Windows Phone 7 Buzz Is Terrific


Now here is something that captured all my tech nerd attention, Gizmodo calling Windows Phone 7 the “most groundbreaking phone since the iPhone.” I love Gizmodo and read them 85 times an hour but they, like most tech nerds are exceptionally harsh to phones and if they are saying that, I damn well believe it. So love or hate Windows Mobile, it’s gone to the fishes now and it’s prepared to be replaced by something that has the blogosphere all abuzz. The same could be said for Palm OS upon its preview, which thus far has failed to live up to expectations as it’s inhibited by carrier relationships. Windows Phone 7 won’t have that problem as in place agreements are already allowing them to prep for a huge launch on every major carrier in the US and those abroad.

Engadget has said that “for the first time in a long time, we’re excited about Microsoft in the mobile space. If they can deliver on the promises of 7 Series, this could change the current landscape of the smartphone market…”

That’s big, really big and I know the Android faithful will attack the comments here with all the ferocity they can muster. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as a healthy debate is always encouraged but Windows Phone is back and in a big way. So like it or not, the news is going to roll on this all the way up until the release sometime this Holiday season. The hardware will be important but not nearly as important as the software itself. So while Microsoft has time left still to work out the bugs, dot the T’s and cross the I’s, they also have to make sure they live up to the hype. The competition will be watching.

Want to know more?

Read the Gizmodo and Engadget preview, they are well worth reading.

Image courtesy of Engadget