Samsung Vibrant Suffering GPS Issues? Quick Fix Available?

Quite a few of you have written in with complaints that the Samsung Vibrant is suffering from a GPS issue causing the phone to take forever to lock onto a GPS signal. Along with that, it can lock your signal, but incorrectly place your location and that just isn’t good. The fine folks at XDA developers are on the job and have come up with a temporary fix until Samsung fixes the issue with the next software update. If you aren’t comfortable doing a little tweaking to your phone, we suggest holding off until Samsung handles this or find someone who will fearlessly work your phone for you.

Fix your T-Mobile Vibrant GPS issues:

  1. Disable “Use Wireless Networks”
    1. Navigate to Settings > Location & Security > uncheck the box next to “Use Wireless Networks”
  2. Go to the phone and dial *#*#1472365#*#*
    1. This step throws you into LBSTestMode menu
  3. In the LBSTestMode menu change “Operation Mode” to MS Based
  4. In the LBSTestMode menu, find “SUPL/CP Settings” and change the SERVER & PORT to and port 7276 (DO NOT use www. in front of supl)
  6. Enable “Use Wireless Networks”
    • Navigate to Settings > Location & Security > check the box next to “Use Wireless Networks

Should you want to revert back to your original GPS settings, you’ll need to re-enter you factory specs:

Original settings:
Operation Mode: Standalone
PORT: 7275

According to XDA, Samsung is aware of the problem and are looking to fix any issues with the next software update. Until then, for most of you this should provide some relief on an already frustrating issue. Just use caution when doing anything to your phone! We aren’t responsible for your phone ending up as a 4” paperweight.

IntoMobile via XDA Developers