T-Mobile’s First HSPA+ Capable Handset Coming September?

According to the guys over at LightReading, T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ capable handset is due in September. LightReading claims that, according to an unnamed spokesman at Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile USA’s first HSPA+ handset, which will fully take advantage of its HSPA+ network, will be manufactured by HTC and will be running none other than Google’s Android OS. Additionally, the DT spokesman also mentions that another HSPA+ capable handset will make its way to Magenta just in time for the holiday season. Further details were not provided.

When asked regarding T-Mobile USA’s plans on further upgrading HSPA+ to the rumored 42 Mbps, the Deutsche Telekom spokesman replied:

T-Mobile USA has not decided yet if they will use the new 42 Mbps standard or maybe rollout LTE for the US. This decision will be made at a later point of time after having considered all necessary aspects and the experiences made with both HSPA+ and LTE in the other markets of Deutsche Telekom.

Keep in mind folks, while updating to HSPA+ 21 Mbps did not require additional hardware and mostly took software changes, updating the network to support HSPA+ 42 Mbps will require Magenta to update its cellsites with new multi-antenna base stations to reach the higher speeds.

PhoneDog Via LightReading

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  • badaphooko01

    what good is this if I can’t even d/l higher than 900kbs on my G1 in the suburbs of Atlanta where HSPA has already been deployed.

    • 2FR35H

      Your G1 is a 2008(or is it 2009?) dinosaur man you should have upgraded.

      • badaphooko01

        don’t know but Ive been waiting for a new device and I was dead set on the Vibrant but know I really don’t know with that new Road map being leaked.

      • mad dog

        He should have upgraded to what? The cliq, the cliq xt, or maybe the bh2. I have a g1 as well, and am still waiting on a true g1 successor.

      • Nick

        Vibrant is a seriously worthy upgrade. Don’t keep waiting for “the next thing” because something better will be released at least every 6 months and you’ll be waiting forever.

      • 2FR35H


        Well think of it this way buy the Vibrant out right off contract and save your upgrade for later. That way when a G1 successor comes along you can get it.

        Either way you can always sell the Vibrant if you get tired of it and then move onto th next one.

      • TheLight

        Im with mad dog, and its not even about waiting on the next best thing…its more about what kind of phone you want, the cliq, cliq xt, bh2, even the beast of the HD2 all have one big problem to be a worthy/true G1 successor is a 5 ROW FULL QWERTY KEYBOARD..the mts is the closest thing but the hardware doesnt even meet qualifications to update to Froyo and Gingerbread…

        come on with the true G1 successor:

        3.5-4.3 in screen
        5 Full Row Qwerty Keyboard
        1ghz+ processor
        5-8 Megapixel Camera
        Dual Mic for noise cancellation (N1)
        Genius Button
        Stock Froyo

      • RockTripod

        @The Light

        Dumbass, HTC has already promised that the Slide will be upgradeable to 2.2, and that it will receive it before the year is out. As for Gingerbread, Google’s specs for 3.0 are recommendations, not minimums.

      • s02mike

        @RockTripod Who gives a F*** about what ROM it comes with? If you have an android and your using stock ROM your useless. Hardware is where its at @TheLight was right.
        3.5-4.3 in screen
        5 Full Row Qwerty Keyboard
        1ghz+ processor
        5-8 Megapixel Camera
        Dual Mic for noise cancellation (N1)
        I’m not worried about the rest. And add mini USB 2.0 and HDMI. Plus the slide only has 4 rows on the qwerty not 5. And add faster RAM

    • MagentaBaby

      @badaphooko01…Were you in a tmobile store today?

      • FILA

        Genius Button…Seriously

        First off that wouldnt be Stock Android now would it? That would be T-Mobile’s UI. Its called the magnify glass on Stock Android, it does the same thing as the genius button but in less taps on the screen. The Genius button is for people who don’t kno anything about Android and who needs assistant to work around the OS


    • dcb

      what good is any phone that doesnt do more that 3G when a network is updated……get a new phone!

  • pimpstrong

    haters? anyone?

    • SEFan

      As long as the device doesn’t have a physical keyboard I got nothin’.[sniff..] it’s like a dream come true :-)

      • ryan

        if it has a keyboard PISS ON IT!

  • OpenSOB

    If you’re going to use Engadget’s photoshops, you could at least give a little credit… http://www.engadget.com/2009/09/18/t-mobile-starts-21mbps-hspa-rollout-in-philadelphia-nationwide/

  • Claude

    Just when I was thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy S. I wonder who is the manufacturer and what operating software it will be running.

    • ryan

      the manufactur is HTC

  • Flgirll99

    It will be great when more info leaks and we find out what the specs of the phone will be.

  • ran

    T-Mobile already has over a dozen “HSPA+ compatible devices”. The upcoming Vibrant (Galaxy S) will be another one. So that must mean this is going to be a “HSPA+ device”. Meaning it’s capable to fully taking advantage of the HSPA+ speed. The current “compatible” devices will have a speed boost on HSPA+ but they won’t be as fast as a “HSPA+ device”. It might not be able to use 3G though, according to my conversations with them:


    • swehes

      HSPA+ is backward compatible. Which means all the HSPA devices (which the Vibrant is among many) will be able to take advantage of upgrade (instead of running 2Mbits download you may get up to 5-6 Mbits download). This is mainly because the infrastructure is becoming more efficient and all devices win on this (that is 3G that is). So the HSPA devices (which is all phones currently being release) will only be able to get up to 7.2 MBits/s download while the new devices will theoretically be able to reach 21Mbits/s.

    • T-mobile uses the UMTS network with the WCDMA air interface. Think of WCDMA as a protocol over a medium, and the medium is radio waves. The regular speeds on a WCDMA(UMTS) network are 384kbps which is pretty slow. This meets the requirement to be called a 3G network which is “at least 200kbit/s peak bit rate.”

      HSDPA and HSUPA which are collectively known as HSPA are extensions to the WCDMA protocol which offer more complex and unreliable coding methods which allow for higher speed if you’re close enough to a tower. HSPA+ defines further extensions to the WCDMA protocol and includes optional extensions to the UMTS network. These optional updates allow each tower to act as an internet gateway for your internet traffic instead of routing them back to a central location. This allows for faster speeds and lower latency.

      When T-mobile says that HSPA phones will take advantage of the HSPA+ network, they are talking about the aforementioned fact – higher bandwidth and lower latency.

      Since all these extensions are evolutionary, a plain old UMTS 3G phone (without HSPA (HSDPA/HSUPA) will work but not take advantage of the new codings for faster speeds in HSPA and HSPA+ coverage areas but will still benefit from the new network structure.
      HSPA phones will be able to take advantage of the new network structure but without the HSPA+ codings.
      And HSPA+ phones will be able to take advantage of the new codings and new network structure.
      And also the other way around, HSPA+ phones will work in an area with only HSPA, and even in areas with no HSPA at all and just UMTS.

      • hecg55

        Let me make sure I’m understanding u. So the galaxy will only be hspa not hspa+ so like between 3g and hspa+??? Thanks

      • Geo

        Does anyone know if the Samsung Vibrant will support the HSPA+ that is 42 Mbps, Or is it capable of the 21 Mbps.

  • jayy336

    Hopefully they’ll roll with LTE instead of upgrading HSPA+, it’ll give us better hopes of tri-band LTE phones since Verizon, T-Mobile, AND AT&T are all planning on that form of 4G

  • Stillwaiting

    Is this the HTC Vanguard phone, then? Also, is it just me, or does anyone else suddenly have the urge to watch Rocky?

  • Juan R

    That is crazy.. I am already getting 4 mbps in New York.. Can’t wait.

  • 2FR35H

    Hmm… They should stick with HSPA+ for now if they can get it up to 42mbps then roll with LTE later seeing as LTE has a theoretical 144mbps of which I do believe is TRUE 4G.

  • larry

    So will the galaxy s make full use of these speeds. if not this is another black on that phone. Its hard to make a decision for 2 years with so much change coming up.

    • 2FR35H


      • larry

        le sigh. I had finally talked myself over caring about the lack of FFC or camera flash. The video performance still looks amazing though.

  • larry

    So will the galaxy s make full use of these speeds. if not this is another black eye on that phone. Its hard to make a decision for 2 years with so much change coming up.

    • swehes

      Samsung Vibrant is not a HSPA+ device. However all devices that are HSPA will be able to utilize the upgrade up to 7.2 download and 5.8 upload. Not sure how much more speed you need. The reason for this is because HSPA+ is backwards compatible. So as T-mobile upgrade their backbone structure you will be able to utilize it with your 3G.

  • telos104

    all my sources say it will be the “G2” (HTC)…looking fwd to it

  • alex32

    engadget said htc and tmbile are going to make the first hspa phone, this could maybe be project emerald hopefully..

    • swehes

      All phones currently being released on T-mobile are HSPA. However they need to make a HSPA+ device to utilize the upgrade. HSPA is T-mobiles 3G. HSPA+ is 3.5G.

      • dcb

        incorrect….there are some 3G phones right now that can take advantage of “hspa/hspa+” speed increase but not all phones being released right now are tru HSPA/+ phones

  • Kerry

    Us phone geeks are always going to want the latest and greatest out there. I for one know that at some point I just have to decide that this next device is enough for some amount of time. With rumors of the Galaxy S (now Vibrant) and Project Emerald in the wings I opted to get a ‘Slide to tide me over(My G1 was great but not keeping up). I also paid cash for it so I could save my upgrade for the holiday season because I know the ‘Slide isn’t going to last me for a year much less two (unless Froyo is just that awesome).

    • Kerry

      Now I’m really happy I did that, maybe I can get an HSPA+ device :)

  • Cleo

    If & whenever we get the service in Chicago then I’ll get excited about the possible new device

  • ObsceneJesster

    I wouldn’t jump on the first HSPA+ device. The second one being released in Q4 will be one bad ass device. According to the Android Central podcast last week, the phone coming out in Q4 will be the first device to ship with Gingerbread and the first mobile device to sport a duel core CPU. It is also rumored to have a 4.3in. high definition display.

  • emobile86

    I wonder if the device will be the new sidekick twist, they are saying it will be made by HTC

  • tmogeek

    I agree with everyone get the Vibrant(upgradable to faster speeds) period

  • bbqribs

    will i need to pay more money to use this faster speed!! like the EVO????

    hopefully not!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 2FR35H

      That would be absurd. I HIGHLY doubt that will ever be the case.

    • J-Hop2o6

      NOPE.. same price.. i pay $6.99 for 3G/HSPA/HSPA+

  • Jay

    I thought current T-Mobile 3G devices were HSPA capable? Are the MyTouch or BB Bold HSPA capable?

    • stan

      The mytouch is . Blackberries are capped around 3Mbps instead of giving them better radios bb gives them uma calling.

  • malachor

    Technically t-mobile did install new routers and switches for a fiber backbone…

  • getting speeds over 4.7Mbps down / 400kbps up in dallas on a rooted CM g1… can still get 3.5Mbps down on a stock g1…

  • Peter

    The headline is wrong. The HD2 is the first HSPA+ capable device. I think everyone forgot about the HD2. Its HSPA+ ready.

    • Djsinka

      I am sorry Peter, you are incorrect, thanks for playing though. HD2 is hsdpa 7.2 capable, NOT HSPA+ capable. Perhaps you should do a little more research before you submit a comment on a subject you clearly don’t know much about. Cheers!

      • Peter

        I think you need to do some research of your own On the spec sheet for the HD2, it states HSPA and not HSDPA. Cheers!

      • Peter

        But HSPA is still not HSPA+ though.

      • J-Hop2o6

        Peter.. HSPA has the 7.2mbps profile (and some other profiles).. HSPA+ has the 21mbps & 48 profiles (others also).

      • Tmorftech

        Hspda and hspua are both components of hspa. (download/upload) So actually djsinka was correct, even though though the answer was not fully explained and brought down to a laymans level.

  • NiiDiddy

    Still getting the Vibrant :-) Something will always be coming that might have a slight edge than what is being currently offered. That’s a fact and that’s just tech life. If I wait, I’ll be waiting forever, because I’ll be waiting for the next best thing; when that “next best thing” gets here, well guess what?…there’s another thing coming out in the next few months that is supposedly the “next best thing”….and so on and so forth. The we get disappointed along the way because the “next best thing” didn’t have an LED Flash or something. I’ll never buy a phone if that was the case!!! So I’ll stop driving myself insane, get my Vibrant; it’ll do me good for another year, then use another line off my account to get whatever the “it” thing is at that time. But I’m not waiting. :)

  • NiiDiddy

    …Good for T-Moblie however :). Can’t be any happier…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Yes you could, you could always have cake too. :)

      • NiiDiddy

        hahaha…i think in a way i am. i think having a bunch of lines that had contracts expiring at different times on my account is an advantage; that is why i am not so bothered with the next real big thing at t-mobile, because when it comes down to it i can just use another upgrade from another line.

        you are funny – love reading your posts. i laugh a lot :)

  • funkmaskter c

    HSPA 7.2 is fine with me – 21mbps will rock. After that it seems like the cell companies will be battling it out with the cable companies. Who owns the infrastructure that provides the bandwidth to the cell towers? I am sure at some point, they will get greedy and clamp down. So it will then be a moot point because folks wont want to pay extra for the speed that they wont even use. I can just about stream 1080 video from Youtube with over a wifi tether on a rooted G1 off 3-4mbps.

    Until there is some benefit of having faster speeds on a mobile device, I think the companies should chill after this next generation, let their balance sheets stabilize and put some of the money back in the shareholders pockets so that they can spend it elsewhere.

    I think T-Mobile has taken a pretty sensible approach to this – I don’t want them to have the fastest network or the iPhone. I don’t want a bunch of iDiots polluting and congesting T-Mobile’s network.

    My suggestion – hold the present course, invest in well researched and designed handsets and make some money, Tmo!

  • Oscar

    When I visited houston a few weeks back, my G1 had speeds of 5 MBps. Back home in Tampa, I rarely average 1 MBps. Can’t wait for the upgrade to 42 MBps! My home connection is 10 MBps by comparison.

  • tld

    So heres the deal Tmo already have phones that are hspa+ compatiable if you look at the specs for the mytouch mytouch slide behold 2 and cliq/xt are all hspa+ compatiable.

    • 2FR35H

      Yes but that is not the same as Being actually a HSPA+ Device if T-Mobile ever gets HSPA+ up to 42mbps a HSPA+ compatible device won’t be able to get even near that maybe 7.2mbps at the most because thats partial of the limit of the HSPA+ Compatible devices

  • Shay

    Could project emerald (sidekick twist) be an HTC Ace?

    • 2FR35H

      I sure as hell hope so

  • phone addict

    Samsung Galaxy S2 December?

  • Getreal


    • Khan

      iPhone won’t make it. It has way to many problems. I think android is good for tmobile

  • john

    My Nokia N900 is HSPA+ and I have had it on tmobile since december 4th.

    • Correct! Nokia N900 is one solid unit. I got one in Nov of last year but sold it a week later due to the tiny keyboard keys :/ But great device :)

    • J-Hop2o6

      nope.. it has 10.2HSPA.. HSPA+ starts off at 21mbps.. but the N900 BENEFITS from the 21HSPA+ network tho.

  • Please have UMA & a real QWERTY keyboard!

    Oh I smell Nokia phone for that Christmas time launch ;)

    N8 anyone?

  • fernando

    HSPA+ to Puerto Rico???? never.

  • iFloss™

    Who wants to put money up that the other HSPA+ Capable device will be the Windows Phone 7 device???

    If its the WinPho7 device I just hope it has a solid keyboard ala TouchPro2 and some sexy specs like a dual core 1.5GHZ snapdragon, 512mb ram or 768mb ram with 16GB Flash and SDHC support =]
    Don’t forget the 3.7 to 4.5inch screen with an HD res, front facing cammera, 5MP to 8MP rear facing camera with dual LED flash.

    All that and make it capable of making phone calls and i’m having an orgasm when I unbox it =]

  • 313dash

    The G1 is still the best phone out for TMO! I’m running 2.1 now and its a beast.

    • GreenTea

      Yes I still love my G1 too. guess ill be waiting until the 4th qtr to pick a worthy successor

  • cj

    Why are we talking about current phones. I think everybody is missing the point, there will be a phone that take advantage of the faster network. But why September, why so far away, and if it’s HTC why is it going to take them so long. They have the Evo which uses 4G. The only reasons I can think of is HTC is waiting for the Evo to show good sales numbers, and so they are not completing with themselves. They would be the only phone manufacturer to have two near 4G phones. And why do we get the dumbed down version of Euro phones that maybe capable of the higher speed networks, such as the Vibrant. Another possible reason is Tmobile is waiting for their high speed network to be near completion. But with this all said, it is just another way for Tmobile to shoot itself in the foot again. They will have the network and no way to take advantage of it.

  • Damian

    september bro thats not far at all….. everyone just needs to wait t-mobile is gonna have the fastest data speeds with hspa+ running up to i think 42mbps …..by the end of 2010 almost every city thats running current 3g speed will be upgraded……. sept. t-mobile is gonna have a beast of a phone

  • Guru

    Everyone – A little on HSPA:

    REL 7 – 21Mbps – Requires 64QAM or MIMO to give us 21Mbps
    REL 8 – 42Mbps – Requires 64QAM AND MIMO OR 64QAM and Dual Carriers
    REL 9 – 42Mbps – Requires 64QAM AND MIMO OR 64QAM and Dual Carriers and is a feature update
    REL 10 – 84Mbps – Requires 64QAM AND MIMO AND Dual Carriers

    Note – REL 10 speeds above are requiring 2 carriers. For a 4 carrier market (20MHz) your top speed can be up to 168Mbps

    Compare to LTE speeds are at ~72Mbps.

    So – T-MO is not in bad shape with HSPA. Probably why ATT is going to HSPA in many markets! T-Mo is currently at REL 7.5 or so. What I am trying to say is that you do NOT need dual antennas to go to 42Mbps, you can just use Dual Carriers which T-Mo has. Your limitation, quickly again becomes backhaul!

  • To the people complaining about phones still and using ancient G1s. http://www.google.com/phone still works. Best phone available for T-mo for now since they cut corners on features on the vibrant and the N1 is still the only phone that will get Android updates ASAP instead of “in the future.” So while the cheap people wait for the next G1 sucessor, I’m waiting for a N1 sucessor. Something like the EVO would be nice.

  • SLC Dave

    Just got back from Vegas where I was getting 4.4 Mb/sec with my original myTouch 3G…

  • T-MO Junkie

    FYI Comcast has been building out fiber for T-Mobile since the first of the year so just imagine whats to come. You have the biggest cable provider partnered with T-Mobile so expect big things. Comcast currently has internet speeds of 100mbps in certain metros so just imagine whats to come as far as cell phones. Comcast is also setting to launch cell phones so I dont know if this is going to incorporate T-Mobile but I am interested to see what type of collaborations the two companies have in the future.

  • Tim

    TMobile confirmed that the only HSPA+ available product is the Rocket Stick (USB)
    that can achieve 21MBs especially where that HSPA+ speed exists west of NYC

    NYC caps out at 7.2 for now but soon……………..?

    I love the G1 format and look forward to it’s successor versus the non-qwerty 4.3″ htc high-res hspa+ to come
    P.S.: Sorry to hear htc hd2 and ALL windows mobile machines have NO more Skpe

  • remix30us

    Hey the mytouch slide is great i had it and its a really good phone but i went back to my HD2 and installed the Froyo 2.2 and now Im recieving the H service from t mobile and all I can say is wow!!! its a really big difference, big time its soo fast its unbelievable I just Love the HD2 with froyo and the awsome service of tmobiles new 4g network!!