CNET Tests Carrier Data Speeds In NYC, T-Mobile Kills The Competition

Well well what do we have here? Senior Editor Bonnie Cha over at decided to pit all 4 of the major carriers against one another, solely comparing data speeds. The tests, which took place in the most populous city in the United States, the one and only New York City, revealed some interesting results. In almost all of the tested areas in NYC, Magenta came out on top with the fastest 3G speeds. These tests were conducted using a T-Mobile Nexus One which is only capable of HSPA 7.2Mbps. Just imagine what the results would’ve be on an HSPA+ handset which would fully take advantage of T-Mobile’s newly launched HSPA+ network. We’ve queued up the CNET Carrier Data Speeds comparison video for you below!


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  • Vicosphi

    Great news….Fastest and cheapest 3G network ;)
    now waiting for comments from those “never happy” people…lol

    • WXman

      Fastest and cheapest 3G network… IF you live in New York City. 99% of TMo’s customers are stuck on miserable GPRS and EDGE circa 1995.

      • covert

        I’d recommend moving before… *cue ‘Deliverance’ banjos*

      • davidohio

        where do you get your statistics? 99% of t-mobile customers on edge or gprs?? Are there even gprs markets anymore? A little friendly advice my friend, lay off the crack.

      • WXman

        yes david, you crack monkey, my phone is sitting here on GPRS right now. Everywhere I go is GPRS, occasionally I’ll hit EDGE. Woohoo… blazing fast now! LOL. It’s pathetic. Sprint has 4G. Big deal…it’s only in small isolated areas. TMO has something better than 3G but none of us get to use it. Most of the time I don’t even see 3G on my phone. TMo’s network is pathetic.

        Do some research before opening your lid.

      • Housetek

        i live 30 miles outside Philadelphia i get great 3g, you do your own research b4 you go around making bs numbers you tool bag

      • Bob

        What city are you in? You must be really far from big cities.
        I live in Sacramento and get 3G all the time all over this region. When I travel to San Francisco, I’m only down to edge when there are no cities around and back to 3G once there.
        The only recent time I got GPRS was on I5 heading to Los Angeles. Once in Los Angeles, I was back to 3G.

    • Shawn

      I live in Los Angeles, which is an HSPA+ city. However, I can honestly say 70 percent of the time my phone is on Edge, the other 30 percent when it switches back and forth to 3g, I get maybe 0.3mbps download. I also have very little coverage around Beverly Hills/Brentwood. I’m in a building all day in that area, actually an underground labratory. Yes it is underground and I don’t expect a signal, however all my verizon peers are still getting a signal and able to make/place phone calls. I have to make the 10 minute exit out of the building to use my phone.

      The truth is, t-mobile has spotty service. Everyday without hesitation, my phone loses all signal, zero bars, up near sepulveda. This area is primarily Bel Air teritory, and maybe the residents don’t allow ugly towers in the neighbor, but signal is very poor. Also around Mulholand. Then in my home, i’m running Edge 90 percent of the time, so I use wifi on my phone.

      I’m not complaining, if you read my posts on this site, I always praise t-mobiles excellent customer service. This is why I stay with t-mobile, I over look the spotty service, for their excellent cust service reps.

      But i’m not going to be hypocrite and sit here and praise t-mobiles data rates, when I get slow internet all over los angeles.

      The only people I know, that have coverage absolutely everywhere in this city, no matter where, no matter if you are underground, or in a concrete building, are verizon friends.

      I still like t-mobile, I believe in their growing efforts.

      • Chester

        How can you take your frustration of living in a small town out on your carrier? You even said Sprint 4g isn’t available where you live either. There is a reason the carriers aren’t building out your area. Can you get a loan for billions to run the fiber and build the towers out, and buy the spectrum? They have to focus on the larger populations first…its simply logical. Blame your parents for moving and settling in the town you live in…not your carrier.

      • rickb928

        Oh, and at work, my G1 is fabulous, until I go over to the cafeteria, where it drops from 3G to EDGE as soon as I walk in the door. At my desk, the VZW users are rushing out the door to keep the call, as VZW gets TERRIBLE coverage indoors. Mine is rock-solid. My lunch buddy has an iPhone and gets EDGE where I get 3G, and 3G where I get EDGE. Funny, and kinda wierd.

        Anecdotal evidence is just that. Your experience is not necessarily the same as others. If I lived in Maine, I would probably stay with TMO, but if I live further north in Maine I would have to go to VZW. If I lived in NYC, as my dear former employer does, I would NOT have an iPhone. AT&T is the pits in the City, and even out on LI.

      • Jono

        I also live in Los Angeles, and travel between the far east all the way to the coast. I have a BlackBerry 8900 which isn’t a 3G device. I’ve never seen GPRS service, only EDGE. Although I’ve seen my data speeds run slow at times, I’ve never been without coverage.

        That being said, many times coverage problems can be fixed with software updates. This occurred with BlackBerry 9700 3G service dropping on T-mobile. A software update fixed the problem.

    • WXman

      I have three large cities near me. Louisville, Lexington, and Cincy. 3G is spotty in those areas, and totally non-existant outside the city limits. It is totally pathetic that we are paying $150/month for the family plan and all we get is 1995 network speed.

      Some people here make me want to go ape sh*t like Mel Gibson. Drive around the country a little bit and you’ll see just how pathetic the TMo network is.

      • rickb928

        It’s not just TMO, my friend. I can find you all sorts of places in the Northeast where there is no useful coverage at all. And not the woods, but rural areas where there’s plenty of people, just terrible terrain and sometimes archaic zoning laws. If you can’t build a tower, you can’t deliver coverage.

        It’s just not TMO. Ask how Sprint coverage is, some time. And then duck.

      • defpoet

        Sprints coverage is great. 4 times bigger than ATT. Bout 10 times larger than T-mobile. Plus free roaming on Verizon. Gsm is a better technology but cdma is cheaper to mass deploy.

      • HMMM

        why do you have TMo if you’re complaining about it? Get out of the contract (if you have one), switch to another carrier and stfu.

  • JonnyB

    T-Mobile is 4th place for a reason! They suck balls just like the person who wrote this article. Just admit it! My friend has T-Mobile and he never gets 3G! Ever! While I do and I have Sprint!:D Just face it, T-Mobile has horrible 3G Coverage! Its just funny that people say, oh our 3G is faster then Sprints 4G, Sprint will have more 4G markets then T-Mobile has 3G markets by years end! Now thats FUNNY!!

    • McKay

      Don’t feed the troll

    • Kickstar13

      Is that all you say? Seriously, what are you doing on a T-Mobile fan site if you hate T-Mobile so passionately? Run along to your crappy Customer Service.

      • +1

        I’ll second that….

      • alex32

        @johnny B
        troll..go away. youre obviously looking for attention in you lonely life. If you hate tmobile dont go to this site.
        i love tmobile, i love tmonews,and i love the writers of tmonews ,im a huge fan of this site and i visit this site everyday every hour. So dont insult them and the site for no reason. Go enjoy your sprint.
        you know what would be real “FUNNY”? thatd be if tmobile buys sprint since sprint is bleeding right now.

        ‘nough said.

      • Andy G

        I live in MD… right on the border with D.C… I get great 3g coverage in most areas… Not so much in my house but neither do any verizon, att, or crappy sprint phones… My house is just a black whole for cell coverage… But I regularly reach 7.2mbs in alot of places… At my job I have the best coverage… Beat that troll

    • NiiDiddy

      I wish sometimes people will actually think before the write!!! Fact that your friend doesn’t get 3G coverage doesn’t make TMobile crappy. I have TONS of friends with Sprint and they don’t hardly get great EDGE signals, let alone 3G signals…while I get really generous upload/download speeds with TMobile 3G.

      That being said, based on your non-existent analogy I can say Sprint suck balls just like the person who wrote the comment I am responding to. But Sprint isn’t my business; my friends themselves will tell you their customer service suck and coverage in my area suck. I just listen. So like David said….”run along…”

      • NiiDiddy

        **So like David said..
        Correction: So like Kickstart13 said…

      • rushmore

        Good point! Both Sprint AND Tmo 3G coverage is weak ;)

      • defpoet

        Sprints 3g coverage is not weak. It’s way larger than ATTs.
        T-mobiles coverage is pretty decent if you take into account how long its been around. Sprint (me) users and t-mobile users should be friend. We need to despise Verizon and ATT. Not each other. Both Sprint and T-mobile offer the best values on their cellular technology.

    • phone addict

      . . . JonnyB, do me a favor and learn to use the word “than” in your comment. You wrote “then” when you meant “than”.

    • watbetch

      It’s an obvious troll people, move along here nothing to see.

    • Darien

      your friend must live out in the middle of nowhere. I will admit being from maine 3g coverage is sparse on all 4 carriers but now that i live down in San Antonio the 3g is everywhere you go. Honestly just give up JonnyB your retarded.

    • ohsnap123

      yet you are still reading an article and commenting on a T-MOBILE website….nice dude.

    • ChocolateLatter

      Sprint sucks. Its expensive and its completely useless. T-Mobile actually has good service and its prices are actually pretty bearable. If your with Sprint, why come to a T-Mobile Site ? Oh wait, because you want to drool all over the new things that are being revealed. Maybe you should make the switch instead of just saying how T-Mobile sucks balls. And despite what people have said, The Phones are good. Let that be said for any other people that want to make hits at T-Mobile and the Phones and Coverage. T-Mobile is pretty reliable.

      • gary

        sprint is cheaper than T-Mobile so what are you talking about?

      • hmmm

        what are you talking about dont be a fanboy t-mobile is MORE expensive than Sprint go to the site and look for yourself

      • watbetch

        Sprint has nothing on T-Mobile. You can’t get a 1500 minute family plan with text for $99 like you can at T-Mobile. Take your insecurities back to a sprintfails blog

      • dfpo3t

        watbetch your a idiot
        same plane as tmobile and more coverage

        Sprint is cheaper than tmobile if you need unlimited of anything other than voice although any mobile any where n makes that point void if you do not call landlines. Tmobile has affordable plans and top notch customer service.

    • Jonathan:Brazil!

      I feel sorry, you obviously have no life. First off, Sprint has always sucked and always will. Second, isn’t sprint’s 4G network only available to about 10 cities or less? Third, T-Mobile’s 3G network is fast and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is faster than Sprints 4G network. What’s truly funny is that T-Mobile has more cities with HSPA+ than Sprint has cities with 4G. so guess what, by the end of this year sprint will still be a joke. Now thats HILARIOUS!

      • dfpo3t

        You a dumbass Sprint has way more coverage than tmobile and is cheaper
        4G will cover 120 million people by November hspa+ will cover a fraction of that.

    • Tiger

      What’s FUNNY is that your friend probably has a 2g phone which means you cannot get 3g on it. About Sprint and its 4G, they do not have it in NYC where the test was done.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      JohnnyB… you little ball sucker you. I get a kick out of your posts. You post inflammatory comments and then sit back to enjoy the show, watching people react and get upset. Spices up otherwise boring discussions.

    • jay555

      Yes, run along little troll. Stick with Sprint where you pay a BS “premium” fee just to have the latest and greatest phone. And where you’ll be lucky if you actually see 4G service in your area anytime in the next 2 years.

    • J

      T-Mobile’s 3g/HSPA+ is faster than sprint’s 4g, its doesn’t matter if they call it something else (ie. 7g, 50g, 100g) T-Mobile’s 3g is still faster, deal with it. What’s “funny” is that Dan Hessey is the one that wants to merge with T-Mobile, not T-Mobile wanting to merge with sprint.

      • gary

        Until TMobile improves the backhaul it is not faster than Wimax at this point. The latency is much too high on HSDPA+ at this time.

      • J-Hop2o6

        not faster? HSPA+ is 21mbps currently.. so it is faster.. Latency/ping is high? WRONG.. the lowest i’ve seen for me was 52ms

      • dfpo3t

        Tmobile’s parent company has said they are interested idiot.

    • wack mode

      u probably dont even live in a 4g area so how the fuk would u know

    • Drew

      Obviously you are terribly misinformed. “More 4G markets than T-Mobile has 3G markets by years end”?? Wow, are you 13?? Too bad Sprint will be ditching their 4G (WiMax) in favor of LTE when their contract is up. You really need to stick to things you know a little about like skateboarding and video games and leave the techy talk to the grownups. And just so you know, the only reason Sprint is 3rd and not last is because Sprint merged with Nextel about 5 yrs ago when you were still peeing the bed. So run along now, most of this kind of talk is over your head.

  • Chris

    This just in: T-Mobile rocks.

    Aren’t you glad you don’t have a bunch of tools on their iPhones clogging up the network?

    • Lets hope it stays that way!!!

    • I’d love it if my iPhone supported the AWS WCDMA(UMTS) band.

  • SW

    actually T-Mobile is in 8th place. I don’t see Sprint? humm

    • ChocolateLatter

      Globally, T-Mobile has some 150 million subscribers, making it the WORLD’S SEVENTH LARGEST mobile phone service provider by subscribers and the third largest multinational

      Correction, its 7th Place.

      • rushmore

        How does this help North America? It is not even worth anything when you travel to those countries, since roaming fees for data are bank account killing high- for most folks. Especially Android devices.

    • Ramon B

      I love T-Mobile but thats globally. In America T-Mobile is 4th right behind sprint. But I was with Sprint for 4 years and hated it, I’ve had many phones with t-mobile and loved them all and I still throw my sim in my IPhone when I play around with different ROMS on my android phone. I have flexibility and pay way less than I did when I was with sprint. I can use a diffrent phone anytime I want try doing that with a sprint phone.

    • hi!

      we’re talking in the states, not global

  • YES! ::Does happy dance:: T-Mo RULES!!!!

  • NiiDiddy

    Good Stuff! I saw the video earlier on after seeing it posted on twitter. Now, we have to back it up with phone that will reach those H+ speeds.

  • currator

    to the sprint fanboy. whats wrong mommy didnt hold you enough or are you just retarted. dont hate cuz you too slow 4g sucks alot and you will never se above 5mbps while tmobile stabdert hspa hits 7.2 so sad and true fact this is a site about tmobile not sprint ohh wait those people on those sites are all crying about service ohh ohh and wait there is more sprint by years end will cover about 120 mil tmobile will be covering around 185 mil were do you get your facts be gone and pay 10 dollars for something you will almost never use or never get covered for. bye bye loser

  • quikzilver

    Lol @ Sprint guy.

    Can you say bitter? Why is he is this blog anyway?

  • tipsofme

    Man, I wish there was a way to lock out anyone who didn’t have a login. Can’t wait until mailman shows up to smear his bleeding vag all over this topic. Hey Sprint boys- YOU LOST! How do you like them apples? HAHA!

    • Dashi

      and with that comment you just made my day xD
      “Can’t wait until mailman shows up to smear his bleeding vag all over this topic”

      • JDANGLE

        Mailman is truly a double douche. I’m dying of laughter over here. “smear his bleeding vag all over this topic”

    • Chris

      Bleeding vag! Too funny!

  • Chris

    Give it time, Mailman will be in here talking some kind of trash. He says he is in NYC and his signal sucks. I just think its him, that sucks. LOL! Anyway, was just wanting to welcome him in.

    • NiiDiddy

      LOL – Yea all of us regulars know Mailman too well. :)

      • Dashi

        ya know that wouldnt be as sad as the fact that you don’t have to be a regular to know hes going to
        “smear his bleeding vag all over this topic”
        xD i officially hate whoever showed him this forum and/or google if he searched it out

      • NiiDiddy

        tru dat Dashi

      • mailman

        BLAH BLAH BLAH TMOBILE BLAH BLAH BAD BLAH BLAH SUCKS BLAH BLAH 4TH PLACE BLAH BLAH SIGNAL BAD… Yeah it’s me ahhh! Mailman. The blah blah tmobile hater.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Ok so it was me impersonating mailman. HAAAA!!! And I wouldve gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling kids and that smelly dog. SCROOBY ROOBY ROOO!!!

      • NiiDiddy

        LMAO… @ Wilma :)

  • Nerd lust


  • vinny

    Im a TMO customer with a Nexus One in Waltham Mass. The HSPA+ is right around the corner, still on 3G getting on average 1300kbps down and a whopping 880 kbps up. Not too shabby at 8:00 in the evening. I will get times when I get spikes around 1500 – 1600 download and sometimes 950 upload. Those crazy upload speeds have me scratching my head. When I get the HSPA+ I’m hoping to get some very fast speeds. Come on T-Mobile bring it home.

  • tmobilenatl

    I love how in the first test at the lab T-Mobile still came in second over Verizon and Sprint even though T-Mobile was tested on EDGE and not 3G.

    • I found that amusing enough myself that I had to reply to your post to mention it.

      • Dashi

        I Will Third The Amusement Train

      • J-Hop2o6

        fourth here.. how was tmo’s EDGE faster than the CDMA’s 3G? lol thats really sad.

    • rushmore

      I was with Tmo for eight years and now with VZW. Edge is just as slow as VZW’s 1X. VZW 3G has been faster than Tmo 3G in KY, WV and VA, so far. Especially DC area.

      Just like Sprint’s weak coverage of 4G (and weak building penetration), Tmo’s converage area is tiny for 3G and even smaller for HSPA.

      Tmo should have spent more money on tower upgrades, rather than celeb commercials. Even their own tower techs say that!!

  • TMOprophet

    guys i watched wpc 2010 today and oh my god you have to check out windows phone 7. im a android user and i hate to say it but i cant wait to switch to it. in the conference they show you how your xbox, computer, internet, phone are all conected. its sweet. you take a pic on your phone and you can view it on your xbox,cpu,internet automatically.

    • Dale Murphy

      i gotta tell ya, i saw you headed that way from all of your previous posts. have u now decided not to get the emerald at all come november?

      • TMOprophet

        ………well Dale too be honest im torn between the phones. Wp7 looks nice but its fairly new so i think i might end up with emerald but i dont know im at the edge.

    • NiiDiddy

      The whole Cloud technology is pretty cool; however Windows Phone 7 SUCKS! Couldn’t make heads or tails of it…and they called it “simple and easier to use”…I didnt think so IMHO

      • Wilma Flintstone

        couldn’t agree with ya more NiiDiddy. Windows Phone 7 blows big time. Only decent thing on it is Xbox live integration other than that, the words scrolling off the screen, the limited functionality like cut and paste and more make Windows Phone 7 the Nail in the Coffin.

      • NiiDiddy

        Yea Wilma, I agree with you on the Xbox integration [pretty much the only thing that impressed me was the Xbox and its new latest features and “remote-less gestures” – might get one]. However you are right, WinPh 7 definitely the Nail in the Coffin! ;)

    • NeXus

      Sorry to get off topic, but do you recall we chatted in the Behold2 1.6 update room. did you ever email any of the 4 emails the other person told us to email. and if you did. did you get a response?

      • NiiDiddy

        Off topic, Yes, I remember. I also remember asking for the email addresses and I didn’t think it was posted in the comment. I checked a few times. So I didn’t; however, if the emails are there – I wouldn’t mind writing an email out. If you have the email addresses will you post them here? Please? Thx.

  • kudo

    thats cool but i live in phoenix, t-mobile’s coverage is horrible here i can’t even sit on the toilet and send a text in the paper houses we have here

    • Dashi

      phoneix’s coverage isnt tht bad i live and sell tmobile in mesa u must live in a hole or sumtin :p

      • kudo

        i guess downtown phoenix is just a hole to t-mobile then, i live about 2 miles from chase field and cant get the coverage you say isn’t so bad. i’m not here to hate t-mobile but seriously the service isn’t up to par, hopefully they bring some of that speed here, i know plenty of G1 owners leaving t-mobile when their contracts up.

    • jmts80

      Its not too bad for me. My 3G is spotty though, on one corner of my bed I get great speeds on the opposite one I only get EDGE and in my living room it switches between EDGE and 3G so much I can barely send a text…=/

  • dee

    i wish i can say the same for miami own my mytouch i recieve 3g sometimes than sometimes im on edge but mostly edge


  • daniel

    What kills me is all these people who want to come on here and say that T-mobile is crap and the other 3 carriers are so much better. I was on facebook today and HTC is running a contest with AT&T in Des Moines. It was funny to see how many people there complained about how most of Des Moines didn’t even have 3G and they couldn’t keep a call connected. So you want to complain about how bad T-Mobile’s service is? The fact of the matter is that if one company was all that and covered every square inch of the US with 3G/4G they would be the only company in the US.

    PS… how are you Iphone freaks loving your new 4G? Can you get a signal? Did one blow up in your hand? Last I heard they may have to do a recall. I hope T-Mobile never gets the IPhone…

    • Patrick

      Interesting….when I had AT&T coverage through work, though the signal here in Indianapolis was great, people in Colorado around the mountains complained that AT&T coverage was CRAZY spotty and they ended up switching everyone to verizon. I guess I should consider myself fortunate because I can honestly say, here in Indy, the ONLY time you’ll notice a difference in coverage between carriers is when below ground level(ex: basement). And even then, it really ends up being chopped up to who has a closer tower to where you’re at. The ONLY time I start getting choppy 3G coverage with T-Mobile is when I’m at work(which isn’t technically Indianapolis), but in ONE corner of the office(which happens to be where I sit) my 3G signal scarce…other than that…my signal is STRONG and I average about 2.2mbps – 2.5mbps all the time. I’m excited for HSPA+ to be turned on come the 21st. Speeds are going to be CRAZY once that happens.

  • Josh M.

    remember when trolls and retarded analysts were predicting tmo’s doom? yeah i like to think otherwise. studies like this are just an example of how much tmo rocks!

    • rushmore

      Tmo will either join Sprint next year, or be broken up into current smaller regional companies. I think they will join Sprint next year and kick all kinds of butt within two years, but one way or another, the Tmo you currently love is going away.

      • watbetch

        Dumbest idea yet

  • zEON45

    I wish we had better 3G service in Miami, I agree with dee 60% of the time I’m on edge… sucks…

  • YJ L

    To be honest with you I like that T-Mobile is the 4th place carrier. Not a lot of subscribers mean more bandwidth for me!

  • Kyle

    That is my favorite picture of all time, hands down!

  • J1

    I agree with mckay.. u guys shouldn’t have fed the troll lol.. 1 is more than enough smh lol.. but I guess he’s full now.. probably napping away in his cave.. or maybe in the middle of a threesome with mailmam and a evo..

    @chris: great headline man, I’ll take a one yr subscription to that paper sir.. lol

  • Run up ralph dela vegas office slap him up and take away his motto, who has the fastest 3g network huh…you better keep that mouth shut.

  • 30014

    I’m still waiting to see any kind of speed increase at all. I ran 2 separate speed tests today, the first 1 gave a reading of 263 kb/s down and 284 kb/s up, while the second test showed 762 kb/s down and 488 kb/s up. Both test were done on 3g about 30 minutes apart. I’m happy for everyone getting those awesome speeds but I’m pissed that I’m not.

  • fujitsujeff

    CNET finally has their review … No mention of “Night Mode” however …;txt

    • androidjon

      thank you for posting this! all the phone/tech blogs have the droid/htc/iphone phone reviews up so quick, and with this phone releasing in two days i was wondering where were the reviews.

  • Jimbo

    In washington not hspa era just 3g I get 2.6mb down on the slide can’t wait for hspa

  • mingkee

    I also have Sprint (Boost CDMA) and I found several spots which runs 1X, including college areas in Brooklyn.
    I can lock my T-Mobile (nexus one, HD2, and N900) on 3G without losing reception.
    Your life is in HELL if your Sprint phone runs on 1X, period, it’s worse than EDGE!

    Back to the topic, 3G speed with T-Mobile is pretty good and consistent.

    • cdmaOne 1xRTT may have less throughput than EDGE, but I can say without a doubt from many years experience, a CDMA-based system (like WCDMA/UMTS and CDMA2000 and cdmaOne) has many more advantages than GSM with EDGE. First, with GSM you have hard system limits, so if you move from one tower to another and that new tower is full, your call/data will drop/disconnect. On a CDMA-based system there is always room for another subscriber.* Second, CDMA based systems allow for using multiple towers at once – so if you’re in a moving vehicle like a train and the path to one tower is blocked, on a GSM network you may experience this as a voice dropout or packets being lost, but a CDMA-based system you could have other towers simultaneously transmitting the same data so you would not even notice any interruption. Third, because of the second point, handoffs between towers have a much lower risk of having your call dropped or data interrupted since multiple towers are being used simultaneously. On a GSM system, each tower uses a different frequency which means your phone has to jump frequencies, losing contact with the old tower when moving from tower to tower.

      So what does worse mean? Yes, 1xRTT has lower throughput and latency similar to EDGE. But the advantages I mentioned above make it much better when you are using an interactive internet program that is very sensitive to latency and packet loss – like ssh/telnet/remote desktop. These things are quite painful to use on EDGE when you are moving – like on a train. A cdma based system like WCDMA(UMTS) and cdmaOne/CDMA2000 is much less painful in that respect even with less throughput.

      So, is 1xRTT worse with all those advantages because the max link speed is 144kbps? Nay, I would rather have 1xRTT than EDGE for any use that is sensitive to packet loss and needs lower latency, especially while in a moving vehicle. But if I was in a hotel downloading torrents, I would push aside 1xRTT and hook myself up to some EDGE.

      * this being able to always add on another subscriber reduces the effective radius of a tower for some complicated technical reasons the users there are on a cell, so there’s always a tradeoff between the number of mobile phones connected to a cell and the radius of the tower. This phenomenon of where the cell’s effective radius shrinks with the more subscribers there are is called the shrinking cell phenonemon. I hope you enjoyed this comment.

      • Rilesman

        I have always been a big fan of CDMA (or actually UWB) and was disappointed when Sprint acted as retards and tried to ruin my life on their mistake (open and closed 7 accounts to fix their problem…then payment in one account they would not transfer to the actual account with charges nor would they refund..but did send two collectors after me….sorry about he history) otherwise I would have jumped on that bandwagon at the beginning.

        However, you left out one important fact and that is white noise…CDMA must have enough power and not too many customers or the power signal will drop below white noise and you will lose complete coverage. Still better in my opinion than GSM…but as stated the use of WCDMA now. Life is good. These are not the Droids you are looking for…(oh wait…that is Verizon LOL)

  • Davidohio

    It takes a lot of time to build out an hspa+ network and of course they will start with the largest markets first. This is only common sense. Glad to see they are making progress.

    • rushmore

      Hence the problem that analysts point out- Tmo does not have enough time to get the coverage and keep the customers. Tmo will continue to bleed out high margin customers to the point that tower and infrastructure upgrades can not be sustained. Lack of capital to allocate is coming.

  • jack

    My sprint evo is getting 9mbps consistently. My nexus one on tmobile is getting 1.5 mbps

    • In Brooklyn, NY I tested the evo and mt3g and got these results: Note, the pictures are from different locations and times.

      I found it a bit ironic that with T-mobile’s fast 3G speeds that at both the Sprint and Verizon stores where I wanted to compare the phones side-by-side, there was no T-mobile 3G coverage.

      • gary

        you are aware that Wimax is not live in New York yet, right?

  • lsnizzle

    I get 4.2 Mbps down and 1.5 Mbps up on tmobile here in los angeles. Everyone I know whos has sprint, verizon, or at&t cannot even reach those speeds. Proud to be a tmobile subscriber!

  • Tipsofme

    Mailman still hasn’t come yet? Must be a new postal holiday. Lets call it “YOU LOOSE”.

    • Davidohio

      Lol mailman saw the cnet video and that the evo came in last place and jumped off the Brooklyn bridge lmao!

      • Chris

        LOL. This is true. Or else he is still in bed with his photo of the EVO.

  • Myg1

    Is it the 28th yet for him to leave lol¿ Maybe hes trolling somewhere…..I’ve been loving my speed increase n can’t wait to get my Vibrant on thursday first thing

    • Chris

      Who knows, all I know is its nice to not see his name showing up here.

  • joshuakprice1

    Lets not forget, in all this sprint vs. tmo talk, who the real “big player” is. Tmo is a part of a much larger and stronger, multinational, company. Sprint, as far as I know, is just sprint. Ya’ll aint got nuthin on deustch telecom (did I spell that right?):)

  • MjN1

    You know guys what is really funny? Sprint just finally had a taste of an OK Android phone which is the EVO, they think everything is faster now. Because at the end of the day, they say T-mobile sucks, but guess what, Sprint swallows hahahah…. you guys need a better and faster 3G to support your devices!!Sprint fanboy! Get your own show buddy!

  • Jay

    This is why I’m kind of glad T-Mobile isn’t as large as ATT and Verizon, less people to clog up their networks. Now all we need is an Evo-esque device or a G2 like device that is a true successor to the G1.

  • pimpstrong

    So If T-Mobile averaged about 1.5Mbits/sec then is it safe to say that an HSPA+ phone will only get that as well? Seeing as how the Nexus can handle up to 7.2 I would assume that its not the phone but the service keeping it low. I hope that’s not the case

    • pimpstrong

      I know there were variabless keeping it down around 1.5 vs about 4 but if they had an HSPA+ phone then would I expect HIGHER speeds or does it all depend on the quality of service at the time.

  • wtfci

    In my experience your service all depends on how strong your carrier is in your region.

    I’m in the Midwest where I spent 10 years on the T-mobile network in Chicago and now a couple of months on their network in the Twin Cities. My signal has always been great. I’ve been using a smartphone for 4 years now starting with a Dash and migrating to a G1. I’d guess 99.9% of the time at least reported as 3G connected. I rarely drop calls, although 90% of usage is email, text, and Internet.

    In short, whenever I see someone ripping or worshipping a carrier I tend to ignore them unless they actually tell a story about their service that reaches beyond just their own use.

  • Davidohio

    @jonnyb yeah that is why t-mobile beat sprint on the data speeds in new york. And not even on a hspa+ device lol. You said you have sprint? So you must be enjoying their slow speeds correct? By the way why are you even on this sight if you are not a t-mobile customer? Oh right, you have no life.

  • beware!

    Beware, I got a virus by visiting this webpage last night.

  • tonka

    rural america awaits EDGE. i’m still running on gprs in southeast ohio.

    • rushmore

      Drive from there to Cedar Point. Tmo has ZERO coverage for about 50 miles.

  • johnnybilo

    I live and work in Manhattan. I’m always in 3G unless I’m in an elevator or a basement.

    I would say using Dolphin HD on my Slide, the pages load nearly has fast as the wi-fi/ cable modem on my laptop at home.

  • pjcamp

    Just imagine if an HSPA+ handset EXISTED.

    What’s the point of building out a network which none of your devices can use?

    • J

      What would be the point of having an HSPA+ device without having a significant number of HSPA+ sites installed?

  • rushmore

    Unless you live in the areas that have coverage, what good is it? Tmo has 10% of the 3G level coverage of VZW. I would rather have a slower network with more complete coverage than a small area like Tmo. VZW downloads and plays HQ Youtube and Flash sites stutter-free in place that Tmo only has 2G coverage.

    • watbetch

      You might’ve missed it but Verizon 3G is about the same as T-Mobile EDGE in this test.

      • rushmore

        The test is wrong then. Common sense. I have used Edge in many places and have never ever been able to stream HQ video or download several meg or higher files within seconds. No problems with 3G on VZW.

      • watbetch

        It most certainly wasn’t. Verizon Wireless “3G” was pulling in a nice 100Kbps.

      • The logical conclusion to Verizon being slower than T-mobile’s EDGE was that at the location, the phone dropped to cdmaOne 1xRTT. In other words, Verizon’s 2G technology was being pitted against T-mobile’s 2G technology. 1xRTT has a lower maximum throughput than EDGE, but the cdma-based 1xRTT offers benefits other than speed that would make it a better choice over EDGE in certain situations. I explained this in my comment above which can be seen at .

      • watbetch

        The phone was on 3G. She specifically said that in the video for both Sprint and Verizon. Give it up already.

      • pimpstrong

        you guys are hoop dreaming defending VZW.

  • raymond

    pj my thoughts exactly how can i boast about having sonic the hedgehod speeds but not having the shoes to use that speed :|

    tmobile speed is nice but if no one has a phone capable or that they actually like -_-

  • Barry

    @ Wilma that was classic stuff lmfao

    But beware people the mailman commeth and he will hath his vengance lol

    Idk about the rest of you but I’m really anxious to see these hopefully newly released devices at the end of the year to go along with the HSDPA+ network. Everytime I see articles like this it puts me on the fence about getting the vibrant but when I see videos and demos of th vibrant I’m back over. I’m tryna look at it as the lastest and greatest is always coming now at days so I may just go ahead with Sammy

    • pimpstrong

      End of the year phones will be off the chain. But so will end of Q1 2011 phones and then what do you do? The Vibrant is beyond the “finally rediculously fast and awsome” era of cellphones and you really can’t go wrong in buying it. Plus with it being HSPA+ compatible you will get some kick@$$ speeds fast enough to rip through HD YouTube videos, stream perfect slacker radio, send emails in a snap. Can’t see much real need yet for the super rediculously faster fast internet yet. Anyone else?

  • pimpstrong

    that worx. At any rate I just came from the TMO store and demo’d the Vibrant… Needless to say it is without a doubt living up to the expectations. The screen size is on the money, the picture is just crisp and clear(can’t wait to see it in the sun), it runs smooth like the iPhone and it is just crazy thin. I have a sturdy built TP2 and the Vibrant didn’t feel cheap at all. TOMORROW!!

    • NiiDiddy

      Good, good, good!!! TOMORROW!!!!!

  • Stanly

    I’m not sure what the big stink is about. Here in Cleveland, I would venture to say the T-Mobile network is nearly flawless. I get 3g even out into the far suburbs. There is one hole where I fall into Edge and back onto 3g over and over, but that is 5 miles from me and I’m not sure what’s going on there.

    I don’t know what people expect. My partner has ATT and my 3g service is just as decent and widespread as his.

    And to those who want to go to Sprint, good luck. It will be a miracle the day you see five bars on your phone. It feels like God has shined his light upon you when you get five bars. I tried them out for a month and they were terrible! I dropped calls all the time, all kinds of dead zones, my house, in the middle of the city, was a known dead zone…And I usually got between 1-3 bars. And 1-3 bars on Sprint means maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t. Good luck. I’d never touch Sprint again. If they can’t manage their CDMA and 3g network, how would I trust them to manage their 4g network?

  • Barry

    You guys aren’t helping lol jk I think what really has me hypnotized is that screen.

  • Tyrone

    Well here at work Locating Long Beach Cali, 1st speed test 1554d 250u, 2nd test 1751d 247u. My max on 3g wasy about 2.7mbs in Long Beach so anyone saying that tmobile suck can enjoy there slow networks. Just wait till the infanstructure is complete. Hspa+ 21 followed by Hspa+42 next year. Cant Wait. Also with better service come fantastic phones

  • dfpo3t

    Metropcs has more 3g coverage then tmobile hell Leap wireless has more than them to

  • pimpstrong

    just watched the 20 minute review of the Vibrant…Amazing phone.

  • currator

    dfpo3p. im gonna feed this troll once hey id10t go somewhere metro pcs has no 3g anywhere and they just now rolling out lte in vegas. and if you wish to not believe me. my bro is a are supervisor over like 20 or more metro stores he works for metro there is no 3g for metro as what he told me so were ever you got that is prob the same place told you sprint 4g hits 10mbps on there phone too

  • I’m testing out my Clear mobile mobile datat 3g/4g and so far it rocks. I had Time Warner be4. this is much better. If Clear gets their phones in Nov. of this year or sooner. I may have to give them a go….

  • tl

    throw double the subscribers on that tmo network…performance will degrade to at or below the verizon and at&t range. Also, notice that tmo was only running edge indoors, terrible building penetration.

    • J

      Give T-Mobile double the customers, and they would have more sites and more bandwidth. Its not the amount of customers Verizon has that makes them slower than T-Mobile, its the technology they use. You could have 1 person on Verizon’s network and 1 person on T-Mobile’s 3G and the T-Mobile customer will be faster. AT&T would match up in some areas, but not where T-Mobile has HSPA+. For speed, true 3G (which AT&T and T-Mobile have) will beat Sprint and Verizons version of 3G. For coverage, Sprint and Verizon’s version will beat true 3G.

  • Nattiel

    wow be totally just beast over the other carriers(: makes me happy. ahha

  • I have the Vibrant.
    Best phone out.

  • Austin

    did anybody catch the comment on the first test when she said “interestingly verizon and t-mobile were about the same with t-mobile #2 and verizon #3”, then she said “and t-mobile was on edge”

  • Gascon

    The video looks interesting. Unfortunately I can’t watch it because where I live my tmobile 3g speed is 64kbps. Thanks tmobile…