Would You Buy A T-Mobile iPhone?

Say what you want about Apple, Steve Jobs, AT&T or the iPhone in general, you just can’t deny its been a wild success for AT&T. For many, AT&T is the sole reason they haven’t made the switch to the iPhone, as it’s a roadblock on any number of levels. AT&T has taken beating after beating the past three years for network quality and by all accounts, they’ve deserved it. While many of you might question, as is often the case with iPhone rumors, can T-Mobile handle the data traffic? That might be a question for another day and for that matter, one we aren’t prepared to answer in any case. For the moment however, lets just focus on the idea of the iPhone coming to T-Mobile and if its something that excites or repulses you. Some of you think these rumors are nothing more than attempts by bloggers to increase pageviews and drive traffic and while we just consider that foolish, we really can’t help but wonder just how many of you would fall to the temptation of a T-Mobile iPhone. So find your way to the poll below and vote.

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