Motorola Confirms Enhancement Update This Week


Twitter is the new place to validate old news, post new news and confirm software updates as told through this recent MotoMobile tweet. It was only last night that we hinted towards an enhancement update coming this week and now Moto has gone and confirmed exactly that. Enhancements for battery life, touchscreen and GPS aren’t exactly Android 2.1 but they’ll do for the time being. In the meantime, you can at least expect something to work better, last longer and find you faster. That’s gotta count for something.

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  • tswb13

    Not good enough. 1.6 should have been pushed a long time ago…. now we have to wait for 2.1? Get outta here!

  • MAD MyTouch 3G OWNER


    • Where is the confirmed news saying if it’s getting it or not?

  • mike

    ya it should be released the 17th or 18th of

  • watbetch

    Tags: Android 2.1, Motorola Cliq

    excuse me

  • Heber

    well i have the feeling that will be recall on the last minute and postpone like the update 1.3.8 and the 2.1 for droid , hahahah so i give up with motorola news :P

  • Unrelated comment: Can I just say how friggen hysterical it is that you and DroidDev were bashing Buzz and saying “Twitter FTW” and Twitter has been down for almost an hour… hahah hysterical.

    Buzz ya later! ;)

  • Fireball

    Too little too late. Traded my Cliq for a myTouch 3.5 yesterday and already feeling better. Haven’t had dead touch screen yet, plus 1.6 feels less buggy, not to mention the call quality seems much better. Not to rain on the Moto Parade but i’m convinced HTC just builds em better. This is the 3rd Moto in 14 years that i’ve traded out of just after getting it for various reasons. I unfortunately have always had problems with every Moto i’ve ever owned. I said after the last one i’d never buy another and this confirmed that. I know plenty of you have had all good reports on yours but mine and my wifes had the exact same problem as tons of others. I really wanted the Cliq to be great…

    • watbetch

      That’s too bad. I’ve had HTC and it’s not all that you’re cracking them up to be.

  • katmandoo

    ok, it is feb 18 – where the hell is it? in the same box as Android 2.1? Nice support motorola.

  • thechadster

    Has anyone gotten the update? I have no and have tried to download it manually. Anyone else pissed??

  • MotorolaSUCKS

    Still nothing as of Feb 18th, 11:12PM. Motorola is a joke, their business practices are a scam, their products are utter garbage. Is anyone REALLY surprised that they have left this product out to dry? I should have bought an iPhone instead. They are compatible with Tmobile, but I really wanted the Cliq to be great. Sooo many problems with this POS phone, yet another lie about updating the problems shouldn’t surprise us. This is my first Motorola product, and it will be my last. Unlike the guy above me, i learn quickly, and I will never give another penny to Motorola. They create garbage, and they are EXACTLY why people look at American products as inferior.

  • seth

    Wow you people dissing motorola. Get with it where getting the enhancement upgrade its takes a few days because there’s so many cliqs out there. As far as android os yes its bs where stuck on 1.5 but they say where getting 2.1 within a few months if they don’t hold to there word then get upset. I will I paid top dollar for what was supposed to be the next gen in android then a month later the nexus comes then the moto droid and devour. I’m calling motorola tomarrow and I’m going to see what they can do seth

  • stirfry

    Got the update. They had better deliver the 2.1 quickly – I can’t believe my bran
    d new android phone is behind winnMo phones in Google Apps – pathetic.