T-Mobile G1, The Original Android Phone Is Now Retired

The T-Mobile G1 should hold a special place in the hearts of Android fans everywhere as we say goodbye to the phone that started it all. Our super forum posters are reporting that word has come down the G1 is now unavailable from both T-Mobile.com, My.T-Mobile as well as retailers everywhere. It’s a sad day as this phone needing little introduction to those who have followed since the beginnings on Android. While its certainly been surpassed by its Android offspring we shall not forget the G1 was the start of a new platform. So raises your glasses to the G1, you’ll be missed.

P.S. For those of you wondering, the above shot was the first branded T-Mobile image to hit the internets. That was back in late 2008. Oh how times have changed.

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  • I remember how excited I was when I heard that Google was coming out with their own OS for cell phones. I remember that I wanted to get a G1 but was disappointed with it. Nonetheless, I bow my head out of respect for this phone and hope the next generation versions of this phone keep the memory alive…

  • JackRussell

    I think they should retire its number.

  • Still using this phone. Great phone but is just too slow for all the things I do with Android. Cyanogen is the only reason I’ve been able to keep this phone as long as I have with Android 2.1 (and 2.2 on the way). Nothing has come out has been worthy of my money yet, especially since I want a slide out keyboard. The G1 Blaze posted yesterday looks extremely promising though.

    RIP for the first Android phone. How quickly have you taken over smartphone market.

    • Perry

      I thought the Blaze was supposed to be a G1 successor and that is why it is called the G1 Blaze. That may be why it may be worth a look for me, too. I use a G1 right now and agree it seems slow compared to what android has created within the last couple months.

    • John

      I agree; I love my G1, but its just so slow. I’ve stopped upgrading my cyanogen because I’ve resigned myself to purchasing a new Android when I get an upgrade option. I will probably keep my old G1 around for nostalgia sake.

      • You should at least update to CM5 (Android 2.1) it’s put new life into my old G1.

  • booyaka

    I remembering pre-ordering the phone and everyone that had pre-ordered it was receiving it days before launch day. I got mine about 3 days before launch and when I received it I walked into a T-mobile store and saw the reactions of everyone’s faces wondering how I had it before it was even released. hahahaha

  • defiantbeast

    I remember really wanting this phone until i say how thick it was. None the less it was the first phone that really had something to topple apple strangle hold. And the commercials for it were great

  • robert

    my intention was to retire my g1 when i got my vibrant. unfortunately it didn’t make it. I left it on the roof of my car and, long story short, R.I.P. I wish nothing would have happened to it. I still remember the overflowing joy i felt in my heart when i first powered her on. It was the first of many G1’s, i got it on pre-order…. RIP G1…..(sob sigh sob)

    • Galaxie500

      I retired my G1 when I got my Vibrant on “opening day”. It wasn’t the prettiest or lightest or most battery efficient phone, but it sure did start a revolution!

      Long live the G1!

  • Air One

    G1 intro was great for Android, thats all i have used since. My my-touch is holding up pretty good too!

  • Patrick

    i still have it on my kitchen table….think i may keep it in use as a media box controller and web surfer via wifi…..i loved this thing….i really did

  • rickb928

    I’m still happy with mine, except for the keyboard (Bronze models are impossible to use in dim light), the speed (spoilt by so many new models) and the display (awfully tiny compared to the current crop).

    But I had a BB 7105t before, and this was just splendid. No Flash support hasn’t soured me, even though Adobe pledged that from before launch – ha! I just scored a used black G1 off Craigslist to root and mess with, and I’ll be putting a hew housing on it next week. Yes, I have a copy of the HTC service manual, wish I had a diag SDcard just for fun. I may figure out the JTAG process.

    My wife wants to replace her Curve, and I may bequeath my Bronze to her.

    The G1 is still functional. I expect them to be around for a bit.

  • WXman

    I love the G1. It wasn’t as fast or powerful as I would have liked, but it was EXTREMELY practical and functional. Everything on that phone was right where it needed to be, and there are still some things I miss about it. I loved the simple, rugged look. Some called it ugly… I thought it looked sort of “military”. Just a simple design…. and function should always come before form. The G1 will always be missed.

    • tortionist

      Amen to that WXman! The G1 was a great device. I loved it. It will be sorely missed. I love my slide, but I can’t wait for the HTC Vision or project emerald to happen.

  • Newmexican

    Until a few months ago I still considered the G1 the best option with keyboard out there. I had it since they delivered pre-orders. Admittedly it is getting slow and with the Vision and “Project Emerald” on the horizon I am hopeful to get a worthy replacement in the fall.

    Great job by Google, T-mobile and HTC to start the Android “revolution”.

    G1, you will be missed, sniff

  • thetiguy

    Still the greatest phone T-Mobile had in their lineup. I will continue using my G1 until the day it dies and the only way anyone will get me to stop using it is if the Emerald is all it is supposed to be with that a keyboard.

  • Steve

    So if you have one and it gets stolen or breaks or something and you have it insured will they still have them or will we get something different???

    • Ryan

      the mytouch 1.2

    • gary!

      I JUST had my G1 flake out on me (phone process crashes whenever I receive a phone call, wipe didnt fix) and I have premium insurance. I was given a choice of another G1 (they still have a few in a warehouse somewhere) or a Cliq by Customer Care. I took the G1. I cannot go back to 1.5, it’d be like using stone knives and bearskins.

  • SwizzleStix

    Sad? Why? Out with the old, in with the new… what’s sad is that HTC/Tmo didn’t have the good sense to ‘test’ Android on a more powerful handset with better longevity. Whats sadder is the other ‘Big 3’ carriers who were too p*ssy to take a chance on Android and let the #4 carrier take the shot… then quickly swooped in and used their clout to take the more powerful and better devices. I was over my G1 like a year ago. RIP… the G1 was a wonderful guinea pig that proved a lot in the way of Android, but shed no tears over the device itself.

    • B

      Exactly. The only thing sad about the whole situation is how every single carrier has better Android phones than the carrier who had the first one. Couldn’t care less that its been retired.

  • fujitsujeff

    The G1 or “the brick” as the name adopted by my friends. After installing the extended battery, i will miss the days when I could throw my G1 at someone and the fear it instilled in people as the brick flew threw the air …

    • tortionist


    • daniel

      Clever, very funny

  • ThisGuy

    Still have my G1, retired it to use the MTS and it IS a better phone for everyday use, the G1’s force close issues got to me.

    Alas, i LOVED that phone, it took so much abuse im surprised its still in one piece.

  • kershon

    R. I. P. Grandpa. Now. Onward and upward.

  • With the N1/G1 retired what comes next? I feel this is an indication that TMO is listening. They are about to make things better in a aggressive pace. If I read the tea leafs correctly, we should see the implementation of HSPA+ and better phones with Gingerbread within the next 45 days.

  • jcomputerguy

    i just wanted to say that i loved mny g1 when it first came out,actualy when i got it in feb 2010 and all was well with version 1.5 until update to 1.6 and all crazy things happened and today is when i finaly said enough is enough.called tmobile..rep was going to give me brand new one or re conditioned,not sure,but then she rep said how about we exchange it for different phone,i was oh ok,and the phone thats going to replace this with is Motorola CliQ
    but i did love the g1 used it many times for the internet and so much mor,awesome clarity.best phone i have ever used for clarity.never garbled or broken up,and not 1 drop call best phone..so long g1 we will all miss you LOL its a phone for peats sake LOL

  • nyk

    gave my G1 to my daughter and this thing still. kicks the ish out of most of the new crap on the market today. currently using a hd2, but imho don’ t think it cann even touch the form factor stability of the g1.

  • derrickps3

    i never owned this phone because i hated the bulkyness of it……….so meh

    but it is tmo’s 1ST android device, so it is a legend indeed lol

  • Still using mine every day. It’s been running 2.1 for a nice long time thanks to rooting, and I’ll likely put Froyo on it before I get a new phone. The G1 still has one of the best keyboards in history.

  • mattcat03

    Rest in Peace “G1”. You’ll always be remembered as the first Android phone which started it all. In other words you are the “root” of the Android Tree. Thanks for the memories.

  • Kevin

    I’m still rocking my G1. Even though its old and I’m replacing it soon, the G1 will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Presto117

    I remember when I picked up the G1 for my sister. I knew there were other touchscreen operating systems out there, but I knew there was something special about this one. I knew this one didn’t seem like a generic one-off like all the others. I had no idea it was called Android and that it would become the object of my technological obsession. My sister loved her G1, so I picked up a MT3G on launch day and then I picked up a Samsung Vibrant last week. I owe the G1 for turning me into an Android-holic.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Those truly wanting to memorialize their G1 handsets will keep them rather than sell em on eBay.

    I took mine back from my GF and gave her the Slide to replace it with.

    So fondness says I should keep it and add it to my basement museum (aka way too much stuff [aka crap] in boxes). But with the two extended batteries and it being in great shape I can probably get $150 for it.

    Decisions decisions.

    Sidenote: I could keep it as an emergency phone since I am totally wireless at home (no land line). But I have about 15 other phones that can function as that, so that idea/justification is out. Then again, the G1 does have an official military issue, emergency-device look to it. Hmmm…

    Bonus Post: Here is the G1’s grave marker. Rather indignant I’d say.

    T-Mobile did not have the coin to provide a proper burial?


  • ap1lvr

    fyi if you have insurance on your g1, if you file a claim and they replace your device they will send you a mytouch slide.

  • cnote

    Mine still works great…I just retired it for new revolutionary the VIBRANT!!! RIP G1…

  • NiiDiddy

    R.I.P, G1

  • Raul

    Replaced the G1 with my Vibrant but I refuse to get rid of the G1. I remember being amazed at what it did back then as before that I had a Nokia slide phone (music phone?). Plus I’ll keep it in case something happens to my Vibrant which I hope nothing does!!

  • Randy

    haha awww how they grow up so fast, I remeber when it first made news about the new OS and device I remeber signing up for the pre-order the first day it went up haha its def been a long and bumpy road I can’t wait till the iphone is completly old news….

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here… if you want to relive old times. I made a video capture of the page.


  • And it’s never really been replaced (though the MyTouch 3G Slide is close)

    T-Mobile and HTC, we want a G2, here are the features it should have:
    1. 5 row QWERTY keyboard
    2. Trackball or optical trackpad
    3. 1GHz or faster processor
    4. Google branded (no Sense) Android 2.2
    5. Lots of room for apps
    6. 3.5MM headphone jack
    7. Micro-USB for charge and PC connectivity
    8. 5MP+ Camera with LED flash
    9. Physical Home, Back, Call & End buttons (not soft keys)

    Build this and I’ll pre-order or show up with cash in hand on launch day even if it costs $500.

    • trailerpilot


    • jazzmanmonty

      why such low expectations?

  • jmts80

    RIP, Android OG!

  • bigc17

    Awww im gonna mis the G1. It may not have been the fastest or the best android phone….but it was tje very first androis phone and it was my first smartphone and i’ll never forget it. I reallyvwouldn’t mind getting its replacement as long as it has fascinating specs. Congrats G1…..you had a good run but now u can finally rest…Thanks for being the first android.

  • jujuama10

    Wow I remember when I was at school and I first seen this phone on T-mo’s website. I was so excited at all the features. You will truly be missed although your battery life was horrible. First of its kind.

  • tortionist

    For all of you that think you need a qwerty keyboard, you need to give it up and try SWYPE. SWYPE rules and has the worlds record for fastest text input. It is insane at over 300 wpm. A qwerty can’t even come close to that. It also learns your habits so if you have an unusual word, you only have to type it in once, then SWYPE remembers it after that. I’ve converted several people to SWYPE. I will never go back if I can help it. The slide out/qwerty keyboard is seriously obsolete. As long as the new smartphones have SWYPE on them I will continue to upgrade. SWYPE RULES!!!

  • manus

    Best Android phone ever.

  • daniel

    You will be missed G1, actually I’m still using mine until I find a worthy replacement.

  • Rick

    Mine’s not retired and won’t be until Project Emerald is available.

  • timdawg919

    I pre ordered my G1 and got it 2 days before it”officially”came out. Everyone on my job wanted to know what it was and while alot of people complained it was ugly I liked it. It introduced me to android and while I have upgraded to the cliq and then the N1 I still have my G1 in excellent condition with box that I won’t get rid of (collectors item to me) I have introduced my wife and one of my daughters to G1s (other daughter stuck in the land of blackberry I think she’s adopted) and they love it. I still use my G1 though not as much as in the beginning. G1 a classic!

    • timdawg919

      Just now trying to think of what phone I was using before my G1 it took me awhile but it was my dash and my iphone no 3g speed

  • RCorn

    I still have my G1, although it sits in the drawer now. It was my only Android phone – R.I.P.

  • TmoBully

    G1 working like a champ. Still my original and dropped many times. It’s solid. Still haven’t updated shazam app. Gslide is great but now I wait for the next up.

  • rushmore

    I take a swig for me and one on the ground for my homie, G1. RIP

  • Tony

    I’m still rockin’ my G1 from launch day 10/22/08. Runs Android 2.1 via CyanogenMod 5.08 like a champ…way better than any stock rom. Battery life has actually gotten better over time. I tried Cyanogen 6.0 Froyo, but the early build was a little too buggy for daily use (I rely on the phone for work). I’m confident that Cyanogen will work out all the bugs, and I’ll give Froyo another try when Cyanogen comes out with a more stable release.

    The G1 has been the best technology product I’ve ever owned! She’s been dropped dozens of times, and still looks and runs like new. With Cyanogen, the phone is actually faster than it was on launch day…what other tech product can make that claim?

    This is the only phone I’ve ever kept for the entire two year contract, although that’s partially because T-Mobile’s subsequent offerings haven’t kept up with the competition. I’m now loyal to HTC; the Nexus One would have been my upgrade of choice if I could of gotten it subsidized with my grandfathered plan.

    I wish T-Mobile would come out with a G2. Why not just update the classic G1…you know, the same way a certain fruit-based technology company each June.
    My ideal phone would have the same G1-style flipup screen and a 5 row keyboard, but would be updated to modern smartphone specs to include a 1.5GHZ 2nd Generation SnapDragon, FFC, HSPA+, an AMOLED display, a flash camera, and stock Android (no Sense, Espresso ROM, etc). How ’bout it T-Mobile, take care of your loyal customers!

    • DaveC

      Tony…if they come out with your ideal phone, I’m buying it!!

  • Emil Ghoting

    considering how panned this phone was when it came out, its shelf life was so long. here’s to the original!

  • dubya504

    Is the Mytouch 3g original next? The Sage continues….

  • brian

    I love my G1, it’s the best smartphone I’ve ever had. Now that I’m running 2.1 on it, it’s like a brand new device. I just hope that T-Mobile rewards the eary adopters of an unproven (at the time) system with a badass model that is worthy of me shelving this legendary phone. I will settle for no less than the best.