(Updated) Woah, T-Mobile Has A Website Ready For An HSPA+ Phone?

UPDATE: We’ve just been sent the following image below from one of our sources. Check below for more teasing regarding this upcoming phone!

Update 2: Thanks to one of our Twitter followers, it was the folks over at PhoneScoop where our source first noticed this link! Not sure how we didn’t catch this earlier but hey we’re catching it now!

Update 3: The most important is of course the one you may already know if you have looked at the comment section. The source code for this website indicates the “Vanguard” is indeed the device that will become the first HSPA+ T-Mobile phone. The Vanguard is also known as the Vision/G1/Blaze/Unicorn.

We’re not really sure what to make of this, but one of our eagle eyed forum members found a link to an existing T-Mobile site offering signups for notifications regarding their upcoming HSPA+ device. Unfortunately we don’t know where the link originated from or who to credit for the find but in this case, we’re just happy someone found it and that we can pass it on to you. Of course, no device is actually posted, instead just a placeholder for a future device. I suppose we can read into this a little and say that it looks as though the phone will be something large, without keyboard, possibly an EVO or Droid X competitor judging by the fake image. However, we’re just guessing here and its very likely it could be anything…but with this site, rumors are going to run rampant anyway so why not contribute to the fun! Come on HSPA+ phones!

Hit the link here!

That’s twice today news has originated from our forums, are you a member yet??

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  • Genie

    This is funny…with image it can be anything..might as well say its a pos iphone

    • B

      What kind of ignorant comment is that?

      • Bob

        From the website’s html source:

        Hostname: first-hspa-smartphone.t-mobile.com
        Server: SIDEKICK-WEB04
        Time: 7/27/2010 12:58:05 PM
        Application ID: vanguard_/LM/W3SVC/74/ROOT-1-129247203074752470
        Framework Version: 0.4.1007.439

        So this is the phone from the Sidekick’s line. And it is the HTC Vanguard.

      • jesus

        most of T-Mobiles websites say sidekick web.

      • Tim

        There is also this in the code.

        Is this the next G1?

    • Deadpan

      What? No. It doesn’t even have a display OR buttons!
      Steve is going to drop a veggie brick when he sees this!

    • nick

      That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw the picture I said iPhone 3gs

  • notxel

    This is great for T-Mobile. I’m holding out for the Dual Core beast that’s hopefully out by Thanksgiving. But might get this to tide me over. Decisions, decisions?

    • JaylanPHNX

      I’m actually not holding out for the dual-core phone. I have a hard time imagining battery life on it being anything but nigh-unbearable.

      • joshuakprice1

        I’m okay with that:) I already take a charger with me everywhere I go, anyway. The word of the month is “Car charger!”

      • B

        That’s the same thing people say about 1 ghz phones with live wallpapers. No complaints here.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        JaylanPHNX… I have been following the Qualcomm dual-core since February and know quite a bit about it.

        Qualcomm has developed the chip to require LESS power than current phones do.

        Yours was a main concern, public perceptions about battery drain.

        Qualcomm’s reasoning appears sound to me. Of course you will be the ultimate judge, but the tests I have seen on its dual core look great.

      • Citation Needed

        ItsMichaelNotMike says:
        July 27, 2010 at 2:46 PM

        Qualcomm has developed the chip to require LESS power than current phones do.

        Yours was a main concern, public perceptions about battery drain.

        Qualcomm’s reasoning appears sound to me. Of course you will be the ultimate judge, but the tests I have seen on its dual core look great.


        *Citation Needed

      • Reece

        I’m sure 10 years ago just the thought of having a 500Mhz cpu on a portable device was mind boggling itself and the thought of that running on a portable device for anything longer then a few minutes was pretty laughable – however since then chips became efficient to the point 500Mhz is pretty low end for a portable.

        The dual core phones are pretty much as energy efficient as the current stuff which means more performance @ same wattage. 45nm = stuff like dual core phones not killing a battery (the lower the nm figure the better). The fear of battery hoggage would be assuming we was still stuck on >65nm chips.

  • So the “big news” is there is a way to sign up for HSPA+ updates? You got me hook, line, and sinker with your Twitter post. I’m let down. Ah well, still interested to see what they come out with.

  • tmo-ndroid

    Could be wrong, but from the outline, it does not seem like it will be the iPhone…woohoo!!!

  • Garret

    As far as I can tell – it looks like the device is going to be called “Vanguard”

    View the source on the page, search for “vanguard”…then go to http://galaxy-s.t-mobile.com, view the source and search for Vibrant (a device we already know).

    There are many instances where “vibrant” on the Galaxy S page is replaced with “vanguard” on the HSPA+ page.

    • joshuakprice1

      You’re right,good catch. In fact, it says “appid=’vanguard'” Could that be refering to the ‘blank’ phone picture? Anyway, they could still be using the in-house codename. We don’t know that the vibrant page wasn’t changed on release. It’s not like Tmo doesn’t know that we can view the source….:)

      • Garret

        You are absolutely correct – they could change it – however the CSS (styles for the page) is also littered with “vanguard.”

        Not saying it’s not 5 mins of work with find/replace, just seems like there’s no point to doing that…if you’re going to find/replace, why not be really generic: “newphone”

      • Me


        because then when it goes live you have to have a developer come back and update the file to say Vanguard (no one likes rework). Plus I don’t think they care if we know the name.

  • gmoney

    Line 48 of the Source says “Vanguard”

  • gmoney

    lol Garret beat me to it!

  • joshuakprice1

    Anybody else notice the fine print that reads “device has a theoretical peak capability of 14.4 Mbps”? That’s the first I’ve heard of the new device not being able to get 21Mbps. Maybe that means this IS the iPhone, since it wasn’t really built with this network in mind. I can’t imagine Apple completely changing the architecture of their phone just to get a couple extra megabits, and Tmo is probably worrying about holes in their network. Jus’ sayin…

    • This is apparently a Category 10 HSDPA device. Which means you can get 14Mbps if you can manage to get 97% of your data transferred without errors. In other words, there is about 3% redundant data in the signal.

      I read that on HSPA+ networks where you have a Category 14 device (21Mbps) that past halfway from the center of a cell to the edge, you will not be able to achieve better than 14Mbps. So while 14Mbps is a bit disappointing it’s probably less disappointing than getting a device that should do 21, but you only get 10 in your area.

      Also, Category 9 HSDPA device (which I assume a Category 10 device also supports) gives 10Mbps but only requires 70% of data to be successfully received. I think that this will be the most common speed on lesser loaded cell sites considering most people will live some distance from a tower, which makes getting only 3% or less of errors difficult.

      References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HSDPA#HSDPA_User_Equipment_.28UE.29_categories

      ATT and T-mobile’s networks use the same UMTS network and WCDMA interface, it would not require a complete architecture change of the iPhone to support T-mobile 3G US. I’m no engineer but I suppose the rf amplifier would probably be the most difficult part to squeeze in and deal with.

      Holes in a WCDMA(UMTS) or CDMA2000 network appear not from the data rate being used, but rather from how many individual phones are on a cell. In fact, a faster data rate will free up radio resources quicker for other mobile phones.

      • joshuakprice1

        So Tmo is just ramping up with the phones, just like they are with the network? Interesting. I wonder whether the rumored Emerald is supposed to be a higher category device, or similar to Vanguard. Not that it matters that much, complaining about 14 Mbps on a cellphone is just dumb. AT&T (who I used to work for) made a HUGE deal about being able to offer 10Mbps with Uverse HOME internet. Charged something like 55 dollars for it. 14 Mbps is just plain ludicrous.

      • bo


        while ATT and T-Mobile utilize UMTS, they use differet bands to access their 3G networks.
        AT&T uses 850/1900
        T-Mobile uses 1700 band IV (AWS)

        This means different radios and/or software/firmware. T-Mobile uses the 850/1900 band for GSM/GPRS/EDGE and thus would need to change the way the radios act on those bands to get those speeds.

  • larry

    I dont like that limited markets mumbo jumbo down there. Last it said that, the G1 was delayed for months for Detroit market.

    • notxel

      It says that HSPA+ available in limited markets. Not the phone.

      • larry

        Yeah, we will see. i Dont they will slow roll the phone. Especially after stabbing the G1 in the heart.

  • Ok I’m game. I logged on and registered very eager to know what it will be….
    The true answer to all things is TIME.

    • Garret


  • gmoney

    I personally don’t want to wait. I passed up the Vibrant hoping for a physical keyboard, but my G1 is limping…

  • mailman13877

    Lol this is interesting. Atleast the article answer our questions when it said possible Evo n Droid competitor..That means the Vibrator isn’t hahaha..Wish Sprint got their refills in..Evoooo ftw

    • Tom


    • joshuakprice1

      He was refering to the size and form-factor of the non-existent phone. Not the performance. We already know the “evoooooo” is outpaced by current phones. By the way, when you keep referring to the ‘vibrator’, it makes us wonder whether that’s actually what you use it for… No wonder it doesn’t work.

  • 2FR35H

    Wouldn’t it be funny if somehow the HSPA+ device turns out to be the motorola charm that has been delayed? lol

    • Derek

      I HOPE NOT! lol

  • YJ

    I’m glad I returned the vibrant.

    • fujitsujeff

      i’m debating, if i still have gps, compass issues, and lags with no word from samsung i’m returning. Aside from those issues, i’m happy with the vibrant

  • 2FR35H

    Oh yup its confirmed Vanguard.

  • joe

    G1 blaze has 800mhz processor and UMA and runs 2.2. The phone is a little heavy and when laying in bed the screen hinge collapse if you try and text. Overall impressed with phone

    • Perry

      Such a liar. The G1 blaze will most likely be their flagship for a few months and they cannot release a 1ghz phone and then release a 800mhz phone as a flagship. They would not have a signup page if it was not a flagship.

  • Josh

    hello everyone. i have the first mytouch and would really like to upgrade to a better handset. this phone is making me crazy with the lag and all of the other issues it has. i am android from here on out, but want more power. do you guys think i should get the vibrant or hold off for what is to come in the near future? i do not want a physical keyboard. will the vibrant be outdated when these new hspa+ phones come out or will it hold its own for a year or so? thanks for the help!

    • Garret

      I can tell you this – I am so happy I get the Vibrant (I also had a laggy, slow, original MyTouch).

      I don’t like the physical keyboard, and quite honestly, for my use, it’s superior to the Evo and Droid X. (Faster processor, better screen, and I don’t give a crap about an LED flash or front facing camera).

      If you do get it – you will not regret it!

      • Josh

        thanks garret. yeah, that is what i have heard from people i know that have the vibrant and what i have read from many different sites. do you think it will be trumped by soon to come phones? my mytouch was old in two weeks! i want something that can hang in there for at least a year.

  • eddie

    It says the revolution continues, I remember when they said that about the G1 a new revolution

    • eddie

      no I take that back, only revolution was the sidekick

  • eddie



    HEY this is a samsung phoen that all i can said :p

  • ManoloDF

    I really hope this is the one that has UMA on it. I read in a comment that this would be the G1 Blaze with UMA, though the 800mhz processor was a disappointing I was hoping for at least the 1ghz or a dual core. I really do want to see the UMA on it though.

  • mailman13877

    I would so laugh if it turned out to be the moto charm like 2Fresh said. Evo is by far better than ALL phones.

    • john

      When you get your 4g evo with no 4g coverage, then pay $10 extra per month for something you don’t get, and have slower web than I do with my vibrant with 5Mbps + download, and over 1Mbps up on a consistent basis, please make that the last time you post to this board. Meanwhile, I will keep my superior processor, superior screen, and you enjoy your dual flash, slow web, and inferior phone…screen leakage and all.

  • Galen20K

    Here we goooooo! – D

  • Genie

    well its also safe to say that the device will have some kind of button also :) hahaha
    look at the picture on the corner left of it where the picture gloss is coming of looks like a button!!

    • whodat

      its a micro usb slot

    • Davidohio

      Genie that picture is not of the device, clearly.

  • Anthony in Utah

    Didn’t T-Mobile fire their CEO so we can get the better phones?

    • Asparagus

      CEO stepped down after 15 years….average CEO is something like 3 to 6 years….

  • whodat

    Let me get this straight.
    T-Mobile ends the sidekick line (rumored that it would be back, but made from htc)
    T-Mobile ends the G1 (The phone that gave android a name)
    T-Mobile Got its name by who? 2 Things Catherine Zeta-Jones and the SIDEKICK

    I believe this, Well I really don’t know

  • mailman13877

    TMO will never give you a better phone cuzz they are about saving money n not making money. Long live the G1 as TMO only competitor ever lol.

    • NiiDiddy

      Heeeeeee’s baaaack! Lmao! I think you are becoming either a joke or a laughing stock to many of the guys on this forum. Not me though…you are cool like that lmao. :)

  • whodat
    • joshuakprice1

      That runs on GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, and UMTS2100, as well as HSPA+ 900/2100. Tmo is 1700 so this may be headed for europe. This was also announced in february, so I can’t imagine them releasing this thing as a rebranded flagship phone.

    • joshuakprice1

      Oh, and if it is the huawei, it has no keyboard, and processor is unknown. But it runs 2.2, has a 3.8 inch screen, HSPA+ 14Mbps, 5MP camera, and a flash. Not for me, but should satisfy a few people, unless it has a subpar processor.

  • Barry

    Where has it ever been recorded that the charm was hspa+ cmon maaannn !?!?! Does anyone have exact specs on vanguard cause I first heard 3.7″ screen but that latest pic looks to be slightly larger even though there’s nothing to scale it with.

    • larry

      The width in the photos suggest it may be 4″, something about it looks fatter than a nexus one. just my .02

  • At first I was like “WTF, I am disappoint” at 14Mbps, but then I was like “Hmmm, I read that during testing with a 21Mbps capable device, 21Mbps is unobtainable once you’re halfway out from the cell center to the edge…”

    I don’t think 14Mbps is too bad (10Mbps may be the most common high speeds anyway), but this plus a device with a physical keyboard is the wrong side of the compromise. I’d rather have a smaller device and/or larger capacity power cell than a keyboard.

    I’ll keep on trucking with an unlocked AT&T phone on T-mobile using EDGE until something decent comes about for T-mobile. What’s decent you ask? It’s not that hard: No physical keyboard, small form factor (3.5-3.7″ screen), high capacity power cell (7 hrs talk on 3G). Pair it with a decent cpu/gpu combination and you got a less laggy Android phone that isn’t tethered to a wall. Perfect.

    • Did you just describe the Nexus One on 2.2?

  • Quikzilver

    The idoit mailma arrive to spray his hate and tell us about his lackluster Evo and is dumbphone quality screen.

  • Exec4Future

    hah, dumbass; the g1 WAS never a competitor. the only good thing about the g1 is it was the first android phone but it still sucked maaaaaaaaad amounts of balls in every other category.

  • Don’t forget the leaked roadmap… because from what I recall, the Vanguard couldn’t possibly be this rumored G1 Blaze device with a keyboard. Especially considering, like the Motorola Milestone campaign in the UK, the placeholder actually does represent a physical outline of the design. It’s NOT the new Sidekick, and as far as I can tell, this most definitely won’t have a QWERTY keypad bulit-in. This is very exciting, nonetheless…

    • B

      I think you’re mistaken.

  • Sweet, glad to see TMO finally bringing hot dancers to the party.

  • Matt

    In the title section of the Source code it also states that the site is being hosted on the “SIDEKICK-WEB04” server. With Sidekicks being scrapped a few months back, could the new sidekick also be the new Android phone? That would most definitely mean a keyboard slide out of some sort.

    Hostname: first-hspa-smartphone.t-mobile.com
    Server: SIDEKICK-WEB04
    Time: 7/27/2010 11:59:22 AM
    Application ID: vanguard_/LM/W3SVC/74/ROOT-1-129247203074752470
    Framework Version: 0.4.1007.439

  • JR

    So they give this teaser 3 months out!? Too long of a wait to start this, but I guess they want to capture anyone looking to leave TMO or attract people who’s contracts on other providers is expiring.

    Hopefully, this will come earlier than expected. Hmmm “Back to School” I wish.

    • larry

      I dont think device is really 3 months. More like mid September im guessing. Which is perfect for me.

  • ” ”

    Sounds like the G1 Blaze to me, no?

    • Oops it stripped out the html. This was one of the meta-tags:

      meta name=”keywords” content=”HSPA +, Smartphone, G1″

      • Tim

        Yeah, I saw that, plus there’s this:

        Get news on the first HSPA + smartphone from T-Mobile and the latest smartphone in the G series.

  • Dan H

    hahahhaha i bet its the iphone with a plastic FIX to the antenna issue! look where the bumpout is – lolol sj did say the bumbers were free until end of september – and white iphone is delayed – so there u have it a nasty plastic bump out to cover the design flaw! lololol long live android!

  • tmoiphonewisher

    Um……..is it just me, or am I the only one that thinks the silhouette of the phone pictured looks like an iPhone 3G? Just asking.

  • Mark

    Did you all read the fine print?
    “Device has a theoretical peak capability of 14.4 Mbps”
    So at best, you won’t even get 14.4! MEH!

    • notxel

      Theoretically what are you getting now compared say even 12 Mbps? I’m sure not even half. So a 50% increase isn’t enough of a boost? I would say so.

  • alex
  • joe

    The blaze is being tested by a person in our store. Its not a 1gig processor its a 800mhz but runs super fast with 2.2. Has led flash as well with hspa+ uma. Works well

    • gmoney

      pics or it didn’t happen.


      Joe, could you confirm whether or not it has a hardware keyboard? Thank you!

  • NiiDiddy

    Let’s do the darn thing, t-mobile…come on, let’s go [in my P-Diddy vocie]!!!

  • joe

    Can’t take Pike it has serial number on the front and I’m not the one testing. It will leak soon enough

    • P.K

      since you had some hands on experience with it…..other than the fact it runs hspa+ is it better than the vibrant?

    • Ninjawarrior

      Actually he is not a liar. The phone shows as a 800MHz, but I believe it is because it is a DUAL CORE 800Mhz. I’ve gotten a peek at it one myself.

      Here is another tidbit for you…..wifi calling is on the phone.

  • Charles Xavier

    “HSPA+ available in limited markets” is a major UNDERSTATEMENT. EDGE available in limited markets is an understatement. Even coverage in limited markets is an understatement.

    • gargoyle999

      And HSPA+ is only available in limited areas in those limited markets. I live 20 miles from Minneapolis and work 10 miles from Minneapolis which was one of the new HSPA+ markets turned on on the 21st. No HSPA+ available in either place for me.

      Until HSPA+ coverage expands any HSPA+ phone gets a big “YAWN” from me.

      • 30014

        I live 30 miles east of Atlanta and I’m covered by hspa+. As a matter of fact nearly the entire metro area is hspa+. So your statement doesn’t apply to everywhere just the Minneapolis metro area.

  • DQ

    Just thinking that bump in lower left corner is a weird place for a button, more likely a port? If it is a port wouldn’t that be the side the keyboard would slide out? If so I would think that there is no keyboard since it wouldn’t slide out under a port. That is if the picture outline is correct.

  • Davidohio

    I saw this a week ago on t-mobile.com when i was on there reading about hspa+ . I signed up then to be notified.

  • phonegeek

    my only thing is if its saying:

    Hostname: first-hspa-smartphone.t-mobile.com
    Server: SIDEKICK-WEB03
    Time: 7/27/2010 1:21:35 PM
    Application ID: vanguard_/LM/W3SVC/75/ROOT-1-129247210798184607
    Framework Version: 0.4.1007.439

    could this be the sidekick twist i mean im just seeing the server name i mean it does say vanquard though


    so is the screen size 4in + or what??

  • bigc17

    WOW……finally something to fully comfirm a hspa+ phone. From the little white placeholder where the phone should be, the phone does look pretty big, like evo..hd2….droid x big so it has to be a flagship phone….at least for now. After thinking about the articles ive read about this new phone, this seems to be the g1 succesor, the g1 blaze….here is why i think so:

    * The g1 just got retired today after almost 2 years of availibility

    * The g1 blaze is the only phone we’ve actually seen w/ tmo branding and that said it is an hspa+ device

    * The outline of the placeholder on the website does look like a kinda slim phone w/o a keyboard but, the g1 blaze could just be a slim qwerty….maybe even slimmer than the droid. None of us have even seen the phone on its side anyway

    * And last but not least, i don’t think tmo would show one certain phone for what 2 months and then release a completely different one

    All i know is that tmo needs to release at least 2 super androids before Christmas to satisfy its customers.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    it’s the vision. I’d be hyped if it had a 4.3 inch screen. I’ve been spoiled by the HD2’s screen. Coming from a Nokia 3220 with no touch and a less than 1 inch screen to an HD2 with full touch with a 4.3 inch screen was a huge jump for me and I’m not going back. Gotta have at least a 4 inch screen now and a ffc. Emerald still shining bright in my book.

    • john

      Take a look @ this, it’s from someone who’s better at photoshop than me, but interesting


      • TMOprophet

        yeah but for that to line up they had to use a mirrored image, which wont fly when they go to put the actual image of the phone in.

  • MAB

    Will definitely called G-“something”.

    “Get news on the first HSPA + smartphone from T-Mobile and the latest smartphone in the G series.”

    Taken straight from the source code.

    • t-swaggr

      Where i cant seem to find that in the source code??

      • MAB

        Check the source of the “Thank You For Registering” page once you register for info.

    • J. Edgar Hoover

      Nice catch. :)

      • atlantian

        yeah good catch taken straight from code
        meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8″ />
        meta name=”keywords” content=”HSPA +, Smartphone, G1″ />
        meta name=”description” content=”Get news on the first HSPA + smartphone from T-Mobile and the latest smartphone in the G series.” />

  • Joe

    it’s the iphoneeee :)

    • Omeer

      Yeah because Apple is dying to make HSPA+ compatible iPhones rather than CDMA versions of it for Verizon. Also because almost every possible source is saying that the first HSPA+ won’t be an android based phone but it’ll be an iPhone. The iPhone is being dubbed as the G1 blaze/vanguard/etc. You freaking douche, at least think before you type. Jeebus Christ!

  • I’d have to agree with Wilma. my next phone will have to be as beautiful and sleek as my hd2.
    kinda wish i would’ve waited before i upgraded last month but its all good. I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve got right now and we’ll still benefit from the hspa!

  • currator

    i thought we were not going to feed the troll ok guys dont feed the troll let them comment but just skip those comments

  • tortionist

    Hey, as long as it has SWYPE, it might be worth it.

    • ennTOXX


  • Rilesman

    Looks kindof like the Droid 2….and with the connection cover on the side. Just saying….pretty sure it is the HTC Vision.

  • Mikail

    peace of crap …slide keyboard …crap crap ..garbage

  • odiots

    Device has a theoretical peak capability of 14.4 Mbps

    • Jayridius

      I saw that too. So does this means its not a true HSPA+ device? So when T-Mob goes to 42 Mbps next year, this won’t be able to take advantage of it. Not a deal breaker in my book. Maybe they haven’t figured out the antennas or a true HSPA+ radio draws too much power. Curious. Still looking forward to the device.

  • badaphooko01

    I wish we had conformation on the screen size. I am pretty happy with my Vibrant but would like a phone with uma since I do not get reception in my house. I have 2 days left to return the phone and don’t know what to do. I can care less about higher speeds since where I live in North Georgia we only get 3g at the moment. After having the Vibrant, I could not have anything less than a 4″ screen.

  • ObsceneJesster

    Isn’t a HSPA+ device pointless when were not even maxing our current phones out at 7.2 Mb’s. Until HSPA+ speeds can constantly hit over 8 Mb/s then having a HSPA+ device is pointless.

    • ennTOXX

      you think the wheel was invented because we had the buggy/wagon/car/(insert here)?

      create the devices, the rest will follow…

  • ObsceneJesster

    From the HTML source: Hostname: first-hspa-smartphone.t-mobile.com
    Server: SIDEKICK-WEB04
    Time: 7/27/2010 12:58:05 PM
    Application ID: vanguard_/LM/W3SVC/74/ROOT-1-129247203074752470
    Framework Version: 0.4.1007.439

    • TMOprophet

      I think they took it out, I am looking right now and the Vanguard name is missing.

  • David

    I have a novel idea….why don’t we wait to hype HSPA until Tmobile can perfect 3G in major metropolitan areas. I live 30 miles west of Chicago (not a rural area by any stretch) and receive Edge over 90% of the time. I would settle for consistent 3G speeds.

    • Ummm…

      Then something is wrong with your phone. I live in the western burbs, as well as travel all over the Chicagoland area, and I’m most always pulling in HSPA if not 3G. Get your phone checked out.

    • umm

      30 miles west is not a major metropolitan area, especially elgin or huntly or whatever is out that way.

  • jose

    i thought HSPA+ was 21mbps?

    • David

      Technically and theoretically yes, but those aren’t the kind of speeds you can expect.

  • chotpy

    LOL they changed the source code! ahaha!

  • Nokia N900USER

    If the shape of the phone is what’s up here as a picture, then I can only guess that this is not a slider with keyboard. It looks more like a touchscreen only phone based on the thickness. Looking at the bottom left of the image, I can speculate this phone has a kickstand.
    For iphone fans: Sorry!!! wait till next year. This is more of a T-mobile’s version of HTC Evo with Gingerbread.

    Now I could be wrong since every smart phone T-mobile releases from now on will be HSPA+ capable so HTC Vanguard and Emerald will both be HSPA+

    • JermaineJacksonhair

      “T-mobile’s version of HTC Evo with Gingerbread”

      My dream phone. Love the EVO, hate Sprint. C’mon, give me something good SOON tmobile. I hate this iphone, and I don’t wanna spend 500 on a vibrant now.

  • DON_58

    I really hope the Vision/Blaze/Vanguard is a 5 row qwerty.

    • jose

      they showed it last week…its only got 4 rows.

  • ObsceneJesster

    It’s the Vanguard. Those that didn’t see my previous post here it is again. T-Mobile just changed it though. LOL

    From the HTML source: Hostname: first-hspa-smartphone.t-mobile.com
    Server: SIDEKICK-WEB04
    Time: 7/27/2010 12:58:05 PM
    Application ID: vanguard_/LM/W3SVC/74/ROOT-1-129247203074752470
    Framework Version: 0.4.1007.439

  • jeff

    it would be great if it is an Evo or X, but doesn’t TMO always kinda fall short. i just got the Vibrant, but would love the EVO. But holding out for a disappointment would be maddening. on the other hand if they come through i am SOL.

  • jeff

    another question(s) i have is will it cost more for the enhanced phone service like the EVO on sprint, and what about battery on the HSPA+ network?

    • Nokia N900USER

      I dont think T-mobile will charge more for HSPA+. Expect internet to be 30 dollars as usual. As far as battery goes, the network speed doesnt drain much. What drains battery is processor in combination with OS and screen light.

      • jeff

        yes, i agree the processor will drain more, but also look at battery life from edge to 3G its a HUGE difference.

  • wojax2

    anybody can plainly see, the image looks like the Evo, and hence its an Evo type device. consider the manufacture(htc), and also consider how Sprint, hyped there new large screen device and their 4g network phone. the name VISION ought to give away the size of the screen(i think) this is prob not the slide-out keyboard phone, its too big and slim. this phone will be tmos evo equivalent.i gaurantee it. just look at the bump on the back of the phone..can you say kickstand!?

  • whodat

    haha, they remove everything that said vanguard

  • Jason Bonham

    How many idiots does it take to speculate endlessly on something the source code has already been spotted for, then complain and whine like children when it’s actually revealed. The Tmonews product anticipation and “righteous disappointment” is officially played out. Now hush up. You know it’s the Vanguard, which is the phone you saw an image of earlier.

  • Barry


  • 2FR35H

    LOL Vanguard aka Vision/G1 blaze/ or UNICORN? really this was a name considered? lol

    • iluvhatemail

      oh god, I want a Tmobile Unicorn so bad

  • socalfrank

    What if it’s an iPhone?

  • kurtis

    myTouch HD .. go here for a picture!

    • kurtis

      EDIT: here is the link again


      • joshuakprice1

        Whoa, where did you get that image? If it’s real, this would be an interesting update to this story.

      • kurtis

        a friend who is a T-mobile employee :-)

      • kurtis

        I have a picture of the back of the phone too.. i’ll post that later

      • juan

        that’s gotta be it, the shape and the button on the bottom/side.

        prepare for flood of disappointment comments lol


        look interesting to say the least. screen looks bigger than 3. 7in, let’s see how this plays out. thanks for the pic.

    • kurtis

      here is the back photo of the myTouch HD


  • drmosh

    It’s either:

    1. iphone
    2. winmo7 phone launch

    • NokiaN900User

      Read posts. It is not an iphone (this might happen next year).
      It is not also a WinMo 7 phone (AT&T will be the first to premier it followed by Verizon then T-mobile). Check roadmap on here and you will see two phones that are definitely WinMo 7, one by HTC and another by Samsung. While we’re at it, throw LG in the mix.

  • TMOprophet

    i really hope its windows phone 7. i would sign a 3 year contract if i had too. i can’t stop thinking
    about the os.its driving me nuts. tmobile please don’t cripple this phone with Android. plz

    • NokiaN900User

      There will be another samsung phone with winMo 7 and also another HTC with WinMo 7 at the end of the year (check roadmap on here) so no worries.

  • TMOprophet

    I wonder if the G1 Blaze will be the first in a new line of sidekick phones?

  • RPTmo

    At Tmobile the announcement will be made within 2-3 weeks. We are working out the things with the network that can not be published. I have inside information and will post it here soon.

    • J-Hop2o6

      whats the things u guys are working on with the network? HSPA+ related? or something else?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    come now people, don’t build up the hype too much to where when Tmo releases the vangaurd which is what this device is, you’ll get disappointed. It already had vangaurd in the sourcecode and I doubt that this is the Sidekick twist/emerald so vangaurd it is.

  • Barry

    Nah the image up top is wider and boxier than that pic posted and whatever is jetting out up top would be on the wrong side in the pic.

  • ennTOXX

    as long as it’s not even remotely like the slide all will be good
    more android less sense…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      it’s EXACTLY like the slide. *GASP* O.O

  • Barry

    agreed I think we’re over analyzing as usual.

  • Em2drvr03
    • J1

      Nice dig dude.. albeit @Kurtis gave a link to that photo.. the link to the article is much appreciated.. Tmobile is playing offense, and I’m loving it!!!

  • J1

    Wtf now this device is supposed to be a rival to the evo and x, well I hope we get the european version that:

    1) bakes scones in the morning
    2) auto-drives my car on the left side of the road, even though I live the u.s.
    3) has wireless connectivity to skynet and nasa

    Anything less would be a TOTAL DEAL-BREAKER smfh.. lol

    Seriously though, I’m anxiously anticipating more concrete info about this device, as I’m so tempted to buy the vibrant to hold me over til nov.. decisions.. decisions.. this is a great time to be a Tmobile u.s.a. customer..

  • swoosh042507

    G1 blaze it is …that’s the name if the mystery device ..I’m trying to get better pics and possibly some specs or a spec sheet…stay tuned

  • mailman13877

    I hope this phone isn’t another failure for TMO but based on their history it will be that lame slide out keyboard phone.Talk bout living up to the hype huh?Evooo ftw.

    • J1

      Did you check out the link that @Em2drvr03 provided?.. if so what do you think?

  • RPTmo

    You all will be suprised of what it really is…wait and see!
    More fun to be announced next week

    • J1

      “What it really is” hmmm.. why after I read that did I think iphone smh.. damn iSteve and his subliminal advertising.. lol

    • J-Hop2o6

      surprised of what it really is? so is the Vanguard the myTouch HD or the HTC Vision? or neither one?

  • George
  • RonnyHerts

    Its pretty funny but there are 2 people on here including me that know what the phone is. Your forum here is greatly watched by many people from t_mob. A lot can not be said. Thanks have fun guessing

  • Jeff
  • Jeff
  • Barry

    Ok apparently this MyTouch HD thing seems to have legs. kinda looks like a nexus which isn’t a bad thing. and I’ll start it up the speculations right now. Take a look at the pic from the link above..Is that a ffc I see to the right of the earpiece :-O lol people may finally have their precious ffc lmao loving T-Mobile’s aggression right now bring it on.

  • Barry

    Yo David and Co (no offense to the other authors) I think we need a new article covering this mystery device : )

  • Solo
    • Em2drvr03

      kinda late

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Ok it’s the Mytouch HD. Time to Kill the Hype and get ready to preorder if you want it.

  • Tony

    I think it is the Mytouch 3G HD, For starters the “will shape your next generation. Yours.” is a Hint at MY?

    Then i looked up the source code and within the source i found URLS that have Mytouch all over it. MytouchButton, mytouchupgrade etc…

    My guess it’s the Mytouch HD.

  • bigc17

    I think that t-mobile is gonna release some more big information about the new phone tommorrow because if u look at each story on th hspa+ phone on this website, each good story with better and solid info is 4 days apart……here is the proof:

    * July 21st – T-Mobile announces a hspa+ phone for the summer via twitter

    * July 25th – A good pic of tje htc visio/g1 blaze was released with tmo branding

    * July 29th – Hopefully another good piece of phone info will be released

    • David

      I don’t know if the 4 day apart span is accurate though, its possible though I can’t say for sure that one of these stories might have dropped late on one particular day and then I got to the next morning or something of that nature. I’d have to look back through the days the first drafts were started to see if the 4 day span is accurate.

  • The Hammer

    Im thinking tmo will announce something tomorrow to steal the World iphone launch……..Maybe???

  • TmoRep

    I work for tmo. And ill tell you this, be ready for as wild next 4 months. Lets just say a curve ball is coming.

  • Jeff

    I also work for Tmo_b and be ready cus you will be shocked of what the phone really IS!!……

  • Barry

    I told everybody there’s Tmo reps that know what it is. Ok questions and I’ll completely understand if you answer none of them.

    Is it a new launch phone we’ve never seen?

    A phone we’ve seen and know very well on another network?

    And will the surprise be like…*Gasp* that phone is awesome. Or

    Will it be a surprise like…wtf is this?

  • Barry

    awwwwww man I thought that avatar looked familiar nvm lmao

  • Thanks for the post. I saw your site in bing and I’m glad I found it. I’ll be back to read more soon.

  • Rilesman

    My guess….A Carboard box…on display. And all the iPhone wishers….probably more likely to be a Dell phone like Flash or Thunder. Seriously.

  • lxAMNxl

    Looks nice, although, will it really be a competition for the DroidPro, HTC Saber, Nokia N9 (MeeGo) ;]? I doubt it hehe. Q4 will be a very interesting (to say the least ;) ) this year…

  • Dustin

    I bet it’s an iphone because if it was a htc vision we wouldn’t be shocked like the tmo reps say we will be.

  • Barry

    That Jeff guy is a fraud he or she has the same avatar linked to like 6or7 different screen names so I’d take what that person said with a grain of salt.

    • Hecg55

      Do avatars stay with your ip address?

  • JP

    Watch. This thing is going to be a blackberry.

    • Oce

      Please no!!!

  • Barry

    I think with your email address

  • n/a

    i bet its the my touch with the fasted internet out there but hey thats just me

  • GameChanger

    Its the Nokia N8. Something people have never known in the US. Be prepared to see what a real phone can do unlike the Iphone. No true homescreen, 6 clicks to close an open app, paid apps that others have for free, no free navigation, poor camera for indoor pics, useless notifications for calendar,tasks and notes, 3 profiles only .. My 2 year old nokia might be slower but at least it does a lot more things better.

    • databird

      N9 – yes! Symbian 3 – yes! As an Ovi app user, it will be HSPA+ and a useful smartphone, unlike my HTC garbage which I swap out the sim to my SuperNova when I need dependability.

  • tyip

    An Iphone would be a super disappointment! Tmo shouldn’t be a follower.

    • David

      It’s these kind of responses that are merely nothing more than Apple hatred rather than common sense. Being a follower? Good business sense…the iPhone would be a huge victory for T-Mobile and it would be a major draw for customers, plain and simple.

  • jcomputerguy

    LOL at all these post on here..

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