12 Days After Launch, How Do You Feel About The Samsung Vibrant?

The Samsung Vibrant has proven in less than two weeks to be one of the most highly rated and most talked about T-Mobile Android phone to date. With that in mind we’re doing our second poll in less than 72 hours to find out how you feel about the Samsung Vibrant, with almost two weeks of ownership under your belt. Was it love at first sight or did you have to wake up to her a few times before you realized you couldn’t live without her? The phone hasn’t been without issues as a number of users are reporting difficulty with GPS lock on. For the most part however, feedback has been great and the reviews have ranged from very good to really great. Perhaps the lack of flash was holding you back and our Nighttime mode article certainly took a great deal of you by surprise. It didn’t win everyone over and we didn’t suspect it would; and it won’t make up for a complete lack of flash, but you have to admit some of those images are pretty impressive nonetheless.

Take the poll and let us know, is this truly the best Android phone for T-Mobile to date? That is, until the next big thing

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  • sambalam

    It’s great except the GPS and compass are completely unusable. Returning mine today.

    • wack mode

      thats what i mean by people complaining too much he probably doesnt even travel wtf????

      • sambalam

        No I don’t travel but that’s not why I need the GPS. I use it for Buddy Runner what tracks your path and calculates distance and other stats. It requires the GPS to work and be somewhat precise which it isn’t even after the so called “fix”. It works great on y G1 but is completely useless on this device. This is a deal breaker for me. So “wack mode”, is it “complaining too much” when I want the device to work? Sheesh…

      • Longsh0t

        The GPS and the compass problems are known issues. How is it “complaining too much” when it’s an actual problem for him? I’m actually having the same exact issue myself and will probably return mine as well.

        I have to assume you’re ok with a phone having an obvious issue as long as it doesn’t affect you?

        Aside from that GPS issue, it’s a fantastic phone, but until Samsung can address the issue I’d rather not be locked into a 2 year on my account for a phone that for me is currently “broken”.

        I may try what others have suggested and try exchanging the phone first.

      • rushmore

        OK, so the GPS not working correctly is “complaining”… Got it…. Not.

      • Flyoverguy

        I have the same issue with any of the tracking programs like Buddyrunner, Sporty Pal, Googles My Tracks or Map my run. There is never an issue locking to a signal or using Nav functions, it is the tracking functions that always screw up the phone. Otherwise, I am pretty satisfied…I am coming from a Curve 8320, though, so I suppose I am a little more easily impressed than some of you might be…

      • Longsh0t


        For someone to state that their issues only to have someone else (wack mode) say that people “complain too much” is asinine. The topic of the post is how people feel about their Vibrant. People are stating their issues. So you’re content with a product that doesn’t work for you in a way that it should because you don’t want to complain? Way to settle for less, chief.

        There’s obviously a difference between genuine issues and complaining for the sake of complaining but that distinction is obviously beyond your comprehension.

      • Longsh0t

        Bleh. Misread your comment, rushmore. My apologies.

    • Get an exchange — my husband and I both got Vibrants and our GPS is spot on in both phones. No problems whatsoever!

    • elrocharo

      just to let you know …. the G1 come out whit the same gps problem … and it get fix after the first update ….
      but any way if you want a perfect phone look for the right one (nexus one!!!)

    • JR

      If you like the phone you might want to just exchange it first because I don’t have any GPS issues, it’s always been spot on.

  • Alex C

    Good: 95% of it.
    Bad: GPS and compass are useless. Also random total crash twice last week for me.
    In the end, I mostly love it, but it needs better software.

  • ChazLaz

    I’m guessing the people with GPS problems have a defective unit. I was using mine a few days ago and it seemed to work great. I was using GMaps Turn by Turn and had no problems. I love this phone. I just changed the home screen and got a different launcher. That is the only thing I really have done to tweak the phone. If you are wondering what home app it was it is Launcher Pro, and best of all it is free and looks great IMO.

  • steven

    I think the vibrant is awesome. The best android phone I have ever had. Same issue with the GPS though. I even changed the gps settings that xda recommended and it still locks up. Once Samsung rolls out a fix for this I will be completely happy.

  • Jim

    I am pretty much totally happy with the phone. I did have the GPS issues that everyone is reporting but the XDA fix took less than a minute and totally fixed the problem. Beyond that, I am noticing some freezing issues, especially when I get going with lots of widgets and whatnot. Also the battery life isn’t exactly impressive but with the feature set the phone has and the things that I’m using it for, I didn’t expect it to be. Apart from that, I couldn’t be happier.

  • Love the damned thing. Got it on launch day and probably will never look back. My GPS isn’t exactly wonderful; it works but it’s pretty slow/spotty. Still, not sure how much I care/how often I’d use it. I thought the skin over Android would bother me, but it doesn’t. I thought the lack of a camera flash would annoy, but “night mode” is amazing, and the camera takes better pictures than my Canon.

    Overall, it’s a fantastic phone. Equal to or better than anything else currently on the market. So impressive, in fact, my roommate, on seeing it, gave up her iPhone 3G to switch to the AT&T Captivate.

  • BeyonceKnowles

    I am loving my Vibrant…just wish I had some accessories for it….oh and last night was my first time actually completing the battery from over use and the phone was still going even with the battery indicator flashing and the constant reminders to plug it up, i was still able to download apps and text, very impressive Mr. Vibrant lol

  • cj

    Love the features I now have vs my previous phone (Shadow), but the battery life is annoyingly short when I work those new features.

    If I use it like a PC, listening to Pandora, taking pictures, uploading pics to Picassa, playing games, connecting to my car radio via bluetooth, etc, the battery lasts about 4-5 hours, which is better than a PC, but then it takes 3 hrs to recharge.

    Where’s a good place to get a second battery? Radio Shack said they don’t carry them yet.

    • NiiDiddy

      3 hours? how do you re-charge it [sounds like a stupid question…but wondering if wall charged or car charged]. mine takes approximately an hour for a wall full re-charge and i use mine to the bare minimum before charging it. not only that, i thought my battery life is great. i can go a little over a day before charging….i guess maybe it comes down to how its used—i thought i used mine all the time…

      • cj

        In the wall. But it may be what’s running while it is charging that slows mine down. For example, I check work email every 10 minutes.

        Also, my 3G bars at home are usually 1 or none, and trying to maintain a signal may be draining the battery too.

  • mike

    its a great phone, i ordered one for my brother. but like many other samsung phone, there tends to be software issues that need to be fixed

  • Bronhi

    In love with the phone. I haven’t had any GPS issues yet. I used it yesterday to find my way on a 4 hour trip. Worked great.

  • I bought the Vibrant on launch day & I am in love with it! I’ve had no problems with it freezing or crashing. GPS works great. Love the camera in night mode. They’ll pry this phone outta my cold dead hands LOL

  • bubbles

    I love it, gps is ok so far. I called t mobile and that said samsung has a fix for the gps issues in there first update. I downloaded the playstation emulator for android and it works flawless on the vibrant. My friend has some lag on his droid.

  • Jmstro04

    the phones alright, samsung made great modifications and the form is beautiful, but android is still kind of shaky. For example, every now and then it automatically adjusts the brightness to completely bright. at least twice a day, a text message sending “fails” (and yes, I have service). When you use the pull down notifications to turn it on silent, it truly is “silent,” not a vibrate mode (which Is a samsung mod). Gtalk will run in the background NO MATTER what you do. Also, the syncing won’t work for me. I called tmo, they said this is a known outage in the area, which is kind of annoying since I want my tmo and facebook contacts/pictures. I’m still trying to decide if I want to keep it or not. Say what you want about my iphone, but these little things didn’t happen, it overall worked, and that’s what I missed.

  • Jeffro64

    I really like this phone even though I know there are better phones about to be released. I hope to see an update to fix the little glitches and Froyo, but all in all the Vibrant is a great phone!

  • DJPipe

    If I Can Get Tha TV OUT To Work It Will Be Perfect….

  • Bill

    Bought one, really like it. Very very few complaints.

    Primary complaint is that I don’t know how to move my cursor around effectively with Swype to edit misspellings.

    Second complaint is all of the uninstallable apps – going to have to root this thing. I absolutely despise bloatware; bad T-Mobile for installing this junk on my phone! Most of them start up or run as services and eat CPU&Memory.

    Replaced TouchWiz with LauncherPro – LP is really great; TW not so much.

    Oh and stop messing around with where my home,back,menu buttons are…arg.

    Looking forward to more speed with 2.2 and 3.0’s UI improvements.

    Feedback / guidance welcome !!

    • Mr fix

      I had the problem as well. But there a way.to have to slide your figure from the swype below key to the sym key, they are right next to each other. Once you do that you will have up down left and right arrows.

      • Bill

        Awesome, thanks!

    • Bill, with Swype open, swipe from the Swype button in lower left over to the SYM button. That opens up a navigational keyboard. :)

  • kinoy

    So far my experience with this phone has been good. I love this phone but like other here, I too have issue with GPS and the phone did crashed once. The GPS fix I applied didn’t fix it completely but it did improved GPS usage. I can’t wait until they release a fix for it .. :)

  • I’m finding it does take longer to lock onto gps BUT it seems to work better than my myTouch. My turn by turn NEVER worked when I needed it to on the myTouch and granted, I haven’t really needed to use turn by turn (I know how to get from Taco Bell back to the office) but it seems to be able to connect during my tests.

    VERY happy with this phone!

  • MichaelW

    I’m loving the flawless Vibrant, Its been on and running for 2 weeks straight. Unlike my HD2 which would freeze up every day or 2. Every app i’ve run has been smooth and bug free. I’ll use the GPS more to see if that has anymore problems, it does seem to not update the location at times, not sure if its bad signal causing it or software.
    I use an app to turn off WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, & display brightness all from a widget. Another simple app to show battery percentage up in upper tool bar.

    Its now on its 3rd day and at 30% battery. Battery life is NOT that bad. Stop using it like a computer religiously. I use it throughout the day but generally have to charge every 2 days.
    its much lighter than iphone/ HD2 so its easier to carry. Just gotta find a good case that comes out for it.

  • BadN10TION

    love this phone and my gps works fine, im in virginia the signals are better than they were on my mytouch. I will never look back and besides i got this phone for a 164.00 on the tmobile website with a full upgrade.

  • Screen is awesome and bright. But I returned it. Software was laggy, took forever to sync and half the time it would freeze. Also the phone would become blazing hot in my hand. Don’t mention the GPS. Soo for $530 it wasn’t worth it to me. Also no FFC.

    • swehes

      That sounds like you have faulty hardware.

    • watbetch

      No it sounds like she needed to reset the phone

  • Patrick

    it makes me melt everytime I use it. Granted…this is coming from someone who’s last “Android phone” was a G1….BUT…Ive used a cliq, and my TP2 and HD2 both had android on them. This phone is light years ahead of either…and my HD2 actually ran android VERY well. It was on par with my room mates Evo actually. But this device…the screen……..the rendering…..the size is perfect. The 4.3″ screen is nice…but when you hold a 4.3″ phone in your hands it FEELS like the phone has a 4.3″ screen. But this 4″ screen is like…..perfect. I haven’t had to use the GPS(I’ll test it out today though) but the compass sucks terribly lol. Other than that…I’m in love

  • Patrick

    especially since it was only $99(and I wasn’t even CLOSE to being ready for my full upgrade lol)

  • amac

    This phone is simply amazing. I purchased it on release day. I have yet to try the GPS to see if I am experiencing the issue, however with everything else on the phone I could see it as a minimal annoyance until a fix is released. I will not be returning this phone as with patches and OS updates, it will only get better.

    Good work T-Mobile.

  • NiiDiddy

    happy with it…can’t complain. love, love, love it! keeping it until sometime next year then i’ll decide whether to get whatever the next t-mobile big this would be at that moment.

  • Robert

    I love this phone. Absolutely love it. The GPS doesn’t work. The compass doesn’t work. The phone is full of bloatware. If I load any new apps the phone bogs down. But, I just do a factory reset and the phone gets speedy again. I don’t need any other apps other than what Samsung and T-Mobile tells me I need. I just watch Avatar all day since I can’t remove that app button. I love that daily briefing takes up a full screen when I only use the calendar function. I really love that I can’t view more than one calendar day at a time. Who needs to know what is happening tomorrow? Live for today, I say. I don’t even care who called me and left a message since the phone doesn’t have a notification led. I bought a new car which I absolutely love. The ABS brakes don’t work quite right. The throttle sticks and the engine knocks. But I absolutely love it. I only paid $65,000 for it. I can’t expect it to work perfectly.

    • z6

      I see what you did there :).

    • fujitsujeff

      lol, love the sarcasm. Very funny stuff :-) …

  • remixfa


    There is a GPS work around for it that is easy, takes 2 minutes, and works relatively well. A quick google search will show you how. Samsung is working on the software issue and is promising a quick patch. Dont take back the phone over that. Geeze.

    The bad:
    -Touchwiz and bloatware. I like the “vibrant” color scheme that they did with the icons, but touchwiz on the whole makes the phone have needless lag. Its not the phone, its crappy coded touchwiz. I leave on the friendstream app to show customers, but otherwise i use all market apps and widgets… including the real facebook app, which works way better than the touchwiz app.
    -GPS. Its an issue, we know. Theres a work around. It works. Ive been testing it with lattitude with my friends. It takes 2 minutes to do.. so if you havent done it yet, why not? It will be fixed soon.
    -Signal. The signal bars at the top misread. Again, its a known issue. Whats interesting though, is i run on an HSPA area. If i squeeze the bottom, it will say no signal, but still work fine. The trick is it drops off H and goes back to UMTS even though it doesnt show it. Speed tests while doing this prove it. I go from a 4mb/s signal to a 1 mb/s signal.

    the good:
    -front door easy root. Download the update.zip and install it. Boom, your rooted in 30 seconds.
    -night shot mode actually works pretty well. I tried it in house in a dark area and it shot better than a flash would have in the “wide” angle shots like a whole room.
    -the screen. Compare it to any screen. it makes them dull and lifeless. Even regular AMOLED screens.
    – the horsepower. like a lamborghini in my pocket.
    – its so light and thin, sometimes i doublecheck my pocket..lol
    -Its sturdier than people give it credit for. Ive already dropped it and rolled over on it by accident. No problems.
    – speaker sound. Play some music through it. Mess with the equalizer. Better than probably any cell speaker ive ever used. That equalizer is awesome.
    -screen responciveness. You barely touch it to make it go. extremely responcive and accurate.

    what needs improvements:
    -the screen lock app sometimes doesnt turn the screen off after so long. sometimes it will turn itself on when i get a message and never turn back off. No way to just keep it off until i unlock it. unneeded battery drain because of it.
    – samsung needs to optimize the touchwiz code or get rid of it. to make a phone like this artificially lag is rediculous. its not bad, and most of the time its not noticable.. but to be noticable at all is a shame.
    – the auto screen adjustment needs some fine tuning. sometimes it will brighten it the whole way, then dim it down the whole way… its kinda nutty.

    All in all this phone is fantastic. Its powerful, beautiful, lightweight and thin, and ready for the long haul (in android terms, 6-8 months.. lol). Anyone on the fence should buy it. There are some quirks for now, but they are not deal breakers especially since most of them have an easy work around. Once the mod community really digs into the GalaxyS phone series, i expect some killer mods that take this phone to its full potential.

    • Longsh0t

      I’m sure anyone who’s posting here knows about the “gps fix” but it does not work for everyone.

  • The Good:
    *Beautiful, love the form factor,
    *screen is big enough for reading ebooks.
    *Interface is smooth and responsive.
    *Camera is very good, vast improvement over previously used phones

    The Bad:
    *Comes preloaded with a lot of stuff you can’t uninstall.
    *Gallery has STUPID default sort (newest last), and you can’t change it.
    *Path to SD card is different than standard Android (instead of /sdcard stuff is in /sdcard/sd), so apps that store info to SD (OI-Safe, BR Bookmark, AK Notepad, Rmaps, and others) couldn’t find their info after I switched phones.
    *Less stable than I was expecting. I was expecting a fairly FC-free existence but that is not what I get. Several FC a week.
    *GPS problem is daunting, as I am a heavy user of mapping features. I do geocaching, log my outdoor treks, and so forth. Right now can’t RELIABLY do any of that. Sometimes I can get a fix quickly, other times 5 minutes with no lock.
    *Menu button is in a dumb spot (for a righty)

  • Macknifetx

    Purchased the phone on release day and have a few negatives, but mostly love the phone.

    I will kill all but essential apps to prolong battery life, but will sometimes notice that apps start by themselves.
    The touch takes some getting used to. Will unlock the touch screen and accidentally launch an app my thumb hovered over.

    The screen – need I say more?
    The weight and balance is perfect
    Android – FTW
    Have bit had any speed issues as some others have mentioned
    Have not had any GPS issues since I applied the fix from XDA. I was in Vegas this weekend and I locked on to GPS in about 5 seconds
    The GPU in this unit is lightning fast

  • Cybersedan

    Samsung has made me a believer… I’ve had the phone for less than a week now. I quickly did away with TW Launcher and switched to Launcher PRO Plus, I don’t care for the TW widgets so no issues that they don’t work with LauncherPro.

    I thought I’d miss my N1 more… but in fact I really don’t. After using Super AMOLED, I’m not sure if I could go back to some of the less impressive screen technologies.

  • mingkee

    I am waiting for either 2.2 released for Vibrant or get MyTouch Slide HD.
    2.2 is worth to upgrade because you can install Flash 10 as well as you can tether out of the box, and you can access phone and browser on standby screen.

  • amac

    One more thing that bothers me. Touchwiz doesn’t allow you to select which contacts to sync with in your Google account. So it will sync with EVERYONE you’ve ever emailed. This is a real annoyance. My G1 allowed me to select a specific group, which I appreciated. Even with the “only display contacts with phone numbers” option selected, there are people in there that I do not necessarily want as contacts on my phone. Deleting them is not an option as I may not want to lose their info forever. This is relatively minor in the grand scheme, however, still bothersome.

  • db

    I am a very technical guy. Trust me. This phone is very very good. People talk about a business phone, this phone has it all. There is nothing this phone can not do beside a flash and LED indicator. I think it it the best phone out period.

    • amac

      Agreed. Its worse for battery life when I am checking to see if I received any messages vs a blinky LED.

  • David

    Phone Sucks. Media Hub down. Layar doesn’t load. No frontface Camera. We can’t download Road SMS, pretty much TMobile gets the CRAP end version of everything. The bezel on the front of the screen is already SLIGHTLY loose. I mean for $500 you need quality build. This was a disappointment. RETURNED!

  • Robert

    Did I miss the press release from Samsung that they have acknowledged the problems and that a fix will be available soon?

  • db

    Oh, BTW, ppl having the GPS issue. I had the same problems that you guys talked about. I did the GPS fix and have not had a GPS issue since. Try the fix and you will not be disappointed. I get a fix on my location very fast now.

  • Barry

    So if I get this phone through customer care and decided to return it how would I go about doing that?

  • Jshin

    A better pole would be , how many Vibrant owners have dropped and damaged their phone because of the retarded and super small sleep/wake up button, combined with the cheap feeling supper grossed plastic back cover.

    • unsatisfied customer

      Samsungs usually make crappy phones loaded with stupid sounds and themes.

    • mingkee

      no lock
      from marketplace, which lets you press ANY hardware button to wake the phone.

      • Thanks for the tip! That tiny wake/power button is an annoyance, but a minor one. Overall, I love the phone. I am going to root it, but probably stick with the stock ROM for a while to see what the standard update looks like when it hits.

        I would love to have a shutter button for the stock camera app, but since that’s not there it would be great to tap for selective focus, then long-press anywhere on the screen for a picture. The on-screen shutter button is awkward place to reach while taking some pictures.

  • Josh E

    – Screen
    – Responsiveness – With Occasional Lag
    – Speed
    – Size
    – Android

    – GPS
    – Occasional Lag
    – Draining of my battery, something got stuck twice now that drained my battery without me knowing
    – Random Crashes
    – Touchwiz Resource Hog

    Overall, I wish I didn’t get rid of my Nexus One for this, but still very satisfied. When the GPS issues get fixed and 2.2 gets released, I will be much happier, that is until the Nexus One is rocking 3.0 and we’re stuck waiting a year.

    • watbetch

      You need to do a reset

  • Got to say all in all Loving my phone!

    I really had no major problems with the phone. GPS seems to be ok using Google Nav, Singal Bars are wrong but speed seems great than again most things are faster than a MyTouch… Battery life really has been Great.

    So a few minor software fixes and she will be one of the best AnDroid phones on the market.

  • Terrell

    Still loving the device. It works great for me. I use my device quite often throughout the day and can make it till the next day without charging. No complaints about it that would make me take it back. Switched out the launcher with ADW. It forcecloses everytime I install an app but even that doesn’t bother me. This device works exactly how I want it to. The Super AMOLED display and the hummingbird make up for any shortcomings I had a gripe with at launch.

  • MikeTheProf

    Just curious, but what in the world do you need a compass on a cellphone for? What are you, exploring the woods?

    • The compass comes in handy for me when driving on back roads. Sometimes directions will say to go north on a road and it can be hard to figure out which direction’s north if the sun’s not out. My sense of direction isn’t so hot, so every little bit helps! ;D

  • zippy

    Totally loving this thing. Can’t find reasons to play with it enough.
    However, there are two cons for me.
    1. Headphones. I might be the only one, although a quick google search and I discover that is not the case: The headphones don’t answer or hang up calls with the mic button. Took it to the T-Mo store and they tried other headphones and we determined that it’s a software issue. The same button also fails to pause/play music. It’s probably a software issue. I hope it’s resolved because then the phone would be perfect.
    2. I want to be able to turn off 3G. Beyond just turning off the roaming. What I did like about my iPhone was that I could just zap off Edge and, unless I was connected to wi-fi, the phone could not access the internet.
    I don’t wanna get charged for accidentally hitting a button.

    Anyways, those are minor issues. I would like the first one addressed, though.

    • JV

      2. I want to be able to turn off 3G. Beyond just turning off the roaming. What I did like about my iPhone was that I could just zap off Edge and, unless I was connected to wi-fi, the phone could not access the internet.

      You can turn off 3G. Settings > Wireless and network > Mobile Networks > check Use only 2G networks.

    • You want to just turn 3G off? From main screen hit menu than Settings than Wireless and Network than Moblie networks and click use 2G only

      • Zippy

        I want the 2g off as well. In other words, I want no internet access except for wi-fi.
        AnyWay to do that?

  • JustMike

    I love the phone for all the same reasons people have listed above. GPS is working fine for me after the fix, and I haven’t had any problems with crashes or lag. Even web browsing on the same WiFi network seems blazing fast compared to my old G1. This is my long-awaited upgrade and with Swype, multi-touch, and speech-to-text, I don’t miss the QWERTY at all.

    All that aside, I really was hoping the battery would last longer – even making simple phone calls seems to consume battery alarmingly fast. At least the battery life is no worse than the G1 and I can get a full day’s moderate use out of it, but this phone is thin enough and light enough I think I’ll grab an extended battery as soon as somebody starts making one.

  • Newspeak

    Had the gps problem still pops up for me from time to time…other then that I couldn’t be happier

    For those saying they use a task killer to kill running programs…google has said this actually hurts
    performance @jmstro04 gtalk is a service its also used by market to login killing it is a bad thing

    • Arun

      Then why is Amazon Mp3, Video player music player Visual VoiceMail(which i have not subscribed) and other programs run even when i did not run those in the first place. who is launching those apps. i kiiled those apps at night and guess what in the morning they are back on. its like cat-mouse race.

  • Izzy

    Love my vibrant…just wish there were some damn decent cases for it !!!!

    • pantlesspenguin

      They have some pretty nice ones on ebay already, but I agree that the ones carried in the T-Mo stores are a bit meh. That being said, though, I really don’t have much of a complaint about the black silicone one. It’s a sturdy & has a great fit. I feel like it’s part of the phone now.

  • Battman


  • Arun

    i have been happy since i got it. initially i do saw the battery drain real fast and later found out that apps keeps running automatically in the background. i used Adv Task Killer since then its been holding steady for 2 days. i am coming from Nokia 5800 where every app has a quit or exit menu but here none of the apps have quit button i m surprised. when i am done i want to close the app and not run the background.
    i tried going places with GPS and it took few seconds to sync but it worked all the time. i did not see any problem. i even downloaded the Sense UI big Clock/Weather gadget. its really cool.
    my only complaint – add quit button to all apps and let me choose when it should run and close.

  • the android

    I love my Vibrant! Sure my battery life is horrible but I’m constantly using is and can put it down, but even the I can go most of the day before I have to recharge. I rooted mine so I can under clock it for longer battery life so we will see how that goes.

  • Jshin: Agreed. The silicone grippy skin sold by Tmobile helps a lot. (I even sandpapered the glossy finish off my skin so it’s super-tacky. Never slips)

    MikeTheProf: Yes (geocaching).

    Zippy: You can turn off 3G in wireless settings, under “mobile networks”, select “use only 2G networks”

    Also, one other gripe… once you add a an account in the “Accounts & Sync” feature, you can’t remove it! I added a photobucket and decided I didn’t want it on there… I had to change the info to incorrect login, since I couldn’t remove it. REALLY LAME GUYS. All your account belong to us.

    • amac

      You can remove it. Select it and then inside of that click “remove account”.

      • There is no such option for a photobucket account. Try it. It is there for Facebook and Google, but not Photobucket.

    • I ordered one of those hard TPU gel cases for my Vibrant for $4.99 on eBay (free shipping). I read they provide a nice spongy grip, but don’t lose their shape like the standard silicone cases do.

  • pantlesspenguin

    Chiming in w/ a “love it” vote. I do have the GPS issue, though, & that sucks for now. I’ve contemplated exchanging it, but I think I’ll just wait for the update. I can still use directions on google maps, so that’ll do for now. But, for the most part this is truly my dream phone!

    • Hecg55

      I have the gps issue but if you click it two or three times you should connect. I love the phone can’t put it down

    • Dan

      Try clicking both “GPS” and “Use wireless networks” This fixes the GPS signal issue

    • Eli T

      Its interesting how this only affects some handsets, mine locked right on to my location and had me right where I was. I am sorry to hear that you are having this trouble, I hope they get it fixed because you are correct, the phone is great!

  • Marcuspeaks

    I know plenty of people are still having trouble with the facebook/twitter sync on their phones, as am I, and I was just wondering if anyone has found a solution?? I’ve done the process of removing samsung mobile and then adding it again, but still no success. When I remove samsung mobile, I also remove my accounts on the phone that it syncs with. But, just wondering if anyone knows how to fix this problem. I’ve called into tmobile and they said there is a team of engineers working on a solution, but they didn’t give an estimated time that it would take to complete this. Other than that, I love this phone. Battery life is an issue I have because I’m coming from the Blackberry 9700, so I guess I can’t expect for it to be just as good. This will be my first “work day” that I use the phone, so let’s see how it goes.

    • dluna01

      I had the same issue, and the morning before I returned it, I had my old sim card swapped for the one that came with the device and it fixed the problem. keeping in mind that when in a weak edge area, you still get error but if your in a 3g or wifi no problem. Hope this helps.

  • kk

    I know how to set individual ringtones but is there any way to customize alert notification sounds like for when you get a text message and stuff. I don’t like the ones the phone comes with?

    Also anyone else having problems with bad battery life? I have display settings turned down, etc but still doesn’t last more than a day, sometimes not even a whole day.

    • Justin

      Use ringdroid. You can create tones for anything

  • KazO

    I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, but I’m liking it so far.
    GPS/compass work fine once it’s locked. Screen is great, even outside, especially when its set to auto brightness. I’ve had to bounce it twice because it stopped connecting to SSL over any app, and the lack of a trackball/etc. makes editing text a pain. The crapware kinda sucks but it’s better than a Captivate where sideload is killed. WiFi is a battery killer so I leave it off most of the time. My other issues are more Android issues than ones with the device itself.

  • kk

    ALSO…The volume key on the left side of the phone is somehow controlling media volume, not call ringer volume, any idea how to change it?

    • wcdude18

      The volume rocker changes the ringer/media volume depending on what you’re currently doing in the phone. So, if you’re just at your home screen with no other apps running, it will control the Ringer volume. But, if you are in an app with sound (video/music player, games, etc), the rocker then controls the Media volume instead. You’ll need to kill any running app to get it to change the ringer volume.

    • swehes

      It depends on what is going on at the time. If you have a media player up at the time it will change Media Volume. If you nothing is up and you are at the main screen, it will change the Ringer volume.

  • los

    I received the phone on Monday. It is my first android phone and I must say I am extremely pleased with it. Only issue I have is that I wish music volume was louder. But for $99 At Costco wireless when it first came out, I feel like I won big here.

  • Paul

    If a text comes in while I am on the phone, I can hear them but they cant hear me. I have to hang up and call back. Battery life is not making it through the work day. i am having trouble getting it to sinc with my laptop. I’m new to Android so they may be part of the learning curve. Overall I am pleased.

    • Presto117

      My phone has had pretty good battery life. I tested it when I went to comic-con over the weekend, and my phone was on at 5:45 in the morning and throughout the day I had auto-brightness on, livewallpapers, occasional web browsing, some e-mail checking, and extremely heavy camera and video recorder use and by the end of the night (2 am) I still had a good 15%-30% left battery wise. There might be something wrong with your battery.

  • bumrocky

    Love the phone, but it has a couple of quirks:

    1) Unable to change notifications on your Calendar (TMO says this is a known issue, but don’t know if that means there’s a fix)

    2) Unable to mute using the headset…have to unlock the phone while on a call and hit mute/unmute. Using the button either puts the call on hold (long press) or disconnects (short press)

    3) Battery life. Trying to cut down, using task managers, etc. Fender would run about 2 days. This one I’ve yet to go a full day without dying, but I was using it pretty heavy, trying to get to know it.

    BUT! Pros:

    1) FAST! Upgraded from Fender MT3G. Screen lag/delay is significantly better

    2) The display is bright, crisp, and clear!

    3) Faster Data. I don’t know why, but my Fender was only pulling 1Mbps speeds on data, but this one’s doing 3 Mbps. We don’t have HSPA+ yet, but have been on 7.2 for a while. Maybe I had a bad phone and didn’t know?

    It’s a great phone, and I’m overall pleased.

    • Davidohio

      1ghz processor maybe

  • I love it. But, it has a few bugs. It sort of is a little laggy. Like it freezes up every so often. I fixed the GPS with the little hack, so it’s not really a issue anymore. Batterylife is a hit & miss. 1st day I got 15 hours of battery life with my 1st full charge. next day it was about 8-9. 1 day I got a day & 3 hours of batterylife with about 30% or more battery left. It’s pretty good thou. Speeds improved from my Cliq I had in April/May. Speeds went from about 650k to 1.8 Mbps download, to 180 upload to 650k upload. So, it’s a big difference. & the camera is close to amazing, as well as the video recorder.

  • pimpstrong

    I absolutely love the phone and I’m 100% glad I bouht it. There are a few flaws but there are waaaay more good things about this phone. I recommend it to anyone. Even keyboard fanatics such as myself. I just slightly miss my TP2 keyboard.

  • Rob

    well i was loving my vibrant my girlfriend got it for me a few days after launch as a early birthday present for me but last nite (my birthday) we went to dinner and on the way home driving we seen some guy roll his van off the side of the road no one else was around we pulled over and i had my phone on my lap and jumped outta the car to help the guy climb out of it after that we called the police for him cause he didnt have a phone then my g/f noticed my phone was laying face down on the road :0 i didnt really worry cause i had the 18$ rubber case from tmobile on it so i figured it would be fine……….. def not the whole front its cracked from top to bottom fml i was so looking foward to geting home and trying out the new ps1 emulator psx4droid on her :(

    • swehes

      They add a $6 insurance plan to your purchasing the phone. Check and make sure. And if that is the case you just take it in and have it replaced. :)

      • analog spirit

        This is true; having that insurance for you phone is worth every penny.

      • analog spirit

        *your phone

    • Patrick

      if you’re within your first 14 days (which seeing as how the phone just came out like 12 days ago and you got it a few days AFTER launch you are) you can still call CS and have insurance added. it’d be 125 to replace it…but it’s MUCH better than paying 450 for a new phone….

  • Ztretch

    Pros: screen quality is insane, processor is fast, TouchWiz is cool
    Cons: GPS issue, phone is worthless to use while connected to charger (lags like crazy), no notification LED
    Most annoying thing: NO NOTIFICATION LED!!!

  • Ztretch

    Pros: screen quality is insane (blows away the Droid X side by side), processor is fast, TouchWiz is cool
    Cons: GPS issue, phone is worthless to use while connected to charger (lags like crazy), no notification LED
    Most annoying thing: NO NOTIFICATION LED!!!

    • ctk

      coming from an iphone, not having a notification signal (other than audible/vibration} is no big deal.

    • dee-xt

      i have no problem with lag! at all… do u have advanced task killer??.. n there is an a fix for the led notification, i saw it on a tmobile forum and i beleive someone mentioned it on this site. i havent done it yet but will be downloading it.

  • Peter

    The Vibrant would have been my all time fav; the lack of LED flash for the camera killed it. Nexus 1 #1, Vibrant is #2.

  • artiepants

    dang, sounds like this is still pretty junky compared to the other marquee Android devices ~ i mean, lag is seriously still an issue on a phone with a 1 ghz processor?

    • swehes

      It is because of the way TouchWiz is programmed. Get a new launcher. However I haven’t really noticed any lag on my Vibrant. And when 2.2 comes out that should all be a memory gone.

    • pimpstrong

      No lag at all on my vibrant

    • Patrick

      I think people confuse “lag” with the amount of time it takes an application to load. Applications take time to load on a phone just like they do on a computer. If it takes a few seconds for an app to lead up it’s because it has to process information to load the app. I don’t have any lag with my phone at all. I haven’t even had a lock up yet(which i had FREQUENTLY on my g1 lol)

  • Rpinazo

    I absolutely love the Vibrant. The only complaint i have is the signal bars dropping any time i hold it but it has no effect on data or calls. GPS is fine and the screen and camera is great. No flash isnt big deal with night mode. Better than Nexus imo. Waiting for update to fix signal bars. Oh and i forgot, best touchwiz software.

  • wpmullen

    Loving the phone… no issues yet, my GPS worked the one time I used it. My battery life is comparable to my other smartphones, > a day most times, depending on use.

    I found a great app (in beta) that helps with the no LED notification at XDA.
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=730692 it takes a pixel of the screen, turns it red when you have an email, text, or miss a call. It is still in Beta, but definitely has potential… You have to register to download, but if you miss the LED, this is a welcome app.

  • Julian

    I love this thing! I do, as well, have the GPS problem and boy did it bug the crap out of me until I realized that everyone else was having that problem. I look forward to getting that updated.
    Right now I am listening to the Slacker Radio via my wireless bluetooth headphones and it couldn’t be any better. The best part is that all the functions on the headphones work (i.e. pause/play, next, previous) The only functions that work on my iPod Touch is the pause/play, unless I plug in the adapter which is a pain in the ass.
    My battery lasts a long time. It usually has able 40-50% battery life at the end of the day, so no complaints here. (Mind you I don’t talk on the phone a lot, just text and use bluetooth)

  • wpmullen

    p.s. The main drawback is finding accessories for this phone. I can’t find a decent case, dock, shell, etc. that are in stock. Anybody have any luck?

  • ExJxS

    Loving the phone. Can think of one improvement and one thing I hope is fixed with an update (outside of the GPS issue which I may have, but haven’t encountered yet).
    Improvement: Would have liked some kind of LED indicator on the front to let you know when something has happened. I really liked how the G1 had LEDs in the speaker port. With the right app you could assign colors to indicate if an email had arrived or a text message or a missed call. The Vibrant has nothing so It doesn’t even indicate charge status.
    I hope this gets fixed: I love the music player on this. I was using Rock On with the Cliq and was pretty happy with that but this is by far the best player I’ve ever seen on an Android device. My problem is that it is terrible with album art. Less than half display. It makes the cover-flow practically useless.
    I was also going to complain that it doesn’t have a decent calendar widget (I hate that weather clock and don’t care for the Daily Briefing) but then I discovered you can edit the two inside dock shortcuts and I changed one to Calendar. I never enter text messaging from an icon anyway.

  • MxPxFan

    I was having a little buyer remorse last week, i was having the GPS issue and my menu button had to be touched several times before it registered. However over the weekend, i did a factory reset, redid the GPS fix, and rooted.

    Now i love this phone. My GPS is working, i just tested it during lunch and the little arrow was about 10 feet behind me while i drove. But my g1 did the same thing, so its normal to me. My menu button registers every time i touch it now. I use ADW launcher cause touchwiz was crap. Got rid of a bunch of bloatware, added autorun killer and adfree, made a couple other tweaks and this phone fly’s now.

    Its so awesome, i can’t wait for a 2.2 custom rom now.

    I still have some disappointments though. I hate not having a scrollball, it sucks. I was trying to open a cached version of a website the other day using google and when i pulled up the drop down menu to click the cached version. It kept registering it as clicking the website under it. Thats highly annoying. Plus not having a LED notification sucks too. I know theres that NoLED app, but still not having a notification LED is retarded.

  • catsigh

    Very nice indeed. I find the battery life is better than my G1 and I like a lot of the features although I still am trying to get at home with the phone. Sometimes it’s a little too helpful.

    I have had intermittant GPS issues and yes I did the fix provided here, but it doesn’t always pick up on the GPS signal even outside during the day. I don’t like some of the bloatware. I won’t be paying for Mobitv or some of the other built ins. I’d like to delete them but the phone doesn’t offer that unless I root it and I’m a bit of a coward right now to try.

  • watbetch

    A lot of these complaints about lag/crashing are EASILY fixed with a full factory reset that only needs to be done once.

    I love my Vibrant. The GPS takes a while to get a lock but I do get one with 10 Meter accuracy when moving in a car.

    I rooted my Vibrant and installed SetCPU and it’s all different kinds of snappy.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Vibrant owners take note of Watbetch’s comment. This says it all in making your Vibrant top notch.

  • Charles Xavier

    Wow, they did a great job at copying the iphone!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Pardon while I take exception to yet another “copied the iPhone” post, this time the Vibrant.

      Apple did NOT have dibs on the all black front, touchscreen only phone. As I have said on legal sites discussing all the lawsuits between carriers, Apple is the one who copied others. One example, this pic I made, showing the phone on the far left parts of which Apple copied the concepts (touchscreen interface and menus, smartphone functions).


      The iPhone brought back the black face, full front touchscreen display interface and for handsets it became popular, AGAIN, but no one is copying the iPhone since Apple is the one guilty of copying others.

      And it’s ironic in another sense that you mention Samsung copying Apple. In fact, in 2003 Samsung came out with a touchscreen only smartphone called, of all things, the i330! Fast forward four years and Apple comes out with a phone with the letter “i” in it. LOL… Considering that the iPhone was in development over at least a couple of years, that means they chose the “i” in the phone’s name very close to when the i330 was on the market.

      Even the name “iPhone” came with controversy. Apple knew full well that the iPhone name was owned by Cisco and Apple did its research and knew that it could legally “steal” the iPhone name from Cisco. So Apple arrogantly refused to negotiate a resolution for use of the name, figuring it was in the right on using it. (The legal aspects of the Cisco v. Apple are not important, what is noteworthy is that Apple did not even come up with the name “iPhone,” it COPIED the name from Cisco.)



      Who is copying who when Apple even copies phone names from others.

      Yes, the Vibrant looks like an iPhone, but really who cares anyway. It’s what people want, the dark front, all glass, touchscreen interface.

      What should manufacturers do, never give the people what they want?

      When kitchen colors shift from one popular look to the other should competitor manufacturers not copy the first company to make a look popular.

      What about cars with the rounded corners, the “jellybean” look, instead of sharp edges? And speaking about cars, give Honda a call for coming out with a hybrid Prius clone.

      And consider the clothes on your back. Should you be restricted to buying from only one garment manufacturer because it came out with the look you like. Or would you prefer competition and perhaps the same look for less money?

      • analog spirit

        Wait a second; if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t Samsung make the screens for the iPhones, and several other components for it as well?

      • TMOprophet

        i agree with everything but dont you dare talk about Honda like that.
        HONDA insight was the first hybrid in usa. Pruis came after.Do a little research. it even had more mpg than prius at the time. Honda and wp7 for the win.

  • CC

    Still debating on returning the phone. I like it a lot more than my G1, but for what I expected, these issues should have been worked out before they released it. I’m hoping they push out some fixes very soon.

    • Nice sleak design
    • Fast (for the most part)
    • Great display resolution
    • New Android 2.1 version blows away my old G1
    • Speaker sounds great

    • GPS lock-on issue
    • No LED status lights (although if you hold your phone in direct sunlight you can see what looks like 3 LED lights to the left of the receiver-speaker). Not sure what these are for?? Does anyone know?
    • Locks up
    • Signal strength fluctuations (loses all bars when holding bottom of phone)
    • Lack of accessories
    • System Volume constantly changes after turning down

    • Carl

      Well Said.

    • analog spirit

      ^+1! One thing I really like about the Vibrant’s design is that the battery cover totally encapsulates the back of the phone, so that it doesn’t even look like it has a removable battery, yet it does (take that, iPhone!). But they really should’ve put the power button on top rather than on the right side. It just felt weird being there (and was too easy to press accidentally). And I agree; there should’ve been at least one LED notification/status light that you could always switch off if you don’t need it. As for those 2 or 3 LED-looking things on the upper left corner of the screen, I have no idea what those are for. Maybe (hopefully) they’re LED lights that’ll become enabled once 2.2 Froyo comes out.

  • Carl

    I like it but not a 100% if I’ll keep it yet. There are a few root settings that I really miss from my G1. And the lack of LEDs on the front and for the camera really sucks. Other than that, there is obviously a HUGE speed step up from my G1.

  • thc

    I have had the Vibrant for about a week now and I do love it. I have an N1 and the Vibrant does not take a back seat to the N1 in anyway except for froyo on the N1. When this device gets 2.2 it will be fantastic. Each day I like the phone more and more. I had intended to use this phone to learn the ropes of rooting with but now I am going to wait and just read up on what it entails. Dont want to mess a great phone up. I did the fix for the GPS and now the GPS is adequate. Anyone found a really good screen protector? I bought a case from Tmobile and they sold me the screen protectors and I am not happy with them as they make the screen look grainy. The silicon case seems to be quite good though.

  • Chris H.

    Very, very happy with this phone. I was apprehensive about giving up the physical keyboard on my G1, but I don’t miss it now.

    I applied the GPS fix and that’s worked OK (I’m not a huge GPS user). Speed has been fine, so I haven’t bothered to replace TouchWiz yet. Screen is gorgeous. No FCs or crashes so far. Battery life, so far, seems better than my G1 running CM5 or CM6, but it may just be that I had more crap running on the G1. All I ask of the battery is to get me through the day; I charge it while I sleep.

    Only issues:

    * No LED. Haven’t bothered with the NoLED app yet, as I’m not sure it works with everything (Chomp?), but I really do miss the LED.
    * Placement of the power/wakeup button. I don’t like this at all. It’s awkward to push (I’m right-handed) and I often end up bumping the volume rocker at the same time.
    * Real minor but irritating: when the phone is done charging, it pops up a notification telling you that charging is complete and you should unplug the charger, and you have to tap OK to make it go away. Well…I use a Digital Clock app w/alarm to turn my phone into a nightstand alarm clock. I don’t want/need this stupid notification popping up obscuring my clock. Grr.

    Other than that…I don’t miss my G1 AT ALL.

  • fujitsujeff

    Since i got the Vibrant fr $150 including taxes from Costco, along with a car charger, the phone started out on the right foot. I upgraded from my G1 of two years. So far:

    Screen is amazing !!! Watching avatar, recording videos, taking pictures is simply amazing

    Phone is SUPER FAST … I can install/uninstall applications in a flash, upload videos to youtube and Picasa in a snap

    Camera and video quality on the phone is great. Pictures stand out and images are really “vibrant:

    SWYPE !!! … i thought i always needed a physical keyboard, but after two weeks with SWYPE, I type faster than i did with a real keyboard.

    Allshare works with my PS3 … easy navigation of images, music, and photos, without dealing with wires.

    HOWEVER, it has not been all good … I voted I love this phone, but their are headaches …

    1) GPS. I just traveled to San Francisco and Big Sur, CA. This phone is horrible in navigation, and using the GPS for applications such as Maps, and Yelp. I was standing outside on a bright sunny day in San Fracisco, and it couldn’t locate a GPS signal for almost 20 Minutes! I have tried the fix, which helps a little bit, but still waiting on Samsung Fix

    2) Phone lags and freezes (at times) … sometimes the phone lags and get stucks during tasks. Me personally, I was expecting a phone with a processor of this quality not to stick, if it continues, it may be a deal breaker as this is the main reason i upgraded from my g1 in the first place

    3) WTF happenned to the Android Calendar Wideget Samsung! Daily Briefing does not replace this feature. My annoyance with daily briefing is the weather does not update to location, but rather you have to enter a city (easily fixed by downloading a reater weather app from android market) and i fixed the calendar debacle with AndroidWidget Calendar.

    4) Still cannot get facebook and twitter to sync on the phone. What’s the point in having the feature if it does not work? Has anyone figured out how to get the sync to work?

    • TheAnalyst

      This may be a dumb questions, but did you add your accounts under “accounts & sync?”

      • fujitsujeff

        yes, i also tried the other fix where you choose the get friends options. The twitter official app syncs contacts, but samsung twitter and facebbok application do not work. I called T-mobile, and they state it is a known issue …

  • Miss1

    I love the phone, but if I can figure out how to get the music player to stop skipping and hiccuping, during playback, I will be 100% satisfied. I took my 1st phone back because of it, got a new one reset it, and this one is doing it too.

  • analog spirit

    I had my Vibrant for about 5 days before finally deciding to take it back, which was not easy for me to do, as I really liked most things about the phone, but Google and/or Samsung really need to work on a few things that significantly affect its usability and practicality (for me) as a daily-driver, “get things done” device:


    1. Magnificent Super-AMOLED screen. Avatar looked stunning on it. Everyone I showed it to, including iPhone users, were blown away at the resolution and detail the screen was capable of showing. Not bad for a 4-inch screen.

    2. Overall, a very user-friendly user interface, with only one major exception (see Cons).

    3. Very lightweight; comfortable to hold for prolonged periods, especially when making a long phone call.

    4. Generally, pretty fast and smooth with its 1 GHz Hummingbird CPU, without any significant lag in *most* apps (but see Cons).

    5. Sound quality while making a phone call was excellent; I could hear the other person (and they could hear me) fine, even outside in the wind. Maybe it has noise cancelation like the Nexus 1; I don’t know. All I know it that it was great as a phone.

    6. Texting was nice; I liked the threaded format you can follow and see how the conversation has progressed.

    7. Reception was great; I never once lost a signal, ever. Even when it kept handing off back and forth between 3G and Edge (when I had 3G on), it never failed or dropped a call. Like I said, it was great as a phone. I guess I’m just blessed with great coverage in my area.

    8. The Swype keyboard is the best touchscreen keyboard I’ve ever used; it was a lot easier to master than I thought it would be.


    1. Since I tend to use my phone more for e-mailing and web browsing than making phone calls, the single biggest con (for me; it may not be as big an issue for you, and that’s fine) was the very poorly implemented cut, copy, & paste on this phone. I found, to my shock and disbelief, that I could not copy & paste a link from an e-mail that someone had sent me (within the Email or Gmail app); something that had been effortless on my antiquated BB 8320 wasn’t even possible on Samsung’s top-of-the-line Android phone! And I know, you can still cut & paste from the browser, but even that was very cumbersome and poorly implemented. I could not select text with any precision or reliability; it would almost invariably cut off the first letter or two. This is where some sort of secondary input, such as an optical trackpad (like on the Droid Incredible and BB 9700) would’ve helped, or the little magnifying glass like on the iPhone and the HTC EVO. And when I re-sized the text (making it bigger so, in theory, it’d be easier to select text), it didn’t adjust the size of the pink highlighted areas accordingly. The text got larger, but the pink highlighted areas didn’t, resulting in only bits and pieces of the selected text actually being copied and pasted, which was infuriating. It was so poorly implemented, that I just couldn’t live with it as a “daily driver” device, which is really unfortunate, as I really liked the device and could’ve lived with its other issues (see below) had copy & paste been more user-friendly…

    2. Very short battery life (tho not as short as the HD2’s); even with 3G and WiFi switched off, the screen brightness turned all the way down, and an Advanced Task Manager, the battery barely lasted thru my day. It’s the price we pay for such big, beautiful screens on our phones nowadays; the screen sucks up a lot of power.

    3. You Tube seemed just about useless on this thing; it almost invariably caused my Vibrant to seize up and be unresponsive for several minutes. It didn’t matter whether I tried to play videos in high or normal quality; it still froze up the phone after only a few seconds of playback. Normal quality You Tube videos looked horrible on this thing; way too blurry and pixelated. Unfortunately, normal quality is on by default (and there doesn’t seem to be any way to change that), which means that if you want to see it in high quality, you have to go into the menu and press “Watch in High Quality” every time, unless there’s some way around that; I never found any. But for those few seconds that it did play in high quality before freezing up, it looked about as good as Avatar, depending on the video. Maybe it’s the YouTube app, and not the phone’s fault.

    4. No camera flash. I know, it’s not THAT big a deal, but it would’ve been nice to at least have it there in case you need it. There were times when I did need to use my flash on my old BB 8320, so it’s not a totally superfluous feature.

    There were also a few “meh” things, like the camera (which took pretty decent pics and videos for a phone), the music player and its sound quality; it generally sounded good (and it helps to use some better headphones than the stock ones), and various other apps, but I found nothing that really “wowed” me there. I can’t comment on the GPS ‘cos I never needed to use it.
    And that’s just about it; there may be some more things I may have forgotten about, but those are all the main ones. I know, this is just my little list based on my humble opinion and personal experiences with the phone, so take it with a big boulder of salt if you’d like. Overall, I think it’s awesome as a fun multimedia and social networking (e.g. Facebook) device, but it’s not quite where it needs to be as a work-friendly productivity device (tho admittedly, I never got around to using Word, Docs, or Exchange on it, so I can’t comment on that). If you have plenty of opportunities to charge your phone during your day, and don’t do a lot of typing or use cut/copy & paste that much, then I would highly recommend this phone.
    Sorry for the “small book” I’ve written here; I just want to help someone make an informed buying decision on the Vibrant, and hopefully save them some time and trouble in making that decision.

  • rob

    Yed i have insurance but the deductible is 120! Ouch its not like they just give you a new phone for nothing whoever said that above me

    • analog spirit

      True, but it’s still better than paying full price again for another phone.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have the Asurion Premium Handset Protection on my Vibrant. (That plan is BOTH the insurance and extended warranty).

      The insurance covers casualties, the warranty any defects, wear and tear failures, etc.

      IMHO the insurance is worth the price because for $120 you get a new phone where to replace it will cost me $500.

      I have sold many of my old phones on eBay to people who did NOT have insurance or where the warranty ran out (after a year). Some have told me what happened (On one of my old G1 phones the guy said he forgot his G1 in a hotel room; on a Pearl she left it out by the pool in the rain; on the Touch Pro2 his old one fell off his belt and 50 feet down a football stadium wall.)

      So a $200 (deductible, plus premiums paid) seems OK instead of paying $500 for a new handset.

      • analog spirit


  • Slayre502

    I am in the “I love this phone” group but…, For me the things I found I didn’t care for were:
    1. I can’t put a playlist on the Home screen? My GF’s MyTouch slide can do this. And I can’t do it on my Vibrant? Maybe I’ve missed something but, I don’t think so. There is no stock Widget either. I know I can go get a Market Widget. This just seems wrong though. Music, such a easy standard thing….
    2. When I open the music player it opens to all songs list. I’d rather it opened to Artists or even Albums. Not all songs. I know it’s a couple of clicks away but, it’s a annoyance. Minor, I know.
    3. Yes, the GPS sucks. I run with my phone and listen to music and would like to track my run on the GPS using My Tracks.

    I hope (though doubt) that someone from Samsung is reading and taking note of forums such as this one. I had a iPhone for quite a while and when I first saw this phone I knew that if it were done right (listen to the people!) it would (or could) take a significant market share.

    I’ll be looking forward to my Vibrant OTA patches.

    Take care all.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The Vibrant is the best T-Mobile phone I have had to date. It is slim, light, and responsive. It’s SAMOLED display is superb, and it’s impressed EVERYONE who has seen it (the only measure of a phone’s true worth). (And that’s comparing to my other phones I current have: Slide, HD2, G1, and have had, BlackBerry 9700, Touch Pro2, Curve, Pearl.)

    Because there’s way too many personal factors/preferences that go into my determining which phones I like, that is, better than other handsets I have owned, the bottom line indicator for myself is the price paid and answering a question: “For me, is it worth the price paid?” Being on EM+ I paid $500 for the Vibrant and the Vibrant is totally worth the price I paid.

    As to what others think (the “is it cool” factor): Saturday evening was at an iMax 12:00 am showing of Inception. (Good movie, but you have to see it in iMAX and see it two times to catch everything). While waiting in line EVERYONE was using phones. Four to five people behind me asked about my Vibrant as it was playing movies, when they saw the white lighted keys at bottom, etc. When they saw the bright screen.

    That says a lot, when others can’t take it any longer and ask “What phone it that?” Note: I suspect some inquiries were motivated when seeing the “T-Mobile” at the top of the Vibrant. Mostly geeks were in line watching Inception and I suspect they know which phones T-Mobile has, so this was surprising to them. Also, it’s easy to forget this, but if you step back and look at the Vibrant while it’s running something with full brightness, it’s a very striking phone.

    Typical growing pains of first adopters: I can’t think of a single phone that has not had issues once getting into millions of user hands (and people using the Vibrant, for example, under thousands of different scenarios). So no big deal. Like others I performed the GPS fix and other available tweaks to date. I am not too concerned since I am waiting for Android 2.2 Froyo:


    Sidenote: I really like my HD2 and WinMo, but the Vibrant makes my HD2 physically feel like hammered dog sheet. Sigh… But before you brand me as the love em and leave em person I am, I did say back in March when I got my HD2 that I would be keeping it for about four months. :)

    Bonus Sidenote: How does the Vibrant compare to other Android phones I have?


    The G1 that I took back from my GF last night (and gave her the Slide) well, the G1 felt like the 2008 phone it is. And the G1’s physical trackball? OMFG that reminds me of those 1920s movies with the crank in the front you turn to start the engine. Sorry Nexus One owner’s, a trackball is so 1980s. (That’s in tech years.)

    Also the G1 was Bassett Hound slow. (Granted, my GF really messed up the phone. I am sure with a hard reset it will run better.)

    In addition to the G1’s now-crappy trackball, the screen was not as responsive as the Vibrant. The G1 was obviously slower, being 2008 technology.

    And of course the graphics can’t compare.

    So yeah, the G1 performed against the Vibrant as one would expect a 2008 phone would against a mid 2010 phone.

    UPDATE: I don’t see the G1 on T-Mobile’s Site. Did T-Mobile News mention the date when it was retired from T-Mobile’s offerings?

    Bonus Tip: In Market I downloaded T-Mobile’s backup service app on to the G1 and synced EVERYTHING on her phone (apps and OS excluded of course). I then installed the T-Mobile Backup on to her Slide. Said to Sync and it downloaded all her stuff on to the Slide.

    Since the Slide and the Vibrant are running 2.1, I suspect that T-Mobile Backup will also work with the G1 and the Vibrant. So give it a try. (When it asked I selected the “One time” use rather than constant online monitoring.)

    The myTouch Slide:

    The Slide is a very nice phone, best Android-based keyboard phone I have seen, including comparing it to the Droid. Performance feels the same as the Vibrant, but graphics on the Vibrant can’t be beat by any phone on the planet, IMHO. (Albeit I have not seen an iPhone 4. But Apple’s products don’t exist in my world, so it’s a non-issue that I have not held the 4.)

    The Slide makes me want to mosey on over to a Sprint store to see the Epic, the Samsung Galaxy S with a physical keyboard, just to see if it’s as nice as the Vibrant.

    Note: For me Swype has become a preference over a physical keyboard. I like typing with Swype more than a physical keyboard. Once you learn how to correctly use Swype I suspect you will feel the same.

    Bonus Prediction: Under some circumstances a physical keyboard is probably needed, such as when typing an e-mail while in a helicopter flying over hostile territory in Afghanistan or on a Disneyland thrill ride, so there will always be a need for hardware keyboards. But for the rest of us I see some day Swype will be THE only way to type.


    While not an Android phone, the day is just around the corner when I will be able to dual-boot the phone, with a choice between Android or WinMo.

    While some hate anything WinMo, I like it for it’s support community and humongous fan base. WinMo is not going away. And the fact is, the HD2 running Android would make it an impressive Android handset (close to the Evo in specs and performance).

    And compared to the Vibrant the HD2 can stand tall. The HD2 display looks great (when on full brightness) and it has solid, quality construction.

    Bottom line on the Vibrant vs. the Slide or HD2, they are all great phones. As I said before, each has aspects people love and others that users hate. But the reality is that ALL these phones are fantastic and a user will enjoy whatever T-Mobile handset he or she chooses to buy.

    E.g., my GF could be classed as the typical handset user. When I gave her the Slide she loved it to replace her G1, but she was not really that impressed with the Vibrant touchscreen only keyboard as indicated when I tried to demo Swype on her Slide she asked “can’t I use the keyboard to type that?” That was the end of my Swype demo. To heck with her and her lack of vision.

    • analog spirit

      Do you know if that cut/copy/paste problem (as I described in my long post above) is endemic to all Android devices, or is it just the Vibrant that has that issue? ‘Cos I really liked the Vibrant, but that was just too big a usability issue for me to live with, esp. since my old BB 8320 could do it with no problems. Unfortunately I can’t even go back to the old BB, since it finally “gave up the ghost” last week (its radio stopped working entirely). So right now I have no phone, except for my cheap little Nokia that I’m using as a back-up for the time being til I can get a proper phone (pathetic, I know! LOL).
      Thanks in advance…

      • I was pretty flabbergasted as you were when I sent myself a URL in an IMAP email, and when I opened it, the link wasn’t highlighted for me to tap on. So then I figured I could select/copy it. No, I can’t. And then there’s the issue of no threaded exchange/imap emails, the fact that exchange/imap and gmail use two separate apps so there is no truly unified inbox, the fact that Yahoo! mail is push notification based, and is not integrated with the rest of the phone, and is limited to only one simultaneous account were all usability regressions I experienced using android.

      • analog spirit

        My question was actually directed toward Michael, but that’s OK; I appreciate all advice & input (positive input, that is)…
        “Usability regressions;” that’s an excellent way of describing it… Yeah, I went thru a very similar thing with my Vibrant; my friend had e-mailed me a link from Craig’s List about a car (as I’m “in the market,” as it were), and it somehow split the URL into 2 parts; the 1st part comprised of letters, and the 2nd of numbers. It did this with all the URLs from Craig’s List. I wish I could put up a screen shot to show you what I mean…
        Anyhow, when I’d click on the 1st part, it just went to Craig’s List in general, nowhere near where the link was supposed to lead to, and when I’d click on the 2nd part, the phone assumed it was a phone number and prompted me to ask if I wanted to dial that number. So I just exited out of there and said, “No worries, I’ll just copy & paste it into Google (as I had done for years on my old BB 8320), and take it from there.” Nope; it didn’t work. And not only did it not work, there was simply nothing there for me to click on that would’ve allowed such basic functionality. So I was forced to access my e-mail and Gmail thru the web browser and then try to copy & paste it in there. And even then, it “kind-of” worked, but as I described in more detail above, the cut/copy & paste or this thing is cumbersome and very poorly implemented. And that’s a very serious “usability regression” if you ask me, so I reluctantly returned it, which sucks because the Vibrant was otherwise excellent; arguably the strongest offering T-Mobile has right now. But I need a phone that does what I need it to do, when I need it to do it…

      • analog spirit

        ^ typo correction: *on this thing

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Pardon all the typos in my last post. It was so dang long I was not going to proof it. Laziness rules on the Net.

  • bbqribs

    there are definitely bugs but if samsung release fixes as soon as possible then this phone will be perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    COME ON SAMSUNG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike
  • 138

    Is anyone else having problem with multiple google calendar syncs? I can pick up multiple gmail and contacts but not calendar?

  • derrickps3

    man i wish samsung would have did a hourly giveaway like they did the behold 2.

  • Chad

    AWESOME phone. Everything is perfect accept the battery life isnt to great :/ A lot better than the HD2 but not the best. Also it NEEDS 2.2!!!!!! Otherwise im going to get the next new phone that comes out with T-Mobile that has it.

  • Flashfox

    Unfair options.

    I like my Vibrant but I am disappointed at the problems I am having with GPS and the compass. You should have offered another option: Love the phone but concerned about a few shortcomings” (or something similar)

  • Flashfox

    To tghose who asked –> LED-looking items on the top-left side of the screen are the proximity sensors. They detect the presence of your face and turn off the display when you are talking on the phone. Sorry… no LEDs (apart fro AMOLED ;-)

  • Flashfox

    Let’s try this again –> To those who asked, those LED-looking items on the top-left side of the screen are the proximity sensors. They detect the presence of your face and turn off the display when you are talking on the phone. Sorry… no LEDs (apart from AMOLED ;-)

    • analog spirit

      Well, that sucks (that they’re not LEDs). But cool, thanks for pointing that out. /props to you/ :)

  • Ok let me say this… I’m in love with this phone and like any great relationships this bitch does come with a few flaws. However, I can live with it because she’s hotter than all the other devices out there. :-P

    The flaws I don’t like is just the times it get a little glitchy, but that’s Android at times and the other background services. Another flaw, if it is a flaw or not thinking about it on Samsungs part, is that it does not have a shutter button. I figured that one out yesterday while trying to take some self portraits of me and my girlfriend biking. I found turning the phone around trying to take a picture and hoping that I’m pushing the on screen shutter button pretty difficult. Mean while, she just pushes the shutter button on the side of her MyTouch 3G Slide. LoL.

    Oh yeah and well the battery drain is a killer. I find my self whipping out my external hard drive’s USB cord at work to charge my phone in times of need. Good thing I work in front of a computer.

    • oh yeah and here are some shots i’ve taken if you don’t believe that the camera is awesome :)

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Charlie… those shots are indeed awewsome, shows the Vibrant’s ability to take invisible pics. Maybe the CIA may be interested in this aspect of the Vibrant.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike


      • 2FR35H

        I am assuming the link to the camera shots were removed lmao

  • Thomas

    No LED, no flash??? who cares, people are pretty lame if that is the only complaint they can muster up. This phone flat out rocks! Go back to you G1 ones…..

  • Sunny

    Nah not worth it. I am going to wait for HTC.

  • going_home

    Loving an inanimate object (read phone)will get you a free room on the 5th floor at Belleview and a pan full of needles to calm your nerves.
    But I do really like my Nexus One and Android 2.2 :D

    Too bad 2.2 is probably the only update the Vibrant will see.


  • rasmoid

    I can not get enough of this phone. I am also a G1 upgrader and I think the wait was worth it for another android powered superphone. the G1 truly changed the smartphone game and the Samsung S serious is on the mission to do the same. I will not say too much but i agreed with almost everything everyone is saying. I will say this for everything you don’t like their are at least 1 things that you do like. I can not even complain about the 2.1/2.2 upgrade and even with the pending Gingerbread approaching I am satisfied with my Samsung Vibrant from T-Mobile. iPhone and Vibrant must have a baby in order for me to upgrade to something different!!!!


    • rasmoid

      Excuse the typos…I did not proofread…we are all human and everyone makes mistakes!

  • TC

    I already returned it and went back to the nexus.

  • I’m having issues beyond the GPS and compass, so I’m exchanging. But I just learned that T-Mo isn’t exchanging for GPS and/or compass problems… But they aren’t extending ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ period. IHMO, the should stop the clock on the return period until the phone is FIXED. Frankly, their reluctance gives me pause. The 14 day return clock starts anew for me when my second Vibrant comes in.

    BTW, I played with an iPhone 4 for a little today. I don’t like the “hand feel” as much as the Vibrant. I don’t think it’s display it nice, but I like the Sammy better. But I have to say I like the back cover of the AT&T Captivate a little better than the Vibrant.

    Like I’ve said elsewhere, I want to love my phone, but these glitches make it a little hard.

    • analog spirit

      I finally got to see the iPhone 4 “in person” and played around with it for a while too, and I agree about the “hand feel;” I didn’t mind the weight (it’s heavier than one might expect), but I didn’t find it to be as pleasant to the touch as the Vibrant. But a case can easily solve that… I like the iPhone 4’s display, but it just felt too small and cramped for me to type on. Apple should seriously think about increasing their screen size to 4 inches on their next iPhone, like the Vibrant. It would make it a lot better and easier on the fingers, but then I suppose battery life would take an even bigger hit than it already has.

  • Andy

    Other than the signal issues that I and some folks are having I only have one complaint. A front facing cam, why not. Its there, I see it but it does not work. Silly T-mobile … video is for calls now.

    • davidohio

      there is NO front facing camera on the Vibrant. What you see in a sensor for when you hold the phone to your ear to put the screen in sleep mode.

      • Andy

        well thats even worse

      • mdot

        Unless someone can explain why a proximity sensor requires three lenses, it is my opinion that the camera is there.

        There are three lenses in the top left hand corner of the phone. The proximity sensor’s transmitter and receiver, in my opinion, is the rightmost two. Leaving the leftmost lens as the FFC.

        Again, I will state that this is my opinion after looking at the lenses through a jeweler’s loupe.

    • matchesmalone

      GET OVER IT… I am so tired of hearing how it doesn’t have a front facing camera or a flash.. If all people are going to do is complain, then DON’T GET THE PHONE.. wait until one comes out that does

      • Brian

        agreed. im waiting for a dual core phone. i could complain about the vibrant not having a dual core processor, but instead, ill just patiently and quietly wait for tmo to release a phone with those specs

      • j

        Brian Vibrant is a dual core 1GHz hummingbird processor

    • YanivC

      I try so hard to understand it but I cant. Who the heck needed 16GB on board? It just confuses me now. I hook up my phone to PC, suddenly 2 drives appear AND theyre both called SD.
      Would have much rather gotten a flash and front facing camera.
      Other than that though, its the best Android phone Ive had the pleasure of playing with to date. Ive had almost every droid with the exception of the Moment, Behold and EVO and this clearly beats them all.
      Pitted this against my nephews Droid X…. fuggedaboudit. This newer Power VR chip is soooooooooooo awesome.

      • Los22

        One “drive” is the phone.
        The second is the SD card.

        16GB is awesome, are you kidding. TONS of room.
        Start sumping movies onto it for long flights when the movie they play sucks.

    • rob

      The only reason that you want the stupid ffc is because you’ve seen commercials of the iPhone with it and if the iPhone has something then you have to have it. The rest of the world has had the ffc technology for years now and you didn’t want it until now. I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna survive without it. Plus for the video calling to work the other person has to have it too and I’m pretty sure that theres not to many people out there that have a ffc anyhow so even if they had put the ffc in you still wouldn’t be able to use it. Stop crying and move on.

    • Shawn

      Who are you going to have video chats with? I mean really, do you perform video chats everyday or is this just something you would like to in the future.
      I’ve yet to meet 1 evo owner or iphone4 owner who has done a successful video call. Plus 99.9999 percent of phones in the US don’t have a ffc, so you would be having a video chat with someone on a computer.

      I think the lack of flash is more troubling than a ffc.

      • j

        Shawn, the Vibrant has a night mode that may not need a flash. try it before you whine about no flash. flashes for cameras are battery killers. FFC is a useless feature right now as most phones dont support it and T-mobile is waiting for the tech to be solid for the devices before even considering is what I feel. Like they always do so we dont has a bunch a issues

    • j

      Andy, do you really plan to use video conferencing? Also do you know any one else with video conferencing capable devices? If not it is a useless feature to have on a phone.

  • Doc

    I always approach with caution anything I’ve been waiting for. Things never seem as good as you want them to be. I like the phone. I had the GPS bug but it’s better with the fix (30 second lock from in my house). Other than that I only have one complaint. I don’t use a case and the back has a creekiness to it when you handle it. I’m not one of those that equates light weight with cheap. I love the fact that the phone is uber light. But the creeking does make it seem cheap. I’m sure that this will fade as it did with my G1. For a while all I could hear was the creekiness on it, then I guess I got used to it and didn’t notice it.

    I’m not a huge camera user. I rarely do twitter and never facebook. Any issues with those I haven’t noticed. The phone is speedy and I haven’t seen any lag in it. I don’t care that it looks like an iPhone. After all, there’s only so many ways you can make a all touch phone look, so please stop with that crap.

    As a first adopter type you get used to thing not being 100% what you expected but I’d say this is 99%.

    • Johnny

      Check your back cover, even try swapping it with the other one. I’ve had no issues with a creaky back. :)

  • Sasha

    I recently called about this phone and they gave it to me for 199.99 after a 50$ rebate and I only had 11 months on the contract! This phone is AMAZING. I am coming from 3 years of Windows Mobile (Wing and Touch Pro2) and can honestly say that this phone is great! Sure the other Android phones coming are impressive, but this phone is definitely an upgrade well worth it.

  • Well, I soooo wanted to love this phone, but it has proven to be as inferior as every other android/win mobile phone I have tried over the last three years.

    I sooo want to upgrade from my black berry and enjoy the cool larger screen and apps on the vibrant but…I have essentially three features that is a crucial must on my phone

    This phone doesnt even have the application capable of doing so. Symply you need to upload MANUALLY TO GOOGLE AND TMOBILE FOR THIS TO TAKE PLACE

    2. Must have a great speach to text capability if Im going to switch from a querty keyboard. (this app is very acceptable with vibrant)

    3. VERY VERY IMPORTANT. I NEED TO COPY AND PAST TEXT FROM EMAILS TO MESSAGES AND VICE VERSA. This is crucial for a mobile phone and having a business////this phone and any other phone as I understand doesnt have it///except BLACKBERRY

    that means that I have to send this phone back to where it came from ////I absolutely need that business function.

    Another very dangerous attribute this device has. If you accidently erace an email. (which I experienced today) it deleted the message from google///I know there is probably way to ensure that function is disabled////anyway it was a good thing I had a copy on my outlook////

    am I ever going to enjoy this type of phone???? Well when the android market decides to incorporate features that apply to the working world I guess.

    I see that all of these phones are for recreational users only//// a business owner with a playfull side is just not gonna cut it///this phone is all play ///and nothing is for the business side!!

    very very disappointed///AGAIN///

    • fidget


      I’m a business user and very happy with my android phone.

      Real time sync with Outlook should not be an issue. I don’t have vibrant, but a mytouch slide. Just setup your mail account as exchange account and ActiveSync will give you real time sync of mail, calendar, contacts. No correlation to the gmail account you need for Android phone. The google account is synonymous with an itunes account for managing apps/contacts, and Google mail etc. but that account has no bearing on other email accounts you choose to setup. The regular Mail program will let you setup an Exchange acct with ActiveSync. You can even specify max mail size, max attachment size, frequency of sync, etc.

      As for qwerty keyboard, I bought the slide knowing the vibrant was coming because of the hardware keyboard which i thought i needed coming from blackberry. Now I use Swype exclusively and don’t use slide keyboard. Give it a try – another option in addition to speech to text.

      Not missing the blackberry a bit except the $20 month unlimited email option when traveling overseas.

      • analog spirit

        I came from a BlackBerry (8320) too, and I had the same problem with not being able to copy & paste from an e-mail as Linda had (I already knew about the apps for the rest of the stuff she mentioned). Is there an app in the Android Market that would enable that? I looked all over the Android Market, but haven’t found anything so far. I really want to give the Vibrant another chance but cut/copy & paste is poorly implemented on it, and that lack of basic functionality just isn’t going to cut it for me. Thanks in advance…

    • tmoforsho

      There is an app for almost everything u just made a list about. Even deleting email on handheld only. The only disappointing thing Linda is that the time it took you to write that post u could have been downloading the apps u need.. Suckaa

    • Cheato

      Clearly you never even gave it a chance. There are apps to support every one of your complaints. Blackberry is dead…….your loss.

      • analog spirit

        @Cheato: Could you specify which app(s) that are available that would enable universal cut/copy & paste on the Vibrant? ‘Cos that was the biggest issue I had with it. I’ve been told that it’s just a limitation of Android (for now, until later revisions fix it). I searched for a suitable app in the Android Market, but so far have found nothing. I’m new to Android, so if you could point me (and Linda) to an app out there that’ll enable that basic yet crucial functionality on this otherwise outstanding device, I’d greatly appreciate it, and I’d gladly get another Vibrant; all its other issues are minor, and I think I could live with them.
        Thanks in advance…

      • Ray

        double tap the word or hold down the screen where the word is. no app needed.

      • analog spirit

        @Ray: I already tried both those methods, repeatedly; it still didn’t work. That’s why I took it back. I don’t know; maybe it was a defective phone. T-Mobile told me it was an issue with all Android phones, esp. the touchscreen models. I’m still debating as to whether or not I’ll give the Vibrant a 2nd chance. Maybe I’ll just have to wait til 2.2 comes out for Google to fix this issue… Thanks anyway.

    • Jason Bonham

      Can I ask you an honest question, and don’t take this the wrong way. How could you possibly be in any business without the ability to spell properly, to punctuate and capitalize, to use correct grammar, and to make a coherent point? Is this America today?

    • Ray

      Obviously you dont know ANYTHING about phones or take out the time to know anything about them, all of your complaints are trash, you are the reason why real business’ started sending people with complaints to voicemail. This phone DOES do EVERYTHING that you just complained about it not doing. I have this phone and many other android phones and this is by far one of the most complete ones ive seen it absoutely does everything you set your mind to do. you just need to be a little interested in actually doing it. So before you go off ranting about how your phone doesnt do anything you want it to do, do yourself a favor and do a little investigating. Blackberry….. Please.

      • Patrick

        This phone(without an app) WONT copy and paste from e-mail. At least not from the standard e-mail app. There IS exchange integration…and

        Linda…Blackberry’s AND WM phones will copy and paste from e-mail. Android devices will if you download the app to do it. OR….you could download another e-mail app like k9mail(i believe its called) or some other free mail app

      • analog spirit

        @Patrick: Which app do you need to download to do it? Will k9mail work?

    • ScooterG

      Linda…I smile and nod at you…

    • MM

      I use mine for business and haven’t had any issues. You just need the right apps. Use K-9 for your email and CompanionLink for Syncing. It Syncs my office calendars between Outlook and Google Calendar. What other business features are you missing?

    • 1.This phone does sync with Active Sync. As soon as I get an email i get a message on my vibrant (even on edge network).
      2.As for the speach to text it does that as well.. ( i personally love swype better)
      3. Emailing copying and paste is still an issue but it is easy to copy and paste from messages.

      • amy

        I’m trying to setup my work outlook email to my vibrant and need help how to do this?

    • cronin

      You can copy/paste from e-mail….. download Skyfire browser and point it to gmail.com… once you open e-mail, click on drop down box on the right side of Skyfire’s toolbar and option will appear called “Select text”, as soon as you select it… it will be copied to your clipboard.

    • j

      Linda, what android phone syncs to outlook directly, NONE!!! They sync to google, simply get program for outlook to sync gmail and your done, NOT a phone issue, its an ID10T error!!!
      Copy/Paste, can tap and hold? Obviously not!
      yes it does not delee from deleted items unless you tell it to, DUH! goto menu and view labels, goto deleted items or trash and HEY LOOK there it is!

    • atlantian
  • drmosh

    Phone is fantastic besides the GPS which should be fixed hopefully soon.

    • j

      there is NO GPS issue on my phone, did you goto settings and security and location and turn on the wireless network assistance????? mine locks on indoors in 2 seconds flat!

  • jaw2

    Just got my vibrant…. Its gr8!!1. I bought dierectly from t mobile. How and when will t mobile force you to add data plan?…still playing on WiFi

    • Kickstar13

      If you purchased the Vibrant with a contract, T-Mobile will add the data plan automatically the day you bought the phone. The data plan will remain on your account for the life of your contract.

  • jaw2


  • jaw2

    I have it for last couple of hours. Works gr8 on wifi. When open browser, gives msg that data plan not added, choose

  • jaw2

    Yep I bought it with contract. Paid 149$. I thought they will add once I put sim card in new phone.

  • Can I trust the extra batterys being sold on ebay? I know i’m going need an extra battery but don’t want anything thats going harm my Vibrant…Is buying the ones on ebay now a wise choice?

  • T

    I love my vibrant, it has an amazing and responsive screen, but all that it needs to be perfect is 2.2 and wifi tethering, and i want it to say H instead of 3G… Listening T-Mobile?

  • JermaineJacksonhair

    I know I’m late BUT, I finally saw the Vibrant in person today and…the screen… WOW

  • RogerC

    This phone has ONE serious flaw. GPS is very broken. Lousy performance. Might be the Broadcom chip, might be firmware, but right now it is useless.
    Do yourselves a favor and test your GPS properly, not just with the TTFF, actually navigate in detail for a while and you’ll see how lousy it is.

    Shame on Samsung, otherwhise a fine phone.

  • I’ve had my phone about a week, and am loving this device. I ditched my iPhone 3GS for the Vibrant because Android, Samsung, and T-Mobile are offering what Apple NEVER will, which is the freedom to run my device how I choose. I do admit that Apple makes a solid device (4G antennae bungle, withstanding) and the device runs VERY smooth, but… dropped calls, BS apology letters for misreporting signal strength, and their bullying of business partners and mistreatment of customers has pushed me away. “Think different. Just not differently than we tell you to.”

    The Vibrant is brilliant in look and feel. The battery life is better than I expected it to be, given the hummingbird’s raw horsepower and performance. I have had some issues with the GPS connecting as well. Rebooting usually fixes that, but from what I have read, Samsung has acknowledged the problem and is looking for a fix. I’ve also heard there is a viable workaround, but have yet to see it anywhere.

  • Justin

    The GPS is the biggest issue, hopefully Samsung has a fix and will be rolled out with 2.2 sooner then later. I remember when the G1 first came out it took a long time to lock in as well, but you figure in todays market they would iron these things out before release.

  • tmowhat

    I have to say overall, I like my Samsung Vibrant because there more positives than negatives… However, there are 4 things that currently need to be looked into:

    1. Home button and its inconsistency
    2. Battery life needs to be improved and hopefully with Android 2.2 this will be improved…
    3. GPS issue that several individuals have stated…
    4. Intermittent issue, when unlocking the phone, sometimes opens with a black/blank screen…

    Note: I have to say that this phone has great potential and if Samsung and T-Mobile support the device, it should be a phone that I can use for quite sometime…

  • Oman774

    Over the past 8 yrs, I have had Treos, Windows Mobile phones, iPhone 3GS and Motorola Cliq. So far this has been the best phone out of all of them. My Outlook syncs fine and I love the features. I dont care about a FF camera since why would I want to do video conferencing on a phone ( I dont need my employer to know where I am at). I dont even use my laptop’s camera. If you need a video conference camera just point your phone to a mirror and run a video conference software. Overall, I am happy with the phone.

    Does this phone have a remote wipe feature like the Moto Cliq?

  • Danerl

    Hi everyone, I’ve noticed that sometimes there’s some kind of “ripples” running vertically over the screen — just like with old computer monitors and bad frequency so you can see the “ripples”. Anyone noticed that yet? Is that a normal function b/c of the screen or the processor something? I am just about to go to back to the Tmobile store and ask them but maybe I’m overreacting…..? Thanks for feedback!!!

  • Shawn

    My only major complaint with the vibrant is the gps problem, release a firmware update alread!

  • Gil

    Yall idiots. Dont you guys read the gps section where they guide how to fix the gps issue?.. Come on people be smarter.

    Vibrant is the best phone ive ever had. I love my phone.

  • Chris

    I found a GPS fix in one of the Android forums (actually, may have been XDA). It has worked flawlessly since.

    1 – Disable “Use Wireless Networks” – Settings / Location & Security

    2 – Dial *#*#1472365#*#*

    3 – Under “Application settings” Change “Operation Mode” to MS Based

    4 – Under “SUPL/CP Settings” Change the SERVER & PORT to supl.google.com and port 7276 [Do not use www. in front of supl]

    5 – REBOOT

    6 – Turn back on the “User Wireless Networks”

  • GalaxySfan

    At first I did not like the video playback on the SAMOLED screen because of issues with lack of contrast in certain scenes and a veil of light blue-green haze that seem to cloud every video. However I discovered that what caused this problem was not the screen itself but the default movie player. It seem to be doing some kind of video processing that prevents the screen from showing the deep colors that its capable of, especially in well lit indoor scenes and in dark scenes. I downloaded Rock Player out of whim and discovered that it shows much deeper colors without the haze and even dark scenes now look great. However, Rock Player does not seem be able to play any files over 800×480 resolution very well and even lower resolution videos seem to stutter occasionally. But I’ll trade that for better color any day.

    In addition, the Rock Player is able to play certain files that DivX/Xvid vids the default player couldn’t. However the default player seem to be able to handle videos sizes up to 1280×720 very well. Only if it didn’t overprocess the video…

    Oh, and as a phone and a communication device, it’s pretty good. GPS even works well after the xda fix. Still learning Android but it’s really a good device. I do wish the batter would last longer but I’m still conditioning the batteryh so it should get better. I’ll buying a spare battery and charger when it’s available.

  • VibrantFan

    I’ve had my Vibrant for a week now and only have minor GPS issues. I tried the “fix” and pointed it to supl.google.com but that just caused the phone to freeze. I am currently running with the stock configuration and simply removed the http:// from the URL and this has helped it be a touch faster.

    My GPS almost always connects, sometimes it takes 30 seconds or so at the longest. On a rare occasion it will not connect, but a reboot fixes that…and this phone reboots so fast that it is not a huge deal.

    Samsung needs to come out with a fix for this; however, the phone is awesome otherwise.

  • i carry 2 phones…one for work and one for person. my work is a BlackBerry 9700 on TMO and my personal is the Galaxy S on TMO. being a huge fan of the iPhone, i was a little cautious since this was my very first Android phone. i’m glad i tried it out, b/c it has completely converted me. now the apps aren’t as strong as the iPhone, but i think with time it’ll get better. my overall experience has been good minus the GPS issue. luckily i get to keep BBM with my work BB and then have this phone for personal. if you haven’t pulled the trigger yet i definitely recommend it…you won’t be sorry.

  • Claude

    My Samsung Vibrant has had lower battery life than I like, occasional white screens, occasional programs crashing, and inconsistent email service with full bars and 3G, but the unforgivable thing that I can not forgive is the constant rebooting which started today during a meeting with my boss. It finally stopped rebooting, but not sure why it started in the first place or if it will happen again. I am thinking about returning since it is within the 14 days (barely) and going back to my old Blackberry until the next phone comes out.

  • Outlander

    Feels cheaper than the HD2, the back with the battery lid seems fragile.
    It hangs on Google even worse than HD2 on Microsoft, with the same tunnel vision for other applications.
    Mechanically the HD2 is a far better built phone.
    Movie not playable after one removal of pathetic memory card.
    Could not link with computer over USB.
    Phone returned.

    • watbetch

      All of that is end-user error like it always has been.

  • TooMuchGadgets

    PRO: Beautiful screen, beautiful screen, beautiful screen.

    MEH: Biggish for small hands, camera not great, screen is blue-tinged (white point is off)

    CON: < 1 day battery life, gps slowness and inaccuracy, compass is completely wacked, copy/paste & data detection in email apps are horribly lacking, Google integration must be manually configured, messaging apps dip into the SIM contacts despite settings to only display Google contacts, can't use camera during call (wtf!?), button + gesture to unlock (rather than 2 presses on the button), unlock button directly opposite volume buttons (both get pressed during unlock), lack of accessories at launch, no pointer input (trackball, trackpad, etc.).

    I am considering sending mine back and waiting for the HTC HSPA+ phone.

    Other than that, c'mon CM6 for GS and team XDA!!!

    • watbetch

      Copy/Paste in email has never been something that Android “does”. Apps should be fine, but that is probably dependent on the app. There is a D-Pad in the software keyboard. If you think battery life on the HTC device is going to be any better you’re sadly mistaken. It’ll be worse with a new HSPA+ chipset.

      • analog spirit

        If Android doesn’t do copy/paste in e-mail, and it remains that way for the foreseeable future, then I guess the Android platform isn’t going to work for me, at least not until that gets fixed. Universal cut/copy & paste is absolutely crucial for me, and the way I use my phone (more as an e-mail/browsing device than a phone). Thanks to everyone for all your help and advice thus far. PEACE

  • Zina

    Had issues with Lag at the beggining and I wanted to return the damn phone back. But then I read an article how to fix it and it was all good.
    Other than that, I love it.



    Oh! link that fixed my lag problem http://tinyurl.com/y8oc4nk

  • I use video chat most days, so do several friends and family members. We do it laptop to laptop, pc to pc but none of us even those who have the FFC ever use it. Do you want to use it when driving? when working? when walking down the street? hell no, we talk cam to cam on the pc with nice big clear 20″ screens and broadband connections. Oh and I do not have to hold the darn camera phone in front of my face while talking. Have any of you that are complaining ever even tried it? Go ahead hold your phone in your hand so that your face will be picked up by your FFC and you will be able to see the pic being sent back to you………. having fun?????

    • hotrodroxie


      hey, i’ve been a BEHOLD user since it came out, and i was very impressed not being a ‘smart phone user’…there are many thing i would change about it, but anyway…

      ….should i goto an IPHONE from here, or a VIBRANT? or maybe wait a lil longer?

      any opinions? i am wanting an honest user comparison.

  • Josue

    How can i get T-Mobile customer service to give me the Samsung Vibrant for less than $200?

    • You can’t. The lowest they will go is full contract discount pricing. Even if you threaten to cancel and get thru to Loyalty, you will not get it for less than $199.

      • Josue

        Hmm makes sence but I’ve read peoples’ comments on this website and some say they have gotten it less, some by saying they were going to switch to iPhone. Does T-Mobile customer service match prices? because at Walmart I found it for 149.

    • Sunit

      I called in the other day to check the dates on my contract (Jan 11)…and the rep was very helpful and offered me the vibrant at $149 with no upgrade fee and to top it she even let me keep my 300 min myfaves plan and $24.99 G1 internet…should be getting my phone in the next few days…thank you magenta !!

      I said contract when the automated system asked me what I wanted to talk about.

      • Josue

        I was thinking of getting it tomorrow but if you were able to get it for 149 then I’ll try too. But I feel that If I say if they can give it to me for 149 and no activation fee they’ll flip out or they’ll tell me they can’t sell it for that amount and will ask for more :(

  • dh

    Absolutely love it. Coming from a G1, my only complaint (probably too strong a word) is the missing LED notification and awkward lock button position. Swype has erased all of my doubts about not having a physical keyboard. Display quality is amazing.

  • cronin

    People… stop complaining about copying in e-mail because this is very doable. You can either go to full desktop gmail site or download Skyfire and point it to gmail.com mobile site, once you are there click on the arrow pointing down on far right of the toolbar, which will bring several options and one of them is SELECT TEXT… once you click that and select your text, it will be automatically copied to your clipboard..

    • analog spirit

      Thanks; I’m aware of that method and have tried it numerous times, and it “kind-of” works… The problem is that it wasn’t highlighting all the text I was trying to select; it was only selecting parts of it, resulting in only bits and pieces of my selected text actually being copied & pasted. Then I figured I’d just adjust the font size and make it bigger, to make it easier to select text (esp. with my big hands), but that didn’t work either because altho the font size was increased, the pink highlighted areas weren’t, so again, only parts of the selected text were actually copied & pasted, which was really aggravating…
      So, it’s doable; but it’s just really tedious and impractical the way it’s been implemented on the Vibrant. I like the iPhone’s and HTC Sense’s “magnifying glass & handles” method a lot better; if there’s an app out there that’ll enable that sort of universal copy & paste on the Vibrant, I’d definitely get it in a heartbeat. PEACE

  • Danerl

    Has anyone noticed “ripples” running vertically across the screen, especially when turning the phone on????

  • I’ve had the Vibrant for less than 24 hours and I can’t wait to return it.

    No. 1 reason the Vibrant is irrelevant for me: Signal strength. This weakness alone makes the Vibrant a REALLY expensive toy phone.

    Multitouch is a wonderful thing, but what good is it if the takes forever for the browser or Google Maps to load? So by the time the Vibrant actually gets, say, a map loaded, my lowly CLIQ (with a connection twice as strong) will have already been able to retrieve a destination plus directions.

    This comprises my need to tether, which I do a fair bit of. I tether at my day job. I tether at Barnes and Noble while working on freelance web design projects. In Phoenix, tethering is the fastest, most stable connection away home WiFi.

    A close second non-starter is hardware. Not the stuff on the inside but, rather, the stuff on the outside. The buttons suck. In fact, I’ll extend that: the whole interface is crap. It’s a huge oversight that they wrapped such smoking performance and a beautiful screen in such a horrible user experience. I’m supposed to use that pimple to interact with my phone ALL day? Really, Samsung? God forbid I want to use my phone with only one hand. At night.

    And why do phone makers keep messing with the Android UI SO much? You’re not Apple. Stop being so insecure. Actually, I think that’s the overall feeling I got that undermines the entire potential of the Vibrant: it’s trying too hard to be something it’s not. This explains why Google made a go of their own phone in an attempt to show people what a true Android experience should be.

    Then there’s the little things:
    – So for $500 I can’t get an LED indicator?? It’s like Samsung subconsciously admitting that the reception is bad.
    – You include a whole movie with the phone, yet no means to enjoy it anywhere else? Oh sure, I can (try to) buy a composite cable separately, but then why don’t I just wait until it’s shown on cable…

    On the upside I’m totally sold on Swype. I may actually be ready to graduate from a QWERTY. (If I’m not driven to root, I won’t have to spend much time in Terminal.)

    And for the love of all that is good and techie, I hardly realized what I was missing being stuck at Android 1.5!

    There’s probably a few more things to like about the Vibrant, but what does it matter? I’m eagerly awaiting T-Mobile’s Fall lineup (and probably playing with a myTouch 3G Slide in the meanwhile…)

  • ikeweezy

    Love the phone, minus the fact that I have no LED indicator for missed calls and messages. I didnt realize how much I relied on in with my trusty G1. Miss the ol’gal! Had to download a sms app with pop up feature… :(

  • ikeweezy

    And…TouchWiz gets 3 stars out of 5. I had my G1 running on a rooted ROM with HTC Sense UI. I miss that too! Widgets! Widgets! Widgets!

  • keesha

    Let’s say it came with the LED indicator, flash on the back, ffc, copy/paste all that, u jerks would find something to complain about like “why didn’t tmo make it in pink oh please make it in pink maybe in pink zebra” what a bunch of losers!!!!

  • keesha

    I love T-Mobile but i think they are on a fix budget when making a phone, i never had Verizon but i think money is no issue, Verizon is putting out hits like Droid, Droid incredible and now Droid X, i think all 3 has flash on the back lol…heehee!!!

  • keesha

    Hummingbird vs Snapdragon, the 2 send chills down my spine heehee…

  • Flgirll99

    I still love my phone! I haven’t noticed any issues…and hope I never do. It really is the best phone I’ve had.

  • Josue

    •Breaking News• (Hot Topics)
    Samsung Mobile US just released the first T-Mo Samsung Vibrant commercial (via Twitter/YouTube) witch includes a clip from Avatar!


    P.S. Can anyone help me with my question that I posted up above this forum?

    What do you think of the Commercial? Awesome right!

  • Xfoo

    I’m surprised no one has complained much about the absolutely faulty compass in this phone. Has any one tries to use gmaps street view in compass mode or sky map? XY axes are slow as molasses!

    The GPS “fix” from XDA is not a fix at all. It’s a tweak. All it does is enable network assisted GPS (AGPS). It still doesn’t allow the receiver to lock on more than one or two satellites. That won’t achieve consistent accuracy. Those of you who think this hack actually fixes the underlying problem with the GPS don’t know how GPS works. Period.

    The phone is rather nice aside from these two very serious issues. There are plenty of small annoyances which can be ironed out but what we have now is an expensive smartphone totally useless as a navigation device. Shame on Samsung and T-Mobile for letting a broken GPS and compass into final.

  • shepdog

    Hey, i’m looking to update my phone, with something newer, my 2 year contract isn’t up yet but i can get some at a discounted price. I’m looking into getting the vibrant, my touch slide, or htc hd2. I currently have a g1, but it’s starting to have so many issues that i’m just tired of putting up with it. Any helpful info would be helpful. I like the g1’s qwerty slide out keyboard, thats why i was considering the my touch slide, but like the new features of the vibrant, I once had a t-mobile wing but that was a few years ago and would like to try a newer windows mobile fun

    • @dhsteeler

      Hey sheepdog, I was in the EXACT same position. Worried about leaving G1’s physical keyboard for better specs (Vibrant). I went with the Vibrant and I STRONGLY recommend you do the same. MT3G slide is nice enough, but the Vibrant will still be a heavyweight for months to come with it’s onboard memory, fast processor and ridiculous display. Swype keyboard is awesome, you will forget all about the physical keyboard. “Do it. Do it NOW.”

      • atlantian

        swipe is amazing i got the vibrant for my sister on my account and it is awesome fast i love swipe tried to find the apk for my sisters cliq I’m using along with my nokia n900

  • Aluvsvibrant

    Hey, I just wanted to state that I love the, Vibrant. My only question is how do you use the video chat, and which appilcation is it you have to download?

  • remixfa

    shepdog. If you want a great phone, get the vibrant. The HD2 is junk. The mytouch slide is good. It is a “mid range” phone though so its not as capable though normal usage u will never know the difference. If you want high end with a keyboard, wait another month or so and the Blaze will be out… which is basically N1 hardware with a keyboard and HSPA+ speeds.

  • Jonathan

    Samsung just posted an Hdmi cable for the samsung vibrant for $50.00, its just keeps getting better.

  • oneday…soon

    Check this out Galaxy S running a froyo 2.2 rom, it’s a work in progress but it’s lookin good so far!!! http://www.androidcentral.com/galaxy-s-froyo-alive-kicking-and-handled

  • Johnny Depth

    Tmo just gave the the vibrant for $49!!!!
    I have been with them for 10 long yrs and I threaten the cancel my 3 lines. The rep offered me the phone for $149 with $100 instant off with free shipping!! WHAT A DEAL!! I LOVE YOU TMO!!!

  • David Haddon

    Anybody else having email trouble with the Vibrant? I have had it for 13 days now and have been having trouble with getting emails from day one. Tmobile directed me to delete my email account and re-install it. I followed their instruction but the same thing occured…no emails! I contacted again today and the rep said they are having some trouble and looking for the tech service reps to supply sample cases to thier department for study. He claims that a software fix would be forthcoming but couldn’t guaranty when. I told him that I may have to send the phone back if I couldn’t get email.

    Anybody have the same issues I am experiencing? Other than this issue, I love the handset. Anybody have any ideas? I have the phone set up to check for emails every 5 minutes. most of the time I don’t receive the emails at all and sometimes I get 5 or 10 at one time….just doesn’t make sense.

  • TooMuchGadgets

    Alas, the Super AMOLED screen and proc speed were were not enough to outweigh the significant software & hardware issues I have encountered over the last few days with my Vibrant.

    The latest issue (and last straw) is the dialer app crashing and dropping calls (8 so far in a week). I had higher hopes for Samsung, but I am swapping out for a Slide.

    Bye bye beautiful screen…

  • Kirsten

    *sigh* I really liked it…. like A LOT… except that the battery life was soooo awful that I decided to take it back. this is also the problem I’ve had with most android phones I’ve tried… My blackberry gets 3 days worth of use before charging… I havent come across an android phone that could get even a day’s worth of charge, even with all the settings adjusted and taskiller type apps.

    • taaars

      I found that the vibrant does get better battery life than most other android phones out there, but you are right, no were near as good as the Blackberry. This is because the Blackberry isn’t tasked with as many processes as the android.

    • Matador

      Well, if your coming straight from a blackberry, yes, you will notice a HUGE difference in battery performance (I know this, wife and I both came from blackberry over a year ago) But this is because android has a full touchscreen + runs a ton more processes than blackberry. That being said the battery on the vibrant has been excellent for a android phone, much better than almost any other android I have used, Froyo will also help further, so will be nice.

  • Charles

    WARNING! I use Outlook 2007 with USB connection and per a Samsun Tech support the Kies is for the UK only and not the US. I’m not spreading my contacts and calendar on the internet for this to work!

    • JROMEY

      I called Samsung techie for some help and they didnt know anything about the phone. They were reading from the manual and never heard of Kies. Tmobile Techs were friendly but told me they would take the phone back if I couldnt get outlook to sync with the phone. They didnt have a clue. After burning a work day trying to figure something out and trying to get several android apps and the junky google sync (which I cant get off my computer), I downloaded Kies after reading a post and downloaded all my contacts straight to my phone and it worked great. The phone is great compared to all other Tmobile android phones.

      • Jerry

        Where did you find the kies software? I’ve looked everywhere and no luck? Thanks, Jerry

  • dialonne

    Cheap Plastic Garbage. Returned.

    • Dash

      What makes you think that? Because it doesn’t weigh as much as a brick? It’s actually quite durable from what I can tell. I think some people are mistaking the awesomeness of the super amoled for cheapness in quality. Quite the contrary actually.

  • best phone i have had in a long time i thought i was a key board guy but not anymore this coming from a guy that came form sidekick 1, sidekick 2, sidekick 3, then the G1 all good phones but nothing like the vibrant

  • SureArrow

    Battery life is bad, but the phone needs that power to shine. I’ve had mine for 4 days now and I left my G1 for it. I do miss the keyboard and the utility of the G1 vs. the light weight and style based aspect of the Vibrant. The G1 felt like a man’s phone on an Indy Jones’ adventure, were the Vibrant feels like a man (or lady’s) phone at a fancy, undercover spy mission with James Bond.

    My biggest beef is with the 4 non-button switches under the screen. These are the most used components of this type of phone and them being non-tactile really sucks. I can’t see them in the dark either and this is a headache at times. What’s worse is they sometimes require two hard presses to function (when you can find them). Their lights turn of in only seconds and I think having real buttons there would improve the phone greatly! Even though I still like the ruggedness of the G1, I give this Vibrant high 007 marks!

  • ov1

    I’m so glad I know what phone I’m getting if this Nov line up doesn’t impress me. Currertly using the grandfather one so I can’t wait to see what’s next from Tmo. Prior to vibriant I knew I was leaving in October for sprint but they have renewed my faith.

  • What’s with the poll choices? 4 versions of “I don’t like it”, one “I don’t have it”, one “I love it OMGBBQ”, and no “It’s great BUT…”, which is what 90% of the comments seem to be.

  • remixfa

    for those that have bad battery life.

    1) dont use autobrightness, just turn it down to a level u can deal with (its easy, its a pretty screen..lol)
    2) dont use samsung widgets. Nice ideas, but battery hogs. Just use the regular facebook apps and stuff from the market.
    3) turn off live wallpapers if u use them
    4) is ur gps/wifi on for no reason?
    5) use a task killer to keep the amount of background running apps to a minimum.

    This phone actually gets great battery life for being such a high end phone. For anyone that thinks its crappy, go find another huge touch screen phone running a 1ghz processor and tell me how it goes.. LOL. The galaxyS has double or more battery life than an HD2/Evo/iphone4 or anything comperable.
    If your comming from a blackberry, its night and day. The blackberry doesnt have a huge touch screen, multitask the same, or run with 1/4th as much horsepower. Its like going from an accord to a ferrari and bitching about the gas mileage.


    with all that said, ive gone from getting 3/4ths a day battery life (which is good for the amount i use it) to having 2/3rds of a battery left over at the end of yesterday. Its all in how you use it.

    This phone is awesome.. hands down :)

  • I’ve had this phone for one week.
    1200 texts, 250 phone calls,35 hours of internet use or Market Browsing,
    50 app downloads, and 3 battery pulls later. I will say! Man!
    What else can I throw at this phone!

    My hone is as solid as the first day I got it,
    with the exception of the volume rocker
    which “broke in” a little. I keep it in a gomobile sleeve
    so that tends to brush against the volume rocker, thus “breaking it in”
    I found out the hard way that some apps will make your phone freeze,
    so I had to do a couple battery pulls, at first it was tedious and frustrating;
    but it got easier each time. My phone still feels solid regardless.
    With some phones maybe 1 or 2 battery pulls will lossen up the cover, and make it wobbly, Not so with this phone!

    In 1 week I have downloaded every single app I will ever need with this phone
    The screen blows my mind! The speed is great. I have had a little lag;
    But that happens when you put a ton of stuff on the screens.

    After editing my screens to maximize performance,
    My phone is it’s regular old self. Almost completely Lag Free!

    I can’t say enough about it! I have at least 40 apps
    in 4 folders on my home screen on top of having two other
    widgets in there, WeatherBug Elite,
    and a Beautfiful Battery notification!
    I have the other 5 set up with some great widgets themselves!

    This phone is the best phone out now, anywhere!
    I love this phone!

    You will never pry this phone out of my hands.
    Cheap feel my ass, this phone is amazingly solid,
    and does everything you need it to do
    Anything more would make it Vibrantor,
    and girls everywhere would be too excited to sit down


  • I mean breaking in as far as the volume rocker in a good way.
    It loosens up just a tiny bit over time, no biggie
    thats what they do.

  • BlackBerry phones made me hate smartphones, The updates they send brick most BlackBerries… Then Android came out, so I waited for the hardware to catch up before buying one. The battery life on this phone is beautiful for what it does, and what I do with it.

    It just seems that there are too many ungrateful people. I use (3) Samsung Widgets
    “Buddies Now” what I like to call “Daily Briefing Lite”, and “Feeds, and Updates”
    Get “WeatherBug Elite”, and pair it with the “Digital Clock App”
    Much nicer than the AccuWeather clock, and uses a lot less battery!
    And you can still use Live Wallpaper!

    If you worry about wobble then don’t use the volume rocker! Use the Touchscreen!
    I found it to be tightly integrated, almost like it was nailed on. That made for a very solid feel; But a little risky to use all the time

  • Mark

    I am so sick of morons talking about battery life! This is a computer! When was the last time you carried a laptop around all day and didn’t need to charge it! If you want longer life, get a second battery like I did! This is not a blackberry, this is a smartphone, a very powerful computer that runs programs!

  • Mark

    Great phone – a huge step up from my crackberry. As a business user I never thought I’d see value in a non keyboard phone, but I do. The display on the BB’s just keeps getting smaller and my eyes keep getting older – not a good combo. The Vibrant’s display is easy to read, and emails are once again practical – not to mention links and attachments work much better.

    My one complaint has more to do with T-mobile than the phone. Sitting in my home, upstairs in San Jose, CA, my phone spends 51% of the time searching for the network – which kills the battery. Either T-mobile needs more cell towers or my particular phone has a reception problem.

  • Digital Gurl

    I love my Samsung Vibrant… I fell in love with the Android OS when I bought my G1 and then out of curiosity/need for something new, I dumped the G1 for an iPhone 3G. Needless to say my experiences with that particular handset made me miss Android with a passion. I held out on purchasing another handset until I found one in particular that fit my needs. The Samsung Vibrant does just that. Although I wish it had FFC, the Beautiful Super Amoled Screen, Android Os operating with its 1 GHZ processor and battery life made it easier to love. It does what I need it do and the live wallpaper makes me giggle. (what can I say? I’m easily amused…) I’ve never been drawn to a Blackberry while I’ve had several opportunities to experiment with it. Obviously the battery life of the BB in comparison to a multitasking smartphone would seem better… but the BB is fairly simple and doesn’t DO enough to draw off the battery life. But whatever works for you.

  • Bobby

    No LED Flash… Epic Fail!!! Does it have Root????

    Keeping my N1 till something better comes along…

    • Spac3Invad3r

      “No LED Flash… Epic Fail!!!” LMFAO!!! are you seriously basing your whole judgment on a phone because it doesn’t have a flash? Please do your research, the night mode on this phone is amazing, the pictures look great, pictures with flash look horrible. I’m glad they didn’t include a flash.

      As far as specs, this phone is a step up from the N1, just the screen alone is reason enough to upgrade.

      Yes, it has been rooted, and it’s reversible too. You should hang out at XDA more often before you EPIC FAIL something.

    • Shawn

      I traded my N1 for this Samsung Vibrant, and honestly, this phone in night mode takes WAY better pictures in the dark than my N1 did with flash.

  • Relikk2

    Just found this video of the Captivate, this shows the graphic power of the galaxys phone vs the rest of the new ones. Absolutly destroys the EVO, but droid X does better then I expected (still not as good). Can’t wait for 2.2!!!

  • Thanh

    I for one am returning the Vibrant. I’ve since used it for about 10 days since Tmobile sent it to me from launch day. Its a great phone but seriously lacks in some areas that force me to go back to my G1.

    1st gripe: editing texts or messages. Not having a trackball or trackpad makes it incredibly difficult to edit messages from any area not at the end where the cursor usually lies. A trackpad probably would have been the end all fix for this.

    2nd gripe: GPS and 3G signals. I dont know if its the antenna or programing but my Vibrant is always on edge where as my G1 never had problems picking up 3G here in my home. It could just be my immediate area but I for one have noticed I’m finding it difficult to get signal strength in many areas. My wife’s Mytouch still has no issues. Again this doesn’t affect my calling or web surfing much but knowing my $499 phone doesn’t pick up 3g as well as my G1 is quite a bummer.

    3rd gripe: The occasional lag/freeze. I get an occasional screen freeze that seems to be sporadic. Various apps that I used on my G1 now have issues on the Vibrant. When I switch my sim back I am unable to replicate but I to be perfectly fair I was unable to replicate on my Vibrant as well, it just happened every now and then.

    4th gripe: Preloaded SIMS game force closes quite a bit as well as other apps. I’ve found the SIMS game would force close on me every time I would complete a certain action on the SIMS. Now if you don’t play the game this wouldn’t apply to you but one would think a preloaded app would work flawlessly. Other apps such as Facebook or google maps would freeze up and sometimes force close on me.

    5th gripe: the 4 touch sensitive buttons light turn off on me way too often and take 2-3 tries to successfully complete action.

    6th gripe: It takes too long to take pictures and switch back to camera to take another picture. Having to push back button to go back to camera is tedious, counter productive and annoying.

    7th gripe: the widgets aren’t cracked up as I thought they’d be. What was a highlight of the phone really is never turned on and I’ve found out I’m not in the same boat. Many ppl dont use the widgets because they drain the battery too much or have issues.

    8th gripe: EMAILS…. I set it to receive emails every half hour but I’ve noticed sometimes it doesn’t notify me of new emails for the entire day. I use Gmail and I’m specifically looking for it to update me on the main menu top bar that I have a new email.

    9th gripe: text messages…. my wife has been complaining about sending me text messages and me not returning her messages. I’m not sure if this is human error, her phone, or my phone but seems to be have only been an issue for her. I have noticed however that when my phone runs out of batteries and I get a bunch of text messages while my phone is off, i will not get the messages when my phone comes back on a few hours later. When I had my G1 I came back from Cancun to about 30 text messages, the Vibrant seems to not acknowledge messages sent while in off position.

    That being said…. I love the UI actually, even if it is strangely similar to Apple’s which is a good thing. And swype is rediculously awesome and fun to use. The screen is what everyone toots about, the blackest blacks and impresses everybody. This phone is so close to being amazing but its just not for me unfortunately, guess its back to my hunch back G1.

  • Thanh

    I also forgot to add that when on the phone I sometimes push end call by accident with my cheeks. Its only happened twice but still annoying since I now am very careful not to hold it too close. I’ve resulted to use speaker phone which is not loud enough for me when I’m in busy areas.

    oh and lastly my most annoyed thing about the phone that I was just reminded of when i picked up the phone, waking up the phone!!!! it is so annoying to have to push the little button on the upper right side of hte phone to prompt the screen to wake. You then swype the screen to turn it on. My issue is that the small physical button on the side of the phone is along the curvy part of the phone where if you hold it with your right hand and try to turn on the phone with 1 hand (I use my thumb) the phone often slips out of my hand. I almost ALWAYS have to hold the phone with one hand and use my other hand to push the button because i’m so afraid of dropping the phone. This is by far the most annoying thing on the phone, I could change the way i hold the phone by holding it on my left and using my pointer finger to turn it on but it changes the way I do everything, annoying is an understatement.

    • synapblink

      Why would you have your entire oily cheek on the screen? When I make phone calls, I don’t have my entire cheek on the screen. It’ll just leave lots of imprint on the pretty screen. If you have the ear piece on your ear, that’s all you need and you wont ever have to accidentally press the “end” button. And you’ve only done it twice so this shouldn’t be a problem.

      You’re just not holding the phone right if you’re bitchin’ about the power button. You’re suppose to hold the phone with your left hand, and use your right index finger to touch the screen. Problem solved.

    • Swyper Always Swyping

      Then I’m glad you returned the vibrant. Someone else will have a great experience with it and you can return back to your brick. Enjoy!

  • Mark


    You don’t deserve to have a great smartphone if you are going back to the G1. Each phone is different and takes getting used to. Only a moron would choose a G1 over the Vibrant. You must be a moron or an Apple fanboy trashing another Android device.

  • Thanh

    Why is it that I’m a moron for not being satisfied with my $499 phone and opting to return it to go back to my G1 that I already own? No where did I say the G1 was a superior phone nor did I say the Vibrant lacked smarts compared to the G1. I’m choosing to go back to the G1 because I don’t value the Vibrant as a $499 phone so I will hold onto my G1 a little longer until something better suits me comes along.

    And sir, how is it that an original pre-order G1 owner is an Apple fanboy? I’ve been on androidforums submitting my own design for the new android logo before this whole Android craze ever began.

    The phones a remarkable device but not for me. Lets not all kid ourselves here…. it is anything but flawless and if these flaws are something you could live with then this phone is for you. For me? not so much. I dont think I need to point out all the positives about this phone, its been well documented before. So there you go, those are my gripes…. I dont think I was overly harsh so sue me that someone actually returned a Galaxy S phone.

  • Thanh

    PS. I bought the phone for retail no contract so excuse me for being critical with how I spend my money.

  • Cracker

    Where’s the option for “Can’t touch my current phone… an N900”?

  • Synapblink

    Wow. There are so many people bitching about over little things about this phone and it’s not just things that are exclusively to this phone, it’s about things that are on many other devices. But anywho, I am going to mention the positive things about this phone instead of whining about it.

    Camera: The camera is awesome on this phone! Coming from a Blackberry Curve user, the camera on this phone is a huge upgrade. I’ve taken all kinds of shots with it; macro, text, landscape, etc and they all turn out very nice. I love being able to touch the screen and select the specific area that I want the camera to focus on. As for not having a flash, the camera works fine without it because there is the night mode option which comes in handy. So who ever complain about not having a flash, FIY, it’s not that important. Why the hell would you take a picture in the middle of the darkness anyway? Yes, it’s nice to have it as a flashlight, well there’s a tiny flash light you can buy from the 99 cent store that is brighter than any LED flash on a phone.

    Screen & Size: I love the screen! I am really spoiled with the 4 inch size screen that anything smaller than that is too small for my viewing. Besides that, the phone is so light that I don’t feel the weight when I put it in my pocket. It’s also not too big where I can’t put the phone in my jean pocket and mind you, I am a petite girl who wears size 1 jeans. Compare to the Evo and the Droid X, those two phones are way too beastly to fit in my pocket. And for the folks who complain how it doesn’t have an LED status light. It really isn’t necessary because one way or another, you’ll turn your phone on to check whether you have a message or you just want to use your phone regardless if it has an LED light or not.

    Android OS System: I’m never going back to my old Blackberry 4.5 OS or any Blackberry OS ever again. It’s awesome being able to download so many useful and free apps. So far, I’ve downloaded quite a few. I’ve experienced a few lags on the phone, but nothing major compare to my Blackberry where I had to do a battery pull or wait for a minute. I hope Froyo will be out next month as promised on the Vibrant.

    GPS: I’m lucky with the GPS part so I didn’t experience any problems unlike some of you guys did. I haven’t tested this function much besides using it once and it worked just fine.

    Battery: I think the Vibrant so far has the best battery life compare to other Android phones. My friend has a G1 and her battery was crap. We would hang out starting the morning and by sunset, she has to charge her phone. She doesn’t use her phone that much besides texting a few messages. My other friend has the Eris and hers last for 4 hours, but that’s because that girl is always on her phone constantly. When I am out for the whole day spending time with my friends from morning til the time I get home, the phone is on it’s last bar when I get home. And when I’m out, I use my phone for everything; gaming, text, twitter, fb, video, etc. I haven’t experienced any, “NOOO my phone is shutting down because of of my battery” dramatic moments like some others on here. Besides, if you’re going to use the phone a lot, then expect the battery life to go down like crazy. If you know your phone only last half of the day, get an extra battery or conserve. That’s like a no brainer there.

    Virtual keyboard: Ok, people who complain so much about this part, why the hell do you even bother getting the phone if your thumbs depended on actual buttons? I on the other hand appreciate the virtual keyboard a lot. My BB Curve was notorious for making clickity clackity noise whenever I was texting. It’s annoying when you’re trying to be sneaky and text in quiet places like the classroom, library, movie theaters, etc. Also, I like how there is the SwiftKey keyboard app that makes typing even easier and faster. Swype is cool, but I find myself a little slow on it. I’ll give it a few more practices and see how it goes, but Swiftkey is awesome since it predicts the words that I use so I don’t have to type in the entire word. Therefore, less typing errors for me.

    Overall, the phone is rockin! There really isn’t anything about it that I am dissatisfied with. The only thing that I hope to see some improvements would be the Calendar. I like to be able to set certain events on a bi-weekly bases, yet it doesn’t have that option. But I’m sure there is an app somewhere, just have to figure out which app does. I’ll go take a look after I post this.

    Every phone has its learning curve. If you complain about the learning curve part, you might as well not own the phone. But if you can deal with it and master it, then it’s going to be a very handy device. I don’t see any major issues with this phone in terms of hardware or software. The screen doesn’t have yellow blotches, signal doesn’t drop if you hold it a certain way like the iphone, and the Android OS isn’t stuck in dinosaur ages, but is always making improvements. So quit your whining and bitching.

    • hatesstupidpeople

      Very well said. I came from sprint and htc hero phone was terrid service ok. I love how ppl are complaining about the led flash. Omg get a digital camera if its so important. This phone is sick. And the 3g is really quick and impressive

  • Synapblink

    Huh, weird. My post was duplicated. Hope a mod comes by and delete it. Anyway, found a solution to the bi-weekly issue for the calendar. Just have to go to your gmail account and add whatever you want on your calendar, then sync it to the phone. Problem solved.

  • raddestnerd

    Got mine yesterday at Tmo. Love it. It’s the Android I’ve been waiting for! Make sure you ask for the “Android Apps” brochure. Has QR codes to some essential apps like Advanced Task Killer and fun ones like FXcamera.

  • obvious

    This phone will kill the battery, I received email extremely late, and typing is a pain. Great for watching youtube, I quickly returned the phone. Note on charging, I took it off the charge for 2 mins the power was at 95% (no I didn’t download apps). Battery dies quickly. Return the phone if you can!

  • spleeve

    Overall love it. 2 weeks in and ccame from unlocked iPhone 3g and previously Blackberry Curve.
    A few gripes:
    On/off/wake button a little small and fiddly. Virtual keyboard not as friendly as iPhone. Not so keen on the virtual keys–a hard key for the back function would be nice and they sometimes take a couple of hits to work. Moving around and selecting text is a pain–am I missing something? I miss the ease of synching and back up with iTunes though I hear this will be addressed too with Froyo. Facebook app isn’t the greatest though I’m sure that will change soon.

    Otherwise some highlights:
    Look and feel are great. While it is made of plastic it has a high quality feel and is light and slim compared to everything else.
    Screen: Awesome. No arguing w/ size and resolution and clarity.
    Speed: Virtually no lag most of the time. Very occasional hang up. Sure this will be fixed w/ Froyo.
    Android vs. iOS: There’s been a learning curve for me but I appreciate the additional functionality of Android over the simplicity of iOS in so many areas. Also the Google integration and seamless sharing functions are brilliant.
    UI: Pleasantly familiar coming from iOS and much less fiddly than what I’ve seen on Droid and EVO. Love the fact I can have one touch calling and messaging as a shortcut on my home screen.
    Swype: Just amazing as I’m getting the hang of it and once I got the settings to my liking.
    Battery life: At first seemed a problem but once I figured out how to turn some background apps off and left the GPS off except when using it has been no problem. I spent a day hammering it on the phone, texting, taking videos and pics and uploading to Twitter and FB for some up to the minute reporting from X Games from 7am to 8pm and still had 20% charge at the end of the day.
    Camera: everything and more than I need in a phone. Love the panorama mode.

    I’ve been recommending this phone to everyone I see. Frustrated iPhone 4 friends are getting schooled and converted. I still feel like I have yet to scratch the surface of its functionality. Overall super impressed and seriously doubt there will be a phone I feel the need to upgrade to in a long while.

  • Golfjam

    Battery life was awful but it got a lot better after I drained and fully charged from scratch. Also, disabling sign in on Google Talk helped. Now I got similar or not better battery life than my previous modded (undervolted) Nexus One.

  • I love this phone! Coming from a G1 I thought I’d miss the keyboard, but the speed of the processor lets my betterkeyboard fly with multi-touch enabled. I don’t miss the physical keys at all. At first I was a little weirded out by having to tap the screen to edit text (no trackball/tracpad) but again, the screen is large and responsive and doesn’t cause me too much hassles when cutting and pasting this way. One this that is lacking is a magnifier bubble to see what your finger is doing – The droid X and the my-touch slide have a magnified bubble that pops up just over the finger-pressed area so you can clearly see what you are doing/selecting. The BIG positives of this phone include amazing large and bright SUPERAMOLED screen, the HD video capture, night mode for photos, the ability to RCA video-out with a simple cable (just got it and works like a charm), and the sheer speed when running 3d games and applications. I am a little irritated with the GPS inconstancy, but hope to see a fix soon. As long as Samsung delivers on the GPS fix this will clearly be the best phone I’ve ever owned.

  • M_Az

    This phone is seriously awesome, I am a t-mobile employee and it is the first phone i’ve owned since the slide that really feels incredible, the screen is ridiculously awesome, it makes web browsing a pleasure, I love the battery life I rarely have to worry about it dying on me, and all the apps look great on the phone, this is the first phone i’ve ever owned where I am like impressed by it.

    there is some gripes sure, but what doesn’t have some issues?

    for me, the screen alone is worth the price of admission, the fact it works well and fits perfectly in the hand and the weight of it, it’s just priceless.

    best phone on t-mobile, hands down

    Nexus one is definitely nice to though.

  • catsigh

    Still love it. I’m getting excellent battery life compared to my G1. I’ll be EVEN happier with the GPS issue being ironed out a little more and Froyo. I am having to shut the phone down and reboot to download apps if it’s been on a while. No biggie once I figured it out.

  • M_Az

    Yeah basically it’s not a perfect phone but there is no perfect phone didn’t nexus one have reception issues with 3g? so there is some flaws but they all have fixes even it’s just patience and understanding, I still cannot get over how excellent the display looks.
    Browsing on the phone is flawless, the apps look great, the gps works okay(hopefully will be fixed.) and sometimes reception issues, but this is the first phone I have ever owned that I have been impressed with highly, it almost makes me not want an iphone 4, but of course i’d gladly use one, dunno if the display is as nice though. either way, this is a win for samsung.

  • J

    So far still no gps issues. No death grip issues At first battery life was horrible but with a few tweaks to the display settings and it gets me through the day. This being the first on screen keyboard I’ve ever owned, I thought that it’d take a while to get used to but swype is incredible. After a few hours I’m faster on swype than I was on a physical qwerty keyboard. As for not having a track pad, the options for the cursor built into the keyboard work just fine.

  • Cupcake

    Got mine on Aug 4 and returned it Aug 7!! Sweet phone but some features that I thought were standard on my Mytough 3G were not on the Vibrant. Must be a Samsung/HTC thing. I assumed that if it was android, all features were standard but now realize that is carrier specific (duh..I know!) But I use those features and did not want to waste my upgrade not being totally happy. Also did not know that it did not have a status light! Real important to me..sometimes I cannot always wake up my phone to see if I have msgs/voicemails…etc. So I need to see that light. Will wait now for the next HTC phone to come out. Other than that..nice phone…large screen…nice weight. Great but just not for me…hate that too!!

  • fs

    I love my Vibrant. Battery life is better than the G1. Turn off the Wifi and Bluetooth when not in use. Also try Power Manager from the Market. Makes a huge difference. I charge very night but I can get 2 days on a charge and I am a heavy user.

  • MAS

    I’ve enver had a smart phone before. Bought the vibrant for my 22 year old son who was “awestruck” when he saw it (I was too). I couldn’t stop thinking about that phone after getting one for him but was kind of scared to get such a high tech phone for myself. Long story short… I couldn’t stand it and got myself a Vibrant and IT IS A TOTALLY AWESOME PHONE!

    Anyone who would return this phone is just someone who is never happy with anything.

    I love my Vibrant…sure it has quirks…but all phones do and every day I learn something new that it does. It’s just FUN!

  • F4our Bars

    the screen is too small…… just kidding. I got the phone two weeks ago and came from blackberry. I love the phone but its really the access to the market place apps and big screen that I really like. I use voice like crazy and even then I like this phone better than blackberry. sure it takes some time- learning curve to be able to really manipulate deftly but it will be worth it. I need to learn better “battery management” because it lasts less than I was used to with blackberry. A lot less actually but then again I have everything running all the time GPS,Wifi,full bright etc- I will tweak and Im sure it will improve. What does get annoying is how quickly it goes into sleep/lock mode and you have to “unlock”. Here again, I’m sure there is an adjustment that can be made. Thats the learning curve because the quick guide manual that came with the phone is “minimalist” to say the least. Sites like this are a big help getting info and quickening the learning curve. It may not be for everyone, but those that returned the phone in the first hours of use may have been a bit hasty.

  • NrseNikki

    Rcvd this as a birthday gift from my fiance, upgrade from crackberry, Im not a techie but I am loving my new phone.

  • ryan

    sold mt hd2 for it and i LOVE it! best phone i have ever had.

  • Gustavzz

    very clear screen. the battery life of the phone is horrible. and i hardly use any of the apps. and i’m not a talker either. doesn’t seem to last half a day and the store replaced the battery.

  • Gustavzz

    very clear screen. the battery life of the phone is horrible. and i hardly use any of the apps. and i’m not a talker either. doesn’t seem to last half a day and the store replaced the battery.