Windows Mobile Face Off


The guys over at Engadget have compiled a nice little chart comparing the new Windows Phone 7 Series against past Windows Mobile versions, specifically, Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Mobile 6.5.3. Its nice to see Microsoft opening Windows Mob–I mean Windows Phone 7 Series to not only business users, but the average consumer. Hopefully the device(s) live(s) up to all the hype surrounding it. Can December 2010 come any quicker?

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  • Twitch110

    Maybe i’m crazy, but i still think the HD2 looks way sicker than the new windows 7 series. Am i totally wrong? I have never used winmo, but the 6.5.3 seems pretty sweet to me. I just can’t ever say i’m right though, because i’ve never used the damn thing. I just think the home screen and such seems so much cleaner and beautiful than this new “simple” home screen. Simple doesn’t appeal to me. I like full customization biaaaaaatch!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well I used the “damn thing” since August 2009. On my Touch Pro2 I used WinMo 6.5.1 and the HTC Sense user interface.

      So I can accurately say you are right in that it’s a “sick” OS and shell. I liked everything about HTC Sense. Probably my favorite was the animated weather, which was eye candy, but boy was it tasty.

      And yes, the best aspect of WinMo 6.5.+ was the ability to customize all aspects of the OS, something that cannot be done with WinMo 7, or so I’m told. Once you have customized taskbars, sliders, tabs, clocks, wallpapers, icons, animated weather, and other features, well… it’s hard to switch to a restrictive OS, I would think.

      While I was getting all caught up on WinMo 7, I had forgotten just how great WinMo 6.5+ and HTC Sense was. I really won’t mind using WinMo 6.5+ and all the custom ROMS that will be available from XDA and other sites, just like cooked ROMS were available for my Touch Pro2.

      Recently I sold my Touch Pro2 in anticipation of getting the HD2. I am using my Pearl 8120 until the HD2 comes out. Just like a girl you miss whom you break up with, I really miss is WinMo 6.5+ and HTC Sense. It sure was fun.

      That combo will be even more fun on the HD2. So as odd as this sounds, all flip floppy and stuff, I will be perfectly happy with the T-Mo HD2. And if we get WinMo 7 in November 2010, fine. But I kinda don’t care now.

      Just lock me up and I’ll be fine.

      Sidenote: I loved my Touch Pro2. But when I saw the HD2 specs, well, the TP2 got listed on eBay instantly as if by magic.

      (Sheesh… the HD2 will come with a 16GB microSD card. The Touch Pro2 did not come with any card, not even an el cheapo 2GB chip.) And I confess, those who derided the TP2 for it’s lack of a 3.5mm audio port were right. Using an adapter was a hassle. And finally, the HD2 will have double the specs of the TP2. Good Lord, it seems a no brainer to hold out for the HD2, unless, of course, one wants the TP2 physical keyboard. Guess I consider myself lucky to have sold my TP2 and got $50 more than I paid for it. I suspect that phone will depreciate in value very soon, especially with the HD2 and other “super phones” coming out.)

  • ahh

    I agree hd2 still looks Better than the the rest although I wouldn’t mind that Acer phone

  • FILA

    I honestly do not like Windows Mobile 7. Its just to “blah” for me. I guess thats how I know Android is in my blood. No skins on Andoid, no blur, no Sense, just plain Basic clean Android for me please!

  • Lebron1189

    I believe The HD2 is the Best looking phone coming out and I can’t wait for it!!!

  • God

    Multitasking on Windows Phone 7? No.
    WinMo 6.5x? Yes.

  • Mockerfab4

    Just saw some more vids of WM7 on engadget, and holy WOW! The browser responds super fast with the pinch and zoom. I still love how great the calendar and business apps look. Vast improvement over anything the iPhone and Android has ever put out. I really want the HD2 and wished this sucker would have it, but it’s ok. I just hope that it’s upgradeable. ;)

  • Let me clear one misconception up here…

    #1 – Ignore the “hardware” you see with the WinMo7 video’s…that is irrelevant.

    #2 – What is “blah” about this? I just dont understand people. What do you expect?

    What are my thoughts?
    My thoughts are off the charts right now, the Zune, Xbox Live, Office integration is absolutely FANTASTIC for someone like me (a Zune pass user, Xbox User who uses Word/OneNote)

    The interface (as I have mentioned in other threads) is very similar to the Zune HD. I am a HUGE fan of the Zune HD as a piece of hardware and its OS, I said within 2 minutes of owning the ZuneHD that Microsoft should just get a bigger screen and make this thing a phone!

    For those of you who have seen the 22 minute “live demo” how fantastic did the Bing Integration look? That was as impressive as anything I have seen with Android with Google integration.

    I also thing that these “live tiles” have fantastic potential as well – think of “MotoBlur” that doesnt look cartoonish or kill your battery.

    I plan on writing out a more extensive “note” on this, and I dont want to talk smack about Android, Iphone or WebOS – but what I have seen today from WinMo7 is as exciting as anything I have seen in…years.

    HD2 + WinMo7 = The best device on the market…by a lot.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Who is this “Dave.” I like your posts. They are well-written, intelligent, and you support your assertions.

      Keep up the good work; it’s so much better than the rude thread crappers who post from time to time.

    • Mockerfab4

      The Bing integration really impressed me too. I’m not a Bing fan at all, but how they incorporated it in the phone is genius! If the rumours I hear are correct about the iPhone having Bing integrated, this is seriously a game changer in the world of search engines.

      I really loved the calendar view look as well. As a person who survives on Outlook (email, calendar and contacts) this was some serious eye candy. Kudos to Microsoft for improving something so minor for the regular consumer, but is HUGE for business users like me.

    • FILA

      im surprised your not a apple fan, thats how this whole windows mobile and zune shit is gettin. first it starts out that you cant drag and drop your music for zune, then it gets to, limited options on the zune, then “blah” non-skinnable WM7. Dont get me wrong, I love windows but thats bout the only thing anyone, I dont like there Mobile, and I used to like the Zune, but not anymore.

  • vHatch

    This really needs to come out sooner than December. Android is advancing on the market fast and the next iPhone is due. I really hope they have something that competes with Google Navigation too. The Bing mobile UI is horrible.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I suspect that many are not thinking things through in terms of why MS is doing with all this.

    IMHO MS correctly realizes that that a big mistake with WinMo, including the 90’s WinCE, was letting manufacturers do what they wanted with the OS. (As much as I love the HTC Sense user interface, even the HD2 is guilty of that which I speak.)

    Manufacturers and carriers having free reign ended up with WinMo being undefinable in terms of what it was and what one would get when buying a Windows Mobile device. And worse, some iterations of WinMo were horrible. That’s OK normally, but that resulted in WinMo overall getting a really bad name (witness the posts on here even, where WinMo is trashed by people who know nothing about the OS except perhaps their old WinCE nightmares).

    With Windows Phone (WinMo 7) MS will go the way of Apple and keep tight control on handset manufacturers (hence, for example, only 3 buttons are allowed on handsets: a start key, back key, and a Windows/Bing key).

    And to create what I call a “consistent user OS/software experience” (included the user interface or shell) MS will not allow a Windows Phone OS to be modified by handset manufacturers. So GONE is the HTC Sense interface.

    Currently there’s no phones with WinMo 7 installed, nor are any actual models projected to come out with it. But MS (and every handset manufacturer at the MWC) says they are coming. That’s fine, but they better release some phones fast, while WinMo 7 is still in the news. It’s kind of lame to announce WinMo 7 at MWC and then to stay out of sight until the XMAS shopping season 9 months later.

    About the HD2: The powerful and slick HD2 coming out next month got a boost in ROM and RAM. Rumor has it this was done so that it can run WinMo 7 and that OS will be a free upgrade when WinMo 7 actually debuts in late 2010. Who knows how it will all work out.

    Personally, I think it is a start on the wrong foot if T-Mo, MS and HTC sell the HD2 next month and they tell first adopters 9 months later that WinMo 7 will not work on the HD2 (not likely at all) or that it will cost people $100 to get it.

    Query: I really like the HD2. Just what will WinMo 7 cost when it debuts? If it is reasonable, should I buy the HD2 in March, have fun playing with it for 9 months then just buy WinMo 7 if it won’t be a free upgrade? After all, I had a blast on my Touch Pro2 installing different ROMS on a weekly basis. And I really, really liked the HTC Sense interface.

    Come to think of it, I may not even want WinMo 7 because I loved 6.5+ and the ability to customize the phone. (Customization that won’t be allowed with the WinMo 7 OS).

    Hmm… now I am back to buying the HD2 in March. LOL.

    • coloradogray

      Current rumor seems to be that the HD2 will be able to be upgraded to winphone7. The curious thing for me is that ‘required button’ list. To my knowledge, the HD2 we see out and about doesn’t have one. Will there be an adjustment to the current keys or will one of the keys be re-purposed to this end?

    • Some excellent points here.

      MS made mistakes with their previous Operating systems by allowing hardware manufacturers to use different screen sizes and types, different sets of specs (processors/RAM) and then different button/input layouts. This lead to a splintering of users and different user experiences – which is bad.

      Apple has taught the industry at least one lesson (though I will argue far more) and that is an OS developer must control the hardware – at least a bit – in order to keep a consistent user experience.

      MS is now requiring certain specs and hardware features in order to run WinMo7 – at its face it seems “old fashioned” and that MS is trying to dictate things to the industry (which they are to a degree) but this is in the hopes of providing a more consistent experience for the user and so that the OS/Apps can grow together.

  • Mockerfab4

    For those who are excited about this phone and the possibilities of Silverlight and Bing, check out BING MAPS! Great video by the development team who put it together:

    Can WM7 hurry up please?!?!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s why I hang out on these boards, I learn a lot.

      That was a great link. Bing Maps will rival Google Earth.

      I like the ability to go inside buildings, look up at the sky and view space and also view live video.


      • Mockerfab4

        Yes, I agree! The map still has a long way to go to rival Google Map/Earth but I definitely think it’s a much better product then Google Earth, especially since it incorporates a lot of crowd sourcing content in there. MSN knows that more users are using Flickr, Twitter and instead of trying to create their own content, they are going “where the fishes are” and incorporating it in this app. Google needs to catch up instead of trying to reinvent the next FB or Myspace with that horrible experiment Wave and what they are attempting to do now with Buzz. They should improve what has made them successful, search engines and maps. Otherwise Bing is going to capture more market share esp. if it becomes available on every new iPhone device as well as on all WM devices.

        Can’t wait to try Maps on the HD2. Silverlight used to annoy me, but seeing it incorporated in this map and in Netflix has got me all excited!

  • From the touch screens to the zoom in/out…I still feel that Microsoft is playing catch up to Apple. I’m still waiting for them to take the leap and try something different and go from following to leading…

  • how can microsoft be playing catch up with apple? any windows mobile phone can do anyhing a iphone can do and some. its one thing to be a fan of apple but some people talk like windows mobile is so weak. IMO it shits on the iphone and the android phones.

  • also if anything windows 7 mobile is microsoft version of an iphone. meaning it will be locked down like the iphone just not as strict. im sure it too will smash all android phones and the iphone just like windows mobile currently does.

  • TopOfNewYork

    WinMo7 could easily be ignored just like Vista. Could be an opportunity for other OS to kick MS out of the market completely.
    Why would the loyal WinMo users start from scratch if they cant multi task customize or port and migrate anything from previous devices?
    and why would the loyal iphone type user switch to MS? If MS insists on dethroning iphones and ipods they will be embarressed when a new iphone comes out that shits on WinMo7 in terms of prison operating systems but that are super intuitive and already have a huge following in the market.
    In fact showing your hand like this in apple emulation mode before apple has revealed its next iphone is just poor strategy. Now apple is really going to blow you out of the water. Thats not your going to dethrone the iphone. MS will end up alienating the current users and having a handful of users just like they have with the Zune.
    If WinMo7 cant multi task cant be customized nobody is going to use it. If you cant port migrate and its based on completely new programing and we have to start from scratch someone else will come along with a Linux type or even android phone and people will stop using ms products all together. The last thing MS wants to do is risk losing pc operating system market share. As tech improves and PCs become just as powerful in handheld form MS exposes themselves to attack by other OS by they alienating current users.
    If your PC and handheld are running the same OS and your going to want to customize and if you dont your going to buy an apple not a Zune computer. Or your going to switch to android and just go cloud computing