Hey T-Mobile Users! Rooting & Jailbreaking No Longer Gives You Prison Fears

Here’s a bit of good news for those of you that love jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhones and for those that can’t live without rooting your Android handsets. Today, the United States government has announced that jailbreaking and unlocking iPhones, and rooting of Android phones is completely legal as long as they are not violating copyright laws. Although if rumors are true (fingers crossed), you won’t have much longer to worry about jailbreaking/unlocking to actually use you iPhone on T-Mobile’s network.

Although it is now completely legal to jailbreak and root your iPhone/Android handsets, this new jailbreak ruling does not force Apple or other manufacturers to remove copy protection from their software and may still void your handset warranty. Instead, users who jailbreak or root their phone will not be subject to criminal prosecution for the act of circumvention. Additionally, this ruling only provides for jailbreaking for the use of legally-acquired software, meaning that users cannot use it as a defense for installing pirated applications.

Macworld Via Associated Press

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  • Poochilau1

    Very cool, but to be honest who jailbreaks??

    • TheLight

      you cant 6e serious

      • pdxduckfan

        an Iphone for TMo only means slower service for everyone else……

    • B

      Really though, you can’t be serious

    • pizzle

      *stewie voice* Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

    • booyaka

      lol this guy …

    • Davidohio

      Many many many people do. Are you serious?

    • matb321

      I jailbreak and root or else I would be stuck on 1.5 on my Cliq and would not be able to download cool software on my Iphone that Steve Jobs doesn’t like.

    • jujuama10

      Lol wow who doesn’t jailbreak. Wake up dude.

    • Jelc


  • Chris

    Lol, I didn’t even know it was illegal to begin with. I still would do it anyway even if it is still illegal. They can’t tell me what I can and can’t do with my phone.

    • Kickstar13

      It’s never been illegal.

      • Shawn

        actually yes it was, htc legal has been going after people who provide root, claiming some sort of copyright violation. It has been going on for a while, I guess the threats from htc legal will stop now.

      • bart jones

        @Shawn Actually, the act of rooting and jailbreaking is not illegal. It is, however, illegal to put copywritten and cracked applications on the phone if you have not purchased the license(ie buying from a marketplace), which jailbreaking and rooting allows you to do. It is not the act itself but what one may choose to do when rooted that may be breaking a law. Kickstar, sorry for replying to your comment but the website would not allow me to reply to shawn’s reply of your reply. TMO FTW!

      • BronxBebe

        Kick I came to free the cat John Dillenger style with a fake gun ;-p

  • Rightousness


  • The Observer

    ummmm, so does it also mean brickin the phone is covered by warranty then?

    • Tyler

      did you not read the second paragraph?

      “Although it is now completely legal to jailbreak and root your iPhone/Android handsets, this new jailbreak ruling does not force Apple or other manufacturers to remove copy protection from their software and may still void your handset warranty.”

    • j

      NO, not unless it is an official release, roots are not covered, EVER

  • Cassie

    hehe…..didn’t even know it was illegal in the first place……..hehe

    • NiiDiddy

      it was never illegal

      • Cassie

        Ok now I’m going to shut up lol. I am not diving into this one, unknown territories for me as you can see.

  • mailman13877

    lol i’ve had a jailbroken G1 for the past 2 years but correct me if im wrong..i thought you can get pirated apps over the net even without jailbreaking??

    • john

      Yeah, with android, but iphone being locked to itunes, “They” couldn’t…or I suppose since we are talking about it, icant would be better.

  • Anthony in Utah

    I am waiting for HTC Vision come September (if rumors are true) and if iPhone for ever comes to T-Mobile… I am game ! ! ! !

    • Anthony in Utah

      I meant iPhone 4 haha

  • NiiDiddy

    i’ve never rooted. i dunno why, but just never have–i guess i’ve been content. but rooting has become big business. all i know is that i’m glad i have options… :)

  • Pythagoras

    “the United States government has announced that jailbreaking and unlocking iPhones, and rooting of Android phones is completely legal”

    Thank God they are focusing on solving this urgent problem!

    • swehes

      LOL. Well. They have to keep busy with something as it looks like the economy is not important enough.

      • john

        You guys are actually missing the miraculous precedents that have been set here.
        1. The government admitted that it is your phone, and you have the freedom to do with it as you will.
        2. Mailman had a non negative post.
        3. Mailman didn’t mention the evo.
        4. Mailman didn’t mention settling…the government really is good for something

        This message is brought to you by my samsung vibrant, and it approves of it.

      • Patrick

        @ John…..if this were facebook, I’d “Like” that comment LOL!

  • going_home

    If you water your phone will it root ?


  • Red_slide

    Haha i watered mine and it gained root quick ! :D

  • Jimbo

    Omg yeah it would become a paper weight so basicly the hd2

    • just some dude

      LOL oh man that was funny

  • 2Noob4U

    This is really stupid because it really wasn’t illegal in the first place. Sure illegal if you want to download a bunch of pirated apps from torrent sites, but as far as I know you can install pirated apps without rooting your device. This was a big deal with Cyanogen a few months ago with Google apps. He just made a legal version of his ROM and you can install the apps later. This is dumb.

  • just some dude

    Actually it was illegal for a brief time under the revised DMCA, which was amended to include rooting/jailbreaking back in 2009. But I guess the Fed did there homework and decided that it was bull, good for them.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    oh Dear Goodness. Just let Tmo get the iPhone so the writers of these articles can stop putting their iPhone fanboyism into the articles. Anywho, this is ok news I guess.

  • I was in the Mall location over the weekend. A rep I spoke with stated that the Ipone will be coming to TMO. First the 3g/3gS then the Iphone4. He stated definitely by the end of the year. I asked him about HTC he qoted TMONews and directed me here. For me it is a choice between the rumored Vanguard and the Ip4. I don’t want to blow my upgrade on just anything. After that I would be willing to pay full price if something sexier comes along with say Gingerbread.

  • going_home

    HTC is still making the Nexus One !


    Awesome !


  • FILA

    I didnt even kno it was illegal to start with, i guess i should of arrested myself for rotting my MT3G, lol

  • mtnman

    I Rooted my Cliq over 3 months ago. Thank God, at least now I know im safe from the feds kicking in my door and hauling me off to jail now that it’s legal. Whew. I was worried there for a moment. lol.

    P.S. Note the sarcasm. Hehehe.

  • derrickps3


    but seriously, i saw this coming

  • Jason Bonham

    Possibly the only positive thing to come out of the Obama administration is a greater and renewed emphasis on proper consumer-focused regulation of the oligopoly known as America’s mobile industry. Four companies who purchased spectrum belonging to the American people, under the auspices of our interests, acting in non obvious collusion on everything. Time for it to end.

  • bbman

    i thought since android was open-source, that u were allowed to root it without getting in trouble, i know that its different with apple though

    • Deaconclgi

      That sounds like you are talking about Maemo. Maemo is truly open source. Want root? Click on the xterminal icon that NOKIA preinstalled and type root. OR download a free user made (remember open source) application and type sudo gainroot. Nothine even remotely illegal and it is all free. No need to jailbreak either, Meamo has been free to alter and use since the begining. I have Maemo, Debian Linux AND android 2.2 on my N900, now that is open. Oh, and you cant brick the N900, if it doesnt boot because you messed up the os, hook it to the pc and reinstall Maemo, legally and free within 5 minutes and try again. True opensource and freedom at a price tha americans dont want to pay.

      Today I earned 3 more stars in Mario 64 on my N900 while watching the Iphone 4 line build at the mall and watching the smilling apple fans put on their free bumpers. I thought to myself, if they only knew the truth.

      Anyway, I am glad that OS freedom is being defined as legal. Now more people may be willing to take advantage of the fantastic devices that the purchased. I hope devolopers and modders see this as a positive move for the US mobile industry.

  • Patrick

    it was never “illegal” to begin with to root/jailbreak your phone. companies WANTED it to be illegal and tried to sue some ppl, but then legislation decided, “it’s your phone, if you want to risk breaking it….that’s your business”

  • Monicoo

    Wait, so we cant Jailbreak blackberries? Only iphones and android?

  • Does flashing a unofficial ROM fall under jailbreaking/rooting?

  • cliquser

    can someone tell me what rooting does for android phones i got 3 and thinking about rooting them. thanks

  • Ahhh hell..just goto modmymobile.com amd check it out..the feds and private cell companys are just alittle pissed we can now hack our phones and via the phones hack there systems and software..lmao..running the latest roms..(not out on the market yet)..love this evo rom..on my what? motorola clq? wow people..how did that happen..lmfao

  • Gary

    That is a lie I did not hear this from htc

  • Gary

    Htc said we still can root are phones