Hey T-Mobile Users! Rooting & Jailbreaking No Longer Gives You Prison Fears

Here’s a bit of good news for those of you that love jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhones and for those that can’t live without rooting your Android handsets. Today, the United States government has announced that jailbreaking and unlocking iPhones, and rooting of Android phones is completely legal as long as they are not violating copyright laws. Although if rumors are true (fingers crossed), you won’t have much longer to worry about jailbreaking/unlocking to actually use you iPhone on T-Mobile’s network.

Although it is now completely legal to jailbreak and root your iPhone/Android handsets, this new jailbreak ruling does not force Apple or other manufacturers to remove copy protection from their software and may still void your handset warranty. Instead, users who jailbreak or root their phone will not be subject to criminal prosecution for the act of circumvention. Additionally, this ruling only provides for jailbreaking for the use of legally-acquired software, meaning that users cannot use it as a defense for installing pirated applications.

Macworld Via Associated Press

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