T-Mobile Officially Launches New HSPA+ Cities!

While we got word about this just over a week ago, tonight T-Mobile is officially announcing the launch of HSPA+ in another twenty four cities. With the launch of these cities T-Mobile now covers over 85 million Americans with its HSPA+ service and is well on its way to their end of 2010 goal of covering 185 million people in 100 major metropolitan cities. In addition to the newly launched cities, coverage has been expanded in the Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. areas. So now we want to know two more things T-Mobile, talk to us about this upcoming HSPA+ handset and whats the truth behind the super faster HSPA+ speeds we caught wind of?

Newly launched cities include: Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Waco, TX; Baltimore, MD; Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA; Birmingham, AL; Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton OH; Ft. Lauderdale and Jacksonville, FL; Greenville, SC; Honolulu, HI; Indianapolis, IN; Kansas City, MO; Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis, MN; Portland, OR; St. Louis, MO; and Wichita, KS.

T-Mobile is also announcing the introduction of the webConnect Rocket 2.0 laptop stick, the second generation of its first HSPA+ capable device. “Featuring a new rotating swivel USB form factor, the webConnect Rocket 2.0 delivers the same home broadband experience on the go as its predecessor, so customers can surf the Web, download large files or watch video from a laptop anytime on-the-go with a blazing-fast connection. The webConnect Rocket 2.0 enables customers to take full advantage of T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network – delivering 4G speeds.”

Official Press Release:

T-Mobile® HSPA+ Network now delivers broadest reach of 4G speeds in U.S.

Customers also will benefit from speed boosts on 16 of T-Mobile’s available 3G devices and
expanded availability of mobile broadband products in nearly 50 markets

BELLEVUE, Wash.—July 21, 2010 Today, T-Mobile USA, Inc. announced the continued expansion of its super-fast mobile broadband network to more than 85 million Americans—the most pervasive network to offer 4G speeds1 in the country.T-Mobile® is on track to deliver HSPA+ speeds in 100 major metropolitan areas with backhaul in place, covering 185 million people in the U.S. by the end of this year.

Now HSPA+ network service is available in nearly 50 major metropolitan areas across the country, with the newest additions including Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Waco, Texas; Baltimore, Md.; Baton Rouge and Lafayette, La.; Birmingham, Ala.; Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton, Ohio; Ft. Lauderdale and Jacksonville, Fla.; Greenville, S.C.; Honolulu, Hawaii; Indianapolis, Ind.; Kansas City and St. Louis, Mo.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Portland, Ore.; and Wichita, Kan. In addition, T-Mobile has expanded coverage in cities in previously announced metropolitan areas including Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. 4G speeds are now available for customers in Alexandria, McLean and Reston, Va.; Anaheim, Burbank, Glendale, Irvine, Long Beach, and Ontario, CA; Annapolis, Bethesda and Chevy Chase, Md.; and Asheville and Hickory, N.C.

In addition, 16 of T-Mobile’s current 3G devices, including more than a dozen smartphones,2 can benefit from enhanced speeds when they’re on the super-fast HSPA+ network in all of these major metropolitan areas, including the newest smartphone available from T-Mobile—the Samsung Vibrant. And later this summer, T-Mobile will unveil its first HSPA+-capable smartphone. More details will be available in the coming weeks.

“T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network now offers 4G speeds to more people than any other wireless network in the country,” said Neville Ray, chief network officer for T-Mobile USA. “The aggressive pace of our HSPA+ network rollout means our customers can enjoy a better mobile broadband experience on more devices in more places today—but we’re not done yet. Our first HSPA+ smartphone is coming soon and our footprint will double between now and the end of the year.”

Complementing the network expansion is wider availability of the T-Mobile® webConnect® broadband products in T-Mobile retail stores in all HSPA+ areas including the webConnect Rocket™ USB Laptop Stick, the first HSPA+-capable device from a national U.S. wireless carrier and the Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 10 with T-Mobile webConnect, T-Mobile’s first netbook.

Also beginning today, T-Mobile is introducing the webConnect Rocket 2.0 USB Laptop Stick, an updated form factor of its first HSPA+-capable device. Featuring a new rotating swivel USB form factor, the webConnect Rocket 2.0 is designed to deliver the same home broadband experience on the go as its predecessor, so customers can surf the Web, download large files or watch video from a laptop anytime on-the-go with a blazing-fast connection. The webConnect Rocket 2.0 enables customers to take full advantage of T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network in areas where the service is available—delivering 4G speeds.

T-Mobile network service is currently available in the following major metropolitan areas: Albany, N.Y.; Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Baltimore; Baton Rouge, La.; Birmingham, Ala.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Charleston, S.C.; Charlotte, N.C.; Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus, OH; Dallas/Ft. Worth; Dayton, Ohio; El Paso, Texas; Fayetteville, N.C.; Ft Lauderdale, Fla.; Greensboro, N.C.; Greenville, S.C.; Hartford, Conn.; Honolulu; Houston; Indianapolis; Jacksonville, Fla.; Kansas City, Mo.; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Memphis, Tenn.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Minneapolis, Minn.; New Orleans, La.; New York; Oklahoma City; Orlando, Fla.; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Portland, Ore.; Providence, R.I.; Rochester, N.Y.; San Antonio; Seattle; St. Louis, Mo; Syracuse, N.Y.; Tampa, Fla.; Tulsa, Okla.; Waco, Texas; Washington, D.C.; and Wichita, Kan. The HSPA+ network expansion is on track to reach 100 metro areas by year end. For more information, please visit http://t-mobile-coverage.t-mobile.com/coverage.

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  • Mohammad

    Now we just need a hspa+ phone.

    • J-Hop2o6

      “And later this summer, T-Mobile will unveil its first HSPA+-capable smartphone. More details will be available in the coming weeks.”

      “The aggressive pace of our HSPA+ network rollout means our customers can enjoy a better mobile broadband experience on more devices in more places today—but we’re not done yet. Our first HSPA+ smartphone is coming soon and our footprint will double between now and the end of the year.”

  • Max

    what the hell happened to Louisville, Ky!? What a shock, screwed over again, guess we’ll get HSPA+ when everyone is on 5G

    • ctkatz

      Yep. We’re pretty much the bridesmaid never the bride.

      At least lessington didn’t get it ahead of us.

      • abbynormal

        There is that.

        Hopefully by… “later this summer, T-Mobile will unveil its first HSPA+-capable smartphone.”

    • Davidohio

      Calm down. You will have it soon. Geez.

  • Rey

    Awesome im in broward i wonder if it works for me (its near Ft lauderdale) ill check and let you guys know when i get a chance to check

  • Jmts80

    No love for Phoenix :(

    • Jmts, I hear you on #phx. I was talking to a TMO sales guy. Several of the guys at his store have the nexus one. He said it some sometimes “hang” and not get sms’s or connect to web. Putting it in airplane mode then normal would make it work.

      One or the guys has his N1 rooted and in the logs when it “hangs” it says something about HSPA, so I’m sure they are slowly testing it in phoenix. (hoping, fingers crossed)

    • Hecg55

      What the crap dude I feel your pain! I was told that we were supposed to get it by the end of july meaning NNOW

    • Macknifetx

      Who knows how long it will take them to get it to us in Phoenix? Still getting .28 m Down/.23 m up on my Vibrant. It is actually worse than it was last week on the speeds with the MT3g.

      • tmoled

        Over 4 million people and no love! Tmobile has been great in Phoenix, I don’t think I ever dropped a call in the 10 years I’ve had them. The data thing however…sucks! It may be my mt3g, but I’m pretty dissapointed with the browsing experience. For being so popular here, we sure are being ignored, don’t get Tmobile sometimes. They also took away the em plus plan for Phoenix area, supposed to be back end of July though, or so they say.
        Get your poop together Tmobile!

      • WHAT!

        to TMOLED,

        Its not necessarily Tmobiles fault, trust me, they would love to just roll this thing out nationwide and cover EVERYONE at the exact same time. Fiber optic cable is needed for HSPA, this relies on OTHER companies to get off their ass and do their jobs. Not necessarily easy to maneuver different companies to do the same thing, at the exact same time. So, juts be glad tmo is launching it as its available, and not doing every tower first, to then have a massive launch day to say ALL towers are now HSPA. Patience my friend, patience.

        BTW…im in Boston and certain areas have hspa, and certain ones do not, so just be aware that they arent announcing cities until the entire city is hspa??? i think??

  • econ25

    Hey I talked with a tmo rep today and complained of sucky signal here in Tulsa, OK. He stated that he believes that they are working on the towers and HSPA+ will hit here by weeks end. Yeah!!! Just in time, I get that Vibrant goodness this thursday!!!

    • T-Mo Mike

      Vibrant is not HSPA+…sorry.

      • pimpstrong

        But it will still be faster than Sprint 4G.

  • Henry

    How does the Vibrant benefit from this?

    • Vibrant Guy

      It supports HSPA+, that’s how. I did a coverage check, and my area in the ATX is loaded. I just have to wait until tomorrow…to find out if it will get any faster. right now I’m at about 5mb down, and only 500k up. We shall see…because I just spoke to a cust. serv. rep, and she said my area will be very fast…

      • lensovet

        UGH no it doesn’t. It supports HSPA only. However, as part of the HSPA+ rollout, tower backhauls get upgraded from regular DSL lines (or whatever it was they were using) to high-speed fiber. THIS is why HSPA devices benefit from these rollouts, because before this, while the RADIO transmission was at HSPA speeds, the BACKHAULS to the towers were at lower speeds than the HSPA maximum transmission speeds.

      • Vibrant Guy

        Read again, its everywhere. right up above…READ PLEASE. Wait, I will copy if for you here…there. Directly from T-Mobile.

        In addition, 16 of T-Mobile’s current 3G devices, including more than a dozen smartphones,2 can benefit from enhanced speeds when they’re on the super-fast HSPA+ network in all of these major metropolitan areas, including the newest smartphone available from T-Mobile—the Samsung Vibrant

      • Vibrant Guy


        * The Vibrant offers a 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor which is optimized for superior media viewing and game play.
        * The Vibrant has a 4.0-inch Super AMOLED touch screen display that gives you a bright, vivid viewing experience.
        * The Vibrant benefits from enhanced speeds with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, but it’s not an HSPA+ device.
        * The Vibrant is one of the slimmest smartphones on the market. The dimensions are 4.82” x 2.54” x 0.39”; weighs 4.16 oz.
        * The Vibrant’s 5 MP camera is equipped with digital zoom and autofocus. Comes with an HD video recorder too!

      • The Samsung Vibrant does not “support” HSPA+, like the information you quoted states it benefits from the HSPA+ upgrade as was explained by lensovet via the backhaul upgrades. I think you could probably add the “benefits from” to any HSPA phone such as Nexus One.

      • pimpstrong

        Your alone on this one vibrant guy. They are right

      • Inuyasha

        @Vibrant Guy

        Maybe you should re-read what you posted… “* The Vibrant benefits from enhanced speeds with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, BUT IT’S NOT AN HSPA+ DEVICE.”

        That means that you can enjoy some faster data speeds with it, but not full HSPA+ speeds since it is not an HSPA+ device.

    • HSPA+ upgrades the air interface and the core UMTS network. The Vibrant cannot take advantage of the air interface upgrades, but it can take advantage of the core network upgrades. The main thing you will see is lower latency and will result in a better web browsing experience. The reason is HSPA+ allows each tower as an internet gateway instead of sending the data back to a central location as in GSM and pre-plus UMTS.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    Doesn’t matter. Im using my iPhone with Opera browser anyways

  • Gabriel

    Puerto Rico still is stuck in EDGE = Dial Up

    • kornmatrix44

      Well your lucky your on EDGE cuz I’m 30 minutes from Minneapolis which just got updated btw but i have GPRS service now that’s slow!!!!

  • Tarik

    I’m still puzzled that there is no Boston and Chicago…

    • trdjohn

      yeah can’t believe chicago isn’t on the list again
      contract expires in late August, if they haven’t rolled it out here by then…tmobile can say bye bye to my $100/mo payment too
      guess i’ll do sprint….at least they have their 4g up & running for some time now….and i’ll skip all the hspa+ growing pains w/ tmobiles craptastic network

  • Well I’m in cleveland, im guessing hspa+ is up because my average dl speed went from 400-600kbps to 1400-2000kbps. upload is at 500-600kbps to.

    • Davidohio

      Yep i’m in cleveland and my data is way faster

  • Aaron

    Hope I have it when I wake up in the morning, all my phone is showing is G nothing else.

  • Guatiao

    3G signal is being tested and detected around Puerto Rico. Turn it on already TMO!!!!

  • Evan

    T-Mobile really is terrible. Their customer service takes forever to reach and once you do talk to someone they are clueless. I’m switching to AT&T

    • Vibrant Guy

      Bounce. I think you might be getting what you dish out, who knows.

    • watbetch

      Yeah T-mobile really is crappy, I am switching to Sprint, EVOOOOO. FTW

      • Vibrant Guy

        Bounce, lol.

      • watbetch

        I’m happy with my T-Mobile service. The HTC Evo is overhyped and on a craptastic network.

    • 2FR35H

      Haha have fun with their crappy service lol

    • pimpstrong

      Yooooo MOST reps from any carrier are clueless about a lot of stuff! And I don’t know wtf your talkin bout it takes long to get a hold of someone cuz it only takes me two or three minutes.

  • Barry

    Philadelphia’s must be malfunctioning. I have yet to go over 3mbs and lately it seems to have deteriorated : -(

  • tato22

    they do the 954 and what happen to dam miami we likw 30 mins alway wtf man

    • David

      Dude even I didn’t know Ft Lauderdale was coming…

    • dee

      i kno right miami is 30 min from ft.lauderdale but miami barley gets good 3g service,i kno one thing im always own edge more than im own 3g so t-mobile needs to build there 3g service up some more in Miami

      • RR

        I agree with you guys, what happen to Miami? We are like 10 times bigger in customer #’s than Ft Lauderdale. I guess is because of all the rich neighborhoods upthere. :(

    • they actually still haven’t done “the 954” yet. Still getting bad 3g speeds

  • david

    Well i live in baltimore,md and i dont noitce a thing diff with my speeds so not sure if its inaffect right now for my state or not…

  • Aaron

    Just got off the phone with a rep and she said Columbus isn’t even on the list for being active yet, so I don’t know wait and see I guess.

  • Well in cleveland my average dl speed inside my apartment went from 500kbps to 1800kbps today. It’s nothing crazy special, but a really nice improvement none the less.



    • Davidohio

      Correct me if i am wrong but i think you only get the H if you have an hspa+ phone which is coming out later this summer.


    Quick update, my data really slow so maybe they flipped the switch and things are rebooting around here or whatever the process is. something is definitely going on.

    • NexusOne

      It looks like KC isn’t fully on, but work is in progress… I was on 3G and its dropped down to EDGE and has stayed there for the last hour.

    • would like 2.1 already

      Using cliq xt here in kc in the northland. Pages definitely seem to be loading faster. Haven’t preformed actual speed tests.

  • watbetch(Davidisofnohelp)

    Waco, TX just got 3G and now they have HSPA+?!

  • nain77

    i have 3G about in 75% of connecticut, idk why were not ggetting hspa+ though grr the 3G is very strong n stable her

    • JAKE

      i get hspa speeds in Ct with my Cliq 3924 kbps dwnload and 1045 kbps upload

  • phoneking13

    nothing in Cincinnati yet.

  • TMOprophet

    my vibrant just crashed. had to restart it. stop the pain android. gingerbread or wp7 for the win.

  • Chad

    Getting speeds of 3083 kbps in Austin TX!! WOOT WOOT!

  • gary

    Hahaha I got the ipad

  • Hurlamania

    Still browsing on edge here in cleveland… Will my phone goto H instead of 3G
    And give me 7.2 mb is the coverage gonna be better my 3G coverage is crappy very spotty
    Terrible inside only comes on if I lay down the phone n don’t touch it.

    • Davidohio

      Where in cleveland do you live? I get a strong 3g signal everywhere i go here. You won’t get an H until you have the hspa+ device coming later this summer. Depending on what phone you have right now you will get 3.6 or 7.2 but only if you have a smartphone that can benefit from hspa+ speeds.

  • Shannon

    This is how dedicated I am… while at the Buckcherry show in El Paso tonight, did a test and got these results…

    Download: 2299 kbps
    Upload: 1075 kbps
    Ping: 206 ms

    Now if I could only get HALF that in Las Cruces, I’d be happy!

  • Acaciastrain

    Just speed tested here in KCMO on my Mytouch Slide.

    4092 down
    597 up

    2978 down
    608 up

    3015 dpwn
    618 up

  • Onyxmaza

    I’m in Lafayette, LA and I just clocked at 5.3 down and 2.1 up awesome!! Of course its 3am over here right now

  • kurtis

    just speed tested as well here in Portland, OR on my Moto CLIQ and got

    4009 down
    591 up

    4079 down
    694 up

    3812 down
    685 up

    3845 down
    679 up

  • jesus

    I know right ;( no love for the maryvale area where we need stronger 3G. but still love tmobile though , tmobile rules FTW LOL

  • watbetch(Davidisofnohelp)

    You all will enjoy the new HSPA+ speed!

    T-Mobile is also improving 3G coverage too so there are less holes in 3G coverage. Keep an eye out for that.

    • Bob

      Is it coming to Bartow Florida any time soon?

  • jim

    So what are the next 25 cities that they are gonna launch in? I’m in sacraamento ca, and I’m still patiently waiting.

  • Hmm i live in jacksonville,FL (one of the “newly” launched cities) and it seems like my data speeds got worse. went from 800kbps down to abt 500kbps….

  • gargoyle999

    when a new city is lit up is it just the actual city or surrounding area too? I’m still at 600-800 down when I’m 10-20 miles away from the city of minneapolis proper.

  • gargoyle999

    what are you guys using to test your speed?

    • NokiaN900User

      Go to Speedtest.net

      • abbynormal

        Doesn’t that require Flash?

      • Patrick

        yes…but if you’re tethered then it doesn’t matter AND….if you have a custom android rom that has flash built-in, then you can use speedtest.net perfectly fine(i did this morning lol)

    • darocker22

      Download the speedtest app from the market.

      • abbynormal

        Duh, I never thought of tethering or checking out the market, just knew it didn’t work for me via web. My bad! Thanks guys.

  • Davidohio

    Just ran a speed test here in Cleveland and got 7379kbps download speed! Yippee!

  • pimpstrong

    No change here in kansas city yet

  • Onemangang

    In Dayton Ohio
    Yesterday in someparts of town 4.95mps, In other parts of town 600kbs

  • WildBIll31

    Why is my speedtest.net app not showing the closest server to my location in the settings tab? I am in Dallas, but the closest server listed is Houston; and when I opened the app it had me connecting to a server in Tampa. Can anyone explaine this to me?

    MyTouch 3G Android 1.6

  • Newsong

    No change in speeds for San Antonio

  • podstolom

    Yep, Wichita KS has got it this morning.

    4426 Kbs down 525 Kbs up ping 95 ms to denver server
    3685 Kbs down 546 Kbs up ping 87 ms to chicago server
    3523 Kbs down 584 Kbs up ping 140ms to L.A. server

    Cool. Now what?

  • Patrick

    nothing in indianapolis yet

  • MrCarney

    Does anyone know if they have a list of their 14 phones that benefit from this? Or are they simply referring to phones that are 3g capable?

    • David

      Perhaps the image within the post should give you a clue!

    • Patrick

      and in addition to whats in the pic, the BB Bold and now the Vibrant are both 3g capable smartphones as well

  • jeff

    they have not updated their 4g speeds map.

  • podstolom

    Actually this is nicer than the VZW 3G Gobi card in my netbook. Too bad tethering my dash is a bit of a fiddle-n-futz otherwise I’d turn my Gobi chip off and kiss vzw goodbye. Might do it anyway, save myself some money. wish this modem worked on T-Mo. New Gobi chips coming out now support HSPA+ and LTE but don’t know if they will support T-Mo’s 3G frequencies or not. My Gobi only gets EDGE on T-Mo.

  • jordanrules

    Guatiao says:
    July 21, 2010 at 12:36 AM
    3G signal is being tested and detected around Puerto Rico. Turn it on already TMO!!!

    where where i still dont see it!!!!does it work ive been hearing this since may of last year!!! aaaaaa this internet sucks big time and now the calls drop so much but at least i get to play with my vibrant.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Checked last night and three different locations here in Kansas City this morning, including the Plaza area just a few minutes ago. No change in my speeds, they’re the same as they’ve been for over the past month since I got my N1. :(

    • pimpstrong

      Yeah I just tested at 435&63rd street with just 1900Kb still. We already get fast speeds so I think we may get over 5Mbs pretty soon.

    • pantlesspenguin

      I work in the outskirts of Olathe where I barely see 3G. I’m excited to test the new speeds out when I go home to north Overland Park. Stupid question: I have the Vibrant & I keep it on EDGE most of the time to conserve battery life. Will I see faster speeds on EDGE, or do I need to keep it on 3G?


        just tested here in overland park. 3063 and 538 on my VIB

  • mailman13877

    Funny how this site left out the paragraph that says “theoretically its slower than 4G on LTE n Wi Max”.Engadget isn’t bias but its obvious that this site is for THIS article.

    • mailman13877

      That’s why I read the same articles twice from a different site to see if there’s a slant. Engadget has the real version of this. Not talking bout anything other than THIS article.

      • pimpstrong

        My question is why is sprint 4g not much faster than it is? Early tech issue?

    • pantlesspenguin

      Did you ever think that the particular Engadget author could be biased, as well? After all, Sprint’s 4G isn’t “true 4G” either. Also, it could be read as “it’s theoretically slower” as in slower on paper, if you believe that HSPA+ is slower than 4G, but clock speeds MAY show that this isn’t the case.

    • Bruce Banner

      Mailman I really wish David would block you from the site. I take that back, I enjoy the others piling on you in the comments.

  • cronin

    I don’t get why speedtest think that Washington, DC server is 20 miles away when I’m located in Jacksonville, FL… wtf… I am only getting 1.5Mbps and few days ago with a server that’s 30 miles away, I was getting almost 3Mbps :(

    • Behold2User

      I’ve been getting a server all the way out into california while i’m in Boston area….. Figure that out =D

    • pimpstrong

      Yea I’m gettin no servers close to me at all either

    • Davidohio

      A speed test depends on several factors and conditions. take five in a row and get an average.

    • iFloss™

      If i’m not mistaken in the speedtest app you can just go to settings and choose the closest server o__________O

      • iFloss™

        and if you choose the closer server your download speeds are going to drastically improve. Atleast 400kbps download (from personal experience)

        I have a Touch Pro2 and I do the test when I’m in Android 2.2; hopefully by the end of next week I’m going to have my Nexus One so I could run the test whenever I feel like it =]

    • rizzo

      ditto. I’m from Jacksonville, too and my speedtest.net links me to the same server. Odd…

  • MuLtIpAsS

    I am in JAX FL, also and I am getting anywhere from 1.5mb to 1.8mb today. I have been anywhere from 600k to 1.2mb over the last few weeks so not much of an improvement.

    T-Mobile HD2 with CHT mods.

    Long Live XDA!

    • cronin

      Mehhhhh… since Friday when I got my Vibrant, slowest I got was 1.5mb and 3.77mb highest using McClenny or Tampa servers… but with South Carolina server, I’m getting 1.5 MAX…. booooo

  • HaVoktek

    Somethin’ to brag about!

  • Jerry

    god dammit tmobile, does chicago not exist on your map?! w/e if verizon’s LTE network means it has a sim card, ill be going back to them. better coverage, better service, and now better phones.

    • D Griffin

      VZW won’t be pushing LTE phones until next year at the earliest.

    • mailman13877

      Once again TMO comes in in 4th place. Verizon 4G launch is September 14th so I guarantee a 4G phone b4 he end of the year. They don’t move slow like this one company we all know.They’re already launching the droid 2 as early as the 12th if next month. Smh at some 4th place companies.

    • Max

      I think they are testing the network now in Chicago. Last night I was on Navy Pier and according to SpeedTest app on my Vibrant I got 5.1Mb/sec down and ~600Kb up. I got around 3.4Mb down in Millenium Park. But the farther you go from downtown the more speed drops which leads me to believe TMO is testing in specific areas of the city before flipping the switch on the entire city.

      • Reder

        Were you showing H on your phone or 3G? I work two blocks from Millennium park, and I’m still getting 1.5M tops (Edge only in my office).

    • Davidohio

      Why would verizon’s LTE network use sim cards? They are not gsm lol. Just hang in there, in a couple months when the new hspa+ htc comes out it will be faster than sprint’s 4g or verizon’s lte or even at&t’s network! patience is not a bad thing.

  • mailman13877

    Lol HSPA+ is supposed to “theoretically slower” n it is. TMO has finally succeeded. Go TMO go TMO go go go TMO. Celebrate this time come on lol.

    • Davidohio

      Your comment makes absolutely no sense at all, like you. Give it up already. As usual you don’t know what you are talking about. It is a well documented fact that t-mobile’s hspa+ network blows Sprint’s spotty and limited 4g network out of the water lol. I have a Nokia Nuron and i bet it is faster than your over rated Evo lmao! My download speed was recorded at over 8000kbps this morning in Cleveland. Now who has “settled”? and later this summer when i get the new htc hspa+ dedicated device, the first in the usa, i will get mind blowing download speeds and you will still have your beloved evo on the worst network there is, sprint pcs (Poor Crappy Service) haha!!

      • mailman13877

        Listen Davidohio
        I’m just going based on the original article which states lte 4g n wi max 4g is faster in theory. It must be if the other 3 big companies above aren’t using HSPA+ as a 4g replacement.

      • Patrick

        I dont think t-mobile is using it as a replacement…but an “in the mean time”. There’s already been evidence that they plan on upgrading it to 42mbps, as well as plans to eventually move to LTE. HSPA+ is a tested technology that works and barely costs anything more to upgrade to it. AT&T is doing the same thing. They’re upgrading their network to HSPA+ until their LTE gets ready.

        Right now, LTE is slower that HSPA+, and it will be until at least 2012 when LTE 72.2(or whatever it is) is ready and working. By then though, T-Mobile will have(er…SHOULD have) most things in place to begin the transition over to LTE. In addition, all the kinks will have been worked out by Verizon and AT&T that may arise in the meantime. Verizon won’t even have LTE deployed to most of its network until end of 2011.

        Quite honestly though…..with the exception of peer-to-peer crap…..what benefit does being able to download at 42mbps have? Web browing will NOT be affected. Music downloads or Blockbuster downloads will NOT be affected because websites just don’t allow for much more than a few mb/sec download speeds to try to eliminate massive bandwidth use. at 21mbps, you’re downloading at almost 3mb/s(megabytes/second)….most websites don’t even allow you to download over 1….MAYBE 2. I know because I have Comcast internet at home and rarely ever download over 8mbps(1mb/s). So…..by the time download speeds get that fast….it REALLY won’t matter anymore.

      • pimpstrong

        I agree with you Patrick on the fact that these superfast mobile speeds aren’t really necessary right now. And with that said I’m SOOOO glad I’m on T-mobile and can enjoy FOR FREE enhanced speeds on my Vibrant as a side effect of the HSPA+ network. I get 8Mbps from my router through WiFi on Comcast, so 4-5Mbps on my cell is more than enough.

        Hell I can already YouTube HD on my phone with about 1.5Mbps of regular HSPA.

    • Patrick

      plus i don’t think LTE has the ability to do internet AND voice data at the same time right now.

  • Snowdaze

    Still No HSPA+ South St. Paul, MN ;( It should be part of the Minneapolis Market. Maybe latter on some time.

    • Nothing on the West Side of Saint Paul or in Farmington either. :(

    • Shawn

      Also in Minneapolis… only getting .5 mbps download

      • gargoyle999

        I’m only getting .5-.8 in Lakeville and Bloomington…same as I always got. Boooooo…..

    • Talked to T-Mo yesterday, sounds like high speeds will be starting right in downtown and moving to the suburbs eventually. I’m kinda pissed. I live 1 mile fromdowntown Saint Paul and get the same speed as before.

  • Barry

    Yea the one keyword you left out is “theoretically slower” After the 28th you better be gone and not “theoretically” gone but poof,pow,begone and no Brett Favre floundering when Tmo rolls out the new phones cause I’m kicking ya @$$ off the fence to get your “evooooo ftw” lmfao

    • mailman13877

      Lol Barry
      You settlers are so humerus. Theories usually have some truth to them n I think this one does. Besides no matter how fast TMO HSPA should be the fact is in NYC which is all I care for..there’s terrible service n congestion so the speed is slowed down dramatically.That doesn’t happen with Sprint,Verizon n. ATT IN NYC. I’m stuck with TMO till Sprint gets refills on the Evo lol. Evioooo..ftw

  • onthecouchagain

    My Bold 9700 does not feel faster at all while browsing. Is the Bold 9700 not one of the smartphones benefiting from this?

  • nasnan

    9 miles outside of D.C. using D.C. server on Speedtest.net: 619kb down, 770kb up. Not good…

  • homer

    Just did the test on my nexus in auburn which is 25 miles south of Seattle and speedtest shows 2mbs down and 1 up my fiances vibrant showed same. Not bad since auburn used to be a dead zone.

  • KC Guy

    So my Vibrant should pick up the new signal boost, right?

    No change off 435 and the river, still 1300-1900.

    Also no change at work a little south of the stadiums…

    • lxrep ou812

      in Overland Park,KS getting 3 mbps d/l and 600 mbps u/l from my area on my Vibrant

      • KC Guy

        Ah, figures! Thanks! Guess I need to call technical support and clue them in that they forgot to throw the switch for KC, MO on that upgrade!

        I am pretty solid 600 up though, which is good.

      • darocker22

        You must of meant 600kbps, because the max upload speed is 5.8 Mbit/s

  • swoosh042507

    new york>> im getting 6mps down and 4 mps up on my vibrant

    • mailman13877

      I’m in the Bronx now n I can youtube my speedtest for proof. I’m ran it just now on my G1 and I’m getting 1.28mps download an 0.34mps upload. That’s terrible and I’m on ground level.TMO service is just to congested.

      • mailman13877

        Just ran it again n now I get 163 down n 0.35 up. Still terrible. Sprint hurry n refill the Evo.

      • pantlesspenguin

        Mm hmm…I’m sure it has absolutely NOTHING to do w/ the fact that you’re using a nearly 2 year old handset in one of the most populated areas in the country…

  • Vinny

    I am in Boston area and my coverage according to the T-Mobile HSPA+ map puts me in their HSPA+ speeds. When are they turning us on? Come on TMO Boston is a huge market and along the 128 technology highway their are millions of customers just dying for that switch to be flipped. Come on TMO show us some love. We pay our bills also.

  • Ryan414

    Milwaukee yesterday was 1900kbps down 553kbps up, today 5830 kbps down 538 kbps up Glad I replaced my G1 with a Vibrant now I can take advantage of the new speed :-)

  • Snowdaze

    Nothing yet.. I am now in East St. Paul, (Just east of Down Town St. Paul Phalen Blvd.) Its actually down to GPRS and Edge only!!!! I’ll just forget about it for now.

    • mike

      Hey snowdaze can you pick a speedtest server anywhere close to St. Paul??? I cant!! My closest is Iron Mountain…..and my speeds worse now then ever before!! live in Rosemount, MN

      • snowdaze

        No Dice Mike. I’m getting the same as you. My speeds are to a crawl now. Maybe it means something good cometh our way!

    • dailyreader

      MN here – I’m inside the 494/694 loop and I’ve been watching my phone all day. When 3G launched last August, it was inside that loop only. I get 3G all the way out in Apple Valley now, I had expectations of seeing the “H” on my TP2 when I got to work today. No luck as of yet, maybe it’s only actually in Minneapolis “proper”…

  • J

    These speeds will go up. These sites were all launched with a specific bandwidth. The bandwidths are adjustable now, so heavy data areas can be easily increased.

  • Patrick

    @ mailman

    you realize that the article Engadget posted actually makes T-Mobile look better right? In their article you’re right, it says HSPA+ is(theoretically) slower than LTE and WiMAX…..but that would mean that only IN THEORY is it slower….but in real world use…it’s faster. That’s been proven time and time again. As of now, LTE will only get about 8-12mbps(thats what Verizon themselves said) but it CAN get up to 50-100mbps. ULTIMATELY it could achieve 300+mbps….but as I stated….all of that is “in theory” so really…..right now….T-Mobile has the fastest network in the USA. WiMAX shouldn’t even ben mentioned lol

  • Barry

    #Mailman My man it is documented as being faster which not only makes it theory but fact. and like I said don’t comeback Favre when the vanguard and emerald hit.

  • timmyjoe42

    I’m in Cincinnati and get over 1400 kbps download and over 600 kbps upload which is way better than normal. For some reason the local server is Columbus, OH which is 100 miles away even though it is telling me DC is closer at 20 miles.

  • Beto123

    Is that EL PASO! Yep, yes it is! GOOOOOO EL PASO!

  • Vinyldestination

    Has anyone tried using this on an actual Webconnect Rocket? And in NYC by any chance? Thinking about dropping Time Warner Cable, but still on the fence. I calculated last night from Queens that my Time Warner Internet (Earthlink) was Downloading at about 9MBs. My Tmobile Webconnect Jet was DL at around 4-5MBs.

    Debating about getting the Rocket or Rocket 2.0 if it’s faster than my Time Warner and Jet. Share the knowledge kids!!

  • MuLtIpAsS

    I agree with Patrick… Bottom line is that anything over 1.5mbps on a phone will be fine. Who cares about LTE/4g or whatever. The speeds are to the point that its going to work quickly, what we all should be worried about is coverage and whether or not your carrier has unlimited data plans at a good price. What are you peeps trying to do with your phone anyway?

    Enjoy the speeds! (If you are getting them).

    • mailman13877

      Well if that’s your opinions which I agree with then wasn’t I saying the same thing bout speed on the hummingbird vs snapdragon n you guys were saying I’m wrong.

  • mailman13877

    I’m just saying they got this theory from some sort of test so maybe its true. Also to the guy who say my speed test is slow cuzz I use a 2yr old phone..doesn’t matter cuzz the g1 is still a 3g phone. That means TMO in NYC sux where I’m at.

    • pantlesspenguin

      1) I’m not a guy.

      2) I made the comment about the 2 year old phone because it was one of (or maybe the first?) 3G phone on T-Mobile. HSPA wasn’t even a glint in T-Mo’s eyes back then. It’s understandable to think that the hardware may be capped at a certain speed. I really don’t know, just guessing.

      3) OK, so T-Mo happens to suck where your at. Sprint happens to suck where I’m at (which is ironic, because I’m located in the same city as Sprint’s headquarters). But, you don’t hear me bashing Sprint, do you? I understand that they work very well in other locations. That’s great! Your hatred of T-Mobile makes no sense. So they don’t work well where you are. Who the f*ck cares? At the end of the day, you need to chose the carrier based on what works the best in your area. All your bashing of T-Mo & the Vibrant just makes it sound like you WANT T-Mo & the Vibrant to work where you are, & you’re butthurt because they don’t.

  • Dommer

    1000-1400 kbs in lenexa, up from the 500-700 kbs. Thats with one bar of service on both

  • rushmore

    That is all fine and dandy, but they would be losing less customers if they would focus putting 3G in places that only have 2G. Customers do not care as much about super high speed as they do going from 2G to 3G.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Agreed. Heck, even expanding their EDGE coverage westword would be awesome. My folks live in the Arizona boonies & I basically depend on their wifi when I’m there (on both my laptop & phone). When we go into town I go into data withdrawls. I’d be happy as a lark to have 3G (or even EDGE) wherever I travel.

  • mailman13877

    I bash TMO cuzz I’m still under contract till the Evo is in stock. Wouldn’t bash sprint if I haven’t tried it. I care cuzz its my area so floor your city to. I bash TMO for all their failures n this happened to be one of them. They haven’t set up 3G towers fully but they are rushing HSPA? Sounds like more trouble.I’ll bash em if I want cuzz they screwed me n until I leave m being screwed.

    • mailman13877

      Fck..not floor

    • pantlesspenguin

      Why don’t you see if Sprint will pay your ETF? I’ve heard of them doing that. Just tell them how unhappy you are w/ T-Mo & that you’re dying to switch. I’m sure the EVO will be in stock soon. Just leave already & go to some Sprint forum & tell them how anxious you are to join their ranks. And really, you should’ve done more research before signing onto T-Mo. You’re just angry because YOU are full of fail, not them.

      • mailman13877

        Yea I should’ve done my research back in 01 but I made a mistake an found out the hard way.Should’ve researched that the only phone that would ever live up to its hype was the lone android at the time in the G1.Shoulda saw that they’d offer 3yr customers a loyalty plan an turn down 9yr customers who never had a late payment.Shoulda saw that in NYC the worst signal company of the 4 is TMO..shoulda saw that while TMO had the G1 the other companies was bout to unleash a fury of superphones that woops a** an don’t leave out priceless features (memory is not priceless..there’s a price for that on ebay lol)..shoulda researched that while people are getting 6mps down an 3up I was gonna pay for 1.63mps at tops down n 0.35up..that’s a huge difference an I want that diff..if it was 10mps down vs 7mps down id be ok cuzz they’re both fast but 6 to 1.5 is 3G fast to 2G basically an I ain’t paying for that no more.Those seem to be all bad things I missed.Lemme see what good they did..customer service,G1 and that’s it..but wait why do I count cs if I rarely have to call em?smfh..I will bash any company that does that to me including Sprint…shoulda researched that TMO was gonna hype up every phone and they’d all turn out to be a laughing stock in the face of the competitors.anything I forget to research?

  • watbetch

    Even though a city has HSPA+, that doesn’t mean that you will have HSPA+ throughout the entire city just yet.

  • RockHead

    I’m on Boston’s north shore, just got my Vibrant and I’m seeing 10+ mbps downloads on SpeedTest. Holy crap, I just got 18.9 Mbps down! Pretty sure HSPA is live here…

  • Stanly

    Near downtown Cleveland here. Went from 1200 kbs for the last month or so to 4300 kbs this morning. Woohoo! Go Tmo! I’ve been waiting so long for this moment hahah

  • Jon

    Anyone know if central NJ gets any of the HSPA+ signal? I’m afraid NYC and Philly (both areas explicitly with HSPA+) are too far away, and that central NJ (around the Princeton / West Windsor area) won’t see HSPA+ for a while yet. Anyone know how far the faster service penetrates central NJ?

    – Jon

  • Anthony in Utah

    I can’t wait for it to be here in SLC, UT ! ! ! !
    I passed up on the Samsung Vibrant to see if T-Mobile will have anything better or up to par with it…. hopefully we see something next month or September for my birthday :P HAHA every year thats my excuse to get a new phone…. its my birthday gift to myself :P

  • mailman13877

    Oh I forgot to research that every so OFTEN my 3G drops an I have to put it in airplane mode an turn it back off to get an internet connection..Shoulda known that I always get 5 bars on 2G but never more than 2 on 3G..still don’t understand why that happens..but anyways..shoulda known when u lose that 3G connection it would take 15 min just to get it back with all the rebooting or airplane moding…anything else..I don’t see what good they’ve done for ME so I can bash em..now if I was making these things up or bashing em when I never been with em then I can say I’m wrong but nottttt

  • t-swaggr


    You are so annoying..

  • RockHead

    Never mind, I’m an idiot. Wifi was on! LOL

  • pantlesspenguin

    Mailman – you sound about as retarded as women who stay w/ men who beat them. Been w/ them since ’01, w/ that bad of service, but still stayed w/ them? Your fail, not theirs. If a company did me that wrong, I sure as hell wouldn’t stay w/ them. And that last part is COMPLETELY your opinion. I haven’t had a crappy smartphone w/ T-Mobile, ever. And I’m including Sidekicks in that. And no, I never “settled.” I always got what I wanted.

    Your story would be better heard over on Sprint forums. The people who read this forum are here because we have an INTEREST in T-Mo & what’s in store for us. I’d wager to say that the majority of us have had a wonderful experience w/ T-Mo. So, your rantings are following on deaf ears. Over on Sprint forums you’ll prolly find people who have been done wrong by T-Mo and/or other carriers. There, you’ll be able to comiserate about the wrongdoings of T-Mo w/ each other.

    • mailman13877

      Your probably right bout being on a sprint forum but I’m not a sprint customer yet so its not something to do.With the lil time I have left on TMO I will spread my stories so let people considering coming to tMo can have an idea of what bad service is like so they know u guys GOOD stories at its best an TMO at its WORST from me.My opinion may just help 1 customer even if its 1 who is thinking bout TMO..an also idk bout that customer service cuzz I actually needed help once.Since I’ve had my G1 I have been unable to consistently receive MMS for some reason.never goes through but I can send em an it works.TMO only solution was master reset an that never helped.Now idk if it’s a consequence of rooting my G1 or if its TMO but I’m gonna ssume its them based on their bad service to me since the “you can do everything on a phone” era started..b4 that stuff the service was great cuzz it was just sms n calls but now when its more..that’s my experiences.Bet your a** I’m pissed.

      • pantlesspenguin

        And based from your experiences you have every right to be pissed. BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND that your arguments are falling on deaf ears here, & all you’re doing is pissing people off. I can understand wanting to tell people about your horrible experiences, but this is NOT the venue to posts your rants!!! Post your experiences on review sites, like epinions.com, etc. Those are the places that people go when they’re shopping around. This forum, in case you haven’t noticed, is made up of people who already have the service & just want to be up-to-date on what phones & services are coming around the bend.

      • Reder

        So you use a 2 year old phone that you effectively bricked by rooting, and you blame T-mo for it.

        Can someone ban this guy already?

  • wtf


  • no thanks

    Columbus, OH did not launch today as stated in this alleged press release. This press release as of 1:30 EDT is NOT on T-Mobile’s site so is it even a real one or guerrilla advertising? T-Mobile employee confirmed that Columbus does not have HSPA+ today and cannot state when it will have such support.

  • dalecooper

    DavidOhio – you’re really funny. You’re bashing sprint, when was the last time you used an evo on sprint? I am currently with sprint and the evo after being on Tmobile with my N1. I’m in Columbus and sprint’s 3g demolishes tmobile (before the HSPA+ deployment – which I’m gonna stop at a store on my way home from work to do some testing)…. I get 1500d/700u on sprint in Columbus consistently (as high as 1850) with ping time around 200. Not to mention I’m connected to 3g in more places on sprint with stronger signal than i was with tmobile – however that could definitely be due to the buggy nexus one 3g issue.

    Now, I was pretty pleased with tmobile (their customer service/reps are awesome in every store I’ve been in), and am considering going back just because HSPA+ got rolled out so much ahead of time here in Columbus! Like I told a tmobile rep the other day – cool phones are nice, but having a fast network is alot cooler (at least in my opinion) and I don’t see sprint expanding their 4g network too quickly. Not to mention the potential for TRUE hspa+ speeds when a compatible device gets here….

  • dalecooper

    nothanks – it was live last week in the Polaris area – I hit 3000 kbps on a vibrant in the tmobile store. They also gave me a map showing all the new/upgraded towers. Some reps are truly clueless though.

    • er86

      Amazing… Easton store has no maps… TMO chat/phone persons don’t even know what “3G+” or “HSPA+” means, let alone what is going on in the Columbus market. I hate Polaris, but it is worth the drive if SOMEONE has a clue what is going on!

  • mailman13877

    Let’s say you were right again an I have been going in on TMO to much now.I’m still gonna stay even if it pisses people off on here cuzz I’ve called people settlers but in return people has called me fag,stupid,idot,on ur period..etc..that alone makes me wanna keep at it but also at the same time there are customers who may be thinking bout renewing their contracts an have some similar issues with TMO an when they notice it’s not just them they will leave an trust me..even if it’s 1 loss TMO cares an I don’t care for them vanishing from the US since they have had me played like a fool..That goes for Sprint or any other company I ever join so don’t think it’s only at TMO. Now there have also been people reading this blog that’s been thinking bout switching over for the vibrant.My comments may help save 1 person from switching to the vibrator an getting that evo or droid x an that makes me happy cuzz for every loss to another top phone TMO panics more an I’m only returning the LOYALTY they gave me.All this time I’m thinking my 3G speed is up to par till this morning reading 6mps down an when I do a speed test in the #1 city for 3G an hspa launch I get at best 1.63 mps down an can’t get more than .35 up??idc if I’m annoyin people..I wanna let falen ears or whatever ur term was hear it.They hear it to cuzz every1 seems to respond.Even if they hear it in another way..maybe 1 day when they start having issues they will think back an remember my words.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Believe me, no one’s going to remember a thing you say because you’ve completely discredited yourself. Yes, people have insulted you, but you dished it out first by basically insulting everyone & anyone who’s interested in T-Mobile, even though this service may be the best service in their particular area. You’re not helping ANYONE decide ANYTHING because you’re so biased against T-Mobile because of your experiences. You may be deterring people from T-Mobile & the Vibrant even though this service & phone may be exactly what that person needs. You may think that you’re getting people to rethink their choice to stay w/ T-Mobile &/or getting the Vibrant, but trust me, you’re not. You’re just annoying everyone who’s trying to come here for legit info.

      It’s reasonable to think that today there may be a bit of funkiness in T-Mobile’s service today since they’re flipping the switch on HSPA in many locations. I’m @ work so I haven’t used my phone much, but I did experience some spotty service this morning @ home where I usually get blazing fast speeds. Am I all up in arms about it? Nope. I know it’ll work itself out within the next few hours.

  • daymtim

    how come the blackberry bold 9700 is not pictured above =p lol does this mean it wont work on the 9700?

  • 007

    what happen to phoenix AZ?

  • MetalMessiah78

    I’m in El Paso, TX and we just got HSPA+ today. I wanted to brag about the amazing speeds we are getting here. Ran SpeetTest 5 times on my MyTouch3G.

    Test 1: 299 Down 174 Up
    Test 2: 342 Down 221 Up
    Test 3: 413 Down 213 Up
    Test 4: 319 Down 220 Up
    Test 5: 883 Down 149 Up

    Average: 451.2 Down 195.4

    By the way, these were all done using a server in El Paso, TX.

    I’m amazed by the HSPA+ speeds. #FAIL!

    • watbetch

      Your MT3G is most of the fail. No HSUPA is enabled and that is evident based on those upstream speeds. Get a phone packed with less #FAIL

      • eYe

        MyTouch is still a capable phone. I’ve hit 2400kbits down and about 250kbits up on my G1 so you might want to reconsider that #fail. Sure, it’s not a Vibrant… but it doesn’t have the GPS problem neither. And he is still eligible for upgrade unlike all of you who went for Vibrant.

  • drehd2

    Dayton Ohio… TMOBILE is blazing fast. Over 5000kbps on hd2 and only 876kbps on sprint’s treo pro. Thanks TMobile. took screen shots and will post link to picks when i get off work. GO GO GO…

  • dalecooper

    @daymtim – The 9700 is capable of 3.6mbps HSDPA (not 7.2 like nexus one for example) – so in theory you should be able to max download around 3600 kbps. If you’re still seeing 600kbps like typical tmobile 3g – you’re not hitting an HSPA+ tower.

  • wardobuffalo64

    In Honolulu, speeds seem slower today… Maybe they didn’t flip the switch. To be continued

  • dalecooper

    @daymtim – The 9700 is capable of 3.6mbps HSDPA (not 7.2 like nexus one for example) – so in theory you should be able to max download around 3600 kbps. If you’re still seeing 600kbps like typical tmobile 3g – you’re not hitting an HSPA+ tower.

    For your blackberry try using this site – http://i.dslr.net/iphone_speedtest.html

  • LSxChevelle

    The speed tests I have done have been good in the Seattle area. With the Slide I have seen 5mbps dl and on the Vibrant 5.5mbps dl in Tukwila (5 miles south of Seattle). Where I live I go between Edge and 3G. I now stay on 3G more consistently and get a consistent .9-1.5mbps dl. Have to say that ain’t half bad.

  • tokinotabumblb

    I’m in Jacksonville, and I dont have HSPA yet. :(

  • bj

    Honolulu, HI
    LA Server
    Samsung Vibrant

    2.62 D / 1.27 U
    2.63 D / 1.24 U
    1.75 D / 1.28 U
    3.30 D / 1.29 U
    2.55 D / 1.30 U

    I know the Vibrant is not HSPA+, but is supposed to benefit from HSPA+, but what speeds should I see if we do have HSPA+?

  • mark s.

    can someone help me out here.. i have a nexus 1 and i live about 25 miles west of cleveland ohio…when i goto the settings in speed test and click on the server list it shows atlantas ga as being 19.86 miles…what does that distance mean? it cant be the distance from me..can someone please explain so i can better understand this thanks

  • dalecooper

    @bj – Those speeds you’re seeing means HSPA+ is active in Honolulu. Your vibrant is capped at 7.2 d. If you were to have a TRUE HSPA+ device (which does not exist right now as far as a phone), you would be able to go OVER 7.2 in theory if the network supported it. ….

    The web connect rocket referenced in the article is HSPA+ supported… meaning if you’re connecting to the network with that, theres a chance you can hit above 7.2 With your vibrant, aka NOT an hspa+ device, it is impossible to go over 7.2

    • bj

      @dalecooper – Thanks! Wow…I didn’t do a speed test w/ my G1, so I was wondering if the Vibrant seemed so much faster just because it’s newer.

  • tee

    I work in alexandria va i really dont see a diffrence I get around 2000-1000k down…. wack

  • catsigh

    I’m in St Louis MO and have the Samsung vibrant. I love it so far, and was pleasantly surprised when St Louis was listed as one of the HSPA+ cities starting today. My manual says when there is a HSPA connection, the phone will have a H instead of a 3G. So far that hasn’t happened.

    Also I can’t seem to get the Samsung website to give me the drop down to register the phone. Anyone else having this issue?

  • robert

    I’m in austin and I haven’t seem the ‘H’ yet on my htc hd2. is this automatic or do i need to change a setting?

  • Lemarg

    Liveninn Minneapolis and still haven’t seen an h on my vibrant

    • gargoyle999

      Nothing faster on my HD2 or TP2 in Lakeville or Bloomington either.

    • watbetch

      You won’t ever see an H so you can stop looking for it.

  • dalecooper

    Forget the h… go to the Android market place download speedtest.net app…. if you’re above 2000 or so then you are definitely feeling the new speeds. When I tested in the store I didn’t have an H

  • Bengiepr

    Hey Tmobile bring 3G here to Puerto Rico, we want HSPA+. Nobody from Tmobile stores knows for sure when is going to be implemented, some say at the end of this month. We see the 3G network active but they are testing it, everybody is waiting but if you keep delaying the speeds every customer will end up with At&t the competition in the island is very tight.

  • God i hope clevelands bipolar network gets lit up fully really soon. in my apartment downtown, literally downtown cleveland, ive gotten download speeds from 300-2000 kbps in the same spot.

    • David Thomas

      The network is finicky for me in the Cleveland Heights area, but so far I’ve only seen up to 1000kbps/600kpbs (up/down, respectively) tonight. I’ll have to test it at various bus stops and downtown.

  • Mark

    Hell with the HSPA+ where is the 3G?

  • Brandon Peters

    You wont see “H” on your phone unless you have a custom rom like Cyanogen installed. It has an icon for “H” so you will see it jump from 3G to H. If you have a stock phone and are on H it will still show 3G. You can see which network you’re attached to at the time by dialing *#*#4636#*#* There you can see what you’re attached to and if you want you can force 3G only if the coverage is good in your area.

    On a more related note. Im not too impressed with HSDPA+ in Cincinnati. I got 2500kps at 3am but during the hrs of 6am-11pm its 1,000kps or less. Usually less.
    I.e around 600-800kps. So even though we “have it” it isnt really a reliable speed at all. Not even close.

    I’d actually like to see less 3G deadspots in the bigger cities as well as seeing the general 3G footprint expanded. I applaud them for going from 3G to HSDPA+ in such a short amount of time but unless people can use 3G reliably without getting kicked to Edge constantly for random amount of time this new speed does us no good in the long run. Its all marketing.

  • cybah

    But still no Boston in the list.. What’s the hold up T-Mo? Providence and CT have it, but not Boston. I know the equipment is there and ready to go (as my moles locally tell me), but it hasn’t been switched on yet.

    Brandon: That code does not work for me, I get a generic “call cannot be completed as dialed.

  • gargoyle999

    Anyone in the Minneapolis “area” seen faster speeds? Doesn’t seem like anything changed.

    • eYe

      When they first tweeted about HSPA+ being available, I went outside and tested with my G1. I got 2430down/160up. Haven’t seen it again, now hovering about 800down/150up. Reception is still very spotty around town.

  • Tom

    Just tested in the west village of NYC. Thursday, 4pm.

    5,327kbps down. 1,329kbps up.

    • Vinyldestination

      Did you do the test with a Rocket Tom?? In NYC too and thinking about getting a Rocket to drop TWC internet.

      • tom

        Nope, tested on my Vibrant. I can reliably hit 5000kbps down in the village, between 1-3000kbps elsewhere. Upstream has been solid @ 1,300kbps all over.

  • Miguel

    so the golden boy Vibrant isn’t able to run on HSPA+ ? phone is pretty quick since ive had it, just asking.

  • dalecooper

    Blah – just switched back to TMO from sprint… my 3g speeds are still normal 3g – the rep did say something about an issue with the towers that popped up that they’re trying to resolve.

    @brandon peters – you make alot of good points, I hope it gets reliable. Sprint wasn’t 4g where I was but at least they were good reliable 3g speeds.

  • robert

    TMO just told me that HSPA is still launching and it not officially turned on in Austin. The rep said Dallas is the only city in Texas he can confirm that has HSPA up and running. He also said he didn’t see anything that said a H icon will appear once connected. Are people really seeing an H like I see on other post? I’m using a stock HD2

  • gargoyle999

    T-MO needs to improve the network before selling Iphones and getting all the new subscribers that will come with it. I live near Minneapolis where HSPA+ was supposed to have been turned on this week. I live about 1000 feet from a cell tower and get 4 bars on my HD2.

    Yet my download speed is between 400-800kbs. Tonight it is only in the 140’s! Think that will fly with all new the Iphone users?

  • Hurlamania

    my slide says I will get a H why wouldn’t I? also I can’t even get 3g in my house now it was spotty before and had to ly the phone down and not touch it now nothing Ive been on Edge for over a week and even 75% of the time outside Im now just getting edge. when I do *#*#4636#*#* what should i choose? it was at WCDMA in my normal setttings it’s WCDMA/GSM
    Im in cleveland by the way.

  • dalecooper

    I think there are some definite tower issues with the cities that just launched HSPA+. I don’t know if it is my nexus one, and I didn’t really pay attention when I was signing up yesterday at the tmo store – but one of the reps said they shut a couple towers down or something was going on. I’m getting worse 3g speeds than I was – nothing above 550 down stream. Not to mention tmobile is assigning me an IP address that says modesto, ca is the closest server to me based on where its trying to connect (I’m in Ohio). I’m gonna call or stop by the store today and ask them whats going on.

  • Snowdaze

    Anybody in the Minneapolis Market getting anything above 1.5M yet?? The map shows we are LIVE http://t-mobile-coverage.t-mobile.com/hspa#, but I have not noticed any changes yet. As a mater of fact it is slower than before!

  • Patrick

    how do i know if i am getting those “H” speeds?

    • dalecooper

      DO A SPEED TEST – Its been said throughout this thread (please read) – either point your phone’s browser to http://i.dslr.net/iphone_speedtest.html OR for more accuracy if you have an android phone – download the speedtest.net app. If you’re over 1500 kbps download you’re hitting an hspa tower (normal tmobile 3g is around 700-800)

  • Bobby

    Im still waiting for 3g here in newark ohio. My vibrant does much better on edge then what my cliq did. I just can’t wait for the day when I don’t have to find wifi to get fast download speeds.

  • bliss

    I have been a T-Mobile user for over 10 years now and my main concern over the years have been, CONNECTION,,CONNECTION,,CONNECTION !!!!!

    That factor lone is THE mother load of all of T-Mobile’s issues/problems. Connecting to Edge or 3G or ANY band has been the achilies hill of T-Mobile. They are talking about HSPA+ when their 3G isn’t even complete. Problem? It’s their lack of capability/resources (in satellite towers) to bring their so called 3G or in this case HSPA+ bands to their clients.

    I live in Bay area, otherwise known as the Silicon Valley, a high tech mecca of the world and STILL to this day have dead spots in various ares of my town, including inside large structures, building and even apartment complexes. This is embarrassing to say the least to be living in one of THE most technologically advanced, as far as location, and have no 3G let alone the newly being advertised HSPA+.

    Until T-Mobile installs, builds, expands and or adds it’s satellite towers, it won’t matter what speed they put out, it will make no difference when we can’t get it!!

    So, a shout out to T-Mobilie: FIX YOUR COVERAGE ISSUES, before you jump another step.

  • catsigh

    Well I have had a few really high numbers downloads as high as between 3-4000 but it’s terribly inconsistent. One minute I get 600 download and a few minutes later, 2000, 3000 and 4000. Then it may be on Edge for a while.

    Meantime the Vibrant is a pretty sweet phone and once I get all the nuances of setting it up the way I want it, I think I’ll be happy enough for the next two years. No matter what I buy something even more awesome will come in a few months. It’s really amazing how more and more keep coming.

  • Sino8r

    They just added HSPA+ in my city and it is pathetic. Only like 10% of the towers seem to have actually improved. I can get 3-6mb on those few towers but the others remain at 1mb as a top speed. The sad thing is the areas that have been claimed to be upgraded (via data coverage map) remain the same old HSPA and not HSPA+. tmobile’s network is a joke… and they wanna add the data hogging iphone?! No way… that would criple our weak network to crawling speeds! I really hope they improve these towers…

  • Stephen

    T-Mobile can roll out all the fast 3G they want, the thing that still hinders it is the data caps… 5Gb? you have got to be kidding…
    As long as Sprint offers no data caps on 3G(via evo) and no Data caps on anything that uses 4G, T-Mobile will remain a fourth place competitor…
    Why doesn’t T-Mobile offer a Wireless router type thing like the OVerdrive?
    If T-Mobile were to get rid of the data caps(not even throttled) I would consider switching back, but since in the month that I switched back to Sprint for the EVO i’ve used 20Gb’s of data between the phone, and hotspot usage….

    T-Mobile’s caps on a fast network would be like Time Warner Cable offering 50Mb/s service but putting a 10Gb cap on it and throttling you down to dial up if you go over…

  • dalecooper

    20gb of data? Are you never near an actual wireless connection? Do you have internet at home? 20gb is almost crazy for a mobile device… unless its your ONLY internet connection, and you’re constantly streaming stuff. I.E. – I’m connected to wireless at work, and wireless at home.

    sidenote – I FINALLY hit hspa+ speeds here in Columbus, but it was only one area, so my theory that they’re still working on the full deployment and any glitches, seems correct.

  • Hurlamania

    Still issues In Cleveland, Ohio I get edge 99% of the time no more 3g at home. If im out and get 3g somehow it is slower than edge… keep us updated T-mobile…
    Don’t give the Launch date untill it is 100% Active and working everywhere. This really sucks for me. No one ever answered why I wont get an H? my manual says I will… I have found no where with good speeds mostly because I cant get 3g hardly anywhere now… *#*#4636#*#* wgat is best choice it is set as wcdma prefered ciphering on, dns toggle not allowed
    Anything i should check or change with those or other to help my phone in any way even other than this issue?

  • Hurlamania

    P.S. I Have the slide. where is my froyo??????

  • Casey

    I haven’t found HSPA+ in Columbus yet. I work Downtown and live in Worthington and I’m still getting 600kpbs in both locations..

    • eddie

      I have also yet to find HSPA+ on Columbus and employees at T-Mobile do not know what it even is if you call, say Columbus is not getting it, the press release means “coming soon”, you must buy a newer Rocket, etc. Disappointing at best…

      • dalecooper

        It’s finally BACK to being live in Columbus (speeds over 2000kbps downstream), at least in the Polaris area, and Sawmill area. I’m guessing theyve still been working out the issues with the new rollout.

  • davis

    Nexus one in San Antonio. Prior to 21st i would max at 4000kbps on 3g, usually around 2-3000kbps. Speeds have not changed yet. so….

  • AndrewDover

    Around 1 megabit/second down load with a Web Connect Rocket in Reston, Virginia, with 1 bar.

    although they said:

    “T-Mobile’s HSPA+ mobile broadband service is already live in New York; Philadelphia; Las Vegas; Memphis; Upstate New York; Connecticut; Providence, R.I.; and the Washington, D.C., suburbs.”

  • kjnjknjkn

    blah blah blah

  • Eddie67

    anyone getting 4G on their iphone in mpls? Is a special SIM needed?