Nexus One Will Not Be Sold In T-Mobile Retail Stores

We reported last week that Google had officially shut down its Nexus One web store after selling out of its remaining Nexus One inventory. Although it had been rumored that T-Mobile retail stores would soon sell the Nexus One, Magenta has confirmed via their internal systems that T-Mobile WILL NOT offer the Nexus One through retail stores. Additionally, current T-Mobile Nexus One owners will continue to receive the same exceptional support. For those of you still wanting a Nexus One, your best bet now is going to be Craiglist or eBay.

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  • I guess that means it’s officially discontinued, after less than a year, such a shame since it still holds its own against the ones coming out right now.

    • 2FR35H

      No it doesn’t. Not without 2.2 anyways.

      • Miguel

        Yes it does. And your missing the point. When your Droid or Incredible or EVo3g or Samsung Galaxy S are finally get 2.2 (if they all get it), Nexus One will be on 3.0.

        Direct Google support is what makes this the GOOGLEPHONE. So have fun with your Blue and Sense for 3-4 months while Nexus One owners eat Gingerbread.

      • Robnoxious

        Logic FAIL. Actually it really does.

  • theBIGmack

    Not surprising with the amount of new devices being released and rumored lately. The Nexus, although an excellent handset, is being one upped by the onslaught of High end Android phones. I still wish it would come to t-mobile though, it’s gonna make it SO much harder to get one through craigslist now…

  • the nexus one is good phone but bad marketing plans how wants to pay online for a phone

  • RIP beautiful.. Tell the G1 I said hi!

    • keesha


  • chris

    Why would they sell it?The Vibrant eats this for lunch.

    • travis

      the screen, cpu, and gpu are better. But the nexus still has many things over the Samsung, like led flash, and the build quality generally seems alot better on the nexus.

      • bigbreasted man

        True Nexus one is better then the Vibrant

      • chris

        I own both phones.N1 is heavier,that doesn’t mean that the “built quality” is better.Actually the Vibrant is the better looking set.BTW it runs faster on stock 2.1 than my N1 with CM6.

      • pimpstrong


  • Bob

    I would have jumped in for 3 handsets for my family plan if it was ever offered subsidized.
    To all who say buying unsubsidized is cheaper, no, it isn’t for me. I am locked into a grandfathered plan with myfavs, mob to mob calling etc and none of the current plan can compete.

    • mikeeeee

      ME2 BOB.

    • lensovet

      that made no sense. if the current plans can’t compete, then how would buying it subsidized be *better*? you’d be required to switch to a new plan.
      on the other hand, buying it outright, you would be able to keep your current cheap plan.

      • JustMike

        Incorrect – in my experience, grandfathered plans still get the same subsidized phone prices as upgrades on current plans. I have a family plan even older than myfaves and I’ve gone through two fully subsidized upgrades to get the G1 and now the Vibrant. In between, I wanted the NexusOne badly, but did not get it because it was never available as a family plan upgrade phone.

        My current plan is cheaper than EvenMorePlus and I have no plans to pay more.

      • swehes

        @JustMike – Why don’t you sell your Vibrant than (that you got subsidized) and buy the Nexus One for the money you sold your Vibrant? That would make the Nexus One subsidized right?



    • ThisGuy

      I hate it when ghetto people use the word “see” in the wrong way/tense, or just chose to exclude words entirely.

      I aint been sein anything dawg.

      • Dalton

        How do you know he’s “ghetto” and not just a dumb 12 year old?

    • Antonio

      since you’ve never seen a nexus one in person how can you say the vibrant is better? i own both phones and also work for t-mobile in new york and the nexus one is much better the vibrant just has a better screen thats it

      • zapote21

        I agree 100%… The Vibrant has a better screen and 2GBs for data, but thats it… Tne Nexus is much better

  • changming

    If Google isn’t selling the Nexus One and T-Mobile stores aren’t selling it, who is? Didn’t HTC just announce that they are going to use S-LCD instead of AMOLED for Nexus One and Incredible? Are they still producing the phone for sales overseas?

  • Mooch

    The sky is blue and water is wet. How is this news? We all knew it wasn’t going to be sold in the retail stores.

    • Davidohio

      Smartass. Was that REALLY called for? No.

      • A slap in the face with realism is never a welcomed action but usually a highly needed one.

        Anyone not trying to see the world through rose colored glasses was relatively aware that the Nexus had a very low probability of ending up in wireless stores. That was never truly Google’s ambition. They wanted to sell this on their own with an online store. They clearly stated that with the launch of the phone.

  • teh android

    It’s an awesome phone but it makes sense not to bring it to stores.

    • mad dog

      How does it make sense to not bring it to stores? It’s not the top android phone anymore but you can’t name 2 current phones in tmobile’s lineup that are better. You can never have enough options to choose from. The majority of people downing the n1 have probably never even played with one.

  • J-Hop2o6

    finally T-Mobile officially announces their status on the Nexus One, even tho upcoming phones surpasses the N1’s 1st.Gen Snapdragon specs with 3rd.Gen Snapdragon (and others).. it’ll still be nice to carry it regardless to have more options, and price it @ $150 max for 2yr.

    • Davidohio

      Why would you price it so cheap? It’s up there with the HD2 and Vibrant therefore it would be $200, at least, and that’s after mail in rebate.

      • DaveC

        Or you could have followed this thread and got one for $200–no rebate required (but it’s too late now).

      • 2FR35H


        $150 on a device with 2 YEAR contract of which has been out for a year is cheap? no more like expensive.

      • DaveC

        If that’s a response to me, you didn’t read the thread very well. $200 total for a Nexus One with NO contract. One of the all time great deals!

  • skye

    at least let tmo sell it online…there a site called i wireless that sell the nexus one still and its 700.00 out right and 300.00 on contract..thats just razy

  • jmts80

    That’ll do Nexus One. That’ll do…

  • J510

    Im so happy I have my nexus one by far has to be one of the most kick ass phones I have ever owned I left the iphone for it and it made me an android lover 2.2 stock is running super great with flash and wireless/wifi. Only draw back is the screen view in direct sun light. My next upgrade will be the vision/vanguard or emerald in november.. So many great things for us tmobile customers

    • CactusCat

      My sentiments exactly J5… My N1

    • CactusCat

      Oops, sorry. My sentiments exactly J510… my N1 is the most amazing phone I’ve used (so far) and I love it. Your comment about the screen in direct sunlight is also valid. I solved it somewhat with a Brightness Widget on my main screen. A simple touch and I’m at 100% brightness. Makes a huge difference when outside or in direct sunlight. Hope this helps. And my update will be due just about the time Emerald hits the shelves! Perfect!!

  • tipsofme

    Had a nexus when it first came out. It was OK. The vibrant is way more fun to use and much EZer on the eyes. Once the vibrant makes it through the first update it will really out shine the nexus. See ya nexus. Google failed you major by trying to think they could “change the way people buy phones” they SURE did. Idiots.

    • 4ty-phive

      EZer on the eyes? What are you? An old person. I’m sure a AMOLED AND SAMOLED make quite the difference *sarcasm*

  • B

    Owning an N1 this is a great phone, *if you can afford purchase it out right (as I did). I have to say that only being able to buy through Google was only half the issue that lead to it’s down fall.

    The biggest problem I saw was the limited contract options which led to my purchasing it straight out. There were NO family plan options and the contract you would be stuck with was much more expensive than other comparable android phones. There contract was around $100 a month with limited minutes. By purchasing it outrite and signing up for a non contracted T-Mobile (1500 minutes) plan I calculated that I would be saving over $600 during those two years I would be stuck with that ridiculous over priced contract.

  • just some dude

    Too bad still a contender against any phone out there. T-mobile’s loss too. Wanna know a secret I bought two, one as a back up.

  • starlightmica
  • bluberry

    It says “is not” is not is present tense which brought me to the conclusion that they don’t sell it but may in the future. So cheer up… maybe. Lets hope that “is not” changes to “is”

    • 2FR35H

      dude the article is in regards to the future regardless of the grammar used it still means that they will not be offering the nexus one.

  • HaVoktek

    You know about a year ago I was dying to get the N1 but Google made it difficult tryin to change
    the game like Apple did but *failed* in the US market trying to play the high tech, high price game on
    consumers with no support nor serious marketing strategy. So frak them they blew it!
    I can’t trust Samsung causes I know how they do their electronics hardware, so
    no matter how they shine it up and put tons of features I know that behing
    the iPhone like shell that joint piece is bound to collapse. Let alone the piss
    poor programmers they have when it comes to software functionality. Ok ok
    I know, all devs and designers aren’t perfect help look at Microsoft, and we still rip *ahem* buy
    that buggy stuff. Point is the N1 could have evolved into a Droid X or
    An Ego. Notice I didn’t say Vibrant. There ain’t nothin special about a lower
    class version phone when all your comp has its big brothers. Peace out N1 we hardly knew ya
    too bad that Google didn’t propel you to G1 glory………Just my 10 min of fame.

  • HaVoktek

    Forgive the typos, gotta ditch the spell check on my phone. That’s what I get for bumpin outkast on
    the headset and texin!

  • HaVoktek

    Oh yeah why would Google continue the hurt by selling it in stores? Then tmo can run up
    in ’em AND say “We told you so!” Talk about double embarrassed!

  • DaveC

    This weekend I was on the road in San Antonio TX. I was using my N1 as a mobile hotspot for my laptop and had a 3.5mbps speedtest. Can you do that with the Samsung? Just asking.

    • Chris

      Yes,you can.Barnackle wifi tether works just fine on the Vibrant.

      • DaveC


  • TWill713

    The N1 did exactly what google wanted it to do. It was put out to up the standard for hardware.

    • 4ty-phive


  • Nerd lust

    Rip g1 & nexus 1

  • The plot thickens….

    • Mohammad

      What plot?

  • Sintia179

    I don’t understand why tmobile can’t offer more options in their online store. I understand the reg u.s. user just wants a midrange device or a free phone but those of us who want the best and are willing to pay should be offered more choices online. Why can’t the online store have this edge?

  • The phones that started the Android Market are officially discontinued. What will replace them. Time will tell….

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well this falls in line with a post from a few months ago (May, I think), back when everyone was wondering if T-Mobile would be carrying the N1 in stores.

    Based on past conduct by companies with failed products and Google’s business attitude (how to make the most money with the least cost/effort), and other factors (see below) I’d bet Google is getting out of the handset business.

    Look at the situation:

    HTC won’t make handsets for Google.

    Verizon and Sprint will not carry Google’s phones.

    I suspect AT&T because of its cozy relationship with Apple (and maybe contractual) won’t be carrying Nexus phones either. So that leaves one carrier, T-Mobile. You can imply from that what you want, but I don’t see T-Mobile carrying it either. Why?

    Sales of the Nexus One were dismal. Because of months of delays (the time the N1 has been for sale) carriers, including T-Mobile, don’t perceive the N1 as a hot item, instead it’s more like damaged goods. I predict it’s too late to rehabilitate the brand. It does not help that most people in the wireless industry don’t think Google has any business being in hardware sales.

    Just like the old days of being on the bad list, the Nexus One as a brand has been blacklisted. Lots of plain old consumers “have heard” it’s not a good phone, that there are problems with it, Google does not support it and customer service is non-existent.

    It does not matter what geeks think, the only perception that matters is public perception, the buying masses, if you will.

    Will there be a Nexus Two? I doubt it. Looking at the above factors and events I can’t imagine anyone within Google pushing the idea that Google should continue with handset development and hardware sales.

    Google employees have to have admitted by now that the wireless industry is extremely specialized, made unpredictable and complicated by the power of the Net. (A negative comment on a few of the popular, listened-to tech sites can sink a device faster than an iceberg did in the Titanic.) So even those inside Google have probably agreed that the best course of action is to abandon the N1 ship.

    I suspect Google will get out of this in steps so to save embarrassment and prevent people putting two and two together by what they read in papers and on the Net.

    First announce falsely that the N1 will be sold in stores or with carriers. (Uh, what carriers? Sprint and Verizon have said no, AT&T probably can’t with its contract with Apple, and even T-Mobile considers the N1 somewhat outdated, after all, it has a trackball, an outdated mechanism in the world of touchscreen only phones.)

    Then later, after the dust has settled, announce or let people notice, the N1 will be discontinued and there will be not be a Nexus Two.

    Then follow up with a statement that Google is getting out of the cell phone business and will concentrate on what it knows. And of course make a nice statement that current handsets will continue to be supported (But in fact by next year support for the N1 will dry up as warranties expire. Any N1s that have insurance or an extended warranty will be replaced with a myTouch Slide, this as permitted by the terms of those agreements.)

    But I don’t blame Google for abandoning the sinking ship. I can’t imagine any company staying upbeat after so many slaps in the face, failed strategies and disappointing sales. Google should chalk it up to being an experiment with a time limit and it’s simply time to move on to other things.

    • NiiDiddy

      Here is my “like” button to you, ItsMichaelNotMike

    • tortionist

      Dude…Mike….Can we say genius. You are quite the intelligent man. I remember that post you put up awhile back. You called it completely. My hat off to you. I wish there were more people out there like you, instead of all the idiotic comments…..dang my nose is getting brown….gotta…..stop.

  • HaVoKTeK

    ^^^^^Well said Mike….Well said…,good to see you hangin’ and watchin’…..

    Yes indeed Google is smarter that this, no doubt they will focus on increasing Android market penetration, (hey he said penetration huh, huh). They definatly know how, when and where to make the money. When you look at what has transpired, this was just a big experiment to see if it was fesable. No actual loss cause the flood of Android devices and killer hardware is evident. Hmmmmm I see the trees from the forrest Google!

  • tortionist

    Dude…Mike….Can we say genius? You are quite the intelligent man. I remember that post you put up awhile back. You called it completely. My hat off to you. I wish there were more people out there like you, instead of all the idiotic comments…..dang my nose is getting brown….gotta…..stop.

  • I think that the Vibrant is an awesome phone no doubt and if I didn’t have the privilege of purchasing my N1 months ago (off of Craigslist) I would be in that sucker right now. Fact is ppl their is a point to be made about the staying power of the N1. The ability to run straight VANILLA Android and be FIRST in line for the latest in greatest from Google has to account for something. So, in closing I’ve chose to stay in my N1 for two reasons VANILLA ANDROID AND FIRST IN LINE UPDATES. But with that said my girl will be getting the Vibrant so atleast it will be in our household ;-)

  • lohertz

    You can buy the N1 from T-mobile affiliates. iWireless is selling it for $299.95 on their web store.

  • johng

    ItsMichaelNotMike nailed it!

    Hell I love my cliq xt. ROTFL…I’m old and entralled with this technology. haha

    RIP N1…I wish I knew ya.

  • Homotechual

    I had the Nexus One from Jan-July and it was by far a amazing phone, and while I enjoyed Android 2.2 when I saw the screen on the Vibrant compared to the Nexus One I was in awe. 3 problems with the Nexus One that really annoyed me:

    1)Signal Strengh was the WORST. My best friends own a Slide and a HD2 and they would have service in places I would not. Indoors, Outdoors, Camping my phone always lacked signal compared to other T-Mobile phones. I don’t care what you say that phone dropped at least one of my calls per day, with my Vibrant I drive around to the same places not only do I have signal there, but no dropped calls.

    2)The Screen, It is a big deal to see your phone in the sun, I’m a outdoors kind of guy. If i’m out running, biking or hiking I would like to know who is texting me without trying to find shade every time. Vibrant again still not what I hoped for is still a lot better then the N1.

    3)The Speaker, that phone was not LOUD at all. Music player was at most subpar, it did do multimedia but did it do it well? No

    Now I rooted it, hacked it, did a radio update, everything you could think of running the latest CM6 but after a while you just want a phone that works good. And although the build quality on the Nexus was MUUUUCH better then the Vibrant with its scratch proof screen, and teflon exterior.

    The N1 set the 2010 standard for all of Android. Before then Android had devices like the Hero, MyTouch, Droid, all ok phones but could never compete with the IPhone, let alone IPhone 4. Because of the N1 standard, phone manufactures had to act quick and came up with amazing phones like the Galaxy S, Droid X, Evo, Incredible which FINALLY were REAL IPhone killers!!

    A lot of people say the G1 helped shape Android, which it did being the first. A lot of people say the Droid did being the most popular Android handset, which it had a lot to do with the success of Android. I think because of the N1’s ability to be the first Android device to have a 1G processor, forced phone manufactures to stop SCREWING around with phones that SUCK and really make Android a true success.

  • zapote21

    I think the fact that so many people who own both Vibrant and Nexus, (including me) prefer the nexus, speaks volumes about this 6 month old phone…

  • Emil Ghoting

    This phone was never one for the masses but for better or worse, did garner a lot of attention

  • Homotechual

    Are you speaking for yourself? Pretty sure everyone I know says the Vibrant runs circles around it, including me.

    • jumpjump18

      Except for the fact that it doesn’t run circles around the Nexus. At best it matches the capabilities the Nexus had back in January. I work at T-Mobile so I’m relatively familiar with the Vibrant on a daily basis. I considered getting it but really to be honest it would be taking a step back. No quick updates to the next version of Android and no plain vanilla Android are major dealbreakers for me. The screen is gorgeous but honestly the Vibrant doesn’t do anything new at all. I’m not saying its a piece of junk, but acting as if it puts the Nexus to shame is rediculous. It says a lot to me that when customers see my Nexus they tend to be more inquisitive and vocal about it than the Vibrant. And they usually tend to want to buy it over the Vibrant. What we really should be asking ourselves is why it took T-Mo almost six months to field a device in our stores that only now can match a Nexus in terms of capability. I hope Google continues to release at least one phone that will serve as an untouched example of what Android should be.

      • chris

        Hardware wise IT IS SUPERIOR to the N1.So the nexus has froyo 2-3 months earlier.What is the big deal?The Vibrant will get 2.2 in september.Hell, even with eclair, it’s faster than the Nexus One with froyo.

  • Jack Chord

    I love my n1 2.2. I hope they do it again and develop the n2 and blow everyone away. … Just dreaming

  • Solrac924

    the Nexus One DID raise the bar in 2010…no doubt. Having the latest Android build is HUGE. especially this one with the JIT compiler. having the Tethering/Hotspot is great. i’m using it now on a laptop at work. let’s not forget this was one of the first HSPA devices on TMo, if not the first. the craftsmanship is solid. also, what other Android device offered laser etching on the back? The Nexus One is far from being a outdated phone.

    as far as the Galaxy S goes, it looks like an iPhone replica. we all know about it’s flaws with GPS. i don’t feel as if they brought anything new to the table. if anything, Samsung is to blame for the shortages on AMOLED screens for the EVO and Incredible.

    i’m a proud owner of the Nexus One & i hope in time Google DOES have some kind of follow up.

  • Brodie

    I missed my chance at getting one because I was already on a family plan but oh well. Hopefully they’ll have a Nexus Two because Google did good with this project!

  • I’m waiting for 2. The first one was good, but from what i read Nexus 2 would be awesome.