BlackBerry 9300 Appears Again With T-Mobile Branding

Someone needs to tell the folks at BlackBerry that refreshing old form factors and bumping up the model number isn’t the way to win the hearts of smartphone fans these days. Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a T-Mobile branded 9300 appear, but with a second appearance sporting T-Mobile branding we’re finding ourselves more convinced it might appear on T-Mobile sometime this year. Truthfully, RIM, you can keep this device and I’ll take something along the lines of the BlackBerry 9780, because if you’re going to at least mildly change the appearance, give me a new OS to play with. Perhaps the BlackBerry 9800 can come the Magenta way, at least here we have a completely new form factor for with BlackBerry 6 on board and that might make for a winning combination, “might” being the operative word.

Engadget via BBGeeks

Image courtesy of BBGeeks

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