T-Mobile To Launch HSPA+ In 19 More Cities On July 21st

T-Mobile is set to launch HSPA+ in 19 more cities this coming July 21st, making for a grand total of 44 cities with HSPA+ service. T-Mobile has promised 100 major metropolitan areas by the end of the year and with the year halfway over, they are just about halfway there. We know many of you await news on your city, so rest assured as soon as we get another round of launch info, you’ll know exactly where to look for it! Now, someone talk to me about 42 Mbps??

  • Austin, TX ?
  • Baltimore, MD ?
  • Birmingham, AL ?
  • Cincinnati, OH ?
  • Cleveland, OH ?
  • Columbus, OH ?
  • El Paso, TX ?
  • Ft. Worth, TX ?
  • Hawaii Honolulu, HI ?
  • Indianapolis, IN?
  • Jacksonville, FL ?
  • Kansas City, MO ?
  • Louisville, KY?
  • Milwaukee, WI ?
  • Minneapolis, MN ?
  • Portland, OR ?
  • San Antonio, TX ?
  • Washington, D.C. ?
  • Wichita, KS

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  • NiiDiddy

    I am hoping Orlando/Orlando Metro gets it soon. Actually now that I think about it, we already have it around here. I remember seeing an “H” on a T-Mobile Rep’s Nexus One. Is that what is it is??

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I have yet to see this mysterious “H” that everyone keeps referring to. Is it as wonderful as I imagined it?

      • NiiDiddy

        Wilma, from the little that I saw on the Rep’s Nexus One, it was pretty quick. I’m definitely looking forward to it. Well…when I get a compatible phone I guess (I think Vibrant is capable, but not to the full extent…we’ll see).

    • If you saw a “H” on a nexus that means the phone is rooted and running a custom rom…3G is the logo you normally see hspa+ or hsdpa.

      • Awsnap

        Not true.

        N1 and hd2s both show an H symbol in Clearwater, fl.

    • Ace

      hspa+ is already in orlando o.O

      • john

        It’s already live in wichita ks

    • justinhub2003

      umm i thought orlando had it, i was just their and it was 3 to 4 mb just like in tampa… The H will only appear if your running a rooted rom or have the Sense UI, Stock N1’s do not show network specifics in the status bar, Just 3g…

  • chris

    what the hell!! Where is Chicago???

    • Kevin

      Spoke to a guy who claimed he was a T-Mo engineer after I filed a trouble ticket, he said Chicago should see it later in Q3…take that as you will

      • Dilla

        I’ll won’t take it. this is just unacceptable

  • Kevin

    Looks great! I thought that HSPA+ was already in DC?

    And last I checked, Indy was in Indiana, not Illinois.

  • andrew

    where the phoenix az love at

    • Macknifetx

      Exactly. Here I am considering buying the Vibrant, have a web connect rocket and still no HSPA in Phoenix. I look at some of the cities getting it and wonder why they get it sooner.

      • jmts80

        I was thinking the same thing. 3G is spotty at best here in PHX so a little HSPA+ love would be nice!

  • Sweet, hope it gives a nice speed boost to my Galaxy S, even though it’s not true HSPA+

    • symsoul

      Actually, it doesn’t matter if your phone is HSPA+ capable as long as it has 3G. As previously mentioned in other forums here, anyone with 3G benefits from HSPA+ speeds because it is a sofware upgrade that does not require newer hardware. Just thought you’d like to know. :)

      p.s. Albuquerque gets screwed again (no HSPA+ this go around). :(

      • symsoul

        I almost forgot to mention… 21 Mbps HSPA+ doesn’t require that type of phone but the 42 Mbps speed HSPA+ that is being talked about here does require a hardware upgrade.

  • ryan


  • wantspeedindc

    DC?!? They always said DC suburbs, then on their expansion map, no Washington DC (WTF) and now DC again. Hope they corrected the oversight on their coverage map. DC was always mentioned with Philly and NY as the early adopter market.

  • drose1

    chicago where are you? :(

  • chrisr

    got a samsung vibrant in my possesion

  • Julio

    Yessir Portland =)

  • phonegeek

    wait does atl already have it???

  • Andre

    HA!! nice, can’t wait till it comes to “Indianapolis, IL” funny

  • Jmanuelb87

    What about ATL? don’t make go to AT&T

    • Smylax

      Atlanta is already launched

  • Relikk2

    Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!!!

  • Andre

    and by the way, who freakin cares, none of us have devices that can use it!! they say there’s a bump in speed for current 3g devices, but living in the orlando area, which was supposed to have received a bump, i haven’t seen anything, i’m tired of t-mobile, just wish there i wasn’t stuck on this contract, crappy devices + crappy coverage = #4 by a long shot in the competition, ya, ya, i can already hear people saying “the vibrant is an awesome phone” or “leave and go to another network, good luck with customer service” but no, the vibrant is a watered down awesome phone with a crappy UI, and who really cares about customer service anyway

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Andre… good points, for sure.

      But don’t forget that all the carriers have “growing pains.” Heck, Sprint wanted to charge me $10 extra each month because the Evo is a 4G phone, while I would NOT be getting 4G service here in San Francisco (and they could not tell me when 4G is coming to San Francisco).

      And AT&T, well we all know about its problems.

      Verizon? It is scared to death that the attention might focus on them some day and all the problems it has. Right now they are enjoying that attention is on AT&T, Apple and Sprint’s problems.

      T-Mobile is doing a great job and is aware of the problems it has. As the saying goes: “Hey, I’m workin on it.”

      In regards to HSPA+, I anxiously await the debut of two HTC HSPA+ superphones coming out in the next two to three months. I look forward to HSPA+ coming to San Francisco by that time.

      • Stillwaiting

        I’m with you, you’d expect that SF would be one of the first locations to get it, but given the recent battles over radiation, SF will likely soon ban cell phones and we’ll have to use cans and string to communicate.

    • NiiDiddy

      you’ll start caring for great customer service when you start getting screwed up by customer service in general. it looks like everyone wants what in their opinion is a cool awesome phone with all the bells and whistles, etc…until they get screwed bad by the customer service….imo

      • JonnyB

        Yeah good customer service is GREAT…but whats not so great is if you drop the call on their craptasic network:[ awh boo. T-Mobile is 4th place for a reason! They suck balls just like the person who wrote this article. Just admit it! My friend has T-Mobile and he never gets 3G! Ever! While I do and I have Sprint!:D Just face it, T-Mobile has horrible 3G Coverage! Its just funny that people say, oh our 3G is faster then Sprints 4G, Sprint will have more 4G markets then T-Mobile has 3G markets by years end! Now thats FUNNY!!

  • RR

    Wheres miami?

  • Eraw

    Where is boston??? We’re a major market!!

    • Phil

      No kidding…my 3G speeds are one third of what they normally are today. I’m topping out at 500 kbps down while i’m normally in the 1500 kbps ballpark…c’mon TMO, hook up Boston!

  • jp

    Now if only they can get the phones to take advantage of this…

  • cyberjr

    So pumped for the HSPA+ launch in Minneapolis. Sprint, ATT and Verizon all talk about there network,but i can guarantee you t-mobile is better covered and now with + it is going to be scary fast.. heck the evo is sold here with out wimax 4g service.

  • Dilla

    what the F@C&! Chicago should of been one of the first cities to get HSPA+

  • Randizzel

    Nice copy and paste from BGR didn’t even change the city and state mistakes.
    N900 with these speeds will be fun.

    • David

      Perhaps we both got the same lists… You think of that???

      On top of that genius, our story was posted at 5:57pm and BGR’s at 6:01pm…research, its your friend, so is common sense.

      • Randizzel

        Okay thats possible but Indianapolis, IL and Louisville, TN?

        • David

          No, not possible…fact…I’ll update the list for the errors, but bottom line…it wasn’t a copy and paste job from them, next time fact check.

        • Randizzel

          All fact check. You city and state check. And the world is a good place.

        • David

          Agreed! I’ve corrected both those errors…don’t know how that got by someone.

    • David

      Comments like these just make me laugh…you made such a bad error trying to make me look bad, its almost funny. Good job.

      • Randizzel

        Okay man you look so good right now.

        • David

          Not about looking good, its about people making comments about me copying and pasting info…without realizing that we don’t do that around here.

      • JonnyB

        Ahahah judging by the big O purpleness I think your a ADMIN, so i say this to your sir, That is so un-professional to make fun of one of your readers? Like seriously, now I know why no one comes to this site ahah Crappy Editors writing about a Crappy Network, sounds just great!

        • David

          Really?? Pretty sure most bloggers go into the comments and defend their blog/story and if no one comes to this site can you explain our page rank?! Kthaxbai

      • Titty!

        Lol, JohnnyB jusst shutup. Haha. You couldn’t run a website even if you tried. & sure as hell wouldn’t have the money to host it. Get a real job, hobo. XD

        (What’s with the word admin in capital letters. Lmfao. They’re is no administration here, this isn’t high school. Ha, iff anything they’re should be executives and editors. This a buisness through web site & blog. Get a clue.)

        Good Job David! & Good Job Magenta
        This asshole does not know what he is talking about.

  • The hell…?! Detroit was 1 of the 25 markets to launch the original 3G (UMTS) i’d think they would’ve been next for HSPA 7.2 & or HSPA+, but we seem to have been put on the back burner.

    • Galen20K

      That’s what I”M wondering myself also…. Detroit and Chicago should have been two of the very first HSPA+ markets.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    While 3G handsets can benefit somewhat from HSPA+, save your quarters for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ handset coming out in September.

    That’s only two months away!

    In the meantime I plan on enjoying the Vibrant.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’m still waiting to see it in Atlanta. I know they said they released it here but I can’t tell any difference.

    • Smylax

      I’ve seen a difference in atlanta, but it won’t really be noticeable until you get an hspa + device

      • Wilma Flintstone

        True. Using an HD2. November can’t come any slower. Want to get rid of this HD2 for Emerald.

  • currator

    why are people crying about were they are putting it and not putting it. its simple they are gonna do what they wanna do if you have 3g be happy. simple is this big markets that are easy to install will get it first while other big markets that require more to install it will take longer its coming just wait and like some say they dont even have a hspa+ phone out yet so relax take a chill pill and play with your phone dreaming about blazing fast hspa+ speed

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Spot on. Even though I’d love to tether HSPA+ on to my computers, for the phone itself T-Mobile’s 3G is plenty fast.

      Here in San Francisco I have Slingbox running on my Slide. (That’s playing cable TV on my phone). It runs fast, smooth and without lag.

      That seems the best test for the quality of T-Mobile’s 3G, playing cable TV remotely.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Bonus comment: From reading up on it, I know that the delay with cities getting upgrades is dealing with govt. and citizens who say “not in my backyard,” literally.

    But it sure is disheartening not to see San Francisco, the Bay Area and Silicon Valley on the list of cities getting HSPA+.

    I don’t mean to be snobbish, aw hell, I will… but come on… Wichita, Cleveland, and Jacksonville? And not San Francisco, one time designated the most wireless connected city in the U.S.

    Sometimes I really hate my neighbors and city planners who are making the move to HSPA+ difficult.

    I have to leave. I’m gonna go on my roof and toss eggs at my neighbor’s condo, the one who fought me on putting a small satellite dish where no one could see it. I just know he’s the one down there at City Hall blocking T-Mobile’s progress.

    • AAAAAA

      If my neighbor told me I couldn’t have a satellite dish on my own property I would take the satellite dish and run his head through it making a necklace out of it.

    • droiddoes

      hey don’t knock it brother im in jacksonville n im feelin pretty good not because we got it but i didn;t even think we WOULD get it like my man said hspa+ phones aint even out yet i doubt tmo will leave the major cities hanging for long


    How about getting rid of all the EDGE crap first (where I live) and replacing it with at least regular 3G!!!! Only Verizon and nasty Sprint have 3G here and that Droid X is starting to tempt me even though its an uglyassss device.

    • Regular Joe

      You’re telling me, Half my town is GPRS and the other half is EDGE. The coverage is great with not dead spots but just really slow data.

  • Josh T

    Already here in some places in Portland, not seeing the “H” but got download speeds of 5.71 mbs/sec at my hodder, a place where last month I was getting between 1.5-2, It is beautiful!

  • SEFan

    OK, for a change Milwaukee IS on the list. Now where is my HSPA+ capable phone??

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    David… talk to you about 42-Mbits? Here’s some chat:

    According to a Deutsche Telekom spokesman: The carrier has not made a decision on moving to that.

    “T-Mobile USA has not decided yet if they will use the new 42 Mbps standard or maybe rollout LTE for the U.S. This decision will be made at a later point of time after having considered all necessary aspects and the experiences made with both HSPA+ and LTE in the other markets of Deutsche Telekom.”

    Updating the network to support 42-Mbit/s HSPA+ will require TMOUS to update cell sites with new multi-antenna base stations to hit the higher speeds. This is because 21-Mbit/s HSPA+ is the fastest that T-Mobile’s wireless service technology can be upgraded with software. Anything faster requires hardware improvements/upgrades.

    IMHO we won’t see T-Mobile dealing with all this until 2012. Besides, I am fine with the current HSPA+ rollout.

    • David

      What they say publicly and privately can always differ!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I am just chatting up 42 Mbits per your request. ;)

        Yes, no one knows what T-Mobile is really doing and what it has planned. It is super secretive and the Company is not going to be loose-lipped about where it is going.

        But there’s evidence about T-Mobile’s ambitious plans.

        Remember a month or so ago I said to sniff around city planner offices to see what permits T-Mobile has applied for, that is, to erect towers. Since that information is public, IMHO there’s a gold mine of intelligence to be had.

        San Francisco city planners said T-Mobile has 582 antennas in the City and T-Mobile propose having 1530 within the next five years.

        That pretty much tells me that DT is doing more than sitting on the fence with all this.

  • SW

    Washington DC seems to have HSPA+ because I get 11Mbs on my Rocket but looks like they are still working on expanding it before the offical launch. That is why they said DC Suberbs because downtown was not ready yet I am asuming. Also from my understanding all 3G sites are capiable of a degree of HSPA over T1. The amount of T1’s and sharing the capacity of the T1 is the limitation to the fastest speeds on a 3G site. When they get the IP vendor connected to the 3G site is when you get away from T1 and into the DS3 speeds and sharing capacity with voce calls is no longer and issue. From what I understand, the HSPA+ activation is not held up by T-Mobile but more on the ISP vendors. Once they get a large area fully active/installed(you can drive from site to site without losing HSPA/3G coverage) is when they will concider it launched.

    • wantspeedindc

      where were you getting 11mbs?

  • SW

    also forgot to mention, you will see no “H” on a device. The only way to see HSPA is in the throughput.



  • rfjdeffdjnfcbhdj

    Is the Motorola cliq supporting this.

  • gargoyle999

    Minneapolis…Yeah finally!!!!!

  • It would be nice if they had some HSPA+ phones besides the N1. They missed the boat with the Galaxy.

  • Ashish
  • tipsofme

    Good job Tmo. See you in 2012. ;-)

  • Speed Demon


  • pimpstrong

    Kansas City say YEAAAAAH!

  • Frost

    No Chicago, No Detroit, but Cleveland gets it first?? Guess LeBron left too early.

  • reveillazn

    I just wish I had 3g! sigh

  • zmoboss

    Ever notice the choice of colors in coverage maps ? While the “mobile web” color is readily distinguishable, its not easy to tell “Fast Mobile Web” from “Very Fast Mobile Web” …. hmmm
    (keep the magenta only for the logo .. for coverage maps use distinct colors like blue and yellow or something .. )
    Cant tell south of Los Angeles if it is very fast web (HSPA+) or fast web (3g)
    unless of course they meant very fast web = 3g and fast web = Edge ;)

  • TMOprophet

    Well guys even though i have been a fan of Android im not anymore….. I saw the wpc 2010 and MANNNNN Windows Phone 7 is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! i guess now WP7 ftw.

  • TMOprophet

    Read my post above…. I feel different today. guys i really feel windows phone 7. tell me what you guys think. ive been searching all over to learn more about it today.

  • I Wish

    Can I just get plain 3G? I’m not asking a lot. We have a very large Military population from all over, with government contracts available. You’d think we would be good 3G candidates!!!

  • Animate

    Woot Birmingham!

  • SlySy

    San Antonio, yay!

  • J1

    Aw snap randizzle just got bent over and spanked!!!.. but I think he might have actually enjoyed it smh..

    Never the less props 2 David, this site, and Magenta.. all of whom I predict will still be here this time next yr and the yr after..

    Hspa+ + hspa+ devices = $cash cow$.. milk it baby milk it!!!

  • Gabriel

    Still…….NO 3G in Puerto Rico!!!! we are stuck with EDGE and t-mobile’s staff lies about 3G “coming next month” since last year! what a shame!

  • slowmo

    Is the G1 HSPA capable? I’m in Charleston (supposed to be HSPA live) and I haven’t noticed faster speeds.

    • GTsic

      I think the G1 is capable of 7.2 HSDPA, so you should be able to get around 4-6mbps down. and between 1 to 2mbps up.

    • spongebob

      Here in Seattle, I am getting a consistent 3-4mbps down on my G1.

      • Tony

        Im in San Juan, PR and I usually gets around 128kbps!!! NO 3G!!!, Tmobile su©ks over here, however they have low monthly prices but Im rather to pay extra and get a faster internet.

    • onedeadlysin2go

      its def faster than the 3g is columbia SC, at least if your downtown.

  • J

    You should see hspa+ in parts of these cities already. It isn’t officially launched until a specific number of towers are active.

    Some cities are taking longer because it requires a fiber provider to run fiber to each tower. Whomever the provider is in chicago is obviously taking longer than others. Most of the work required for this upgrade is on these fiber providers.

    • Anthony

      Either you don’t live in Chicago or you’re a Tmo employee. It’s irrelevant who is to blame for the reason Chicago is getting left behind. The only thing that matters is these hodunk towns have faster speeds than Chicago.

      • michael

        It’s not irrelevant. Its in fact very relevant. You want the network to be live in Chicago and so does T-Mobile. Unfortunately technology isn’t always that simple. The guy is right, the local landline provider (usually at&t) has to install the backhaul for the network to function on hspa+ and I can assure you at&t is not in any rush to help out its competition. That’d why you also see some small areas not get the fast signal in one spot but two blocks away you do… because each tower is turned on one at a time as its ready.

  • tokinotabumblb

    Woooohoooooo Jacksonville!!!!!!!!!!

    • notxel

      Yes Jacksonville will get some HSPA+ love a little faster than with 3G. Now it’s time for T-Mobile to release some GOOD phones that can take FULL advantage of these speeds so I can make my next purchase. (As long as they do before the holidays I’m happy, N1 will keep me sane till then.)

  • m

    Seriously no HSPA+ in chicago!!!

    • J-Hop2o6

      read J’s comment above

      “Some cities are taking longer because it requires a fiber provider to run fiber to each tower. Whomever the provider is in chicago is obviously taking longer than others. Most of the work required for this upgrade is on these fiber providers.”

  • DixieNormous

    I’ve been doing speed tests ALL OVER Los Angeles with my N1, and it pure garbage…

    Only place I ever hit 3mbps was on the 405 next to the getty center, most places are below 1mbps. most of the time its way less then 1kbps down and almost always a steady 1.3mbps up.

    Where the hell is this socalled super fast HSPA+? 1 cell tower in the whole damn city maybe???

    heres my CSV log if anyone cares. PS, I deleted most of the sub 1mbps logs even tho over 70% of my I get under 1mbps
    “2010-07-13 13:49″,”Cell”,”34.09076″,”-118.37002″,211433,161466,100,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-07-13 13:49″,”Cell”,”34.09076″,”-118.37002″,398338,165294,117,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-07-11 17:10″,”Cell”,”33.77187″,”-118.16339″,116557,102685,118,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-07-10 00:03″,”Cell”,”33.77187″,”-118.16339″,211735,169315,116,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-07-08 21:07″,”Cell”,”33.77187″,”-118.16339″,153252,164724,126,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-07-07 18:20″,”Cell”,”33.77187″,”-118.16339″,179263,167436,105,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-07-05 17:01″,”Cell”,”33.77187″,”-118.16339″,175115,171301,128,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-07-05 13:55″,”Cell”,”33.77187″,”-118.16339″,117787,160358,125,”Houston, TX”,”″,”″
    “2010-07-04 01:50″,”Cell”,”33.74906″,”-118.31631″,195470,170398,94,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-07-01 18:38″,”Cell”,”34.15167″,”-118.46833″,84306,164030,114,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-07-01 18:28″,”Cell”,”34.15167″,”-118.46833″,181036,153405,93,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-07-01 18:26″,”Cell”,”34.15167″,”-118.46833″,96591,161592,113,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-28 23:58″,”Wifi”,”33.73999″,”-118.10725″,835761,131181,45,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-27 20:45″,”Cell”,”33.73999″,”-118.10725″,180881,158273,97,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-23 19:30″,”Cell”,”34.25017″,”-118.40540″,314243,169153,109,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-23 00:35″,”Cell”,”34.25017″,”-118.40540″,158439,169884,109,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-20 01:42″,”Cell”,”34.25017″,”-118.40540″,432734,167975,100,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-20 01:36″,”Cell”,”34.25017″,”-118.40540″,463944,169224,108,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-20 00:55″,”Cell”,”34.25017″,”-118.40540″,293754,170356,102,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-19 01:00″,”Cell”,”34.25017″,”-118.40540″,436676,170970,86,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-18 22:54″,”Cell”,”34.25017″,”-118.40540″,200563,172536,87,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-18 22:54″,”Cell”,”34.25017″,”-118.40540″,253119,168983,112,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-17 13:39″,”Cell”,”34.25017″,”-118.40540″,135468,169002,118,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-13 15:59″,”Wifi”,”34.25017″,”-118.40540″,1115501,147176,29,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-13 00:14″,”Cell”,”34.25017″,”-118.40540″,69804,100562,120,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-12 17:38″,”Cell”,”34.25017″,”-118.40540″,171180,172174,96,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-12 00:13″,”Cell”,”33.68970″,”-117.85020″,77002,163432,95,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-11 21:04″,”Cell”,”33.68970″,”-117.85020″,90116,82653,144,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-11 19:52″,”Cell”,”33.68970″,”-117.85020″,161821,121595,121,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-09 09:46″,”Cell”,”33.68970″,”-117.85020″,91836,159454,188,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-07 20:03″,”Cell”,”33.68970″,”-117.85020″,3178,47410,158,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-07 20:02″,”Cell”,”33.68970″,”-117.85020″,4200,205714,160,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-07 19:46″,”Cell”,”33.68970″,”-117.85020″,140352,169295,114,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-07 19:23″,”Cell”,”33.68970″,”-117.85020″,334910,169077,100,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″
    “2010-06-07 19:22″,”Cell”,”33.68970″,”-117.85020″,241823,162641,114,”Los Angeles, CA”,”″,”″

    • Guru

      Try to turn radio off and back on (airplane mode on/off). There is a weird glitch on some G1s and Mytouch (not all android phones). Then run speedtest again. You should see speeds ~2.5 to 4Mbps on an HSDPA phone.

      On an HSPA+ network, you should see ~10-12mbps on descent signal.

      HSPA is deployed where the fiber backhaul is available. I assure you the hold up is on the fiber provider as stated above! T-Mo is already equipped and ready to go. HSPA+ will roll out as soon as it is available.

    • podstolom

      Well, not sure i “care” exactly, but I did import these into Excel to read. Interesting variations between 3G and WiFi. I’ve been getting 3-4 mbs down, 550 mbs up lately here in Wichita off and on for the past week or so. Hope it stabilizes when it is scheduled to officially launch next week.

  • Belcher

    no salt lake city.. oh well, i’m not suprised :) V I B R A N T on Thursday!

  • Henry

    come on tmobile no love for the Bay Area in CA?!?!

  • William

    Columbus, Ohio gets some love! Hopefully it’ll boost the regular 3G speeds and stabilize the area.

  • Paul

    I noticed last night that near my house in SE Portland, OR, I’m suddenly getting ~3Mbps down and about 512kbps up. This is compared to ~512kbps up/down at my work just south of Portland, tested today. Tested back at home today in SE Portland, and I’m back up to the faster speed. Looking forward to them turning this on on all the towers around town!

  • going_home

    How in the name of everything good and decent does Jacksonville rate getting it before Tampa ?
    C’mon TMO I just got an N1 so lets get on the ball and get Tampa up and running !
    Good stuff !


    • notxel

      What are you referring to? According to T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Coverage Map here: http://t-mobile-coverage.t-mobile.com/?WT.z_unav=mst_global_cvg# Tampa is and has been live. You might wanna call T-Mobile.

    • Rickey

      Trampa? What about us good folks down here in Fort Liquordale? That’s the only thing us drunks need that’s high speed. :)

    • justinhub2003

      ya i hope your being scarcastic cuz I just got back from treasure island and tampa and I was getting 3-4mbps down and 1mb up throughout clearwater, tampa and st. pete . I even nailed a 6mb tethered to my laptop from my nexus one

  • Woo Minneapolis!

  • eYe

    Minneapolis finally gets some love. Does anyone know if HSPA+ provides better coverage or just higher speeds? My coverage is very spotty around here, I’m OK with speed as is, just need some good coverage.

    • J-Hop2o6

      mostly higher speeds.. i doubt better coverage since its still 3G/UMTS/WCDMA

    • Chuck N.

      What part of Minneapolis is spotty? I live in Savage & work in Chanhassen, but travel all over the Mpls. area (from Savage to Mpls. to Plymouth to East Bethel) and rarely have dropped calls. My services KILLS any family/friends on Verizon.

      • gargoyle999

        I work just south of the Mall of America. I barely get one 3G bar and usually Edge in the parking lot. Never 3G in the building.

  • chaoscentral

    what no Boston??? We aren’t a major city anymore huh?

  • Rey

    Miami and Broward need to hurry up !

  • timbob

    lol i live in wichita and thats a small city compared to the big ones. but which band would the blackberry 9700 use? i see its compatible with alot of hspa but im still confused on what it does.

  • Oscar

    No Tampa =(

    • shawn

      Tampa, FL? You already have it (supposedly).
      go check the map: http://t-mobile-coverage.t-mobile.com/?WT.z_unav=mst_global_cvg#

      Guess you might need to drive around until you find it.
      But realize that there are no HSPA+ capable phone yet, and certain models TMo sell have different HSPA ratings, some only 3.6, other 7.2, also make sure you have 3G turned on and showing on the screen before you run a speedtest.


    • justinhub2003

      dude you already have it, I was just their 2 days ago, your getting 4x the speed of my normal 3g in cincinnati.. do a speed test, your getting at minimum 2mbps

  • Umm seriously? Chicago please!

  • michael

    I saw somewhere that Chicago was going to be live Q1 2011 so everybody might as well quit screaming “why not Chicago?”

  • odiots

    Nice I’m moving to portland around the 21st

  • Stonekillr

    In Chicago its not T-mobile’s fault. Its waiting on ATT to run Fiber.

  • Rick

    It looks like this time Louisville won’t be near the end. Now to get an HSPA+ capable device, in November?

  • Derrick

    well that sucks, how Birmingham gonna get yet ANOTHER update in data and Mobile doesn’t even have 3g yet. BS

  • Manny

    So.. whats the chances of Wichita Falls, TX getting HSPA+?

  • TMOprophet

    3G would be nice here!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Just in: I conducted an “intelligence mission” on the current crop of phones and upcoming models. A rep with T-Mobile said he attended a meeting where they were shown the September HSPA+ phone that will be debuting. His words approximately:

    “It was a somewhat quick preview because they did not want to show it too long out of concern that someone would take a pic. It was hard to remember it. But to me it looks like the G1 without the chin.”

    So there you have it. Let your imaginations run wild.

    • Stillwaiting

      That’s enough for me, Vibrant here I come.

  • mikey

    Wow, I can’t believe Honolulu is getting it. Everyone usually ignores us (and Alaska). Thanks Magenta!

  • Rizo

    See Cleveland, this month isn’t a total disaster. At least you’ll have HSPA before LeBron. Not an championship though, sorry.

  • altman

    would The 3g turn into H? Is that how we would know if got hspa

    • no it will still say 3G on your phone but you will know because it will be noticeably faster thats really the only way you can tell. i can barely get 1m if im lucky on my G1 right now and was getting 3.8m at the max in the Dallas area that went live a while ago. now that ft worth is getting it ill be getting those speeds at home! hell yea only thing that will make it better is when i pick up my vibrant

      • altman

        really? well i know that the nexus one shows it with an H and my rooted mytouch 3g cynogen it also shows a H. but whatever it does seem a lot faster now than before. man i just got my phone like 7 months ago and i already want the vibrant. i gotta wait for 2 more years haha.

        thanks for the info.

  • WHAT!

    What happened to Boston?

    Step your game up Tmo

  • Still waiting in Mobile,Al….hell we still don’t even have 3G yet…. what a shame

  • Brian

    Yeah, Chicago and Detroit are left behind;(

    Detroit has 4.5 million in the metropolitan area? (no one actually lives in the city proper)

    That is alot of users being left out for much smaller cities.

    • D Griffin

      Screw you hippie. Some of us actually do live IN Detroit.

      • Bob

        You called him a hippie. Haha

        We have the same problem as chicago. A boat load of at&t owned lines. If you were ford renting cars to chrysler wouldn’t you drag your as s too.

    • Frost

      Yeah, we do live in the city proper.

  • david

    Good reason why Sprint would want to take over T- mobile. Its not a merge.

  • sorandkairi

    F Birmingham …come on… Montgomery!!!!!!

  • servo

    no chicago! :(

  • Isn’t the Nokia N900 a HSPA+ capable device? Great handset, awesome developer community. I love my N900 and can’t wait for HSPA+ to hit my area…

    • J-Hop2o6

      Up to 10.2 HSPA

  • derrickps3

    don’t see tallahassee on the list, but tallahassee is finally getting 3g, i noticed on my bb bold 9700 the 3g signal was visible, i called and they say they are still working on it, i am glad, because this is a college town, and we want to be able to download things on our phones at the fastest speed.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Tallahassee will prolly just be 3.6 HSDPA first.. HSPA+ should be there at the end of the year, or 2011.

    • J

      No, we brought up Tallahassee on HSPA 7.2. There are still a few more sites to get complete, but it is live in most of the city.

      • Spencer

        Thank GOD Tallahassee finally has 3G. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve complained and complained about never having 3G. I just hope some more towers are improved because there are still a few places that only have Edge.

  • raymond

    i will never get excited over a tmobile phone again until it comes out >.<

  • redman12

    Light it up in Chicago!

  • Ann

    Yay! KC gettin’ some high speed lovin’! I guess this is the push I need to pick up the Vibrant!

  • Frosty

    Where the hell is the love for Denver? We were one of the last of the original promisted 3G rollout cities to even get it, and (at least in my suburb), we don’t even have freaking HSDPA, I barely pull standard UMTS speeds on my Cliq XT.

    Guess I shouldn’t be surprised though, all the providers love to neglect us, hell, AT&T only beat TMO to 3G here by ~8 months or so, and we were one of the last major markets for VZW and Sprint as well.

    Makes no sense to me, but whatevs, I live in Montana now anyways, and would love to see some native T-Mobile service period (as if that’s gonna happen :( )

  • Mojo>>>>HD

    INDIANAPOLIS…heck yeah!!!!…my prefectly working HD2 will love the speed boost..(does your phone have to be capable to experience a speed boost)?

  • aksnoopy

    Still no HSPA+ for Raleigh??

  • Brandon

    woot woot Milwaukee!

  • magenta magic

    Columbus OH has been unofficially HSPA+ active for several days now.

    • dalecooper

      What speeds are you seeing in Columbus right now? Tmobile announcing network upgrades 2 weeks prior to them happening really pisses me off. I left tmobile and my nexus one to join Sprint with the evo cause I was tired of the somewhat slow tmobile 3g speeds. I’m quite happy with sprint (seeing over 1500down/600up consistently here with great ping times)…. buttttt HSPA+ is just awesome.

  • Rico

    Where is the reno nv love?

  • Trill

    You guys need to stay calm but if you don’t have 3G in your area then I can understand but that’s not entirely T-Mobile fault if at all damn birds and spectrums and the government preoccupies a lot of it so your time will cone unless you live in a town with a low population that no one has ever beard of or an old back road.

    • Saku

      Mobile, AL isn’t a low population town that no one has ever heard of and its not an old back road either.

      There -should- be 3G here. T-mo’s promised and promised and promised and we still haven’t gotten anything. They have even promised us HSPA+ but I believe that we won’t be getting that either.

      • J

        Mobile’s spectrum hasn’t been released by the government.

  • Saku

    Man.. Bham gets it but not Mobile.

    Alas, I’ve given up hope. Mobile, AL will probably always have EDGE and no 3G. This is pretty much the only reason why I haven’t sold my CLIQ for a Vibrant.

    A Vibrant on EDGE would just no be worth it.

  • shawn

    What about Miami, and hopefully Broward with that. Wasn’t Miami one of the initial cities listed when the whole HSPA+ annoucement came out, along with Dallas,TX; LA,CA; Chicago,IL; and maybe Philly, back in March?! (exhibit A:http://androidandme.com/2010/03/news/t-mobile-very-fast-mobile-web-coming-march-14/)

    Dallas and LA already have it, and now Freaking Wichita (where the heck is that) Kansas? (actually I grew up 30miles away from Wichita and if that ain’t the middle of no-where, then you can throw a rock and hit no-where).

    Chicago and Miami are the only 2 on that initial list that haven’t got HSPA+. What were they waiting to see where LeBron James moved to or something? Ok, we got Mr. James, now give us HSPA+ quick!!!

    Hey just dumping some low-speed frustration before the weekend. ;)


  • Jacktown

    SOOOOOOOO freaking tired of waiting on 3G to hit Jackson. Contract is finally up next month, and Verizon here I come. Don’t care if it’s more expensive, they have better phones and MUCH better coverage. T-mo sucks here.

  • It would be nice just to have 3g in my town. I’m about 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh and still running on edge and even gprs in some areas. Meanwhile, Sprint and Verizon have had 3g for years and are now working on getting 4g. I like tmo’s prices and I have 2 lines and 1 biz line with them, but I think I’m going to switch over to Verizon for at least my 2 line family plan. The price is the same and they have something similar to my faves with 1400 minutes for $79 + $30 for true 3g coverage everywhere I go.

  • Not to mention the sick new Droid X.

    • 2FR35H

      THat is pacted with efuse so that if you try to put a non motorola approved rom on then it will brick your phone.

      • Nope, it won’t brick it, it’ll just make you install a stock one. That is, until someone works around it.

  • Edgar

    Question, I’m currently in Puerto Rico where Tmo doen’st have 3G coverage, today I did a manual network search with my blackberry bold 9700 and the following came up:

    T-Mobile 3G H
    T-Mobile 2G H
    AT&T 2G
    PR Claro 2G

    My phone by default was selecting T-Mobile 2G H, I tried to choose the T-mobile 3G H but I was unsuccessful it automatically went back to 2G, what does this mean? It’s 3G coverage already here or are they testing something?? Thanks

    • Woody

      I called T-mobile in PR and they told that there is no plans for PR and 3G. I also asked if there were any plans to improve the signal in Pueryo Rico and the answer was a straight NO. I’m supposed to renew my contract next month and I’m considering to leave T-Mobile’s great prices and service for a better sigbnal. Sorry

      • Edgar

        Then how come that my phone is registering the (T-Mobile 3G H) network in the manual network search??, it makes no sense. I agree with you they have to improve the call dropping issue as well as the coverage.

      • zerito

        Wow you must have talked to one of the few jerks that work there. In store reps are clueless most of the time since most of this info is not handled to them. Phone reps are way better doing their work. Also PR is not one of the main target markets. There will be 3G eventually but its not a priority right now.

  • Solrac924

    Finally. i’ve been waiting for decent speeds for years. i figured it would’ve come later than sooner here in El Paso but wow, this is a pleasant surprise. 3G came somewhat late here and the speeds very disappointing. you can believe i’ll be showing of to my pals on VZW & the blue deathstar.

    i wonder if my N1 with its AWS bands will perform better than my friends with their G1’s & MT’s.

  • Beasy

    they might wanna check the list of cities with hspa+…..My HD2 has been having the “H” at the top of the screen all day today….switches from 3g to H….havent seen Edge (where i usually see 3g in certain places where the signal is weaker)

  • Blink

    So I’m guessing their plan was to start the 3g rollout a year and a half ago, than after some markets are done, boost those speeds while updateing places with 3g? Not bad…I still think they have to boost their frequency though.

  • Jaymelu

    El Paso Tx!!!! Now thats what im talking about!!!

    • Solrac924

      still not seeing the ol’ H and getting <500 kbps.
      the only place El Paso has HSPA is in the press releases, but not in reality. :(
      am in the far Eastside. is anyone else experiencing it elsewhere in ELP?

  • mike

    I wish tmobile would get us off edge in Deming nm they say its very expensive and I understanding that but the Walmart here has had 9 hd2’s and 4 mts and no display phones. I talked to the comm dept manager here and the tmo rep hasent been down here for 9 months. I feel like if they really wanted to sell phones then they would be more attentive to areas they are trying to get customers. There is only like 30k population here but if they were to stay more competitive in areas where verzion has 3g they could get more customers. I have also noticed my edge speed has dropped a lot. From like 175k to 40k.

  • Nice, while T-mobile is rolling out HSPA+, Verizon plans to roll out HSOPA/LTE(UMTS) to 30 cities in 2010.

    This OFDMA-based LTE (which was originally called HSOPA, now is called E-UTRAN, and is now an air interface that is compatible with any IP-based network – not just cellular networks) has many advantages over cmda-based HSPA+. It increases network capacity, is more flexible with frequency allocation, has lower latency, doesnt suffer from breathing cell phenomenon.

    While single carrier HSPA+ may offer competitive speeds for now, it certainly does not scale as well to more users as the ofdma-based LTE. T-mobile should be quick on its feet if it wants to remain relevant for the long term. By the time T-mobile offers a HSPA+ phone, Verizon will already be launching a technology with better scalability.

  • mike

    I will wait to see what tmo rolls out as of 4g. But ive been reading a lot of news were it sounds like they are leaving a lot of people behind when it comes to faster data. I will probably never leave tmo when I first became a customer to them they gave me a chance with the smart actcess plan. My credit was shot due to a bad divorce and they didn’t even ask for a deposit. They just need to make hspa+ the new edge.

  • Love my Vibrant that I just bought the other night, but the down speed I’ve been getting from my house is still under 1mbps, generally 300-700kbs.. I always stick to my 20Mbps wifi at home, but I’ll be sure to go around town this week before and after the 21st to test the speeds of old 3g and HSPA+ being lit up in Washington DC-Baltimore Maryland.

    Off topic: What Vibrant/stock Galaxy S case would you guys recommend? My friend said this one employee in a NY TMO store had a rubber or silicone type case on his Vibrant and had a nice textured grip to it. I leaning towards getting something like that. :)

  • Cris

    HSPA= Up in this biotch! (Honolulu, HI!)

  • S. G.

    San Antonio, TX

    Haven’t noticed any speed increase, but Mobile network type now shows UMTS as of the 17th of July.

    • matthew

      UMTS is regular old 3G.

      My speed tests in San Antonio are regularly 2.3+mbit/500kbit

      Peak has been 3.4mbit/732kbit

      • J-Hop2o6

        no.. UMTS is the tech of 3G.. HSPA/HSPA+ is the ADD-ON to UMTS (3G).. so no, u wont see the Network Type (in Network settings) change to show HSPA(+).. u will still see UMTS.. but u will still get HSPA(+) tech and speeds increase.. I have HSPA(+) in Seattle, but Android still shows UMTS network.. like i said, that what the 3G tech is BASED off of (with HSPA(+) being an add-on).. makes sense?

  • Brandon Peters

    Just noticed the new speeds take hold in Cincinnati. I got almost 3megabit last night so decided to tether and test. Yup! Its here….!!

    • Meego

      See my post, you need to invest in a HSPA+ supported device and see what’s really out there in the Queen City!

  • Rubinz

    Apparently not listed in T-Mobile’s July list of cities to get HSPA+ turned on was Santa Rosa, CA. I guess the list doesn’t matter as they turned it on today.

    Previously on my Nexus One I would max out with a download speed of around 200-300kbps inside my house and 800kbps outside. But, all of a sudden today I’m getting an average of 3.5Mbps download speeds, inside. Inside! Now that’s what I call a speed boost!

  • khaltz

    heard HSPA+ is in portland Oregon so said an employee at corp store tmobile.

  • Hurlamania

    Hope the stay on schedule here in cleveland need my 7.2
    Will hspa have better coverage strength than there normal 3G
    My 3g is horrible in the house you have to set the phone down
    And not touch it. Out side and about it is sketchy as well.
    When will I get froyo for my slide? Any news out there?


  • This is awesome! I’m already getting 4 mbps in San Antonio. I can’t wait to see how much faster the data rates get!

  • Meego

    Ran a speedtest last weekend in Downtown Cincinnati and hit 5.60Mbps on my Nokia N900!

  • gargoyle999

    Will I see an “H” on my HD2 with HSPA+ or will it still show “3G”.

  • Solrac924

    This is bogus!!
    it’s been a month now & T-Mo STILL hasn’t activated the towers at East El Paso to HSPA. how could they say this when they haven’t upgraded ALL the towers?!? to be honest, i haven’t even seen the “H” anywhere in El Paso. what gives?? still stuck at 300 kbps on my Nexus. =(
    if they don’t do something quick, they’re gonna have some unhappy G2 owners soon.

  • Jgresham74

    We are about fifty miles south of Houston Texas and we get an amazing 2 kbps download and 5 kbps upload. So all of people complaining about 3G can keep your mouth shut.