(Updated) Woah, T-Mobile Has A Website Ready For An HSPA+ Phone?

UPDATE: We’ve just been sent the following image below from one of our sources. Check below for more teasing regarding this upcoming phone!

Update 2: Thanks to one of our Twitter followers, it was the folks over at PhoneScoop where our source first noticed this link! Not sure how we didn’t catch this earlier but hey we’re catching it now!

Update 3: The most important is of course the one you may already know if you have looked at the comment section. The source code for this website indicates the “Vanguard” is indeed the device that will become the first HSPA+ T-Mobile phone. The Vanguard is also known as the Vision/G1/Blaze/Unicorn.

We’re not really sure what to make of this, but one of our eagle eyed forum members found a link to an existing T-Mobile site offering signups for notifications regarding their upcoming HSPA+ device. Unfortunately we don’t know where the link originated from or who to credit for the find but in this case, we’re just happy someone found it and that we can pass it on to you. Of course, no device is actually posted, instead just a placeholder for a future device. I suppose we can read into this a little and say that it looks as though the phone will be something large, without keyboard, possibly an EVO or Droid X competitor judging by the fake image. However, we’re just guessing here and its very likely it could be anything…but with this site, rumors are going to run rampant anyway so why not contribute to the fun! Come on HSPA+ phones!

Hit the link here!

That’s twice today news has originated from our forums, are you a member yet??

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