Google’s Nexus One Officially Gone

Well that was quick! The Nexus One is no longer available for purchase through Google. This news shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Google had forewarned us last week that it had received its very last shipment of Nexus One handsets. So we bid the first “Superphone” farewell. R.I.P Nexus One.



  • Brandon Peters

    I love my Nexus One. Sad to see it die so soon.

  • in their blog post on Friday they said it’d be available in the developer area.

    I’m a developer and it’s not there yet…I’m hoping it’s there in a bit.

  • Yyevo

    Come on Nexus 2

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Since February I have predicted there will not be a Nexus Two. IMHO Google is getting out of the handset business. They will stick to what they know.


      The Ghost of Eric Schmidt

      • FILA

        well I just really hope everyones wrong about that. We NEED a Stock android phone with the latest to rule them all, and the Nexus is out of date already, makes me sad unless Id get one. I guess its Sense and stupid UI’s from here on out.

  • JaylanPHNX

    The wording of their press release leaves open the possibility or even probability of it being sold in carrier stores.

    • Robnoxious

      I asked T-mob customer care about this a couple weeks ago and they said they were working on that but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

    • Dan

      Sure hope so I really want one!

  • Robnoxious

    Good riddance.

    Technically this was an awesome phone and still is but there was and is no way i’m dropping over $500 on a phone that more than likely will be ready to be recycled in a year or two. I’m awefully careful with my electronics but accidents do happen. And i’m on a family plan and have no interest in getting out of it so the subsidized option was definitely not an option either. Guess i’ll wait to see what T-mob has coming out soon or try to pick one of these up for cheap on Craigslist instead.

    • Dan

      I’m in the same boat!

    • jdog

      Its worth it but I see what your saying hopefully the HTC Emerald is the successor to the Nexus One then I would give up my phone.

    • hammeedo

      I’m on a family plan too, T-mobile changed my plan for a day to make the purchase and changed me back to my grandfathered plan the following day. That is why I LOVE T-MOBILE, with as much flack as they have been getting lately about not caring about their current customers, I am one customer that has on a consistent basis been surprised by what they will do keep me happy, I have been a customer for 6 years now and I do not see myself changing carriers for any phone!

  • pantlesspenguin

    I never owned one, but I know it was a fantastic device. It really set the bar for future Android phones. It’s funny, I have a buddy that has been anti-cell phone ever since they came out. I had spent YEARS trying to convince him to try a smartphone because they were like little computers you could keep in your pocket (and he’s a heavy IM user). He works for Google & the Nexus One was the device that finally convinced him to cross over to the dark side :).

  • sina

    would this increase the market value or decrease it if you have one?

    • laphoneuser

      supply and demand, baby. If the supply is low, and the demand is high, the value will increase.

      • Cybersedan

        I’m already seeing the prices up on Ebay, new N1’s are going from $630’s to $670’s, used in the low $400 – $500 range.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if ppl invested in them to sell anticipating shortages, it seems like as soon as something is not readily available people all of a sudden want it.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      This will cause a spike in pricing (upward trend) until the N1 is considered outdated, which should be Sept-Nov.

      Currently the N1 on eBay and Craig’s List is commanding high prices for a phone almost seven months old. (High especially for a phone that is discontinued).

      At that point prices will decline significantly.

      And next year it will be relegated to “phone with fond memory” status.

      Will this become a collector’s item? I doubt it, there were too many made.

      So if you own one, I’d say sell it now, while you can still get $500 for it.

      • phonegeek

        wise words

    • 2FR35H

      It would only increase if the device was new or some kind of limited edition.

      but with Mobile Phones its more likely to decrease.

      In fact craigslist prices are showing between 350 and 475

      With I say within the next month or 2 average selling price will be in between 300 and 400.

      Sell now. Mobile Phones don’t normally increase in value. This device certainly won’t increase.

  • Jonathan

    I do not see any reason it would increase the value. If T-Mobile stopped selling the Behold II, would that increase the value? Lol. Food for thought.

    • asudave

      The difference is that the Nexus 1 is still desired by quite a few people. Those people just were not willing/able to buy it directly from google. No one wants the Behold II

    • jdog

      If you wait until it gets Gingerbread in November you can say truthfully it will be the only Android phone with 3.0. Do you really think people will not pay a lot of money for it?

      • 2FR35H


        Nobody in their sane mind would pay money for that. As well as its not guaranteed to even receive 3.0 before anyone else. Especially seeing as google closed up shop on Nexus One.

        As a matter of fact T-Mobile is supposed to be receiving the flagship Android 3.0 device. More reason to believe Nexus One is done with being first.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL… that’s a poor comparison, there’s a H U G E difference between the Behold 2 and the Nexus One.

      • Jonathan

        The point was to make it a poor comparison. The Nexus One is in no way (strictly personal opinion here…) the bee’s knees. When it first debuted, I’ll admit that I was desperately craving it but looking back, I just can’t justify spending over $500 for that phone…or any for that matter. So it will be the first to get updates, does that make it a better piece of hardware? I think not.

  • homer

    What do you think will happen with warranties? I just got mine and T-Mobile covers it under there warranty policy.

    • joel

      Huh? T-Mobile does not cover it with their warranty policy. Warranty and device troubleshooting both come directly from HTC/Google. Call T-Mobile about problems with this phone and they will have you powercycle, MAYBE help you factory data reset, then transfer you to Google/HTC’s 1-800 number. It’s not a T-Mobile phone, why would T-Mobile provide warranty?

      • jdog

        They do it’s $4.79 per month I have it, I had them add it after I bought my Nexus One.

      • Frank

        4.79 is for the insurance coverage from Asurion.

        I went through insurance to have the phone replaced and had to purchase the device again and wait for a refund. I wonder if now that its not available they’ll just offer up a alternate device.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Frank… the policy, like all insurance policy says that Asurion can:

        “At our option provide substitute equipment of like kind, quality, and functionality that are a different brand, model or color.”

        Since the N1 may not be available at the time of a claim, Asurion would look at the N1’s specs and substitute the claimant with a phone similar.

        No insurance company has an obligation to replace property with the same exact item if it is not available, for whatever reason or if replacing it would exceed coverage limits.

        I suspect that if anyone has an N1 claim down the road they won’t be getting a new or refurbished N1 if the supply available to the insurance company runs out.

        So any of you who treasure your N1, better not lose or damage it (beyond repair).

  • thats too bad. i would have really like to have tried one out. i was really attracted to spec’s and size of this phone. unfortunetly, i am a TMO family plan member who got segregated and was not given the opportunity to have the “privilage” to experience this device like regular people did…..teribile marketing on googles part, for one, excluding me (family plan people) and secondly oonly offering through website. and i dont care what people say, it was i dumb idea, PERIOD. the US market model is not ran this way. we ( most, not all) buy subsized phones or else we wouldnt have the market for smart/super phones that we do! we amercians have many more options at our disposal for gagdets/multimdeia/entertainment/computers than to waste on $400-$600 cell phones.
    as i said, unfortunetly, google thought different, it thought it was a trend setter in a market that said otherwise. too bad, this phone could have really been a consumer competitor.

    • pantlesspenguin

      I really don’t think it was MEANT to be a consumer competitor. I think it was meant to be more of an exclusive device, & they definitely succeeded in that.

      • i dont agree. then why even bother with tmobile? the only other possible carrier would have been ATT, and they have loyal iphone customers. google blew it big time! no business i thier right mind would invest in a product in the hopes of only selling a few units or have a goal of breaking even…no way! everything from the moment they admitted thier mistake has been about saving face. a development device…my ass! yeah, now it is! its just too bad. if they would have done it the right way we’d all be waiting for the N2 to come out. i really wanted this device and i am a little bitter. they just figured gadget geeks are on the internet, thats why only sales and marketing on the net. they just blew it, they know it! they’ll wait until this blows over and come out with something “super” again, only this time sell it through a carrier or carriers aka, the galaxy s series through all carriers

  • NiiDiddy

    i am sure google has something else in the works…probably with Android 3.0 launch. i may be wrong, i’m just saying…

    as for nexus one, excellent phone that everyone loves – they should have got it sold in stores as they discontinue it on their website…that thing will sell like hot cakes and fly off the store shelves —it was that popular!! sorry to see it go. but i still love my Vibrant!! :)

    • jdog

      With the Nexus One not being sold by Google anymore now they can focus on the successor which all clue point to it being the Emerald. All phones that are used for devs by Google are released on T-mobile first and they said Gingerbread would come before it gets cold around the same time as the Emeralds release date also its not the Vanguard because that doesn’t have vanilla Android and the first Gingerbread device is going to have to be a vanilla Android device.

  • Jeremy

    Got mine yesterday after ordering on Sunday. Have to say that it’s an amazing device, especially compared to my G1 that liked to randomly reboot.

    • phonegeek

      my mt3g randomly reboots an its the most annoying thing in the world

  • jmts80

    Farewell Nexus 1, we barely knew ye…

  • Anonymous

    Nexus One in stores August/September

    • Robnoxious

      Proof? or just gtfo… j/k

  • Jonathan
    • jdog

      According to the podcast last Thursday on it will be the HTC Vanguard or as their informant kept calling it the G1 Blaze. Skip ahead to the last 30 minutes.

      • Jonathan

        G1 Blaze? Now that’s a hot name. (Pun intended…) Now on a more serious note, this handset is coming way out of left field. I guess there was some missing info on that leaked road map.

    • jdog

      Look at the middle on top its the so called G1 Blaze / Vanguard / Vision with a release date of 9/9:

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I suspect that is referring to the phone we talked about over a month ago, the HSPA+ phone coming out in September (The Vanguard).

      That link and others are referring to a phone “at the end of summer.” Sept. is the end of summer. (But T-Mobile also releases phones in August, so it could well be announced in August.)

      Lastly, they are getting that information from T-Mobile’s press release that in part said words to the affect:

      “As part of the rollout, the company plans summertime availability of its first HSPA+ phone and pointed out that 16 of its HSPA-equipped phones, including Samsung’s Android-based Galaxy-class Vibrant, get a speed boost when used in the HSPA+ markets, though not to full HSPA+ speeds. The carrier also launched a second HSPA+ USB modem, the WebConnect Rocket 2.0.”

      “Summertime availability” is September, IMHO.


    Well that was fast, too bad it didn’t last till Friday. Samsung vibrant here i come.

  • Gogo87

    I know a guy that works for tmobile tha said he wet to a seattle meeting conference of tmobile and saw the htc vanguard which was pictured earlier as the desire ( the one with the slide out qwerty keyboard prototype). That will be called the’s a 4 inch screen phone with a qwerty . As for project emerald that is still unknows but it will be a huge announcement of a phone which will be November. The nexus one will be available in retail stores around august to september in tmobile, and will keep it’s name. It’s okay if you guys don’t believe me but that what I was told. Then again…this guy that I spoke with could be wrong, but we will have to see in the following months.

    • jdog

      If T-mobile really wants to make some money they should offer this phone for $99 on 2 year contract and $350 or $400 off contract. It only seems fare because most new flagship phones are $200 on a new 2 year contract.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Same here, a guy told me he saw it too. I mentioned it a few weeks ago (what he said). He told me it looked like a G1 without the chin. (They only let them see it for a short time so no one would take spy pics. LOL.)

      • alex32

        the same thing with me mike, the guy said it was either going to be called the G1 or G1v2 or vanguard

  • Dan

    It can be got every but in the US SMH……

  • Richard

    Damn this totally sucks. I love the N1, its a shame that there will be no N2. At least we wont be like all the iphone uses buying a new phone every 12 months.

    I don’t want any other android phone unless its made by HTC and used by google for software engineering.

  • Cybersedan

    Goodbye Nexus One… “your candle burned out long before your legend ever will”.

    Vibrant comes tomorrow, Nexus One gets boxed up and put away, 6 months of use ZERO scratches, will pull it out again when Gingerbread drops!

    • 2FR35H

      And by that time it will only be worth around $200-250 and $300 mint condition and new.

      • obanaria

        I bet you the other way around….. Its price will go higher….

  • Eric

    so what’s a good deal on this phone now? i saw one at an independent mobile shop in Los Angeles the other day, and he wanted $550 for the phone and would allow me to keep my current grandfathered plan.

    seems like waaaay to much to pay for the handset. maybe i’m wrong…

  • Barry

    Google deserves to be nominated for fail of the year the way they handled this device. This could’ve been a great addition to the T-Mobile lineup had they offered it in stores. I had to pay $279.00 plus tax and some crappy plan they offered with it so it was almost $300 and i was two seconds from finalizing it but I’m sorry that’s too much to use a upgrade on. as much as I like talking,reading about and using hi-tech phones I put priorities over luxuries so no nexus for me. Google f’d up and made it worse saying no nexus two…idk they may mean that literally but launch a phone with a different name.

    • jdog

      Google doesn’t own T-mobile and every one of their dev phones had a different name G1, Google Ion and Nexus One so yeah I would say the next one would also not be called the Nexus Two ;) I like the sound of Emerald though.

  • Oce

    Guess since I couldn’t purchase one (family plan) I’ll just have to settle for froyo on my HD2. :)

  • rooster

    get the Vibrant!!! It’s better than the nexus one. And if you don’t like touchwiz, a root is coming!!

  • Alex

    Long live the nexus one…amazing device…I willl pick one up off of craigslist….If you want gingerbread, this is the phone to have in the fall…

  • Smylax

    The nexus one was never meant to be a device to completely take over, and it was never meant to be a direct huge profit machine for google. What it was meant to do was to show the world what android was capable of on truly great hardware. This would inspire more manufacturers and carriers to get in on the android action so that google could directly compete with the iphones of the world. Next thing you know, the “superphone” standard has exploded, with 1ghz powered android phones all over the place from htc, motorola, and samsung all putting their weight behind android and all 4 national carriers have too. Therefore the nexus one was a huge success in setting the bar very high and making android all it could be!

    • Oce

      You must work for Google! That’s a load of BS! Nexus One was/is a great device that Google screwed up with their silly Apple wanna-be-like disbursement tactics.

      • jdog

        @Oce way to make yourself look like a douche Google said like 6 months ago that the purpose of the Nexus was to encourage a higher standard in Android phones because before no one would go past 600mhz. Thats why their CEO called it a success. The Nexus was less than 1% of the money they make did you know they also sell the Google Ion. If the Nexus One wasn’t so “great” than why is it that every time some new app comes out the dev shows it running on a Nexus One. Go home troll

  • derrickps3

    well it’s not like it can’t be sold elsewhere, come on lol

  • obanaria


  • sam

    I love my Nexus One.

  • JiRiz

    I don’t get it. We all know the reasons Google killed the N1, but WHY didn’t Google just strike up a deal to sell the phone in T-Mobile/ AT&T stores, while retaining the original software? In other words, no crappy carrier customizations. No carrier messes with the iPhone OS because they, at some point in their negotiations, agreed not to. Google COULD have sought a similar approach in addition to their failed (and flawed) online model. (sigh) Like many of you believe, we need a pure Android phone to get updates on time and to REALLY evaluate the OS. Now, there is NO production Android device that offers the pure Android experience. Like many of you, I’ve heard that Gingerbread will take steps to end this, but we all know how those who make decisions in business work: Distinction. Companies always look for ways to distinguish themselves from the competition. Problem is, the built in openness of Android backfires on us when pathetic UIs (Behold 2, MotoBlur) get in the way of the development. Carriers also get in the way trying to sell new phones instead of allowing updates to current models. (sigh) It is unfortunate that their greed makes the life of the consumer troubled. Very frustrating.

  • Shawn

    I have a N1 but really like the Vibrant. What does everyone think about trading the N1 for the vibrant?? I am just worried about future updates from Samsung, and that it will be completely obsolete in a couple months because something better will come out and Samsung will completely disown it like they did with the Behold 2. Is the Nexus a better phone than the Vibrant? Do you think I would kick myself down the road for trading?? I am not into hacking or anything, my N1 is completely stock running Froyo FRF91, so I am not limited to vanilla Android for hacking.

  • Kei

    I love my Nexus One and always will!
    It is sleek, lightweight & super fast!

    <3 2.2 + Nexus ONE!

  • AndroidEyez

    First off anybody who own’s a nexus one know’s that this phone is a one of a kind and although its 7 month;s old it is the fastest web phone out there and I assure you it will get 3.0 before all others it’s a developers phone now which means allot of app’s will be created on it for 3.0 trust me. And for the record T-mobile
    is about to release some great super phones by the end of 2010 the VIBRANT is just the beginning !!!!!!!!!!!
    Until then the Nexus is still king and it will be in T-MOBILE STORES SOON REAL SOON. ANDROID 4-LIFE

  • Bobby

    Really sad. I love the phone!!! Best phone I ever had. The wife had iPhone3G and now the new iPhone 4 im not one bit interested in either one of those. Not any of the HTC or Motorola pieces.

    The phone was powerful, sleek and light… just the right size. If it wasn’t for the Touch screen not being multi-touch capable I will keep it long time. I still have not seen anything out there that would make me drop my N1.

    I blame:
    Google for not at least demoing the phone in the stores.
    Tmo for not supporting the phone.
    HTC for skimping on the screen.
    Media for being so stuck up about Apple’s iPhony.
    MyTouch for locking people in contracts and having to pay full price on the phone.

    LOVE YOU N1. RIP .. will keep that phone long after I pull the SIM card out of it.

  • 19603A

    I had been emailing google right before they sold out and had continued afterwards and have been told by the Google Rep that it will be sold through the carriers as soon as they recieve stock, which is supposed to be soon.

    I guess we shall see.