Windows Phone 7 Buzz Is Terrific


Now here is something that captured all my tech nerd attention, Gizmodo calling Windows Phone 7 the “most groundbreaking phone since the iPhone.” I love Gizmodo and read them 85 times an hour but they, like most tech nerds are exceptionally harsh to phones and if they are saying that, I damn well believe it. So love or hate Windows Mobile, it’s gone to the fishes now and it’s prepared to be replaced by something that has the blogosphere all abuzz. The same could be said for Palm OS upon its preview, which thus far has failed to live up to expectations as it’s inhibited by carrier relationships. Windows Phone 7 won’t have that problem as in place agreements are already allowing them to prep for a huge launch on every major carrier in the US and those abroad.

Engadget has said that “for the first time in a long time, we’re excited about Microsoft in the mobile space. If they can deliver on the promises of 7 Series, this could change the current landscape of the smartphone market…”

That’s big, really big and I know the Android faithful will attack the comments here with all the ferocity they can muster. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as a healthy debate is always encouraged but Windows Phone is back and in a big way. So like it or not, the news is going to roll on this all the way up until the release sometime this Holiday season. The hardware will be important but not nearly as important as the software itself. So while Microsoft has time left still to work out the bugs, dot the T’s and cross the I’s, they also have to make sure they live up to the hype. The competition will be watching.

Want to know more?

Read the Gizmodo and Engadget preview, they are well worth reading.

Image courtesy of Engadget



    I like it.

  • diaztradeinc

    Whats so groundbreaking about it? I think its ugly to be honest.

    • akil

      it prob looks ugly due to the rendering, if you look at the phone and the mans hands you can notice jagged edges on both which isnt natural so the phone doesnt look as smooth as it should

  • Am I missing something? All the other platforms cobble together your social networking worlds, let update all of your statuses at once, and have games. Plus, they are already out and in consumers hands. We have to wait 10 months before we see this in a real device? That must be some gorgeous animations that can only be appreciated in person for this kind of buzz.

  • dennis p

    Ugly, and nothing new here.

  • Jeff

    You bloggers are over-hyping this the same way you did the Droid (a pretty standard phone with a useless keyboard) and the Zune HD (nice design but useless browser).

    • rushmore

      I used a Droid for two weeks and the KB is not bad. Plays fine with emulators :)

      Then again, the “d-pad” on it sucks all kinds of heck. What were they thinking? A refresh would be nice that dumps the d-pad and uses the space for a better KB.

      • Jonstonson

        I don’t believe the droid is over-hyped. Droid and the Nexus live up to their name.

  • David

    I am indifferent about this phone and really have no opinion about it as I will never own it.

  • Looks like they have made it “finger friendly”. That used to be my biggest beef with WM (2003,5,&6..). But, did they do the same with the on screen keyboard?? WM5 had an awful keyboard…

  • rushmore

    Hey, if a WM7 device comes out with a Snappy and a real KB- screw Android ;)

  • MobilePaddy

    Microsoft could offer a direct connection to God and it still wouldn’t be good enough for some people because its Microsoft. The key things I was looking for:

    – Updated Interface [Check]
    – Xbox Live Integration [Check]
    – Zune Integration [Check]
    – Mutli-Touch [Check]
    – Internet Explorer Complete Overhaul [Check]

    I’m a little disappointed with the release date but its exactly inline with expectations. The last piece I’m waiting to hear is whether the HD2 can be upgraded.

  • What!? “Its ugly”, “nothing new here”? I almost fell off the toilet when I read those comments. What’s wrong with you guys?? Are we looking at the same device?? We can go back and forth about asthetics forever, but one thing is certain. This is a well thought out and planned device. Its no accident that the zune is as popular as it is while competing with the other mp3 players out there. The fact that windows mobile has come this far since 6.5 is great news. And all we can think to say is its ugly?? True, it could have been earlier, but (like those of us waiting for hd2) the wait is worth it at times.

    • Max

      Don’t worry, trolls are scouring the web for places to comment on how much they hate this new OS, be they apple trolls, google trolls, webos trolls (if they exist), and the like. I’ve used WinMo forever and its my personal favorite and I am stoked as hell for this new release

      • efjay

        Haha, I knew this would happen once WP7 was announced. Every MS hater/android/apple lover is now trying to find fault with the new OS rather than being excited that MS has actually delivered a solid looking OS, especially when you remember this is just V1. Xbox Live, Zune, fluid and connected interface, whats not to like? Plus I am glad MS has finally decided to integrate more closely with their own services, if you want integration with other services there are alternative OS’s available.

        Right now I’m most looking forward to being able to post in all those android device threads “i wish it had Windows Phone 7”!!

    • Dalton

      Do I want to know why you were on the toilet….looking at TmoNews..? :// hahahah :)
      /pointless comment.

    • DarkCloud

      I don’t understand why ppl are so quick to say it sucks just imagine this is just the start. This is version one on the 7series. All these ppl leaving bad comments are just lazy fat users that want apps all day long and round curvy looking apps/icons. im sry but app based phones are just played out now. Thousands of apps and weak looking skins you put on your phone at the end of the day you end up on a Windows PC with a small 8% of apple user’s world wide lol. Looking up apps for your android & Apple phone and how to make your phone look cool, because you’re not satisfied with out the box android. Someone you look for htc sense because base android looks nasty. windows mobile phones are the most customizable phone there is out there out the box in the box whatever way you want to look at it because its windows. i think that ppl forget that windows is old school which means we had thousands of apps that were out for ages just because we didn’t have a market place and that’s just a way of making it easier for ppl to find them. there are ppl by the truck loads that makes programs for wimo that blow all user minds all day long the fact that i am running play station one games on my phone with out flashing or running cooked ROMs that runs up to 60fps for games i still play today. Which apple tried and failed every dam time as a matter of fact every single emu apple puts out fails oh and lets not even go to android 3D games lags so bad its point less. lets get a little deeper go buy your android phones that do not come with word/excel & etc then none of the other OS support flash “thats os not htc sense read what im saying” last but not least pdf files you cant do it with out a tweak right? and last but not least the millions of updates to make your device able to have stander features that a GO phone can perform like sending MMS and record video stuff like that. You should see how apple users were jumping like 5 yr old kids when mms was release a 5yr old technology really but you have the nerve to say winmo 7 or any winmo os at that will fail. I understand its what the user really wants but don’t try to put down windows mobile/windows stop being a sheep and following the trend/fashion and understand what winmo is and what it does and can do. What im getting at is windows mobile is a trooper and they have always been. im sry if i in raged apple/android and palm/web os users if there are any. i have every os device there is and nothing beats winmo. i wont say that android isn’t good i have a nexus one and a tp2 that i use all the time but i use my tp2 way more than my nexus so dont knock it before you try it so esco and max im right there with you on how you feel about windows mobile. I just got had to put these ppl in there place man lol. Oh and I’m ready for any of you apple/android user that want a debate and beware of the tmo hd2 its a killer and its coming to assassinate you iphone users and android. :)

  • I was expecting a much snappier UI, but to be honest it’s boring.

    • Peter

      Just hope you are not one of those CRAPROID fanboys.

      Anyway honestly it is not boring and actually very snappy.

      Well you don’t buy it but we will and we enjoy it.


  • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

    “Nothing new”… how many handsets currently exist with Silverlight? Please list them. Thanks. And before anyone craps on Silverlight… yeah, so few use it, but you know who does? Netflix Watch Instantly. HELL YEAH.

    While details need to be explained, I also don’t know of any other handset that boasts integration/interactivity with any gaming consoles. That MS is going to attempt it first is surprising… you would think that’s Sony territory, especially consider Sony actually MAKES handsets (unlike MS who only makes the OS).

    Also, the naysayers absolutely and completely missed the part where all these gushing previews are in regards to the OS. So its kind of stupid to say, “Its not anything special cause I think its ugly”. Yeah, thats like saying I don’t understand the hype behind a Toyota Prius because its an ugly ass car.

    Also, I take “groundbreaking” with a grain of salt (Come on, its Gizmodo of all things… please, hyperbole and Gadget Blog go hand in hand!). However, if I had to pretend to be an intelligent thinking person, I would assume that ‘groundbreaking’ is relative in regards to previous versions of WinMo. WinMo7 is groundbreaking compared to what MS had before.

    • Mockerfab4

      That’s what I’m talking about! Silverlight on a phone has a lot of great possibilities, one being the Netflix streaming possibilities. Can’t wait!

  • I’m an Android fan right now but if WM7 is faster, I’ll jump ship in a heartbeat.

    • God

      yeah I’m not sure why the backhanded remark about Android users. Most of us either came from WinMo or blackberry. Not exactly sure why we’d have an issue with Microsoft coming back to the game.

  • zambezy

    Ugly… I like the iPhone better and I would never own an iPhone. Id rather have WinMo6.5 with Sense or any most high end android phones (HTC Bravo)?

    What about the real features… Multitasking, Multitouch, App Store, Music Store, Flash 10 customizations, widgets…????

    • chaoscentral

      4-Point Multitouch [CHECK]
      App Store [CHECK]
      Music Store [CHECK]
      Flash Support [SEMI-CHECK*]

      On the front of Flash support, MS came out directly and said they are not opposed to Adobe Flash support, but it will not be something that will launch with Windows Phone 7, so my guess is it is coming in the future, and only Adobe knows when.

      On the Widgets, that’s kind of debatable. You will have widgets in the sense that any application can have a tile on the home screen, and can be updated programatically such as the built in calendar which shows your next appointment, etc. But it won’t be like Android where you can pretty much put whatever you want on it.

      And on the subject of multitasking, it is both yes and no. From what I’ve gathered so far, any application can be paused and resumed such as with what Android does today, but you can’t have say 10 applications running in the background chewing up CPU cycles like the legacy Windows Mobile.

      We will learn alot more information on multitasking, and apps come next month at the MIX conference, so just sit down, shut up, and wait. The OS is not out, and with Microsoft’s recent track record, I have faith Windows Phone 7 will be a great mobile OS.

  • se30chris

    I had to laugh at the morons who mentioned it was ugly. The demo about Windows Mobile 7 not the phone itself which happens to be a prototype.

  • JT

    I’m so glade that they didn’t use those small ugly icons like other people are using. I always liked clean look and WM provided that for me. This is lot better than I expected.

    No need to launch an application to view email
    No need to launch an application to to update status on face book or twitter
    No need to launch an application to play game, it is right there.
    No need to launch an application to fart, just do it

    And guys over XDA will find a way to run our beloved old applicatios. I bet WP7 will be ready for HD2 over xda by July.

    • TheDude

      lmao @ your post. Finally, I can fart without an application!!

    • just some d?de

      yeah i know what you mean, they figure lets make it easy to use like Android. to bad they didnt pull it off.

      Android rules.

  • Owning a ZuneHD, I’m very excited about this new OS. I can’t wait to get my hand on a Windows Phone 7 Series device!

  • Dave

    I think this is just basic MS hate (as a previous poster has stated).

    Outside of offering 3D, holographic options every phone is going to be offering very similar things.

    That all being said…wow.

    I am VERY, VERY impressed with this OS. It looks polished already, smooth, snappy and it is similar to the Zune HD software which is absolutely fantastic, simple and intuitive.

    Having watched the live demo, the Bing integration along with the new web browser has me very excited.

    • Mockerfab4

      The Bing integration was a surprise for me. It looks really good! Not a big fan of Bing, but Bing mobile looks sweet. When news broke out that Apple was going to offer Bing instead of Google I thought that was crazy talk, but seeing how it’s implemented in that demo, it looks really good. Really clean and user friendly.

  • Mike

    Being a windows mobile user for the past 3 years, its nice to know that microsoft is actually putting some real effort into a new os. windows mobile 6 and 6.5, werent really much of an upgrade. But from what it seems. windows is really back in the mobile race, and they are coming up fast.

  • Bobomo

    Fanboi wars are so sad. I own none of these smartphone OSes, so my impression is that of a potential future customer. I can definitely recognize the advancement that this is providing. Judging by the few videos and pictures I perused this morning, it’s definitely an impressive piece of design. However, it’s 10 months away, and more damning I think, it fragments their user base. I was considering the HD2 because of it’s awesome screen and the Sense UI. The Sense UI will no longer be available and I’ll be forced into this new design scheme if I want a proper OS upgrade (not just incremental, delayed bug fixes on a dying platform).

    I can’t imagine T-Mobile is too terribly happy to be getting a phone 7 months before the OS will be blasted into infinity. “Here, try out this phone, but don’t get used to any of the features or design because it will ALL change dramatically before your contract is up.” And I can’t imagine HTC is too thrilled when they were the only ones making WinMo 6+ look decent enough to want to use, only to be told that Microsoft is no longer interested in letting them innovate their UI’s for them. Even if I thought 7 series looked like my cup of tea, I wouldn’t pony up $300+ on a 2 year commitment in order to just test it out. There are still too many question marks about the nuts and bolts of this OS to be that gung-ho about it. All they’ve accomplished so far is to make something that doesn’t look like total ass.

  • Marcelo L

    This thing looks no more than a Zune HD++ with a dialer. It is COMPLETELY the wrong way for them to go.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      LOL… perhaps you need to contact all the people at MS involved with this project and tell them the error they are making.

  • shawn1224

    At the very least, this gives WINMO fanboys a rare chance to finally come out the closet LOL

  • just some d?de

    Did you all see the video of this, holly crap. You dont know if its comming or going. There is just to much happening on that screen. Fugly as sin. And i think im going on record and saying it will fail faster than the Zune. And instead of Android’s market share double every month I think it just quadrupled. lol. Its gonna be a massacre for that Zune phone thing.

    Android rules