Dell Streak Update

We knew it was a rumor all along, but it looks like this rumor just didn’t turn our way.  The Dell Mini 5, or Streak, was once thought to support T-Mobile’s 3G network, but probably not supported by T-Mobile (like that good ol’ N900).  Dell has said themselves that the Streak “will not be certified for T-Mobile operation overall.”  I guess that means that no AWS goodness will be thrown in, EDGE maybe (but who wants that).  If you still want the Streak, the good news is that it will get FroYo this year.  Seriously though, who’s looking at the Dell Streak when so many other great Android phones are out (or on their way)?

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  • theBIGmack

    Who would want that when we got the Vibrant?

  • killerinstinct24

    yeah this looks pretty useless

  • Jason Bonham

    The Vibrant isn’t in the small-tablet product segment that the Streak is. It’s not a relevant comparison. T-Mobile undoubtedly has other tablets that will launch I am sure.

  • JP

    I was actually looking forward to this. It was a nice compromise to an ipad. Very portable and great during flights on my business trips. Too bad. With all the hype that’s been built up about this device and with almost NOOOOO marketing, it reminds me of another device….Hummmm….Wonder what that could be….


    maybe next time.

  • phonegeek

    well there goes all my hopes an dreams…..right.. i wasn’t even really worried about that tablet/phone im waiting for the other phones to come out that g1v2 looks great an im still waiting to see the project emerald

  • watbetch

    Snapdragon on a device like this? Yeah.. no thanks. It should at least have the processing/graphics power to back up it’s obnoxious size.

  • BPRhythm

    “This particular unit” … so just that specific one? Or the other one with AWS unit?

    I would honestly take this over the vibrant any day. I don’t call, and only text and web/apps, so this would have been perfect for me.

  • Pfft, Vibrant Broz all day.

    • Tito!

      Vibrant sucks my d*** . Sorry. Its just enough with this vibrant crap. Its been out for 2 weeks already. We all know it will soon be replaced within six months lol.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Dratz. I was looking at this device as a possible upgrade from my HD2 but I guess not now. Emerald just keeps getting the finger pointed at it for my replacement phone.

  • Alex

    Love how the haters come out of the wood works just because Dell won’t release this with aws bands..this is a big let down..Would have been great to have this device on Tmobile..I guess my nexus one will be here until the end..

    • watbetch

      The Snapdragon processor was awesome, 7 months ago. This thing not having AWS 3G doesn’t change that and hasn’t..

  • Barry

    I just watched a demo on this phone yesterday I wanted to see them demo a phone call. Well the guy said he recommends users make calls with a Bluetooth device or the stereo headset. I really wanted to see how stupid someone would look with a phonebook to their ear lmao the screen is nice and all but seriously 5″ on a phone/tablet. I think the streak has an identity complex and 1.5 isnt appealing either. I wouldn’t have bought it either way, would’ve liked to have messed around with it but ehhh it just seems…extra.

  • Joshuakprice1

    This would have been a total letdown for me, except that with the vision, and promises of emerald, I really don’t care that much. Even if it does get froyo this year, I’m still investing in gingerbread, and with this size device, the snapdragon will probably get kind of laggy. Unless its one of those third gen dual core chips rumored to be in emerald…

  • TMOprophet

    So I wonder if that 4in Dell Thunder will land on AT&T as well, maybe Dell and AT&T gonna be best friends now :D

  • Davidohio

    Good because their laptops are garbage.

  • NiiDiddy

    5in phone/tablet don’t make any sense to me…just like the ipad doesn’t make any sense to me for usage [no matter how cool they are, because ipads are cool concepts]. I’ll take a netbook and my Vibrant [4.0in sweet spot] and i’m happy…

  • Luke

    I agree with the diddy makes no sense.

  • SEFan

    Add me to the chorus of “why bother?” With HSPA+ lighting up all over the place, why would anyone want to restrict themselves to EDGE speeds?

  • Walter

    Nice device, but its just way too BIG. It makes it look Did you all see how it looked in his hands at the beginning.

  • pdxduckfan

    The 5inch screen is big…but probably the best portable size to do all your internet searching, video gaming, video taking, porn…er….I mean movie watching, photo viewing device that can still fit in the back pocket. The Ipad is too darn big….I won’t be carrying a “man-purse” just to cart around a computer. This is the perfect solution. Too bad the specs are 9 months outdated and not a TMo device.

    I’m happy with my HD2, but do wish the screen was a little bigger.

    And to Barry- I remember 10 years a thing called a hard line in everyone’s home. Those phones were bigger than these. Duh!

  • ThisGuy

    I wouldve actually purchased this phone on tmobile, but with just edge speeds, i rather not waste my time.

    Im a pretty big kid at 6’2 270, and i have massive hands, so this wouldnt actually be too big for me…the hd2 fits in my hand just fine

  • Barry

    I’m sorry I’m missing the point about big landline phones…the point of a *cell phone* is portability hence the name mobile device. This is pushing the limits of those very words. What’s the point of carryinga cell phone in a separate bag or some kinda pouch. You my as well get a netbook or laptop to do all that stuff you mentioned on and use a mobile phone. Video cameras were huge back then now they aren’t that’s technology its all about on the go…

    Ok if you listen to the video and maybe I’m reading too much into it he definitely says “this particular model” So maybe those interested will get a similar device.

    • ThisGuy

      you know what they say about Tastes…..

      I rather have 1 device that can handle my phone calls, text messages, internet apps, mp3 player, etc…

      following your logic we should all carry a TINY TINY cell phone, just to make calls, then a netbook to surf the web, and an ipod to listen to music….why?

      the difference between 4.3 inches and 5 inches in terms of portability are minute, its the thickness of these big phones that matter, and in terms of this dell phone, its pretty thin…so i still find it acceptable.

  • This did not make sense to me. It seems like they wanted to make a tablet and got confused. I would rather have a netbook or a full size tablet. I’m looking forward to see a tablet/netbook on HSPA+ taking advantage of Android.

  • yo

    This is entirely too big to be used as a phone it should be marketed as just a tablet

  • podstolom

    Why are manufacturers so reluctant at this point to put AWS support into their HSPA products? Certified or not, 1700 MHz AWS should be commonplace in HSPA chipsets by now.

  • PhillyG

    I just was on My T-mobile to change my plan. It asked me what type of phone I had, and they have a list of manufacturers… Dell is listed. Apparently, this is coming to T-Mobile.

  • efjay

    Come on, that’s a brick!! Pretty useless as a phone at that size.

  • pdxduckfan

    You guys are all wet. This is the size (5″ screen) for the future in portability…..Most people want a device all rolled into one…especially the smartphone users. A good camera/camcorder, mp3 player, mp4/mpeg player, internet surfer, email/twitter/facebook socializer……and a PHONE to boot!!!!! This will fit nicely in the back pocket or cargo pants. yes…it may look a little large next to the ear….but not too out of line. I will be happy to put this by my ear when not using bluetooth, and not carrying 3 devices. Mark my words boys and girls….3 years from now, as technology grows…this will be the standard.

    As technology advances, processor speeds & battery life will increase. they will get rid of all buttons on the face and use the entire front surface as the screen….this will help the size of the unit. Right now….there is too much real estate on the front of this unit dedicated to things other than the screen.

    In time, devices will be perfected and 5″(about twice the size as most of your peepee’s) will be the norm. Bhahaha….I’m so funny….I crack myself up!

  • Waka

    You guys are idiots for comparing the Streak to the Vibrant. When the Streak hits, it will makes everything else irrelevant. This is horrible news for Tmobile peeps.

  • tortionist

    It’s not horrible news considering what’s on the horizon with Nokia and their nano-phone. That is the future of smartphones, in five years, not some big 5 inch screen monstrosity.

    • pdxduckfan

      You still need a workable size screen dude… must be one of the 2.5 inchers…..Bhahahahahha. I’m not referring to which platform will be most utilized, or even which manufacturer…’s a matter of convenience….ALL will conform to 5 inch screen for their flagship unit. Go play with your 2.5 inch pee pee…….lol

  • molten

    This really sucks,I was hoping to get this on T-mobile and now I guess not.Goodbye Dell for now,till you have something worth buying I guess.

  • jp

    With all the news thats been coming out, looks like Dell doesn’t know their head from their ass. I wonder if they even know what they’re releasing. That’s if they ever release it.

  • crushed dell can suck it

    I run a property management firm and we use cloud based software. This device was my dream come true. I know about 20 other tmobile subscribers in my area. We were all lined up to converge on this device. No more camera or laptop. Who cares how big it is I would buy an IPAD if it made calls could print. This was the killer form factor for mobile professionals.

    Dell will bury that platform on ATT under the death grip iphone. Who would want that device with 25 dollars for the first 2 gigs and 10 dollars a gig after that.

    Tmobile is the peoples and small business network. This device was built to free guys like me. Tmobile I am pissed and now looking at the now network. That would be sprint maybe I take everything and the evo.

    Tmobile work it out with Dell and get me a damn streak with the FROYO upgrade.

  • Barry

    Well buy it stop talking about it, not hurting my feelings or using my money.

  • MikeLowery

    Most of you guys are nuts. The only people who would have trouble putting this phone in their pockets would be women with their skin tight pants, and men who wear skin tight pants like a 14 year old virgin. It has the same specs as most of the top Android devices out right. Putting this on Gingerbread will only make it quicker and more responsive. The ppl who are being negative are for the most part, bitter. Haters

  • Paul C

    What stupid Dicession to make they should all be fired to have att the only one Dell scrued thenselves BIGTIME Im am selling all my stock

  • Dem

    I had a best buy rep tell me that t-mobile is buying into verizon’s LTE bands; and that the streak will end up on both tmobile and verizon seeing as its a LTE device.