BlackBerry 9300 Appears Again With T-Mobile Branding

Someone needs to tell the folks at BlackBerry that refreshing old form factors and bumping up the model number isn’t the way to win the hearts of smartphone fans these days. Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a T-Mobile branded 9300 appear, but with a second appearance sporting T-Mobile branding we’re finding ourselves more convinced it might appear on T-Mobile sometime this year. Truthfully, RIM, you can keep this device and I’ll take something along the lines of the BlackBerry 9780, because if you’re going to at least mildly change the appearance, give me a new OS to play with. Perhaps the BlackBerry 9800 can come the Magenta way, at least here we have a completely new form factor for with BlackBerry 6 on board and that might make for a winning combination, “might” being the operative word.

Engadget via BBGeeks

Image courtesy of BBGeeks

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  • Davidohio

    Boring. Looks like all the rest. What is the point of releasing this again? It has the same os and looks the same.

    • J-Hop2o6

      added 3G.. thats about it.

    • Jon

      Can’t the same thing be said about all other blackberries? While I have no interest in this phone I am sure that someone wants it. This will be T-Mobile’s second 3G Blackberry so I don’t see it as a bad thing

  • stu

    Look what happened to Apple with their iPhone 4 disaster. The phones can only change so much before it starts affecting performance. Blackberry has always been about performance and reliability, something that Apple lost in its designs.
    Cant wait for the Blackberry 9800 Slider.

    • Brian

      Hmmm…I don’t know about that. Apple just poorly engineered the iphone. I’m guessing you can change a phone or reinvision it without creating such obvious problems like Apple did. Just because Apple couldn’t do it, doesn’t mean that other companies can’t. Again, it’s just poor engineering on their part.

    • 30014

      If bb’s were about reliability and performance multiple daily battery pulls wouldn’t be a necessity. Rim may as well give up on the consumer side and stick with their corporate bread and butter. If it wasn’t for their corporate customers rim and their sorry ass offerings would have disappeared a long time ago. Rim can only ride their one trick pony(email) for so long. All of this is coming from a former curve user.

    • lensovet

      yeah, apple has SUCH a disaster on their hands, selling so many iphones that they can’t keep up with demand…what a fricken joke.

      • James L

        doesn’t change the fact that the phone has a hardware design flaw. what a frickin joke.

  • Brian

    TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU, DAVID!!! At the very least, make the 9300 compatable with OS6. I’m not a fan of the 9800, but I know people will like that form factor. The 9780 looks a little more interesting, but it isn’t revolutionary or anything. I’m crossing my fingers for the Dakota. I really want a touch screen on my next phone and I’m itching for an upgrade from my 8100! C’mon RIM! You gotta stop disappoint us with such lackluster phones!

  • watbetch

    Blackberry, can you slow down on the innovation please!

    • Versedout

      I hear you loud and clear on this one! LOL… It wouldn’t hurt BB to at least offer some different form factors.

  • mtnman

    I know I had the Blackerry Peral for while and just fell out of favor with in once in got into the Android market. RIM hasn’t really came out with anything “New” in a while. While everyone else is going forward RIM just seems to be sticking to the same ‘ol same ‘ol. No wonder why Blackberry has dropped to #3 behind Apple and Android.

  • derrickps3

    i am enjoying my bb bold 9700, as it is my 1st bb device ever after taking a break from android. i think they need to release some touch screen versions for tmo. verizon is blessed to have storm 1 and 2………so i guess RIM has tried them all, from full qwerty, to flip phone, to touch screen. whats next? hmmmm

  • NiiDiddy

    Gosh David – I couldn’t agree more!!!! I’ve been preaching this to my peers for quite sometime now…and I have always been a BB addict all the way until my first original MT3G last August, and now the Vibrant. I like to see some progress – as in new form factors, overhauled OS…etc. That is what for me, made BB boring, hence the switch to Android. Having said that though…I wouldn’t mind going back to my first love if we had something like a BB 9800 with a completely new form factor and overhauled OS to go with it. RIM/BB used to be great — they need to put themselves right back on the map like they were very few years ago.

  • chotpy

    slow news day hooray!

    they need to change something…

  • TMOFanColumbiaSC

    Believe it or not, we are in a slow economy so phones like these will still sell, besides the fact that there are still tons of business users out there who just love this size phone with a keyboard. When it comes down to it, this form factor still does just fine for e-mail, text messaging, Twitter, Facebook and other social media needs. Not everyone needs or wants a touch screen mini laptop/TV/Game machine in there pocket or pocket book!

    • NiiDiddy

      True, but that’s not the point. You can still have a physical keyboard…etc AND a new, overhauled OS– and still change the form factor without being a touchscreen. No one said anything about the phone not doing fine for email, text-messaging…etc…IMHO

  • @TMOFanColumbiaSC you have a point here, people are losing track of the people out there who still happen to enjoy simplicity. Besides, BB still dominates their set market BUSINESS (which Apple and Android haven’t put a dent in). Overall, I have no real complaints with BB I respect what they do but my only request for them is to start innovating on the OS front that’s all.

    Coming from a proud owner of a N1

    • NiiDiddy

      @The Trendaholic — BB no longer has that same market share in the business segment they used to have. iPhone took over that segment and BB now running neck and neck in that same segment with Android. I believe the reason why people have taken to Android especially is the fact that you can get an Android device in all kinds of form factors; you get to choose a preference, and you get to choose what UI overlay you like to go with a particular brand…or just barebone Android. iPhone has also evolved continuously since it first came out (be it good or bad)…but they did something right to get the masses behind them. For me BB form factor is the same across the board — when i see one, I’ve seen them all regardless of the model (except for the Storm series). Fresh look; fresh form factor, updated, overhauled OS can put them right in the mix. I am not by any means think they are inferior, but they need to keep up with the rest…else they’ll keep losing market share. I love BB–always have, but I now have an Android device…because BB became monotonous to me. I’ll go back when there’s a real competing BB device. IMHO

      • Brian

        where are you getting this info from? You could not be more wrong.

        RIMM has a strangle hold on the business segment due to the enterprise side of BB. Apple and Android have yet to make a dent into that market.

        Why? Because BB is the most economic and secure solution.

        There are some business users with the iphone, but we all laugh behind their back and do not think they are serious business users (Sorry, that’s just the stereotype in the business).

  • I was never a big Blackberry fan, but it seems like they aren’t really trying over there to come out with something to win people with. I’m excited to see the new Blackberry OS that they made (the promo videos look pretty good) but they need to change up the form factor of their phones.

  • mtnman

    When BB took off, it appeled to the business professional and then spread to the rest of the general population because people want to have a phone that had all the features of a computer right in the palm of there hand. Thus came the Palm Pre and Apple phone and a plethera of other “Smart” phones. RIM then sould’ve used the oppertunity to continue making more innovations like being the first to use a track ball, then track pad. But as of the last few years it’s become stagnet. Still not running anything new as far as features and OS. This is the company that used to be innovative and now is just flondering.

  • ExistentialTechie

    BBM you? No thanks. Free GPS on the BlackBerry? Yeah, but it has no Voice. I’ll stick with my Android. I used to love my BlackBerry devices, but lately they just don’t have the same feel to me. I still get all my corporate e-mails just fine on my Vibrant and guess what, now all my workers who can’t BBM me actually have to call me.

  • Mohammad

    blackberries are heavy. just as heavy as my treos. why can’t they make a blackberry that has a physical keyboard and touch screen & keep the ame form factor?

    • mtnman

      Well I used to like the Form Factor of the BB with it’s QWERTY key pad, even though it was small. And if you have bigger hands, it was a pain, but you got used it. Now with all the phones that have a slide out keyboard, or Swype I really can’t see going back to such a small keyboard. Not to mention that if someone like me has to take of there glasses to read, it’s more of a pain because I have to take off my glasses to type anything.

  • raymond
  • Anthony062991

    Random, but HTC Vision headed to T-Mobile!!

  • Ktwist

    So I had a BB Rep poked into my store today. He was holding what looked like this device and let me play with it. It was running OS6 and he informed me that this never took place and that the software wasn’t final. What I did see looked very nice, just wished they would have changed the design. The web browser was fast but still no where as sexy as an android browser. I did like the new applications menu, when you press the BB symbol (applications) it draws up like a android app drawer which looks really really nice and it had a transparent background I think. He told me the 9700 would get the same software when OS 6 releases so I see no reason to buy this phone if you have a 9700. Now his device looked like the one above or a Curve but the back said Bold? Anyways, just wanted to put that out there.

  • nerd lust

    finally a 3g curve!!! i have the 8900. im hoping for a bb slider or maybe the 9780. both 8900 and 8520 are edge only. but 8530 is 3g. Tmob needs this asap. This is a smoking entry level device.

  • nerd lust

    BB is still king of business. They seem to have a hard time with consumers. 6.0 is very tempting.

  • Getreal

    There must have been a lot of late nights in Canada to make this happen. I have never seen a device with such svelte and sexy lines. It reminds me of another phone…

  • James L

    so much whining over blackberry designs. why change what works just fine? look how the storm turned out lol. you want a full touchscreen phone? go get an android phone or iphone. it’s clear blackberries aren’t for you.

    • getreal

      What about making a thinner phone or improving the keyboard? Bigger screen? There is always something to improve on. If companies just say,”why improve it is working”, then us consumers would never have great products. This is one of the reasons we aren’t all driving black Fords and we all don’t use QDos as an operating system. The fact is Blackberry is not evolving and the little evolution it is doing is too slow compared to Apple and Android. This is the reason you see surveys touting Blackberry owners want more in their device, why RIM’s stock has fallen recently, and why people like me switch from a BB to an iPhone after being with RIM for 6 years.

  • J

    FYI… A BB rep told me that a new handset due in roughly 3 weeks will be a major step up in performance, especially the browser..? No other details other than that. He was doing a in-store demo day presentation. We discussed why I stopped using a BB and this led to his admission of a new product that I might like. I told him it would have to be really good, for me to leave my new GarminFone which I’m really impressed with… Garmin and Asus have done a great job on it… JMO

  • Adina Greenberg

    I love T Mobile but I’m bummed they have the most boring blackberry’s. Come on, bring an old version back as the latest while there are bb out like the torch? I’m not buying this one.