Dell Mini 5 Coming To T-Mobile?


Now this I didn’t see coming and have to say I’m pleasantly surprised and yet still a little hesitant to call it absolutely true. The boys over at Slashgear did a little hands on with the Dell Mini 5, a 5-inch Android phone/mini-tablet/something to watch videos on and claim it’s eventually going to support our beloved AWS bands. The modem connection has quadband GSM and then will be offered in various SKUs suited for European, AT&T or T-Mobile AWS 3G.”

We can’t confirm nor deny this and we trust Slashgear implicitly when it comes to info so we have absolutely no reason to suspect they would steer us afoul. That being said, we’ll be keeping our own information sources at the ready scouring for info regarding this, trying to confirm or deny. If it comes, it’ll be one hell of a toy for some of the T-Mobile faithful.

Slashgear and Androidandme


  • FILA

    Imagine talkin on this gigantic thing next to your ear


      Maybe if it has a good speaker phone….

  • Cybersedan

    Dell is pushing the envelope here, I do believe they are calling this a tablet that also makes phone calls. A good question is at what screen size do you go from Phone to Tablet, is it a hard cut off as in 4 or 5 inches, or can there be overlap?

  • Galen20K

    Its true. Will be interesting to see it!

  • David


    • Richard

      I agree. Dang i know it takes me 3 hours for customer service to help on my laptop. i wonder what a mess this is going to be like?

  • ahh

    Damn theres a lot of news today I’m looking at the hd2 the window 7 phone now this dell I’m waiting to see what apple comes out with and if it is gonna be unlocked man its just to much

  • don

    It is not coming to T-Mobile. The same way the N900 and X10 are not coming to T-Mobile. Just because they have AWS bands does not mean they will be subsidized by T-Mobile. This tablet will be sold by Dell and the option for AWS 3G will be available just like you can get AT&T or Verizon 3G on the Dell Mini 9 or 10 netbook.

    • josesxi

      Even better. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Unlocked, unsubsidized is the way go.

    • 2FR35H

      Hellz yeah I can’t upgrade my contract anyways

  • Mockerfab4

    Hmmm..the rumour I heard was this was coming to ATT… Personally, 2 things wrong with this device 1. Dell 2. Android.

    • Hunter

      Ummm, you would rather LG and Windows mobile? Only good alternative to Android isn’t on T-mobile…

  • phonegeek

    probably going to t-mobile UK i didnt see it say specifically t-mobile us all i seen was “The modem connection has quadband GSM and then will be offered in various SKUs suited for European, AT&T or T-Mobile AWS 3G.”

    ……. or maybe im slow an not understanding somethin .. ( which is definitely possible lol)

    • chaoscentral

      T-Mobile in the UK uses standard European 3G 900/2100 T-Mobile AWS is US Specific band 1700/2100 so it has to be T-Mobile US

  • DJ

    Bought an AXIM once, that they just abandoned with support and updates.

    Fool me once!

    • 2FR35H

      Here let me complete that statement for you

      “Fool me once! shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

      Lol thats ol bushy for you.

  • Chris

    I would go with HD2 but not this, this is just tooooooooo big. That’s just my opinion tho.

    I would not change my mind anymore about speculated devices. I want an actual device that has been confirmed. and HD2 has done that, confirmed.

  • Y314K

    Awesome… Whether it is offer under contract or just thru the Even More Plus plan… This should be my next Phone/MID… Android 2.1 or better + 5″ + SnapDragon… This rules… The only thing that can match it is the HTC Desire…

    Back when this was posted… I had an incline this what the Dell device…

    “Here is the real kicker though, our ninja who is definitely on our trusted tipster list says that at the end of March, expect something from Dell. Now here is the real mind game, he said it doesn’t look as though it’s a Dell phone, but something else. Can we finally be seeing T-Mobile jumping into the Netbook game? This is something we are DEFINTELY keeping an eye on!”

    Hope your hitting up your ninja’s for more info…

  • jizzy6879

    man i hope it comes to t-mobile i hate small screens and i got bt head set so i dont have to put it to my head. i just hope it has flash

  • B

    Well if it’s not a tablet, it’s one big ass phone. The HD2 is already a large device, probably too big for me. What would you even carry this thing in? A fanny pack?

    • Wilma Flintstone

      FANNY PACKS FTW!!!! HAAA!!!! They are coming back along with Trapper Keepers!!!

  • enveed05

    This needs to be taken with a big grain of salt. There were rumors posted on this site that the HTC Bravo (now called the Desire) was coming to T-Mobile USA in April. At the MWC this week, it was reported that there are no plans for a US release of the device. Very disappointing as T-Mobile really needs an android device like this in it’s lineup. I feel like T-Mobile has kind of dropped the ball and is relegating itself to a second tier provider because of it’s limited phone lineup, i.e. how many versions of the MyTouch3G 1.2/Slide… do we really need? Now we’re getting a keyboardless version of the Cliq… wow. The Dell unit is not pocketable so it shouldn’t really be considered a phone per se. If it comes to T-Mobile, great, but they need to get us an android phone that’s comparable to the HD2.

  • tucker

    my cousins fiance works for dell and she got to play with this phone and said its terrible and super sluggish. not interested.

    • Chango

      Well my sisters, cousins, boyfriends, brother got to play with the phone, and he said it was cool….LMAO

  • manushka

    Hmm, interesting. I’ve had two axims a 30x and 51 and loved them still use the 30 for everyday things with work but this is interesting. I’m getting the hd2 to finally trash the axim but this is interesting.

  • BGK

    Currently using an Archos 5 Android device and like the same form factor. I think this Dell slab will have many happy customers, if not be wildly commercially successful. But until that quote reads, “…AT&T AND T-Mobile AWS 3G.”, it’s a pretty unexciting story as far as the wireless world goes.

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      That’s what I was thinking… this is more like an Archos… somewhere between a phone and a tablet. I hate that just becuase it has cellular data bands, people want to start calling it a phone.
      You can make calls on your PC, yet I don’t ever read dumb jokes/comments about carrying a desktop around, do I? Silly.

      I also encourage everyone: I don’t care if you like or hate Dell, but just for some nice shits and giggles, you NEED to look for a full gallery of pics of the Mini 5. The thing is as THIN AS AN IPHONE. Big screen yes… but it deceives you into thinking it’s Archos size thick and its not. Point being: iPad what? Look around at all the tablets being announced… these aren’t in reaction to Apple, these were in development at the same time as iPad. I don’t think Apple is going to be as far ahead as they thought they were going to be in the tablet game, there’s already too many good alternatives.
      Not that Dell is a *good* alternative, just saying.

  • NeedanewPhone

    Ok…. So they say this beautiful Dell Mini 5 is a competitor 2 the iPhone right!??? So y would it go 2 AT&T!!!!!?? T-Mobile needs sumthin like this (I’m a T-Mobile customer by the way) I luv it!!!! & I hope T-Mobile gets this phone soon cuz I’m ready 2 ditch this G1!!! I Need a New Phone like PRONTO!!!!!!!!!!


      Get a nexus one

      • NeedanewPhone

        I don’t really care 4 that 2 much. I want an Android phone 4 sure but I’m really lookn 4 sumthin w/ a full qwerty keyboard (not on screen) I don’t like the cliq either. But when I saw this beautiful Dell Mini 5 I jus about fell n kove w/ it!!! =) but some say it won’t be out til the end of the year maybe around the holidays. But as bad of shape that my G1 is n now I don’t think I can wait that…… IDK what 2 do!!!! =(

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Motorola Shadow my friend. The best Android device this year if it comes out this year.

      • NeedanewPhone

        Shadow!? Idk…… I jus hope this phone don’t cast a arm & a leg!!

      • WantaNewphone

        idk the shadow is said to be going to ATT and it doesn’t look that good. it looks just like the droid but thinner and a bigger screen. plus i would rather have an android phone with android 2.x and running and version of HTC Sense just like the Droid Incredible.

  • 0xf00d

    I want it, I use my phone so much for computing, games and entertainment I don’t mind making calls on the bigger slab…the 5″ screen benefits the majority of what I do. I just hope it isn’t $1000 like I’ve been reading.

    I think that the large physical screen size even negates my need of having a physical keyboard.

    Just my $0.02, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat if tmo gets it.


  • bg10

    does anybody know when this phone is coming out?it’s awesome!

  • Dell insider

    Late next month/early April

  • derrickps3

    wow that device would eat the hell of the the battery life