Samsung Vibrant Suffering GPS Issues? Quick Fix Available?

Quite a few of you have written in with complaints that the Samsung Vibrant is suffering from a GPS issue causing the phone to take forever to lock onto a GPS signal. Along with that, it can lock your signal, but incorrectly place your location and that just isn’t good. The fine folks at XDA developers are on the job and have come up with a temporary fix until Samsung fixes the issue with the next software update. If you aren’t comfortable doing a little tweaking to your phone, we suggest holding off until Samsung handles this or find someone who will fearlessly work your phone for you.

Fix your T-Mobile Vibrant GPS issues:

  1. Disable “Use Wireless Networks”
    1. Navigate to Settings > Location & Security > uncheck the box next to “Use Wireless Networks”
  2. Go to the phone and dial *#*#1472365#*#*
    1. This step throws you into LBSTestMode menu
  3. In the LBSTestMode menu change “Operation Mode” to MS Based
  4. In the LBSTestMode menu, find “SUPL/CP Settings” and change the SERVER & PORT to and port 7276 (DO NOT use www. in front of supl)
  6. Enable “Use Wireless Networks”
    • Navigate to Settings > Location & Security > check the box next to “Use Wireless Networks

Should you want to revert back to your original GPS settings, you’ll need to re-enter you factory specs:

Original settings:
Operation Mode: Standalone
PORT: 7275

According to XDA, Samsung is aware of the problem and are looking to fix any issues with the next software update. Until then, for most of you this should provide some relief on an already frustrating issue. Just use caution when doing anything to your phone! We aren’t responsible for your phone ending up as a 4” paperweight.

IntoMobile via XDA Developers


  • NiiDiddy

    LOL…. “4in. paperweight”…funny :)

    I am yet to experience GPS issues with my Vibrant. I’ll try again today since I’ll need my GPS this morning…and will report back with any issues…

  • Jazz

    I had the same problem with my phone (bought it on the 15th). I called T-Mobile, and I got passed around to 3 tech people (the last one being and “android” tech) and they all said, “oh, we don’t have any information about this being a problem.” All over numerous forums, people are are complaining abou the GPS.

    I tried the fix above and it works, or at least it’s better. Before all I got was “searching for GPS.” Now my navigation pretty much works.

    • NiiDiddy

      @Jazz – really? interesting. got mine of the 15th too…yet to experience any kind of gps issues. i was just playing with my location on maps, then used sherpa just for the heck of it after turning gps on. yet to have any issues. —sorry you did, and i am glad that someone has tried the fix above and it works. if it happens to me, i’ll ave this fix in hand.

    • KB

      Folks need to understand that the forums and internet tends to get this information sometimes a bit quicker than the official carriers do. Just because you read it, doesn’t mean it’s been made public knowledge altogether. It’s the same with AT&T where Tech Support didn’t know the IOS4 slowed down the 3G models that did the update but it was already “all over the internet”.

  • Macknifetx

    Tried this the other day when I saw it on XDA and made the changes, Rebooted the phone and looked a the settings; nothing had changed. Tried it again today, but still no help

    • Macknifetx

      Finally got the settings to change after reboot. Went into the test options and it took 70 seconds to pick up two satellites. I finally got 4 of them, but then some started dropping from the test, Finally after 150 seconds, I have three satellites stable

  • JustMike

    I did this yesterday, and it seems to help. According to the original thread on the TMO forums, change #4 is actually optional. The fix did not work for me personally until I changed the server and port back to the original values. The important change is to set operation mode to either “MS based” or “MS assist” instead of “Standalone” – this is intended to use the network location to help the GPS get a quicker fix on your location. After making this change the GPS can now determine my position in about 5 seconds, where before it took about 2 minutes. YMMV

  • TampaGeek

    Between this and the fact that t-mobile wants to charge me $450 for the phone (with a two year extension), I’m passing on the Vibrant and sticking with my aging G1.

    • Dean

      There’s no way you would get charged regular price and have to renew a contract…it’s one or the other, you are mistaken.

      • Depending on his plan he may not be eligible for equipment discounts, I’m grandfathered under a very old plan which is really inexpensive (even cheaper than Even More Plus) but have never qualified for discounted new equipment whether or not I renew my contract.

      • TampaGeek

        Full price is $499. To get a $50 discount, they want a 2 year extension. so no, I am not mistaken. I have about 3 months left on the current 2 year deal, so maybe they’ll cut me a decent deal after I hit 22 months.

      • tpavey

        13 months into a 2 month contract I got $170… which is actually more discount per month than if I got a full discount down the road. The discounts actually close to prorated at most times over 12 months.

    • Presto117

      yeah, you most definitely have to be mistaken. My 11 month old contract allowed me a price of $389 on the Vibrant. There’s definitely something wrong. Your price right now should be in the $200’s.

    • VitaminV

      I would go to another retail store, if I were you. I am not even at 22 months until Nov. and I have the Unlimited Loyalty Plan or whatever they call it. They offered me the $199 price and BOGO Mt3G for the fiancee…no harm in asking.

    • Claude

      The $450 on the T-Mobile website for upgrade is probably incorrect. It wss that price for me too until I called. You need to call customer service or visit a corporate store to get the correct price.

  • Zero1

    Yeah I was using my gps yesterday and it took a while to lock on to me and once it did oit would drop very annoying real quick

  • watbetch

    This fix does nothing for GPS performance. I put my phone back on the stock settings and it performs the same. This is something only Samsung can fix, folks..

    Also why would you call customer service to ask them about what they know? Don’t you realize that they probably know less than you know about the phone?

  • claysu

    I’ve had GPS and Signal problems ever since I got the phone and I’m kind of annoyed that Everyone at TMobile (whether it is a store or technical support) says that this is the first they’ve heard of the issue. Come on. It has been on the forums since the first day. I’m wondering if they are saying this just because they’ve received so many calls and want time to fix the problems. I still have no bars or 1 for the majority of the time and they said to wait a couple of days to see if things changed. If nothing changes I’ll at least send this one back.

    • watbetch

      They must ALL know about it since it’s been “on the forums!”

      I have no bars sometimes too but I don’t sweat it like you do because my calls an data still work.

      • claysu

        Most of my stuff does work actually, so I’m not freaking out, but I do want a phone that works if I paid a pretty penny for it. Does your IheartRadio App work, mine did not. And My GPS has been spotty.

      • Davidohio

        Unless they don’t read the forums

      • You know, you’re right. I work in tech support for a major camera company, and that’s the number one thing that people say, “I saw it on several forums and so that means it’s a widespread problem.”

        We don’t live on all the forums. Sorry. We don’t see all of the issues that you think we do. We support MANY products and just don’t have the time to research every little problem that you might come across with your specific device.

        Another point is that even if you DO see it in a forum, it’s not always reported to the manufacturer of the product (i.e., Samsung or T-Mobile in this case), so bitching about it online is getting you nowhere. If you have a problem with your device, call and report it, otherwise nobody will ever know, and a fix will never be made for it.

        /end rant

    • jscarano

      I sometimes have one bar or none and still can make calls and cruise internet just fine.

    • Bill

      I work for T-Mobile tech support and it sometimes takes weeks, even months for something to become a known issue. Don’t blame the reps for the lack of information the company give them. I have exchanged the Motorola Cliq countless number of times for the keyboard backlight going out and it is still not a known issue. Just be patient. If enough customers complain and there is a lot of press, there should be a higher priority on this.

    • j

      Well seeing how forums are for whiny people it is no surprise they haven’t seen them as they DON’T go on them! It has been out what 2 weeks, if people don’t call and goto forums for other peoples opinions how the hell will they EVER know?? Forums are for people with some tech know how not the average person. Tech support only has info for issues that arouse during development and do what they can for all other issues. GPS is line of sight and has nothing to do with carrier

  • JustMike

    Regardless what the bars say, the Vibrant seems to be able to pick up and maintain usable signals much better than my old G1.

    • JustMike

      Oops.. that was supposed to be a reply @claysu

  • Getreal

    Noticed that when I was playing around with it. I am going to return my AT&T iPhone and wait for tmobile’s. iPhone is better than vibrant in my opinion.

    • timmyjoe42

      Have fun waiting.

    • j

      Why cause Steve Jobs(aka TOOL) says so? He used a BAD antenna design and blames it on how your holding it< the goes on to say other devices have same issue. Well Mr. Jobs, you are totally wrong and a complete and utter MORON. Iphone, yes is a nice device but why is it just now getting MMS and other features that have been every cell phone for several YEARS??? Iphone is a toy, BB is a business tool, android is a toy that can do many things and a little more of a business phone versus iphone, windows mobile is a business device . Iphone is not better then vibrant, is a push I would say, vibrant 16GB internal up to 32GB external, iphone up to 32 GB internal and cannot pull battery. Both phones are easy to use and have tons of apps, so yes it is a push

  • I cant get this gps fix to work for me >_< spent an hour on the balcony and no go. As for signal I think everyone is just more sensitive since the iPhone thing. For those who want to know, the antenna is next to the volume rocker. You can tell when the back case is off, looks like its own component.

    • j

      NO vibrant antenna is the bump on the back, and before you ask, yes I have a vibrant and have held my hand over it completely and had NO signal lose what so ever

  • ChocolateLatter

    For some reason, when i checked the prices for phones on early upgrades, it said i could get the Vibrant for around $160 , but when my mom tried, shes already passed her contract but the Vibrant would be $450 for her. Anyone else getting the same price ?

    • Tamk3

      I got mine for 165…was delivered on tues and afi far no issues with the GPS

    • Tamk3

      I got mine for 165…was delivered on tues and so far no issues with the GPS

    • Her plan may not be enough to qualify her for equipment discount.

    • Wanted One

      I had the exact same thing. When it came out, I was shown the $165 price online, so I went to the store the next day thinking I could get the same price. The store told me it would $250 minus a $50 rebate.

      Next day went to order it online and it shows $499 – $50 rebate for me, even though I am upgrade eligible. Been on the phone 3 times with TMobile and while they admit the pricing is wrong, they really won’t do anything but put in a “Tech Support” ticket. The price for my 2 lines that are not upgarde elogible is actually less then the 2 lines that have an upgrade (it shows a $439 prce for those lines). They tell me the price is “subject to change” but can not explain why I get different pricing from what was shown before or what even they say it shoulkd be, $250 – $50 rebate.

      The other odd thing is my account still shows an option to put the entire amount on my next bill, which TMobile said I should not have that option showing. Now I am just hacked off with the whole experience.

    • claysu

      I got my early upgrade for $164.99 online.

  • jlaigo2

    I have had no problems after 3 days. Now I did read on xda at one point that someone replaced an older SIM card and it fixed several problems they were having.

    • JV

      I replaced a really old sim card with the latest and greatest and it did absolutely nothing. Reception could be better but I’ve only switched to Edge twice. The bars are absolutely incorrect.

  • pantlesspenguin

    I’m a noob @ anything revolving tweaking, whether it be on my phone or computer. This seemed like a fairly easy fix, so I went ahead & did it on Sunday (when I researched the problem after noticing my GPS wouldn’t lock on my location). It’s worked perfectly ever since.

  • JR

    I don’t think this GPS issue is across the board. My GPS locks on right away and is spot on with my location.

  • StuckInTexas

    I did the fix and it certainly helps with getting a position, but it still puts the position of my house roughly 150ft away in the middle of a pond. Have not used it much for navigation, so it may do better. Didn’t really get the phone for gps, have a Garmin that works really well.

  • Dre

    I did the quick fix and it worked like a chaRM

  • db

    I did this last night and it fixed my problem.

  • Nathan

    I haven’t had any problems with my GPS. I’ve specifically tested it because of all the bad feedback it had gotten, but It’s picked up quickly and accurately for me unless I’m inside of a beefy building.

  • I didn’t ever have an issue, but with the “fix” it does a better job at locating me.

    Love my Vibrant, can’t say that enough :3

    • Macknifetx

      So, tell us what you really think of the Vibrant……Don’t hold back. LOL. I have to agree this is an awesome phone.

      • LOL Yea man, it’s a ridiculous step up from the G1 and because of Swype, who really needs a slide out keyboard?

        btw, are you going to encase your phone? I’m definitely planning on getting one of those Zagg screen protectors, but still wondering if I should get maybe a nice silicone/rubber case in case I ever drop it. (oh so rare, but devastating when it eventually happens)

  • Johnny

    The boys at xda come through again awesome!!!

  • badbob001

    So prior to the ‘fix’, getting a GPS fix would be as fast as other non-network-assisted GPS units like the bluetooth connected kind that were popular prior to superphones?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I provided a detailed explanation of what these programmer/developer codes are and how they work, if you are interested in more detail.

    While I have about 48 codes (some that will get you into big trouble) on XDA I provide one for you, how to change the functionality of your power on/off key.

    • Dashi

      Big Trouble How? O.o I Am Intergiued xD

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        You can reformat the chip and not have anything to put back on it, such as a ROM. You can render the camera inoperable. You can delete drivers operating various features. You can change settings to where it’s the same as fooling with the Windows Registry, to where the phone stops working. :)

  • Sunny

    Just return it while you can.

  • jshin

    Xda has a few working ports of Android to work on the Hd2! I have been using the Desire port v5 as my day to day OS for 2 days straight. No crashes and it runs nearly as fast and smooth as my wife Vibrant. if you have an Hd2 I would strongly suggest u start following the progress over at xda. Still not working, gps,camcorder,and a few other minor things.

  • Darkknight49

    I tried the fix to see if it would help but for me it seemed to make things worse so I went back to original settings. Was ankle to lock in to several satellites but accuracy was off

  • Gabe

    So just did this and I have this Adv Task Man and noticed that before doing this “fix i was averaging 117m once all of my apps were killed i did this and once all my apps are killed it goes all the way up to 168m of memory. Any one know why this changed by so much?? Definitely freed up ROM Space

    • tipsofme

      Noticed a major jump in available memory also. Major plus to this fix! Thank you xda!

  • oumerch

    This fix definitely worked!

  • itch

    Hate to say it but Wal-mart is selling the Vibrant for $145.00 Anyone besides me havind issues getting a signal inside my house? By the way tech support told me the phone will surf with wifi but you cannot makes calls using wifi. I know this as It will not work with our tmp wifi. Any suggestions

  • Brandon

    Same issue for me and the fix worked!

  • watbetch

    Leaving the phone on Spirent, increasing the accuracy to 100 and leaving Dynamic Accuracy off gives me a lock in about 1 minute at 6-7 meters of accuracy. Still not good, but it was better than this fix for me.

  • Vicosphi

    Thanks for the link for the fix tmonews!
    My vibrant would not lock onto GPS for 2 minutes now it locks on in 30 secs. in google maps. Copilot does not lock for 3 minutes though…hopefully Samsung fixes these 3 issues:
    1) GPS not locking
    2) Inaccurate signal bars
    2) Oversaturated pictures is day time

    • mailman13877

      smfh and that’s better than the Evo,Droid X and Iphone 4??? no way jose..Evooo ftw

      • Davidohio

        Mailman, please go and jump off a bridge.

    • j

      Well my vibrant locks on instantly, gets great signal and takes great pics outdoors. Try learning your phone first and read your phone manual, before believing forums posts are major known issues. 55% of issues on forums are easily resolved as are USER ERROR!!!!!!

  • CUrb

    Does anyone know if the Samsung Vibrant will have the really cool docking Station like they show in the Samsund Galaxy S Promo?

    I was really excited for that, and I just don’t see it anywhere. I know there are several versions of this handset nationally and internationally, but I was really hoping for this when I decide to get my upgrade.

  • TheAnalyst

    I had the GPS issue and used the XDA fix two days ago. No problems since.

  • mailman13877

    smfh the vibrator sux balls..Evo doesnt have all those issues..Evooooo..ftw

    • BeverageNinja

      LOL, you’re still here?

    • j

      Gee vibrant doesnt have a screen leak but the EVo does, EPIC FAIL mailman. Besides these are not issues as my vibrant doesnt have any of them and are only a few people here that do

  • theBIGmack

    Honestly, I’ve been using the navigation and google maps without any issues for about two days now. I have not tried any “fixes” either.

  • Vicosphi

    @theBIGmack, How long does it take for your phone to acquire satellites?

    • theBIGmack

      @Vicosphi: It takes about 2-5 seconds depending on where I am, though when I’m inside my office it takes about 10 secs.

  • ZappedC64

    Silly question… I have not “noticed” any issues with my Vibrant GPS, but how do check how many satellites you are locked on to and the signal strengths?


  • Charles Xavier

    might this have something to do with the data network? It does play a role too ya know

  • Skilzzzzz

    I unlocked this phone and my gf is using it for att it is showing a 3g signal is it b.s cause people are saying it don’t have att 3g bands?

    • j

      No they are saying iphone does not have bands for tmobile, tmobile always has all bands

  • Sheppydog

    I have had the phone since last friday and have used the navigation for 4 days this week commuting with no issues or problems. GPS is locked in all the time except indoors but available right away when I get into the vehicle. It also uses my GPS for my weather info and that updates every 15 min all day.

  • Jay

    My vibrant has been showing many other issues that Tmobile should fix. Tmobile got the tendency of taking for ever with phone fixes.

  • Vicosphi

    Guys, I compared two vibrants side by side and one of them gps locks in 10 secs. other one it locks in 5 minutes…I tested them both without the fix.
    With the fix the one that took 5 mins. took about 2 to 3 minutes in copilot.
    I am suspecting its an hardware issue since both phones are running the same exact software/firmware….now that is scary :|

    • watbetch

      Are you sure that other one isn’t using “wireless networks” for it’s location based services?

      • Vicosphi

        Nope, the one that locks in 10 sec. is using standalone mode gps only with no assistance from wireless services

      • watbetch

        Yep, you’re right. I swapped my phone out and I got a GPS lock within seconds.. and under 10 meters within 10 seconds. Sucks for sure.

        The only thing that is different is that I haven’t rooted yet. What about your Vibrant’s?

      • Vicosphi

        No, I haven’t rooted them yet either. I like it the way it is since its got great hardware and it hardly ever lags.
        Also, trusting Samsung’s august commitment for Froyo ;)
        Did you exchange your phone with Tmo?

      • watbetch

        I rooted my phone and GPS is still as good as it was out of the box so I know that’s not causing the issue. Yeah I got an exchange, works great now.. the best thing about this is the fact that the fix is /quick/. It has to be quick or Android starts to panic. Much like when an app stops responding.

    • jscarano

      I just got my phone from could I exchange it for another vibrant in store? My GPS is acting funky too.

      • watbetch

        You’d have to call telesales to arrange for an exchange


    my VIB gets gps connection in 2-3 sec with no hack or fix, guess I got a good one.

  • Kana11

    I might if I can get it with a data only plan. I only like it for the I-pod features, along with the abbilty to go online. I know other devices have MP3’s on them, but my car audio systems work w/ Ipod. That is my reason I would get one.

    • watbetch

      It’s $50 a month for a data only plan but it can be had at a discount I might add. $50 a month for data stings a bit though..

    • j

      ipods are so outdated, never had one and I don’t see any need to get one

  • i updated with these settings and it worked for me. it was really annoying that i couldn’t check in properly with 4square. haha. thanks for the fix!

  • swehes

    I did this and the GPS still can’t lock in. However the Wireless Triangulation is working. So I guess I better go and check and see if it is a hardware issue as well. I will go over to the T-mobile store on Monday.

  • sikkboy

    Anyone else having an issue with the browser force closing? If I allow the browser to use GPS for location based services then it force closes. If I turn the option off and only allow location services from “wireless networks” then browser stays open. This usually happens on the google homepage when it starts to acquire my location.

  • johnsma4

    Late to this since my phone just arrived yesterday but I did the fix today and gps found my exact location on Maps in about 2 seconds. Thanks!!!! Love the phone.

  • Merck

    mine takes a while for gps to lock indoors. But locks in quick and works perfect outside. love this phone!

  • Flgirll99

    I haven’t noticed any issues with my phone. Still loving it.

    • amalio

      I had one,no gps,took it back to walmart and got a new one. Gps worked perfectly ALL the way home(35 min drive) the next day tried it NO GPS!!! I hope its not a hardware problem(burnout)or something…after all that bragging about being better than the iphone 4 to my wife…she got the last laugh, DAMN YOU SAMSUNG!!!

  • When I called customer care on Friday to arrange an exchange due to several issues, one of the reps I spoke with said that the GPS issue is known, and that Samsung is working on a fix.

    OTOH, the compass on my first Vibrant is sucks. I hope the replacement is better.

    Honestly, shouldn’t everything about this phone be AT LEAST as good as my old G1?

    • watbetch

      What issues?

      • garet

        GPS,losing data connection that’s about it for me but losing data connection while surfing web or on some applications is pretty annoying

  • Tom

    GPS is a major functionality (for me) and that simply is not working. Not only navigation is affected but also skymaps, reality browser and other.
    Too bad – if it was something else, I would not have returned the phone with the great screen and camera.

  • Mike

    I have experienced many issues with this device including GPS issues, lag, inability to access the Android Market, screen blackouts, and reception issues. Samsung and T-Mobile really need to get these issues fixed as soon as possible. The problem is that there has been no announcement by either of the two companies as to whether they are working on these issues. I am giving it a few more days, and then I will be forced to use the buyers remorse program and return the phone due to these issues.

  • RockTripod

    I wouldn’t get rid of this phone for anything else on the market right now. It continues to blow me away. I haven’t used the GPS yet, I will try it, apply the fix, and test it out.

  • Shawn

    Does anyone know when samsung/t-mobile will release a fix for the GPS. My GPS doesn’t work, it fails to find my location, and when it does, it finds the wrong location. It gave me wrong directions all day today!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I use navigation frequently, so I want a fix quick! I’m not confident in doing the above steps myself, I don’t want to brick my phone.

    I don’t understand why a samsung engineer can’t just fix this overnight, and send out a OTA update by tomorrow. ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr

    • Marcus Armstrong

      ^^^this is the definition of chrinic borderline stupidity retardation syndrom^^^ #SMDH

    • Chris

      From a software developers stand point, i will answer your questions. One this would go as a problem fix on their end. teams of engineers will review the current situation, i.e. what fix do they need to do, what’s the real problem, can they duplicate the problem… then after they find the “real” culprit of the problem. You still have to get a fix on it. It’s not a simple one liner code that you have to change or even so, you have to wonder how this simple code change could affect the whole system. then after you find the “possible solution.” you still have to go through testing phase. Then after it passes, you have to figure out a deployment date. You certainly don’t want to start deploying on a friday coz then your team of engineers are off the next day… or you wouldn’t want to deploy any software patch if no one confirm it works. some times this is called integration testing, where you have non-engineers — most likely current customers.. testing the software. That’s why you normally see, t-mobile never deploy the OTA to everyone on a single day. You have to spread it out. plan it.

      now… get it?

  • meanmcclean

    I had a strange battery issue with my first Vibrant, for some strange reason around day 6 and 7 of ownership the batter wouldn’t fully charge, for instance last night I plugged my phone in at 3 AM roughly, by 1:30 when I took a look at it, it was still charging and at around 73%. Needless to say I returned as it was 7 days old today and so far so good on my new one. I will test this one out as my original I noticed that it would take a LONG time to recharge the battery prior to the issue occurring.

    The only other problem if you want to call it one is the signal meter is very inaccurate. I can be sitting here with 0 bars of service displayed. The 3G icon is visible however and I can make and receive calls no problem, surf the web as if I am on wifi or 3G. I welcome this as with my G1 I had horrible call quality and reception in my house. Obviously I still do but seem to not be as affected with the vibrant.

    No problems here with lag, or GPS on either of the two although only time will tell for this new one I picked up today.

    I love the phone, stability tweaks for touch wiz obviously need to be done but nothing overwhelming in my opinion, as long as they are recognized and corrected I will be a very VERY satisfied customer.

  • Swyper Always Swyping

    OMG! Needed my GPS the other day and it couldn’t find my location at all! Then, I needed it for directions to another location and it totally took me somewhere else at the last minute but then it kept changing the directions while I was driving. It made me so mad. It worked for me Friday so I forgave it but if I have another problem, I am trading it in. I paid full price for this sucker so it will need to get itself together. I still love this phone but I might have to put the “wing” on it’s charger just in case.

    • laphoneuser

      Awesome screen name.

      “oh man!!”

      You must have kids.

  • Chris

    Just applied the fix today (I am lazy, so sue me). Works great, it is like night and day. GPS finds me within seconds; NAV works great. Now the only glaring flaw on my phone if fixed. Although, I could go for some Froyo…

  • Andy

    I was having signal for about 2 weeks before I got the Galaxy S with my G1. GPS was an issue for a few months. So still having issues with signal over all and all they can tell me is that I may need a new SIM card.

  • i did the fix, used my phone to go somewhere and it still went beserk, it couldnt find my location, and it constantly kept changing the directions thinking i was somehwere else

  • RobH

    Fix does not really fix gps issue if you use the gps for any length of time. It seemed to be ok for the first hour or more then disconnected and never came back, had to reboot and turn gps on and off and it came back but took a long time.

    Definitely still a big issue.

  • Thomas

    There is no fix for the GPS problem, all phones are effected. Whoever has “no problem” has not used the GPS or any application that uses GPS. I bet that not a single Vibrant will work with Google Skymap for example. Nobody who claimed that everything was working, was able to provide proof of it – so I assume that these are T-Mobile or Samsung employees trying to make the whole mess look better.

    My phone goes back on day 13 after I bought it unless a fix will be available, which I highly doubt.

    • meanmcclean

      Kind of harsh to call people liars that aren’t having the GPS issue no? I am sure a small number or maybe no one at all had the battery issue I had on my first unit doesn’t make the issue any less real to me. Since replacing i’m getting a solid 26 hours of phone usage and still no GPS issue. I don’t use it daily but when needed it has been more than accurate, for me. I made it a point to test out once I replaced my original unit as well. All i’m saying here is that Samsung has already commented about the issue and a known work around has already been provided. They aren’t dodging the issue and pointing the finger of blame to other devices that have similar issues, they are actually fixing the problem. Enjoy your phone, and if not return it and get something else that suits your needs.

  • Taylor

    No GPS issue for me, and I used nav a fair bit since last week. In fact, compared to my G1, it’s really damn fast. Battery drain is a bit harsh, but I’m noticing a number of apps I loaded are using background resources. Had some data issues, but I spent the weekend in a location with marginal to no coverage, limited to EDGE. All in all, so far so good.

  • take back my previous statement that this fix works. it worked initially, but now getting no love from my GPS. this really sucks b/c i really use GPS a lot…hopefully a fix is in the works and soon.

  • House

    Well the gps works fine when your going at high speeds like when in a car, its when your walking or stationary that,its horribly inacurate. Cant wait for froyo!

  • Pierre

    Not to sound dumb, but what’s FROYO? I agree…I did the fix and it seemed to work fine right off the bat!! But now it’s locating me like 3 miles away….that’s pretty bad!

    The facebook contact sync also only works when it feels like it…really torn about keeping this phone..part of me loves it, other part hates it..seems that the mytouch slide DID NOT have these issues

    • Kickstar13

      Froyo = Android OS 2.2

  • Max

    Tried the fix and it made GPS stop working (yes, I double checked the settings and followed the instructions to the letter). Put the settings back to the way they were and it’s back to working.

    • Ryan

      same problem, but i didn’t go back–i updated google maps to the newest version now it seems to be rock solid… fast locate and stay connected.

      However, yesterday and today have been sunny, the days i had changed it over before with these new addresses it was cloudy…

  • Mercer One

    I’ve used the fix, but the problem is when I travel around… it never is able to locate me once I get to my new location (it always puts me at least a few miles away from where I am in different locations). I have to reboot my phone every time to get it to work. Once I reboot, it works again, but when I get to a new place, it’s busted again. I normally don’t have the GPS on (rely on cell tower location), but when I turn it on, it freezes up my phone and have to reboot.

    Anyone hear from Samsung on the update? I just came off of three years on the iphone, so this first time on this particular Android phone is winning me over as fast as it should. Perhaps back to iphone if things don’t turn around…

  • RDrake

    I am experience the problem and the so-called quick fix doesn’t actually fix the problem.

  • Tried the fix, still using it, and it works! On another note. Lat me describe my experience so far with this phone…I’ve had it a little over 1 week. I LOVE IT!

    I will admit;

    I had to do 3 battery pulls. Some apps that you download or buy are incompatible with either the phone or each other so they cause your phone to freeze.

    I am not blaming the phone, in fact after 3 Battery pulls; My phone still feels solid in my hand! Overall it has performed really well! I love the camera!
    It takes great pictures, and thanks to “Night Mode” It does not need a flash
    My phone has a little lag; But I have a HUGE number of apps on my phone!

    I have so many apps that I no longer need to download anymore ever again!
    In the first week have added everything I needed to this Superphone!
    I have spent hours, just hypnotized by the display

    Downloading Apps like an App fiend!
    I have used over 1000 texts in this first week!
    The most ever on a phone in a 1 week period!
    I use the Earth Live Wallpaper;

    On the homescreen I have 4 folders with a total of at least 30 Apps!
    A Weatherbug Elite Widget with Notifications, and A Battery Widget.

    I have everything else tricked out to the max.
    A Police Scanner Widget, Engadget Widget, Bookmarks
    the “Feeds and Updates” Widget, Daily Briefing Widget, Buddies Now,
    and a Sound Profiles toggle widget. Abd my phone is working great!
    I try to give my phone a real claen, organized layout


    I Removed the Bookmark wigdet, and now it is working even faster, A lot less lag.

    With all of thes apps on my phone, It runs beautifully! even though I had to do a few battery pulls (mainly due to downloading some bad apps)
    I got used to pulling it off. While the battery cover remains just as tight as before,
    The phone remains solid after this. I like the feel, it is a solid phone.

    The GPS fix worked, even though my GPS worked pretty good before,
    now it locates me faster. I threw a lot at my phone this week,
    and it handled the stress like a champ. Do not believe the biased reviews.
    This phone is solid! It is fast, and the screen is hard to stop looking at!
    When you realize how much this phone can do; And how many apps it already has

    you won’t need to download many apps! Or will you?
    That’s all up to you. I’m just a Tech Junkie with a new
    My phone is such a smartass

  • weaselspleen

    FACT: My wife and I both have Vibrants. Neither of us could get GPS to work. I followed this procedure, changed the settings as described, walked outside, and immediately GPS started working. That’s a fact. If you don’t like it, you can kiss my ass.

    The fix worked for me. Does that mean it will work for you? No. It doesn’t.
    Does the fact that Thomas McDoucheNozzle can’t get it to work make me a lying T-Mobile counterintelligence operative participating in a disinformation campaign?
    Umm, no. Time for your meds, Thomas.

    In fact, Thomas, you can bite my ass. And if you call me a liar again I will bitch-slap your posts right off of this web site.

    • Well said! Like yourself, the fix worked perfect for me and has never missed a step since the day I did it.

  • PartyToker

    I sent my Vibrant back before the remorse period ended. I was told the Vibrant doesn’t have a compass like the G1. this manager is so full of it. what they are trying to do is make you go over your remorse period so they don’t lose your money. Its all a bait and switch. Remember when we were told the G1 will be getting Flash but there was no word when it will arrive and then Bada boom no more updates? Think about it folks. Tmobile makes their money on selling phones to you along with the 2 year contract. Although I really liked the Vibrant , I am not about to get stuck with a phone contract that the phone will not perform properly. All mobile phone makers should test their products fully on networks to make sure they work prior to selling them. I will not be their beta tester for free.

  • Shawn

    GPS on my vibrant does not work. None of the online “fixes” work.
    Samsung needs to fix this problem ASAP.
    If you think only “some” Vibrants have this problem, you are crazy. Every Vibrant and Captivate has it, keep believing only “some” and you are crazy.

    • sonicmoon

      I know personally of two people who only have the problem with GPS occur occasionally. Mine was initially fine when I booted it up for the first time, but within 6 hours of use of the phone (not necessarily apps requiring GPS or wireless network for location) GPS no longer worked. When I found the solution offered here and various variants of it, none of them worked. A call to customer care indicated it’s a known issue and it’s up to Samsung to release a fix/patch/update. As a former software developer and tester, I can’t imagine such an issue never occurred in their QA prior to release of the phone. This is an absolute deal breaker without a fix, while the rest of the phone is brilliant (screen resolution, memory, speed, GUI).

  • Jesse

    After I type the number in the phone… Nothing happens… Help please

  • Dee25ma

    I loved this phone at first I have now had the phone for two months and I constantly am running into the problem that the screen goes black and it won’t do anything. And where is the 4G update that I was told I would get once tmobil launched there 4G network

  • CuLaytAh

    nothing happens after i type *#*#1472365#*#*. please help

  • srini

    If entering *#*#1472365#*#* clears the screen as if nothing was entered in the first place, try *#3214789650#.

  • wheresthecache

    My GPS worked great from the start (Nov. 2010) but was a few meters off when trying to use it for geocaching. Decided to update the firmware to the latest version which claimed to fix GPS issues. Now my GPS places me about a mile and half from my current location and you can forget directions. I hope this isn’t the BIG fix they’ve been talking about. Will have to try the fix listed here until something else comes along. Also having issues with my alarm snooze. Sometimes it works and lately since the update it’s hit and miss even though I watch the zzzz swipe and not the off option.

  • wheresthecache

    My GPS worked great from the start (Nov. 2010) but was a few meters off when trying to use it for geocaching. Decided to update the firmware to the latest version which claimed to fix GPS issues. Now my GPS places me about a mile and half from my current location and you can forget directions. I hope this isn’t the BIG fix they’ve been talking about. Will have to try the fix listed here until something else comes along. Also having issues with my alarm snooze. Sometimes it works and lately since the update it’s hit and miss even though I watch the zzzz swipe and not the off option.

  • wheresthecache

    My GPS worked great from the start (Nov. 2010) but was a few meters off when trying to use it for geocaching. Decided to update the firmware to the latest version which claimed to fix GPS issues. Now my GPS places me about a mile and half from my current location and you can forget directions. I hope this isn’t the BIG fix they’ve been talking about. Will have to try the fix listed here until something else comes along. Also having issues with my alarm snooze. Sometimes it works and lately since the update it’s hit and miss even though I watch the zzzz swipe and not the off option.

  • wheresthecache

    My GPS worked great from the start (Nov. 2010) but was a few meters off when trying to use it for geocaching. Decided to update the firmware to the latest version which claimed to fix GPS issues. Now my GPS places me about a mile and half from my current location and you can forget directions. I hope this isn’t the BIG fix they’ve been talking about. Will have to try the fix listed here until something else comes along. Also having issues with my alarm snooze. Sometimes it works and lately since the update it’s hit and miss even though I watch the zzzz swipe and not the off option.

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