Motorola Handset Passes FCC, Motoroi Anyone?


While most of us have geared our attention toward the upcoming Windows Phone 7, the FCC has just passed yet another Motorola phone with AWS 3G bands. According to FCC documentation, the Motorola handset (FCC ID IHDP56Kz1) uses the same battery model as the Motorola CLIQ and Droid, so it’s most likely an Android handset. Additionally, the Motorola device will feature Quadband GSM/EDGE class 12, Triband HSDPA 7.2 Mbps 900/1700/2100, aGPS/Standalone GPS/aGPS, Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR and WiFi b/g. Anyone thinking Motoroi? Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope so!

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  • T.P.

    First! Great news!

  • JBLmobileG1

    It is great news if it really is the Motoroi… but isn’t the HSPA speed like 10.2mbps for the Motoroi and not 7.2? I understand Tmobiles network doesn’t support those speeds… yet…. but I also thought the Motoroi could support them. I really do hope we see the Motoroi and soon because I want a good Android phone that doesn’t cost you like the Nexus One. My G1 just isn’t cutting it for me anymore because of the memory issue… I am starting to delete apps that I wanted to keep but can’t because my phone slows so much…. and even when I clear the cache etc. I still have issues.

    • Em2drvr03

      just root it

  • Beasy

    THANK GOD!!!!!!!!! I need a new android phone asap and didnt wanna waste money on the nexus one…..They are trippin with those prices.

    • The Nexus One is $30 more than the MT3G and CLIQ and it is the best smartphone money can purchase. I’d pay another couple hundred for it and still be happy.

      • randall

        it is, if your not on a family plan, or you dont want to jump through a bunch of hoops, and make 10 calls to Tmo Cs

  • cybersedan

    This is great news, posted from my new sexy nexy. :-)

  • FILA

    great another shitty Moto phone for the lineup

    • The Motoroi is actually a better phone than the Droid when you compare them spec for spec.

  • Max


  • sam

    Might this be the cliq xt instead? Gotta say the motoroi or whatever they’re gonna call it in the US looks a lot more interesting.

  • phonegeek

    i hope this is the motoroi ill wait patiently if it is i wanted a android phone with a keyboard next but if this is the motoroi then im quite fine with buying this instead

  • Any news of a Droid-like phone coming to T-mobile? I know the Motoroi is better than the Droid but I really prefer a physical keyboard with my phone but with all the juice (and then some) than the Droid…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      You’d prefer the Motorola Shadow then. Much better than the Motoroi plus a physical keyboard. That’s what I’m waiting on and I hope that this is it.

  • Gloria

    If they could just shave off those unsightly hips this new Motoroi would be perfect.

    Moto why did you have to ruin the perfect phone with that hideous design?

    HTC has changed designs on the Hero for their US release. Hopefully Moto will do the same for us.

  • D

    I thought the MOTOROI passed the FCC a while back?

  • Kay

    I hope it isn’t the Motoroi. I need something with buttons. Can I get a decent phone with a keyboard and android on t-mobile? I know of the cliq, but my husband has that and I don’t need the blur. I need a droid on t-mobile.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Hopefully we get the Motorola Shadow. It’s better than the Motoroi and has a physical keyboard.

  • JBLmobileG1

    If you try out Swype… you will see that an actual Keyboard is nice to have…. but Swype is a good replacement. Besides with the screen size the Motoroi has I am sure you’d be fine without a real keyboard. The only thing I would miss is being able to play my emulators. But with multi touch it could still be possible. Plus… if this thing has HDMI out like they say…. who’s to say the developer can’t enable you to hook it up to your TV and play games that way? Would be Awesome!

  • Jay

    I dunno if this is the Motoroi. I remember the other Motorola phone that passed the FCC a while back and we all thought that was the Motoroi too but one thing no one noticed on that one as well as this is Bluetooth 2.0. The Motoroi has Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, both these Motorola phones that have passed the FCC with T-Mobile 3G bands have had Bluetooth 2.0. For all we know the old one or this one could be the CLIQ XT/Zeppelin and the other could be maybe a Devour knockoff for T-Mobile or another garbage Motorola handset like the CLIQ or CLIQ XT or Devour…it’d be awesome for T-Mo if it was a Droid or Motoroi but I doubt it, I think they both have Bluetooth 2.1.

  • randall

    could be a typo in the specs,

    all of the major cell phone websites, are pretty much agreeing on this device is the motoroi

  • Wilma Flintstone

    OH LET IT BE THE MOTOROLA SHADOW INSTEAD of the Motoroi!!! All the greatness of that device plus a physical keyboard. The Shadow makes the Motoroi look like childs play in terms of specs. I’m hoping it’s the Moto Shadow.

  • Cher

    I have been waiting all month to hear the release of the motoroi and now that this month is almost over, I am so disappointed. I’ve been saving my school financial aid money just so I could buy this phone. I really hope it comes out soon for tmo! I’m so tired of my g1. Even with root and apps2sd, it runs so slow.

  • Sam

    Whatever happened to this phone?!? It’s mid-April already.

  • B3ta

    None but disappointed here :(

  • I really do hope we see the Motoroi and soon because I want a good Android phone that doesn’t cost you like the Nexus One. My G1 just isn’t cutting it for me anymore because of the memory issue…