Dell Mini 5 Coming To T-Mobile?


Now this I didn’t see coming and have to say I’m pleasantly surprised and yet still a little hesitant to call it absolutely true. The boys over at Slashgear did a little hands on with the Dell Mini 5, a 5-inch Android phone/mini-tablet/something to watch videos on and claim it’s eventually going to support our beloved AWS bands. The modem connection has quadband GSM and then will be offered in various SKUs suited for European, AT&T or T-Mobile AWS 3G.”

We can’t confirm nor deny this and we trust Slashgear implicitly when it comes to info so we have absolutely no reason to suspect they would steer us afoul. That being said, we’ll be keeping our own information sources at the ready scouring for info regarding this, trying to confirm or deny. If it comes, it’ll be one hell of a toy for some of the T-Mobile faithful.

Slashgear and Androidandme