Windows Phone 7 Series Hands On Demo

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If you haven’t noticed already or happen to live under a rock, the Windows Phone 7 was announced today at Mobile World Conference (MWC), and there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the new device. Although there’s still a little less than 10 months until the Windows Phone 7 is available to the public, the folks over at MSDN have hosting a video walkthrough showing off all the new features the new OS has to offer. So grab a snack, sit back, and enjoy 22 minutes of Windows Phone 7 goodness. Hit the link for the video walkthrough and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Windows Phone 7 Series Hands-On Demo (VIDEO)


  • mike

    wow this is impressive !!! go winMo

  • If manufacturers are willing to include Swype on this phone, I’m sold.

  • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

    I’m sorry if this is addressed somewhere, but I’ve been flipping between Tmo News, enCrapget and Boy Retard Report and can’t seem to find out about the release date info.

    What I want to know is: The HD2 was originally announced w/ WinMo6.X whatever and to be released in March.
    Then MWC is today, MS shows off WinMo (er, WinPho?) 7 and says W7 will be avail later this year, near 3rd or 4th qtr.

    So does that mean the HD2 is still slated to come out in March, and later updated to W7… or does it mean the HD2 has been completely pushed back to the end of the year?

    Again, sorry if this info is blatant somewhere, but I’ve read 4 articles twice now and all I’m getting out of it is that W7 is 10 months away, not necessarily the HD2. (Hmmm… I also am not able to play video at work, so if that info is in a video, I couldn’t watch it…)

    • TheDude

      as far as I know, the HD2 has ALWAYS been slated to come with winmo 6.5 with an upgrade to 7 in the future

    • Kickstar13


      The Windows Phone will be announced 10 months from now, not the OS.

      As for when the new OS will release, there are many rumors, but Microsoft hasn’t confirmed anything.

      The T-Mobile HD2 will most likely ship with Windows Mobile 6.5

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      If you look on HTC’s Product Page for the T-Mobile HD2 it says that it comes with Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional. (I don’t know what “professional” includes).

      So the debut date is still slated for March.

      As far as I have been able to find out, from reading everything on the Net about the HD2, WinMo 7 will only run on certain phones (aka high powered). The HD2 will be able to run WinMo 7.

      The only issue that remains, will WinMO 7 be available as a free upgrade to HD2 first adopters. I have read where it will be, but no one who makes such decisions has confirmed this (MS, HTC, T-Mo). In any event, it will be hacked/cracked over at XDA Developers soon enough, so I am not concerned.

      I just sent back my BlackBerry Bold 9700 in anticipation of getting the HD2 in March, so that should tell you how confident I am that it will debut then.

      (Oh, sent back the BlackBerry because I can’t justify having $1100 tied up in smartphones, that assumes we would have one high-end phone for each of our two lines. With netbooks costing $350 for a nice model, it’s difficult to justify $550 for each phone.)

      • Chris

        as far as i know, professional will include some office stuff that you don’t have to buy, this includes windows mobile office (word, excel, etc). Correct me if i’m wrong tho.

        so from the leaked image that says phone release dates for tmo, that has hd2 on march 24. some phones in there come out at the right time, so i’m guessing the same will be for hd2.

      • TehAndroid

        Window 6.5 Professional is touch screen, and windows 6.5 is non touch screen like the dash.

    • akil

      wat i believe is windows 7 series phones are just that a series of phones. i think there will be an update to windows mobile…who knows but i dont think they will completely change the UI of a phone that someone bought because they like windows mobile, i think the 7 series are there Iphone competitor phones

  • Sean

    Now just CONFIRM that the HD2 will get the WinMO 7 upgrade & I’ll take it!

    • analog spirit

      Amen to that; if the HD2 will be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7, it’ll be well worth the wait, and I’ll probably get it ASAP.

  • phonegeek

    this looks like it may be a decent phone i might go winmo again for a quick second but its android for life for me

  • Sean

    The HTC press conference is tomorrow & they’ll likely announce the release date with TMobile then (as everyone has said, March 24), and it’s going to have WinMO 6.5.3 -> we’re still waiting to hear for sure if it will be upgraded(able) to 7.

    Release isn’t being pushed …

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      Thanks… I’m realizing now that I’M the one who’s getting HD2 mixed up with WinPho7 announcement. For some stupid reason, I kept associating the 2 together.

      So in other words, if the HD2 won’t be upgradeable to WinPho7, then it might just be a pass on the HD2. Damn, I was SO looking forward to getting a new phone in 1st Qtr, not 4th!!

      • Sean

        There is no confirmation one way or another re: HD2 getting upgraded to WinMo 7 or not…I’d be HARD-pressed to believe that it doesn’t meet the HW specs needed for WinMo 7 though. I’d also be hard-pressed to believe that HTC would put this phone out a month after today’s news that doesn’t support WinMo7 in the future.

        We’ll have to wait & see what HTC says…

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        No, you have it wrong. IMHO from everything I have read, the HD2 will be getting WinMo 7 as a free upgrade, when the OS is released 9 months from now.

        The HD2 note being able to run WinMo 7 is NOT an issue. In fact, it has the requirements that MS is saying a phone must have for MS to ALLOW the handset manufacturer to include the OS on the handset.

        Of course you can choose to wait until something solid comes from HTC, MS or T-Mobile in regards to the HD2 getting the OS as a free upgrade. A side benefit of that is if the March release does not include the upgrade, then by the time you do get the HD2 I assume it will be less money.

        Personally, I think it would be a fatal mistake for T-Mobile to sell the HD2 in March at an assumed premium price only to tell people “Hey, it comes with 6.5, take it or leave it chump” and to later say that first adopters are not entitled to an OS that’s clearly meant for the phone. But based on past conduct I suspect that is exactly what T-Mo will do.

        History indicates T-Mo is not a company we should be looking to confirmation of of what is going to happen, one way or the other. They are horrible on keeping customers updated on operating system upgrades or updates.

        On the Touch Pro2, for example, they would not tell us when WinMo 6.5 was coming out and whether or not it would be a free upgrade.

        They were just as silent back in the days when I had my Pearl. They would not tell anyone when the upgrade, that everyone else was getting, would be available for us T-Mo customers.

        Yes, there’s all kinds of defenses and arguments T-Mo can make as to why they don’t talk about upgrades and updates, but when we are talking about premium devices that people are paying a lot of money for, T-Mo should be more upfront and professional by keeping customers updated.

        It does affect my thinking about sticking with T-Mobile. My loyalty meter has gone from 100% T-Mobile down to “I can bolt anytime.” From all the mistakes they have made and the rudeness of some CSRs I don’t feel they care about the customer any longer.

        Used to be that calling customer service was a delight (sorry that sounds so corny), for example, CSRs would act like they were your neighbor or friend. They acted as if they actually enjoyed helping you out. Now they are acting more like Sprint CSRs of the old days.

        I digress. Sorry. But I just wanted to explain why with the upcoming HD2 we cannot rely on T-Mo to tell us anything. If we want to find out whether or not the HD2 will get WinMo 7 as a free upgrade we are going to have to hope HTC tells us or that MS issues some statement about it.

        My feeling about T-Mo now is that they don’t think spending $550 (or whatever the HD2 will retail for) is all that big a deal and does not warrant handling such customers any different than someone who buys a Sidekick. And perhaps they think that 8 months of having the HD2 makes the phone outdated. If we want WinMo 7 we can buy the OS or get a different phone, excuse me, Windows Phone.

  • Dave


    Thats the best way to describe my feelings after watching the video.

    WinMo7 obviously takes massive queues from the new Zune software – which is a good thing.

    MS has learned some lessons here for sure, and we are looking at a fantastic device. Simplicity abounds with integration of the features most people expect from their phone.

    As someone who uses Xbox Live and has a Zune pass I couldnt be more pleased to see the integreation.

  • JethroGibbs

    Is def an upgrade and loads better than win mobile has ever been, but I will still take an Android phone any day over a win mobile phone

    • Conrad

      You might change your tune when they have their MIX next month. App development for this new os is supposed to be extremely easy. Developers can easily “hook” into the existing OS’s tools for a truly integrated experience. It may not mean much to the end user, but developers will not have to reinvent the wheel in their coding. Just “hook” into the os’s tools with a simple command and its integrated into the OS itself now. This means you’ll see much more useful and versatile apps. The big test will be the pace at which developers port over. My guess and hope is a fast pace because of the ease at which they are making this integration.

      • just some d?de

        Judging from the videos this thing will fail faster than the Zune. It is just so confusing, you dont know where to start. And it looks and feels bloated as hell. Instead of the Android market share doubling every month, it will quadruple. lol. Its going to be a massacre for this zune phone thing.

        Android rules, and now its more obvious as ever.

  • Dave

    To answer some previous questions:

    #1 – HD2 is set to release on Mach 24, 2010.

    #2 – HD2 will release with WinMo 6.5.3

    #3 – HD2 has the specs to handle WinMo7 and the rumors are that it will be “upgradeable” to WinMo7 later this year.

    #4 – WinMo7 will be available later this year – described as of right now as “Holiday Season 2010”

    From what I understand, the HD2 WILL get WinMo7 later this year, but it WILL NOT be shipped with it.

    • analog spirit

      That’s OK if the HD2 won’t be shipped with WinPhone 7, as long as it’ll be upgradeable to it as soon as it comes out.

      • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

        Well, while I don’t doubt anything anyone has commented here, I still need to hear something official before I decide on the HD2. I hope T-mo, HTC and MS realize this. You can’t announce W7 one month before a major handset release without answering this question as some point.
        On a personal level, I’m a G1 early adopter and thanks to Android, learned my lesson about that real quick. The HD2 is a great piece of hardware and its hardware that I’ve been wanting so badly, but not if I’m going to end up pigeon-holing myself into an outdated OS for 2 years.

  • Dave

    As someone who was an early adopter of Android, I have had a G1, MT3G, worked with a Cliq and followed the platform closely.

    But after watching this video I can confidently that WinMo7 is significantly more polished.

    I will be curious to see what the WinMo App Store will look like, but this phone features what I expect from a phone: Great web experience, twitter, facebook, gps navigation, push updates.

    I am very excited. HD2 + WinMo7 = amazing.

  • efjay

    I would imagine HD2 sales COULD suffer if there is no upgrade path announced by HTC. I know I wont buy one and while opinions are divided, I would imagine a lot of T-Mo WM users would not say no to an upgrade. Sadly, history points to HTC completely ignoring the WP7S announcement today and just focusing on the phone’s release on T-Mo, leaving us to speculate for months before they announce their next devices, going on to completely ignore their previuos devices.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You said it right, I think it’s a huge mistake to not announce T-Mo’s intent with the HD2 and WinMo 7. If I were them I would insert a little slip of paper that says:

      “This entitles the purchaser of this HD2, Serial #_______, to a free upgrade to MS Windows Mobile 7 when the OS debuts by MS.”

      Or something like that.

      I am debating exactly what you mention. If I don’t get a definitive statement from T-Mo about WinMo 7 eligibility, I may pass on getting the phone in March.

      It’s bad business, as you say, to leave us to speculate what is what in regards to all this.

      And you bring up a good point. Is everyone (T-Mo, HTC and MS) ignoring the upcoming T-Mo HD2 debut intentional because the plan is to introduce Windows Phones in late 2010 and the HD2 will NOT be one of them? In other words, is there something planned by HTC and T-Mo to where the April HD2 will be treated as being outdated? (If the phone debuts March 24, might as well call that April).

      One option I am considering is just holding on to my Pearl. And since T-Mo moved me to the Even More Plus plan, I am going to start looking at other carriers. (I am constantly hearing good things about Verizon. In fact, in Consumer Reports Verizon even beat out T-Mo on customer service. Alas, I have a feeling T-Mo could care less about losing two seven-year accounts.)

      • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

        Repeating myself at this point, but I completely agree. Its just disappointing in a way because I really was looking fwd to getting a new phone in March, not freaking October or whenever.

  • analog spirit

    Wow, this WinPhone 7 OS is nice… I like how the UI just “flows” so well; it’s very intuitive and convenient. At least in the demo video it is; I’m withholding judgement til I can hold it my hands and take it for a spin for real… But so far, I’m really liking it. This is something MS should’ve done years ago! I’m just glad that MS are finally moving their smartphone platform into the 21st century and are getting ready to release a high-quality, polished product (let’s hope and pray). I was going to get a Nexus One, but this is so nice that it’s got me seriously re-considering whether I should still get it anymore; if the HD2 can run WinPhone 7, then that’s the phone I’ll probably end up getting (Is there any way we can confirm that now, or do we just have to wait til 24 March to find out?). I think it’ll be worth the wait. Thank God it’s going to be on T-Mo. My old BB is slow but still works fine, so I’m in no real hurry… PEACE

    • analog spirit

      Never mind; I just found out that WinPhone 7 won’t be compatible with Macs (of course! What did I expect?). That’s weak… So I might still be getting a Nexus One anyway…

      • SEFan

        Unforunate. I was just about ready to do the unthinkable and buy a WinMo phone, but all our computers are Macs so incompatibility is a no-go. Sigh. Still lusting after HD2…

      • Twitch110

        Ugh Seriously? So i wouldn’t be able to use my HD2 with my mac? That’s freakin lame. Why is microsoft so anal? Iphone’s work on pc’s. Why shouldn’t these work on macs. That pisses me off.

      • analog spirit

        @Twitch110: Yeah, I found out about it in Gizmodo earlier today, where they wrote a fairly in-depth article on MS’s WinPhone 7, and here’s what they said, regarding its Mac-incompatibility:
        “One other word on hardware, in a manner of speaking. Hardware it won’t work with? Macs. Which is kind of stupid to us—a lot of the people Microsoft wants to use Windows Phone 7, like college students, have been going Mac in droves. You wanna lure them back Microsoft? Let them use your phone with any OS.”
        I second that emotion; iPhones work on Windows PCs, so you’d think MS would let their OS work on Macs. But now it appears we’ll have to wait a while for that to happen (if it ever does).

  • jtg205

    hello wm7 is nothing but i peace of crap and tmobile is a disgrace

    • Spoken…like a true IDIOT..just saying

      • just some d?de

        I wonder if anyone will actually admit that they bought a WM7 phone, Or will they just be too embarrassed like the zune people.

    • David

      Jtg205 you are a peice of crap and a disgrace so go away….your statement was completely stupid and useless, like you.

      • just some d?de

        Oh god did see that fugly OS, its like they asked someone with downs-syndrome to design the GUI. LMAO.

      • Peter

        @ just some d?de

        Your comments shows how fugly person your and how downs-syndrome you are. And that is all we need to know.

        Webmaster Please ban these troll fanboys if you wanna keep this website professional…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    People should pay close attention to all announcements since the MWC is only three days. Lots of unauthorized info being posted on the Net and also up-to-date stories.

    That means everything will be released to the press by Wed morning, PST (that’s San Francisco time, since by Wed morning the MWC will be over. Have to account for the nine hour time difference, you know).

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Oops… made a calculation mistake. MWC is four days, Feb 15-18. So by very early Thurs. morning we will know all there is to know, at least coming out of MWC.

      • analog spirit

        Cool; thanks for the heads-up.

  • Chris

    i just wanted to say that the tweet from tmo that said “You think you know HTC HD2, guess again?” tweet is giving me hopes that they’ll announced a winmo7 upgrade path to this monster, or that it’ll will come with it.

    call me crazy but hey, i just want to hope for the best.

  • David

    I tried watching the review on youtube and it looks like the phone was struggeling to perform. The guy touched an icon and it did not open, he would press it 3 or 4 times. It was slow and sluggish and swiping the screen to move to the next screen did not work more than half the time. I want this device to succeed so I am glad they have 10 months still to work out the bugs and fix the problems it seems to have now.

    • J-Hop2o6

      preddy sure it was the hardware.. and the OS still needs more optimization.. so don’t knock a non-final product

  • Timothy
  • Bigg

    Looks like it will be a higher learning curve form Winmo 7 than Android or Iphone. Will have to wait and see, this is interesting though.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    JustSomeDud said “I wonder if anyone will actually admit that they bought a WM7 phone, Or will they just be too embarrassed like the zune people.”


    I thought JustSomeDud was banned. Guess not.

  • shawn1224

    LMAO @ the build up he did for the auto text correction feature in the Facebook app. He made it sound like the best thing since sliced bread.