Motorola Cliq XT On Video

After its official launch this morning, those lucky guys at Engadget are on the ball with some hands on video goodness. Confirmed to be running Android 1.5 it’s got all the bells and whistles of the Cliq, if you can live without the keyboard. For you newfound Swype fans out there, you’re in luck as that’s included too! Enjoy the video!


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  • dennis p

    NO thanks

    • SteveG1

      well said

  • erica

    keyboard is clutch for me. that’s the main reason I went with the cliq versus the mytouch. my motoblur hasn’t been working since early january

    • Ritchie

      I like the motoblur concept except it doesnt upload or dont get updates as fast. I took offf my blur until it gets fixed bia OTA

  • SteveG1

    too hard to type on a 3.1″ screen. Keepin my G1 until HD2 lands.

    • Ritchie

      I noticed the reduction in screen size too, not likeable and i have the CLIQ

  • Kirbdaddy

    This phone is full of “Meh!!!!”

    • Ritchie

      Same as my CLiq bit i did like two things, one was the bleep music to twitter and the flash for the camera and the interchangeable back covers

  • AD

    The entire reason I chose the Cliq over the MyTouch was the physical keyboard. So, yeah. Don’t exactly see the point here.

  • randy

    Thanks for playing but you lose…

  • moto FAIL

  • TehAndroid

    This thing is ugly. Oh and suprise it has all the same crappy issues as the Cliq. Pass on this one.