Motorola Charm Promo Video Hits YouTube

After a flurry of activity this week leading up to an official announcement this morning, the Motorola Charm now has its first official promotional video. The very first Android device with a unibody Qwerty keyboard, the Charm surely fits a niche for those out there who long for a keyboard but hate the slider…like me. Watch the video and let us know if this device meets your fancy!



  • NiiDiddy

    NICE NICE NICE….Been saying all along, this is a NICE phone. T-Mobile the the first of its kind. Let’s try to “one-up” the competition and keep pushing the likes of these with the best technology out there. Let’s not allow competition to eat us up again…!!!

  • tato22

    Looks like a pixie some what just bigger

  • Aldo

    After seeing this ad…it’s pretty awesome. It’s going to be awkward to work the pad on the back, but at least the screen won’t be filled with fingerprints! :P

    • Technogen

      You actually get use to the back pad system pretty fast.

  • SoonerSaint12

    T-mobile is just aiming for mediocrity with this one.

  • jmts80

    Not bad imho :)

    • hecg55

      Imho this phone is directed to younger chicks!

  • David

    I’m intrigued. I’ve been in the market for a new phone for a while and this may be what I’m looking for. But it seems a bit wide, yes?

  • Jason

    IMHO it looks stupid!

  • ms. Matrix

    I don’t know who’s going to buy this phone, its pretty entry level. But I guess its ok. Im just sou on the fact it comes with 2.1 android and a cliq owner like me is still waiting….

  • Matt

    I’ll prolly dump my 9700 for this. It’s reasonably priced, reasonably spec’d and I like the format. The back pad thing is pretty nifty, too.

    If I keep waiting for the phones “about” to be released, I’ll never end up getting anything. I hope this phone get’s rooted and has a 2.2 release quickly.

  • FILA

    heh, yea, pretty cool phone, it sure will get new customers, being the first portrait Android. BUTT chances are if you buy this phone, your not gettin Gingerbread.

    Rumored 3.0 Minimum Hardware Requirements
    512MB RAM
    3.5-inch (or larger) display

    yeaaa, so you better choose wisely, cuz there aint not upgrades.

    • Awsnap

      Those are “recommended” specs, not required.

      Please read more before spreading garbage all over the Internet.

      • FILA

        heh, i think you need to re-read again

  • Whats with the at&t ads on a tmobile website?

    • J-Hop2o6

      read the TmoNews logo on the top.. smh

  • Bdogg

    Not everyone is looking for a super-phone. This will be a great device for some people. Not me, but some people. :-)

  • Lizandra

    Do NOT buy this phone, or any other Motorola product for that matter. Wonder why? Ask those who spent $400 on a cliq or a cliq xt! We bought those phones with the promise of an evolutive device, software updates and so on. Result: one of the least reliable phones on the market, and never got any form of upgrade!

    Motorola launches good looking phones, then skips to the next “marketing op” and leaves its customers behind! Please, if you consider buying Motorola, make some research. Go check on their forum, come check the angry motorola customer page on facebook…

    DO NOT let them scam you as they scammed us!

    Facebook page is

    Thank you.

  • Jay

    Touch screen on a small screen? Is this a joke. Every time you goona touch the sceen to click on something, you will be blocking half of the sceen. And i can’t beleive there are still making camera phones without flash. Have you ever tried taking pictures at a bar or anywhere lighting is not so great with these things? I tried to leave blackberry phones 3 times in search of better, more fun phones. I keep going back to blackberries.

  • BeerBellyBilly

    That’s what the back-panel Navi-Pad is for. And I never use the cameras on these phones so no flash is a non-issue for me. But no Gingerbread….that may be a disappointment. Now if they made a super-version of this puppy with fast processor decent RAM with Gingerbread or better pre-installed on it that might well be something to consider.

  • SusieDoll

    motoblur should come out with something similar to bbm because if they really want to catch the attention of teenager (i am a teenager lol) they should come out with there own thing. if you truly think about it bbm for some might be for work related only but truth said a lot of my friends are using bbm more than they have ever used aim on their sidekicks. it’s an attractive phone but maybe the features should be a little bit enhanced