Would You Buy A T-Mobile iPhone?

Say what you want about Apple, Steve Jobs, AT&T or the iPhone in general, you just can’t deny its been a wild success for AT&T. For many, AT&T is the sole reason they haven’t made the switch to the iPhone, as it’s a roadblock on any number of levels. AT&T has taken beating after beating the past three years for network quality and by all accounts, they’ve deserved it. While many of you might question, as is often the case with iPhone rumors, can T-Mobile handle the data traffic? That might be a question for another day and for that matter, one we aren’t prepared to answer in any case. For the moment however, lets just focus on the idea of the iPhone coming to T-Mobile and if its something that excites or repulses you. Some of you think these rumors are nothing more than attempts by bloggers to increase pageviews and drive traffic and while we just consider that foolish, we really can’t help but wonder just how many of you would fall to the temptation of a T-Mobile iPhone. So find your way to the poll below and vote.

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  • Chris

    Oh jesus christ not another Apple story. Look, I came here from Engadget and Gizmodo to read plausible hype and rumors.

    • David

      We run them how often? Two stories once in a while won’t kill ya!

    • 2FR35H


      You came here to read T-Mobile News and hype etc and this is of that category if you don’t like it you might as well just leave the site.

      Apple may or may not make a move to tmo and thats why this is here.

  • Marc

    Will it have fm radio? If yes, then I would buy it.

  • Acaciastrain

    Nope. Too many better phones out there. People just take a bite out of the “apple” just because of the name and not the quality.

    As I type this from my Samsung Vibrant.

    • FormerTMoEmployee

      Wow… Are you serious. Questioning quality… You have a phone with Samsung who has an issue with upgrading.

      You can talk all you want about Apple but, they don’t have the name they have because they make crap. Do your research… They do make more than phones…

      As I type this from my Macbook Pro Unibody (High Ass Quality)

      • AcurrentOne

        HTC and Android is better for many reasons. iphone is for fanboys its just a brand. apple does make a not of quality stuff. that being said they are on their 4th gen iphone. what has really changed since then? one was 3g. now u can finally multi task? the freaking G1 can multi task. android is on version 2.1 and its on the same playing ground as the iphone os 4.0. the nexus one (way ahead of its time) is better than the iphone 4g in processing speed mulit tasking and hardware. think about what google and htc will come out with next.. whats exactly is so good about iphone? its apple? who gives. android already caught up… the people have seen and are watching apple fall. the iphone craze is dying out. ANDROID BABY!!!!!!!

      • B

        Christ get over the Samsung upgrade ‘issue.’ People are addicted to blowing things up on the internet.

    • Getreal

      I agree. Probably one of the highest quality builders of products (any) today. Apple didn’t get where they were by building garbage.

      • Mark

        At least I can touch my phone anywhere I want without losing a call…
        Oh.. I can make calls, too.

  • trife

    I can’t understand why this would repulse any TMO customer. Unless you’re a fanboy or an uber brand loyalist. The iPhone is a cool phone and a solid one, at that. Why would you not welcome it to your wireless carrier? It isn’t like you HAVE to buy one.

    This would help T-Mobile out, so I have no problem with it.

    • FormerTMoEmployee

      Standing ovation!

    • Josh M.


    • Inuyasha

      I wouldn’t, and actually hope it doesn’t come to T-Mobile. I don’t want my fast data network congested by iDiots…

    • john

      To all who tout the quality build…grip of death.

      • Getreal

        John I don’t see you cranking any innovative products. Pet rocks don’t count.

      • john

        What is innovative on it? Ffc, ohh, that’s been on other markets for at least a couple of years (saw my first ffc in Korea in 06), a flash on the camera? Oh there’s the fact that it’s all glass…bad idea.

    • B

      There’s a difference between welcoming it to your carrier and actually buying one. The one sole reason I would welcome it to T-Mobile is to gain more subscribers, which would be better for us all in the long run. I, however, would never, ever spend my money on an iPhone. I don’t fancy living in a cage, no matter how “magical” it may presume itself to be.

  • Josh M.

    I would, faster than anyone could count to infinity

  • I would SO buy an iPhone if it came to T-Mobile!

  • TMOprophet


  • JM

    While some may not be honest since they’re fairly anonymous here, I will say that as much respect as I have lost for Apple their iPhone is still worth considering if they figure out a solution to their antenna problem.

    • Josh M.

      they did, with the bumper case, I’ve seen the problems go away with that case. Its not a big deal to buy either, but people just want to make a big deal about it. But yes, Apple still should have not looked that problem over before launch.

      • JM

        I don’t like using a case with my phones. I like the way the iPhone looks and feels so if I owned one I would not want to surround it with some cheap felling case. None of my previous iPhones had, or needed, a case. Adding one to compensate for reception issues is like adding gauze to a gaping wound.

        Solve the problem THEN compensate for the trouble caused.

    • FormerTMoEmployee

      I have a friend who has the iphone4 and he says, he doesn’t know why people would hold it from that area of the phone anyway. Just a thought…

  • Wilma Flintstone


  • alex32

    i love apple and android, but with the recent antenna problems i will stick with android. I also dont think tmobile cant handle the data traffic. It is a really touchy situation. I’d love to see it but again I would hate to see it as well. I will MAYBE reconsider it if tmobile gets the revised version of of the iphone with no antenna issues.
    ATT can keep the antenna problem iphone while tmobile gets the revised one (:

    • alex32

      *tmo cant handle the data traffic

      • clocinnorcal

        Agreed, assuming people would flock to Tmo for an iphone, the data network would be congested. Also I wouldnt say Apple makes the highest quality of product (There have been a few issues with past models and present) but they do have a very polished OS, and a sleek look. But I would have to go with Android. They are capable of so much more and the leaked superphones every few weeks just fuels the fire.

  • tmoledu

    Definitely an option and f hspa+ phone in sept. Has physical keyboard, absolutely would get iphone! Don’t be fools apple, tons of people don’t like iphone bexause of att, you’re idiots if u don’t bring it to tmobile!

  • tom

    I’d never buy an iPhone if it’s still as locked down as it is on AT&T. Even if it weren’t, I’m loyal to Android and it’s relative openness now. But although I wouldn’t buy one, I’d still be happy to see the iPhone come to Tmo because I love Tmo and want them to do better in the market, and the iPhone would help them do that.

    • Cybersedan

      Same here… I’m not interested in the phone, but it would help T-Mo and for that reason I’m all for it.

  • funkmaskter c

    Keep Apple off T-Mobile. I don’t want all of the iDiots taking all of the bandwidth. TMO’s HSPA network runs fast right now and I think all the iPhone will do is clog the network with stupid crap and ruin it for the rest of us. Yes, the iPhone has nice hardware, but as far as I am concerned, AT&T can keep that tar baby. (please don’t take this the wrong way and be offended at this comment – I can’t think of any other analogy).

    • I haven’t done any scientific experiments, but I would imagine you’d find Android applications draw a bit more data than iPhone applications. Whether its Android or iPhone users, smartphone usage is increasing so is the data consumption along with it. I would imagine that is in good part why T-Mobile is increasing their backhaul capacity now.

      • B

        Why would you imagine that?

      • funky

        You definitely have a point. I look at what the iPhone did to AT&T’s network. When you take a look at the numbers of folks that would buy one if it were not on AT&T and the number of folks that would leave AT&T, I just worry that TMO’s networks would be too fragile to handle it. They don’t have deep pockets like the deathstar… I would love to see TMO get the increased business, but would hate for TMO to have network issues.

        It would really suck if you were stuck in a two year contract and the network pretty much failed. The iPhone will sell a lot of phones if brought to TMO and as we have seen, it has the capability of doing this.

        I won’t buy one, but hundreds of thousands will… I personally like the widgets, physical keyboard and freedom that Android brings.

  • If i did i’d be a hyprocite. Dont favor them too much, just the advancement of technology they contribute here and there.

  • ObsceneJesster

    I would never buy a iPhone. I don’t have anything against Apple but I just think the iPhone is more suited for a Soccer mom. It’s a easy phone to use which makes it appeal to the older crowd. I also like a display larger than 3.5in.

  • tmoledu

    If tmobile sold 10 million htc visions or some other android phone, how many here would be unhappy?

  • RoyWentz

    One of the higher ups in our market, before he resigned a couple of months ago, said that T-Mobile was in the process of bringing the iPhone over SOON, and then we see this . . . So, I don’t know if he was talking out of his ass, but I’m really hoping we get it. As a sales person, no matter how hard you try, some people just want the iPhone. They don’t care about features of other phones, or anything else, even if it’s a million times better, they want the iPhone. I’d love to at least have the option of showing them the differences hands on. I can say though that, if this does happen, I’ll be on the top of the list of employees placing an order.

    • Dick Richards

      I think this youtube video describes your situation quite well. Hilarious.


      • Bimmerz

        @ Dick, that was hilarious! lol Thx for sharing! :)

      • B

        I was thinking the same thing hahaha

    • AcurrentOne

      yeah it would be nice to show customers the iphone. some are just apple’s jock so bad they would just do it because. i personally think android is way better but we all kno the average customer is stupid as hell. iphone will sell like crazy because its an iphone. not because its better. because its an iphone. customers dont care. u can give them a better phone for free and i bet they would chose an iphone.

    • Dick Richards

      No prob guys! You have to stick with if for a minute before it gets funny.

  • karlc

    i upgrade about once a year. the Vibrant is on its way…..so at this point i dont care.
    on a side note, i think the iphone was revolutionary and is still a great phone. that being said, we now have so many other options that are least on the same level, if not better in some area’s. this is the summer of the smartphone!!

  • Sheppydog

    Funny you mention questioning quality, when you make a comment about samsung not upgrading, I view samsung as great quality and so is the iphone and seeing how apple does not believe in upgrading without creating a new device why should samsung be any different. I think that if it comes to tmo then it would be great for those that want it and would like more choices than one carrier. I personally like the android OS with all the different software available fun and exciting. More so then the iphone, but i certainly would not put it down as it is a great piece also and proof is in the sales. I believe that there is enough water in TMO’s pond for all to go swimming together and have fun no matter which device you own from any manufacturer.

  • Alex

    Bring me the htc vision..let the regular folks enjoy the dumbphone…

  • NiiDiddy


    At the same time…please make it to T-Mobile, iPhone–you’ll be good for business for my beloved Magenta!

  • tortionist

    I would welcome the I-phone to T-mobile, as a way to help out T-Mobile and the poor suckers with AT&T, but I wouldn’t buy one. Android is so much better. My Mytouch 3G Slide blows away the i-phone, at least up to the 3GS version> I haven’t messed with the I-phone 4, but I will, and I have this feeling my slide is still quite a bit better than the 4G. When the HTC Vision comes out….Oh yeah, it will be mine after I play with it and my wife will get my slide. Android all the way.

  • HeLLkAt31

    yes i would buy one then jailbreak it to not be tied to paying Apples apps…

    • vincent

      YEah i would Jailbreak it and then go use it on AT&T. I think its brilliant!

  • Broke

    Yup, but only if i could stay off of edge and “G” all the time.

  • travisb

    ive been using my iphone on tmobile for a couple years now and love my iphone. ive gotten all the touch screen phones from tmobile and have yet to find one that functions as well as the iphone . so i say bring on the iphone ill wait as long as i have to!!!

  • maritza

    Yes, but I really need wifi calling on it!!!

  • jmts80

    The phone does not interest me, I have tried it on many occasions and it is just not for me. I am also really worried about what it would do to our network. Purely as a move to attract more customers it is a very smart move for T-mobile thought…


    As long as the screen is 4in or better and I can jailbreak like I did my last jphone then I’m in.

  • unsatisfied customer

    yeah baby

  • mockerfab4

    Hell YES! I was already planninf to leave Tmo after being a loyal customer for over 5 years to get the white iPhone. I am holding off to see if this is true. If so, it will make my day!!!

  • mtnman

    Well as for me, I think that “If” it ever comes to Tmo then Apple will have an improved verson of the phone. It will give them time to correct any flaws that are plauging it as far as antenna issues.

  • Mike

    Let’s get this straight, Apple has the best marketing and brand image in the world, and not the best products. By many metrics, the iphone 4 is not the best phone available on the market right now, not to mention in 3 three months from now when a number of other superphones are out.

    Android and Winmo 7 both have feature sets that trump Apple in a number of ways. The iPhone 4 has some great features, but they come at a cost of price and freedom.

    • hi

      winmo doesn’t even have cut and paste….is that what you’re referring to as “trumping” apple??? hahahahah

  • hi!

    people…it’s ok….it’s the internet….it’s basically anonymous. You can admit the truth….you can admit you want an iPhone…..you can admit if it came to tmobile you’d be in line waiting for it. I for one, have no problem admitting that I hope it comes. I’m (foolishly?) waiting till the end of the year to see if this is true before I pull the trigger on any other phone.

    Also, to the people complaining it’ll clog up the network. If a billion HD2’s sold…..how would that be any different? We should want our beloved Magenta to have desirable phones and maybe get out of last place for a nanosecond, haha

    • Cybersedan

      Why do you assume people would lie about getting the iPhone? I for instance have a Vibrant, upgraded from a Nexus one for a larget screen, at 4.0 inches I’m wishing it was actually 4.3.

      All other things equal (which they are not) why would I want a phone with a 3.5 inch screen?

    • B

      We can also be truthful, not fall in line, think for ourselves, and admit that we have no interest in such a closed, limited device that only allows you to do what Apple wants you to do with it. Please, just be serious with yourself for a moment.. Is it so odd that for every person in love with the iPhones of the world, there are 3 people who have interested in other devices? If everyone wanted an iPhone THAT bad, don’t you think the millions upon millions of people on other carriers would leave for at&t? I’m MUCH more anxious to see what comes of the leaked T-Mobile roadmap for the rest of the year. For the time being, I’m quite satisfied with my “old” Nexus One, which as far as I’m concerned, gives me a lot more freedom than the iPhone 4 right out the box.

  • mtnman

    Your right on that one Mike. And as for Apps the Apple store you have to buy a lot of there’s and on Android a lot of them are free. Of course the downfall to that is the developer puts out there apps mostly untested and does the testing in progress as where Apple you have to go through a test procedure to make sure the app performs as intened.

  • JermaineJacksonhair

    I’m still waiting to see what unfolds with these new HTC’s, but would I consider an iphone 4? Hell yeah! Right now, I want a vibrant though.

  • Wicked1

    No. I’ve never wanted an iPhone and thats the truth. Android is my kind of platform, openness, encourages developing. Not the Nazi, Chinese workers committing suicide & murder Apple way, with locked down Market and all that. Not to mention I don’t own any Apple products, and don’t plan to, hahaha. It would be good for T Mobile though, and bring lots of customers, probably half of the AT&T iPhone users, those whose contracts are running out. Apple doesn’t have the best products, just the best PR and customer loyalty *coughs:cult* hahaha

    • artiepants

      ya know, a lot of Android phones are made in those same factories. just sayin’.

  • mrjoeyloke

    I was on the apple bandwagon for a long time! Had At&t, hated the dropped calls and high prices, so I made the jump to t mo and got the g1… rooted it, fell in love with android! The only thing that I don’t like about android is the lack in good mobile games… seems that phones are getting harder to root as well and I really don’t care for that either. Have a mytouch slide now but I can’t root this thing for sh@t! As far as the iphone goes I like how t mo may getting it now that its got f@#kin reception issues! Lol! Apple will nickel and dime you til you’re broke too! Bottom line! I cant wait to pawn this phone of on my gal and use her update for the vibrant next week! Not the iphone! Android for life sunny!

    • tortionist

      Amen bro!

  • mingkee

    No way, no how.
    I have been using many different platforms, and iphone isn’t that special to interest me.

  • Relikk2

    As of right now Apples has better Apps. Would I buy an Apple, I’ll just have to see what happens. As far as quality goes I can’t agree with that. They make good stuff, but IMO not any better then Sony, Samsung or any other big brand name. I do believe that apple has had great software (firmware) support for their phones, but their hardware breaks too. I was a tech that worked on all computers + small electronics and we got a lot, I mean a lot of Apple. And when Apple breaks (hardware end) it’s a pain in the A$$ to fix. Apple is a big investor in tiny screws. lol

  • Mimi

    I had a “jailbreaked” iPhone with Tmo but it was too much of a a hassle to get the applications to work so I went back to my BB 9700 again but will buy an iPhone again me likey

  • Nerd lust

    I’m in love with my blackberry 8900 I’m using my iPod touch 32 to type this on. iPhone is a great device but I have lost Interest in it. I’m waiting to see winmo 7 & bb 6.0 .that vibrant is really hot too. I hVe grown to really having a micro sd

  • Nerd lust

    Dang autofill I meant to say I have grown to like really like my micro sd card. If I can work around that issue I could reconsider. I have lost a bunch of pictures when I upgraded my iPod to the 4.0 software if it had sd card it would have been a non issue.

  • futurvisionary

    Wouldn’t buy one… Apple just strings you along with small updates… I’d say the iphone is more of a soap opera than the realization of a dream phone… So no, lets be more open about things…DRRROOOIIIDDD!

  • artiepants

    put me down for 2.

  • homer

    I bought a g1, I bought the mytouch, I bought the cliq, I bought the hd2, I bought the mytouch slide, I bought the vibrant, traded that for a nexus one! I love android but I would buy an iPhone on T-Mobile! This nexus is the best phone I have ever had! If something happens to this phone there will be no nexus two to replace it with… I like vanilla android. Until they end fragmentation and just let Google do there stuff I wont be happy But its not gonna happen anytime soon. The nice things about apple is the apps and they update there os! I have lets golf on my nexus finally but I can’t get it on my mytouch. I doubt that the HTC emerald will be vanilla android 3.0 it will probably be some custom T-Mobile skin like the mytouch slide. I will rock my nexus till it dies! Depending on how T-Mobile handles the next android phones will be my decision to get a T-Mobile iPhone. I like android but I do not like all the different variations and taking forever to update the os. Plus the iPhone is a real phone that everyone already knows about. Emerald may not even be what you want it to be, who knows what it will be. Everybody complains about apple being closed source this or that, I have a nexus with flash 10.1 and seriously I can say flash doesn’t matter on a phone platform. Especially flash gaming sites you need a mouse and keyboard already tried addicting games……did not work. And they have antaenna problems……well nexus had and still has 3g issues, Droid x has screen problems, and evos screen leaks! I would rather lose some signal bars then not see my screen! Seriously people get a life! I love my nexus, I love the iPhone. There gadgets and fun and everyone that’s out there doesn’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea. But a full android lineup carrier I would not be on. Unless it was ran by Google. So guys quit hating the iPhone, android fanbous are the worst now. Get a girlfriend have some sex and quit being an android nazi…….fords are better than your Chevy! Uh uh, uh huh, uh uh, well your dumb, well your stupid…..

    • mrjoeyloke

      Bro! I’ve owned two good chevys to one pos of a Ford! When the moneys right it’ll b a gto or a grand national! Not a ford! I put my old g1 thru the f@ckin ringer! New Roms daily for a year and some, dropped it in the middle of a afi concert and its still ticking! Just because ford sells more doesn’t make it better!

      • homer

        I actually wasn’t saying ford was better I was using it as an example. I was being sarcastic. This is what I am talking about android and apple debates are like the Ford vs Chevy debates. Never gonna be a winner and tons of trash talk. I drive a Subaru sti and I have Dodge ram and this is exactly why I made that comment above.

  • Ed

    He’ll yeah I would! That way I could upgrade from the iPhone 2g I’m using on tmobile right now!

  • Matlock

    I work for TMo, and would welcome the iPhone to to the network, it would definitely put some extra money in my pockets, and that I would definitely welcome! But I honestly am not a big fan of the phone! It is a well-made phone, it has a strong following, but its just not for me. Im not an Android fan boy, but I definitely do prefer Android to IOS, WINMO, Blackberry OS, Symbian! I can appreciate the advantages of each one, but Android is definitely my favorite.

    Seeing as im writing this from my HD2, running the Desire Android 2.1 Rom with HTC Sense!

  • Wunako

    maybe if they change the look. or add some extras for TMO only ill consider… but till that day comes,, ill stick with androids

  • Rick

    So you claim AT&T is willing to surrender their exclusive on the Iphone, I think not.

  • danny

    We use T-Mobile for our corporate lines and we have many users pining for an iPhone. Several of my Cisco engineers have resorted to jailbreaking them and using them on 2G and WiFi over T-Mobile.

    Although I prefer Android for personal use, I would definitely use an iPhone with T-Mobile 3G over a BlackBerry any day as would most of our staff. The majority of us are under 35 and are much more new school than other company’s in our industry. I like being experts on all kinds of mobile OS’.

    T-Mobile could use the new subscribers and cash in their coffers. You better believe they’d be under pressure to constantly grow and improve their network due to potential bad publicity if they don’t otherwise.

  • Dale Murphy

    not interested. no explanation necessary.

    • WildBIll31

      Dale, as you played centerfield for the Atlanta Braves, you were my idiol…But the iphone is the one item holding T-Mobile back from moving up the ranks in the U.S. mobile market. If they were to capture (let’s say)a third of the iphone cutomers that are currently on AT&T it would help them leap frog Sprint and likely compete against AT&T for second. Price teir? That is definitely the question here for growth if T-Mo get’s the iphone.

      • SwizzleStix

        What’s that got to do w/ whether Dale here wants an iphone or not?

        The question is NOT ‘Does T-mo need the iPhone?’, it’s ‘Would YOU buy a Tmobile iphone?’.

        ANY carrier would benefit from the iphone, that about as obvious as C coming after B, which came after A. Any thing else elementary you want to share?

  • namo

    After I had my taste with ANDROID and Froyo. Why would any one wants to go back a step backward in technology.

    • js1

      X2 I agree. I mean the current one is step back. If you have/tried froyo. You would agree too.

      Apple just has great marketing. That’s why everyone thinks it “magical”…lol fools.

      • just some dude

        namo and js1, very true.

      • Peter

        Am right along with you guys. There is nothing special about the Iphone.

    • I was playing with my friends iPhone 4 last night and I was less than impressed with it. He on the other hand was very impressed with my Nexus One.

      • Rifleman

        Nexus One is no longer available and there is no guarantee that the Droid X will ever get Android updates.

  • Dre

    I’m a Android loyalist myself, and have been since Android hit the scene, but i’m not a fool. iphone is a solid piece of hardware and apple is a brilliant company. They make quality products……period!! I’m a T-Mobile customer and I can assure u that if the iPhone hit it’s stores, it be the best thing for T-Mobile since sliced bread!!! Again, I have my reason why I prefer android, but to deny the iPhone or apple its respect is just silly

    • B

      I deny them any respect in regards to many of their practices and the closed, carrot on a string nature of the annual iPhone, without denying the fact that Apple is a very capable software company. I can’t respect a smartphone that just now got the capability to use your own wallpaper. Little things like that says so much about the whole walled garden cliche that is the iphone, and I’ll have no part of it when there are so many better choices immediately available.

      • me

        What he said!!!

      • Peter

        B!B! B! B!.
        You need to enlighten some of my friends that has and Iphone. I said the same thing you said to them. They are still oblivious.

      • Macknifetx

        While Apple and the Iphone is a closed source as you mentioned, how is the annual Iphone any different than what Tmo did with the MT3G or the versions of the Cliq they have released? It is the same concept; you have a known name brand and you end up releasing models of it with different features.

        In my opinion, there is nothing special about the Iphone other then it is made by Apple and a brand that people seem to clamor over; the phone may have been novel when it was first released, same as the Tpod, but I do not own an Ipod and would not own an Iphone. I happen to like the fact that I can root my Android device if I wish, and that the phone will not turn into a brick upon the next release of the OS. I also like the nature of the Android OS and its open source nature. If the Iphone were to come to Tmo, I would not buy one, but realize that there are several people who would be thrilled with it; the same people who buy a macbook just because it “looks nice,” but is higher priced than a comparable PC product.

      • TujuMaster

        The walled garden isn’t such a bad thing. After all, which phone OS has a Trojan? Not the iPhone. The point is, the walled garden not only makes the phone more secure, it makes life easier. There isn’t anything wrong with open application development if it’s done right, but Android doesn’t do it right. By approving anything under the sun, you risk these problems.

        Also, as a developer, the segmented market for Android is a big deterrent for application development. Long term, I think Android will grow bigger than the iPhone but I don’t see it being as great as many of you do. It is very utilitarian and, right now, the push is moving away from utilitarian design.

      • B

        Someone always brings up the build of the OS, a good point to debate. If you’re implying that android has a trojan, thus us the first I’ve heard if it. It’s true that Apple has a more stable OS, but that doesn’t make android unstable by default. 4 is not that much less than 5. I’ll gladly give up a little stability for freedom.

    • Rick

      I had Froyo on Nexus One(which I bought since January) and I gladly traded it for a iPhone 4…the antenna on the Nexus One had way worse signal degradation (which no one cared btw). 6 month with th phone and really the only thing I can ever do with it is read google news… it’s dollar store themed market really can’t be compared to the App store)

      I still hate AT&T with all my guts now I am on their network so if TMo picks up the iPhone I will pay the ETF and jump back the day it launches!!!

  • Bigs12

    Well i work for tmobile and i was talking about the iPhone to a manager today who in the past has work on secret project for new released phones and someone else who use to work in engineering and he was checking on something for a cst and opened something that he shouldn’t have access to anymore and read that we were testing apple products on the network, when he went back the next day his access was denied… now to me he saw something he shouldn’t have seen… now the manager said that we are getting the 3Gs first then when we will get the gen 4… take that with a grain of salt but it sounds promising… i cant vote on this one cause i like the iPhone but this vibrant is sweet… i will get it for my wife…

  • Red_slide

    in my opinion I like android better but having an iphone 4 would be awesome. Does Anyone have any details on when this is going to come out and the speculations

  • ThatGuyYouLove

    IMO apple is a great company that earned it’s reputation. I have nothing against it but I would personally not get it.. Apart from the exterior look and feel of it the phone doesn’t impress me as much as android. There is just a piece missing in the iPhone that I can’t really explain but even their logo is missing a piece of the apple. As many said I agree with it coming to help with marketing but I would rather get a different phone. With android I feel as if there are no limitations and that I can control everything (basically like the god of it) but with the iphone I feel as if it says no to that and no to that btw I do have a 3G iPod touch 32 gb on iOS4 and a rooted g1 so i know the feel of both os…. All in all iPhone = great for tmo to get all the iPhone boys for a greater position in the top 4 but it’s not for me personally

    • ThatGuyYouLove

      But if apple redesigns the whole thing for tmo.. My opinion may change

  • TMOprophet

    The iPhone 4 is actually a really nice device, the hardware and build quality seem really good, I played around with one, and while I personally prefer Android, this is a nice phone and would compliment TMO’s lineup.

  • jazzmanmonty

    a phone with one solid button is like a tv remote with only an on off switch…say what you want. yes, the interface is stable…yes there are awesome apps for it..but its so limited…jailbraking sucks…i despise itunes and their sync methods are similar to building a nuclear reactor..come on drop and drag! its merely an aesthetically pleasing device with no control of the interface whatsoever. i’d take a winmo 6.5 phone over it because i can at least do what i want to the device without being controlled by apple. go play with an iphone, not for 5 minutes, but for 2 hours. you will get bored of it quickly and hate it. trust me i have. bring on some solid android devices!

    • Macknifetx

      Working in the computer industry, my family and friends have always called me when they had problems with their Ipods. After a few issues with the devices, I took their libraries and converted them to another software for synching the devices. I have also had people call me asking me to jail break their Iphones and after doing the research, combined with what I already knew, I refused to do it and explained that it would not mater because the next OS upgrade would mess it up anyway.

      That is why I like Android, I can change it, control it or whatever I want and if I want to root it, I can. Yes it will void the warranty, but it will still work.

  • Deaconclgi

    I wouldn’t buy an iphone. Maemo has more capabilities than iOS and Android. It is hard to go back to smartphone OSes after having a mobile computer. I play around with android 2.2 on my N900 and it amazes me that I have to use hardware buttons in android. They should have designed Android to be all touch and full Linux. I also like being able to open xterminal and type “root” anytime I want to and not having to jailbreak my device or wait on someone to make a risky root method. The iphone would be nice for Tmobile and those that like the iphone. I will wait on Meego for my next mobile computing fix and I will probably install it myself on my N900 instead of buying a new device. Now if Apple was to make an iMobileComputer then I would get interested. Android is doing excellent for being a young smartphone OS. Google deserves many pats on the back. Now, how about Android on my 5.99 tzones…then we will talk.

    • bart jones

      5.99 t-zones??? you fu@kin cheap ass. Quit living off the government and get a real job

      • me

        DOH!! OMG Bart-ass, its chump asses like you and your class warfare BS that sickens me to the core. You should be thanking God if you have a job and not insulting someone that hopes for cheap rates. Your probably the same type of ass with $3.94 in his checking account til the next Friday, and just over $200 credit on his last credit card that is not maxed out yet, then has the audacity to justify to his wife on buying a Vibrant the day they come out. (“Cause you just have to have it!!”) Shut your MFing hole and get ready for that “pink slip” chump! Then tell me if cheaper rates still don’t work for you!

  • beartard

    While I understand that T-Mobile is the European carrier for the iPhone, it still doesn’t affect me in any way. I have zero interest in getting an iPhone. I was a huge Apple fanboy when they were underdogs before Steve Jobs came back and started selling fashion instead of technology. The iPhone never impressed me enough to want to buy one.

  • Jeremy

    At one time I would have answered this question with a resounding YES! But those days have long since passed. Despite how pretty and cool the iPhone may be, I’ve made a decision to stop supporting Apple and their desire to control everything. I’ve read enough stories on app store policies and politics to be disgusted with how many people put up with them. Maybe I’m just too resistant to their great marketing to fall in line with the bulk of their customers. Customers who pre-order a defective product and camp out to fork over their money for it on release day. Customers that make up their mind to “upgrade” to the latest Apple product at the mere announcement of one, not waiting to take stupid things like specs, features, etc. into consideration. I’m just not into the cult of Apple, and that was my rant.

    “Think different?” I sure do.

  • T

    I would buy the iPhone the second its doors are opened to T-Mobile. I have been waiting for the iPhone to come to T-Mobile for forever, I would gratefully welcome a T-Mobile 3G iPhone into my home.

  • B


  • CM

    I’d get one, right now I have an ipod touch, moto droid, and an old nokia that replaced my g1 on t-mo. I’d like to cut that down to two devices and no way i get rid of the droid.

  • zippy

    I would have voted yes to this with a hearty bellow…until 3 days ago when I got my Vibrant. I love Apple but this phone has me happy all the time.

  • Al

    Well I have both an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 4 running on T-Mobile today (Both factory unlocked). So that would be a yes!

    • JV

      Just curious, does the iphone4 work on 3G or edge only? I’ve read conflicting info.

      • Bob

        No it doesn’t. A simple explanation is: T-mo uses 2 different bands for 3G (1700 UP and 2100 down). The ATT iPhone 4 supports 2100 as one of the data frequencies. But for someone to use 3G on t-mo, a phone will have to have both 1700 and 2100 for data.

      • TujuMaster

        I’m wondering if the iPhone 4 has a penta band chip in it. If it does, getting T-Mobile 3G is a matter of provisioning on the network as well as an APN config.

  • No way.

  • Richard

    I think the criticism has been aimed at the wrong company all these years. I pre-ordered a Jesus phone 4 to play with before selling in order to buy a AT&T Nexus. With the iPhone I had multiple dropped calls in those couple weeks and haven’t had a single dropped call with my Nexus.

  • Heath

    I think getting iPhone can only be a good thing for T-Mobile, but at the moment I’m happy with far more advanced and feature rich devices. I have a Blackberry Bold 9700, and had it plugged into the macs I have to work on at school so I could load some files onto the micro SD card, and my mac-loving teacher stared at me in awe and asked me if I could REALLY use my phone as a flash drive. I had a hard time telling him that I could have done the same thing with my Sidekick 3 five years ago, and that Apple, with all their “cutting edge” technology, keeps him sheltered in a box away from the finer things in mobile phones and, for that matter, computers. I think I’ll stick with my Bold 9700 for now for sure, and switch to a Sidekick Twist if it ever comes out (although I’m concerned about the moving parts on that device if it has any — the scroll ball and twisting screen always gave out exactly 1 year in on all the previous sidekicks).

    • Animate

      LOL Its amazing how many simple features Apple doesn’t allow that have been standard for years.

    • WHAT!

      The 9700, while a nice quality device, pails in comparison to Android or Apple, in terms of features.

      • Heath

        Nah, I disagree. It has 3G, microSD card slot, GPS built in, an app store … it can even tether out of the box, and it has almost all the same hardware as any other Android device minus a touchscreen. You’re only point of contention is really the fact that Android and iPhone have more apps than Blackberry does, and that’s because Blackberry’s developer tools are archaic and they refuse to update them. But in terms of “features”, the Blackberry Bold 9700 is pretty high up there in T-Mobile’s lineup and qualified as one of the best texting smartphones by CNET, I do believe.

    • TujuMaster

      You can use the iPhone as a flash storage device. Nice try tho!

  • tmorob

    So let me just say. All you have to do is look at the live wallpaper on the Samsung Vibrant, specifically the one with water and a pond in the background.
    Lets see an i-suck do that.

    • TmoBully

      How many new contracts will the i-suck bring to tmo?

      • Macknifetx

        The Iphone would bring a lot of new contracts to Tmo, there is no doubt about that. Some people do not use ATT because of the issues with the dropped calls, terrible customer service and the clogged data networks.

    • Animate

      I love that wallpaper. Don’t use it, its just really neat.

  • TmoBully

    Tmobile IPhone HPSA+ edition?

  • Anthony in Utah

    I want the iPhone, but with a keyboard haha :-)
    BUT I’d definitely get an iPhone if T-Mobile brought one… love the OS.

  • nain77

    i would welcome the iphone for tmobile. im currently using an hd2 running android sense, desire5 build, and WOW this thing runs smooth, and stable for 2 days, no crashes at all, sill theres a few bugs, but give it about 2 months to be fully ready. I have owned a G1, mytouch, motocliq, and nexus one, but by far the hd2 is the only phone that since day one i loved, after about a month i was bored of the nexus. having the hd2 since launch date, i still look at it and go “wow”. hardware is quality material, OS is meh, but android rules on this thing.

    i played with the iphone4, and nothing about it “wows” me, i jizz when i play with my HD2. will definately be getting the vision/emerald or vanguard. but for now my hd2 is my baby. <3

  • labi

    now when they say iphone might come to T-mobile, are you talking about the iphone4 too or is it just the last years crap?

  • just some dude

    I love all things Android, maybe for the wife or something. Not for me. It would help out Tmo, but mite clog up the next work too.

    • Peter

      Yeah. I agree with you. It will be a network hog. I don’t care about about iphone, but I do care about Tmo. Not a bad idea to buy one just to keep the network alive.

  • g_willi

    Hell to the no.

  • jabombardier

    plainly if the iPhone 4 were to be on T-Mobile then i would get one. the only problem is that i am spoiled with Android. so it will be very hard to switch over.

  • blacksilva

    Anyone else go for the 3rd option? :)

  • Slick Vic

    Ever since I got the HD2 I got spoiled by the 4.3″ screen. So any phone I get from here on out, regardless of the OS, has to have a 4.3″. Since the iPhone doesn’t have that large of a screen, probably not lol

  • spongebob

    Where’s the option for “I don’t care…” (like from the youtube video =)

  • I’d buy it. There are still basic things that Android doesn’t do that the iPhone has been doing a while now, so me wanting to buy an Android HSPA+ phone is merely settling.

    As to whether T-mobile can handle the new traffic… HSPA+ offers significantly higher network capacity over HSPA, but should things fail to come out as planned, T-mobile doesn’t have another paired frequency band to bail themselves out with, like ATT did with 850MHz in NYC. Adding additional UMTS towers poses additional problems – you have to add enough towers to not leave any holes when the cells shrink from the shrinking cell phenomenon, but have to make sure that there aren’t too many towers or you can create a condition where nobody can make calls even though they all have great signal. LTE would be a good bet considering advantages of OFDMA vs CDMA in general.

    I don’t think the focus should be on how much more data traffic but rather about more customers as that is the most important factor of UMTS network efficiency. People using more data will cause performance to slow down for everyone. More people than capacity planning expected will mean coverage holes. It’s pretty clear from the poll that around 50% would buy an iPhone4 if it came to T-mobile but if these people are already using things like a myTouch that the data load wouldnt necessarily be higher just because an iPhone is being used. However the increased power and overall usefulness of an iPhone vs MT3G could quite end up seeing these people use more data. In the end though, it’s about how many new customers T-mobile would get rather than about how much more data existing customers would use, something this poll does not help determine.

    Saying “by all accounts” that ATT deserves a beating for their network’s problems is a bit amusing for a person who never had problems with ATT’s 3G between 2004-2010. It is also ignorant of WCDMA(UMTS) network capacity planning and the pecularities of it versus GSM, and fails to understand how those implications should serve as a warning signal to T-mobile instead of providing entertainment.

  • Galaxy500

    If I wasn’t firmly entrenched in all the glory of Android I would buy one. I came off a tmobile dash running winmo before my G1. I was looking at getting another WinMo phone until a friend of mine told me to check out the G1. I actually liked WinMo before I got my taste of Android goodness. If I was still in the WinMo world, I would probably buy an Iphone.. but not now

  • Multipass

    IPhone is nice, but i prefer a phone that i can get into.and customize, an open.device with no limitations. even if you jailbreak one, you are still limited. I also agree that we may not want the crowded network causing latency and dropped calls. i have an HD2 and i am very pleased with it, thanks to XDA DEV.

  • mikeeeee

    as a person who has resisted apple since 1980, i aint about to jump on the bandwagon now.

    3.0 is just around the corner and i can wait for it, especially if it has UMA and bluetooth HID.

  • hitch

    I’ll never buy an iPhone.
    but I do think that the iPhone would be a boon the T-Mobile from a respect standpoint, and might draw enough people to the carrier to warrant better phones from *other* manufacturers.
    So I say, bring on the iPhone because I want a kickass HTC w/Android.

  • I would get one. The only reason why I don’t like the iPhone right now is due to its tie-in with AT&T’s deathgrip ;)

    Come to the German side Mr. iPhone 4………

  • daniel

    Well would this be a good phone for T-Mobile?

    Yes it would. For a couple of reasons. There are a lot of members of the ‘Apple Cult’ as I like to refer to them. If Apple released If they released a phone that would explode in 1 out of every 1,000,000 phones, people would still buy them.

    It would help T-Mobile when it comes to people wanting to leave and go to AT&T to get this device. Which is always good for business to keep your current customer base.

    It would increase customers to T-Mobile because the network can support the extra traffic. With the HSPA+ build out the backbone is based on Fiber Optics and not T1’s which is the problem AT&T is having right now. Fiber Optics is faster and allows for more traffic both on the voice and data side of the network. This would attract those Apple users who love the Iphone, but are sick of network issues with T-Mobile. This would probably result in more customers and more revenue which would allow to take the #3 spot away from Sprint (And hopefully end all speculation of a merger with them.) It would give a good enough cash flow to allow T-Mobile to sink more money into not only expanding 3G to areas who don’t have it, but to also expand HSPA+ and purchase more spectrum for the future.

    Now to answer the true question. Would I buy a IPhone? The answer is no. I am a android guy. I enjoy the open source, applications and freedom that comes with it. Is the andoid perfect? No it isn’t. Google should have more control over these devices to a small extent. What I mean by this is when they are coming out with an update like 2.1 or 2.2 they need to give the companies like Motorola, Samsung and HTC a deadline in which they have to have their phones ready for the update. They need to set a date and say all phones released after this date must have version X on their phone. There is no reason why the Garmin phone should have been allowed to be released in June with 1.6.

    On the other hand I feel Apple has too much control over their phone. You almost have to offer a sacrifice to the Giant Apple for you to be able to do anything with it. Steve Jobs thinks he knows best. He knows how you should use your phone. What should be on it.And the fact is everyone in the ‘Apple Cult’ follow blindly. I think it is funny all the IPhone spots on TV which show the video conference. First of all, does anyone believe this actually works well on the AT&T network unless it works on wifi? Secondly if it does work well. Don’t use it very often. You can make a couple 30 minute video calls and use all your allowed Data for the month…. LOL

  • Blake

    I wouldn’t buy one.

    The pure and simple fact of having to use another piece of software to interface with my computer makes me wary of that product.

    Why step back in time when you can step forward with Android?

  • jdog

    Nope and I have always had the money to buy the newest iPhone but they can never meet my standards, when the first iPhone came out and you couldn’t change the back ground or even send text I knew there was no way I would give up my cheap Nokia for a phone that easily seemed to be a downgrade. Yeah they have made huge strides since then but now that there is Android I still feels the same way. Why the hell would they wait 4 years to let you change your background is it because it would slow down AT&T’s network LOL. Maybe if they would give people the option to not have to use iTunes and let them move stuff over to the phones memory of added a memory card slot then we could talk, I have 15,000 pics and I don’t want all of them in my phone only certain ones. iTunes is probably the biggest reason I never bought an iPhone because it takes away the true ability to customize your phone with the media that you want. I have a little sister who isn’t really smart at all but when I explained to her to use iTunes so she could give my cousin some of her songs and put them on her new iPod she said that Apple was stupid for making to so damn and why don’t they just let you drag and drop (Her eyes glazed over during the iTunes explanation). Now that Apple has made some steps forward they also take some back like with Facetime whats up with you only being able to talk to people who have an iPhone 4 and only on WiFi, what about people with an EVO they also have a front camera and you can talk and text with each other so why not video chat. Well I will be $100 that next year AT&T will have LTE up so the next iPhone will be the iPhone4G and the big “feature” will be the ability to Facetime over 4G, Apple is so predicable what losers LMFAO.

  • Turtle6988

    I am a T-Mobile employee. I was told that we would not be getting it because Apple wants to much of our profits. They don’t want just a part of the profits from the iphone they want a cut of all profits. Since we are the 4th largest carrier we can cannot afford it

  • Corey

    Vibrant…..Enough said

    • Ernesto

      tru dat!

    • Ernesto

      tru dat!

  • Ernesto

    i WOULD have lets say a couple weeks ago but I just got my vibrant and I think it competes with the iphone very well except for flash and ffc. i had iphone3g and bought tons of apps movies and all that stuff but I had to go to tmo and got mt3g and I hated that phone and bc of that phone I was down on android for a year til i got the vibrant and now i see the potential of the os. If i want a blank screen with no apps thats cool, if i want a weather widget or a news widget thats cool but I dont have to go to an app all the time. even with touchwiz i dont mind looking for apps. So i would get an iphone and i DOnt think it makes sense to release an iphone on tmo unless tmo paid att $ for it. if it did come I wouldnt hate, Im still neutral to both sides.

  • cnote

    I love my Vibrant! No iphone for me. Maybe the next generation of iphone next year.

  • It’s pretty and all, but so is my Vibrant, along with actually being a better phone and internet device :D

    <3my Vibrant

  • Phalosopher

    NAH! #PASS

  • 4ty-phive

    No, iPhone here please. All that will happen is current customers would get it. Then, new customers (the defectors from the other 3) will come in and get it. Then we will have all these iPhones hogging all the data and will clog network. That results in lower speeds. Then, customer service may suffer because of all the calls being fielded by iPhone customers complaining about dropped calls due to the antenna or something. I like that fact that Tmo is in 4th place. I get great data speeds and customer service for a great price. I don’t want any of that to change. This is coming from a N900 user. Contracts suck.

  • Its ah no brainer YES! Tmobile has been supporting the IPhone across Europe and Asia since AT&T first launch it. The USA is the only political asses that didnt fight for it to launch because cash rules everything and the USA carriers I guess enjoy staying behind in technology behind Europe and Asia its sad sad sad. From 3G to Front Face Cameras….still lagging behind acting like this is new technology their laughing at the USA. How bout the new CEO of TMobile (Philipp Humm from Deutsche Telekom TMO) show the TMO USA how to win this carrier war. Lets do this TMobile and stop BS-ing, I’m still with you.

  • rcprice

    Need an iPhone – no. Want an iPhone – no. At my workplace, there are three people with iPhones (ver. 4) and they are sorely disappointed. They are seriously considering android after seeing my phone!! (Which is the new Vibrant FTW!)

    That said, I agree with others that bringing the iPhone to T-Mobile is a good thing overall – bring more customers to TM, increase revenues, increase spending on infrastructure and making company better, etc. etc.

    But is the iPhone “it” – not by a longshot! (Sorry Steve Jobs)

  • Andy G

    Wasn’t there just a piece on here about T-mobile in the running to purchase spectrum for a LTE or LZE whatever network… Could that be in line with a possible Magenta Iphone??? Would an LTE network be used in order to support the expected influx in data usage as opposed to trying to become faster than verizon, sprint, n all that??? Would that make sense???

  • Davidohio

    Based on the sheer number of iphone users on at&t clearly there is a huge market and demand for it. If it grows t-mobile then i am all for it. Personally i am an android user but to each their own.

  • I won a Ipod touch through work. Getting this thing activated was like a quest from lord of the rings. I did not have a computer at the time. I did buy one and purchased some music. When I added some music to my original purchase that is when the real problems began. They lost my first set of songs. After 3 weeks of phone tag they never found my music. I sold my touch. Itunes is the source of all that is evil in the world. I WILL NOT BUY THE IPHONE. I saw a demo of transferring music on a N1 on the google I/O and I was sold. I would rather have a HTC with Adroid. Apple is touted as being so user friendly. It would be easier for me to work in a physics lab at MIT then to use Itunes on my P.C. Steve Jobs can suck it. then lick…….

    • SwizzleStix

      Yeah… do you get the ‘scam’ that Apple pulled with this phone? Oh, to really use it, you GOTTA have iTunes… so install itunes. And quicktime. And…

      Yeah, no thanks Apple.

    • mingkee

      Why should we need itunes for transferring audio files while it can be done with My Computer?????

    • blah

      You shouldn’t own a smartphone you poor thing!(pathetic)

  • HowdyDoody

    Why? Android is so much better that iPhone is irrelevant. iPhones are only good for playing games. Yesterday I had the chance to leave a few Apple store and Best Buy iPhone fans speechless and with their mouth open. Simply put, NO.

    • blah

      lol yeah right!

  • Joe

    I’ve had Tmo for almost 2 years and their 3g coverage is very spotty where I live. The phone will show 4 bars then all of a sudden, no coverage. The signal goes out in alot of places I frequent. I don’t think the network could handle the iphone and all the traffic it will bring.

    • john

      Coverage is not the same as capacity, if the coverage is so bad, write down addresses where it is so bad, then call to have a service request filed.

      • On a cdma-based system like WCDMA, coverage and capacity are intimately linked. It’s not exactly the same, but they’re more similar than not. The more mobile phones on a single WCDMA cell tower there are, the less the covered area is. This is called the breathing cell phenomenon.

        This is in contrast to GSM and the OFDMA-based E-UTRAN aka LTE. Each mobile unit has exclusive access to their frequency (LTE), or for a certain period of time (GSM). The main limitation in these systems is the received signal since two mobile units are never transmitting on the same frequency at once. The main limitation in cdma system is interference from nearby mobile units (since they all transmit on the same frequency at the same time), and interference between nearby cell towers (since they also transmit on the same frequency at the same time).

      • john

        @ 12 I do understand obviously that if there is no cvg, there is no capacity, however at the same time, if they were in wichita ks where the network is more good than not, for example, then there is a lot better chance of the network being able to handle more phones.

  • SwizzleStix

    I think most people here are pretty intelligent and have all stated the same thing:

    Even if we don’t want an Iphone, T-mobile will surely benefit from having it.

    (For this many intelligent comments, I’m thinking Trolls must be sleeping in their caves).

    I am a WinMo or Android type (no dedication to either, but would choose either over iPhone). Iphone is a nice device, but just not for me.

    Also: I don’t use iTunes, have purged anything itunes related… why in the world would I want a phone that would need me to get back on iTunes? Never.

  • Elias

    I’ve never been impressed with Apple’s Quicktime, and iTunes is just bloatware. I refuse to use a phone that forces me to install that piece of cr@p software and adhere to Jobs’ idea of what I should and shoudn’t do with my phone (Apple’s closed app system). So, no iPhone for me.

    • j

      It just says have it, not actually use it. install it and ignore it. I am not a big all touchscreen fan but I am however loving the Vibrant!

  • mistashady

    unlike the others here. I think the Iphone would benefit t-mobile. I am an android fan and must say even with all the controversy over the anttenna i am intrigued over the new iphone.

  • Vader317

    Hellz to the mutha effin yeah!!! T-Mobile has the best prices in voice and data. Come on folks, a iPhone 4 with 750 mins/ unlimited data/ and messaging for $79.99!!! AT&T and Verizons plans don’t even come close!!! Please Please T-Mobile, sell everything you have to get this to happen. Your return on profits will be 10 fold!!!

  • Green Robot

    Hmm…, if I want a song or video on my phone I connect it and copy the files, why would I want to give that up for having to deal with using itunes?

  • Woody

    What if the iphone was the first HSPA phone for Tmo to announce…

  • WXman

    F*** the iPhone, and Apple, and the horse that brung ’em here for all their proprietary garbage. It’s all the most user unfriendly crap I’ve ever seen…and it’s Apple or nothing with their garbage. Screw the iPhone, the iPod, and the iPad.

    What’s all the rage about? there are other devices on the market that do the EXACT same things as the Apple crap, do it better, and do it cheaper. F Apple.

  • Beanz0nToast

    I am an Android Fan Boy way too much to get this phone. It would, however, be amazing for T-Mo as a whole to get this phone! AT&T would start losing A LOT of business and T-Mo would stop being a laughing stock!

  • Longsh0t

    While I do believe that Apple has some very excellent products I’m not a fan of the walled garden approach they use for EVERYTHING. I’m perfectly happy with my Androids.

  • jose

    LMAO not trying to start anything but a 3 year old could work itunes. its all pretty much plug-n-play. no one wants to admit it but the iphone would be tmobiles best selling phone.

  • justin

    in a heartbeat.

    i ran a hacktivated iphone on the t-mo network for 2 years, then just finally got a t-mo blessed android (mytouch slide) b/c i was tired of having to work so hard at keeping my phone functional. but the slide is such a half-baked, under-powered and bug-ridden phone, that i’m desperate for the iphone to move over to t-mobile.

    • 138

      Get a Vibrant. Have had an iPhone on tmo for a year. Had the same issues with upkeep. The Vibrant is an awesome phone and in my opinion it is the iPhones equal. Ffc is just stupid and the camera on the Vibrant takes excelent low light pics.

  • derrickps3

    yes if tmo would get the iphone 4…………other than that, no!

  • KC Guy

    Why would anyone want an iPhone when they can get the Galaxy S/Vibrant? I absolutely love mine, I love my plan, and for the first time in YEARS (heck, maybe ever) I love T-Mobile.

    Now all we need is a Galaxy S/Vibrant ad with Catherine Zeta Jones… lol

  • Yeah, so apple can tell what phone to have, what apps to have and tell me what ever else I want. No thanks I can think for my self!

  • Akabelcher

    iphone is a very impressive piece of hardware, a very simple UI (even my wife can use it) truth is I would have owned an iphone, just couldn’t cough up the 99+ mo plan and fees. Now that I have my vibrant I’m soo glad I didn’t switch. I personally don’t think tmo could handle the network usage or customer base + if they do get the iphone that’s all tmo will talk about which will eff’ing BUG!

  • Darien

    I would have said hell yes a few weeks ago, but now after having my vibrant I could care less. Actually it would probally help tmobile a lot. Everyone who loves their iphone would jump ship because they hate ATT and tmobile would grow. But I will never buy another iphone unless is has a 4+ inch screen with an unbreakable super amoled screen lol.

  • stillyone

    I had 3GS before and now Vibrant, wouldn’t go back to iPhone ever.. iPhone is only a toy, wheres Vibrant is a beast with full customization potential. Well if some people like to be limited iPhone is the choice I like to have control over my phone.

  • Red_slide

    But if an iphone 3g comes out and not a iphone 4 that wouldnt make any sense my slide kills all the iphones except 4th gen. iphone older gens.. suck so bad i would rather have a mytouch 1.2. Tmo dont bring iphone Unless Its 4th gen. seriously on the pic above wat will you do with an iphone 3g even when you jailbreak its not even better then android .. android has kicked apple out of buisness in my opininion and they need to get out of the game. and come up with a better device besides the iphone.

  • Tig

    Apple sucks and Apple products sucks worse.. No thanks. I’ll pass.

  • ShockTroop

    Simply put for T-Mobile to ever be relevent or stay in business they need the iPhone a whole lot worse than the iPhone needs T-Mobile. Thanks to the blunders of Robert Dotson and the week leadership within T-Mobile; they have put themselves in the position of needing this phone more than any of the big 4 carriers. Reguardless if you are a fan or not you have to be realistic. This move by T-Mobile can make or break the company. I hope they don’t screw this up too.


    • TujuMaster

      I agree. Robert Dotson helped make T-Mobile the fourth company by not working to advance the network or the exclusivity of phones. They lost me as a customer if they don’t get the iPhone for many reasons.

  • Danny

    Jesus Christ who cares already!

  • remixfa

    to each their own and all, but overall Android is the better platform in my view. The iphone comming to Tmobile will be great for my commission, but would i own one? No.

  • Moose

    I don’t intent to buy one, but I welcome them to T-mo. I prefer physical keyboards (Galaxy S pro, T-mo? Please?), which Darth Jobs has seen fit to not include, and I’m not wild about Apple’s practices overall. But as long as I have the option for a nice Android phone, bring on the millions of Apple lovers.

  • TroyAG1

    Only if it came with free service.

  • HowdyDoody

    Its ok to loose iPhone probably customers, why? cause they would only cause problems with the network. So if T Mobile doesn’t get an iPhone and a few of you leave. Better for the rest of us.

  • J1

    Would I buy a tmo iphone?.. hmmm tempting but no thank you.. mind you this is coming from an ex unlocked iphone fanboy.. I recently defected to android from ios, and don’t plan on turning back..

    I would in no way fancy myself a tech savvy guy, so for me it was the little things that drew me away.. from the live widgets and wall paper, to the updates of my fb and twitter contacts streaming on my homescreen..
    Android is like a democratic nation where as ios is like a communist nation..

    the iphone will always sell because of name recognition and simple ui.. but the more people look into features and tech specs, to justify the purchase of a $500+ handset.. the more the iphone will find itself ostricized..

    Android is the future (look at all the beast’s out now not even to mention the ones due to arrive by yrs end).. so imagine how far android will go in just the next 3 to 5 yrs..

    A tmo iphone is a good business move, and would be a hail mary pass that gets us back in the game.. but network investment and expansion coupled with the latest android releases will be what WINS the game for our beloved magenta.. long live tmobile usa!!!

  • Rico

    i love android but the reason i would get the iphone is because you can easily fing accesories for it . thats a big incentive for me because i use my phone for everything. its what plays music when im at the house,at work,(felow co-workers enjoy having music while we work.) and in my car. its also my gps for when i get lost. which happens a lot.

  • Daedalus

    I would not take it if you gave me a damn iPhone. I just do not like them not because they are bad because up until the iPhone 4 they were great phones just never my thing.

  • People business is business I’m a assistant manager in a tmobile retail store and by the iphone coming over all it does is increase customer base and my pockets and I see nothing wrong with that to tell you the truth. Funny fact samsung makes the iphones processors which is a 1 ghz but nothing compared to the vibrants 1ghz humming bird processor and now that apple founf out they are looking to go else where to do business lol besides that bring over the iphone whether or not it destroys our network which I doubt it will because tmobile wouldn’t bring a device into its lineup without being ready for it.

  • Garet

    I will leave t-mobile if the Iphone comes to it they can not handle half of the activations of 3 million in 3 days I dont want to have dropped calls bad connections because we have millions of idiots on our network. Iphone is for Dumb people who are scared of the better Android phone.

    • ShockTroop

      iPhone coming to T-Mobile will require the company to uggrade their network which in turn makes a better network for Android customers. I’m not a iPhone fan either but it does provide more/better apps as well as other features not currently offered on Android devices. I think the real dumb people are the ones that are married to one type of device when there is clearly not one that is better than the other.

  • Kris

    I’ve had an iPhone and used it on T-Mobile… two years. The iPhone was cool, but I think the hype is over. I want to throw mine away and get an Android. I have the HTC HD2 and windows sucks so I’ve been paying attention to the android port on xda-developers.

    But if the iPhone came to T-Mobile… cool. But I wouldn’t want it now.

  • ap1lvr

    I dont care. I want the one with the wi-fi’s.

  • Ronnie

    Nexus One, EVO 4G, Vibrant, Droid X, Droid Incredible, Epic 4G….and the many more Android superphones to be……iphone???? Nah! :P

  • Rick

    Its always funny to hear people say how powerful Android is iPhone is a toy blah blah…

    I switch phones pretty much every 3 month and went through modded JP Docomo phones, G1, Nexus One Android phones, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS (all unlocked on T-Mobile BTW). I found myself keep coming back to a iPhone. Yea, you can load custom firmwares, root it, run unapproved apps (which I have all done) on the Andorid but in the end, what can you really do with the thing? Read Google News!!! God I did that for 6 month on the Nexus One!! The Andorid Market is essentially a big joke filled with apps that either don’t work, or don’t do anything at all.

    The fact that Android is popular only in the US only points to one thing, that people have to settle for the next best thing since iPhone is locked to AT&T. Once iPhone is open for all carriers here I really don’t see much future for Android. Also, people needs to realize that the sole purpose of Android’s existence is so Google can push out its ads to you. Nothing more, nothing less.

    With that said, I can only pray that iPhone comes to T-Mobile ASAP so I can jump back to T-Mo from AT&T. The idea alone that I am on that network makes me feel like crap already.

    Oh and do compare a Vibrant to iPhone 4 and honestly tell me which one looks like a toy…

  • Halamadrid

    You only need to look at ATT’s revenue and profit numbers since they got the iPhone to know that the device would be good for T-Mobile. People who complain that things will get worse because of the increased traffic need to know that companies need growth to continue investing in their infrastructure. We can’t expect TMO to invest a ton of money on its network/devices if their numbers are flat for the next five years. I have an N1 and would be inclined to stick with Android, but I know a lot of people with iPhones on ATT that would jump ship in a heartbeat (even paying the early termination fee). For those with not so great TMO coverage I would say that adding the iPhone would be a positive as it would encourage TMO to fix that situation faster since there would be a larger customer base. I, for one, hope that it does happen.

  • Red_slide

    Heres to some this up Iphone 2g = why in da hell did you make this?
    iphone 3g= Ugly slow phone
    iphone 3gs= “alright” phone
    iphone 4g”as in 4th gen”= runner up

    So if the iphone comes to Tmo and doesnt have 1gz proccessor bigger screen NO KEYBOARD 32 gb memory 8mp camera hd record samoled screen extra thin

    then whats the point ??

    please somebody tell me why in da hell would me really need the iphone now we have the vibrant. one day i went to tmo at the mall and i had to get a replacement slide.. and i seen the vibrant.. and two ppl were standing by me while i was playing with it and i heard them say haha man this phone still cant beat the iphone 4.. and i just wanted to slap them becuase they obviously didnt know anything about phones vibrant beats any phone on att! Tmo all the way idc what anybody says but tmo is the best

  • Vicosphi

    Iphone has excellent user interface, but even if you BUY it you don’t get to do what you want with it since its locked down so much its almost as if you are renting it. If you own it, you should be able to have full control over it.
    This is the only reason I don’t like iphone, also the success had blinded Apple and now they don’t even admit hardware flaws with new iphone. Also, they are making up lies now that flash is not optimized for handheld devices to make people buy games from app store instead of playing free flash games. Flash works just fine on symbian and android.
    So in short, NO…I would never support such dictatorship by buying an iphone. I have always used Nokias and now moved to Android.
    but for people with lack of awareness, iphone is still the cool phone that plays music and now does video calling (My 5 years old Nokia had it). There are some people for who, its a status symbol. Some like the UI so much, they don’t care of the flaws and restrictions imposed by Apple.
    Tmobile should get it though, it will be sold as hot cakes and it’ll be great for Tmobile.

  • currator

    who wants to bet apples white whale aka white iphone is being delayed becuase its coming to tmobile not att the white iphone that millions of people are waiting for sooo sounds like more money for d.t. money to be spent on the network

  • z6

    “For many, AT&T is the sole reason they haven’t made the switch to the iPhone”

    Really? I’d be interested to see some real numbers that support this. I would agree that having an exclusive agreement with one carrier prevents a minimal amount of people that are part of family plans on other carriers to get an iPhone. But given the number of new subscribers to ATT almost quarterly since the iPhone has been released, shows that the network isn’t a consumer’s primary concern.

    I moved to T-Mobile because I wanted android over a year ago. I came from ATT and had a 3G iPhone at the time. I never had any issues with it. And if I wanted an iPhone now I’d just switch back. But I don’t so I really don’t care about it coming to T-Mobile. In fact, I’d rather it doesn’t, so the network doesn’t get congested. If ATT has problems, I don’t want to imagine how TMOs network will respond.

  • seattledad

    Jumped on the iPhone bandwagon from T-Mo on launch day. I haven’t had any antenna oe coverage issues. I have to say the iphone is a great device. I looked at all of the android options available at Tmo, even Verizon, before getting the iphone. I have absolutely no regrets. I really like the simplicity of the iphone, the wide variety of solid apps available, the camera capabilities, and the huge variety of iphone accessories that just doen’t exist for the “handset of the month” that currently comes w/ T-Mo and other android phones.

  • vtec

    hell no !! android baby!!

  • Rick

    iPhone is locked down? Let me know you what is locked down, lockdown is when there are 5 different official Android OS out there with a zillion OEM customer skins that prevent you from upgrading your Android phone to the latest *official firmware* from Google. Froyo is out…hmm. all about 2 month now and there is no Froyo phones out there unless its 1. Nexus One, 2. XDA hacked. Good luck getting your regular firmware updates from HTC, Samsung (yes, remember Behold II), and Motorola.

    BTW, customer firmware made by XDA folks is like iPhone Dev Team to iPhone so I don’t think this can be listed as a selling point of Google.

    80% of the people out there don’t realize the full potential they can do with a iPhone (this includes both non-Iphone users and iPhone users) Once you are fully familiar with both platforms you will realize that iOS is simply much more useful TODAY.

    I want my iPhone 4 on T-Mo!!!

    • Vicosphi

      Yes it is locked down. These are a few examples:
      – No Java
      – No Flash
      – No free GPS navigation app. like google nav
      – No Tethering
      – No Sharing of files/apps over bluetooth
      – Even Video chat works only between two iphones by default
      – Apps must be downloaded from app store which is controlled by Apple
      – Must install itunes by Apple for transferring music from PC to phone
      – Can’t play DRM free formats like Ogg vorbis

      There’s probably more that I don’t know of…they also charge tax on developers for putting app. in their store.
      Oh and now even consumer reports does not recommend it…

      I do agree it sucks to have manufacturers putting up custom UIs on android but that’s because of Android’s open nature and we still get updates, just have to wait longer unless you want to root and use a custom ROM which isn’t possible on all phones since dev. will always work on most popular phones. Its fine though since Android is open source, there are more devs. and more frequent updates than Apple. So in my opinion a 3 month Android updates wait is better than a year long wait on Apple if compared.

      Slightly off topic here…wonder how Cisco did not sue Apple yet for using their ages old IOS (Internetworking Operating System) name in new Apple iphone OS v.4

    • B

      It’s locked down because everything on the iPhone has to be done through Apple in Apple’s way. You want to drink some Apple water, it has to be from a Apple glass. 80% is a very specific number, and you can’t prove that, but at the same time you make an interesting point at the same time when you talk about custom firmware. How many iPhone users do you think know what the hell rooting and jailbreaking is? Exactly. You can do everything and more on an Android phone right out the box that you have to jailbreak your iPhone to do. If people knew these things, they may or may not be more inclined to buy an Android phone, instead of the cool pop culture iconic phone.

      The whole disconnect between Google Android updates and the handsets has been solved behind the scenes. The only reason that things are still slow for those of you who don’t have a Nexus One is because these things don’t happen overnight. We all know about the frequent versions of Android being released, but Gingerbread/3.0 later this year will be the beginning of a slower paced update process. Google has already spoke on this several times. Google is also confident that with the UI overhaul coming with Gingerbread, manufacturers like HTC won’t feel so inclined to layer their own software on top of the handsets either. Even if they still decide to, the next next versions of Android won’t be so frequent, as I already said, so you won’t be missing out on something that others would be running on their phones. Also, because the Nexus One is done, and because it will be outdated after this year, the fragmentation “fix” will progress even further.

  • SEFan

    Wow, I thought there’d be a lot more passion on this question..;-)

    Seriously, I would get the iPhone if offered on T-Mobile. I’m a Mac person, so working with the iPhone would be seamless for me. No learning curve on figuring out how to set things up, get my music to the device, etc. I already use an iPod Touch so this would be dead easy.

    Having said that, it’s not because I think the iPhone is the Second Coming for T-Mobile. The 4 is a great device, but in the Vibrant T-Mo has finally brought a top-end Android device that can challenge the iPhone on function. Except for the learning curve I think I would have no problem with the Vibrant – assuming the GPS thing sorts out OK. For me this is a “can’t lose” situation – either I get an iPhone on my favorite network or I get the next big thing in Android devices. Sweet…

    It would be interesting to have the iPhone on T-Mobile as a test of the 3G network. Do iPhone users really suck up that much bandwidth or did AT&T really plan that badly for the increase in 3G use? Who knows – if the Vibrant takes off (and by launching on 4 US carriers I’d guess Samsung wants to bite a big market chunk from both Apple and HTC) and brings a bunch of new customers to T-Mobile we may not need the iPhone to find out how well prepared T-Mobile is for massive network traffic.

  • davidohio

    off topic but is it just me or does the Droid X look just like the HTC HD2??????

  • grauncher

    Funny how these sorts of forums always attract the haters. Reading through some of these posts it seems that some of the writers have the mind of a 12-year-old.

    I’ve used Apple products for 20 years and they are generally great. My iPod Touch is wonderfully functional. Admittedly iTunes is not up to the standard of their other products, but it works OK, and it’s no reason for rejecting the iPhone or iPod. If T-Mobile starts to offer the iPhone, we’ll get two immediately.

    I’m sure Android is fine for those who like its way of working (for some things I happily use Windows too), but there are lot of people out there like me who have learned to appreciate the incredible innovations that Apple bring to the market. Every time they introduce a new idea, others rush to copy it — Mac OS/Windows, iPod/Zune, iPhone/Android, iPad… etc etc. Yet somehow the Apple original always remains for me the best. Sorry.

  • Chet-NYC

    I happened to go into an Apple store today. They had iPhones on display for customers to tryout the Facetime feature. My brother has an iPhone 4, so I gave him a call to see how it worked.

    I must say, I was very impressed. Now, I know if there was ever “bell & whistle” feature, this is it, but it was still very cool. I also like the feel of this model iPhone, feels better balanced than previous models.

    Despite that, I do not know if I’d get one if it came out on T-Mobile. I love the apps, the large screen, yet, I’m not a huge touch screen fan, and after six years of Blackberry, it might be a hard change to make. In any event, my BB 9700 is only eight months old, I have 14 months before I’m eligible for an upgrade. Let’s see what Apple and Blackberry have out by then.

  • Joseph Singer

    Well, it won’t be of that much interest unless it supports T-Mobile’s brand of AWS. Otherwise why bother even if it is the Jeebus phone :)

  • currator

    Look apple sucks!!!! plan and simple im not saying anything is better or worse i am simple say apple sucks there all smoke and mirrors. the apple os systems are the same as they were 20 years ago except they figured out how to rip off other os systems and not get sued. when you buy a apple product you buy a underpowered old os system that they have mildly upgraded over the last 20 years nothings changed and the recent problems did anyone notice how at first they said its because of software and that it showed you more signal then you really had. no no one notice how about they said all the i phones suffered from this except the i phone 2.5 so they rigged the phone to show you more signal then you really had yet again smoke and mirrors. it just goes to show you he says everything’s going to be fine and we fixed the problem but yet did nothing but put a band aid on it and his stock went up. him and the current president must use the same guy to write speeches for them. anyways once everybody grows up and realize what i have you will run when you see somebody trying to sell you something from apple. they suck so bad that’s why they are losing so much ground in the super phone market so is rim and guess what they are losing it to android they say that there are 160000 new android phones sold everyday and at that pace they are eating apple up. Steve jobs probably has a ulcer because of android out selling apple as if it was one of those low end phones no one cares about. if you don’t believe me go look up specs on a mac the os is so simple it does not require power to run i bet a t mobile cliq has more power then a mac mac is a dead os they just don’t know it yet

    • just some dude

      I would not go that far, Mac computer sales are thru the roof. After switching to a Mac three years ago, Ill never look at another windblows machine again.
      OS X is far Superior to Windows, being based on unix is it rock solid. I love my Mac Book Pro. But the iPhone kinda blows, Android rocks.

      • Cassie

        Mac is far superior to pc, maybe that’s why the upgrades have been so minimal? Whatev. As far as buying the iphone, I would seriously consider it, though I prize Android. Why would I buy an iphone? Compatibility since I do not own a pc. Bought my fiance the Vibrant however, and I do love the phone, just not compatible for mac. boooo! lol

      • RockTripod

        Not for gaming. Not for customizing. Not for upgrading. Windows 7 has actually been very good to me. Yes, I have used Macs. No, I did not get what the big deal was. Granted, my gf only has a Mac Mini, but that thing is a POS. Maybe their high-end stuff is better, but I’d never drop that kinda money a computer like that. For half the price I could build my own uber-machine, and install whatever OS I want onto it. I use Linux for the truly geeky stuff, but Windows is my daily driver. No complaints.

    • Jim

      Wow, you obviously know nothing about computers. Hate Apple for their dictatorial control over everything, or their cult like following, or whatever, but your statements about the OS being 20 year old tech and the hardware being underpowered is hysterical. Is that why all the systems engineers in my company use Macs? Mac OSX is based on a version of a Unix kernel. Maybe you don’t know what that means, but Mac OSX is FAR more sophisticated, lightweight, and stable than any version of Windows has ever been. Ever. And your statement about “the mac os being so simple that it doesn’t require power to run” proves how ignorant you are. That is EXACTLY what makes it a superior OS. If you can drive your car 1000 miles on single tank of gas, isn’t that better than if it took 3 tanks of gas? LOL. Mac OSX can run circles around Windows with less RAM and CPU thrown at it. Using less resources means it’s more efficient and programmed better. Plus, a Mac Pro uses server grade components and far more powerful than your average PC. And by the way smart guy, Android runs on a Linux kernel, which is in the same family as Unix that Mac OSX and iPhone run on. And Microsoft ripped off Apple, not the other way around. The first Mac had the first graphical user interface type consumer OS. Microsoft then copied that to make Windows. Don’t talk trash if you don’t know what you’re talking about. And just so you know, I’m a Nexus One owner, so don’t marginalize me by calling me a fanboy, lol.

      • Me

        perhaps you should check your own knowledge before calling out others.
        While @currators comments are questionable, the notion that OSX is “FAR more sophisticated” etc just because its (more or less) based on a UNIX kernel is equally rubbish.
        And no, those are not server grade components in a MacPro and no, Apple did not invent the GUI – Xerox did.

      • Jim

        You should read people’s comments before making your own. Where did i say Apple invented the GUI? Lol.
        I know all about this history. If you read my comments again, you’ll see what I wrote “Mac was the first GUI consumer OS”.
        Did Xerox sell a GUI consumer OS? No, thanks for playing. It was an experimental venture for Xerox. And a Mac Pro does contain server grade components, go do some research.

      • Me

        right … you “obviously” know what you’re talking about …

    • Just me

      I was a windows person back in the XP days, Vista came out and I lasted 2 weeks with that bloated OS. Switched to a Mac, and I love it. Those who Dog Apple have never tried it. Currator, Nexus is out…. Can you predict which other android phone will be gone in the next few months? The Android market is full of Ad ridden apps which are free. The quality apps are in the apple store. How do I know? well because, I had an android phone for about six months, and missed the heck out of my iphone. Took the sim card out of the android phone, and now I’m back to the iphone where the quality is. The only thing that android has going for it, is the phone speed (I had a 1ghz CPU on mine).
      T-mobile, I’ll get rid of my jail broken phone and buy one from you (straight out).

    • Dale Murphy

      keep your politics to yourself. go to huffingtonpost or the other sites if you want to rant about the President. a$$hole.

  • Jon

    Really not especially interested in the iPhone anymore. It’s pretty and has a nice display…but Android is much more appealing to me these days, for a few reasons.

    The iPhone 4 is heavy — just got to play with one for a bit from the guy across the hall from me at work. Feels elegant and solid, and it’s very impressive — but I do NOT like the feel of the squared off edges in my hand and I’m amazed at how heavy it feels.

    By contrast, the Samsung Vibrant feels so much more natural in hand — light but solid, slim, with nicely rounded edges. I like the Vibrant form factor much better. If I had to choose today between the iPhone and Vibrant, I would go with the Vibrant.

    What I’m really waiting for is the rumored Project Emerald phone expected in Q4 — HTC, dual processor, 16gb internal memory, 4.3″ screen — and it’s rumored to be a new screen technology not yet seen. Even if it’s just Samsung’s super Amoled it would be great.

    Also: once Android is rooted, I’ll also have the choice of custom ROM’s. iPhone is certainly a nice device — but it just doesn’t excite me enough to pass up the new Android super phones that are coming out. I also prefer a more open, customizable environment, even if the experience is a bit “geekier” — I’ve been a technologist since before most readers here were born — and I find Android much more appealing than an iPhone.

    No iPhone for me!

    – Jon

    • theBIGmack

      Very well expressed Jon. Come Q4 I might try to sell my Vibrant just so I can get my hands on the elusive Emerald, but I would never consider switching to an iPhone.

      • david

        Hey I know this is a little off track. But doent the Vibrant look a little like an Iphone? I got my first hands on look today and that was my first thoughts about it.

    • swehes

      I agree with theBIGmack that it was very well said. Apple is putting out some nice products, but their rockhard control on everything makes me never want to own an Apple product. I love my Vibrant as well. It is an awesome cell phone. And as I bought it off contract, I may pick up the Emerald product for myself and give the Vibrant to my wife. :)

    • 2Noob4U

      Exactly my thoughts. I’d much rather have the Android OS available to me that I can do basically anything I want to after it’s rooted.

  • if it goes to tmobile . every f’n body on this planet will buy one!!!!!!!
    lol,,, for real tho..

  • iphone’s touch screen is so much smoother than all the so called iphone killers…
    i have an HD2,,, what a joke this phone, thanks tmobile.. im actually using my fourth, yes fourth ,HD2.. they kept freezing …the only phone tmobile offers to exchange it with is the blackberry 9700….wack….thanks tmobile…..

  • vibrant — no flash– no night pics—- no go……

    • taaars

      the go to att, I am sure they have a defective iphone 4 with your name on it

    • thetiguy

      A flash on a phone is the least of my concerns. If I want to take a picture at night I’ll use my D90.

  • taaars

    I dont care if Iphone for the Isheep comes to tmobile..as long as it doesn’t affect the unlimited plan

  • s2k rev

    I would buy! buy! buy!Overblown antenna issue and all. Im just not liking android on the vibrant. I really wanted to hate the iphone and love this Vibrant =( Guess its off to try windows7 some day.

    • theBIGmack

      What is wrong with Android on the Vibrant? If you are talking about the Touchwiz software then that is NOT Android’s. If you dislike it then use ADW.Launcher. Best alternative to the Touchwiz Home.

  • niceness

    Tiny screen… no thanks

  • Exec4Future

    well omil25, thats what u get for being a re-re and buying a windows phone to begin with. U must lack any technological savvy whatsoever if u actually spent money on a windows mobile phone. But I can tell u this: if they are offering u the Bold 9700 as a replacement, take it. Its the best Blackberry i’ve ever used and it NEVER freezes. windows phone sucks. the iphone sucks mainly because it is on AT&T- a company synonymous with dissatisfaction. i probably would buy a t-mobile iphone but as long as they are on AT&T, I will pass.

  • wtfci

    Yes. I’d love if the iPhone was available for T-Mobile customers.

    Competition is good. The more the merrier.

    As for device oriented price plans? Like Mel Gibson says. First you will bl…….

    • david

      It was more like ” oh why don’t you smile and blow me!!!” I hate the IPhone and all of its my Blank don’t stink. They suck and I don’t want them here at T-mobile.

      • Homer

        Actually it’s funny, I am a nexus owner, and have had many android phones. I would choose an iPhone for a couple of reasons.

        1. All the apps I have paid for from my iPhones previously, and iPod touch.
        2. Never had a force close issue with the iPhone ever!
        3. Never had to worry about my os getting updated and if and when or if ever. Always new the exact time the update was available
        4. Android fanboys have become the worst! The dev guys are amazing, but the fanboys are the worst…..yes I am on many many blogs and forums and android are the worst out of all of them. Sad to say but most android fanboys are 15 year old kids who cannot afford an iPhone so they justify there immature comments by saying that they hate the iPhone but in fact have never owned one or used one for a long period of time.

        By saying the os is outdated is ridiculous! Everyone is still trying to catch up to apple in design…….it is the easiest os to use out there. My 5 year old daughter knows how to use it, you want complex get a windows 6.5…….Yes there are some flaws but so are there for android. Oh it’s not open source blah blah it doesn’t have flash. Well do any of you have flash? I do! And so do all nexus owners, but I guarantee you don’t. And I have flash, and I barely go to a site that has it. Apples app store is a million times better than android. Each carrier decides what it wants to put in the app market and what it doesn’t. Look at the tether apps, you ain’t gonna find it in a tmobile android market. Sadly with the demise of the nexus one, I believe that will be the end of a true android phone. In the future I see you all of us having to root our phones to get the vanilla os, and or update (cause if there is no vanilla os, i see fragmentation is gonna only get worse) which is no better than having to jailbreak your iPhone. Only plus I see to having an android phone over iPhone is installing 3rd party apps. But then again, I guarantee they have one just like that in the app store,

      • TMOprophet

        @Homer, I have several tethering apps on my BH2, I got them right off the market, so I’m not sure why you think TMO’s market doesnt have any tether apps, cause I can find them just fine. I think for many, its a matter of personal preference. Some argue that the Android OS is more feature rich, giving the user more to do or create and customize, I know that customization is the first major difference I see between the two OS’s. And while Android is in theory an open source OS, you are right that is really isnt, Unfortunately carriers and manufacturers will always want to lock down their devices and preload them with all kinds of bloatware, this will not change. However despite this, Apple is still much more controlling of the user experience on the iPhone, whereas with Android the user experience is very open. And try as they may, carriers charging for tethering wont affect everyone as you can always root your phone and enable free tethering.

        I respect your preference for Apple, however I do find it a rarity for someone to jump from an N1 to the iPhone….as most N1 users love the N1 and Android and would never switch to the iPhone.

  • abbynormal

    iPhone doesn’t interest me at all, never has. My dd, on the other hand, would fall over herself running to get one.

  • Me

    i dont want all those trendy iphone users clogging up my network connection.

    Plus ATT has a poor selection of Android phones because they don’t want to make their flagship phone look bad. I don’t ever want to T-Mobile to get to the point where they won’t want to sell an awesome Android phone because it might upstage the iphone.

  • Nice device (minus the ludicrous antenna design).
    But it’s not for me. The company behind it is not as attractive.

  • Rifleman

    Android phones have gone in all different directions and various phones use various releases of the Android os.

    I’ve been using a jail broken iPhone on T-Mobile and after 11 years with them (and their predecessor I will switch to AT&T when my current contract expires.

  • mjcl987

    Who fn cares about the iphone, with that roadmap ahead I got alot to choose from

  • manchi

    they need to fix the problems first before anyone would consider buying…

  • gah242s

    If I had the cash, sure. Why? Because it just works, from the UI perspective. For a phone that I want to tinker with, I’d go with WebOS over Android any day. Apple may be a bit draconian with their software, but Google’s vice is personal data. WebOS is actually open. Android is a commercial open source project, which means that only parts of it are open. Apple wanted a phone that just worked. Microsoft wanted a phone that made the corporate IT people happy. Google wanted a phone that gadget geeks would fall in love with. Palm wanted a phone that business people enjoyed using because it stayed out of the way and did what it was supposed to do. (Yeah, they are still working on it, as is everybody else.)

  • Brandon

    I personally would not buy a T-Mobile iPhone…. I work for T-Mobile, so I can say that I would enjoy the phone coming to our network because it could help our business… However I know that it is not the best smartphone out there. I get so discouraged when customers say “How does this phone compare to the iphone? Is it better than the iphone? etc”… I always reply with, “All of our smartphones are better than the iphone” and then I need to give them a 10-15 speech about WHY they are better.

    The only thing that worries me about a T-Mobile iPhone, is how much it will hurt the sales of other smartphone companies that work harder than Apple to appeal to the masses, such as Android, Blackberry, Nokia, etc.

  • Broke

    While I am a happy HTC Android user, I have been able to duplicate the signal loss on my current phone every time I try it. I don’t lose calls, so its not a big deal. Just putting that out there.

  • AliensVsCreditors

    I just want to say that i love Android but the thought of the Iphone 4 on Tmobile is intriguing. i know there are alot of people on who are hating the thought of Apple invading Tmobile. But i think its a great idea. If you dont want to get the Iphone, then don’t get it. Steve Jobs is a powerful man but he’s not that powerful that he can use the force to make you buy one. As a consumer i just want options. Right now our only option for a superphone is the Vibrant. As it stands now, i’m going to pick up the Vibrant as soon as i can. But i will strongly give the Iphone 4 consideration. But i will only consider the Iphone 4 with its current specs. With my luck we will get a scaled down Iphone 4 with no FFC or Retina Display lol. Hell we may even get the Original Iphone instead!

  • frustratedTmobilecustomer

    well considering the fact that T-mobile has nothing to compete in this phone war, i would accept this wit open arms…assuming the prices stay the same…T-mobile’s last hope was the HTC HD2 and that was a failure thanks to windows mobile…if T-mobile can some how get the HD2 with android i wouldnt look at another iphone…but that wont happen and verizon n sprint gets the goods while at&t still has their iphone and while we T-mobile users get unlocked phones hoping something decent will appear from the shadows….bring on the iphone

    • john

      Have you ever heard of the vibrant? How was the hd2 the last hope

      • frustedTmobilecustomer

        HD2 was the last hope (for me, because i was gonna leave tmobile for at&t) because of where phones are headed today…it failed on major cylinders…i have heard of the vibrant but like the HD2 it too failed to compete with the big boys of the industry…no front camera, no flash etc…right now there are two phones that are running the show…iphone 4 and the Evo…everyone else is catching up…Tmobile had a chance but blew it with windows mobile…the vibrant could be the beginning of something good tho

  • nain77

    android fanboys have a reason to brag…its android, will always be better than IOS… and i have had an iphone3G 16gb, i sold it in about a month cause it was so simple, and no i dont care about apps, im a grown man i dont need to color on my phone or play games, i have a ps3 and 360 for my gaming needs. HTC HD2 running Android > IPhone

  • tipsofme

    I’m all about appealing to everyone. Bring that POS over…. keep the other smartphone guys working hard. Also, way more money for my sale reps. Tmo already appeals to the poor, middle class and geeks with money. Why not appeal to morons with money too? Its only fair.

  • First and for most, NO! You couldn’t pay me to take it. Simply because Android is simply the best mobile OS platform that has ever been released. It’s gaining market share rapidly and will soon pass the iPhone and the iOS. Now on to the other side of the story, Would it be a good move for T-Mobile? Sadly yes. There are a lot of die hard fans of Apple and the i(what ever) out there. Do I think the network could handle the phone better then AT&T. Yes I do. No matter what direction T-Mobile goes its all business. Sadly the numbers don’t lie. Even if the phones death grip isn’t resolved people will jump ship to get the latest on a new network with better rates. As a former employee I know we lost a lot of customers to the iPhones, but I also know I talked to a lot of people that came back quick. Best of luck on that endeavor T-Mobile. You will gain a lot of business, and as always catch a lot of trash for doing it.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Even tho I don’t want the iPhone, it will be a good business decision for tmo.

  • David

    You know, saying the iPhone gets beaten by the Vibrant in all areas is subjective at best…what you think of it isn’t what the mass public thinks of it. Stop making this an Android vs iPhone argument, its sad already. Some of you are so defensive for Android it almost comes off as if you know Android will get beaten and you can’t fathom a world without it. Android isn’t disappearing tomorrow so stop acting like the iPhone is going to make it disappear. The opportunity here is for selection as not everyone wants Android just as much as you clearly don’t want iPhone. The iPhone can do for T-Mobile what Android simply hasn’t done and won’t ever do now thats its on all four carriers, it’ll bring customers in by the truckload. That’s the point of this, not what might happen to Android, but what can happen for T-Mobile. Start thinking big picture, this isn’t about how much you hate Apple products which just makes you sound ridiculous and closed minded. Apple sucks, Apple sucks, they are closed and walled garden, boohoo…some of you just come off as ridiculous with all your Apple hatred its hard to take your comment seriously because its veiled under such disgust that you aren’t thinking or discussing it objectively. Big picture, what can the iPhone do for T-Mobile, thats the only question that matters, if it came to T-Mobile, what would it do? Would it bring customers? Would it harm the network quality? Would customer service turn sour? These are the questions that matter, not what might or might not happen to Android.

    • fyrewal

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      • David

        Obvious troll?? I think you’re going to find it very tough to make the argument that I troll these articles, considering I write them.

      • The Hammer

        You just got PWN!!!!!!!!!

    • I found your poll option quite insightful. You can figure out in order who loves the iPhone but not enough to switch to AT&T, who loves it but loves T-mobile’s value better, who’s blind, who tried and didnt like the iPhone, and who is clicking buttons for fun.

      If everyone on T-mobile switched to the iPhone and started downloading a lot of things and streamed music every day, data throughput may go down but the quality would remain the same.

      If T-mobile brought on 3 million more customers, it could definitely tear holes in the 3G coverage. There are particulars on a WCDMA(UMTS) network that the number of customers served is related to the effective covered area and this factor is used in network planning. (Serve more customers, serve less area, serve less customers, serve more area).

      If you plan for x customers but have 5*x customers, you will find out that your effective network coverage now looks like swiss cheese. Merely adding more towers is limited in usefulness because towers interfere with each other and there cannot be too many in a certain area. This is why ATT being able to put WCDMA(UMTS) on an old GSM band in NYC for example was so clutch. Unfortunately HSPA+ still has this same problem (called breathing cell phenomenon) but it does increase network capacity.

      cdma-based systems, as novel as they are, have outlived their usefulness in an environment with demand for scalable cellular systems with high throughput and low latency. Therefore T-mobile, if it’s planning on becoming #1/#2 will likely need a system that scales better and has more predicatable coverage, like LTE offers.

    • NiiDiddy

      AMEN, David!!!!

    • Bimmerz

      Well put David! :)

      While I don’t know if I’d get an iPhone if it came to T-Mo, I do think it would do wonders for T-Mo and be a positive thing from a business stand point. It would be nice to have a choice, as well as more options on T-Mo.

      Being able to chose between an iPhone or an Android phone, I think would be a welcoming experience for a change – IMO.

    • TMOprophet

      I agree with your points, however what do you think about whether TMO would keep their good service and plans? Because with AT&T and Verizon, when they got big and powerful, they got cocky and jacked up their rates, with the mentality that “hey we have the muscle, so lets flex it”

      I think TMO has had great plans and service partly because they have been struggling against the larger carriers. I would not want to see TMO become big and powerful and then adopt that same mentality that the others have.

      As much as I like TMO and would like to see them grow and flourish, I dont want to see them get greedy like the other carriers. TMO’s plans and service are what keeps me loyal to them. So naturally you can see this brings mixed feelings to me as far as the iPhone coming to TMO.

    • john

      David, you asked if someone would buy the phone, the resounding answer is no. Don’t be angry at people comment answering the very question your article asked. You didn’t ask, “Would the iphone be good for T-Mobile” had that been your initial question, I would agree the comments here would be out of place, but in the context of your initial article, the commenters are right.

      • David

        I think you need go look at the results of the poll thus far by saying its a resounding no…quite the contrary it would seem. So much in fact that it even caused AndroidSpin to write an article wondering how the iPhone was beating android 2 to 1.

      • Matador

        I can answer that one…To many people get sucked into the “iphone” status, much like Ipods. Im not saying they are bad devices…not by far. In fact I thank apple for releasing their iphone and changing the scope of the smart phone market. BUT so many people are just easily convinced by the mindless isheep that they swarm to the iphone without really knowing much more than it can download apps.

        I (and I am speaking for myself) like android because it just seems easier to customize to your own likes with live widgets, wallpapers, and apps and such overall give the user more freedom..at least for me. Iphone (to me) seems to be basically “one size fits all” which is not bad, I just want to make my screens more …me.

        and Android fanboys need to get over the fact that to many androids look like an iphone..really..how much more different can a touch screen smartphone be in looks?..they could make it oval shaped I gather.

        In the end..each phone has its good and bads, ups and downs, and each person will choose the phone that fits THEIR particular needs and wants. So to everyone….their just phones!…they are not fruits of life..pick one and be happy with it!..geez!

        ..oh..I am an apple rep… :P

      • Matador

        And David is right….31% is a yes..35% only if tmobile kept their current pricing, which I am guessing is the unlimited data…so they are on the fence rtg apple crazy, just with a condition..thats 66%…so Iphone would be a fairly good hit with tmobile.

  • mockerfab4

    @Homer! +1. That antennagate stupidity
    With the iphone is NOTHING compared to dialing a number and then your Android phone force closing on you. Android was the worst OS ive ever used. Was ready to make the switch to ATT, but wilk wait to see what TMO does.

  • mailman13877

    Lmfao David
    Finally someone other than me has similar thoughts on that topic. If you go back to my previous post you’ll notice i say 2 things.Ive been saying for a while now that people need to stop android an Iphone cuzz:

    1. There’s many and droids out there to compare eachother with like the Evo wooping the vibrant.
    2. The Iphone is on par n its more bout preferring to customize or stay simple.

    I only mention Iphone when I’m saying the top phones for each company..Evo,Droid X,Iphone and Vibrant.

    On a side note…We all know the Vibrator is the worst of the 4 lol..But seriously people it’s bout what the iphone will do for the company since TMO is in a far 4th place..not bout androids vs iphones..get a clue already..the iphone would no doubt put TMO in atleast 2nd place within a year seeing the already offer every1 other than ME better pricing plans than the other companies..or maybe their suck network issue will hold them to 3rd place..either way I can wait for all that stuff to be sorted out..Evooo..ftw..hurry up Sprint

    • mailman13877

      Can’t wait.

      • Chris

        Now Theres a REAL troll

      • Matador

        Talk about a fanboy…mailman is evo fanboy number one..but thats his choice..but also the reason I say..its a phone..let people choose what they want..mailman wants everyone to buy evo..for some odd reason..he must own a 1$ e trade stock in sprint…

    • clocinnorcal

      Can you write a post without mentioning the evo or droid? Jeez we get it, you love those two phones that arent even in Tmo’s catalog.

    • gadgetfreak

      Did you even finnished high school mailman? I’m having a hard time reading ur dumbass comment.

      • john

        And the kettle calls the pot black…lol

  • Rob

    Like others i have said, this is an excellent business move for tmo, i for one will stick to android but i have nothing against the iphone, i also think it will bring many customers. Tmobile is tired of being fourth and they will stop at nothing to grow. Vibrant, IPHONE4, Emerald, Vangaurd, faster 3g, lets see what all the cry babies bitch about now.

  • TheLight

    Maybe if people had another article to view everyday then they wouldnt have to keep commenting on the same thing….. just food for thought

    • Dale Murphy

      yeah, I am anxiously awaiting the next article too. torture. it is not meant as a slight, i just really like this site and the information it provides.

      • TheLight

        same here

  • Pufferfish

    Yes I would get the Iphone in a heartbeat. I get great reception in the building I work in with T-Mobile, but signal with AT&T is little or none. Been waiting for T-Mobile to get Iphone

  • deej

    I would have considered at least looking into buying an iphone, under a few conditions.
    1. pricing plans would stay the same
    2. it became open source
    3. I wouldn’t have to plug it into my computer for updates
    4. It was cheaper in price
    5. It wasn’t from Apple
    6. I wouldn’t need itunes
    7. Steve jobs would take a vacation to Mars

    Now all those would have me considering it at least until the latest with the press conference. Now I wouldn’t even consider and my friend who is a fangirl for apple, has switched her allegiance to android and is considering going back to PC because of the new iphone4 crap.. AWESOME!

  • going_home

    Stop the hating.
    Seriously though the real question to me is, will the TMO network become AT&T ?
    Meaning will 3 million iPhone users bog down the network.


    • It’s more than likely that T-mobile would experience new coverage holes if it got 3 million new customers in 3 months. However if everybody on T-mobile 3G switched to an iPhone we may see slower speeds depending on individual usage patterns but not new coverage holes. ATT and T-mobile use the same basic 3G technology – WCDMA(UMTS). Also, can someone explain to me how an iOS phone is worse on a network than an Android phone? A better question is “Will 3 million new T-mobile subscribers cause capacity and coverage issues?”

      • NiiDiddy

        yea but I dont see it bogging down the network. first, the speeds are far superior to other networks. second, our voice and data ran parallel, not together like ATT. keeping those separate is key!

  • pjcamp

    Apple products look great but their functionality is terrible. I just got rid of a damn iPod because it kept forgetting my place in my audiobook (and no, the file format doesn’t matter – forgot in m4 as well). There’s nothing like working your thumb around that stupid wheel to get 10 hours into a book and then hunt for the place you left off to make you think “this is a butt stupid interface.”

    Similarly with Macs. I used to be agnostic about computing but 6 years of having to use a Mac at work turned me against them. The interface is slick but too constraining. Everything you want to do is either trivial or impossible, depending as Apple wants you to want that or not, but one thing is constant — there is only One Right Way to do anything and you will adapt yourself to the machine. This violates every norm of usability engineering.

    So no. No interest in iPhones or iOS or iSteve. Just gonna be more of the same. After all, what was the response out of the gate to Antennagate? “You’re holding it wrong. Hold different.”

    Well, I’m as old as iSteve and I remember rabbit ear antennas on TVs. I remember the effect on reception from touching them. Now I’m a physicist and I understand why that happens, but iSteve didn’t need that knowledge. All he needed was memory of his childhood to realize that a touchable antenna is a disaster waiting to happen.

    • SteveT

      The only difference there, is that when you would touch rabbit-ear antennas, reception would improve.

  • AliensVsCreditors

    well i’m just glad to have another option other than just the Vibrant. i don’t like Jobs but you have to admit that the Iphone 4 looks sweet. I do agree that although the Vibrant is the best phone on TMO, it doesnt beat the EVO, X or Iphone 4. Buts not that far behind either. If the Vibrant is a superphone then the other three i mentioned are Super Duper Phones lol. Still leaning on the Vibrant because of Android though! Dont like anyone telling me what apps are appropriate for me. I’m a grown man too and i should have the option of deciding what app is appropriate for me!

  • AliensVsCreditors

    BTW the Vibrant would be a Super Duper phone if it had a FFC, Flash for the camera and a kickstand! Just my opinion! Not a deal breaker for me though!

  • Freddy2Fred

    Ok do yourselves a favor… For the people thats hating on the iPhone… Please stop cuz your ignorant. The iPhone is one of the best smartphones out there. It has good apps and a great OS. The Android is great also. Both have their ups and downs. Now if alot of people gets the iPhone to T-Mobile then I believe they gonna end up like ATT. ATT in the past was so dam great. They never had an issue with the network. Until alot of people got the iPhone and sucked all the juice out of the network. I believe the plans for T-Mobile might change a little but at the same time it will bring customers to the company. Its nothing but competition which I do love. So for the people trash talking about the iPhone and Android just cut that crap and grow up. They both great.

  • jeff

    so that is the question. get a vibrant or wait for iphone or the HSPA+ emerald? ok well will the emerald be sidekick 2 and will it have a keyboard. i don’t want a keyboard so would that just leave the iphone or vibrant?

  • LaNsLyDe

    lulz he called David a troll.

    Me personally I wouldn’t buy an iPhone. I’ve had one back in the day and I prefer Android over iOS, BUT that device coming to T-Mobile would definitely bring customers in great numbers; considering how much money they are willing to spend on marketing. I don’t think it would hurt any. Hey i’m game bring it over to the Magenta!

  • currator

    ive said it once it once ill say it again apple sucks not saying anything is better simply apple is trash. i remember apples in the 90″s they were trash to not much as changed why do you think apple make money its because there r.d. dept. is so small. my bro who use to work for att and has been using iphone since they came out. and who onwns two i believe they are called mac books he bought for him and his wife like a year just sold his and his wife”s iphone 3gs and got the new samsung android phone. soo what does that tell u. apple is go for the sheep but and lion knows when the see weak prey. i dont want the iphone on tmobile if it comes and tmobile has to do what att did sell there soul. we wont see any good phones it wasnt until att contract ran out that they were able to get good phones. see steven jobs is a loser att had to agree to not have another phone that was direct rivil like anyphone that could be any better so if tmobile gets it and you notice the line up become worse then it is well ill be going to another carrier as should you ohh and that caped data crap should only aplly to the iphone makes no sense to punish everybody for the few mill cust. remember how many cust att has and how many dont have iphones. im just saying. ohh and you cant remove the battier no thank you

  • Yea Right

    Half of you would get an iPhone just to have one. Just like a bunch of kids, you’ll play with it for a couple of weeks then it would end up in the same drawer with the nexus, waiting for the next cool toy to be released!

  • CDD

    TMO’s sub par market share is not due to Android. Quite the opposite I feel. I think you would have to look at these items for the lesser market. 1. TMO does not have near the coverage, particularly out west of ATT and Verison. 2. No forthcoming 4G plans on the board. 3. Phone offerings have been ho-hum at best. 4. Their advertising campaign is far below that of the others including Sprint. Having said that, I am happy with my TMO service and would not want over-saturation to degrade that. I think if anything Android via the G-1 and others gave TMO the first real challenger to Apple and Blackberry. TMO needs to get HTC or MOTO to develop and pumped up version of the G-1 and stick to what was working. It was how they got me and I had been an ATT customer for 19 years.
    As Far as the Iphone goes, it is just like all other apple products in that function follows form. Like a Cadillac they look good but they have flaws and you can’t get under the hood to try and tweak the flaws out. This latest ant. issue is as a result of trying to make the phone smaller. Smaller is not always better, I think they are too small to hold and use comfortably. They had the same problems with their Computer OS. It was pretty and simple to use but always lacked function, which is why they can’t compete with MS or Linux world wide. Bringing the Iphone to TMO would only give the flock another carrier to chose from for their addiction. Given the issues listed above I doubt that is would draw much of a new subscriber base. Android on the other hand is a “Vette” customize it, supe it up the way YOU the OWNER likes it. I say “dance with the one that brung-ya” Come out with a new, suped-up G-1. More memory, storage, screen, and the new 1g dual core processor. Out function them, compete with infrastructure and you will win.

  • biglance99

    I think the iPhone has its appeal to people and surely would bring people over to T-Mobile. But i don’t think that T-Mobile is just about the numbers. I don’t think that T-Mobile is about being on top. They have the most affordable rate plans. They were the first carrier to compete with the iPhone when they pioneered Android with Google. T-Mobile is that small store around the corner that cares about each customer that comes in and knows your name. They are about being honest and trying to meet their customers needs.. not just sell them bigger and better phones. I think the iPhone would be a bad fit for T-Mobil.
    Also.. Android FTW :)

  • Xsster

    I would get one, just because.

  • SteveT

    iPhone on TM with a HSPA+ radio would be the best phone for me.

  • Angel

    Your fault T-Mobile. Should have partnered with hTc and produced high end Android units. Like HD2 Android, Desire for TMO US 3G, Hero for TMO US 3G, etc. Really anticipating Project Emerald, please impress us, this G1 is coming to the end of its life.

  • Jason

    It is funny that the Votes are in favor of the iPhone, when Android offers phones for all people and open to customize. Since Android (specifically the Droid)hit the scene, almost Everyone I know who owned the iPhone 3g(s) either couldn’t wait until their contract was over to upgrade to the newest Android phone on another carrier or wished that there were a better variety of Android phones on At&t. Right now if you type Nexus one in on Craigs Look you will see everyone and their mother asking to trade their iphone for the Nexus one or Evo. One such Guy wants to trade three iPhones for an Evo or Nexus,

    “Trade iPhone 3Gs for Nexus One (Clarkston)

    Date: 2010-07-24, 7:28PM EDT
    Reply to: sale-ed6kb-1861465541@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

    I am looking to trade my iPhone 3Gs 16gb for an HTC Nexus One. My 3Gs is in mint condition and has been in a case with a screen protector since the day I got it (a little over a month ago). I will not sell the phone .. trade only. Please text me if you’re interested.


    Matthew 248-830-4140″

    It always amazes me how little people know about Quality over promotion and bloat ware when it comes to At&t and Apple.

  • J1

    Now that pretty much everyone and their “momma”, even our neighborhood troll/evo fanboy has chimmed in on this topic..

    I wonder if the big wigs themselves( @David, KicKstar13, Stephen, and Andrew), would “buy a tmo iphone”???.. I’m sure you guys can get a “hook-up”.. but would any of you spend your money on a tmo iphone.. secondly what is your preference? If any: android, ios, winmo, or rim???.. just curious, but feel free not to respond

    Slightly off topic but: imagine a holiday bogo sale where you can buy a htc “emerald” and get a ip4 for free.. can you say best xmas EVER.. well atleast best dream EVER!!!.. lol

  • Marcus Armstrong

    its funny that ppl complain about the UI on the Vibrant but they completely forgot on how open the Android OS is. u can put a TOTALLY different UI on it WITHOUT doing ANY hacking/root and u have a vast supply of choices to choose from . I have ADW Launcher and got it bcuz i didnt like the Touchwiz UI and now this phone is my baby..ppl will believe anything they hear on TV.. The Vibrant doesnt need flash….Plus flash is ineffective if ur more than 4ft away from the CAM anyway….ppl are jus ignorant/borderline retarded for thinking that flash on a cellphone camera Automatically makes the pic quality better. i have a coworker w/ an iPhone 4 and his cam flash is useless. AT&T can keep their iPhone4, LIMITED data plans that cost 4 billion and one dollars, AND most importantly, all of their network fail…these same tmobile iPhone4 fanboys are gonna b having menstrual cramps about our network overloading all the time IF we get it…….Android = #SUCCESS………..iPhone4 = #GigaFAIL

    • Marcus Armstrong

      the Galaxy S lineup for all carriers is the BEST Android phones to date….All the many little things about my Vibrant add up to #epicSUCCESS vs N1’s and Evo’s. all the Hardware is SUPERIOR including the camera w/o flash……#Booyah!!!!

  • Wow! what the hell happened in here.

  • blah

    I love to see how everyone still hates on the iphone yet most of you wouldn’t mind having it.Everyone knows the iphone is a premier device and if you don’t want to admit it then you are just plain ignorant. I work for T-mobile and I think the iphone 4 would be a great addition to our current line up. I myself have an iphone 4 with At&t and I don’t mind paying my monthly bill because its that good!! I have a Vibrant and a Mytouch slide and still my phone of choice is the iphone 4. The day it comes to T-Mobile I will pay my cancellation fee with at&t until then I will have the best device in the world because I WANT TO!!! And thanks to T-Mobile and all you people loving our devices I can pay my bill with At&T!! So keep trashing the iphone and thinking Android is better but the day I see lines and lines for people waiting for and Android device well that will be the day until then go iphone and I hope it comes to T-Mobile!!

    • Maemo

      The only major advantage the iPhone 4 has over other high-end smartphones is the display resolution … but then again the 800×480 resolution on a 3.5″ display on a Nokia N900 puts up a major fight.

      Other than that:
      – I’ve been able to multi-task, video-call (over wifi AND 3G), view Flash like a real browser (not Flash lite), stream movies in HD, run @ over 1Ghz, take advantage of my expandable memory, replaceable battery, take pictures with my 5MP camera with duel LED flash and enjoy the freedom of installing/removing and doing what I want when I want without my manufacturer playing dictator over my own equipment waaaaaay before the iPhone 4 was ever released.

      So no, your phone is not “the best in the world” – it’s far from it.

      • Cybersedan

        You’re so not a T-Mobile Employee!!

      • Los22

        The T-Mo Samsung Vibrant’s screen BLOWS away the iPhone. All my iPhone owning friends agreed. It’s also a fact that Apple wanted that AMOLED screen but Samsung can’t produce enough for themselves, their military contracts AND Apple, so they turned Apple away. There’s only 3 companies making AMOLED.

      • daniel


    • JT

      ATT has 90 + million user. How many have iPhone? Less than 20% and it would be less than 20% of the people on the T-mobile and hopefully all of those are new customers.

      I would never buy an iPhone and I change my phone every 6 month. I like to see different type of phone every six months and none of the phone has been apple or android from me.

      • Meamo

        Cybersedan, what’d you mean?

    • Los22

      You’re ignorant IMHO. You’ll never “lines and lines” of people to buy an Android because there’s TONS of stores where you can go to get an Android. There’s a lot of T-Mo, AT&T, Sprint, VZW stores (even Radio Shack, Costco, etc…) available so there’s no need to camp out for days and get in line like iSheep to get the latest Jesus phone which releases once a year.

      Android has MANY options so if you don’t like what’s coming out today, wait on another manufacturer’s model with Android on it. That simple. With iPhone you have just ONE phone, ONE manufacturer, ONE new model to choose from and usually only ONE damn store close enough to justify driving to. That’s a BIG difference.

      Now. Despite there being tons of stores, the Verizon Droid SOLD OUT! People are still waiting for more stock so they can get one. I won’t argue that the iPhone is a great phone and helped change smartphones but get your facts straight and don’t make you & your fellow Fanbois look so ignorant.

    • Fred

      What phone do you have that does all of that?

    • 2Funny

      You know, if they bring the iphone to T-Mobile, ok.If they don’t bring the iphone to T-Mobile, ok. I AM a T-Mobile employee and I say no matter what phone is out on the market, great so long as it meets the customers expectations. Now if we come out with the iphone, I hope three things will be different than att to keep and retain our customers. 1. our data stays unlimited (which has been a certainty among the big wigs) 2. We INSURE the iphone (sucks to be a new att customer and the phone gets destroyed) and 3.our prices stay the same or go lower, bc our competitors that make up the “BIG 4” are not in a position to go as low as T-Mobile….

  • Jason

    Seeing that I have a distaste for Steve Jobs and the way he chooses to respond to his consumers, I would never consider buying an Apple product. I don’t like him telling me how I want to use my device, and until then I don’t even bother. That’s not me saying the iPhone sucks, its a great device, I just won’t give that company my money until their philosophy changes.

    Plus, having handled an iPhone and various Android phones, I feel Android is superior in all ways EXCEPT the app store (and believe me, with Android growth, that will change in the coming years).

    • blah

      Years? Are you kidding me? The time is Now !!

  • Marcus Armstrong

    @blah….sir i forgive u bcuz ur on ur period and ur not thinkin clearly…#1 iPhone has been out since 07 and has had almost 4 yrs to gain a VERY dense fanbase vs 2 yrs w/ Android. i admit iOS4 is VERY nice and idiot and consumer friendly…but i left my t-Mobile iPhone 1st gen and came to Android when it 1st came out #2 Already we have ppl leaving iPhone for Android..so much for “thinking Android is better” when the number of users w/ Android OS is now larger than ppl w/ iPhones. look it up Apple fanboy…AT&T can keep their failPhone4 and let it FAIL thier restricted network up. f##k yo couch…

    • blah

      lol nice but like I said before you are ignorant and I know the truth hurts so what ever makes you sleep better at night then so be it. Look up the facts the iphone to this day has not been a failed device for At&t..you my friend are a loser!

      • blah

        and please pay your bill on time so that I can pay my At&t bill hahahaha!!

      • Marcus Armstrong

        @blah haha its funny…loser? ha the truth is that u need to go get a Girlfriend b4 ur porn subscription and ur supply of lotion runs out LMAO. on a serious note.. that fact of the matter is that the iPhone is best on AT&T, ur intelligent to draw that conclusion urself. it should stay like that and u kno it…PERIOD iPhone brought them waaay too much money to jus let Apple go. they will renew that contract. trust me its like training a horse for a VERY long time but sum1 comes along, takes the horse, and rides off into the sunset w/ it. its brought healthy competition to the wireless carriers since theres FINALLY a REAL threat to iPhone unlike Windows Mobile, Palm, and Blackberry. im done doin back n forth childishness. hava good evening

  • 1shot1kill

    hey whats up ppl. i’m have a nexus one and before i had a white g1 rooted with cyanogen’s rom. the simple fact of being able to root my phone if i wanna and doing other little things is awesome. and being a nexus one user i know whatever update google puts out i will get. but like many others mentioned my biggest problem with apple is them wanting to control everything. make a product and let customers do what they want with it.

  • sidekicker89

    heeey update the site already! haha its been like a whole day and no neeews :( I’m sad now

    • David

      I wish there was news for every day, but not every day has T-Mobile related news!

  • I guess i would start liking the iPhone if it was on T-mobile but T-mobile doesn’t have adequate data coverage either. If they go to the tiered data plan i will never by any smart phone let alone an iPhone.

  • voicestream01

    at&t 2011 that’s when it ends…stop with these dumb ass rumors please

    • Chris

      Actually its 2012. Rumors sometimes come true so you’re “stop with these dumb ass rumors” snip is rather ignorant.

      Contracts get renegotiated all the time.

      • Chris

        Like, ever heard of someone upgrading their phone early?

        Yes, someone gets out of a 2-year contract, pays a fee, and enters into another contract either with same carrier or a different one. People get out of contracts every day.

  • AliensVsCreditors

    I just want to say that i just went to one of my local TMO stores to check out the Vibrant personally. I must say that i really like the phone more now that i have played with it in person. I was concerned about the phone feeling too light and cheap as many people have reported but i didnt really get that feeling at all. i mean it is light as hell but i dont think its cheap. the girl who works here at the san antonio TMO location let me play with a live demo. first off the screen is as good as people have said. OMG! Avatar looks awesome on the Vibrant. Google Earth looked pretty sweet too. Anyway just want to say that i will definately be picking up the Vibrant. I could wait to see if we get the Iphone 4 or see whats coming up the pike. But i dont have any patience and i would probably be waiting forever for that Perfect phone.

  • MotoUser

    Not only would I buy a T-Mobile iPhone, I would prefer it over AT&T.

  • Um No

    Keep your Apple devices sir. I will keep my money out of Jobs’ pocket. Thanks though.

  • paul

    i rather get an adroid than the iphone, but it could make tmobile more popular

  • ObsceneJesster

    We better hope the iPhone doesn’t come to T-Mobile….The last thing we need is all the teenie boppers and soccer mom’s hogging up our bandwidth while they check the status of there farm on FarmVille.

    • Xtian

      Rofl nice

    • ajju

      Very true! If Tmobile gets the iPhone, I’m going to have to move to Sprint/Verizon!

  • Dale Murphy

    um dying over here…new article needed…about anything…please.

  • Charles Xavier

    I’m not sure an iphone on T-mobile would be good because the data is sparse and unreliable. Add in questionable antenna design and I smell total failure.

  • AliensVsCreditors

    Has anybody found any good cases for the samsung vibrant? one with a kickstand would be nice!

  • nippleRunderrated

    does anyone know why in the pic of that iphone the top bar is erased out??

    • David

      Because the original pic said T-Mobile and Verizon so I blacked out the Verizon part, see the original:


      • ObsceneJesster

        Dave, I like you man but I have never seen you comment so many times about a blog post. It’s quite obvious you are a iPhone fanboi.

        • David

          I’m not any kind of a fanboy, but this Apple hatred is just ridiculous…the entire point wasn’t whether or not Android was better, you simply had to answer yes or no to whether or not you would buy an iPhone.

        • tmobile4ever

          and it looks like you got your answer

      • ObsceneJesster

        I iPhone would not be good for existing customers on T-Mobile. The flood of teenie boppers and soccer moms would not be good for our bandwidth. I can also assure you, T-Mobile would raise there prices.

        If it were up to me, this plague would stay far away from Magenta.

  • JSY581

    Nope, already had an iphone, not interested in having another… time to move on

  • Interesting… I tried to change my plan online and got the message
    “We’re sorry—your Plan and Services are currently unavailable while we work to improve the site for you. Please try again later.”

    And then I call and the recorded message says they’re making “Exciting changes” to their plans, so any changes must be handled over the phone. If it was an internal system upgrade or maintenance they wouldnt say they’re making exciting changes.

    I’m feeling a sort of excitement… it’s called fear. What are they going to do? I bet AT&T was announcing “exciting changes” when they changed their data plans.

  • Bobby

    IPhone is craze is dead… Way to be way out of touch with reality… Tmobile should focus on building nationwide network with great coverage. Not 4G or 5G or whatever but just simple network that works everywhere!!!

    They had their chance to bring customers with Android before the big players jumped in the game. Look at what the droid campaign did for Verizon. Tmo’s commercials and underpowered hardware turned people away… I still hate my self for buying MyTouch… HTC HD TOTAL FLOP!!! Who cares for WinMo… If that phone had come out with Android OS it would have been a hit…

    There is nothing wrong with Android over iPhone. Neither phone is significantly better. The only difference is people KNOW iPhone because of the huge campaign that ATT and Apple put up…

    And really quit putting up such nonsense ATT will never let this phone go outside their network that is all they have..

  • ManoloDF

    Imagine if T-mobile had an iPhone with UMA, I would buy 2 just to make sure I have a backup ready at all times in case one breaks.

  • gladiatrix

    In Europe, T-mobile has the monopoly on iPhone, however they also have the monopoly in crappiest carrier ever. This thanks to the iPhone overload (this is what they told the press themselves, I’m not making this up). As soon as I want 3G i get kicked out of service and no one can reach me. What’s the use of having an iPhone without good reception, let alone decent internet connection?

  • the guy

    wow, just about every comment on this article reads like dialogue form idiocracy.

    • Bob

      Brawndo the thirst mutilator….it’s made from electrolites.

  • J

    Yes BUT…. I am really impressed with the Android platform since having started to use the GarminFone. Really happy and impressed…. So as of now, it’s Android for me. Especially with iPhone antanae issues…? JMO

  • evan

    i agree with david. it is just a phone after all. i think the iphone coming to t mobile would be awesome. i think att and apple need to give everyone else a fair chance to dominate. i guarantee everyone here who is hating on the iphone would be first in line to get one when t mobile has their launch event. don’t even try to say different band wagoners!

  • dunn dun

    not i would not buy a tmobile iphone(or any other phone that is made for 3g speeds). i barley get edge where im from, 3g coming here is like waiting on the war to end. tmobile step your 3g game up!… #jus sayin

  • Mercer One

    I don’t care about having an iphone on T-Mobile more so I’d love to have an HSPA+ ipad! Why isn’t anyone talking about that?

  • Samski

    I just switched to T-Mobile from AT&T.

    Got a Vibrant to replace my iPhone3Gs. So far, I like it, although Android 2.1 is still not as polished as iOS. Close, but not quite there. But I do like the integration with Google’s services and the somewhat better tweaking options.

    The biggest surprise for me has been the fact that in West Los Angeles, the hills and the Valley, the T-Mobile data service is considerably slower than AT&Ts.

    The download speeds with T-Mobile range from miserable double digits in the hills, to 200-500kbps in the Valley and West Hollywood. In many of these areas, I used to get consistently 1000-2000kbps with AT&T.

    The upload speeds are actually more comparable, with T-Mobile ranging between 200-1100kbps, while AT&T was generally 500-1500kbps.

    I always thought T-Mobile was faster in LA, but apparently not :(

    The price is a bit better though, so I’ll stick with T-Mobile and hope that service improves soon.

  • Kevin

    If android wasn’t a thing, then i’d buy one. I hate Apple and Steve Jobs, but they know how to make a good product. Except the iPhone 4, that thing sucks. Death grip, yellow pictures, spots on the screen, is not made out of super strong glass.

    • tmoledu

      Heard about deathgrip. The camera looked great, only used it inside store thiugh, but the pics were crystal clear. Spots on screen and the glass part are news to me. What’s that about?
      Btw, video cam was a little frustrating, the focus box is tiny, maybe there’s a trick to it.

  • Fred Coulter

    No, I would not buy a T-Mobile iPhone. At least not for myself. (I have kids, so I might end up getting them one. The factors I consider important may not be considered important by my kids.)

    My issue with the iPhone has nothing to do with T-Mobile, it has to do with Apple.

    While I appreciate the idea that apps purchased from the app store are technically vetted and should play nicely with the other apps, Apple also decides what kind of apps detract from the iPhone experience. This includes stopping certain political apps, certain R rated apps, etc. I am a grownup, and can make those decisions for myself. I’ll take the risk of running unvetted apps from the Android store.

    I also know that the courts have recently said that it is not illegal to install programs from sources other than the Apple Store onto an iPhone. But the ability to do this is limited to those people with the techical expertise (or time) to do so. I have a life (see above comment about kids, etc.) and I don’t want to work getting my phone to do what I want it to do. I want to easily install a program without having to fight with the OS. Making it legal doesn’t make it easy.

    So the end result is that I’ll stick with Android. The openness of the app ecosystem more than offsets the risk of poorly programmed apps.

  • chess

    yes the EDGE is crap on my jailbrake 3gs

  • elizabeth

    I think that many people want an i phone but are not willing to switch to at&t to get it. i know only being 13 i want an iphone!!!!!! please bring i phone to tmobile

  • chicago081

    I hope T Mobile won’t get the iphone. T Mobile’s service sucks as it is, don’t need all of those iphone hogs. I can’t even access the internet in Chicago after 8 am. I think I will move to Verizon when my contract is up.

  • Emil Ghoting

    I have a feeling if AT&T has trouble handling iPhone data then T-mobile will be totally overwhelmed. Hopefully I’m wrong

  • Keeman

    I had an iPhone and I loved it. I didn’t have many problems with the device, overall it was a good phone. I no longer have AT&T and have resulted in buying an Android phone on T-Mobile. Overall, I think it is a good device and does many of the same function the iPhone does. The only thing that I would say is the iPhone has an advantage over droid in the application dept. That is really the only thing that I miss about having the iPhone…if droid can get better apps then I would not want to go and get another iPhone, but on the other hand as many droids that have hit the market, I dont see where the technology on the applications improving at all…so when my contract is up I will more than likely going to get an iPhone and if T-Mobile does not have it, I’ll be switching back to AT&T.

  • Why?

    Why is this even a poll? You can already get iphones on Tmobile. Just legally(now) Jailbreak it. Iphone is slower than any android device on T-mobile and hardware also is slower. Just look at the processor. If you are going by emotion and love iphone you can say whatever you want. But the truth is that the hardware is not even close to most of the android devices. On the same network test after test Iphone loses.

  • Why?

    Iphone needs help! I guess this poll is some good news for apple. Apple is not even second in sales! They are losing to blackberry. Here are the numbers use facts people not opinions. Android OS is leading in sales.

    Yesterday, researcher NPD Group said Android phones led the market in the second quarter. According to NPD, 33 percent of all smartphones bought in the
    U.S. were Android phones, followed by Research In Motion’s BlackBerry platform at 28 percent and Apple’s iPhone at 22 percent.

  • Michael

    I would like an iphone but will not do AT&T because the coverage is weak in my area; as for T-Mobile, I had them for two years. It was the WORST coverage I have ever had. Having an iphone on T-mobile would be a joke. If they think they are getting coverage complaints with AT&T, that would be nothing compared to what they will get with T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s coverage was so bad, I began to believe the terms “Dropped call” and “Normal coverage” were synonymous

  • Ixmntr

    Wow such distaste for Apple! I currently own an iPhone 3Gs, Blackberry 8900, HTC HD2, and I just purchased a Samsung Vibrant, and I like all of my phones! As far as apps are concerned I do prefer The Android Marketplace there seems to be more variety for me, as opposed to AppWorld, App Store, Win Market. The cons about the iPhone are your forced to live without certain features which should be standard- like Picture zoom, MMS, and multi-tasking and so forth especially if you are an iPhone 2G, 3G, and 3Gs owner even with 4.0 these older models that are about 3-4 yrs old dont have longevity which is a bummer! On my Blackberry which has 5.0 (Shame on you T-MO for no support!)
    I get all the utility features I want but RIM needs to get it together. Most people now want a flashy touch enabled phone, yes I understand Blackberry 6 is out and the Torch seems nice but Who really wants the GM of phones! I mean they all look generally the same and boring! As far as my HD2 it is mostly my mod toy I currently have Android 2.1 running and its fun but not my everyday use phone! Now the Vibrant is pretty cool, I just wished they used some different materials too much plastic and it gets greasy pretty fast, but I love the fact that it can do all of the things my Blackberry can do (unless im a spy and need private msgs) ;p plus it has a nice UI like the iPhone, why not? but overall I treat them like shoes what do I feel like wearing today? But to answer the question Yes! I would buy a T-MO iPhone since it will work with the carrier and I dont like the hassle of Jail breaking and unlocking the damn phone!

  • r

    how can mac be far “superior” to pc when mac IS in fact a personal computer? i’m just saying…it shows how brilliant “mac users” are.

  • Kinngjay

    this phone has a mind of its own. it works when it wants to, it cuts off when evey it wants to i’m done with this phone i like it but done with it.