she loves. Now I sit and wait…again, for a good handset to use my full upgrade on.

  • abbynormal

    I’m just the opposite, @NolaDude – hoping it does have a damn qwerty keyboard (5 row, please!). Holding onto my G1 by the skin of my teeth; even rooted I’m pretty much over it. If the Vibrant had one I would have gone for it, even without it being HSPA+ enabled.

    • Mojo

      I had the same mentality as you until just recently. I thought I’d hold onto my G1 until a true superphone (1+ ghz cpu) with QWERTY was available to replace it. I finally cracked and tried out the Vibrant after reading about it. I bought it within 15 seconds of handling it at the T-mo store.

      I was a very prolific and speedy typer on my G1 keyboard. As a business user, I said i would never go “screen keyboard” and scoffed at iPhone users for their slow input options. Well… SWYPE changed my world.

      I am definitely faster on SWYPE than my old G1. The learning curve was all of 30 seconds. Its amazing. And quite honestly, I dont know what else I need CPU wise that i should wait for. It can run HD content, the AMOLED screen leaves nothing to want, the glass is scratch-proof (see youtube), and its slim (finally a pocket phone).

      Anyhow, the HSDPA data rate is ridiculous. I have a fully working HSPA+ node by my house, and I am pulling down 6 mbps. Its faster than my home cable broadband. Why on earth would I need more speed than that?!

      Frankly, people are never going to see real world speeds over 3-8 mbps for years because the T-mobile backbone (not the wireless potential, but the network’s overall speed) and the content providers dont give the data that fast anyway. By the time HSPA+ would be relevant, it will be 3-4+ years from now and all phones will have it.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    hopefully it’ll be a good replacement for my HD2. I’ll soon see.

    • BronxBebe

      Wilma, I love your postings they make me laugh with your silliness thanks!

  • remixfa

    The most likely phone to get it “first” would be a Tmobile flagship phone. Since the Mytouch has just launched with the slide.. which other “Flagship” is Tmobile currently without?

    The Sidekick.

    Whos remaking the sidekick? HTC. Its supposed to be a super high end big screen android powered phone with keyboard. It would be perfectly logical for them to wait for that phone to launch a full HSPA+ phone. Its their original flagship after all.
    Tmobile discontinued danger/sharp from making the phone, they didnt discontinue the name.

    Its either that, or the iphone rumor is finally true and that will relaunch with HSPA+ to convince people to sell their ATT iphones and rebuy it on Tmobile, doubling Apple’s sales of the device.

    Its one or the other, but my bets on the Sidekick relaunch.

    • Reece

      This confuses me greatly due to whatever HTC Android phone is supposed to launch in November. Which one will possibly run Gingerbread? Which one will have the big screen and the dual core and qwerty?

    • pantlesspenguin

      I wish they’d let the Sidekick name die. I loved Sidekicks back in the day. I owned the 3, LX, & LX09. To Sidekick lovers, they’re synonomous w/ the Danger operating system & the swivel screen. Anything less isn’t a Sidekick. Plus, to the casual consumer, the Sidekick name is botched w/ the Great Sidekick Outage of October ’09 & THIS is the image they have of Sidekicks. The name won’t sell anymore, IMHO.

      • BronxBebe

        I have my SKLX09 and it’s possessed! LOL.. So yeah I have to go get a new cell this weekend to replace what Microsoft killed. My right hand is suffering from major arthritis so I’m gonna have to get a touchscreen but I hope it’s hearing aid compatible as well since I’m hard of hearing(deaf community uses SK and Blackberries). Hopefully Purple will have Androids use their IPRelay as well cos now IPhones are able too but I don’t want one.

  • Ted C.

    And that new HSPA+ phone is…. a new iPhone a.k.a. Project Emerald….

  • It would not surprise me if this project emerald is revealed 2 be more than one phonne. It could be that emraled is not one phone but HSPA+ for a Nexus 2, a G2 and a HTC device. Time should reveal in the next 30+ days

  • BeyonceKnowles

    I’m upset because as soon as I get the Samsung Vibrant in the mail, I knew that T-Mobile would be unveiling a new phone….thats always my luck, but I love my Vibrant…but if we get an Android beast hmmmmmmmm?!!!!

  • remixfa

    im not worried about it. even if the vibrant caps at 7.2 when ur on the new network its still 3-4x faster than the 1.5 max we used to have. Besides, on a phone there isnt a whole lot of difference between 7 and 14 or 21 on a mobile browser. On an aircard i can definatly see the use other than bragging rights.

  • RJ

    I hope it prints money and grants me 3 wishes.

    I am patiently waiting for my ATT contract to expire in September. I have been eyeing up TMO as a possible new destination and this is certainly something that could tip the balance. Devil’s in the details though.

  • telos104

    My sources confirm it’s an HTC handset, basically the follow up to the G1 (w/ phys keyboard). Can’t wait!

  • pantlesspenguin

    Honestly, I used to be one of those people who always said that I needed a physical qwerty keyboard. I’ve only been w/o one for a week (got the Vibrant on launch day) & I honestly don’t miss it @ all. In fact, I prefer it already! Typing on a touch keyboard is simply muscle memory & it doesn’t take long to adjust to. Now, I think physical keyboards add bulk & moving parts that may break, or compromise screen real estate.

    • TheLight

      You should be swyping or shapewriting already..stop pecking and start sliding that finger..lol..

      Im a full qwerty keyboard person(5 row dedicated numbers in all) and I still have my G1 and waiting on a full qwerty superphone… I have had 1 non-qwerty phone and sold it…N1.. my G1 does most of what it does and I can wait on what it doesnt when I get another handset hopefully soon in the TWIST or VANGUARD…

      I have to dis-agree when you write a long message it is much more comfortable to type then to swype on my G1, and I never get used to sending long messages pecking at the screen or sliding…. This is just my personal opinion and I like moving parts on my phone…sidekick,sidekick II, sidekick 3, Sidekick Lx, G1…all had moving parts that never broke! G1 is a true soldier I dont care what no one says!

      Now com’on Magenta with Twist, iphone, Vanguard, HSPA+, low prices, and kick AT&T and Verizon square in their a$$ as you chunk the dueces to Sprint as we blow past them!!! :)

  • no name

    the iphone maybe??? one can dream…

  • Granger

    Go T-Mobile

  • Denise

    Hum, to open the Vibrant box or not? I love HTC phones like my old G1 (would still have it if it had not been stolen) and my current Slide is quite nice. But I wanted something with a huge screen and super fast and at $99 the Vibrant looks like steal…

    Decisions, decisions.

  • I hope it means my Touch Pro2 will get 3G inside the apartment. I’m still stuck with Edge in NYC. Unless I get to a windows our outside.

  • Wouldn’t it be something if the new phone was a HSPA+ version of the iPhone?

  • remixfa

    99 bux for the vibrant? that was a steal. u dont even wanna know what they charge emps.. LOL. Vibrant is the best thing going right now, hands down. I havent actually really “wanted” a phone since the frikkin Storm, until the vibrant hit.

  • Alex

    This news has htc written all over it..They have been quiet for sometime on what they will bring to Tmobile..I believe this will be the HD Desire..then a few months later, project emerald will be revealed…

  • Swyper Always Swyping

    Still enjoying my Vibrant so I can care less about a phone coming out that is fatter then what I have now. If the screen isn’t bigger, the colors less richer, and the phone itself is bulky, I don’t want it! TEAM VIBRANT.

  • Lee Thompson

    What if T-mobile is pulling a rope a dope and offer something that is lacking in the major carriers? A choice selection of i-phone, Android, windows, and symbian? At HSPA+ speeds? With affordable contracts? And outstanding customer service and go “green”? Methinks project emerald is green for go, revenue (money), and earth (world domination).